15 Weeks Pregnant

You should be starting to enjoy the perks of pregnancy by week fifteen. You should be feeling stronger and mentally rested, and ready to enjoy the best days of your pregnancy.  You will probably have noticed the expansion of your baby bump and now is the time that others will also begin to notice that you are pregnant.

You should have gained approximately 5 pounds by now. If you have gained more, don’t worry. If you start gaining too much the doctor will let you know. If you are not gaining enough, the doctor will advise you on what you need to do if anything to help maintain your weight during the pregnancy. You may experience more nasal stuffiness at this time thanks to those pesky hormones—specifically estrogen levels which can cause swelling of the mucus membranes.

Baby’s Development

At week fifteen, your baby will measure in approximately 4” long and about 1-.3/4 ounces–about the size of an orange. Week 15 brings on lots of rehearsals.

  • Breathing movements will continue
  • Sucking and swallowing movements are more finely tuned
  • Movements become more purposeful and smooth
  • Baby’s ears are moving to the sides of the head from their earlier home on the neck
  • Eyes are becoming more centrally located on the face

Babies have a keen sense of hearing early on—and it’s always a great time to begin talking to the baby. Some new moms will place headphones on their belly so the baby can hear music.

Sometime around this week, many mothers begin to feel the subtle flutter of their little person.  What can easily be mistaken for rumbling gas may actually be your little acrobat who is busy stretching and growing for the big day.

Changes With Your Body

Weight gain can be a concern with pregnant women. By this week in pregnancy , weight gain should be approximately 5 pounds (give or take). You may have gained more than that. But is nothing to worry about if you are a pound or two over. At the end of the pregnancy an average between 25 to 35 pounds is recommended.  Higher weight gain may lead to delivery complications or problems with blood pressure or diabetes—too low, and you may be at risk for preterm labor and growth restrictions for baby.  Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns about weight gain.

You can actually feel the top of your uterus about four to five inches below the belly now. The doctor will start measuring your belly with each visit to make sure baby is growing appropriately. This is called fundal height, and it is used to measure and monitor the baby’s growth

What to Expect

The coming weeks are sure to be some of your best.  The surge in hormone levels will send your libido higher, making intimacy more pleasurable.  Because your belly isn’t growing too far out of its bounds yet either, you can still sleep comfortably and get around without much problem.


You should be attending all of your doctor’s appointments and listening to your physician’s advice.  Continue taking your vitamins and try to make healthy diet choices. There are plenty of books out there and websites that you can check out when it comes to eating right. Relax and have fun, you only get 9 months to enjoy the pregnancy.