17 Weeks Pregnant

By this week in your pregnancy, you will find yourself more relaxed and feeling more comfortable. Your body has adjusted to the hormonal changes as well as the physical changes. From now on, each week and month will bring new feelings and sensations—some good, some not as pleasant.

You will be more sure of those tiny fluttering movements in your belly, and be treasuring every one.

Baby’s Development

By now the baby will be approximately 6-1/2 inches long and weigh in at about 4 ounces which is about the size of a grapefruit.  Right now, your baby has some pretty fantastic changes occurring:

  • He or she can open their mouth and yawn when sleepy
  • Soft cartilage will be replaced with bone
  • Movements are continuing and baby can stretch, and curl his or her arms
  • An occasional breathing movement may be practiced
  • Hearing is more defined, making it easier for your baby to be startled by loud noises

Changes With You

By now you should be showing that baby bump. The abdomen is growing and your abdominal organs will soon start shifting in order to make room for the baby. The top part of the uterus has become more rounded which creates that classic belly.

Sciatic nerve pain may also be a problem as the uterus grows. The sciatic nerve  runs down from the back, across the buttocks, and down the back of the leg into the heel. Thanks to the pressure of shifting pelvic structures and a growing uterus, it can be easy to place pressure on the nerve—which can cause tremendous pain.  There isn’t a lot to relieve it unfortunately.  Some physicians can suggest stretching exercises that may help, or some mothers may even seek out physical therapy.

You should continue taking your prenatal vitamins and eating a balanced diet. This isn’t always possible for some women, so taking the vitamins becomes more important than ever.

What To Expect

Weight gain can take a jump around this week, so do your best to maintain a healthy lifestyle. After all, it’s easy to indulge when you feel so much better than you did previously, but take it easy.

At every doctor’s visit you will have your blood pressure tested, along with urine tests and weight monitoring. These are all done to help protect the health of the baby.  You may also experience swelling of the hands, or feet after standing for long periods, nasal stuffiness, backaches or the occasional Braxton-Hicks (false) contractions.


You may consider taking a quick vacation before the baby’s birth. Since this is the time that most women feel their best, traveling is most advised now.  Enjoying those lazy days before baby’s birth are special, so plan something for yourself.


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  1. TYeiShA Says:

    Thanx 4 the advice me and my partner really enjoy talking to our baby. I enjoy the kicks. I cant wait to see an ultrasound… Yes im 17 weeks

  2. Kim Says:

    I’m 17 weeks, just felt the babies lil flutters today. If only the morning sickness would go away I would be set….well maybe just more relieved. Good luck mommies.

  3. sammi jane Says:

    im 17 weeks pregnant with my third child and finding my bump is much bigger this time round i guess its to be expected as everything has stretched before :) my bump is getting bigger everyday so exciting to see finally considering ive put on nearly 2 stone and gone up from a size 8 to a size 14 hope everyone has a trouble free and happy pregnancy !! all the best xx

  4. Wari Says:

    Well I`m 17 weeks and 5days and really really glad to read the comments left by you ladies…now i know i`m definately not alone,Thanks!!

  5. Martine Says:

    I’ll be 17 weeks in 3 days. This is my third. I had a bump VERY early, still waiting for the movements… :o )

  6. Gretchen Says:

    lol. im 17 weeks 2 days and im not showin at all. i think it’s pretty funny. my husbands sister is really mad at me cuz she’s 13-14 weeks and already showing like crazy, (looks like shes 5-6 months). i hope i dont show. lol

  7. jazmin Says:

    Im 17 and 5 days I started to feel some movements at night when Im not working or when Im relax (mostly at night)I dont have any morning sickness I had them the first months but not any more and Im not showing anything yet my mother didnt show with my little brother until she was 7 months hopefully i will get lucky too. but between us I want to show off my belly well all you soon to be mommies good luck

  8. Jessica Says:

    I am 17 weeks 3 days, I have felt some movement but not everyday. It’s nice when it happens. I get some lower abdominal cramping from time to time, but my doctor doesn’t seem concerned. Best of luck ladies!!!

  9. lindsay Says:

    this was very exciting to read.
    congratulations on your pregnancy ladies

    feel free to add me to facebook if you wana talk – lindsay peachez roomes
    im 21 and this is my 1st child.. my due dat is aug 18th 2010 xx

  10. Bobbi Says:

    Im 17 weeks today, havent felt any movements yet, but then again my stomach has been itching alot so Im not sure if thats a flutter and Im mistakening it for something else…Im feeling pretty good except this bad pain left of my tail bone everytime I walk…ouch. Back to the Dr tomorrow. I was lucky only to throw up once and after week 7 I felt so much better. At week 15 my belly started to pop a little, but now at 17 weeks, I cant even deny it! Its great, I cant wait to hold my little jellybean once and for all! Good luck ladies

  11. Denise Says:

    Im 17 wks and 3 days pregnant and im not showing that much. I have a feeling not for long though lol! I find out the sex of my baby in 3 weeks, yay!

  12. Jae369 Says:

    Has anyone been prescribed Flagyl during pregnancy and have completewd treatment?

  13. Liz Clark Says:

    Im 17 wks along with my 2nd child. I have noticed that I am very sensitive to food smells. I didn’t have morning sickness with either one of them but this one sure has limited what is on my dinner plate. lol

  14. suzanne Says:

    im 17weeks my first one n lookin forward to my scan to see if its a girl or a boy.im jue in sept.i havnt had no sickess just having cramp here n thier but not every day.

  15. Yanet Says:

    Hello mommies, I am 17 weeks. This will be my second baby my first one is already 14 years old. I haven’t felt any movement yet. I’m still trowing up BUT only when I eat greasy food! just avoid it better.The doctor told me last week when she did the ultrasound that I might have a boy, but the 26 of April I will know for sure:) cant wait**** I am due September 28,2010. Good luck to all of you mommies to be!

  16. Deanna Ivy Says:

    Hi I’m 17 weeks today with my first, i have not felt the baby yet, but that’s ok! looking forward to feeling it when it happens. got told on Friday I might be having a boy. but i will find out for sure on the 4/5. cant wait.
    Im due September 20th 2010.
    I would love to talk to any mothers to be so you can contact me via facebook or email me. my address is deeivy@mail.com
    thanks to all the others who message it’s cool to read the messages
    from Deanna Ivy. Adelaide South Australia

  17. Tajuana Says:

    Congrats to all the beautiful mommies to be! I am 17w1d. This my first preganacy and I am enjoying every moment of it, even with the MS for the first 10wks. Baby continues to grow. I was showing at exactly 12wks. It is amazing how your body changes right before your eyes. We have an ultrasound on 4/26/10, hope to find out the sex. Baby is due on 9/18/10.

  18. jayquatta Says:

    hey ill be 17weeks monday n feel my baby move im due sep 27 2010 hpoin for a girl i find out 5/20/2010

  19. Candace Says:

    Hi, so I’m 17 weeks 4 days pregnant with a little girl! I just recently started realizing the difference between gas and the baby, and I’m so happy. I have aches and pains constantly which scare the daylights out of me sometimes since this is my miracle baby. My last 2 and only pregnancies ended in early miscarriages. I’m not showing very much at all, it depends on the day and what I’m wearing I want to show off my bump though, the doctors say that she looks perfectly healthy though and so do I. I’ve been experiencing some braxton hicks lately, if only my worries could stop I could enjoy my little angel more. She’s my life!! Good luck mommies I’m due Sept. 29th 2010!

  20. Missmisha Says:

    I’ll be 17 weeks tomorrow, with my first child. I’ve felt some movement mostly when I’m most relaxed. I’m due Oct. 7, 2010, and a little scared of the thought of delivery, so for now I don’t think about it. I’ve had no morning sickness at all, just severe fatigue. Feeling really good now. I’m a plus size woman and I began showing at about 12 weeks…but I have the B belly, cant wait for it to round completely out. Congrats and best wishes to all the moms out there…hit me up on facebook

  21. Pinx Says:

    Hey blessed moms! it’s really fun and exciting to read the articles and the comments of everyone…I’m 17 weeks and 2 days pregnant with our first baby…i haven’t really felt any fluttering yet, but i guess it’s ok…waiting eagerly to feel the kicks =). i already feel blessed even though i havent felt the movements yet. So far my pregnancy has been running smoothly…hopefully my baby will cooperate well with me throughout my pregnancy and during the delivery. Good luck fellow moms to be and let’s enjoy and be thankful for every moment =)

  22. Keri Says:

    i’m 17 weeks and two days i’m so excited for my doctors appointment which is in 3 days. i’ve barely just started showing but i’ve felt the baby move quit a few time. It’s so amazing

  23. Terri Says:

    I’m exactly 17 weeks today and very excited! I go for a special ultrasound tomorrow to check on the baby’s development, since I’m considered somewhat high risk—I’m 43 and this is my first baby. My other ultrasounds in my OB’s office have all been good—it’s been amazing to see that little tyke swimming around in there! My due date is Oct 28. Felt one little flutter around week 14, nothing since, but my belly continues to grow. Totally miraculous–wish everyone the best of luck!

  24. Shamara Oliver Says:

    Hello my name is shamara and i am 16 weeks, Im also having all the symptoms that occurs in the 17 weeks of pregnancy Im very happy with the symptoms. lololol.

  25. Dee Dee Says:

    17 weeks pregnant with my first. Started to show very early on but I’ve always been soft around the middle so that’s probably why. Never dealt with morning sickness thank goodness! LOL. But suffer from migraines. Felt the baby kick a few days ago but no movements since:( Find out the sex in 3 weeks. Hope it’s a boy!

  26. Ericka Says:

    Hello Ladies my name is Ericka. I am 17 weeks today! I have been feeling fetal movement…even got a large kick on Mothers Day when I was talking abou the baby! This is my 2nd Child, the first is 5 years old…she’s so excited about the new baby. My pregnancy has been a little complicated. i had a cerclage done and I was alergic to the anestetic which resulted in me having major headaches and trowing up….other than that everything is normal!

  27. siobhan Says:

    hey ladies, its so nice to read all your comments and know that real people are feeling the same as me rather than all these websites that state how i should be feeling! ive had a few flutters on and of since 15weeks! im 17+2 now and havnt really felt any for two days :( baba is tricking me i think as before that for 3days in a row at 11am i had loads of movement!! this is my second pregnancy, i have an amazing 4yr old son, needless to say were hoping for a girl this time and find out on 24/6/10, 3wweks today!!!! :) anyway, good luck to all you yummy mummys and see you all in week 18!! :)

  28. Tiffany Says:

    Hello! im 17 weeks today and i feel the baby move ALOT everyday since about 14 weeks! im about 4’10 so i have a huge bump and look about 6 months lol. i find out my little angels sex in 2 days! cant wait!!!!!!!! God bless!!!!!! Good luck Mommies!

  29. Tiffany Says:

    Im 17 weeks and 3 days, this is a first for me, I sometimes fell someting but not sure if it’s the baby kicking. sometimes I pat my tummy to see if I may fell a kick, I do fell someting at times,hoping its not Gas, lol but if it is the baby its a wonderful feeling. congrats and good luck ladies.

  30. Ashley Says:

    Hey ladies my name is Ashley! Its awesome to read all of your comments helps me realize I’m not the only one experiencing these many symptoms. I’m 17 weeks and 1 day this is my first child she is due on thanksgiving. I’m so excited to be blessed with such a wonderful gift. I’m not 100% sure if I felt my little girls movements but I sure hope that’s what I’m feeling from time to time. I’m also a huge worry wart sense I have had three miscarriages before this one. I always worry about her. As far as I know she’s my angel and I can’t wait to see her. Congradulations ladies and I wish the best for all of you!

  31. bianca Says:

    Still don’t have my baby bump nor feel it move but excited for my appoinment hopefully they tell me what I am having this is my first & me & my partner are more than happy this prenancy has been very easy so far hopefuly everything goes swell .

  32. sal Says:

    Hey ladies congrts to u al and wish u all the best. I am 17 weeks and i am nt sure if i felt the baby or not as i do get tummy cramps and gas mayb dat is the flutter and baby moving do excited about the little one cuming not going to find out the sex want it to be a suprise. once again wish u all the best il remember all in my prayer.xxxxxxxx

    P.S have fun and enjoy

  33. sara otter Says:

    Hi all you mummies. I am 17 weeks and started to feel normal again now. I have felt my baby girl moving from 15 weeks but this is my 2nd so i know what to expect. Yes i'm having a girl i know so early cause i paid for a private scan at 16 weeks that was amazing and i got a 5 min DVD of her. My little boy was able to come too and enjoyed the experience, it was a lovely family moment. Good luck to you all xx

  34. michelle Says:

    first of all congrats to all mommy and daddy’s to be. this is my 3rd child and my boyfriends 3rd as well. we both have 2 child from previous relationships so this is are 1st together. we are 16 weeks and 4 days and we couldnt be any happier. our 1st ultrasound is on friday and it will be a suprise to him bc he works out of town and he has no clue i was able to change the day for the weekend he gets to come home. he is super supportive unlike the 1st to pregnancies which makes a huge difference. i hope all of you mommy’s to be has someone as wonderful as i do. i just started feeling the flutters and i cant wait for the kicks. i really expect to be showing by now since this is my 3rd and im a pretty small girl, but i hardly even have a bump unlike some other girls that i know who are due around the same time as me. well good luck to everyone and best wishes. our little miracle is due to be here around december 12th and we certainly will be suprised to find out if its a girl or boy!

  35. Yandiswa Says:


    On my 17th week i felt ok, but the problem was my blood suger level and headaches, my doctor gave me vitamin tables and iron when i was 5 weeks pregnant and i went back when finish he said i must’nt wary everything is fine. Since is my 1st baby i ask around and find information what happens after what, but i would like to thank my mananger because she is the one who told me what causes a headache and she bought tables for me that consist of all the vitamins that the baby and i need. Sometimes i feel like i am paying my doctor for doing nothing, he realy doesn’t care. But now i am fine and still enjoying my pregnancy.

    Thank you

  36. Courtney Says:

    Aww Congrats … I am also due December 12th!

  37. Samantha Says:

    Im 17 weeks and 1 day and this is my second child my daughter is 1 in a half. Well i been feeling a little movement some strong kicks and then lil ones not everyday though. But its amazing to feel. I cant really tell if im showing yet because im a lil over weight so its harder to tell. But it will start sooon I hope and I hope that im having a boy. :)

  38. jessi Says:

    that funny i am due december 10th we are going to have a bunch of sagittarius running around i guess

  39. Marcedes Says:


  40. Jackie Says:

    Hey all mommies to be!!! Im 16 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Had an extra scan to check baby was ok today and everything fine, which we are sooo happy about. Such a diference with the baby on this scan compared to the 12 week scan. Due 20th Dec! Baby dust to everyone xxx

  41. Garry Says:

    OMG, am i the only male on this site?

    Marcedes, thats the due date for my partner and I's baby. Unreal! My partner has really started to fill out dramatically and the baby is really making some noise in the womb at the moment. Have done plenty of reading to our baby squirt (thats our name for him/her) and the little bubba responds to our voices. We heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time two weeks ago and we recorded it via mobile phone. We then put it on an mp3 and sent it to our families.

    Kerry my partner is eating like a horse and im sure im going to have to get a mortage just to pay the shopping bills! lol. We are keeping a photo record of each week and then i put them on photoshop and put them all together so we can see the changes happening. You should have a go yourselves as we cannot believe how big she has got so quick. We also have a baby journal that records the way we are feeling each week and what we have been doing – we put photographs in it to show that baby what we were doing that week and what we were thinking about towards the preganacy.

    Me being daddy it's kinda frustrating sometimes as I do feel the baby moving around but it's usually mum who sits there getting all the flutterings and twisting and turning. So any mums reading this, include your partner as much as possible at this stage… we feel in the dark sometimes as it's not so real for us as we don't get the feelings like that. 17 weeks and 3 days gone today and looking forward to the 21 week scan. Going to have the 4D scan and video done so any advice would be appreciated if anyone who has had one done.

    I wish all of you mums a really happy and healthy pregnancy! Good luck folks… including the dads!

  42. Cristal Says:

    Hi everyone..My name is Cristal and I am a first time mommy :) I am 16 weeks and 4 days! Im not sure what to expect but I know I did feel a very interesting flutter in my tummy the other day. I do have a baby bump already, suprisingly kinda big.. I have already had an ultrasound and heard the heartbeat and that was the most amazing thing EVER..Well congrats to all you mommies and daddies out there :) ENJOY

  43. Amanda Says:

    Hello Cristal! I was reading about the 16th and 17th week of pregnancy and stumbled across your comment. I'm also 16 weeks and 4 days pregnant!! I too have felt the flutters recently, I can best describe what I feel as my muscles twitching and I feel them quite often. Glad to read I'm not the only one who has a surprisingly kinda big baby bump. Between week 15 and 16 I really started to show so much more, I have only gained 6 pounds so far but it seems all my weight is in my tummy and boobs so I personally think I look larger than 16 weeks but seeing how this is my first child, I have nothing to compare this pregnancy to. I'd have to agree with you, hearing the baby's heart beat is the most amazing thing ever! :) Well, I hope you have a great pregnancy and a healthy baby :)

  44. Nicole Says:

    Holy cow ladies! I'm Due Dec 13th! This is my 2nd. I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter and I found out through CVS test that this is a boy!!! I feel flutters as well and I have the bump :) Wishing everyone a healthy and happy pregnancy!

  45. Megan Says:

    Congrats to all the new mommies and daddies [: I am 20 years old and so excited to be having my first baby! Tomorrow i will be 18 weeks due DEC 15th and next week i should be finding out the sex of my little one.
    I'm hardly showing which i think is weird because i am very slender, i thought i would show right away but im sure it will be alot more noticeable pretty soon. I am very excited that i am feeling little popcorn-like pops or a muscle twitch and knowing its the baby moving around. [:

    Goodluck to everyone and i hope all babies are healthy!!

  46. Michelle Says:

    My baby is due on 12-22-10 and I have a little bump but nothing major! :) I am soo excited too!
    Im 23 years old and expecting my first, have you found out the sex yet? My email is michellenelson90@yahoo.com if you wanna chat! :)

  47. laura Says:

    hi my name is laura and iam 23 oh and have 3 boys and a baby on the way this time i wud like it to be a pink one this time as have 3 blue i find out what iam haveing on the 5 of aug and my baby is due on the 22 of dec so a xmas baby 4 me my others boys are 8 is name is rhys my 2nd is tj and hes 4 and my 3rd is jayden he is one iam 16 weeks 2day and feel the baby moveing as i no what to feel done it 3 times good luck to all of u …. if wont to chat more then u can get me on lauraroberts1986@hotmail.co.uk

  48. Ashley Says:

    Hi Ladies, I’m Ashley. I’m 22 and this is my first pregnancy. I am 17 weeks and 4 days. I am due Dec. 21 so Christmas baby for me too!!! I have felt baby move a lot lately. It started 2 weeks ago and has rapidly increased since then. I have a rather large bump and was suprised how fast I started showing. I have only gained 6lbs though so I’m not to worried aout it. But I do get a lot of cramping down low and its everyday. I know baby sits down there a lot because I can fell it when its down there but I don’t know what the cramping is. Has anyone else been having this kind of thing happen? Well congrats all you mommmies and daddies to be out there hope you all have happy healthy babies!

  49. Andra Says:

    These are ligaments stretching, it will get more intense as time progresses. Also, as your organs move to accomodate the growing uterus- things will get slightly weird feeling from time to time. All of this is normal.

  50. DayeHaley Says:

    Hi everyone Im 17 wks 1 day…Due Dec 24th….Christams baby!! And I found out I'm having a girl….and I feel flutters like crazy….Is anyone else experiancing alot of pressure?

  51. Cassandra Says:

    Hello, My name is Cassandra, I'm 25 n this is my 3rd. I have a 8 year old girl n a 5 yr old boy. I'm 17 weeks n 1 day. I'm due Dec. 27th. SO around Christmas for me to :) I'm not really showing right now. I have been feeling a lot of pain in my legs lately…has anyone else?

    Well Congratz to everyone else :)

  52. Raven Says:

    Hey everyone! my name is Raven. Im 17 weeks and 4 days! This is my first child so im very excited. Im kind of concerned because i have gained only 1/2 a pound. Hopefully it will pick up but during my ultra sound she told me that it looks like a Girl (woohoo) but she was not 100% sure :( . I will know for a fact on my next ultra sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Cherie Says:

    Hi everyone,

    it was great reading everyones posts;0). i am currently 17 W 1 D pregnant and due Dec 28th and i am loving it. I am expecting my first child. The doctor seems to think its a girl but needs to confirm again at my next appointment with him. So excited for that.i havent felt baba move yet, or at least i dont think i have… sometimes its like little bubbles but that is every now and then. Do you think that it is my baba moving? when should i start to feel baby move? CONGRATULATIONS to everyone;0)

  54. Nicole Says:

    Same thing happenend to me! My Dr. told me it looks like a girl but I won't know for sure until Aug 11. :( I've already bought some stuff, couldn't help it. Good luck!!!!!!!!

  55. Nicole Says:

    Hi and congrats to everyone! I'm 17w 1d as of today. I woke up today really nauseous and feeling like I need to throw up (but haven't). Has anyone else felt this way? At 17 weeks? Ugh. :( Not feeling well at all today, and I have an interview, which is a whole nother thing, not knowing if I should tell them or try and hide it…

  56. Natali25 Says:

    hello, everybody. I'm 17 weeks pregnant today. It's absolutely fantastic when I can feel my baby moving and kicking, I started feeling it a lot around 15 weeks, but for some reason I don't feel it very often now, I'm very worried. In 2 days we having ultrasound. I can't wait to see my baby. But we decided that we want it to be surprise to know is it girl or boy… Good luck to you moms and dads!!! :)

  57. Andra Says:

    Hide it, you can always tell them later : 0

  58. Andra Says:

    I have the same issue, looks like girl. Will find out on the 12th of Aug. for sure!!!

  59. Hayley Says:

    Yeah I'm still being very sick and I'm 17 weeks aswell, this is my second baby and my first baby a boy was really easy hardly any sickness, but this one is very different! The only thing that makes me feel better is getting a good night sleep at least 9 hours and the sickness goes away quicker but not completely!

  60. Heather Says:

    OMG I have been nauseous too! If I smell anything bad I almost puke..and I'm 17 wks as well! I am also looking for a job and in the same situation as you on about telling them or now

  61. Anne Says:

    I’m on my 16 weeks of pregnancy and so far I’m feeling perfectly fine although I’m super sleepy in the afternoon and feeling tired in the evening. I’m patiently waiting to experience the flutter. it’s our first baby and my partner is soo excited already come end of this month to find out the baby’s gender. he hopes to have a baby boy. for me, I’m OK wether boy or girl as long as he/she is healthy. due date is on Jan 19,2011. good luck to the soon to be mommies!

  62. Editsulli Says:

    Hello everybody! I'm 16 and1/2 weeks with my first baby and three days ago I started to feel my baby moving:) That feeling is unmistakable by any means. It's a wonderful feeling, therefore I know my baby is well and growing bigger and bigger:) We don't know yet the sex of the baby, we will find out the end of august or the beginning of september. My husband wants a boy (me too), but as long as the baby is healthy I don't really care about the sex. I due on January 18th 2011, so it's another 24 weeks to go:)

  63. Lacee Says:

    From my 5 week check up to 8 weeks I gained 3 pounds but since then i haven't gained an ounce. My doctor told me not to worry because it was probably because I was so sick from week 8 to 15 ( I am 17 weeks now). She said baby is fine and i probably wont start gaining weight till i start keeping everything down. I go back next tuesday so we shall see how much i have gained in 2 weeks. All is ok. I was very worried myself but everything is all well! Good luck! :)

  64. kirsty Says:

    Hey, im 22 and 17 weeks tomorrow with my second, my lil girl has just turned 2 last week so im gonna hav my hands full lol! showing alot faster than with my first and started feeling movement about 14/15 weeks! they have stopped now though but i know everythin is ok as had MW checkup on weds and got the cutest heartbeat after her chasing the baby round for a few mins lol it didnt want to be heard! im so excited to find out the sex of the baby on 10th sept! im due 23rd jan 2011 seems so long away but im sure it will fly! good luck to al you mummy n daddys to be enjoy it while they little coz it dont last forever lol x x:D

  65. Irene Smith Says:

    Hi Ashley, i am also 17 weeks, due January 19th. I do get this butterfly feeling on my tummy, but then I just think oh growing pains, and my last ultrasound showed that the uterus is sitting low. so i do get some cramping and sharp pains on my lower part. Im sure its normal, its my first baby so I am a little stressed about it. But everything i read says its alllll normal. :) I havent gained any weight, in fact I lost 15lbs due to nausea.

  66. Amanda Says:

    Hey.. I am 17 weeks 1 day.. I am so excited I’m due Jan 23rd and find out the sex on sep 9th! Can’t wait I wish every1 a happy healthy pregnancy

  67. stormy Says:

    awh congrats :) .. your 17 wks, and they havnt told you bubs sex already??

  68. Sydney Says:

    Hi Ladies! My name is Sydney and today I am 17 weeks! My due date is January 26th…and I find out the gender in 3 weeks! Hopefully its a baby girl! This is my first child, and I have a small little bump! Just had a check-up and everything is fine! Good Luck guys!

  69. Jennifer Says:

    Wow…. Hi Sydney Im Jennifer. Im due January 25, and this is my first child as well… Im definately showing now as well. I actually had a CVS done during my 14th week and they were able to tell me that I am having a baby girl. I am still having severe morning (all day) sickness and am loosing weight every week but the doctors continue to say the baby is fine. Im so excited, I hope things continue to go well with you.

  70. blubyrd_80 Says:

    Wow lots of January Babies due..I am due Jan 31st. I am just starting to feel the little fluttler movements. then my belly starts to itch so funny. Congrats all. I find out Aug 26th if we are having a boy or girl.

  71. Hannah V Says:

    I'm due on Jan 26th and it's my second!! :) Can't wait!!! I'll be going in for a repeat c-section a week before though.

  72. glowing Says:

    yes there is im due jan 28th my friends due jan 21st so close both are boys!!

  73. babbygl19 Says:

    i am also due january 29 still dont know the gender yet

  74. Blanca Says:

    Hi Jennifer. I'm due January 30th. I also have been suffering from severe morning sickness. I lost 15 pounds. I went to a maternal fetal care specialist because I also have a thyroid problem and he told me to take Unisom. It has an active ingredient that helps with the morning sickness. It surprisingly worked. I had been given two other prescriptions which didn't work. Luckily you should almost be done with the morning sickness. This is my second pregnancy and I had the same issue with my first 13 years ago. So in case you have another later on, just know that you will probably go through the same thing. I am sure everything will be ok :)

  75. Laura Marie Says:

    due on exactly same date but i find out on 13 august cant wait . I would like a boy but not bothered…. sooo excited:)

  76. Ahyriaz Says:

    i am 17 weeks today and i'm due jan 30, 2011 i get to find out the sex on sept 15th i'm hoping for a girl but would be happy with a boy i already have names picked if it's a girl it's going to be karlie ann elizabeth and if it's a boy it's going to be kyloe arthur james i'm so excited!!!!!

  77. christina Says:

    Hay ladies My name is Christina I am also due in January the 29 I will know what I' m having august 27 i hope for a boy but this is my first so i will be bless what whatever i have good luck to every one

  78. Melisa Says:

    Im due Jan 31 too but I get my ultrasound on Sept 20 ugh! why do i have to wait so long. Already have a boy and would love to have a little girl :)

  79. rhoshaun Says:

    my name is rhoshaun and im due jan 27 and i knw what im having this weekend too and its my third but good luck

  80. verity Says:

    Hi ladies, my name is Verity and im also due on the 31st of jan. Me and my boyfriend cant wait to find out what the sex is. We will find out on the 22nd of september. We really cant wait! lol. good luck ladies. xx

  81. Michelle Says:

    Hello Hello! I'm due Jan. 30th, and found out the i'm having a boy this past Thursday. Best of luck to everybody else! Hope you get what you're wanting! I was PRAYING hard for a boy and got my wish! :)

  82. AKG Says:

    because of my growing tumy….. and after eating meal( not much) i feels more tired and feels like difficulty to breath……. is it normal??????

  83. Stephanie Says:

    I am also due January 31st. This is my second and I am feeling the "flutters" as well. Ultrasound set for 9/10…this is going to be a very LONG 2 and a half weeks :) I have NOT started showing at all which is odd, and I have only gained 1.5 pounds since my initial appointment at 8 weeks, so I guess that is ok. Dr. is not concerned so I shouldn't be either…GOOD LICK LADIES!

  84. kay kay Says:

    I'm due January 28th. My doctor did an ultrasound at 12 weeks and was able to tell that I am having a little girl. Since it was 12 weeks, he could only be 90% sure…. but I'l have another 3d ultrasound in Sept, so we'll check again!

  85. dom Says:

    good luck to all of you and i hope all your babies come out healthy

  86. Lupita Says:

    Hey Ladies ,Im 17 Weeks & I Have Gained 8pounds I Think Dats Much Is It?

  87. ASHLEY Says:

    no thats good they say around 4 lbs a month is great !!

  88. sylvia Says:

    Hey Lupita, same here I gained 8 pounds in three weeks. My nurse told me it was a bit much for me. The best thing to do is ask you dr or nurse.

  89. CHAUN Says:

    Hello I will be seventeen weeks tomorrow and I am so excited about my new baby. I have two boys, ages eight and three. I found out about to weeks ago that I am having a girl. My due date is Feb. 9 2010. I still have a ways to go and I am very impatient. I can’t wait to see my lil angel. I am only five months but I been looking like I was five months since I became pregnant. I think it’s because this is my third child. To all you other ladies good luck.

  90. tiffany2683 Says:

    if your only 17 weeks your not 5 months yet

  91. starr Says:

    17 weeks is the start of 5 months

  92. Starr Says:

    congratulations also :) i just hit 17 weeks and am due feb 14th i find out the sex on sep 7th

  93. tia Says:

    Im due feb 14th as well! This is my first pregnancy and im so excited!!! at 17 weeks people are saying my baby bump is kinda big and i may have a ten pounder on y hands! lol I wish u a safe and healthy pregnancy!

  94. tsp Says:

    hi im also 17 weeks and due 2.14.11 alot of valentine babys! is is normal for the the doc to tell you what the sex looks like but make you wait a little longer? the y told me looks like a girl but to wait a couple more weeks:(

  95. Krystal Says:

    Not sure if that is normal but I also experience the same thing. Have your blood sugar checked. Stay away form ANY processed foods, white sugar and white flour. Stick to meats veggies avoid eat fruits only in moderation. This could be a symptom of many different problems so it is best to discuss these symptoms with your doctor and be evaluated.

  96. kourt Says:

    I am due on Valentine's day as well! This is my 2nd child. When I had my daughter the Dr told me at 15 wks. I was told at 13 wks that I am having a boy this time. I think it has alot to do with the position of the baby. If my Dr wasn't 100% then he wouldn't have told me! If it looks like a girl then more than likely it is a girl! Good Luck and Congratulations!!!!

  97. KJBenny Says:

    I think it is! I would rather know for sure then to have a mishap like what happened with my stepson! They said girl the whole time and he was born a 'wonderful bouncy baby boy!' boy, did EVERYONES mouths ground the floor! So yea, I would want to know for sure. Everyone and baby developes a different rates, remember that all you read is an 'in general' rule of what to exspect. So the genitals may not be totally formed OR your little one was acting a little shy and the doc just wanted to double check on your next visit. Hope it helps:D

  98. Blessed Says:

    Am really thrilled by ur comments and your experiences have calmed my frayed nerves. I’ve just began my 17th wk today and I dont really care if it is a boy or a girl. My concern is am not yet half way through, the anxiety is killing, 24wks more. Ush !

  99. Question Says:

    Hello all I'm also 17 weeks as of today 9/12.. I am 4"11" in height and has always been overweight according to the doctor scale …135-145 is overweight . I weighed myself this morning and noticed that I gained almost 10 pounds already. Is this too much too soon.

  100. niKKi Says:

    I am 17 weeks tomorrow and am competely filled with anxiety. I was heavier before I got pregnant so I don't have a pronounced baby bump and it freaks me out. My baby is due on February 22/11. Any suggestions for dealing with the anxiety? Had an anxiety disorder that was under control before I found out about my baby and now its resurfaced. Help.

  101. Channelle Says:

    HI Nikki,
    I don't have a baby bump yet either but I can press down just below my belly button and feel a hard bump, you can try it and may feel something as well. My baby is due 2-20-10 two days before your lil bun is due =) I am getting my masters in therapy and the best thing we are learning about anxiety is to journal every time you are begin to feel anxious and tract what triggers cause your anxiety. Also, you make want to justify your anxiety; for example tell yourself that it is a fact your are preganant and some women show earlier than others and you are just the other. It will come when we are showing, I'm glad I haven't yet. Hope this helps.

  102. liz Says:

    First off congratulations to all moms. This is my first little one and very excited for my ultrasound tomorrow! ! I’m 17 weeks and one day and have a cute little bump sticking out. My boyfriend is army so he’s nervous and excited. I’m just excited he gets to see his first baby before he deploys again. I felt my first movement at the end of my 15th week at around midnight and woke every one and their mom up to share the news lol. My bf thinks I’m obsessed because I go crazy every time I feel the baby moving. But its my first experience with something like this. I want to enjoy it as much as possible lol. But it is wonderful experience and I love every thing about this

  103. Olivia Says:

    Hi Nikki – I can really relate. I too have had resurfacing of anxiety that i thought i had under control. I'm due the 21 of Feb, just a day before. Consider the hormonal onslaught we are facing. I think it's to be expected that issues will resurface, both physical and certainly emotional. I believe it must be an important part of the process. I've spent a lot of time thinking about this because I've had to and I've come to the conclusion perhaps the best thing to do is accept what's going on around you and within you, try to feel like as big a person as you can, and most of all, take deep breaths and relax. You're pregnant and your baby needs you to find a way to chill out. Things develop how they should. Very Best, O.

  104. Crissy Says:

    I'm 17 weeks pregnant and due on february 26 2011. I'm very excited because it's less than 3 weeks i find out the sex and if the baby is ok. I've been nervous this whole pregnancy because i misscarried a baby on april 29th this year. However i got pregnant within the first week we were able to try. I like reading what other moms expecting right, I need support from you all. I hope everyone has very healthy babies and congradulations, we are almost halfway there.

  105. Amanda Says:

    Hello evertone, i am 21 this is my 2nd baby my first is 3 n she starts school next month im due 2-25-10 but i will deliver a week or two early bcuz i have to have a c-section cuz of the first one she was an emer. c section after pushing for a good hr! So im 17 weeks and today for the first time i woke up to the baby kicks so wonderful to be able to feel these so to all u who havnt yet dnt worry u will n it will make u so happy!! My daughter doesnt make up her mind what she wants boy one day girl the next lol to me it dont matter a healthy strong baby is good for me ( : Well congrats to all u mommys!! (they grow up so fast) Best of luck to all!!

  106. HPark22 Says:

    I will be 17 weeks tomorrow. I am showing, but wish I were showing more!(: I have felt the babies kicks and “punches” as I like to call it quite a few times. I’ve felt a few strong ones, and am thinking I’m either having a boy or one tough girl, lol. I go in about 2 weeks to find out the sex of the baby. I am SO excited to see the baby! I feel like the past 2 weeks have taken forever, as well as the next 2 weeks to come. I can’t wait to meet my baby in person(:

  107. heather Says:

    i feel the same way i was 17 weeks this passed sunday and i find out oct 8th what im having and i feel like its taking forever lol i just cant wait to find out im sooooo excited….best of luck to you!

  108. Kelsey Says:

    Hey everyone Congrats you all of you! I am 17 weeks pregnant Due around March 9th this is my first baby I soo excited and nervous at the same time! I hope i am able to keep up with everything! I want to make a scrapbook of my pregnancy so i can remember this exciting time of my life for years to come! We find out the gender in about 2 weeks!! I feel lots of flutters especially when i am at work and I cannot wait to feel kicks!! any questions or advice??

  109. tina Says:

    when did you conceive?

  110. Jennifer Says:

    Hey Nikki,

    I too have anxiety. I've pretty much had it my entire life but go through periods where it goes away and i feel like I'm doing so much better. Well, pregnancy has brought it out for me too. I've haven't had too many full on anxiety attacks but there is this low level underlying anxiousness constantly. Pregnancy is hard for me to accept because I have no control. Hormones and worries and not feeling well…I know it will eventually be okay and i just have to suck it up i guess! no other choice really! I'm so excited to be having a baby though and know it will all be worth it. I drink chamomile tea every night to relax me and help me sleep. Sometimes i start my day with it too. Exercising has always helped my anxiety too. Hope your anxiousness gets better!

  111. DEANDREA Says:


  112. nikki Says:

    I feel the same way. I'm due Mar 5th. I was excited both times when I was pregnant with my girls, but this time I'm blank. I don't know what I'm having, and have not felt it move. I pray that I will bond with it soon.

  113. kelly Says:

    hey i just noticed ur due on the same day as me…i already have a yr old daughter…u will be a good mom it will come to u once the baby is born…im finding out wat im havin next friday..they wait till 18 weeks where im from…where u from

  114. jess Says:

    Hey girl,
    My name is Jess and I will be at 17 wks in 5 days. I just read your post and I had to write back. This is my first baby, although I have had one eptopic pregnancy. I have also dealt with an anxiety disorder for about 4 years and while I am soo happy and excited, I am really noticing that my anxiety is resurfacing. I know it sucks since most people don't understand why we aren't just joyous and happy. I understand and know that you are happy, and that anxiety can sometimes overpower that happiness. If you want to chat my email is sixfooter66@hotmail.com . I would love to chat with someone that gets what I'm going through! -Jess

  115. krissy Says:

    HEY !!! i am due march 12 2011 haVING A boy as well congRATS IM HAPPY FOR YOU. it like htat sometimes but when u start feeling the baby and you can relax about the tests and stuff that stresses u will be just fine.

  116. Ashley Says:

    Congrats to you Kelsey!!!… I AM also 17 weeks pregnant im super excited, I have also started to make a scrape book of the most exciting part of my life:). I feel flutters every now and again, i want to feel the baby kick so bad so i know he or she is moving!!!… i wont find out the sex untill two weeks also yay yay.. cant wait…. by the way my name is Ashley….

  117. Kalyn Says:

    This is my First pregnancy as well . i am due March 30th and am in my 17th week as well. Me and my babys dad have separated and he wants nothing to do with the child. so i find myself down in the dumps at times too. you just have to keep thinking. this baby is 99.9 % YOU lol. i was told that once the baby gets here . everything changes. you can't help but love it. i was very disappointed when i found out i was pregnant and am still upset about it because my kids not gonna have a dad. but you've gotta look at it this way. you've created something beautiful. i'm only 19 and i'm very happy about my bundle of joy now so don't feel ashamed that your not excited yet

  118. Kalyn Says:

    Are you sure your not more than 17 weeks? the baby shouldn't even be strong enough yet to kick. the most you should be feeling at this time is movement but barely

  119. Hayley Says:

    Well, it's hard to take this information seriously with so many typos and grammer mistakes.
    Who wrote this?

  120. bobsbabe Says:

    hey Niki. nice to know im not alone.i too, feel 'blank'. this is my 3rd pregnancy and im 17 weeks gone. none of it feels real. :-(

  121. Stephanie Says:

    im due march 30 =)

  122. Stephanie Says:

    congrats everybody!!!!
    tomorrow (10/20) i will be 17 weeks due march 30!!!!!!! this is my first pregnancy and im starting to feel movements/flutters a little…been kind of rough because ive got a bad case of morning sickness…we find out what the sex is november 5!!!!!

  123. Donna Says:

    how rude….

  124. Lee Says:

    I too am due March 30 and I find out the sex November 9. Congrats!

  125. Suzie Says:

    congrats im due march 31!! my husband wants the baby to be born april 1st…. April fool's day. I find out what the baby's sex is on november 5th as well. hope the morning sickness goes away!! :) the flutters feel kinda wierd this is my first baby too. its exciting because its the only way i can tell i'm pregnant since im not showing very much. :)

  126. Rachel Says:

    woot woot im due april 1st

  127. linda arc Says:

    I suffer from anxiety as well and definitely sympathize with you as I am now in 17 weeks of pregnancy. I see a therapist that has taught me various breathing and muscle relaxation techniques. I was also told the use of xanex is permitted at this stage VERY infrequently only when a panic attack actually occurs. However, if you prefer to stay away from medication, I recommend you try to lead a stress free life over the next few months as much as possible and take a lot of time to yourself. You can and will get through this, good luck!

  128. Misty Says:

    om goodness i'm 17 week and i've gained 16 pounds i was feeling really nervous about it and now after reading these posts i'm feeling even more upset-how much should i be at right now?

  129. Rachel Says:

    Hey Nikki I have been dealing with panic attacks for the past 2 weeks. I have had bad anxiety for as long as I can remember but it is really coming out now. It usually starts because of the light headedness and dizziness. I am currently going to a thearapist just had my first session today. I get to see a DR. soon. I hope that they have something that i can take during pregnancy because I hate living my life in fear and I just want it all to go away. I just want you to know that you are not alone. I don't have a baby bump yet either. But with my first I didnt show until 6 months. When i feel panicky I go outside in the cold air or do something to take my mind off of it. They do say exercising really helps with anxiety. Make sure you eat often.

  130. zion clarity Says:

    hy, my name is zion clarity i am 21yrs old and i am 17wks. Havent felt any movements yet, at least i dnt thnk bcuz this is my first and i really wouldnt knw wat to feel for. My next appointment is next monday. I hope they could tell the sex of the baby by then. I am not showin at all yet but i do have a severe case of morning sickness. I am due april 22. Any expectn moms wanna talk and share there experience with me hit me up on facebook. At zion clarity.

  131. andy Says:

    im also 21 and 17 weeks pregnant! mu due date is april 23

  132. Megan Says:

    I'I'm 20 and also due on April 22! Good luck!

  133. Tessa Says:

    I am 24 years old and I am 17 weeks today! I'm pretty excited. I'm due April 23rd. This is my first pregnancy and i haven't been able to feel the baby move at all yet but when the doc was listening to the heart beat just a week ago, she said the baby was moving like CRAZY so i just hope that i'll be able to feel that movement soon. My husband and I are both in the military and so we were wondering if anyone else is in the same situation and if the mother is getting out or staying in….we are having trouble deciding what would be best for the baby. Good Luck and CONGRATS to all!!!

  134. Mia Says:

    Hi Tessa! Congrats to you and your husband!!! I am also exactly 17 weeks and due on April 21st :) – I have been getting out and making sure to keep exercise through walks in the park with daddy to be. This has helped me with all the soreness I've been feeling since week 8 that has progressed. I barely jogged today running from my 1 year old nephew and currently am regretting every bit of it. Constantly take it easy when getting out!!! But I have also felt very tired lately, even though this is normal throughout the entire pregnancy, these past two weeks have put on more fatigue. Yesterday I felt literally like something was moving along my insides like a worm very slowly… I'm thinking this was the flutter that everyone keeps talking about. You could be feeling this and not know it also though, it felt somewhat like if I am positioned a certain way that it could just by my body adjusting, but I was sure of it being all baby. I surely hope you are getting new excitement soon with movement, and getting to learn the sex of your baby. Do u want to know or are u wanting to be surprised?

  135. Jacky Says:

    I was in the AF when I found out I was pregnant the first time, I was 20 then. I stayed in, because my then husband left me, so I had to. This is now my second pregnancy, and I'm opting to do the stay at home Mom thing. I think you guys could do it on one salary, but make sure one of you wants to do the military thing til retirement…dependent benefits are awesome! Hope this helps

  136. Mrs. King Says:

    I’m Alicia. A stay at home Christian married mother of two. Daughter is 5 n son is 19 months. This is our third n last baby so we are definitely excited! I’m 17wk n 1day and I’m huge but it is my third! I feel the baby every once in a while and already craving food! My due date is April 24th which is 5 days after my son will turn two! Hope everyone has a great pregnancy. May God Bless You!

  137. Mrs. Zesk Says:

    I am due the same exact day and I am huge already this is my 5th child and never in all 4 pregnancies been this big at 17 weeks.

  138. Mrs. Bates Says:

    I am just as far as you are, our due Dates are the same :) and thats four days after my birthday im 17 eks and 1 day and due the 24th Congrats and this is my first

  139. Kelly D. Says:

    Hi. I’m 17 weeks today. I haven’t felt much movement other than maybe for a second or two once everyday or every other day. I also wake up and have to stretch right away needing to stretch which puts a lot of pressure onto my abdomen which in return makes my stomach sore for part of the day. I’m pretty worried as to how things go in this pregnancy because my first two pregnancies were miscarriages so this will be our first living baby if all goes well. Does anybody else have similiar issues? I have a few others but a lil emberassed to post here. If anyone wants to talk they can email me at myherosangel@yahoo.com. Thanks!

  140. Lydia Says:

    Hi, I am 17 weeks 3 days… I am due on April 30th. This will be my 6th baby. :O) I also look about 7 months already. My husband says I am going to be HUGE. :o ) I was chubby when I started, but so far have only gained about 4 pounds. I guess thats a good thing. My main worry is that I am 36 years old and high risk becuz of that and multiple c-sections and different preblems in prior pregnancies… I feel blessed though and glad I am having this LAST one!! :o ) I am afradi to have an amnio cuz I do not want to risk losing the baby (or watch a huge needle go in my belly) has anyone ever had one that can tell me about it? mckinleyvillian@yahoo.com

  141. Viv Says:

    hi lydia i am 17 weeks and 2 days… due May 1st, i have a pretty cool bump already too (am pregnant on 2nd child) but have gained very little weight… and like you I was chubby too before becoming pregnant so had expected to gain weight very quickly…. has a doctor recommended amnio or just somethin you feel you should get done?:S

  142. Mrs. Cortez Says:

    As of today I am 17 weeks pregnant with my third child. Just yesterday I found out that I am expecting a little girl! As of yesterday I have gained no weight and that's probably due to the morning sickness that I had in my first trimester. I also have yet to show any evidence of the baby just yet which made it easy for me to hide this pregnancy up till today in which I told my family. I am due on May 4th but my csection will be scheduled between April 21-28th 2011. I can't wait to just hold my precious little Bella and good luck to all the mommy's to be! :)

    ~Cortez Family

  143. Kari Says:

    I am 17 weeks and a day and I am showing off my baby bump. This is my first and have definitely been different than what my mom told me it would be like. I have been sick since week three. Hospitalized the whole ordeal. So be thankful ladies for your once-three times a week sickness. It has gotten way better but every morning is a struggle. I am ready to not be sick anymore, but I know its all worth it. The flutters alone are worth it, can’t wait to feel the real kicks. Stay healthy ladies walk swim yoga all of it! Good luck!

  144. Jamie Says:

    I am 17 weeks today with my 3rd child :o ) Very excited… I am high risk and they suggested an amnio but I have refused and unless you are afraid of having a child with possibly disabilities I wouldn't have it done. I was worried because they recommended it with my second child so I had it done… the procedure itself was horrible and VERY stressful and then they told me that my son was going to have genetic disorders and be mentally handicap, club foot, etc… I cried and worried daily. He is 3.5 today and SO smart NO irregularities AT ALL.

  145. Briana Says:

    Hello, my name is Briana. I am 16 and i'm 17 weeks today with my first child. It was very, highly unexpected because, we used a condom and it didnt break(Too much info? Sorry, im an impersonal person) but I have my theroy on what happend tho.. Anywho, I am excited about me and my baby's future togeather. Since I was about 15 weeks i could feel the baby move and I can actually feel the baby kicking now. It makes me happy. I am going to college to become a Registerd Nurse Mid-wife. The next thing to get happy about is if its a boy or girl. If its a girl I want to name her after my mom(She wants a girl) And if its a boy im stuck between naming him after his father or Mohabier(Moe_haa_bee_aire)-> I really like that name..

  146. Davina Kahler Says:

    I am 17 weeks today with baby number 2. We tried for a year and a half for this little one and we are so excited for our new little addition. We have a 3 year old girl and she is just as excited as mom and dad. She is adamant that we are having another girl and we are going to name her Princess, LOL! I won’t be surprised if she calls the baby by that name whether it’s a boy or a girl.

    I have felt the baby move since about 15 weeks and 3 days. I do believe those little movements are my favorite part of pregnancy. Good Luck to all you mommy’s and I pray that you all have safe and healthy pregnancies.

  147. Kristin Says:

    You spelled grammar incorrectly ;-)

  148. shanna_SA Says:

    *yay* 17 weeks today and felt my little wriggly bum move!!! a wierd bubble popping sensation :) awe im so happy!!! going for a scan on the 20th to hopefully see what I am having :)

  149. Lyndsey Says:

    Congrats Shanna! im 17 weeks tomorrow and also find out the sex on the 20th! keep us updated

  150. shanna_SA Says:

    thats so cool!!!! :) what do you think you're having?…I'm sure mines a boy…was kinda secretly wanting a girl but either way I am just so overjoyed and just pray for a healthy happy little bundle…keep me updated aswell! :)

  151. Kay Says:

    Hi all, I’m Kay. I’m 33 years old and 17 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I’m really still shocked to be saying that because I never really wanted kids! My husband and I are really excited. No problems at all, no morning sickness to speak of. I’ve gained about 8 lbs. Not sure if that’s ok. I’m 5’8″ tall and started at 134. Weight seems to be going to the belly and boobs though-I feel very bloated in my stomach, especially after I eat. It’s really uncomfortable. Anyone else have that?

  152. Lyndsey Says:

    Yeah it is pretty neat huh! And im pretty sure im having a boy, i've had the dreams and also took a gender prediction test which said a boy, i would LOVE a girl but i will be happy either way and i'll let you know too!

  153. ashley Says:

    It’s week seventeen and I’m two weeks away from knowing the sex of the baby I truly believe its a girl but don’t care what I have as long as the baby is healthy and blessed does any one feel emotional but neo just sometimes sit down and just feel like I have to cry lols very weird Im starting to show and get more hungry everyday my appetite has increased yet I’m still losing weight i can feel the baby when I laydown and sometimes feel the heartbeat so happy and pray for themes for me and for all :)

  154. Heather Says:

    I agree – it is hard to take any information seriously when written with some many grammatical errors. I couldn't get a book or paper published like this, nor could I pass an elementary school level English paper in without trouble from the teacher. It is not rude to comment on this, but I hope helpful to those publishing this article. The information is helpful and somewhat consistent with other sites, books, articles – but enough of it it is not that given the grammatical errors I think I will not take these statements seriously at all.

  155. Renee Coon Says:

    I agree. I read week 18 and the baby all of the sudden got smaller. Who ever is typing this info is not a professional in this field and must be gather information from other sources. Some of the information seems off and doesnt sound totally right.

  156. kristen Says:

    hay girl just replying to your report. i have had three misscarriages one just recentley but now im 17 weeks prego and yes miracles do happen.my doctor said many woman have misscariarges dont worry you will be fine.if your already 17 weeks along i wouldint worry its smooth sailing from here

  157. Rita Says:

    This was posted 13 weeks ago and you are due Feb 2010??

  158. Melanie Says:

    Hi Kay! Was just browsing thru this site when I came across your post! We have alot of similiarities! I'm 32..pregnant with my first baby. I'm 17 weeks (as of tomorrow..12/20). I, too, never wanted kids all my life! Then last Christmas it just hit me like a ton of bricks..felt like something was 'missing'..and I had the baby bug ever since! I couldn't be more happier now that I am pregnant and am looking forward to meeting our little one! I haven't had any problems at all either..other than having to change doctors (I see my new dr early next month). I feel pretty bloated after I eat also..but sometimes it depends on 'what' I eat. Stuff w/eggs is the worst it seems (like an omelette)..so I just try to stay away from things like that! I crave things like fruit, meat, milk..all pretty good stuff except for Milky Way candy bars..ha! I just hope and pray that things continue to go as smoothly as they have been. Blessings to you and all the moms on here!

  159. shayshay Says:

    omg yes everytime i eaat my stomach feel hella fat n take hella long to go down…

  160. Megan Ingerick Says:

    hi…my fiance is an active reservist in the marines and hes trying to go active duty…he thinks it will be better for the baby so we wont struggle with money troubles…since this economy is shitting the bed.. jobs are hard to find even when you have the experience..so i would keep your life as it is now so you and your baby have a better future :)

  161. Ashley Alicia Betts Says:

    Hey. I know how you feel. I'm 17 and im 17 weeks pregnant. I'm still in shock and very scared. I'm so upset about it cause im so young. Best of luck to you.

  162. Belinda Says:

    I am 16 weeks pregnant and have had two miscarriages so I am still a little worried. I am really excited that this time I have made it this far though. I think you will be fine. I have the same problem with the stretching in the morning. It feels like I pulled a muscle after I stretch on my left side.

  163. Danielle Says:

    Hello, I am 17 weeks pregnant today. I have a four year old daughter who was born at 32 weeks and three days. With my daughter I went into preterm labor at 29 weeks due to placenta problems and they did an amino as well as steroid shots. The amino isn't as bad as what you think it would be, pain wise for such a big needle. I hate needles and I didn't really feel much pain at all during it, but I did feel pressure. The only reason I had some minor pain was because she kept kicking at the needle which made them have to move it alot as well as it took longer. Good Luck!

  164. Christen Says:

    I’m 17 weeks today! I can’t wait to start feeling my baby’s movements.

    This will be my 2nd child. My daughter is 21 months old.

  165. Nene Says:

    1′m 17 wks n i jst started feeling my baby’s heartbeat when i press my fingers to my lower abdomen,i was so xcited,i made my husband press his fingers to my belly and he said he felt a slight pounding.i’ve gained so much like 13 pounds and i dont eat much and i stil have a small baby bump

  166. kristin Says:

    this is more than likely your heart beat that you are feeling, not the babys.

  167. zara Says:

    im 17 weeks today and i get the feeling that there is some think wrong
    i havent raely feel anythink i get a lot of bellly pians evan after i eat should i be worid or is it just me

  168. BabyMom Says:

    Im 17 weeks todayy , this is myy first child , im only 17 years old . sometimes i get very worried about the baby when i dont feel it move , because usually i feel it move throughout the day . before i got pregnant my weight was always between 98-103 lbs. i only gained about ten lbs, im Barely showing and i just wanna know if thats normal since im so skinny , i havent been to the doctor in a couple weeks and she said that she wanted me to gain about a lb a week but its not working and i eat like a teenage boy at this point

  169. Trina Says:

    awe, ashley that is me all the time i have turned into one big cry baby & im 16 weeks pregnant! I read that is was good to meditate & listen to soft music with all lights off & maybe a candle lit, so i tried that & its actually been working & plus i PRAY alot girl!!!!!! I havent gained any weight either but i havent lost any since i 1st found out, u may want to talk to your doctor about that but everyone is different so its probably normal, luv Trina with many blessings!

  170. Bethra Says:

    Hi Kelly! First, Congratulations! Your post really caught my attention because I can relate to you. This would be my first child, I did have a miscarriage a few years ago so every little ache and pain i get i worry! I know the feeling your going through! I havnt really felt the baby much yet other then a few little flutters in there like once or twice, although I could be mistaking it for gas bubbles or something! lol Anyways feel free to write back to me. My email is bethmarie1787@yahoo.com Good luck!

  171. Destiny Says:

    thats not the baby's heartbeat. You can not feel the baby's heartbeat. When the doctor is listening to your baby's heartbeat ..he should move it over and you can then hear what is your heartbeat. You can feel yours through your tummy but not your baby's. Reagrdless this is your pulse you are feeling not your babys.

  172. Destiny Says:

    Everytime I wake up I have to stretch and when I do it sends a very painful and sharp pain through where my baby lies.!! It hurts like hell but I just can't help to stretch but they say that it won't do so if you do regualr stretches as opposed to waking up and stretching your body out cause apparently it can do some tearing?

  173. Destiny Says:

    wow…so this said it was posted 5 weeks ago. you should know what your having by now. do you? I have had only one occurence of morning sickness and a lot of nausea. But nothing major like a lot of others I know of. And all my weight is going to my tummy. I get bloated to after I eat. Some days I even wake up and feel huge. I just call it my "I'm really feelin prego" days. Cause other days I can seem as if i'm not pregnant at all.

  174. Destiny Says:

    These aren't professionals not to mention it's the internet. A lot of people do screw up. Don't be such a fucking douche

  175. Destiny Says:

    This is not school. If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all. You're all very rude!

  176. Prego&Thin Says:

    I'm 17 weeks and started at 101 lbs, height 5'4 and gained 10 lbs so far. My doctor oddly said that she didn't want me to gain more than 30 lbs total or else I would have to consider a c-section. Sounds odd to me given that I started out (and still am) so lean. Any thoughts?

  177. Loretta Says:

    Hello BabyMom, Congrats on 17weeks (18 weeks now) You are doing all the right things!! 10lbs is right on track, I am 17 weeks right now and was 102lbs and now am 111lbs and my Dr. says I am right on track. Just keep eating when you are hungry and you will be fine :) Don't worry about the baby moving you will feel it more and more as weeks pass :) Keep up the good work!!!!
    Cheers :)

  178. Mrs. J Says:

    Excellent grading you have done on BabyMom's paragraph. You might want to learn how to spell the word grammar before you further your career as a condescending english teacher.

  179. christina Says:

    with my third pregnancy i was almost 23 weeks before i felt her kicking. the doctor said it was because of the way she was positioned. i am in my 17th week of my 4th pregnancy and i also have alot of pain in my stomach, my doctors not worried about it. he says that is the strain on my ligaments. if you are worried call you doctor. i dont know if this helps, but i wish you the best of luck

  180. guest 57 Says:

    if you are eating right, taking vitamins, and going to all your prenatal visits, STOP WORRYING! All women are different, some barely show the whole time they are pregnant, some begin early. Stress is bad for you little one, so chillax, and eat lots of peanut butter, bananas, milk and vitamin C rich juices.

  181. guest 57 Says:

    Get an excercise ball, it helps with stretching, which if you do it on a regular basis, you should not only strengthen you ab muscles, you will help with lower back issues later. Unless your Dr. says this is a no-no for you! I am 17 wks and this is my 3rd baby, I felt this one way earlier, but I think its is because I know what it feels like already, a lot of times it feels like gas. An uncomfortable abdomen is a sign of growth, I stay uncomfortable these days. You are probably just fine, but I will pray for you:) If you are that worried, insist on an ultrasound!

  182. guest 57 Says:

    it is absolutely normal :) a good sign, means the muscles are having to accommodate your growing uterus. do stretching excercises

  183. guest 57 Says:

    its still a little early to feel movement, not all women feel their little ones move this soon. it is normal. belly pains are normal too, your body is having to resituate itself to make room for you baby. Sometimes this means a bowel movement, or a full stomach can be a little painful til your body gets used to the growth. If you are really worried go to your OB.

  184. Molly Says:

    You need to learn how to spell before you act like such an ass ! This woman is worried about her baby and that is your response? Get a life.

  185. Roni Says:

    Zara, I am 17 weeks today as well and had a Dr. appointment yesterday. My Dr. says it's quite normal to not feel the baby. Within the next few weeks you should start to feel some fluttering, a flicking sensation, or maybe a gas bubble feeling. That will be the baby. As far as the pains of eating, maybe you should examine your diet. A lot of time your body will react to normal things in a totally different manner than before. I know for me, salads can kill me and that was an everyday meal for me. Discuss foods with your Dr. Good luck!

  186. jesse Says:

    hey, i am twenty six and before i got pregnant i wieghed about one hundred and one pounds. I wieghed the same when I had my first son it is fine that you are only gaining a little bit of wieght right now you probably have a fast matebilism so it is hard for you to gain wieght just like me. I have only gained roughly about four pounds so far in this pregnancy and I am seventeen weeks today. So all I am saying is I would not be to worried about it just yet. Just keep talking to your doctor it helps when you are worried it helped me a lot during my first and this one to.

  187. jesse Says:

    My doctor told me the same thing.

  188. tiffany Says:


  189. Briana Says:

    I’m 17 weeks 1 day. I’ve been feeling flutters, it’s crazy to know I have a human growing inside me. I hope it’s not wrong for me to say this but it’s hard to enjoy the pregnancy with all the pains and aches.. Either way I feel a huge bond between me and my baby and can’t wait to be able to hold it.

  190. misssmariah Says:

    Just felt my little guy tap my fingertip twice! If I push firmly. It’s amazing! First pregnancy 17weeks 2days :)

  191. Nikki Says:

    I understand what you mean Brianna I am still sick almost everyday. I’m very excited but its hard. I feel guilty when I miss work try to tough it out as much as I can. I am 17 weeks and 4 days. I go to the doctor today for hearing the heartbeat. Yay! I have finally just started feeling the baby and sometimes its really hard to tell If it was my stomach or baby. My husband loves listening to my belly and talking to the baby its so cute! This site is really fun and full of info I will be keeping up on this one!

  192. annette Says:

    Hi Kelly! I too feel the need to stretch,but my doctor says thats fine,just don't over stretch…You belly will be sore,as everything is getting prepared for birth.I read alot,and find helpful facts,that makes thing alot easier.I am 42 first pregnancy,and scared to death.Just take it easy,and 1 day at a time…Good luck!

  193. annette Says:

    Everything will be fine!

  194. Meagan Says:

    I'm the same way and I'm 17 weeks pregnant, my doctor prescribed me Zofran and it's a god send this stuff is well worth taking…it really helps

  195. jenn Says:

    sorry but thats not possible at 12 weeks….lol

  196. Rachel Says:

    I am 17 weeks pregnant and I am due in July. My first two kids were girls, ages 2 and 10 months, (I know what you are thinking oops!!) but I am excited to have my third and possibly last. With my first two daughters I was super sick and couldn't stop throwing up. Now I am feeling great but I am super super hungry. I haven't gained that much weight but I am scared that I will. I don't know if I am having a boy but I am thinking that way because I am feeling so great. I haven't had really any pregnancy symptoms except for hunger. Has that been the same for you all???

  197. Rachel Says:

    Good luck! Hope all goes well for you and your new baby!

  198. Rachel Says:

    My advise would be to not get too nervous but just enjoy the day. There are parts of the birth that aren't so fun at the moment but there is nothing better than that moment that you see your baby for the first time. Looking back at those moments for me (I have two daughters and I am due in July with my third) have been some of the most special in my life. Good luck!

  199. Jamie Says:

    I am 17weeks the baby has started to move a lot I love every second of it I have thrown up just a handful of times but I feel sick often I am showing a lot I’m going to have a big belly like my mom did with us kids : ) I find out if it’s a boy or girl in three weeks I’m super excited I’m due august 4th

  200. Katie L Reed-Benware Says:

    Thats so exciting. I am sorry to hear about the morning sickness. I had it really bad my first two months or so-i actually ended up in the E.R. and lost 20+lbs. I was 17 weeks yesterday and It has finally started to subside. So, hang in there. :)
    On the 14th I find out what I am having, my husband and I are super excited. (Its his birthday that day).
    My due date is the 5th of August.

  201. ashley Says:

    i'm showing alot too, it makes me real nervious. i'm hoping for a girl… plus i can't tell if all this stuff in my tummy is really baby. i'm also due august 4th

  202. Whitney Says:

    Thats great to hear!! I'm a week behind you! :) I'm due August 14th! I havent felt the baby move yet however..which sucks =( We find out the sex on March 21st!

  203. ashley Says:

    Aww.I am 17 weeks today, due on August 6th, and I am still a little sick. What bothers me most is the pain while trying to sleep. My hips, back, shoulders…can't get comfortable at all. Bad migraines too. I will find out the sex on the 16th tho :)

  204. Cortnie Says:

    Congrats! I am due Aug 4th as well!

  205. Preety Says:

    hello mommies. i’m due on August 15th and am not showing too much yet. However i havent fell the baby move yet. Gud luck to all mother to be.

  206. Evelyn Says:

    Hi im Evelyn. Im 17 weeks with my third child. started feeling flutters like 4 days ago off and on. My husband and I have 2 boys, 6 yo & 3 yo. So far I’ve gained about 10lbs, got over my morning sickness about 2 weeks ago ( Thank God!!:) ), my hormones have been like a roller coaster the worst is when I cried at movies, my boys doing something to make us proud, at my life going thru some tough times with my mom. And I am very thankful my husband is 100% supportive. though out of the weight gain, roller coaster emotions. My cravings are different from my boys were the same. but i have been feeling so tired in the last 3 weeks. I do need to go and find maternity pants and shirts! hope im not a emotion freak with being pregnant!

  207. Evelyn Says:

    im due august 11 got 2 boys i am praying and hopeing for a girl! cravings are different from my boys. starting to feel flutters since 4 days ago off and on! its so amazing! congrats to all expectant moms!

  208. Bianca Says:

    am 17 weeks now with my second child. also started feeling movements recently and its the best feeling to know something’s growing inside you. i had a rough first 3 months with morning sickness that lasted throughout the day and struggled to keep anything down. its getting better though.

  209. shannon rogers Says:

    Hey Ashley, I'm due August 7th and nervous about the size of my tummy too. It seems to be growing everywhere; from top to bottom…not just a cute pooch like so many others.
    Good luck,

  210. Leah Says:

    I’m 17 weeks and 5 days today and can already feel my baby moving. I’m so excited to find out what the sex of the baby is even though that won’t be for another month yet. This is my first(so excited) yay. Well congrats to all u soon to be mamas!

    EDD: aug. 10th

  211. Alisha Says:

    Hi Ladies :) My name is Alisha and I will be 17 weeks preggo in 2 days!! This is child number 3 for me! I am a mother of two boys, one is 10 and the other is 2! I am super excited about this baby, but super scared too! You would think I would be plenty prepared by this one, but my other 2 children were with my ex husband and this one is from my current boyfriend! I know this sounds stupid but it scared me for many reasons. Reasons such as the health, looks, development and everything in between. I do tend to suffer from panic attacks and anxiety so maybe that plays a role on the way I'm feeling!! Has anyone ever been through a situation like this, any advise?!?!
    Congrats to all you soon to be mommies!!! Good luck and God Bless ;)

  212. Tiffany Says:

    I will be 17 weeks tomorrow! I am due August 17th! I have 2 little boys- 2 and 4 and this is my third pregnancy. I am super excited and hopeing for a little girl! I have lost weight this pregnancy but I havn’t been throwing up…just not wanting to eat too much! We get to have our ultrasound on March 15th and i’m a little nervous! I hope I have a happy and healthy baby! Good luck to all you mommies!!

  213. Samantha Says:

    I am also due August 17th this year and this is my first child. I haven't been gaining weight at all this pregnancy, but I am sure that will be changing eventually. Good luck with your ultrasound and the rest of your pregnancy. =] My first ultrasound is going to be on the 24th, I am super anxious and cannot wait for that appointment.

  214. chrissy Says:

    I am also due August 17th :) This is my 2nd baby I have a 6 yr old daughter whom I had MANY health issues with. I wish you the best and I have my ultrasound on March 14th L) Good luck you all of you. I gained with my daughter but with this one I am gaining more.

  215. simone Says:

    I'm due August 12th and i found out i am having a little girl. Though my daughter wanted a girl and my son and husband wanted a boy, I am happy that me and the baby is doing well. I hope you get good results also….. Good Luck with everything….

  216. randie Says:

    omgosh!! thats when i am due !!!! i am having a boy :) congrats

  217. randie Says:

    my birthday is august 12th :) not many babies are born on that day

  218. Liesl Says:

    Im due August 18th =] Good luck xx

  219. mimi Says:

    i'm 17 weeks thrid baby i'm spitting bleeding my doctor give to me metronidazole is danger for baby?

  220. martha Says:

    i'm 17 weeks this my thrid baby i'm spitting pleeding my doctor give to metronidazole is danger for my baby i'm just worry?

  221. Jenette Heyel Says:

    Hi Alisha, my name is Jenette. I am 17 weeks pregnant today!!! This is my first baby, and i have bi-polar disorder. It runs on my father's side of the family. Ive been coping with the disorder since i was 13 years old. I was taking medication and talking to a psychiatrist for about 7 years when i realized i didnt want to take medication anymore. so i took my self off the meds and listened to myself. i learned my triggers for anxiety and how to cope with the panic attacks. i am proud to say that i have been off my meds for almost 3 years now and i think i am happier now than when i was on the meds. Here are a few tricks that i use to help with my anxiety.

    1: if i feel anxious i take myself out of the situation (if possible) step away and just breathe. breathing is a big part. it helps you calm down. Breathe in threw your nose untill your stomach expands and then slowly let it out threw your mouth.

    2: examine figure out why you are feeling anxious. see if there is anything you can change. i mean the situation. what is making you upset, knowing your triggers is half the battle.

    3: start a journal this has helped me a bunch. when you are feeling anxious or after a panic attack, write down how you were feeling, what you were doing, who was around, where you were and what all happend. this way when your head is clear and you have calmed down you can look back and read and learn from the experience. this has helped me a whole lot. i have about 3 journals and i still look back and read them and i still learn from them

    4 talk to someone. sometimes just talking to someone about how you feel and about what is going on makes you feel better. its like writing in a journal, and talking to someone with take your mind off of what is making you upset. dont be afraid to talk about your feelings, keeping your feelings inside (internalizing) does not help. and if you feel you cant talk to someone then write in your journal!!

    once you have figgured out your triggers and what happens when you feel anxious it is a lot easier to control it. especially now that we are pregnant and a lot more anxious. it is really rewarding when you can stop an attack before it happens. its ok to stop doing what your doing for a few moments to get ahold of yourself.

    Congrats on your pregnancy and good luck.

    I hope i was able to help just a little bit!!

    And dont worry…you are not alone!!!!

  222. Jenette Says:

    but if anyone is on medication, always talk to your doctor before you stop taking them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  223. Chioma Says:

    i really enjoy this mail, exactly what you people said is what am feeling,the baby kicking and my husband like to fell the movement he like to touch my stomach went the baby is moving, and i feel better now than before,

    thank you people for your help.

  224. Princezz Says:

    Writing in your journal, talking to someone( someone positive and encouraging that is), and breathing all work for me. Also when you do get to a calm place and you have released what is on your heart and mind, it is always relaxing to have you a nice warm bubble bath with a few candles and maybe even relaxing oil in the water. If you can have some peaceful music playing while you just relax.

  225. Princezz Says:

    Hello everyone!! Congrats to all the mothers and mothers-to-be. I am 17 weeks and 4 days pregnant and have already had milk come out of my breast..Is that normal for that to happen so early?

  226. Britanny Says:

    Is this your first pregnancy? Normally the milk doesnt come in until after the baby is born. There is a nutritious fluid called colostrum that will be available for baby until the milk comes in. If there is anything leaking from your breasts this early, you should see your doctor. Try not to stress yourself out about it though, I am sure that everything is ok.

  227. Kate Says:

    Absolutely – The colostrum or "pre-milk" comes at week 17 so that's completely normal. The actual milk will come in a few days after the baby is born but the colostrum is all he/she needs for the first few days.

  228. brooke Says:

    I am almost 17 weeks and due on sept. 2nd. this is my second child i have a 3 year old girl and my fiance has a 9 year old girl so a boy would be amazing. but we’ll be happy either way. they say u feel the baby move earlier after ur first. however im getting worried i have not felt this one move yet. i felt my daughter when i was 15 wks then she never stopped. also i am very emotional and insecure. im still happy most of the time. just wondering if anyone else is facing the same worries

  229. Danielle Says:

    im 17 weeks pregnant this is my first i feel lots of movments i have had morning sickness a couple of times but not alot i get headaches and back pains alot. i go bck to the doctors on april 14 to find out if boy or girl im 9/01/11. im kinda worried tht the baby isnt healthy i eat plenty of food just some not always bein the best for me im 15 years old.

  230. Chelle Says:

    Heyy im 17 weeks and something days. due august 27. This is my first! I am only 18. i thought that i felt it kick a few times but i was not positive and it dosent happen alot. Its so exciteing when it does though because it makes it seem more real and makes me very happy that i am pregnant. I get worried when i dont feel it move but mom told me that soon enough the baby will be moveing regularly. I cant wait!!! :) Im pretty little so my bump showed kinda early but im the only one who noticed it. Now everyone can notice unless i wear a big hoodie or something. Good luck everyone i hope everything goes smoothly for you all:)

  231. Rachel Says:

    No, It's not danger for your baby. It's just antibiotics, it's completely safe during pregnancy, I just got over my week of taking this. Cleared things right up. Had a Bacterial Infection down below..Gotta loove pregnancy!! Never had one in my life before..

  232. Kasey Says:

    my due date is 9-1-11 and ive had all the same symptoms funny huh….this is my second i have a five year old daughter name mikia and ive ate fast food everyday lol

  233. Celia Sandoval Says:

    Hi Alisha,

    I am 17 weeks and 2 days pregnant with my first child, I can relate to how you feel about the panic attacks and anxiety, I too feel the same way. I worry about everything, especially about the baby's development, especially when you hear sad stories :( my boyfriend keeps telling me everything will be ok and he's very supportive (thank goodness) :) We too are super excited and get to find out in April if its a boy or a girl. At my last appointment we heard the baby's heartbeat so that has made me feel better, it was the best most beautiful thing I have ever heard. I'm still not sure if I have felt movement, that makes me a little nervous, I just hope everything is ok. It just feels good being able to relate to someone. Best wishes with you, your family and pregnancy. God bless :)

  234. Brooke Says:

    I am now 17 wks 4 days and wake up every single night at 3:04am and 6:02am to go to the bathroom. I dont remember this happening quite so early with my 1st pregnancy. But find it comical that the times are so exact everyday. My little man’s already on a schedule.

  235. Mrs Udezeh Says:

    Im sorry i was just reading these posts and noticed your name. My husbands sisters name is Chioma they are Nigerian. Are you Nigerian as well?

  236. Mrs Udezeh Says:

    I am 17 weeks and 2 days pregnant with my second. I have a 15 month old daughter so we are hoping for a boy now :) My husband is in the army and will be gone until im 8 months pregnant but this is nothing new I went through my whole first pregnancy without him :( Wishing all you mommys to be a healthy pregnancy:)

  237. Hal Says:

    That is so cute Chelle im due august 26 how funny I wish you all the best, but do you guys have problem by having bad heart burn? Im in so much pain.I can't even sleep at night. any advice would be so awsome. Good luck with everything ladies.

  238. stephanie Says:

    Hello everyone! I’m 17 weeks pregnant on Tuesday! Its my first child and I’m just ready to feel movements and find out the sex of the baby! I’ve had sickness real bad when I first got pregnant in March and now its just if I eat to much or if I eat something that doesn’t agree with me. I am excited to start showing more then what I am right now I just have a lil baby bump lol my husband and I are getting ready to goto florida in about 6 days so I hope I’m ok while I’m there for about 10 days! I’ve had a lot of cramping and had problems with having regular bowl movements I’ve been trying to eat more fiber in my diet.

  239. Angeline Duarte Says:

    My spouse and I stumbled over here by a different web address and thought I might as well check things out. I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to finding out about your web page again.

  240. Michelle Says:

    Hello everyone. This is my first baby…the only thing that scares me is labor …i’m so terrified. Should I do the empidural??? Not sure. I don’t feel any movement yet and I am 17 weeks. I find the gender next week!! Soo excited!! The good thing is that I do not get any morning sickness, I just get alot of headaches and this heat is not helping my situation either. Any words of advise I would appreciate it!!!

  241. Lisa Says:

    I am 17 weeks at 41 yrs old! Everything is going great and my 17 yr old daughter is very excited to hopefully be getting a baby sister. We find out in 3 weeks. My belly popped out about 2-3 weeks ago. I’ve heard of this B belly and I think that would best describe my bump right now. I’m walking on the treadmill as much as possible but not as often as I should, daily would be ideal. I look forward to the round firm belly. About the epipural, that’s a personal choice. I held out with my daughter for about 10 hrs, broke down and got the epidural and BAM, she was out 30 minutes later! This time around I’m not waiting ;) Good luck mommies!

  242. Dierra Says:

    Im 17 weeks and 2 days. I have yet to feel flutters or movement and I really can’t wait to feel my baby move! This is my first pregnancy. Is it normal not to feel movement this early in your first pregnancy?

  243. Kaitlyn Says:

    I am 17 weeks and i can feel my baby kick me and it has one place where it loves to do it at. It is very amazing and i find out here in a few weeks what i am having. I dont have much of being sick just really tired in the morning thats pretty much it.

  244. Kaitlyn Says:

    dierra my doctor says you can feel it between now and 22 weeks and then the father can feel by 23 to 25 weeks bc this is my first as well and this is all what they told me

  245. hostreviewgirl.com Says:

    Magnificent web site. Plenty of helpful information here. I’m sending it to several pals ans also sharing in delicious. And certainly, thanks for your sweat!

  246. morgan Says:

    I am 17 and 17 weeks pregnant im due on my moms 40th birthday march 29. i was raped so dont pull me down because im young. im graduating a year early so i can graduate soon after i have my little one. i was not worried about getting pregnant because i was told at 12 i would never be able to carry a child and so this child is a blessing. i know i will be able to support this child i work 12 hour shifts in a nursing home and get paided 18 dollars an hour and im still in school. after i graduate the nursing home is sending me to collage to get a degree in physical therapy. i know im young i know i could have aborted the baby but by the time i found out i was pregnant i was 12 weeks. i still have been having bleeding like a period and my great grandma told me she thought i was pregnant so i bought a test and cried my whole 12 hour shift because i did not have sex besides being raped so i knew it was his baby. this baby should have not been created but it was in a very hard time in my life where i almost overdosed on some meds because i did not feel needed. i stopped trying to overdose right before i got raped and something told me i was need now and now i know why i am needed i have a baby to take care of. my family is not a very big support. i am alone to buy everything and i know my child will not have the best cloths but it will have the best i can give and it will have something which is always better then nothing.

  247. Melissa Reckner Says:

    Hey there, You have done a great job. I will certainly digg it and personally recommend to my friends. I’m sure they’ll be benefited from this web site.

  248. jackie lee Says:

    im pregnant wth my 3rd 1 nd hvent felt my baby move at all

  249. Jonell Gurin Says:

    I have been checking out many of your articles and it’s pretty clever stuff. I will definitely bookmark your website.

  250. Trish Says:

    Congrats Ladies!!! I am 17 weeks pregnant with my second child. This pregnancy is much different then my 1ast 7 years ago, morning sickness has completely wiped me out. I feel awful because I was so healthy with my first, but this time I eat whatever makes me feel good. My belly is definitely showing, people think I’m farther along and I have r3cently started to feel baby move. (What a wonderful feeling)

    Good luck everyone

  251. maria Says:

    thanks to all the mommies i to feel so much better to read uall coments. i have been worried about not feeling my baby much and my belly has not grown as much as i expected. but i read that im not the only one. thanks for shareing.

  252. Sell your own designed fashion for free. Says:

    I like the valuable information you provide to your articles. I will bookmark your blog and test once more right here regularly. I’m somewhat certain I will be told many new stuff right right here! Best of luck for the following!

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