16 Weeks Pregnant

During your 16th week, you may experience your first episode of quickening ( if you haven’t already).  Quickening are the tiny flutters most mothers recognize as their baby’s first movements. Usually occurring between the 16th and 20th week, this is just the beginning of many pushes, pulls and tugs that will be a part of your life for the coming months.

While there are many prenatal tests to be completed when you are pregnant, your doctor may offer you a test known as a Triple Screen around this time—but usually before.  The Triple Screen looks for genetic abnormalities like Down’s Syndrome or Tay Sachs disease.  Some parents may choose to terminate their pregnancy based on a history of genetic disorders or a positive Triple Screen result in combination with further testing. If termination is chosen, it is best to complete this before the 20th week.

Baby’s Development

By week sixteen the baby is about 17.5 centimeters long and 160 grams in weight. The baby has more space in the uterus and will start moving around a lot more. The baby can grab, kick and even do somersaults in the uterus. As the baby gets bigger the tighter the space will be and you will start to feel movements, but they will feel more like pressure, rolling or stretching than bounding jumps

Your baby can get hiccups during this time as well.  As the baby grows, you will know when the baby has the hiccups because you will feel the rhythmic jumping of the baby from inside your belly. At this stage the baby will react to strong visual stimulation and will use their hands to protect their eyes from bright lights or stimulus. By now the baby and the placenta are about the same size. The head and the neck are straighter and you may be able to tell the sex of the baby if the baby is in the right position when a sonogram is done.

By now the baby’s urinary system and the circulatory system are beginning to function better. The baby will now start pumping about 25 quarts of blood a day. When you reach the end of the pregnancy at about 40 weeks the baby will have increased that amount to 1900 quarts a day.

Changes With Your Body

You will continue to feel aches and pains as the baby continues to grow. Backaches are the most common during pregnancy, by relaxing and resting you can alleviate the pain. Backaches can be attributed to not only your growing belly but also hormones that allow the pelvis and bony structures of the back to become more flexible in preparation for child birth.

You may want to use this time to start sleeping on your side rather than on your back. Use plenty of pillows as it takes to make you feel more comfortable.  As the pregnancy progresses, it is recommended that mothers sleep on their sides (preferably left) to prevent pressure to major blood vessels running under the uterus that could restrict blood flow to the baby.

What To Expect

You will start to exude that pregnancy glow thanks to hormonal changes and increased blood flow to the skin.  You will be feeling more like you are pregnant and others will begin to notice too.  Other symptoms that may still linger can include:

  • Nosebleeds and nasal stuffiness
  • Headaches
  • Backaches
  • Your waistline will disappear


Make sure to include your partner as much as possible in all medical appointments and decisions.  Discuss any questions that you may have surrounding your Triple Screen test, and decision to have, or not have it done.

Continue eating right and exercising lightly to keep your body fit for upcoming labor and delivery.  And, if you haven’t done so yet, go out and get some maternity clothes—you’re going to need them very soon.


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  1. krystal Says:

    this is a very good article for moms to be at this stage this article lays everything out nicely and i enjoyed it very much so .

  2. Aisha Says:

    I also enjoyed this article, am 16 weeks pregnant and felt it covered all the areas I was curious about in a pleasant way.
    Thank you.

  3. DreMela Says:

    Thank you!this Super helpful! :)

  4. Johanna Says:

    I am 16 weeks now and I enjoyed reading the article.

  5. MARIAN Says:

    i feel so confused why?

  6. Charlyann Says:

    This week has been a hard week for me because i have brucitus in my hips as my body expainds to make room or baby i have been in some serious pain. But it is worth it to nurture and bring my baby into the world

  7. Bree'aunna Says:

    16 weeks and loving it!!! cant wait to feel the baby move!!

  8. kimberly Says:

    I have been really worried. Over the last two weeks since my last check up. I don't even feel pregnant. My belly is bigger but I have gained 20lbs and I tend to gain in my belly anyway. I feel movement but it feels just like gas so I can not even attribute it to the baby moving. It has been 15 years since I was last pregnant so I feel like I am new to this but I am not I have two kids 17 and 15. I can't wait till my appointment on 8/18/2010 to make sure he is ok and to make sure he is a he. LOL.

  9. sarah Says:

    I am 14 weeks and cant wait to get to 16 after reading this article, 16 weeks sounds fun!

  10. ALEXGUEST Says:


  11. Irene Says:

    I will be 16 weeks in 1 day and im stressed because the ultrasound tech told me on Thursday that my uterus is low. dunno what to do…

  12. Keda B Says:

    i'm 16w and 3dayz pregnant (due 2/4/11) with my 1st baby, my husband and i are very excited to learn the sex of our little genious. I hope everyone has a healthy and happy pregnancy journey.

  13. Victoria Says:

    Oh my gosh, I was reading this article and it explains everything I'm going through. I was having second thoughts about these sudden movements in my belly and wasn't sure if it was the baby or not and it is!! I'm 16 weeks and 1 day pregnant today and due on February 6, 2011. I have a 10 o'clock appointment today and hoping I find out what I'm having. As I was reading this article, I noticed it was talking about having flu-like symptoms at this stage and I have that now. I was getting worried at first, but now I know it's normal. I feel a lot better about what I'm going through. This article was great and look forward to reading more!

  14. Heather Says:

    This article was awesome. I will be 16 weeks on Friday. (Due: February 10, 2011). My appt is on Monday and I am hoping to find out the sex. Im so excited!

  15. Michelle Says:

    I am 14 weeks and 2 days today with my third child and it is amazing how different each one has been i cant wait to feel to baby move. I am very much looking forward to find the sex in two weeks. because of a low placenta i get to be seem every two weeks and that is perfect because i worry too much

  16. Tara Says:

    Tomorrow I am 16 weeks! So exciting as time goes! :) My due date is Feb.17th. We find out in two weeks what we are having! Can't wait!! xD The morning sickness/all day sickness still has not gone away….hopefully soon will! I have to say, every time I get sick, makes me have more love for this baby….knowing what I have gone thru to bring a child into this world. God is too good to me! Reading all these post really has helped encourage me and I'm thankful for this site!;)

  17. shona matheson Says:

    hi gals well thts me 16 weeks gone with twins .feeling good i cant w8t 2 meet my 2 bubas xx

  18. cassandra Says:

    ill be 16 weeks in 2 day's…. I can't wait till i start to finally felling my bbys movements") so excited

  19. Jamie Says:

    This is so helpful i will be 16weeks pregnant and my own mother is tired ofhearing me ask questions lol~~

  20. naznee hassan Says:

    I am thankful to my God that this week my feeling is extreme well and fine,every thing is improving gradually and feeing excitment,I am regular in touch with my Doctor and doing as per his advise,after all this is wounderfull week.
    naznee Hassan,Dubai.

  21. JNK Says:

    15 weeks and cant wait to find out if its a boy or girl. :) ))

  22. safeena Says:

    i am 16wks 2days today, my morning n ol day sickness has started reducing. I can't wait 2 start feeln my baby's movement n 4 my pregnancy 2 start showing coz am still not lookn pregnant. Every single day has been wonderful, i honestly can't wait 2 hold my baby wit my own hands. Wishn evry1 success wit their pregnancies.

  23. Michelle Says:

    I am 16 weeks and 5 days pregnant today. I THINK I've felt quickening but im not for sure however I am having pains like sharp pains which i think are round ligaments stretching, no morning sickness since about my 9th week. I get nauseated from time to time. I've heard if you are pregnant with a girl you will be very sick all the time and if it's a boy, not as much. I want a girl! However the most important thing to me is my baby's health. I am very excited!!!

  24. Rhonda John Says:

    Hi ladies,
    I'm 15 weeks and 3 days along and I never got ne sickness lucky but I've had 2 previous miscaragies but so far everyting is going super and me and my man r suoer excited to find out what we r having in Jan my due date is June 17 2011 =D good luck with all ur pregnacies

  25. Allesia Says:

    hey i am a first time mum, i am 16 yrs old, i am heaps exectied i am 16 wks pregant tomorrow (31/12/10) i just wannted to say my due date is on the same day as urs lol, good luck with ur pregancy :)

  26. lovee07 Says:

    im a first time mommy at 16 weeks and 1 day and i thought i felt something last night but i wasnt forsure so i just dismissed it! I can't wait to feel my precious baby move!

  27. Rache Says:

    I am 15 weeks now almost 16. I am still so nausiated every day
    . I have to pray for energy to cook our dinner. This baby is drivving me crazy! :) I am just trying to stay healthy keeping my weight gain under control. I am type 1 Diabetic on insulin shots every day . This pregnancy is my first at 21years and has taken all of my energy every day. Please pray for our good health and strength. Amd bless all new mamas to be!

  28. Christie Says:

    i don't know what to think at this point. There are times that I feel something, but its not often at all. I will be 16 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and sometimes I have harsh pains at the bottom of my stomach, and it feels kind of hard when it happens. I go back to the doctor in 2 weeks, so hopefully he gives me answers that makes me feel better.

  29. lacey Says:

    i am 16 weeks today with my fourth child i am 23 years old and every min is a blessing

  30. Papi Says:


  31. maria Says:

    I really love the article, insightful indeed. I am worried because I cannot get time off constantly for check ups but I will make time this Saturday

  32. Olz Says:

    yip yip my ba by moved…….

  33. neha Says:

    ohhhh me tooooo 16 and same like all of u m very curious about knowing babys ex and baby movemnet all day i keep my hand on my belly to feel the movements ………….plzzzzzz baby move a bit ur mom is dying to feeeel

  34. Heather Says:

    I am 16 weeks and 5 days today. Unfortunately I don't have a doctor right now, my hubby , son and I just moved to a different state and my husbands new insurance hasn't kicked in yet. We are on Cobra but everything up here is out of network. I don't know if I should wait until the new insurance kicks in or if I should just bite the bullet and start seeing a doctor. I haven't had any problems to worry about and my first pregnancy went smooth throughout, but I haven't seen or heard the baby since 8 weeks some odd days. I'm not sure if I'm feeling the baby yet because I've been pretty gassy lately, so I have that irrational fear that it's not there anymore, lol. I just can't wait to hear the heartbeat and see the baby in an ultrasound, it will put my mind to rest.

  35. Justine Says:

    Hi, Im 16 weeks pregnant…with my second child. Im a lil worried because with my first 1 gained 105 pounds….to much weight….but so far with this one i’ve lost 7 pounds..Hopefully everythings ok…

  36. juliet Says:

    am very sorry,am now 32 weeks pregnant and not 16.
    so i wish to u to receive updates of pregnance development based on that period
    best regards

  37. angel Says:

    is being moody (angry,sad, and crying common while pregnant? please i did an answer thanks

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