13 Weeks Pregnant

Congratulations on entering your second trimester! At this stage of pregnancy, most families start to celebrate. The risk for miscarriage has greatly reduced and the odds are in your favor that you will carry the baby full term. Also gone will be the morning sickness and the fatigue that you may have experienced in the first trimester, and you should start to feel a boost in your energy levels .

For some women, a baby bump may begin to appear in this stage of pregnancy—but you may not need the maternity jeans just yet. The baby is still small in size, but as he  or she grows the uterus grows as well, and has now risen outside of the pelvic bones and is starting to grow up and out into the abdomen.

If you feel your belly rumbling more—it’s not in your head. Even though you only need about 500 extra calories every day, your body may be telling you otherwise.  This is due in part to the baby’s utilization of your vitamins and minerals, and those lovely hormones.  In an attempt to avoid gaining excess weight, remember to use common sense.

  • Eat several smaller meals, every two to three  hours
  • Don’t skip breakfast
  • Avoid high-fat or processed foods
  • Drink plenty of water through the day and with meals
  • Eat fruits, vegetables and plenty of lean or grilled meats
  • Now is the time to resume your prenatal vitamin.  Take it with food if it makes you nauseated.

Check with your doctor and see how they feel about any weight gain or loss you are experiencing.

Baby’s Development

By now, your baby is growing at a steady pace.   Your little peanut is measuring approximately 2-1/2 to 3 inches and they weigh about .7 ounces (that’s almost ¾ of an ounce). By the end of this week the baby is fully formed—with all  body parts fully formed and functioning organs. The head is still a bit larger than the rest of the body, but that will soon change. The baby’s eyes are starting to come closer together and the intestines and the organs are moving into their final positions. The baby’s pancreas is starting to secrete insulin which will help baby regulate their sugar levels both in the uterus and after birth.

Baby’s bones are still soft and a bit flexible but as the weeks progress they will harden. It is imperative at this stage to keep taking your prenatal vitamins and eat healthfully to provide your baby with the needed nutrients to grow properly. By now, your baby will be moving frequently—stretching legs and flexing arms as they grow and develop.  Don’t expect to feel these tiny movements, however.  Most moms don’t know their baby is moving for a few more weeks.  The placenta is functioning fully now and the baby is receiving oxygen, vitamins, minerals and proteins from the mother’s blood supply. The placenta also works as a filter that removes waste products from the baby and helps to prevent chemicals, drugs and other dangerous substances from crossing over.  Not everything can be filtered by the placenta though—and it is very important to discuss any medications with your doctor—and of course, stop smoking, drinking or doing drugs if you haven’t already.

Changes With Your Body

At week thirteen, the uterus will continue to grow up and out of the pelvis. You may begin to notice that your waistline is starting to get bigger. Many women experience round ligament pain as the body structures change and the uterus grows.  Round ligament pain occurs when the ligaments that surround the uterus stretch. These can be sharp pains in the abdomen that come with a dull achy feeling in the lower abs. This usually happens when you make a sudden movement like getting up or changing positions.

Some tips to remember with round ligament pain include:

  • Move and change positions slowly
  • Take acetaminophen or ibuprofen for severe soreness—ask your doctor
  • Try warm compresses or a heating pad just over the painful places—not your entire belly
  • Notify your doctor if the pain changes, your leak fluid or you feel regular contractions

What To Expect

While many of your first trimester troubles should be leveling off, you may still have bouts with heartburn, headaches and occasional nausea at this stage of pregnancy. Remember to manage your symptoms by eating frequent small meals, drink small amounts of liquid after your meal—not with it.  A light exercise routine like swimming or walking may reduce you heartburn as well. Remember to stay away from heavy, greasy foods that could contribute to your digestive troubles.

During your thirteenth week and beyond, there will be many changes in your body.  While your breasts may have been sore earlier on, they will soon begin to grow as hormones change the breast tissue in preparation for lactation—or making milk to feed the baby after delivery.

These personal changes can leave couples wondering if intimacy is okay.  Sexual intercourse during pregnancy is completely safe. If you find that sex makes you uncomfortable, you and your partner may need to find alternate positions to promote comfort. Many women also report an increase in sexual libido during their second trimester thanks to a surge in the hormone progesterone.


Get plenty of rest and stay hydrated—even though you may be feeling better, try not to overdo it on activities.  Focus these very important weeks on caring for yourself so that you can provide your baby with the best environment to grow and develop in.


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  1. yessenia Says:

    i am 13weeks and exited i been feeling sick that i cant stand food, yeah i get hungry but when i see it or smell it omg!! cant stand it i have gone to the doct i droped 10p yeah i got scared so the doct have me vommiting med and i feel that i can eat just about every thing but i know i have to take baby steps. my doct said thats about to e over so i still hope but other than that i love the feeling to be a new mommy!! cant wait to know what im having

  2. Crystal Says:

    I am 13 weeks and 1 day today… been having a great 2nd pregnancy!! Had no m/s at all… and been eating ALOT!! Food is my friend lol, will find out if im having a boy or girl the 1st week of august… CAN NOT WAIT to find out!!!!! Loving being pregnant again!!!

  3. michelle dennant Says:

    hi, im 13 weeks pregnant,i had my first scan last week and everything went great,this is my 3rd baby, i already have a boy 12 and a girl 9 so yeah there,s a big gap,can,t wait to find out the gender, but i don,t mind either way,

  4. cortney Says:

    i am 13 weeks and 2 days and having a wonderful first pregnancy a little worried because they could not find a heart beat but they say everything is fine and they will hear it for sure at 16 weeks!

  5. Heather Says:

    Hi well I am 13 weeks pregnant today and I went thru fertility for 2 cycles at 29 and miscarried by 5 weeks both times. Then at 40 I became pregnant on my own and miscarried at 7 wks 3days the baby only had a hb of 66. Now at 41 I am pregnant and just had an ultrasound at 12 wks 4 dys and the heart beat was 173. They say everything looks good and there is only a 5% chance of miscarriage. So my next appt is at 16 weeks. They say everything looks so good and funny thing is that I feel great. Just huge sore chest.. Hmm I really just can't believe all this. Everytime I go to the doctors I wait for the ax to fall. I gave up all thoughts of ever having children.

  6. Emilicious Says:

    13 1/2 weeks, first baby (we're planning on 6)…we got pregs on the first try! So far, no vomiting (although I have noticed I get extremely carsick nowadays). And my sense of smell is working in insane overdrive…I can smell my husbands breath from across the couch and it grosses me out. Talk about sexy. :P
    Speaking of sexy, throughout my whole first trimester I've been super-tired (went hiking once and then crashed for 5 hours), my face has been really broken out, my abs, thighs and boobs have become a roadmap for big blue veins, my boobs became huge and delightfully sore, and I have to pee every hour…on the hour. Oh, and did I mention I cry at home improvement shows? Ugh.
    Still, my belly popped a couple weeks ago, and I couldn't be happier about this bump. :) Only one doctor visit so far, but things are looking good, and I have another visit this week. One more month and we'll find out the gender! So excited!! :D Creation of a life is a beautiful thing…

  7. kayla Says:

    i dont know if thats normal…..my doctor found my babys heart beat at 6 and 12 weeks.

  8. nessy Says:

    Yeah, that's weird, my doctor found a heart beat at 5week 3days. I would follow-up with that if I was you.

  9. nessy Says:

    Sounds like a girl. I had those same issues with my daughters. Six kids,,, keep us posted after the first one is born… Pretty sure after labor that number will decrease.lol.. Best wishes@:)

  10. Quita Says:


  11. jai Says:

    Ill be thirteen weeks on monday.! My next doctor visit is august 3rd where they will tell me whether or not I need surgery on my cervix. I have a “short” cervix. I’m nervous but happy that my child will be okay regardless.

  12. Lori Says:

    I will be 13 weeks on the 14th and that is also the day I am going to the doctor to hear the heartbeat. I am very excited but nervous also since earlier this year I had a miscarriage and I found out at my 12 week appointment when they could not hear a heartbeat. I feel better about it this time and am hoping and praying the baby is okay.

  13. Amie Says:

    It's okay… They say that they might be able to hear the heartbeat at about 6 weeks but many times they cant. Its no need for worry since the baby is so small, it's hard to find. Worry at 16 weeks if they can't find it.

  14. Jenn Says:

    i have a question..the doc gave me vommiting meds too…do u get headaches from it?

  15. Donna Says:

    After a positive reading from an over-the-counter pregnancy test, I went to Planned Parenthood for confirmation. I was very uncomfortable going there, even for a urine test – answering terrible questions I never thought I'd be faced with, but since I didn't have any experience at all being around pregnant women or newborns and little experience around toddlers – I wasn't sure where to go. The nurse practitioner told me that, based on the information of my last period – I was 11 weeks pregnant and due January 27th 2011. Then, I went to Aultman OBGYN, an income-based womens wellness clinic that I heard about through friends. The doctor there said I'm either closer to 13 weeks, or I am pregnant with twins. My boyfriend of 9 weeks (long story) and I got to hear the babies heartbeat. I don't know why against all knowledge of human biology I assumed that the babies heart rate would be fast, like a hummingbird. When I heard it, I felt my own heart pounding fast and hard against the inside of my chest – the slow, steady wisdom of my babies heartbeat gave me a feeling that I can't even describe. My ultrasound is scheduled August 6th 2010. I am so excited to learn if my baby is a boy or a girl, or both (or neither?) Corpsedoll@myspace.com

  16. Donna Says:

    Typo – my boyfriend of 19 weeks, lmao… That's right, I got pregnant in a week. Luckily, we've been friends for 6 years.

  17. TiaraBee Says:

    @ Donna OMG that is so similar to me. I took an over the counter test and then also went to planned parenthood for a unrinalysis. Kinda creepy. this is my second pregnancy but my daughter is 9 so its seems all new…my baby is due Jan 30,2011, my bday is Jan 27th!

  18. natalie Says:

    Im 13weeks pregnant and because i found out so earlyy when i was only 6weeks as apose to my previous i found out when i was 14weeks, i had never been so paranoid about anything at all miscarriages and everything went through my head and reading internet stories made things massivley worse but ,, just had my first scan and everything went brilliant actualli over the moon and just think am hugley lucky to the fact 2nd pregnancy and with both NO MORNING SICKNESS !! its been great :) cant wait to find out what im having hopefully a boy as i have a little girl already who is 2 n a half ,, and she is constantly saying she wants a little brother so fingers crossed !!!! gooodluck to all you mums out there reallii is the most wonderful thing in the world and im only 20 with my second baby on the way wouldnt change if for the worldd :) xx

  19. Maria Pleitez Says:

    I am officially 13 Weeks!!! let me tell you, I have not felt any morning sickness or any type of cravings! I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks!!!! I am super excited and want the time to go very quickly! the only thing that I am scared of is the delivery, I know its way too soon to worry about that; but Everyone tells me horror stories about delivering a baby! I have nightmares and its always on my mind! any advice anyone pleassse???? _ Maria

  20. stace Says:

    I am 13 weeks and 4 days im sooo ill with morning sickness, really getting me down, its not only in the morning but can be in the day, i hope it passes soon! but apart from that im really excited, and cant wait till I find out what im having! everyone is saying im going to have a girl cos ive been so ill! xxx

  21. Kristy Says:

    Maria – Don't worry about delivery. I will be 14 weeks tomorrow…with my second child. I do encourage an epidural. I had awful back labor and the pain was gone once I was far enough dilated to have the epidural. I will be honest in saying that my 1st experience at delivery was not as nice of one as I had expected, but that was mainly because my doctor was old fashion (still gives enemas!!!) and I wasn't impressed with they way some things happened. I have heard awful stories of deliveries, but take it from someone who had nearly a 22 hr delivery…..it really wasn't bad. And you really do forget a lot of the not so pleasant moments when you see your beautiful child. If you're a music person, take an ipod or cd player into the room. I did. It helped keep me relaxed. Hope this helps! God bless!! .. and congrats!! _ Kristy

  22. Angela Says:

    I will be 13 weeks pregnant on Monday. I was scheduled to have a total hysterectomy on Tuesday, July 6th, but I found out on Friday, July 2nd that I am pregnant and of course the surgery was cancelled. The same day that I was scheduled for surgery, I was told that I was 6 weeks; 1 day pregnant. I was so excited that I was shaking and crying when I told my husband. I am 41 years old and had pretty much given up all hope of ever getting pregnant. In a matter of fact, I didn't think I could get pregnant. The morning sickness and fatigue have been aweful, but when I think that I am carrying my first child, I get so excited that there is a life inside of me. I will be going to the doctor's on August 27th for an ultrasound to test the thickness of the back of the baby's skull for birth defects. I have read so much negative stuff about women my age and birth defects, miscarrages and complications, but I continue to put my trust in God and keep moving.

  23. charlotte gray Says:

    hi, im 12 weeks pregnant. Had my scan three days ago. All is well with the baby. The only sign that i am preganant is fatigue and little weight gain. Very scared for the next coming weeks as keep expecting to wake up with some incredible change. Cant wait to find out what im having dont mind either way as long as he/she is healthy. Has really helped listening to other peoples comments. hope the next six months goes as smoothly as the first three. good luck everybody. x

  24. nicnic76 Says:

    im 13 weeks an 2 days, with my 4th child. i have a son whos 11 and daughter whos 7, my son joshua was still born 6 years ago. i just cant relax, iv had 7 misscarriages, and we tried for 5 years to fall pregnant. went thru starting process of ivf, and when called to start insemination process i found out i had concieved naturally and was 4 weeks pregnant. baby is due on 6th march, the day my mum died…. we went for the first scan last week and saw our beautiful baby. his/her heartbeat was so strong, and it was lovely to see our baby kicking n puching and cud even see its little fingers! im due another scan in 5 weeks, get to find out if were having a boy or girl then..

  25. nicnic76 Says:

    …i dont know why im worrying, things are going perfect..but every twinge an im running to the loo thinking the worst. im suffering sickness every day, cannot eat n when cooking for the kids or my hubby i get so naseus but bless him hes taken over the cooking now lol. only prob i have is that before i fell preg i had a perianial abscess and altho i had surgery it keeps filling up n leaking. can it harm my baby? i love being pregnant, but in many ways i wish i cud get to 36 weeks when ill be induced due to diabetes when i can relax knowing the baby is in my arms and all ok. am i just a moaning woman or is wat im feeling normal. iv suffered anxiety since my parents died within 9 months of eachother, and just wish i had my mum to talk to

  26. Henni B Says:

    God will definitely see you through. He does not put more on you than you can bear.

  27. Tasha Says:

    Im 13 wks today and i am so excited. My main problem is my stress level. I fear that it can harm my baby boy. Yes i found out at 12 wks it was a boy, but i’ll kno for sure on october 21st. For the most part, i haven’t gotten sick at all and everything is going perfect. This will be mine and my bf first child!!!

  28. Mrsk Says:

    I’m 13 weeks 3 days today, on Monday I had my Shirodkar stitch because I had miscarried our baby boy at 20 weeks on the 15th of February this year. I feel great, my appetite is back with a full force!!! I must say I’m a bit anxious, just want the 20th week mark to pass then I will relax. Going to see my doctor at 16 weeks hopefully we’ll be able to see the baby’s gender. Will keep you posted.

  29. latasha Says:

    im in my 13th week and i am feeling pretty excited this is my second baby it is sooooo different from the first baby. Im praying for a boy.

  30. Tasha Says:

    Can u feel your baby move at this stage of pregnancy?

  31. zama Says:

    Im 13 weeks today my worry is that every time when i go to the loo to refresh my self when i wipe there is always blood coming from my vagina with small cloths is this normal? am so scared

  32. haley Says:

    You should see a doctor asap. Not to scare you but bleeding is not a good sign. Just be safe and get that looked at.

  33. haley Says:

    I take mine at night before I go to bed. I talked to my doctor about it because I would forget to and he told me drink a glass of milk at night and take my vitamins then. It seems to help me.

  34. Cris Says:

    YAY! I Am 13 weeks and 1 day today. This is my second baby. I cant wait to feel the baby move. It always made me know everything was good with my first baby. I will find out the gender the last week in Oct, or the first week of Nov. That will be alone wait. LOL!

  35. pessa Says:

    Why are people saying that Planned Parenthood is creepy? What is creepy is those “options clinics” that trick women through the door with promise of pregnancy test & then show them fetus pictures. I have had more than one pregnancy confirmed at Planned Parenthood and they do not force any particular choice or option on people. I cannot understand how so many women are against abortion.

  36. anon Says:

    Pessa – Because abortion is murder. You wouldn't take a gun and shoot someone on the street right? So why kill you own baby?

  37. Ashley Says:

    Pessa-My thought’s are the exact opposite. How can ANY woman be FOR abortion?? I miscarried at 8 weeks with my last pregnancy and I was devistated. I could NOT imagine signing the papers to have someone else STOP my baby’s heart?? “WOMEN” are created to carry a child, maybe that’s how so many of us can be against it!

  38. At Says:

    I’m 13 wks and 3 days. Not as nauseous as before but still really tired. Anyone else feel like this?

  39. Sarah Says:

    Some people feel that is the best decision because they have sexually abused or raped. Sometimes it is a life decision that is best for that particular woman. You are no one to be judging others lady!

  40. car Says:

    thats lovely. congratulations. im 13 weeks with my second now and you do read some awful things but like you say just keep moving and get on with daily life, but its even better now!

  41. Lin Says:

    Yes I am 13 weeks 1 day and I still experience nausea but it happens more in the mornings then all day long like it was before

  42. lacie Says:

    im 13 weeks too first pregnancy havnt been sick once :) car sick tho yep gettin that lol … im so scared because i did smoke i have stopped but im constantly around people that are smoking .. my friend smoked 5 a day with her first but im too scared to do anything … dont want anything to go wrong but im so stroppy all the time :s bf understands tho bless him … congrats 2 everyone …xxx

  43. Angela Says:

    I hear you Sarah. I would personally never be able to abort but that is MY decision I make for MY body. Each individual needs the freedom to decide what is best for her live. Everyone is welcome to an opinion but it is not an opinion anyone else needs to abide.
    Although, I believe in certain cases if the man of the child wishes to raises the child he should have rights. If he is able to prove he is competent and capable enough and is pure in motive, then he has the right to be a father.

  44. Mrs. Heald Says:

    I disagree. Why would you kill your baby for something someone else did to you? You're baby didn't rape you, the jerk did. It would be the same thing as killing your best friend because your bf dumped you. It's stupid and selfish. I'm 13 weeks pregnant and I could never imagine hurting my precious baby. It doesn't feel like sometimes, but my baby is still alive and a growing person.

  45. Bee Says:

    when you are 13 weeks do you feel any pain in you vagina? thanks

  46. Charlotte Says:

    I’m 13 weeks pregnant and only recently started getting nausea. Any strong smell just triggers it, even if it’s sweet smells I used to like :( . I called my midwife today because I’m getting light pink discharge and she it’s no cause for concern but I needed to get it checked out just to ease my mind. I’m worried though because I do have minor cramps as well. I hope it’s infection based and not the beginning signs of a MC as I do have itching and soreness and burning. This is my first pregnancy as well so I am worried as to whether or not it’s normal around this time and not a big cause for concern.

  47. Lee Says:

    Wow!!! I would never tell another person what to or not to do with their own body! I don’t know what lead them to THEIR choices in THEIR life. You don’t always know the situation. The day that authority tells me I don’t have the right to choose….consider your unalienable rights gone… Time to get out!!!

  48. Tanii Says:

    I'm 13 weeks pregnant[= (will be 14 weeks tomorow though) My boyfriend doesn't completely understand what I am going through but he is working on it. I have had some trouble quitting smoking but I am still trying. Congrats to the rest of you ladies<3

  49. kristina Says:

    well im 13 weeks with my third and its so different then my other two i have a 6 year old girl and a two year old boy im kinda thinking im haveing a girl but i dont care eather way not sick at all just sleepy lol does anybody have labor storys for there third my first was 23 hours 3 hours pushing and my son was 18 hours with about an hour and a hafe pushing im small under 5 feet tall and under 100 pounds but my kids were both 8 pounds lol.anybody think it will be a fast labor this time?

  50. Helen Says:

    well many women have had to bear multiple miscarriages…where was god for them?!

  51. Samantha Says:

    I’m 13 weeks 4 days pregnant.Still nausea and vomiting but not that much.Sleeping for the next world cup.I’m not showing yet,but can feel my uterus.Round ligament pains is really uncomfortable.I work in ICU.They really support me at work.specially with lifting.Lost weight and my appetite’s not good.One moment I’m crying and then later I’m asking myself,”What was that all about”.

    I never thought of all this.But one day we will look into those innocent eyes and lovely smile and say it was all worthed.

  52. GUEST Says:

    because its MURDER at least give it up for adoption some people are just so careless and only think about themselves. SAD

  53. Tiffany Says:

    hey my name is Tiffany im 13 weeks and 5 day ill be 14 weeks on sunday which will be on November 7,2010 that means i will be 4 months pregnant im really ready to find out the sex of my baby. My next doctor visit will be on November 22nd. I will be 16 weeks then ima try to see if the doctor can determine the sex ofmy baby then wish me good luck on that day and threw my whole pregnacy…

  54. kim Says:

    Hi I’m 13 weeks pregnant I go for my scan next week I’m so over the moon this is my forth pregnancy I have a boy aged 5 and a girl aged 4 I had a miscarriage on my third pregnancy I was so up set as never been through anything as upsetting as that just mad up everything is going ok so far so good as when I was 6 weeks I seen a heart beat best thing ever good look to you all contracts x

  55. jasmine Says:

    i don't know if it's normal but I had that with my first pregnancy. Nothing was ever wrong with me or the baby, and my doctor said sometimes that happens to women. It may stop as you get further along as mine did. I'm13 weeks 2 days pregnant again, and this time i've had no bleeding. good luck if you get worried just call your doctor,better safe than sorry right?

  56. Amanda Says:

    I completely agree with you Mrs. Heald…..I was raped and conceived a child because of it. I was always on the fence about rape and abortion until it happened to me. I couldn't even imagine killing my baby because some jerk thought he could force sex on me. She is now a healthy happy 3 1/2 year old and when I got married my husband adopted her. If I had murdered my child I know without a doubt in my mind that it would have haunted me till the day I died…. I don't understand abortion. Its murder no matter how you look at it.

  57. helen Says:


  58. Tanya Says:

    I so agree with you, and i just want to say I am very proud of you It must have been a hard time to go through, but you didnt think of yourself you thought of the life that you had been blessed with. Abortion is MURDER and has no excuse!!

  59. Tanz Says:

    I am 13 weeks and am so excited, its my first!! Me and Hubby went for our scan a week ago it was amazing such a great feeling to see him moving around kicking his arms, Doc says at this stage they sleep for 10mins then move around for 10mins how cute :-) and Doc confirmed it was a boy, I was alittle unset at first cause I was convinced I was having a girl, But after a day I came to my sences and realised its a mircle to be having a baby in the first place and I would be great with a boy to.
    now im thinking of names, such fun!!
    Congrats to all of you wish you a wonderful pregnancy!!!
    Now that my nausia is gone im loving being pregnant, everyone treats me so differently its amazing he he

  60. kate Says:

    I would never have an abortion myself, however I do believe in giving a woman the choice and the freedom to do so !!!! Can you imagine what a sorry life a child would have if it was forced to live in a squalla being mothered by a heroine addict who only slept with the father to pay for her next fix ?????? I do belive that if that mother did one thing right in her life it would be abortion. It all depends on personal circumstance and no one has the right to judge !!! Women have the right to choose and the right to make there own decisions about their bodies. It's what our grandmothers and great grandmothers fought to achive. They fought to let us make our own decisions.

  61. jamey Says:

    my mom had me when she was over 40 and the docs scared the crap out of her…down's syndrome and retardation…i'm fine!
    so don't worry.
    it's silly to worry about stuff you can't control anyway!

  62. sara Says:

    Murder is a very strong word. Every woman has a choice of their own and thats how it should be.

  63. india Says:

    i think God comes down and get the babies because he needs the baby more than u did… i lost a baby in july and it hurt me to my heart but im blessed to be pregnant again.. and i lost the first one at 8 weeks… i think od know what situations are best at that time.. and now he' s blessed me again.. im now 13 weeks pregnant and doing fine… God has it all planned and written down before u know whats going to happen….

  64. Mair Says:

    I am 13 weeks, 2 days preggers… and this site is pretty cool.
    The only thing I didn't "agree" with was the fact that they are "pushing milk".
    I think MILK is one of the worst things we, as humans, especially as mothers carrying & creating a baby, could ever put in our bodies. I think it's a total shame that MILK is purported to be "good for you & your baby's growth". I HIGHLY recommend NOT consuming milk while you are pregnant. There are many other ways to get your daily dose of Calcium.

  65. guest Says:

    Are you seriously that stupid? "God takes the babies because he needs them more than you did" WTF is wrong with you? You don't say that to someone.

  66. krisha Says:

    i'm 13 weeks and 1 day prego and scared to death but I've always wanted to be a mother i've dreamed of it for years………The thing that scares me the most is the father is a jerk and hasn't smoke to me in a month he desiced he didnt want a child yet and well wrote me off cause i decided i couldnt just go have an abortion for him i wouldn't be able to deal with that for the rest of my life………sooooo now i'm realizing i'm going to be a single mom and i hoping for a girl but i will take either as long as it's healthy!!!! Wish me luck!!!!

  67. Bri Says:

    I am 13 weeks with my second child and with my first child I had her when I was 18 and she is 4 now when I found out I was pregnany with her I was nervous but excited until my "boyfriend than" found out and he said he wasnt ready to be a dad and left me it was so hard because we were together for a year before that and so than the entire pregnancy I wanted a girl sooo bad because I think every boy needs there dad and every girl needs there mom but yes I know both parents are important it was just what I

  68. bri Says:

    thought would be better after I had her my ex wanted to be back in my life after the fact he got another girl pregnant even though he left me not ready to be a dad and I definitely couldnt handle the stress he walked out and I never looked back… when my daughter was 6 months old I started dating another man who is now my husband!!! He is amazing with her and he has a son who is a few years older than her and has full custody of him and his mothers rights are taken away very sad but it is amazing how things work out I am so thankful for everything that has happened and everthing truely does happen for a reason!! My husband and I are in the process of getting all the paper work done for the adoption he is adopting her which is so amazing because he is the only dad she knows and when one man who was very selfish and immature walked out not wanting anything to do with her another very strong man with great morals walked in and she couldnt have any better daddy in her life!!! So even though you are going to be a single mom I know you will be one strong single mother and take great care of your baby :) always keep your head up and know that great things will happen just be patient!!!

  69. Angel Says:

    I’ll be 13 weeks tomorrow…I have been so nervous considering I’ve had 2 previous miscarriages. I do feel relieved since I’ve made it to my 2nd trimester. I got to hear the heartbeat on Tuesday and it was an awesome experience! I pray that myself and everyone else continues to have a healthy pregnancy.

  70. kat Says:

    how in the world can milk be bad for you thats crazy if u dont like it dont drink it but getting that upset over it is just crazy!!!!

  71. Monique Says:

    Milk is good for you actually.. im 13weeks and i have like a letre a day :)
    My dic highly recommends it.. Gives your baby all the nutients and calcuim you could ask for…

  72. Raechel Says:

    Good luck i Hope everything Goes well for you and your baby. I am 14 weeks and I have a seizure disorder. So i know all about the risks that come along with pregnancy. I have been really sick the last 2 months and i haven't been able to keep my meds down. The high risk doctors are concerned that i might have a seizure because i can't keep the seizure meds down. So i am just hoping and praying that everything goes great. I have my next ultrasound April 5th so they are going to check the baby then to see if there is something wrong with it.

  73. Amber Says:

    I have raised my son for 2 years on my own. Its hard but its possible. :)

  74. amber Says:

    It just shows that God didnt think they were ready do mother a child. I had 3.

  75. guest Says:

    I agree with this because seriously abortion is EXACTLY the same as walking out your front door and shooting the first person you see. It will stay with you FOREVER.

  76. guest Says:

    This happened to my sister. The dr said if its not dark red and only happeneing when she peed she was okay. :)

  77. Yvette Says:

    I totally agree with you Sarah, the only time l consider abortion wrong is in the case when women use it as a form of contraception, they are careless and figure it doesnt matter as they can have an abortion and do so regularly.

  78. Brittany Says:

    It's the perfect word for it! Of course every woman has a choice. If you don't want the baby then quit being a murder and give it to someone that does. There are lots of people out there that can't have kids so quit being so selfish. Do you really think a person that would die to have a baby really cares if it was a rape baby? No. It's still a baby and all babies need love not to be murdered like they mean nothing. It's not the baby's fault that its mom was raped. I guess that's the way this messed up world thinks though. Let's take our anger out about being raped by killing our babies. They don't deserve a life because I was raped. How PATHEDIC is that! The only two options in my eyes are either keeping it or adoption, anything else it MURDER! No way around it.

  79. Brittany Says:

    Let's all kill our babies because we were raped. Boo freakin' hoo! If you don't want the baby then give it to someone who does. Being raped is no excuse! Some people can't have babies, you think they would care if it was a rape baby. Heck no! Don't take your anger out on the baby. It's not the baby's fault that its mom was raped! It deserves a life just like anyone else. There is absolutely no reason to kill a baby. If you do it's murder. Why would you murder your baby instead of giving it to someone that would adore it? Hmmm…..tough decision! I think I'll just kill it off instead of giving it a happy life.

  80. lianne Says:

    you had the choice to begin with… a condom or any kind of contraception. who are you to get to choose the fate of a life or not. adoption is an option but not been so careless and thinking…oh i can just abort is another.!!

  81. lianne Says:

    yes the choice and facilities not to get pregnant in the first place

  82. lianne Says:

    it happens to me when i have a number 2 :/ sorry to be so honest. i went to a&e panicking buteverything was fine. i would definately get it checked out atleast for peace of mind

  83. lianne Says:

    how is that reasuring? honestly some ppl!!

  84. kylie Says:

    my sister lost her first baby at 28 weeks it was horrible xmas eve, and the only thing that got her thru was she believed the angels needed him more, 4 years later and my third nephew was born at xmas eve so i believe he has been brought back, amazing she lost one on xmas eve and another one was born 4 years later on xmas eve :)

  85. kylie Says:

    im 13 weeks tomorrow and ive had just a bit of tiredness and that it, am i lucky?? i think i might be having a boy coz all the ppl that have had girls have been sick all the ppl ive kown to have boys havnt lol:)

  86. Tania Says:

    I had 8 miscarriages. It had nothing to with God! I had a blood condition that was discovered until my daughter was stillborn. I now have two children! So this God theory you have is very wrong! To say someone wasn't ready to have a child is just plain awful, especially when you don't know them! Its completely unhelpful, as is religion!

  87. WantingaBaby Says:

    A woman's 'choice' ends when she has sex outside of marriage with a creep of a guy. The baby is not responsible for the mother's stupidity. Women should and do have a choice. It's called abstinence.

  88. Nancy Says:

    Oh, puh-lease. Get ahold of yourself.

  89. Ashley collings Says:

    Have you ever been raped? Have you ever had to choose? I pray not. If you haven't then you really shouldn't be saying those things. It's not the baby's fault the mother was raped, but its not the mother's fault either! I don't believe in using abortion as an alternate form of birth control, but in some cases it may be be best. What if the child's quality of life would be poor due to drug use before the mother even knew she was pregnant? Fair? No. Or what if the mother kept the baby but hated it because it was a constant reminder of what was done to her? My mother was adopted and my grandmother was very abusive toward her, then me. Fair? judging by your lack of knowledge and your grammer, i'm guessing you're probably not even old enough to understand what i'm trying to say any way.

  90. sarah Says:

    Get a life! A woman's "choice" ends when she has sex outside of marriage – what a pathetic thing to say – i can only imagine how you have been brought up! God help you.

  91. Guest Says:

    not really murder at all. your fetus has no "brain waves" at all. therefore until it is born it is really just a parasite living off of the carrier. some say its an awful way of looking at pregnancy but then again about as bad as calling an abortion "murder"

  92. TRISHA Says:


  93. Jenny Says:

    ok well their is a law that you can get abortions and so therefor why argue everyone has their own beliefs if you get an abortion then you get an abortion if you dont agree with abortions dont get one ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE!!!!!!

  94. Michelle Says:

    I think maybe you haven't been in that position to be able to judge that. Are you aware of feelings? Morals? Do u have empathy? Compassion? Have you ever thought that maybe a baby growing inside someone that was rapped was a vision, a picture a memory everyday for 9 straight months. Don't be so quick to judge!

  95. Winnie Says:

    Very informative for first time mums.It really guides us a lot and help us to prepare ourselves.Its so good to know the development taking place inside of us and what we can do to maintain a healthy child. Feel a bit scared about the whole being pregant thingy but really really happy about it though.cant wait to start feeling the baby movements.

  96. kominki Says:

    I would like to convey my respect for your kind-heartedness for folks that have the need for assistance with the field. Your very own commitment to getting the solution around had been pretty useful and has in every case enabled folks much like me to reach their endeavors. Your new helpful key points signifies so much to me and much more to my peers. With thanks; from all of us.

  97. lucy Says:

    Let me start by saying that half u ladies r out of ur dang minds. Why don’t u start thinking for yourself, If u really plan on living Ur life based on what “god” thinks then u will surely b disappointed. It’s Ur life and Ur free to make ur own choices, the choices that work for u & only. And as for being selfish, everyone In this qorld is. Ur doin everything Ur god is telling u to, correction, what a book Is telling u to. And why, to make the world a better place? Yeah I think not. It’s for ur own satisfaction not mine. Who r u to tell me whats good for me and my body? We are given our own thoughts and beliefs so who do u think u r to call anyone a murderer? U r not god, Ur not a leader Ur a follower. So u might wanna think twice before u go and judge another human being.

  98. meghin Says:

    Today, people have the choice to do so many things. A woman’s body is a precious thing and they should have all control over their bodies, including what they do with it. Women make stupid decisions like having unprotected sex, but don’t have control over whether or not they’re sexually abused. Women don’t have control over whether or not the person they become pregnant to will be with them forever. What I’m trying to say is that things happen. And we almost always have a way to make them better. I’m not saying that abortions are wrong, but are most definitely an unjust act. I understand how a woman can think that because they were raped and became pregnant, they couldn’t care for the child because it would remind them of what they went through. But that little life isn’t just a piece of the horrible person that did that to them. It’s a piece of the woman as well. Woman who are drug addicts that become pregnant with no desire to care for the kid basically have no way out when it comes to making a decision. Chances are they won’t be willing to quit and the fetus may not be able to survive long enough to be born, and if it happens to make it to birth, will most likely have many disorders. It’s hard to explain how I feel on this subject but here’s my best shot at it: I would NEVER get an abortion. I believe that when I become pregnant, I am in control of that little life and whether it lives or dies. I won’t consider abortion because it would be easier for me, or because it was an accident that gives me nightmares EVERY night. If I’m carrying that fetus, it’s my job, and pleasure, to give it the best life I can. I will not let anyone have a say in whether or not my unborn child counts as a “life”. My mother was told to get an abortion with me when she was 16. She didn’t. It was hard at first but she knew she made the right choice, even though it wasn’t the best time for her to conceive. Fetus or not, it is your responsibility. If you decide to have an abortion, know that you aren’t “unpregnant”. You are simply the mother of a dead baby. And you chose that outcome. A baby is NOT a parasite. It is a human life that needs to be thought of as just as much of an importance as any other life. Any woman who thinks abortion is okay needs to watch an ultrasound of a baby being aborted. The little thing fights for its life and silently screams as it’s pulled apart, even during an early abortion. Being “okay” with this just makes the individual seem “unhuman” and makes me wonder if anyone ever cared about them at all. Don’t think that just because your parents weren’t kind to you that it’s okay to just kill your own children. Your parents at least gave you a chance at a good life. No matter what decisions anyone makes in life, they should be prepared to deal with the results of their actions. And as for the know-it-all commenting on the one woman’s comment about improper grammar: grow up. Just because you’re grammatically correct means that women won’t want to beat the shit out of you for thinking that murder on a being that can’t fight back is okay. If there is a hell, I’ll see you there, probably for a crime against know-nothing twits like yourself. Good day.

  99. Megan Says:

    I am 12 weeks and 5 days and i am a nervous wreak yes for no reason. the dr. said all is good just wish i could hear my little peanuts heart beat when ever i wanted!!!!

  100. Amanda Says:

    I am 13 weeks, 2 days with my 2nd child (3rd pregnancy). I am still suffering with nausea and constipation. Starting to have flare ups of migraines. My 1st child (she will be 3 in March) went fairly well. I tried to conceive for over a year with no luck. I found out I had a non-working gallbladder that needed to be removed. Schedule for surgery and then received a call that the doctor couldn’t operate because I was pregnant! Best news of my life! So, I went through a lot of nausea, unable to eat, tender breasts…basically normal first trimester. Into my second, I continue to be sick and loose weight. I lost over 17lbs from the start of pregnancy. It was decided that my gallbladder had to be remove. The surgery was perform at 15 weeks. From 14-16 weeks, your uterus is still well below your belly button so it was best to perform the operation at this time. Everything went well, heard the baby heart beat of 133 when I woke from anesthesia. Nausea immediately went away and pregnancy went smoothe. Labor lasted 27 hours. I lost my mucus plug (bloody, yellow snot discharge) a week before labor. Couldn’t really eat the day I began labor. I attempted an epidural that didn’t take. Yes, lots of pain and I did have to be cut because of tearing on top. But I believe the pain help me to be strong at the end and to push…by then you are ready to just have the baby already! And of course, all pain went away when I held my wiggle worm. So now to my 2nd pregnancy…it was actually textbook pregnancy. I had my ultrasound at 9 weeks 2 days and baby’s heartbeat was strong. Everything looked great! Then at 13 weeks, I went to the restroom and had a light pink tinge when I wipe. Call my Ob, they put me on pelvic rest and I was to come the next day for blood test. Spotting stop that night, but preceeded the next day a little heavier. It look like the start of my period. I had my blood test done and went home…stayed in bed. Yes, I was a total wreck and people just told me to calm down. This is a very difficult task because a mother has that gut feeling of something being wrong and you are so helpless because nothing can be done. The next day, I began having a heavier flow with clots. I started experiencing a cramp-like pain that then became contractions. I made my decision and went to the ER. The ER ran blood work and sent me for an ultrasound. They wouldn’t let me see the ultrasound. Then the doctor came in and did pelvic exam. I broke down in tears because I just knew before the words came out of his mouth. Then I heard, I’m sorry. The baby just stop growing. They dated the baby stopped at 9 weeks 6 days. Very hard news to take when I just saw my baby with a strong heart beat 4 days earlier. The only explanation I receive is that something went horribly wrong with either the heart or the brain for me to miscarry at this stage in pregnancy. I was told that where I was at, it would be a week before I actually expell the baby. The doctor prescribe me pills that would cause me to deliver in a couple of days. I was told that it would be a big clot the size of an orange and to just flush it down the toilet. Well, that didn’t happen. My pain worsen when I went home and contractions became closer together. I got in the shower(its my comfort zone) while my husband went to the store to pick up my prescription. Before I knew it, I went to a squatting position just as my husband got home. I felt my water break and then out came a baby. Yes, a baby. Leland fit in the palm of my hand. You could tell he was a human child. I gave him a proper burial. After that, I went for a follow-up visit. This is very hard to do when you are surrounded by babies. My doctor said my body did everything it was suppose to do and I didn’t need a d&c. I saw that some people ask where was god when you miscarried. Well, he was with me the whole time and never left. Even though I lost my child, he gave me what I needed in that moment to get through that lost. He let me hold my child and give it a proper burial. He didn’t give me a clot to flush down the toilet. I still have many questions as to why this happen to me, but saying that I was not ready for a child was not the reason. And nobody will understand or know what to say to comfort until they themselves face this experience. So now to present day pregnancy…Dr. said I could begin trying after my first period. I decided not to aggressively try for another since I was still grieving inside. Well, I had my 1st period and then it was time for 2nd, but nothing came. After a couple of days, I took a test and it show positive. Couldn’t believe it (took me a year of trying with other 2) so the next day I took another test. It show positive. So I thought well…it just the hormones from my last, but I’ll make my appointment to the doctor. Went at 6 weeks pregnant and had my ultrasound…there was a baby in there! Actually, a cute little white blob. Everything look great, but I heard that before. So at 9 weeks I came down with bronchitis and started spotting. All these fears came back and I went straight to the ER. Baby was ok! They said I had blood around the sac, but baby would be fine, just take it easy. Spotting was just pink and eventually stop after a couple days. Then I started spotting at 10 weeks..went 2 days later to my Ob appointment. The nurse found the heartbeat and I began to cry…it was a huge relief! Dr. decided to do another ultrasound because of spotting. She couldn’t see where the blood was coming from this time and said I may just have a sensitive cervix. Heart beat has maintain the 150′s. I have lost 8 lbs so far this pregnancy. Nausea has been really bad and I’m on phenegran and zofran once again. Starting to lighten a little and I’m beginning to gradually eat more, but maintaining several small meals. I found a fruit smoothie is the best when you can’t eat and need to! My next visit will be at 14 weeks 2 days. Still a little anxious, hoping all is well with the baby. That thought tends to stay with you whether you have had a misscarriage in the past or not. It gets better though and your pregnancy may seem to last forever, but once that baby is born…time flies!!! I wish everyone the best!

  101. Alexus Peppers-Wright Says:

    I’m 13 weeks pregent and I just stared working as a babysitter for 7 childern and I’m the new student at school. I didn’t want to be pregent but my botfriend wanted me to. So when he told me he put the condom on, I should have looked b/c I’m pregent and he’s not here. SHould I keep it.

  102. April Says:

    I am 13 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. It was not planned and happened rather quickly (i was convinced i could no longer have children after being in a relationship for 4 years and never being able to conceive). Met an amazing man and decided to have some fun…BOOM…we are expecting :) funny how things work out sometimes. Needless to say, everyday i fall more and more in love with the thought of having another munchkin :) had a sonagram and saw the baby…very active. I have a regular model on my hands…every pic taken was a different pose hehe. :) I wish everyone the best with their pregnancies and look forward to reading your updates :)

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