10 Weeks PregnantCongratulations! You are now in the final stages of the first trimester. This means the morning sickness will soon be gone and you can start sharing your happy news if you haven’t already done so. By now the risk for miscarriage has decreased significantly and you should be already be taking prenatal vitamins.

Most new moms to be won’t start planning or look at baby names until the end of the first trimester. Now that the first trimester is nearly completel, you can start enjoying your pregnancy and stop worrying so much. At this stage of pregnancy, your OB/GYN should have all of the family history and any knowledge of medical conditions in either the mother or the father’s family.

At week ten, you should already have a plan of exercise and perhaps an adjusted diet plan. You don’t have to work like a madwoman but take it slow and don’t overdo it. Stay away from activities like skiing, horseback riding and high impact aerobics. If you are now sure what exercises you should be doing, most video stores sell DVD exercises routines geared towards pregnant women. Or you can consult your doctor as to what exercises will also help you relax more.

Baby’s Development

The baby should measure in at 1.25” to 1.68”. The baby will continue to gain weight at the tenth week. It now weighs about 5 grams. Don’t panic if the numbers are a little lower or higher, every baby is different and the doctors are also monitoring the size of the baby. Also, at this stage the baby’s frame will be completely formed and now the baby’s organs and systems are continuing to develop.

The tail of the embryo has now disappeared and the fingers and toes are started to separate. The teeth and the taste buds are forming. The baby’s brain is still forming at an amazing rate. The baby’s heart is now fully developed. As the months go on, the baby will continue to grow and develop to the point where all the organs are fully functional. All that will be left is the baby for grow and gain weight before they are born. As you will see in the sonograms, the growth of the unborn baby is really amazing.

Changes To Your Body

You will now be experiencing many new symptoms of pregnancy by now. One of the most noticeable changes is the increased levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones. As these levels increase you will have tender breast and maybe some swelling of the breasts as well. You may still be tired and fatigued easily, it is very important for you to take it easy and listen to your body. You may be still having morning sickness but that will soon be coming to an end and that is something to look forward to. Some new moms to be may experience abdominal pain but that may be due to the baby growing bigger in the uterus.

Pregnant women have an exceptional increase in the sense of smell. They are more sensitive to it and that could contribute to some nausea along the way. You may be still craving, certain foods. It is ok to indulge in your cravings but try to keep them in moderation. Gaining too much weight to soon is not good for mother or baby.

You also may notice that you are experiencing more headaches as well as some lightheadedness and dizziness. This is due to the hormonal change. It is important to stay hydrated and always keep something in your purse if you are prone to low blood sugar. Talk to your doctor and see what types of snacks they can recommend in case you start to feel dizzy or nausea.

What To Expect

During the next 8 months, you are going to have many ranges of emotion. You will feel everything from excited to hesitation. Everything that you are feeling is normal. The idea is to share both of your happy moments and the moments where you are emotionally spent with your partner. They cannot be involved in carrying the baby so they want to feel like they can be help to you in other ways. Take advantage of that. If you have any medical concerns, ask your doctor no matter how silly you may think they are.

You will want to have a plan for better eating habits. If you are used to eating on the run and eating fast food. You have to cut out the fast food and practice slowing down to eat a meal. Make a point of sharing your meals with someone. This will make sure that you take the time to sit and enjoy your food. This will help with digestion, which will help alleviate heartburn. After a meal, take a walk, this will ensure proper digestion and almost guarantee that you won’t experience heartburn. Never take any over the counter heartburn medication without speaking to the doctor first.


At this week in pregnancy, you can still continue to do everything you have been doing. There are no real changes that have to made yet. You want to discuss with your doctor a possible food list of items that you should be staying away from. We already know that smoking and alcohol are bad for the baby and if you consume either one, it should stop from the second that you find out that you are pregnant.

Now, is the time to read the baby books and see what you are in for. Choose one books because all the books basically say the same things. If you have any questions, refer to your doctor and not the book. The doctor is more familiar with your pregnancy. These pregnancy books are great references points but they cannot detail every woman’s situation.

You can join many forums on the Internet that are for new moms to be only. You can talk to other moms and you will see that many of them relate to everything that you are going through. It may help to talk to someone who is experiencing the same thing that you are.


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  1. ana Says:

    I’m 10 weeks pregnant and this is my 3rd pregnancy. I have horrible morning sickness I feel sick from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep. I’ve never been this sick. (Is it just me?) I thought that the more babies you have the easier it would be.

  2. Brandi Says:

    I’m 10 weeks pregnant and this is my first pregnancy so I don’t know for sure but I was told by many people that when you’re sick all the time, it’s a sign of a very healthy baby.

    Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!

  3. samm Says:

    i am 17 and 10weeks pregnant and i don’t really get sick at all…the only thing that makes me sick is the smell of coffee…is it bad if i am not getting sick??

  4. Younique Says:

    @samm dnt worry i am also 10 weeks pergnant n i have not been sick at all… i dnt have any syptoms besides my boobs hurting..lol… but my doctor told me that im lucky.. so u r too..
    good luck to all

  5. Younique Says:

    omg i wrote that all wrong lol im not an idiot i was typing too fast lol

  6. Heather Says:

    No its not bad. I’m glad not to be sick all the time. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the health of my baby.

  7. Christina Says:

    No, to all the ladies out there, you are not alone. I have morning sickness from morning to late evening. I’ve tried all crackers, and they didn’t help. I have to take medications but it only helps a little. I can’t wait to get over this time.

  8. Tammy Says:

    Hello I am 10Weeks now and i have not been sick at all i do feel dizzy alot and feel like i wanna throw up but ever do.At this point i just don’t want to be bother with no one I’m hot all the time and just want my space Am i the only one???? lol Good luck u all lady

  9. samantha Says:

    hi i am 10 weeks and feeling really tired and sick and axious cant wait for 9th april my 12 weeks scan

  10. Kristen Says:

    I am 10 wks 3 days and feeling sick most days. Ive actually gotten sick three days last week. The doctor said thats a great sign bc ive got lots of hormones working. However i am looking forward to the 2nd trimester! Im sick and tired of feeling sick and tired lol!!

  11. Toyrie Love Says:

    Hi everyone! My name is Toyrie and this is my fiance and I first child. Im new to this and I wanted to tell me story because a site like this gave me inspiration so I hope to do the same for someone else.

    I am currently 10 weeks pregnant! This is my 3rd pregnancy, I lost my first two in my 1st trimester. Everything is going well this time….we got a chance to see our childs heart beat for the first time AND I also have been SICK. Neither was detected in my first 2 pregnancies. So please keep me in your prayers that everything continues to go well for my family and I.

  12. Mindy Williams Says:

    I’m ten weeks and this is my 3rd pregnancy. I have two girls and I was very sick with them both, not so sick this time. Could it be a boy? Who knows? I found out I was pregnant a week after I decided to divorce my husband so you can imagine the hormones and emotion, trying to make the best out of everything.

  13. Kayla Stevens Says:

    Hey there I am 17 and I am 10 weeks Pregnant also. My boyfriend lives in a different state 4 hours away but he is way excited. I missed my period by a month but then I started bleeding the 1st of this month. it felt like a normal period and all. I have nausea all day long but i never throw up. I eat constantly and i am super tired all day long. I get emotional easily. I have been getting headaches lately and they wont stop. So i heard that you count to your first day of your last period and then count back some days or so to find out how far along you are or something..idk but im super tired!! REPLY PLEASE????

  14. Kayla Stevens Says:

    O yeah…and when should I start actually showing…and when should my lower stomach start to get harder???

  15. alicia Says:

    Im also 10 weeks and still having morning sickness. It was horrible and I asked the pharmacist and they recommended taking half a unisom sleep tab (not gel) at night. Its worked WONDERS! It helps me get through it without feeling like Im dying like I was before. Ask your doctors and give it a try!! Good luck everyone.

  16. ashleigh Says:

    Tammy I am 10 weeks now but I have the exact same symptoms as you I haven’t been sick at all I feel dizzy a lot and feel like I need to throw up but never do.At this point i just don’t want to be bothered I’m hot all the time and just want my space especially from my husband. I am starting to get a real bad lumbar pain though

  17. Sonya Says:

    I’m also 10 weeks -first pregnancy…saw heartbeat last week at 160…really amazing! I haven’t had any nausea – just very tender painful breasts. My pants are getting very tight…cannot wait for first trimester to end so we can tell everyone!

  18. heidi Says:

    hi this is my fifth child i have 3 older boys and a 2 year old daughter my first i got sick with him all the way through the second boy i barely got sick and my third boy only a couple of weeks straight through and my daughter i was tired quite a bit.
    i heard this babys heart beat when i was 6 weeks 5 days it was 119 already so im waitin to see my doctor to find any changes i have been showin since my seventh week and keep gettin bigger but im not gainin weight just my tummy is growin. this is the first baby i had actually really showin for. all my others i only got a lil belly.im in for alot of muscle tonin exercise lol

  19. heidi Says:

    im also in my tenth week due date is nov 18

  20. Maya Says:

    I am 10 weeks, and this is my second pregnancy. I have had some nausea, but nothing severe like my first pregnancy. Headaches and fatigue are my biggest problems at the moment.

    Kayla – Everything you are feeling is perfectly normal. Well, the period you had the 1st of the month should really be talked over with your doctor. I had some minor spotting these last few weeks of a more light brown color, and my doctor said it was just my cervix stretching and normal. And if this is your first pregnancy you won’t really start showing until your 4th or 5th month. Because this is my second pregnancy I have already started to show a little pouch.

  21. Jodie Says:

    Hi I am 10 weeks too and this is my first! In 2008 the Fertility Clinic tried IUI’s without medication and then with medication and told me I would be an empty vessel…. They stopped all treatments as my eggs were to small and my then husbands sperm wasn’t good.

    I will be turning 46 years old when my baby is born!!!!

    OMG. : )

    So far everything is Great!!! Good Luck to all you Mom’s and God Bless!

    *No morning sickness….

  22. Iris Says:

    So, i dont know if i am pregnant. (i know i should take a pregnancy test but im just waiting around hoping my period will come cuz i hate hoping for a baby then getting a period instead) This is what i feel: My first day of my last period was Feb. 20,2010 making May 1, 10 weeks since. My lower belly is hard from under my belly button. I am not thin so its hard to tell how it curves. My pants are fitting a little tighter as well. I pee more often than before and get more headaches and sometimes I have slight dizziness or light headedness. I think i have had back pain once maybe and basically no other noticeable symptoms.

    I’m a little tired but no more than usual, but i do go to bed earlier and still cant wake up…and Im a little more moody. My lower belly constantly feels like there is some pressure, kind of like really light cramping. Is this stuff normal, should i expect a positive pregnancy test?

  23. Ludgi Says:

    I’ll be 11 weeks tomorrow and the past week was almost like a roller-coaster! i was happy and sad and excited and mad all in less than an hour lol. I’ve also been feeling really nauseous like the first few weeks of pregnancy, and i havent thrown up ONCE! and i just get so frustrated because i really feel like i want to vomit and it wont come out! lol i just want to stick my finger in my throat or gag on my toothbrush sometimes…but obviously i wont do that!
    I guess Im lucky, but having to go to the bathroom all the time really makes up for it.

    YAY for one more week til the 2nd trimester!!! and soon finding out the bay’s sex gender!!!
    im already talking baby shower!!

  24. Ludgi Says:

    my last period was feb 1 2010 which means you would be 11 weeks today!!! but it all sounds positive to me!!

  25. Jayjay Says:

    I am 10 weeks and since I was seven weeks I’ve been feeling so sick. Always throwing up, and never really wanting to eat. Some times I get to look at my bellly and say.. Its the baby! But ugh. My morning sicknesss STILL is ALL day sickness.. ai poop!

  26. Amy Says:

    I’m 10 weeks and still have sickness thru out the day. Today was so bad that I have to go home. I feel nauseous all day especially when i’m sitting at home doing nothing. Every food looks funny to me especially chicken or raw meats. So i haven’t been eating and lost couple of pounds. I can’t wait for the first trimester to be OVER!!! I can’t take this anymore. The vitamin is big as my thumb so it makes me want to throw up so badly, I try to take it before going to bed. I can’t sleep well at night because I pee majority of the time. People who doesn’t have it should celebrate lol

  27. quinn Says:

    I’m 10 weeks pregnant and i have not throw up since, i feel little awful in my tummy at times craving for alot of stuff but my problem is that i cant have sex every time i think about it, it makes me feel like i want to throw up am wondering if anyone is having the same problem as i am.

  28. Lori Says:

    Hi Iris! I am a plus size girl and had all the same symptoms as you. I have been excited in the past about the possibility of being pregnant to find that I have started my period. But this last time proved to be much different. I was pregnant. I am currently 10 weeks and have my first OB appointment tomorrow.

    I would recommend that you take a pregnancy test because if you are pregnant it is imperative that you start taking the prenatal vitamins. They are crucial to the health of the baby, especially during the first trimester.

    I am 10 weeks. I have been nauseated but never got sick. I have had lightheaded and dizzy. Headaches have returned over the last two weeks. Prior to pregnancy, I suffered from migraines. I was hoping that they would go away during the pregnancy. Can I expect them to go away after the first trimester?
    Good luck to all the mothers out there.

  29. crystal Says:

    I turned 10 week today… even now certain things make me gag. I’m still very tired and feel so lazy. I have noticed no change in my size;however I am a plus size women. I have many headaches, and I my appitite is growing… My breast are ecspecially sore in the morning.I have very little sex drive,but over all i’m ok. congraduations to all… we only have about 10 more weeks until we find out the sex of the beby!!! YAY!!

  30. heather Says:

    I AM 15 and 10 weeks pregent and really scard so im not sure what to do so im kinda thinking about adoupion can any one help!!!!!!!!!! soon

  31. heather Says:

    being pregent is to much stress on you

  32. sjpowell Says:

    Hello. This my 2nd and morning sickness is crazy can’t wait until 2 more weeks can I get AMEN. And the mom 2 b I’m pray for u

  33. Krystanice Says:

    Hiii!! Im 10 weeks and im 19 years old! I have morning sickness n is horrible.. lol i hope it ends soon, i have lost 7 pounds cause of it… i cant wait to feel my babii n i am so excited but i am very emotional… im here crying with everything everyone has posted n i dont know why… jejeje i havent gone to the doctor cause of insurance but i hope i can go by next week… i wish u all good luck!!! bye!!

  34. Sunny Says:

    Iris**** take the test! Lol based off of what you said, it sounds like you are expecting!!!!

  35. Mariana Says:

    Hello everyone, Im 10 weeks pregnant also and i have been sick almost every day… i get hungry but i dont want to eat anything…. and when i do i want to throw up…. this is my third pregnancy, the last one I lost. I have a beautiful 3 and a half year old daughter, but this symptoms are new to me. With my daughter i didnt have this morning sickness… i guess every pregnancy is different.

  36. Goochgirl Says:

    I will be 10 weeks in 3 days. I feel great! no sickness. This is my third. Nothing new, doing my turbo workout in the morning. My two youngest will be 15 months apart. I’m due on 1/18/2010 according to my calucations. I’m hoping the baby comes by december 31 for tax reasons.

  37. cece miller Says:

    im am 10 weeks and 3 days and i have been feeling movment this is my second pg so i know what is feels like i know im not tripping i dont feel it all the time like after i eat and when i laying down i know its nt gas cuz gas dont feel like a baby moving omg im sooo confused i told my bf about he said(is it gas) lol i need help cuz im going crazy here

  38. tammy Says:

    hey there I am 10 weeks pregnant and the only things I am experiencing is sore boobs and feeling VERY sleepy all the time. I never had morning sickness but when I did feel sick it would be at night and i would feel like I was going to throw up but never would and certain smells would gag me but I haven't felt sick like that in the last week and I have actually wanted to eat more. good luck to all!

  39. Desiree Says:

    I am 10 weeks pregnant and not sick yet. I feel very comforted knowing I am not the only one experiencing extreme headaches. The main problem I have is with sleeping. My breasts are sore all the time and have grown a cup size already. They are so sore…ouch. I can not wait for the ultrasound on July 9, 2010.

  40. arlenis Says:

    Hey am 10 weeks and 4 days in 2weeks i find out what am haveing and i cant wait i havent gotten siick at all its my 1st baby and i am still a teen my mom says that some women just dont get siick till the last trimester does anyone know about that ????

  41. Tia Says:

    yea you ladies that havent gotten sick are soo lucky…but lucky for me i havent thrown up.. i always had ginger ale handy…and crackers too..they helped a lot but the morning sicknenss is finally going away…im also 10 weeks

  42. Gordon Shumway Says:

    If you're thinking about adoption, try going to the IVF sites and see if you can get some feedback there. My wife got pregnant thru IVF but we'd decided to adopt if we couldn't have a child of our own. I'm sure there are a lot of other people like us. Good luck and take care of yourself.

  43. kabre Says:

    no .. becausee you gone regret it .

  44. taka Says:

    Jody, how is your pregnancy going. I am 45 and have gone through many years of IVF. We are thrilled but nervous about the pregnancy working out. we have another ultrasound on Tuesday and hope all is well. I am not experiencing any real symptoms just a little tired and constipated!

  45. Kiana Says:

    i’m 17 and 10 weeks pregnant and i just started to get morning sickness. But i’m really moody , everyone tells me that i’m mean or rude. I dont know how to control it or anything i don’t mean to seem like i’m a mean person.

  46. Kiana Says:

    i Dont think you should give up for adoption. it may be hard on you right now. but it wont for long. i'm only 17 with my first pregnancy. so i really think you should go through with it because its a blessing , times are hard but we get through them

  47. Alheli Says:

    I am now 23 years old but I had my child at 17 and I did not throw my life away.Because some of these ladies are young does not make them bad parents or stupid! I just graduated in May with my BA in education,my sons father and I are still happily together and on our own. To you young ladies congrats and keep your head up you will do fine.

  48. tanisha Says:

    Hi im 10 weeks and 4 days this is my third child i have a 16 yr old and a 10 yr old and i feel like im making a bad decision on keeping the baby cause im not married im already a baby momma i want to be a wife dont get me wrong the father is a wonderful dad to the children he all ready have to make a long story short im thinking about abortion because he cheats i no thats the wrong reason to do that but since im pregnant it hurts more as to when i wasnt i can easily pick up and leave what u think..

  49. Tiffany Says:

    Hi Tanisha, I can understand how you must feel now. I'm sorry that you are in a bad position. Have you thought of carrying the baby to term and blessing a family with a new baby rather than abortion? The baby you are carrying can feel all the pain during the abortion (per articles that i've read). You must be a great mom to your 16 and 10 year old. Give a family that wouldn't otherwise have a chance. Maybe it was meant to be this way. Pray about it.
    God Bless.

  50. Tiffany Says:

    I'm 10 weeks and think I feel movement too. This is also my 2nd pg. I look it up on the internet and it says I shouldn't feel it for several weeks to come but I know what I feel. I wonder if I am further along that I thought? I haven't had an ultrasound yet so it's still uncertain. Anyway, ENJOY, I love the way it feels to just have that little sensation. It's amazing!

  51. Alexis Says:

    Hey Im 15 years old and I think that im pregnant also. I still have a period every month and but I have lower back pains and mild headaches at times. I have also gained alot of weight since I last had sex and my tummys growing out a little. I do feel light headed and nausa at times like when I eat I have to throw up but I dont ? Could I be pregnant ?

  52. kylie Says:

    Im 22 years old and had my child at 17, Im studying a degree which will finish in march, I drive have my own place and a steady job, the childs farther and i are still together happily and are getting married next year, and im 9 weeks pregnent again, so it goes to show just because you have a baby young doest mean ur doin the wrong thing, its up to urself what age you think your ready for a baby, i love my live and wouldent change it 4 the world, or how it happened. so young girls do what you think is right, only you can decide whats right 4 u. You will make it right 4 u

  53. Breanne Says:

    I am in my 10th week .. I have finally made it ! Yippeee ..
    This week i am still feeling very very sleepy ! other than that I am feeling great ! Very excited to hear the heartbeat in 2 weeks time !!

  54. Tanya Says:

    Hey all, I just found out I’m 6 weeks pregnant. Other than being tired I’m fine but my sex drive has almost disappeared has anyone else had this problem?
    Also I recently found out that if you need folic acid but don’t want to take pills that cheetos have folic acid in them :-) Congrats to all and good luck

  55. Jessica Says:

    I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter too… I also had a miscarriage in December and my pregnancy with my daughter and this one is completely opposite. Crazy how much we have in common! Good luck

  56. Cassandra Says:

    hey guys. I'm 25 and me & my husband are expecting our first. Right now I'm 10 weeks along and the only symptoms I have are nausea (which seems to be easing up a little bit) and sleepiness. My boobs haven't really hurt much, only when I lean on them. Also a little dizzy. Last appointment at 8 weeks was amazing – heard the little heart beat and baby was measuring perfect (already looked like a little person in there – incredible). I'm so excited for my 12 week appointment when I can be done with the first trimester and hear that heart again. So excited to see my little guy (or girl) again.

    For everybody else – congratulations. It seems like most of us are experiencing the same kind of stuff. And for those who are considering an abortion PLEASE reconsider. By 10 weeks along your baby is already alive in there – the heart is functioning, and Vital organs — including the kidneys, intestines, brain, and liver re in place and starting to function. Don't destroy your baby just because you feel unprepared. There's always the option of adoption – bless another family with that precious child.

  57. anna Says:

    Very judgemental of you Raven. I am 39 years old and had a baby when I was 17. I made it through high school, college and grad school and now I'm a doctor. My 22 year baby is about to graduate from college herself. I think maybe being positive towards these teens and less negative will ultimately do them more good.

  58. anna Says:

    since you posted this 10 weeks ago I would be curious as to what decision you made if any. I had a baby very young at its a long road for such a young person. Keep in mind that adoption is one of the most loving things a parent can do for their child. If you really love your baby and know that you can't provide the kind of life you want them to have then why not let someone else give them the life they deserve. It really is an act of love and kindness.

  59. Stacy Says:

    Would you by any chance have any advice for me? I am nineteen, a college student, and I am ten weeks pregnant. My boyfriend is very unsupportive, and wants me to abort our child. I worry about that, because not only is it a living being, but I was told by a doctor that with my hypoglycemia that the procedure could be very very bad for my health. He has given me the ultimatum to either keep the child or keep him. I love him very much, but I dont want to go thru with the procedure, but then again, if i dont, I am kicked out of his house and I have no car at the moment. Any suggestions?

  60. Stacy Says:

    That was really rude. Everyone enjoys life in a different way, and I know some including my own parents who as you say "Threw their life away", and they are happy and making it just fine on their own. Negativity is not the right way to console pregnant scared youths.

  61. Kimberly Says:

    wow!!! raven thats a messed up thing to say. Embrassing the family?? you are embrassing to your family cause u are such a rude and hateful person. She is brave girl cause most her age go get abortions and litterally throw lifes aways. She is strong young lady, and yes hard times will come but over all haveing a baby is a blessing

  62. Monica Says:

    Raven- How old are you? How many kids do you have? Are you that miserable that you have to be so negative??? Wow…. you are an embarrassment to this site!

  63. jackie Says:

    if you can take care of the child after it is born you should keep it. cuz i know you love him and all but he can cut out at anytime. your child will always love you no matter wat. an will always be there for you. and it is a part of him too. if you have family that can help i would suggust you keep it. you will see its life changeing. i was 16 and got pregnant. had my first child. although i had a supportive man. he didnt work or watch the children. he partyed. i did and graduated highschool than had another one. and graduated collage. than had another one. they are all grown now. but yes i did it by my self. and i am so glad i did. jus thank bout it your baby will always be there he might not. let me know wat you decide.

  64. jackie Says:

    i was 7 weeks an i had the same feeling. the reason i didnt want it so much is cuz its uncomfterable.i jus was tired and didnt feel like it. kinda like i was to lazy. lol but i got bout 10 weeks and it was all back to normal. jus wait it will come back.

  65. anna Says:

    yes you need to go to the doctor. or go to the dollar store and buy a dollar pregnancy test. get 2 jus in case. they work. thats wat i used. it is possible to have periods and still be pregnant.

  66. leanna Says:

    dont do it girl. since you already have 2 jus thank how you would feel if you did that to them. you can still go. jus put your foot down. if he dont change. you still got time to leave.

  67. lea Says:

    you might never get sick. all pregnancy is diff.

  68. tara Says:

    TANISHA- I am 10 weeks pregnant also and man do emotions run wild. I am very pro choice so whatever you decide will be right for you. Remember, you are the only one living the life you are going through and you will in the end make the right choice for you. I will share with you this, my sister has a 16 year old son and raised him all by herself all of her life. She refused to raise another child by herself because she went through hard times. A few years ago, she was dating a guy that drank and she knew she would not be able to settle down with him but she ended up pregnant. She made the decision to have the abortion because she could not do it by herself all over again. They broke up soon after and she still to this day regrets the abortion. She thinks back and realizes that she was a strong woman and could have done it all over again with or without a man and boy does she wish she could have turned back time.

  69. tara Says:

    Heather- Honey you are young and you have your whole life ahead of you. I ask you this, please think long and hard about what you really want. I have tried for 9 years to have a child and I finally got my wish but my husband and I looked into adoption and simply could not afford it. There are so many people out there that would love to open adopt because they simply cannot pay $40,000.00 to enter the adoption list. That is a choice you have besides abortion. This is your choice, think long and hard and do not let others make your decision for you. Good luck and I am proud of you for asking for help.

  70. Jeni Says:

    Any guy who is going to give you an ultimatum deserves nothing more than a hard kick to the curb! If he is man enough to create a child, he can man up and take responsibility for his actions. It takes 2, i know this, but you will regret it trust me. I've been there, done that and I think about it all the time. I am 10 weeks pregnant now and would never, ever think about doing that again. Your baby has a heartbeat and is growing so fast. This child will change your life but you will never regret the presious memories it will bring.
    Honey let him go and everything will be okay. Life is crazy that way but all happens for a reason. I hope he will come around and realize you are carrying the one thing that will matter more to him than life itself.

  71. sarah Says:

    iam am 19 to and 10 weeks, this is my second kid my first is only 9 months old. Honestly if he doesnt want to stick with you threw this then he isnt right for you, No body that loves you would make you do something like that, and there are plenty of places that help single mothers and you can also receive assistance i hope everything works out with you dont do anything that you dont beleive in

  72. sarah Says:

    just to let you no RAVEN i had my first child when i was 18 and now iam having another at 19 and i sure and the hell am not embarrissing to my family your a rude person and having a baby does not mean throwing your life away your a horrible person and have no right to say anything on here, and to KIANA dont listen to what anyone has to say if its mean, you will be moody trust me ive been pretty moody myself just keep your head up girl :) hope everything goes well

  73. yasemin Says:

    Hi i am currently 10 weeks pregnant! me and my husband are very excited to have come along this far. I have my first appointment with the OB this week and im very nervous because i don't know what to expect. I do know that because its my first appointment they ask alot of questions regarding my pregnancy but what else do they do? do they check my babys heartbeat? maybe an ulstrasound? I also consider myself pretty lucky because i dont have many symptoms like morning sickness although i felt dizzyness n nauseus at times but not never have actually thrown up. i do have tender breasts especially when i take off my bra i can actually feel how sore they are then. overall i am enjoying my pregnancy its a wonderful experience for my husband n i and the whole family is very excited and cant wait to meet little bubba.

  74. Alicia Says:

    wow, way to act like an adult. That 17 year old is probably more mature than you. That was uncalled for.

  75. Alicia Says:

    that previous comment was to "Raven"

  76. Crystal Says:

    Hi I am 10 weeks yesterday. I feel great except for being really tired. I have had slight nausea but it went away. I have my ultrasound on Aug. 30 can't wait this is my first. Due March 16 2011 I think it can always change.

  77. melissa Says:

    Hello,My name is Missy,I'm 21 years old,this is my first baby,I'M 10 WEEKS!!! I'm exsperiancing the moodyness alot latley too,and I feel so bad for my husband,I just cant seem to control it sometimes until its to late and I have already hurt his feelings,I got a little dizzy yesterday after standing up,we have two kittens and my husband cleans the litter box everyday,i guess cat urine is really bad for pregnant women anyways he changes the litter everyday but my smell is so sensitive I cant even be in the same room as it,my morning sickness is going away too so thats good but I'm still tired alot,and I crave lots of pizza,onion bagles with chive cream cheese and rootbeer witch I have never liked, well bye

  78. melissa Says:

    ugh my breast pain is excrushiating!!!

  79. melissa Says:

    TOYRIE,I will definatly pray for you I also lost a child in my first trimester,I think it was twins,but listen the most important thing that you can do is NOT to stress over it keep positive thoughts and dont keep worrying I know its easier said than done but the worst thing you can do is put stress on the baby,if you do that you will be ok I truley belive that and Im sure you have good friends and family make sure whatever your going through you share with them good luck hunny I hope and pray everything works out for you a child is the worlds most precious gift!!!

  80. Zee Says:

    I'm 10 weeks pregnant and this is my 5th pregnancy God has blessed me with, i have 4 healthy boys and am on the mission for a healthy pink! last attempt! just a bit worried and nervous coz i have brown spotting which i didnt have in the other 4 pregnancies.

  81. Guest Says:

    Raven, that is.

  82. Michelle Says:

    Hi my name is michelle…..and i am 19 years old and i am also ten weeks pregnant with my first child. Me and my boyfriend are so happy, we cant wait to start buying stuff for the baby. I throw up like three days n a row. I really havent been that sick i just dont like to eat anything. Last week we seen the baby and saw the heartbeat i was so exicted. I am due march 26, 2011. Congrats to everyone

  83. Michelle Says:

    O i would also like to know when will my stomach start to get hard, and when should i start showing.

  84. lacey Says:

    @anna – wow im also 17 & pregnant its too see that you still can have a future after a baby – yu inspried me to do mre =] *

  85. rachel clark Says:

    Raven you are real jerk. How can you even be so hurtful to someone like that? You are the one who needs to grow up.

  86. Andrea Says:

    Hey I’m 23 & just over 10wks with my first. I had morning sickness in one of the worst forms-wher you’re nauseous ALL DAY LONG & absolutely NOTHING helped,I tried every trick in the book but it all just made me feel worse: until one day I went down on my knees & asked God to please take it away as I could do nothing when feeling that way,that was @ 6wks-since then I’ve been right as rain,only get slight morning sickness maybe once a week. God is the BEST remedy for morning sickness & I highly recommend it :) Good luck with everyone’s pregnancies,may it be blessed!

  87. baby # 1 Says:

    hello everyone i am 24 and this is my first pregnancy i am almost 10 weeks i am very excited i was told when i was a teen i would not be able to have children well god had other plans for me yea!!!!! i have been rasing 4 kids and none of them belong to me and my fiance have custody of my 6 yr nephew,11 niece,he has two kids from a previous relationship he has a 2yr lil boy and a 6yr lil girl they are all such a blessing in our lifes. this being my first i really dont know what to expect like i said i am almost 10 weeks i have had to pea like all the time before i got pregnant i never woke up to pea never now its like a all nite event lol i feel a lil lightheadedness and nasuea but not much i stay tired all the time but hard to lay down and catch some shut eye with 4 kids running around lol dont regret a bit of it tho well good luck to all may god be with you and your familys

  88. heather Says:

    I am 27 years old and ten weeks and four days pregnant witn my third child.I also had my first at 17.I agree that only the mother knows whats best for her and her children.Life will be hard at times,but you will make it threw..And ur child will look up to u one day for it…Keep ur head up ladies….

  89. Crystal Says:

    Hi! Im 10 wks preggers with my first child! I have been trying for five years and I can not believe this is actually happening!!! God thank you and please bless all of the wonderful pregnancies on this site…

  90. joy Says:

    i am ten weeks pregnant and i do know what u mean wether ur sure ur pregnant or not… but as always, instincts will tell u that u are… i did not know that i missed my periods, until a realization hit me that i might be pregnant…it just hit me…it took me long before i took my pregnancy test bcoz i mistook every symptom for something else and not pregnancy…. so f u think u are, u probably are pregnant…dnt hesitate to take a pregnancy test… my colleagues at work told me that hesitation is common among expectant mothers… good luck…pray…god bless…

  91. joy Says:

    see ur doctor about the bleeding this way u can get an early scan to help out how far along u are in ur pregnancy. and that way u will feel more secure about ur pregnancy. your ob will do an early scan for u and tell u how far along u are and that the bleeding is probably nothing but ur cervix stretching or being eroded…just to ease ur worries and let bu be more happy about ur pregnancy… i was worried wid mine too, until a friend suggested i go to the emergency hospital and tell them about bleeding and pain and that i am worried about my pregnancy, they will let u see an Ob-gyn then and there they will sked u for an early scan and u will get to see ur baby and how healthy the baby is and how far along u are…good luck and god bless

  92. Jen Says:

    Congratulations Crystal! May God continue to Bless you, your baby and family. I am 10 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. I had an ultrasound last week and I'm still so amazed how already this little baby has arms, legs and a heartbeat-Miracles. All the BEST :) )

  93. jen Says:

    I so agree. Little lives do not deserve to be thrown away.

  94. Christy Says:

    to kylie do u think it a bad idea to want and have a baby at 17 or 18 im 16 and want a baby i know what it takes and it will be hard at times

  95. naylove Says:

    . ( wooooow ] . that wasxx jusxx rude man chill out raven iit happend for a reason soo fall back with all that real quick honeyy . ! smh you is cocaine crazy qirl ha

  96. Amber Says:

    wow don't you think what you said was a but rude? Shit happens and people become pregnant know one said to have sex at a certain time….at least she didn't get an abortion so in a way yes..she is mature so if you'r gonna leave rude comments don't bother

  97. babygirl Says:

    i am also ten weeks pregnant, it feels different but i am scared to death. i do not think i will handle the pain of giving birth

  98. tera Says:

    Im 30 years old and ten weeks pregnant. I am just as moody and mean lol. I dont want to be like this either. We have to start thinking more about the baby and try not to stress out so much because its not good for the baby. Try to take it easy. If you feel mad or stressed at a certain situation go outside or get away from whatever is making you mad. I will try that too.

  99. Rebecca Says:

    Any doctor will tell you, if they haven't already, that every pregnancy is different. Im 26 and pregnant with my 3rd baby and I can tell you that it is true that they are all different. My first pregnancy I had no sickness!!! My second,my daughter, my sickness started at about aruond 6 weeks and did not end till I was 4 months pregnant. However this pregnancy , at 10 weeks now, I have been sick since I was 2 weeks. And it feels like it's coming to an end now. my sickness my doctor told me to try to eat something every 2 hours, doesn't have to be much, pack of crackers, can of soup, bagle. But Ive discovered that with every pregnancy you have to try all kinds of things to help with sickness before you may find what works for you. It sucks, but once you find what works you will feel soooo much better. Even just knowing how to control it is refreshing. Hope Ive been of some help hun. And hope you feel better soon
    – Rebecca

  100. Jaki Says:

    Hey everyone! Im 19 and currently 9 weeks and 3 days pregnant with my first child. Went thru severe morning sickness from 5 weeks all the way up until my 8th week and completely feelin better now! My appetite has picked bck up and i rarely throw up ne more. I read alot of you guys posts and ur really supportive of each other and thats great. Couldnt see what Raven said but what ever it was , was uneccesary! No matter the age , ANYONE is capable of a bright future with or without children. Things will be a challenge but hey its life. Its all about what you make it. Start bieng a role model and less of a judgemental bitch! Newho, to all the moms and mommys to be…CONGRATS! God bless

  101. Confused Says:

    Not sure whether to feel happy or sad. We’ve wanted a baby for so long i got pregnant (10 weeks) i feel fine i guess… however i have alredy started to show (big time) and tired nausia never vomit, lower back pain and slight cramping breasts not sore any more however the first 8 week it was killing me.

    is this normal

    cause i am starting to mis the old me…

  102. graced87 Says:

    Hi im 23 years old 10 weeks on my first child and on the 8th week sono was told im having twins!! I have had 2 miscarriages in the past 2 years so i am still scared. But for having twins my morning sickness is not bad at all; just a loss of appetite mainly.

  103. Mum1166 Says:

    Pls don’t throw that baby away. I tried for almost a year to get pregnant and i know how it felt. I would stare longingly at pregnant women and women with kids. U’re blessed that u could be given this gift at such a tender age. If times get hard or, u don’t have the support u need, u could always help a family out. I’m sure they would take card of ur angel and u’ll feel better knowin u made the right decision. May God keep u strong. God bless.

  104. Mum1166 Says:

    I’m 10wks pregnant with twins and, i thank God everyday. I’m just starting to get horrible nausea but, whatever the symptoms, i’d say bring it on! Anything for my babies. To the 19yr old whose boyfriend is unsupportive, i’d say it’s time to give him a kick on his horrible butt! Any man who can’t stand by u at a time as sensitive as this is not worth the emotional stress and hassle! May God give u the strength. To the lady whose man’s cheating, don’t let go of ur precious baby for someone who’s not worth it. Now’s the time to be strong for ur baby and focus on ur kids. Miracles happen sweet heart. God bless u.

  105. Mum1166 Says:

    PS…sorry i couldn’t get the ladies names. Had to read lots of posts before i got here so, i kinda forgot the names. My apologies once again.

  106. Karmen Says:

    Hey I am 20 years old and just found out I am 10 weeks pregnant with my first child. My boyfriend/the father of my baby doesnt want anything to do with me being pregnant or me having his child but yet he still wants to me … i am extremely scared to be doing this on my own. If anyone out there has any advice orhas been through this before and could tell me anything that would be of help. I would greatly appricate it. Thanks

  107. carol Says:

    Karmen I don't know what area you live in ,but if you get in touch with your local United Way they have alot of resources and may be able to help you with everything!They help you find resources for everything you need as well as support groups I am sure!So go ahead and look up the number in your area or contact your local church even if you havn;t gone in a while you should be able to get someone in the office to help you find the information you are in need of with no problems!Good luck and may God surround you with supportive friends and family!!!You'll be just fine have Faith God will see you through!! ~Carol

  108. Lauren Leshay Says:

    .. honestly i dont think you should adopt it out.. i think you should keep it bc not only is it YOUR child.. but what it its the only child you will EVER be able to concieve? trust me.. it will be hard but keeping your child is the best decision you could make sweetie.. dont let it go bc youre scared.

  109. Lauren Leshay Says:

    and also im 10 weeks pregnant .. and ill be 19 in 2 days.. and a good friend of mine lost her baby and she can never concieve again… just think about it.

  110. kandi Says:

    I am 30 years old and I’m also 10 weeks this is my 3rd pregnacy I’ve had the worst all day sickness I can’t hold down much of anything and my boobs are hurting terribly bad! But I’m very excited about having another baby I hope you all have very healthy babies and congragulations on a new succes! I want to get over the all day sickness to the dr says it will end soon but my bff had sickness for 5mths of her pregnacy! So gud luck! Tha dr gave me sum medicine so hopfully it’ll get better!

  111. dms Says:

    i had my first daughter at 17 it was hard but i would not go back and change it. I finished college have a good job, got married to her daddy, bought a lovely house .I am now 30 and we are having our fourth child in sept(please god). Life is what you make of it my daughter is nearly 13 now doing very well at school and she is a healthy happy good mannered child, dont let anybody tell you that you cant do it,,just stay strong ,set yourself some goals and try to achieve them…ps thank god that you are lucky enough to have a child we should all realise how lucky we are!!!!!

  112. amber Says:

    Hey girl. I know what your going through. Its hard and scary but you can do it. I kept my son and i was 14 when i found out i was pregnant and 15 when i had him. His father has NEVER been around and ive done fine. No matter what you choose think about if YOU were your baby what you'd think about. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT NOT WHAT OTHERS WANT YOU TO DO.

  113. amber Says:

    Girl you dont need a man like that. Im 7 weeks pregnant and my boyfriend left me for a younger girl im 18. He went to the dr with me to prove im pregnant and he dont care one bit about the baby or me. You can take care of a baby on your own. Im doing it and ill do it again as well. :) BE STRONG. YOUR BABY IS THE ONLY ONE WHO WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER.

  114. riseandrebuild Says:

    Hello all. First, congrat to everyone. I'm 10 weeks. Lets see I am very happy and very scared at the same time. This will be my 7th pregnancy in the last 3 1/2 years. My last 6 pregnancies has all ended in miscarriages with the doctors saying they don't see anything that would indicate im not able to carry a child. My miscarriages, all but one, has always been in the first trimester. I will say that I do have an 11 year old and 6 year. I guess at this point I just need a friendly note. We have decided to keep this pregnancy to ourselves to keep from breaking family and friends hearts. This will be the first grand baby for his parents. Thanks to all that will feel my excitement and fear.

  115. riseandrebuild Says:

    Hello Kimberly. Thank you for the very kind words. The only thing about keeping this pregnancy to ourselves is that I have no one to really talk to about my feeling.

    I hope that everything goes well for you. Keep me posted.^_^

  116. cgy Says:

    does it have to do anything with the baby father's blood type?

  117. Carolina Says:

    Hi everyone,

    I'm 10 weeks along :) my first baby- feeling good. The prenatal pills make me feel queasy sometimes, experiencing constipation more often, talk about headaches. I'm not a picky eater but since I've been preg. I don't just eat anything my nose seems to do must of the decisions inreference to what I get to eat. Oh one freaky thing – I dream about food …. I can even taste and smell it .. I find it funny:) I hope is normal… Thanks everyone for reading, wishing everyone a happy & safe delivery

    my due date Sep. 27.2011

  118. chantal Says:

    hey ladies first off all congrats to u all :) now my problemem. im 15 n im 90% sure im pregnant. i havent had my period in three months just really light spotting for like two or three days a month, my lower bk hurts alot,my boobs hurt, i gained like 3 lbs, i hurt everywhre, i feel like im going to throw up all the time (n i do in the morning.), im super tired during the day and when i want to go to bed i get really hot then cant sleep, n ppl have been commentint that im actin mean but i dont mean it, n i have to pee all the time, i have cramps n bloating, n its uncomfortable if i lay on my stomach, n if i bendd over heres pressure and it feelike there something in the way not letting me bend properly, my stomach is growling ike a maniac and for the past week ive feeling fluttering. plus my mom keeps askin me if im pregnant but i have taken foour prgo test n they all came up neg execpt for one that a neg then a faint pos. can any body help me?

  119. Stephene Says:

    Make an appoointment at the health department let them do a test they know what to look for. I was pregnant at 15 to so I know exactly what your going through. A faint positive is a positive so probably congrats.

  120. confusedgirl Says:

    first of all congrats ladies! and now my probleme, im 15 and sexualy active, i havent had my period in three months, my lower back hurts, my breast hurt, i get cramps in my lower stomach, i feel like fluttering, my stomach grolws ALOT, i hurt everywhere, im always tired during the day but cant sleep at night, when i bend ovr it feels like there is something in my stomach blocking me from bending completely, i feel like im going to throw up from when i wake up until i fall asleep but only throw up in the morning, i have headaches and my boobs feel huge to me,i have gained like 3 to 4 lbs, my moms been asking me if im pregnant but i took 3 pregnancy test and they all came back negative am i pregnant or is there something wrong with me?

  121. confusedgirl Says:

    oh and people tell me i act mean and rude and have an attitude now….

  122. caitlyn Says:

    Okay, here’s my story. I’d like to know what you ladies think :) in November, I didn’t take bc because I’d run out and hadn’t gotten some more yet. I got some the first week in December and ab a week and half later my bf finished in me. About 4 weeks later I started having lower back pain, really bad cramps, my boobs hurt really bad, nipples always hard and I noticed I was peeing more. I also noticed my pants getting tighter. So I took at home tests- negative, blood tests- negative. Then ab 2 weeks later I got my period, a lot lighter than usual. Still felt pregnant, still peed a lot and got random cramps. Well then in february, I got my period again so I put the thought of being prego behind me. However, over the last couple of weeks the cramps have returned, only now they’re a sharp pain in the lower left part of my stomach. I’ve been eating less since the blood test was negative and apparently I’d just gained weight. Well, I’ve gained ab 3 inches in my middle, those bumps are more apparent on my breasts and you can see my blood vessels more than usual. I feel a tightness in my lower belly, especially after I’ve been sitting a while and I’m still getting sharp pains. Oh and sometimes i feel the need to hold my left side occasionally when I’m walking. I took another test the other day- negative. If I’m prego, I’d be ab 9/10 weeks along. Am I imagining things? Or could I be pregnant? My next period is due in ab a week and half, I’ve heard of women who don’t get a positive until 4 months and still have periods. What do y’all think??

  123. confusedgirl Says:

    the only thing tho is that i dont want my mom finding out unless i am pregnant 100 %

  124. ann85 Says:

    They can't report anything to your mom. So do as Stephene said go to the health department and have a test done.

  125. ann85 Says:

    My friend had the same problem, hers was her birth control. So she actually had to change it and now it has stopped with her new birth control. Maybe that is what is going on with you as well… I would say go to the Dr's and talk to them about it…

  126. confusedgirl Says:

    will it go on my permenant health record?

  127. beeotch Says:

    why are you congratulating a 15 year old that is pregnant? because you had a baby at 15? you're insane.

  128. christy Says:

    hi im 33 i had a baby when i was 17 and put it up for adoption. it was the best decision for my child. his adoptive parents sent me letters and pictures and have wrote me letters on his progress!! they are wonderful people. he is now 15 years old.i am glad that i made the decision i did!!! good luck and let GOD led your decision.

  129. brooke Says:

    I encourage any girls even considering to visit a local adoption agency just to talk to someone. Bethany Christian Services is wonderful if you have one locally. Adoption is one of the most unselfish, beautiful things. Our family has been blessed 3 times by adoption.

  130. Jennifer Says:

    We adopted our daughter 5 years ago and she is the most amazing miracle we could ever have hoped for. Placing your child for adoption is the ultimate gift you can give her/him if you feel you are not ready to become a mother. At 15, I know I would have been so scared so I can only imagine what you are going through. I can tell you that if you place your child for adoption, there are so many people out there who are praying for a child who could make a wonderful home for your baby. Best of luck to you.

  131. sarah Says:

    try taking prenatals at night before you go to bed. the queasiness hits you when you're asleep, so you dont know it :)

  132. sheena Says:

    Hi! I'm Sheena and I was adopted and forever greatful for my mother for giving me a chance at life. I am 26 now and also 10 weeks pregnant. I am very excited but can see how you can be so scared as well. I know that my mother was also 15 when she became pregnent and was in no means ready to raise a baby so she decided to give me up. I do not blame her at all, in fact I am forever greatful for the chane to meet my adopted family. Some day I would love to meet my mother and thank her so very much!!! So don't ever feel like you are doing anything wrong because there is so many families out their would love to give your baby a loving chance a life just like mine did!!

  133. Ashley Says:

    I am 28yrs old and i and 9wks pregnant and this is me and my fiance’s 3rd pregnancy. I’ve had 2 miscarriages in the past. i never had morning sickness with any of my pregnancy,is this something to worry about? i am however,very tired and feel like i want to vomit but it don’t.I have these massive headaches to where, if i don’t take tylenol it would just get worse.I know you pose to drink plenty of water but water just taste funny now. (i have a lot of concerns and questions being as though i am high-risk). I have to go to the dr every wk to get my blood levels checked to make sure i’m not threatening another miscarriage until my first OB check up next week. i am excited but we are right in the middle of planning a wedding.

  134. alissia Says:

    i am ten weeks preg. and have had a miscarriage about eight months ago… very scared and high risk, i have health risk that makes it very difficult to carry. they say that my risk for miscarriage has signficantly decreased but i am still scared to get excited… i have a four your old step son but i would love to give him a little sister or bother (hopefully sister). im so scared that i will get attached and the worse will happen… like i am not already attached, i dont think my marriage can take another miscarriage

  135. maxine Says:

    im 10 weeks pregnant and had 3 misscarriages before this one but had a scan at 7 weeks and bby was fine i feel sick all day every day but only been sick twice i also get cramp quite alot lately and get headaches and dizzyness bt these are all good signs some ladys are just lucky not to get all this

  136. Tusi Says:

    I’m 10 weeks pregnant…now-days i get tired easily.i got bleeding twice in last 3days without any cramps. I’m worried sometimes i feel some pain in my lower abdomen..
    i hope everything will go smoothly until 14th Feb, 2012

  137. joyce Says:

    im 9 weeks pregnant im ever sick tired sleepy is it normal pls help some thing moving in my tummy is it not too early

  138. siviwe Says:


    this is my first pregnancy..today i just started to get headache and its so painful..wanting to sleep around 2pm during the day.

  139. Kendal Patenaude Says:

    I started feeling better as I was doing the exercises for the first time

  140. kia Says:

    I am 21 years old and currently 10 weeks with my second child. With my first child I never had any morning sickness, tiredness, or anything really. I just gained a lot of weight. Now this time around I am nauseous all day long. I have some stomach cramping, weakness, tiredness, and crabby all day as well. I have just found out about my pregnancy 1 week ago. I am just wondering if I should be worried about my symptoms, or if it’s just normal.

  141. broklyn Says:

    10 weeks and finding the gender tmorrow

  142. rach Says:

    I’m 10week and 5days and I’m showing slightly already this is my first baby
    I have sickness then goes and comes back xx

  143. KayMcD Says:

    I am 10 weeks and feel so exhausted. Some days are better than others. I started morning sickness at 5 weeks and it seems to be easing up this week. Boobs aren’t as sore either. Saw and heard Babys heart beat at 158 a min at 7 weeks. Just waiting for 12 weeks, and my nerves will finally calm. Zofran was my magic pill, but eveything I smell makes me sick it seems. I will glad to have a human nose again, and not some supersonic alien nose that is capable of smelling scents that only dogs are able to smell. :)

  144. Alicia Says:

    I’m 10 weeks and 3 days pregnant with my first child and it’s really been a roller coaster to this point. I have all day nausea without actually vomiting, anxiety because of the nausea, i have had a bladder infection for the last few weeks, have had occasional brown spotting which freaks me out and am really just crabby and distant all the time. I feel like i just want to have some time off work to relax at home and curl up under the covers. I can’t wait for my 12 week scan but am worried that something will be wrong. I have already had a scan and heard the heart beat but for some reason am worried about something bad happening. My husband thinks i’m a nut job at the moment. Why can’t i be happy and excited and positive? Does anyone else feel like this? Has anyone else had occasional spotting?

  145. Tara Says:

    hey im 18 and 10 weeks pregnant. im already showing. and i mostly crave sea food. surtan smells, chineese food, and if i dont eat, usuealy makes me sick. there may be a chance i have twins. lol this is my first pregnancy and i only wonted one. lol but im taking it one day at a time. just be sure to try and enjoy your pregnancy or it will suck and probley be the worst one you have.

  146. Erika Says:

    I am 10 weeks and 3 days pregnant today with my first child. I had an ultrasound at my first OB appointment at 8 weeks 5 days. The baby’s heart rate was 178bpm. My friends keep telling me that I’m having a girl because of the high (but normal) heart rate. Is there any truth to this? I’m just curious. I am happy just to be having a baby. Thank you!!

  147. Brenda Says:

    Im 10 weeks 3 days Prego and i replaced morning sickness with Headaches.

  148. Danielle Says:

    I am 10 weeks pregnant with my second child. The morning sickness is starting to let up but the headaches and food aversions remain. My emotions have ranged from excited to anxious to very sad. It is amazing the difference between pregnancies. My first was as easy as could be, I knew I was pregnant, but only had occasional headaches, otherwise I felt great. Pregnancy number two has been terrible, there are times when part of me has hoped for a miscarriage, just so the debilitating nausea and vomiting would go away. I’m in bed most days, hate eating anything, but feel worse if I don’t and like I said, my emotions are everywhere. I’m writing this to let other pregnant moms know every pregnancy is different. Try to have a strong support group. My M-I-L has pretty much watched our 2yr old son for 4 weeks straight, and my husband couldn’t be more caring…know that you are not alone, it will get better, and being a mother is probably the best gift in life.

  149. bruno Says:

    Hi My name is Bruno Rico’ just want to share my experience with the world on how i got my love back and saved my marriage… I was married for 7years with 2kids and we lived happily until things started getting ugly and we had fights and arguments almost every time…

  150. Smithf477 Says:

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