14 Weeks Pregnant

By the fourteenth week of pregnancy, you probably have told family and friends the good news. Now you have an army of support to make sure that you are taking care of yourself. By this week in your pregnancy, you should be adjusting to all of the changes of your body. You should pretty much be used to being pregnant. The baby is still continuing to grow and you should be getting ready for your fourth month doctor’s check up. Every month at the doctor you should be getting your blood pressure checked, your urine checked, and your weight checked. By the next month or so, it all seems very routine.

You will also see more physical changes in your body. Your waist may be a bit fuller. This is due to the uterus being moved upwards causing the belly to start showing more. By now the baby is 100% formed. The remainder of the pregnancy is spent developing their organs, skin and systems. At this week in pregnancy, the placenta is starting to work. Like the previous weeks, you cannot see the changes in the baby unless you are scheduled for a sonogram.

Most new moms won’t be able to feel the baby moving until the sixth or seventh month. This is when the baby becomes much bigger and the movements can be felt in the uterus. As long as you continue to eat healthy and get plenty of rest the baby will continue to grow.

Baby’s Development

About the size of your clenched fist, your baby is growing and developing in new ways.  With less jerking movements, your baby learns to move its arms or legs with a more fluid motion.  Your little bundle is also starting to sprout the first signs of hair as well.  A few sprigs on their head, and much more on the body.  This fine hair on the body helps maintain temperature and is known as lanugo.  Don’t worry though—most babies aren’t born totally hairy.  While some can remain on the shoulders and back, the majority falls off as the baby begins to gain body fat for warmth.

Your baby can now bend their fingers and make a fist. The baby is about 85 mm long and weighs about 110 grams.  Your baby will continue to move around more at the fourteenth week, but you may not be able to feel the kicks until later on.

Changes With Your Body

Because pregnancy suppresses the immune system, you will be more susceptible to cold and flu while you are expecting. Remember to wash your hands, or use sanitizer if soap and water isn’t available.  Avoid sharing food and drinks, or hygiene items—like your partner’s toothbrush.

Continue to take your prenatal vitamins. Iron deficiencies are pretty common in pregnancy, and you may be prescribed an iron supplement—this isn’t usually necessary as an additional supplement because there is a prescription strength iron component to your prenatal vitamins.   As we mentioned in week thirteen, there will be changes in breast size during the second trimester.

What To Expect

The coming weeks will bring on a better attitude and outlook.  Thankfully, you will be experiencing less nausea, heartburn and headaches. You will soon begin to see changes outside your body to match those you feel on the inside.  While you feel your best, this may be a good time to consider doing some shopping for the nursery, starting a pregnancy journal and recording every new thought or feeling.

As you lose the troublesome nausea, you may find a renewed appetite.  Even though you may be tempted to eat everything in your path, remember to maintain your composure and eat frequent, small meals to help regulate blood sugar levels and prevent binge eating on snacks that are less healthy.


Remember to care for yourself by eating right and working to stay healthy.  Now isn’t the time to adopt a new radical diet or crazy exercise routine.  Be aware of what, when and how you eat to stabilize your blood sugar levels and keep yourself feeling top notch.


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  1. vijaya Says:

    enjoy reading the useful information.

  2. Georgia Barnes Says:

    I really enjoyed reading the information given. However, could someone please help me with some advise. I'm 15 weeks pregnant today or so I feel. I did a quantitative hcg test on the 22nd of July and the result came back -1.0. What does this mean? I went back to the doctor but he said I'm not pregnant but I have several symptoms indicating thaty I am. For instance my breasts were very tender, sticking out and swollen up until a week ago. I have been gaining weight, my legs are now swollen and hurting a bit. My stomach has gotten bigger. And everyone is saying I look pregnant. I could really use some advise. My partner and I are planning to ask the doctor to have me do an ultrasound as soon as possible. I'm hoping for the best. Any advise is welcomed.

  3. Chrissy Says:

    Yes, you ask your doctor for an ultrasound. If your not pregnant something else serious can be wrong. You go demand more test or an ultrasound. Don't let him steer you wrong, your insurance pays for your procedure's.. You paying for insurance to stay healthy. So Hope everything turns out fine for you..

  4. emily Says:

    Great advise but i worry, my partner drives a very low car which is a bumpy ride wherever we go espically main roads!!!What do i do i feel so sick everytime i get in it!!!

  5. liz Says:

    it might be a molar pregnancy if you're still showing the signs and symptoms of being pregnant. ask your doc for an u/s to rule that out and maybe another HCG level test. prayers for you

  6. angela stone Says:

    im 14 weeks but have no motivation: i only sit down on the couch all day or play with my son. I never want to go anywhere now. How can I get some energy? help please!

  7. Tmomma Says:

    For the woman who is questioning whether she is pregnant and doesn't know and the DR says no, please get a second opinion!

  8. beckii Says:

    am 14 weeks pregnant today my second baby and i am feelin hiccups already its weired, ive had my 1st scan and the babys fine, this is useful info, :) my brests are really sore i cant even touch them without sayin ouchh i never had this with my daighter, my stomach is big,
    is the second baby bigger that your 1st?

  9. Jennifer Salabarrieta Says:

    Im 14 weeks and my hips are getting wider, my belly isn’t really showing too much but my hips sure are. Is this normal? Ive gained 6 pounds already and Im not sure if thats too much too soon

  10. durantea Says:

    I have not been feeling well at all this week I am at the end of my 14th week and have been haveing really bad head aches and I don’t wanna take any thing cause I’m not sure what I can take. I called my doctors office but I won’t be able to be seen until next week wht should I do my head ache is really bad .

  11. Johnetta Robinson Says:

    I am also at the end of 14weeks and I have been have headaches. I called the Dr. and they said take 1 Tylenol and it has been helping. You are allowed to take Tylenol if you need but only 1 every four to six hours. I hope this helps

  12. durantea Says:

    Thank u it really did help…..I’m head ache free now =)

  13. Naznee Hassan Says:

    This is my 14th week , feeling well and fine,only some time mood is changing and flactuating,still sleeping more,after all Alhamdullillah every thing is good.

  14. mommax3 Says:

    This is my third preg. I'm alot bigger with this one. It's probably because your stomach muscles are a little looser d/t 1st preg. and yes my 1st was 8lbs 6oz, 2nd was 9lbs 2 oz

  15. guest Says:

    you need an ultrasound!

  16. marisol Says:

    I just turned 14 weeks yesterday. I’m short&slim&not showing much. I do have a little bump but it seems that only I can see it. On my next appointment which will be next week, ill get to know if I’m having a little boy or girl. I’m so anxious!

  17. Nessa Says:

    I am on my 4 baby and I can feel my baby move all the time. Sometimes I have to get my husband to rub the area where the baby is balled up at and it helps calm the baby.

  18. alex Says:

    you got to find out what you're having at 15 weeks?
    they don't do that until 18 weeks. it's not until then that they can really tell the genitals apart.

  19. Lolita Says:

    Not true my other two pregnancies they told me at week 16. And they were right on both occasions. If the Baby is in the right position they can tell you the sex at week 15.

  20. guest Says:

    i'd say you're fine.. i gained 13!!! pounds in my first 3 months. :-(

  21. Papi Says:

    I am 14 weeks today, I have mixed emotions about the whole idea of being pregnant. My fiance is happy about the baby! It is just that i am starting my new job in a weeks time and I am worried about the response when they find out i am pregnant?

  22. Angel Says:

    I'm 14 weeks pregnant…it's so strange because some days I feel pregnant and others I don't. This is my 1st pregnancy. Does anyone else feel like that?

  23. Jenn Says:

    Ask them to run the hormone test as well…I have what is called a prolactinoma, a small tumor on my pituitary gland. It can cause the symptoms, such as lack of period, weight gain, headaches, dzziness, nausea, body swelling and lactating breasts.
    I am 14 weeks pregnant and have had to stop my med for the tumor .
    Good Luck

  24. Mairim Santiago Says:

    im 14 weeks and a couple of days and yes i feel that way to sometimes

  25. chontavia Says:

    im 14 weeks also and i feel the same way.. i mean is your stomach qetinq biq because my feel like it's not

  26. adaa Says:

    i am 14 weeks pregnant and feeling heavy on my stomach.. please what do i do?

  27. meg Says:

    Thats exactly how much i gained and i didnt even know i was pregnant until i was almost out of my first trimester. My body's doing the opposit though, my hips havent changed any but my belly's poking straight out

  28. Miranda Says:

    My mom was 14 weeks and she went in for her ultrasound and they saw that it was a boy! :)

  29. Chioma Says:

    i really thank you people for your mail, i really enjoy it,am felling well now but sometimes i fell little tried, when i drink little water i feel like i have eat to much food in the night i don’t sleep, what does that mean?

  30. renata Says:

    i already knew i was 14 weeks pregnant when i started my new job but i didnt tell them. after a week i said that i just found out and my boss was very understanding and happy for me. i think you should just relax and get to your boss a bit better so you can find thebest way to tell her the news.

  31. Hema Says:

    I am 14 weeks pregnant and I am having bad cough but no fever. Is this cough will harm my baby. My next appointment is 25 March. I am kinda worry.

  32. Natalie Says:

    I am 14 weeks pregnant too and i am also having a bad cough it's only in the morning but it makes me throw up… My doctors appt is the 24th of march.. I don't think that coughing will harm the baby at all. I had a bad cold with my first child and i coughed alot then too, and she is perfectly healthy..

  33. Beatrice Labastie Says:

    nope not true I just turned 15 weeks today and found out I am having a boy.

  34. Misti Says:

    I am 14 wks today with my 3rd and I’m Not showing much at all.. your headaches can also be caused due to not enough water in take.

  35. Ana Says:

    Im at my 14 weeks pregnant with my baby #3 yes I can feel my baby move, not a fool kicking,but When i laydown flat i can feel the movement, And my belly is big, u can sed. Tell that im pregnant. It dependes on your body, every womans body is diferentes…. Im enjoying my pregnancy each and everyday. My brest is bigger, and my face is puffy,lol just like a normal pregnant girl. Good lucky everybody with the new bby

  36. alissia Says:

    Im 14 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Im not showing yet but i noticec my hips have gotton much wider and this site is really reasuring because i was getting worried that i was not showing yet. Doctors apt next week, they say i cant find the sex out til 20 weeks…. bummer since some of yal said u found out the sex at 15 weeks

  37. yolanda Says:

    Hi, im 14 wks and i havent really been tired, but the past week i’ve went to sleep early and slept a good 8-9 hours and wake up tired, but when i toss and turn all night i wake up with energy. lol i thought that was kind of backwards. my appetite hasnt increased its actually decreased. if i eat a full meal i’ll have to throw it back up just to be comfortable, is that something to worry about?

  38. Jessica Says:

    I feel the SAME WAY Yolanda..not hungry at all and I feel bad..like if Im not feeding this baby…I go back July 2 to the dr and going to see what they say…

  39. lACIE Says:


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