18 Weeks Pregnant

As you continue on into the second trimester, you will start to notice that your appetite is increasing. This will happen over the remainder of your pregnancy. As the baby grows, he or she will be absorbing the majority of your nutrients. As that happens, your appetite increases. This can be where women get into trouble with gaining weight. You will have to increase the amount of food that you eat, but try to keep it healthy. It isn’t always easy, but try to steer clear of the unhealthy foods and eat those less frequently.

Baby’s Development

By now the baby’s CR, or Crown to Rump length should be approximately 5-1/2 inches and the baby will now weigh around 5.25 ounces. The baby is developing a few layers of fat, but this growth will slow down for a bit. In the last month or so, the baby will gain about ½ a pound every week.

Around this week or perhaps before, your doctor will be able to listen to your baby’s heartbeat with an abdominal Doppler.  The familiar whooshing will be checked with each doctor’s visit.

By now, your baby could be doing somersaults in the uterus and can even sit cross-legged. The baby’s hearing is more advanced, and they can hear sounds as well as the sound of your voice. If they become startled, they may start kicking. The baby will become familiar with the sound of your heartbeat and familiar voices. The blood continues to go through the umbilical cord.

Baby can flex his or her arms and legs with more strength now. The genitals have fully formed, but finding out if you are having a boy or girl won’t usually happen for a few more weeks.

Changes With Your Body

By now you will be able to feel the uterus in the lower part of your abdomen. At week eighteen the uterus is about the size of a cantaloupe. You may also start to use the bathroom more often as the baby will at some point be putting pressure on the bladder. Other symptoms moms have reported include

  • Dizziness
  • Vivid, strange dreams
  • Increased appetite
  • Increased sex drive
  • Backaches
  • Swelling

What To Expect

Coming days will leave you feeling pretty well overall.  Take this time to enjoy your pregnancy, keep a journal and make sure to pay attention for your baby’s movements.

To keep up your energy, you want to snack more often during the day, but stay away from empty calories.


Keep taking your prenatal vitamins and stay hydrated. Relaxing and enjoying the pregnancy is the best thing that you can do right now. Keep following your doctors’ advice and get plenty of rest. If you want to start looking at baby names, it can be a fun way to pass the time as well.


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  1. junita samos Says:

    i am 18 weeks pregnant and i still dont feel the baby moving.cant wait till i do though. good luck 2 all u laies.x

  2. boyana Says:

    I am 18 weeks now but i have felt movements when i was 16 weeks, it felt more like fast kicks and then it goes away and then it comes back again. I would not be worried my doctor says that it all depends some women can feel it earlier and some dont until 19-20 weeks :) it does feel amazing though.

  3. Faye Says:

    I am also 18 weeks and I have not felt movement yet though. Am not concerned though as I have the next 5 months for it to kick up a storm. Am feeling good though and can’t wait for my next scan to see my babba again!

  4. Anna Says:

    I am 18 weeks pregnant with my third and I have just started to feel my baby moving about. Is great to read all the other views. Good luck everyone.

  5. Tmarie Says:

    I am 18 weeks and feel like my husband is mad at me. I am not sure if I am being extra sesative or not

  6. lala Says:

    i am 19 weeks with my third and still havent felt my baby move yet. i hear this is common and varies with all women…. but congrats everyone

  7. amy Says:

    I am also like many of you 18 weeks and I as well have felt my baby move @ 16 weeks. I went to Wal-Mart and bought this heartbeat monitor thing so I can listen to my baby's heartbeat. Let me tell ya, I was having a bad day at work and I listened to my babys heart beat and a smile instantly came on my face. This device was made by Graco and here in Wisconsin it was 23.00

  8. Shales Says:

    i am 18 weeks and my baby is kicking and moving up a storm this is my second child 8 years apart so it all feels sooo new.. Congrats Mommy's

  9. private Says:

    I felt movement very early; I think it was around 12 weeks. It feels kind of like a muscle spasm at first and then increases to more little taps.

  10. Amanda Says:

    i am 18 pregnant and i have felt the baby move……but barely. Although this is my third and in about another month i will want the baby to calm down in there so there are no worries here…..Congrats to all the new mommies

  11. BritneyShanaye Says:

    Im 18 weeks pregnant and i really dont feel my baby move a lot. i might feel flutters or little fast kicks but thats about it and I dont feel them everyday. The doctors say its all normai. l cant wait to find out and see my baby again. Hopefully my nexy visit they can tell what im having ! Good luck All Mommies !!!

  12. mary Says:

    I am 18 weeks an this is my second psycho. I had extreme light movements at 16 weeks but at 17 weeks the baby just went psycho on me lol the dad is sad cause he cant feel it even the strong kicks but look ladies its ok if it dont move you get to pee less lol. The baby is so low I feel like everytime she moves (convinced its a girl) its right on my bladder lol. Good luck though all will come in time as long as that heartbeat is heard you have nothing to worry about :)

  13. carolina Says:

    I'm 18 weeks almost 19, my next appt. is on on tuesday i can't wait to go. Finally they are goignt to tell me what im having. All my family is convinced is a boy.( I wish) My pregnancy has been a very complicated one because i have diabetes. But even all this going on i still started feeling my baby around my 16 week.

  14. First timer Says:

    i felt my baby move once and it felt wormy.
    but i don’t get that feeling now every so often i feel like i get butterflies
    in my abdomen,or sometimes my abdomen gets tight and loosens up

  15. stefany Says:

    im 18 weeks and felt flutters and taps..never know if its baby or gas!!!! i need something more defined…lol

  16. tip Says:

    im 18 wks amd feel my baby move more and more each day…

  17. reshay Says:

    lol i am 17 weeks damn there 18 and i felt flutters at 15 weeks now that im 18 weeks i feel the babies head from time to time in my lower tummy,i go find out what im havin on this wednesday last time i attepted my baby was to stuborn so wish me luck.(girl?)

  18. guest Says:

    I am 17 weeks and just started feeling the movements. This too is my second child and mine will be 71/2 years apart.

  19. jamaura woods Says:

    is its bad if i dont take prenate care

  20. Candy Says:

    I'm 17 weeks 4days and I started feeling my little man (found out what I was having at 15wks!) kick at 15wks and I'm kind of scared LOL because my baby girl is 10!! So I'm really starting new!

  21. zaretta Says:

    yes my sister just had a baby 1 month ago and she had a high risk pregnancy and the baby had to be under a light im not sure what the light was called but they said the baby skin color was yellowish

  22. kelly Says:

    im 18 weeks i felt the baby move at 16 weeks now my baby moves like crazy they could not tell me what im having but im hoping its a boy but im dizzy i went to the doctor because i was scared for the baby and the said my iron was low so i doing everything to make sure me and the baby is okay Congrat to all the Mommies^_^

  23. Berlynn Says:

    I am 18 weeks pregnant and I use to feel the baby move at 15 weeks but now, I don't feel movement at all. Just went for a check-up and the baby has a strong heartbeat!

  24. guest Says:

    This is my third child and I have a 9 year and a 7 year old… so this is all new to me as well… I can so relate!

  25. ChellaWella Says:

    Thats called bilirubin. its a problem with the baby kidneys and in order to fix it the baby has to be under uv lights and incubated for a while it can be life threatening if not treated

  26. Chellawella Says:

    What do u mean ?do you mean prenatal vitamins or prenatal care with an obgyn or midwife? if u dont take ur prental vitamins its possible that the baby will not have the proper neutrition. I dont know where u are from but here in Nyc (usa) the state passed a law that if u do not get prenatal care it is niglect and as soon as the baby is born they take it away. There is alot of things that can go wrong it is important to get the proper care when pregnant there are many complications that can mean your life or the babys or both to me i wouldnt risk not seeing a dr.

  27. chern Says:

    i am 18 weeks pregnant and have been feelin loads of movements like somersaults – and turning and little soft kicks the feeling is amazing just lets me know my little sprout is ok in there. Cant wait to find out the sex in 3weeks. This is my first child and i am sooo excited. Thinking about getting a 3d scan too i just love the fact that my child is growing inside me.

  28. kjbr Says:

    I am 18 weeks tomorrow…. And my BIG visit to determine the sex is tomorrow… I cant wait !!! I want a girl sooo bad !!! lol I already have 2 nephews and a stepson… so a girl is badly needed in the fam…lol This is my first baby and I first felt the baby at 16 1/2 weeks… and since then I feel he/she move almost everyday… to me it dont feel like gas or bubbles… My stomach gets very hard and its almost like a little fish in there… Its amazing…. :)

  29. Brew Says:

    I am 18 weeks today with my first baby. I think I have felt some movement – feel like little bubbles, butt they are not constant. I can't wait until I can feel real movement so I can be reassured!

  30. april Says:

    i am eighteen weeks going on nineteen. Have felt baby move at eleven weeks then stopped and felt baby move again last week three days in a row but havent felt baby since last week just went doc friday heard heart beat everything is great. Am sure i havin a girl been sick and constantly throw up wit my three boys i was never sick. Will see. Soon cause they scheduled me ultra sound 4 next week. Cant wait! Am so excited!

  31. Blessed Says:

    I’m 18 weeks pregnant and i urinate every 5 mins but the urine is not always much so i always feel pain in my abdomen.

  32. yvanca Says:

    Iam 19 weeks pregnant, i feel some contractions and feeling bloated all the time. is it normal?

  33. Alexis Says:

    Hi, I am 18 weeks pregnant as well. I have felt my baby moving and kicking since about week 16. Sometimes, the baby will be moving for a whole hour straight then falls asleep (I’m guessing). My belly is getting really big and my belly button is already stretching out. I hope its not twins! I get to find out what my baby is at week 20. Hopefully, its a boy. This is my first child and I’m always playing with my belly. I’m so excited to be a mommy. :)

  34. Kim Says:

    I never believed anyone when they said that with baby #2 you will get bigger and show earlier… But its true!! I am 18 weeks now and I feel and look like Im going to pop already.. I am really glad that Im not going to be huge during the summer.. We find out in 2 weeks what it is so we are really excited about that. I love this feeling!!

  35. claire Says:

    this is my first pregnancy and i am 18 weeks pregnant and keep feeling paranoid that my baby is not there is this normal to worry so much? Or am i just being silly? Also im sure if it is movement im feeling sometimes feels like little vibrations its not all the time and can be every couple of days? I can’t wait till i can feel my baby move just so i know he or she is there and ok!

  36. JaNe' Says:

    im 17wks and 4 days and im barely showing. i was concerned about it but at my 16wk ultrsound, my baby measurements were correct. ive felt my baby moving, that was exciting, but my lack of weight gain is scary to me, am i the only one who has experienced this?

  37. Kelly Says:

    I'm 18 weeks and 1 day (first pregnancy) and I have only gained about 4 lbs. I asked my doctor and he had told me he's not too worried about weight gain yet.

  38. Jewel Says:

    I wish you girls would keep negative comments to yourself, it’s not helping others who are not experiencing what you are.

  39. mariah Says:

    i dont see any negative comments….

  40. mariah Says:

    oh honey!!!! wait till baby is under your ribs! or stretching on your bladder in the middle of the grocery store! lol! then you will be saying "i cant wait till i have this baby!"

  41. Jess Says:

    Jamaura – Prenatal vitamins give you the nutrition the baby takes away. If you eat healthy they really aren’t necessary but you should try to take them. Where I’m from its a free country and if you don’t take prenatal care its your choice but I don’t recommend it. Its important to see a doctor.

  42. Kiasia Says:

    I jus turned 18 weeks and I feel little movements like little pops or butterflies but not kicks yet ! The movements are no consistant but i cant wait to feel the kicks.. ! im so excitedd with my first child ! <3

  43. Odyssey Pierce Says:

    Hey there ive been reading yawls comments i am 18 weeks and 2 days i go to the dr today to see what im having im scared my first baby i just want everything to go smoothly a lil jealous that all i hae felt is flutters and some have movement i hope i feel that soon good luck you all :)

  44. Odyssey Pierce Says:

    iTS A BOY!!!!<3B)

  45. Andrea Says:

    I’m in my 18th week & started feeling flutters from 11wks. Baby’s kicks are almost strong enough now for daddy to feel,I can feel them ever so slightly from the outside-but I can feel how my baby has grown stronger over the past week from the inside. This is my 1st,I’v been very sensitive to my baby so that’s why I started feeling movements so early. It also depends,I’ve noticed when I’m really busy and occupied with other things then I do not notice when baby moves,but I’m on bedrest for 2weeks coz of a threatened miscarriage and especially now I can feel every single move my baby makes…enjoying it! I’ve also noticed that baby moves around more if I drink a really icy drink,they say it changes the temperature in the womb and in response to that the baby tries to scuirm away.I dnt do that to often though-dnt want my baby to hate me for that (^^,)… Good luck to all you mummies & mummies2B

  46. smodge Says:

    I'M 18 WEEKS and still not showing yet but been feeling the baby move for the past week!

  47. BRITTNEY Says:


  48. stacey Says:

    this is my second pregnancy and im 18 weeks. i felt the baby move when i was 14 weeks pregnant. my belly is huge, i look like im 6 months pregnant. i have an 18 month old son and hope i have another boy but if its a girl, that would be great too.

  49. Charlotte Says:

    Hi JaNe! I have had severe sickness throughout my pregnancy, only now is it settling down! The weight has just dropped off me and I haven't had much of a weight gain at all either so your not alone! :) I've only really felt flutters I think, I'm still waiting for them to move about properly and let me know they're ok! :) I find out what I'm having on the 17th November! :) Good luck with everything! x

  50. Staci Says:

    Hey sweetie, am 18 weeks prego and Ive lost 20lbs since I got pregnant. My doctor told me that as long as the baby is growing and where it should be then everything is fine and its okay to lose some weight. But if the baby isnt growing like it should then they would put me on a diet that has alot of healthy fat for the baby. Every woman is different when they start showing, So as long as your baby is fine, then your fine

  51. Martha Says:

    That's great Amy, I have been thinking of purchasing one myself. This is my first pregnancy and I find myself feeling depressed a lot. But I have noticed that it helps when I hear the babies heartbeat at the doctors office.

  52. Martha Says:

    Hi first timer, this is my first pregnancy too and I have felt butterflies in my stomach a few times. It might be baby your feeling. Sometimes I questions the butterfly feelings too, but it makes me feel happy if I believe its my baby.

  53. Martha Says:

    Tmarie, I can totally relate. I am so emotional that I take everything personal. I am sure your husband is under his own stress as we are. Do you think your depressed? I am almost sure I am and I don't know how to feel better.

  54. Martha Says:

    Hi ladies,
    This is my first pregnancy and I am scared. I find myself wanting to cry all the time, isolating, and getting angry a lot. Plus my nose is dry that it's difficult sleeping and sometimes being comfortable during the day. Does any one have the same issue? I feel alone…

  55. cdebram Says:

    Hey ladies this is my third time around, and I have found myself more sick with each prgnancy! I am almost 18 weeks and extremely tired!!! Just barely felling flutters like most of you but usually @ night when I lay down, really pay attention then you may have not noticed before. I was Very destrought and emotional during my first pregnancy, your never alone!!! Sorry to say sinus issues just get worse, if its juist dryness try saline drops or talk to dr. Best wishes for you all!!!

  56. Nicole Says:

    hi martha im nearly 18 weeks pregnant and i was having the exact same thing and was just crying and crying but all that stopped about a week ago so just to let you know that your not alone because i have spoke to alot of mommys to be and they have felt exactly the same. good look with the baby

  57. Martha McClanahan Says:

    Hi Martha,

    I am 18 weeks into my 5th pregnancy. I have dealt with feelings of depression to one degree or another with every baby. I have felt everything you describe. Pregnancy can be emotionally devastating. I never expected to feel all the things I felt. Even worse, we often believe that pregnancy should be absolute bliss and we feel guilty when we don't respond the way we think we should or when we don't live up to our own expectations. You should know that you are not alone. Our feelings are very real, in a sense, but I found it comforting to realize that all those feelings are really just hormones. Our bodies are adjusting to so many things. Try to give yourself a break. Realize that you are doing a miraculous, wonderful thing in giving life to this child. It is a very special gift and no one but you can do for this baby what you are doing. You are not alone. I am another Martha who very much understands.


  58. lydia Says:

    me either

  59. Megs Says:

    Hey Martha! Im 18wks & 2 days with my first. And everything you described I have felt! Lately I have been wanting to cry at everything from things people say to a commercial on tv it has personally drove me nuts, I can be fine one minute and be crying the next. I also get angry all the time and its about stuff I use to not care about. My boyfriend(baby daddy) has noticed the change and its hurting our relationship some. And thats not what I want believe me I try and hold back all the time now. Sleeping is another story for me. I just cant do it! I can be sooo sooo tired and I just can not get comfortable or I get cramps in my legs or arm goes to sleep.

    so you are definitely not alone! I feel the same exact way!!

    I wish you the best of luck!!

  60. Stephy Says:

    I am 18 weeks pregnant, i’ve felt the baby move quite a bit. I’m not sure if i’ve gained as much weight as i should. I’ve thrown up for two days and i’m not really sure what’s happening! This is my first baby i’m hoping to carry to term, i’ve had many conmplications in the past. I get very drowsy and sleepy, i’m excited and scared!

  61. Lucia Says:

    Hi! Ladies iam also 18 weeks along. Iam always crying and iam worried if it will affect my baby. This is my first child and i jst cant wait to hold her in my arms! Good luck ladies and may God be wit us through our journey!

  62. Erin Says:

    Hi Lucia-

    I've been crying SO much lately and have been worried about the same thing. I haven't talked to my doctor about it yet but what I do (to offset my emotional outbursts) is spend a lot of time talking to the baby in a soothing voice and singing to it. I figure if I make the effort to bring as much positivity to its life as I can, it will reduce the effects of the crying (if there even are any). I know that a lot of things we read might say stress can be bad for the baby or determine its personality, etc., but I really believe that the bottom line is, that baby is going to know from the moment its born how much its loved, and as long as it gets that reinforcement throughout its life, we have nothing to worry about :)

  63. melissa Says:

    I am the same way! I was on the couch crying the other day because I want to see my baby and I am also 18 weeks and it feels so far away.

  64. Bethanyday Says:

    Well, I too am 18 weeks along & have gained 12 lbs. I’m trying not to focus on that because I workout & eat pretty good. Everyone talks so much about not gaining too much weight. Its hard to know what is normal when it’s your first & your body is changing so much! Luckily I have felt great the entire time & am really enjoying being pregnant! Congrats to you all as well :)

  65. Cradleof Nails66 Says:

    yeah um.. i havent seen anything negative.

  66. Mutinta K. S. Says:

    Iam 18 weeks 1 day today. I havent started feeling the babys movements much, i dont know if its not active or its not just time. Sometimes i get worried that may be the baby is not ok. Sometimes when iam not seated in a good position, like on a desk, i would feel something like pushing a bit, then when i lay back a bit like lean on the back of the chair, it stops. I guess by 20 weeks the movements wil be more. My appetite is getting worse and worse, eating too much, though in my mouth it still feels bitter especially when taking water. I cant wait to see my baby, just wondering wether its a girl or boy and what it looks like on the face. It is my third pregnancy, i have a girl almost 3yrs and a boy 7yrs both c-sections. This one will be a planned c-section pray that it goes well when the time comes. All the best my fellow mothers.

  67. Lucinda Says:

    im almost 18 weeks and i havnt felt kicks but ive felt an occ. flutter. i have 2 children 18 and 17 so im definately starting all over again and i have to say im a nervous wreck, i get so paranoid aBOUt everything…the doctors say i will have to have a c-section since my other 2 children were by c-section. but i am enjoying every lil stage….gud luck ladies

  68. Mira Says:

    Well, this is my 18 week then, i didn’t feel the moves that clear, but I have gained 12lbs, I think it is tooooo much, I don’t want to focus on weight, but focusing on the healthy choices.
    Hope God be with all of us & to reach that happy moment when we can hold our little ones ………..oh, I can’t wait:)

  69. Veronica Says:

    I am 18 weeks today…..I feel huge..this is my second pregancy. My daughter will be 12 soon, so this feels completely new, lol. I have the baby a couple of times(i think). Maybe just gas, who knows for sure!! Congrats to all! Happy new year!

  70. makaronimom Says:

    I am almost 18 weeks with my second. I haven’t felt this one move yet. With my first one I had my ultrasound at 20 weeks and saw him moving as I felt it. I had been feeling it a couple of weeks by then but didn’t know it was the baby. I thought it was gas. lol. It really is an incredible thing. With this one my placenta is in the front so my doctor said it will take a little longer to feel it move.

  71. Eve Says:

    Hi there! I love your blog, but your blog doesn’t load in Internet Explorer 6. Can you give me advice? Many thanks! ;-) Eve

  72. Emy Says:

    It is my first pregnancy, I am 16 weeks and I still throw up in the evening. My nose are dry, my skin is dry too, do you experience the same thing!
    i don`t know at how many weeks we can find out if the baby is a boy or a girl, I will see my doctor at 18 weeks, I cannot wait!

  73. AMORLITA Says:


  74. valerie Says:

    hey i only found out i was pregnant a week ago and im 18 weeks because i had been gettin a light period. I went to the emergency room for bad abdominal pains and found out thats my baby getting bigger. My boyfriend starting crying in the ultrasound room because he saw the baby moving in my stomach. Im scared because i have yet to tell anyone do not know how to go about it im worried my parents wont accept it because im only 21even though im still happy after seeing my baby for the first time im already planning what im goin to do.

  75. brittany Says:

    Valerie. . . .don’t worry u will find a way to tell every1. I’m 15 years old and 18 weeks pregnant. That was definately not an easy thing to tell my parents. But trust me once u get it off ur chest ur parents will b there to support u. My moms excited to b grandma and helps me n every way she can. I’m finding out on the 8 if I’m having a boy or girl. (Hopefully a boy) I am so excited and nervous n scared. Every time I feel my baby move I shed a tear. I cry at everything! Wen I’m happy, sad, scared, anything pretty much. Do u girls have any advice for a first time soon to be teenage mom?

  76. Soon2Bmommie:) Says:

    Thats Crazy' Im Also 15' and pregnant… Im Also 18 Weeks' But Iv'e Only Felt Fluttering i havnt felt the kick yet' I Find Out What Im having Tomorrow ;) im So Excited!! But I Have A Question' Have You Taking The Boy' Girl Test They Usually Sell At Drugstores.. And All You Have To Do Is Urine In A Cup And It Will Tell You What You Having' I Took It And It Said That Im Having A Boy' So Well See How ACCURATE It is! Well Yeah; GOODLUCK! :)

  77. Shantae Says:

    Just know that the child you having growing inside of you is an absolute miracle and a gift from God. Guard and protect its life as this child has been given to you to take care of, rest in this miracle. : )

  78. kristen Says:

    I had mine at age of 20, they probably going get mad..but there whole attitude change later on in pregnancy and when baby born they forget all about it..but it all depends on ya parents try and do what i did..had dinner and made everything that dealt with baby..baby carrots baby peas stuff like that..more support you have easier it will get but just remember one thing baby will and wont hold man and your job is to protect that child and see that it receieves nothing but best.. parenting classes maybe good just cause of ya age i took em cause i was scared but your maternal instincts wil kick in and everything be oka…good luck and congradulations

  79. kristen Says:

    you girls just babies your self mainly kid, but dont let ppl discourage and ignore what ppl say about age of that you are just life going be put on holdd..if u smart you get your ged that way you can say you graduated and do online college classes..i dont know what it is girls so young i regret being pregnant at age 20 i dont regret my child i just wish i would waited i am 25

  80. Perseph Says:

    Your 21…old enough to have a child and do whats best for you and your baby. You can still go to or finish college… you'll just learn how to go about it differently, you can work …look into daycares that you trust , whether you are pro social programs or not…everybody needs a little help sometimes get the help you need this is not about you its about whats best for Both of You and the love and care thats needed ….you started loving that baby the moment you saw it on the ultrasound, so you'll be fine=). Just some helpful hints, This is your child and your parents are not instant babysitters so no you cant go to every party if that was your thing or say hey il be right back and leave for hours.. if your baby cant go with you.. rethink going at all. be smart and on the offense, think ahead. Oh yeah and sometimes daddys get scared and run even if the swore they never would and they're honestly good guys…be pateint and do what You need to do for you and your little one and everything will work out.. as along as you work it. My heart and prayers are with you and the new little gummy bear =) CONGRATS HONEY!!!

  81. Lisa Says:

    I’m 18 weeks and found out at 16 wks that I’m having a boy. I know 16 wks is early and when they said I was having a girl at 16 wks with my first child it ended up being a boy….so still a little hopeful its a girl. This is my third and final pregnancy and already have two great boys so was really hoping for a girl this time. I have been feeling really down lately and its even worse when your hormones are going crazy. I know every baby is a blessing but truly wanted a girl. Anyone else experience this?

  82. gen Says:

    im 18 weeks pregnany 2nd time mummy.ive been feeling baby for the past 3 weeks and just concerned that some days i have lots of movement and the next much less if any movements at all. is that normal?!

  83. Erica Says:

    Absolutely… I'm 18 weeks as well… I find that when I am moving a lot I cannot feel the baby as much. but when I am calm and watching tv or reading I can feel the baby kick up a storm…

  84. tiff Says:

    i found out i was havin a boy at 13 weeks!!! How crazy is that

  85. vickylee hair Says:

    hi hun yes iam feeling like that and cant help feeling like it iam 41 weeks and have three lovely boys and always wanted a girl in my life i have 2 brothers and all my friends have a girl or one of each and its hard because when i go out with them i feel left out because they all talk about their girls i havent found out with this little bubee as iam scared to x iam going to be induced on the 17th feb and everyones saying i think iam having a girl but my gut feelings is another boy . The only thing whats keeping my chin up is all that pain you go though and when its placed in your arms its the best feeling in the world and thinking about some people out there cant even have baby i do feel selfish when i get that feeling all i want is a girl x anyway hope you are ok and everything works out for you good luck xx vicky lee xxx

  86. danielle Says:

    im the same way. its completely normal so dont worry :)

  87. danielle Says:

    im 18 and 18 weeks pregnant. i cant imagine being 15 years old and pregnant. i hope you girls know that nothing else matters but that child. you no longer get to do what you want to do. my senior year is not what it should have been and i do wish this would have waited until i was older but im lucky and have a great family and fiance. stay strong and dont give up. get your education. thats so important so you can eventually provide for your baby.

  88. danielle Says:

    some women are sick for a few months some throughout the entire pregnancy. and usually they will check for gender between 18 and 20 weeks. thats when everything is developed. :)

  89. Tiffyy Says:

    Hey everyone. I'm 17 and 17 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I know it's not the best situation, but i have a good head on myy shoulders and I'm completelyy devoted to my baby and school. I found out what it is March 4th:) I'm really excited now. Especially sense i have my famly's and my boyfriend's support. i love feeling my baby move. But, sometimes i get so scared something is wrong. Maybe just first time jitters??

  90. Emma Says:

    I'm 18 weeks & 4 days! this is my second pregnancy. I have a two year old daughter. I've been feeling movement for a couple weeks now :) My fiance & I are hoping for a baby boy. We find out March 3rd!

  91. Xaviera Says:

    Good luck! I'm 18 weeks today and fing out on March 4th!

  92. yaya521 Says:

    I'm 18 weeks today! YAY!!! I find out next week whether it's a boy or girl. People keep asking me what do I want first but I don't care as long as it's healthy. But for whatever reason from the beginning I felt like it is a boy. We will see if my "mother's intuition" is right!

  93. aleika Says:

    same here,,, :-/

  94. Angel Says:

    I’m 18 1/2 weeks pregnant…I found out Saturday that we are having a boy! I’m SO excited. I have only felt the baby move 2 times that I know for sure. Other times I think I may be feeling it but not sure if it’s just gas or something! lol Good luck to all the mommies! This is my 1st baby, I’m 30 yrs old and I’m hoping I will know what to do when the baby comes! =)

  95. Bridgett Says:

    Take care Martha, I have felt the same things, I am 18.5 weeks. I definitely feel better with exercise, even just walking, my mood changes so much after its amazing. Sometimes its ok just to be by yourself too for some quiet, we are very sensitive right now to noise, and other people, etc. Meditation and/or prayer and yoga have helped me to realize that the anger and all is mostly just hormones making us feel a little koo koo.

    Essential fatty acid supplements like fish oil, etc helped me with dryness and are good for the baby. Also it sounds weird but I apply castor oil to my face, mouth and nose. It is extremely hydrating and soothing and a very affordable anti wrinkle and stretch mark oil :)

  96. KANOBA Says:


  97. karla Says:

    grl me too i havent felt my baby move am bearly 18w. i get so scare i keep goin to da doctors but they tell me its normal dat it because da baby its still too small its my first baby so i get real nerves but but good luck to u and to all da grls dat r going thrue da same like us.god bless you all:)

  98. Eva Says:

    Hey girl.
    I am 18 weeks and i am right there with you this is my 2nd baby but my mood is so crazy angry then wanting to cry all that so don't feel like you the only one. good luck and try to not get stressed out. :)

  99. Ligita Says:

    On suday i am gona found out what we having,i am 18w in 2 days.Thisis my 1st baby too,I,am 30 yers old.I am littel bit scear.I didin't feel any moves yet.

  100. Amanda Says:

    Yes I have felt like that also… but I'm sure you wouldn't trade either of your boys for all the little girls in the world and I'm sure you will feel the same with this one! I felt that way when I found out I was having a boy, but 5 yrs later he is my baby and I couldn't imagine a day without him…

  101. Kelly Says:

    I'm also 18 weeks pregnant/30yrs old/ first time around too! I'm up and down…scared one day and totally glowing the next! I thought for sure I felt two flutters a week ago and then nothing….maybe it was just gas :) )! I hope I'm prepared enough for when the baby comes too!! I'm so excited :)

  102. Kelly Says:

    Yep, found myself laughing hysterically one minute then immediately crying and feeling really sad! So strange! I worry that I might hurt the baby by feeling depressed; I don't want that energy going to him.

  103. Theresa Says:

    My fiance and I found out two days ago that we're having a boy! It was the most intense feeling of happiness… Especially since an ultrasound a couple weeks ago said it was a girl… We were shocked! But I knew deep down though it was a boy… :) Good luck

  104. Jojo Says:

    Just wait who cares what they say it's ur kids. If you don't want to know then don't find out and tell ur doctor that so they can keep it a suprise, I am 18 weeks along and I am going to keep the sex a suprise until it's born. It's more funnier that way. :)

  105. Jojo Says:

    Hi Tiffy

    I am 18 weeks and my frist kid. My bf and I been together for 8 years but I always wanted to get married first then kids but I am still super happy. I feel nevourse and scared too new borns scary me I used to always worry about doing everything right now I am going to be a happy mom and take classes instead of worrying so much. Good lucky! and mine is March 7 :)

  106. ~Jessica M~ Says:

    Hello. I just wanted to write to you all because I was 14 when I got pregnant with my first baby. I am now 23 and on my 3rd. Before I got pregnant with my first I was headed down the wrong path in life. Once I found out I was going to have a baby something in me "kicked in" and I changed my life for the better in so many ways! The best advice I can give is NO MATTER HOW HARD IT GETS AND HOW OVERWHELMED YOU FEEL, ABSOLUTELY, FOR NO REASON, STOP GOING TO SCHOOL!!!

  107. ~Jessica M~ Says:

    A new baby, a job, and school can all be done at the same time! So many girls give up on school when they get pregnant, thinking it cant be done, but it can! Take the 6 weeks after birth to spend with the baby then get right back on track with things. N no, the baby does not need your round-the-clock attention. Get a good sitter or research daycares and take your butt to school. The baby needs you to be educated and to have a good job more than your every second attention.
    One of the only reasons so many people look down on young mothers is because they take pregnancy as an excuse to get out of school or responsibilities. So many young parents head in the wrong direction after the baby instead of taking this wonderful experience to help motivate them to go in the right direction. Dont be just "another teen-mother". Beat the odds! Prove everyone wrong and you will find yourself so proud of yourself and having an even bigger appreciation for your child. Okay Ill get off my soap box. Sorry I babbled! Good luck to all!

  108. Shelly Says:

    Tiffyy -I have a 10 month old and I'm expecting my 2nd child in August. I will not lie; it’s a lot of work. You will be sleep deprived in the beginning (first few months), and may question yourself as to what you just got yourself into. I'm 37 and have many friends with children, but still underestimated all the work that goes into it. It's true when they say that you really don't know what it is like until you are going through it yourself. However, what will help you tremendously is support (emotional & physical). I'm very happy to hear that you seem to have the support. Being nervous is normal, everyone goes through it. I suggest that you read what you can before the baby is born. Not just books on how your baby grows and what to expect, but also magazine articles in Parenting/Parents/American Baby (sorry cannot remember all the magazine names). The articles have so far helped not just with my son, but with my feelings and what I was going through emotionally. I wish you the best of luck!

  109. Britney Says:

    hey everyone im 18 weeks today . this will be me and the fathers first born we are soo happy we had been trying for three years and it finally happen …:) i feel truly blessed that i was allowed to be a mommy. i have not been able to feel movements yet but i really cant wait or to find out what im havin which i find out in three weeks.. ( i really want a girl ) but my family want a boy but im blessed with whatever as long as he or she is healthy …..good luck and god bless all you mommys and daddys

  110. guest Says:

    everyone is entitled to post what the want .. quit being a bitch.

  111. Tiffany Says:

    hey everyone i will be 19 on sunday and im 18 weeks prego with my second baby. im so excited because on thursday i get an ultrasound to determine the sex of it, i think i would like another girl! me and the daddy are so happy to be parents again. i can already feel a lil light movements or flutters and evertime i feel them i just want the baby to be here already!!!!

  112. Tiffany Says:

    My name is Tiffany also.. I am 18 weeks today. Tuesday i found out im having a Lil Girl:) This is my first with me and my husband. I just hope when i go back in at 22 weeks its still a girl.. What do you think?

  113. heather Says:

    I am 18 weeks also. Jus turned 18 weeks 2day.. I find out wut I am havin april 7!… I already have one babygirl she’s 20 months old!. And lemme tell u, its tiring, but hearing her say mommy dam near breaks my heart!.. and I’m proud to be a mom!. Congrats to all u new moms and everything!.

  114. Meg Says:

    It could be where the baby is. If the baby is close to a nerve to your leg that could be why.

  115. Katherine Says:

    I'm 18 weeks as of yesterday and more than a little nervous as a 17 year old college student, I'm feeling the baby move Constantly – it's like having a butterfly exhibit in my abdomen :) I worry that my fiance and I will not be able to give him/her the kind of life they deserve (and all the opportunities that go along with it.) But I have a distinct feeling that everything will work out for the best in the end :)
    P.s. WHY IS MY BELLY SO LOPSIDED?! It's completely noticeable through my shirt that this belly bump looks more like a giant tumor on my left side! ?!?!?!?

  116. tori Says:

    I'm 18 weeks tomorrow and my baby tends to ball up on my right side.

  117. Leigh Ann Says:

    Hi. I am 18 weeks now and I feel really sick ( weak, headaches) unless I eat something. If I go over an hour without food I get those symptoms. Is this normal? I hate to eat every hour on the hour, but then again my doctor was concerned I have only gained one pound since I got pregnant..

  118. Megan Says:

    Hey Leigh Ann, everything you are going through is perfectly normal! Only gaining 1 pound is pretty normal too, some people gain only 1 pound, 5 pounds, or a whole mess of pounds. To me you sound very healthly, just make sure you keep eating healthy & you will be just fine! :) Congrats! I'll be 18 weeks tomorrow!!

  119. Cassie Says:

    I am 18 weeks too and my baby ALWAYS is on my left side. I laughed the first time I realized how bad s/he goes to that side. I find if I lay on my back and gently push s/he moves a little to the right. When your baby is leaning to the left like that if you push down you can feel the baby! My doctor told me that so now I always lay there and push a little on him/her to feel them and try to convince them to move over :)

  120. Cassie Says:

    Doctors say that the pain can be caused by low circulation to your legs. I don't get pain but I do get tingling and numbness. There are exercises you can do to help circulation. Next time you go to the doctors ask them what you can do to increase blood circulation and make sure you are drinking plenty of water!!

  121. Cassie Says:

    I have not seen one negative comment. Girls asking why they feel certain pains and stuff is NOT negative they are asking if its a normal. If you dont like what you read dont be on the site!!

  122. carrie Says:

    have you considered giving the baby up for adoption? I was a young mom and it will be harder than you think. You need to realize that you're feelings you have about giving your baby everything it deserves is good but being a new college student and having a baby you will have A LOT on your plate. Your belly is "lopsided" because that is how your uterus is positioned. I wish you good luck!

  123. carrie Says:

    you are only 15 years old??? what are you thinking?? You are just a baby yourself!! Is the father involved? I am 30 years old I have 2 kids and another on the way, but I have a husband which we have been together for 10 years! I had my first child at 18 and let me tell you IT IS VERY VERY HARD!! I had my second at 27 and now I am having my third. You girls have your whole life ahead of you why would you get pregnant?? I mean didn't your parents talk to you about sex and pregnancy?? My daughter is 11 and we talk about it because I want more for her! You have NO IDEA what you are doing! I am not trying to be mean or judgmental but I have been there, I have lived it and it is not all fairy tale endings. You girls should really really consider adoption! You can not give your babies the best life possible, as you are so young… give your baby to a couple that can offer that baby EVERYTHING!

  124. carrie Says:

    You need to go back to school! These girls should NOT ignore what people say, as they ARE just babies themselves. They have their whole life ahead of them and to get pregnant at 15 and younger is sad! they will be babies raising babies…. not how it should be…… they will be welfare people not cool!

  125. Brandie Says:

    I had a child when I was 16 and someone told me that same crap that I should give my baby up. Things happen and you get on with life. I never gave my baby up she is 17 and I am 34 and she has always been well taken care of. I finished school at home that summer went to vo-tech and got a job in a lab and later went to school to be a micro-biologist. I am happily married and have 4 kids now I had the second at age 18. Anything is possible and I am glad I did listen to the idiots that preached what a mistake I was making and to give up my baby my advice is do not let a unplanned child be a burden let it help you drive you in the right direction. I am now 18 weeks pregnant with my 5th and last baby, this one was planned.

  126. alyssa Says:

    im 18 and years old and 18 weeks and two days and i feel the baby move some times but im scared something is not right do any of you have this

  127. Alex Says:

    I’m 19 and 18 weeks pregnant w my 2nd child, being a teenage mom is hard but is the most rewarding thing you will ever do in life. My daughter just turned one in march and is beginning to walk! Its very exciting to watch them grow. The first 9 months are the hardest, but I had her at 17. I finished high school and am a full time freshman in college. Birth control pills don’t always work lol.not to mention when we r in high school we tend to think it won’t happen to us. But there is nothing wrong with being a teen mother as long as u accept the responsibility and continue ur schooling to get a good job in the future for u and ur child to live off of.
    I’ve felt baby move for about 3 weeks and have only gained 2 pounds but am showing and baby is normal so don’t fret too much about weight gain. W my daughter I gained 60 pounds where 40 of which were water weight due to my pre-eclampsia. Hopin that I won’t get that again when I know I most likely will. Enjoy being pregnant ladies and cherish every step of the way!

  128. ajc Says:

    its probably sciatic nerve pain. ask your doctor to explain it to you

  129. Mala Says:

    hey guys im 18 weeks pregnant today, finally starting to get not feeling any movements yet?? is this normal

  130. sabrina Says:

    im going on my 18th week n still cannot feel my lil one move im a lil worried n pray for the best

  131. sabrina Says:

    im wondering the same thing is this normal altho this is my 6th kid i have never had to wait this long to feel my baby move i usually feel movement around week16

  132. Harmony Says:

    I’m 26 years old and just graduated in social services. I became a mother when I was barely 16 years old. Between the bad environment, depression, low- self esteem and simply just looking for some one to love me I became pregnant. It changed my life. I remember being embarrassed and came online to find some hope because I didn’t have any at home. I ended up meeting supportive people, a great church, self-esteem and some hope. I’ve been successfully raising my child, graduated college and found a fantastic job helping other young parents. To all those young Mother’s who are just trying to find some hope, a friend or some understanding don’t feel upset over hateful, uneducated peoples comments. You can do a great job. Unfortunately, not all girls have proper education, self- esteem and love to come home too. I hope you find just what you need. Good luck. For all those judging or (not “judging”).. say something nice and supportive or please keep your mouth shut. Its people like you- who keep girls with a world of potential -down.

  133. Harmony Says:

    I felt my son around 20 weeks. I was smaller, younger and slightly built. Because of my abdominal muscles it seemed to take a little longer. At first it kinda felt like someone was running there finger lightly cross my stomach. :) My second pregnancy I felt around 18 weeks even though I thought I felt little movements since 17 weeks. Now, this is my third pregnancy and I’ve felt baby move since 15-16 weeks. This is now my 18th week and the movements are more like “kicks” not butterflies are gas. I can actually feel it doing whole body movements. Movement depends on your weight, age, built and number of pregnancies. Again, this is my third and I’ve all ready had two c-sections so abdominal muscles don’t exist. Just be patient. I would suggest drinking a lot of “soda pop:(” or some real sweet juice like grape and lie flat on your back for as long as you need. Turn on the radio or a t.v. and just wait. It should work, may take awhile.( perhaps an hour ) Don’t get worried if you don’t feel any movement. A lot of woman don’t feel the baby move until week 22 or even later. Remember some woman don’t even know their pregnant until they deliver because they felt no fetal movement!! Good luck !

  134. Chelsey Says:

    I’m 18 weeks with my first baby. I’m excited because I’m finally starting to feel the fluttering. I have an appt next week to find out what I’m having! :) Congrats to all you other moms and moms to be!

  135. Angel Says:

    I`m 18 weeks pregnant and i just found out that I`m havin a boy, but i still haven`t felt the baby move yet. I can`t wait until my son lets me kno that he is really in there.

  136. Hanifa, Marseille, France Says:

    I am 18 wks pregnant. It is a nice feeling I am enjoying it. However, I have couple of questions. I suddenly don’t feel any movements from last few days.Is it normal? I am worried though want to see my doctor soon and my skin has loosened up a bit.
    Good luck to everyone. Enjoy!!!

  137. karena Says:

    Hey girls……..i am 18 weeks today and havent felt any movement. I feel great for the most part i am always worried that the baby isnt in there even tho i have heard the heartbeat 3 times. This is my first baby so i have no idea,what to expect…i find out what it is in 2 weeks. Im trying not to stress. Any advice??

  138. missy Says:

    kid is the most blessing you can have

  139. Sherz Says:

    m 18 weeks too i don knoe if i feel movements yet m excited coz nextweek im finding out what my baby is gud luk to moms out there

  140. Tmomma Says:

    wow.. its hard to believe that im 18 weeks and 1 day pregnant. it seems like just yesterday we found out we were pregnant and its goin by so fast. i really hope our little bundle of joy is happy and healthy. I am so excited about being a mommy but at the same time i am so scared… i hope i am the best mommy that my little miracle deserves. Lord knows im gonna do everything in my power to be the best mommy around.

  141. chayla Says:

    Hey i am 17 weeks and i have felt my baby move a lot. it also move when i drink v8 juice or vegetables. im still kind of nervous about being pregnant but im starting to get more excited. im really hoping for a boy. i still havent gained that much weight im a little concerned about that but im hoping for the best congrats to everybody else :)

  142. faith Says:

    am 18week and 2days i have not felt the baby moved,but am loving each moment my husdand supports me he is there always and i cant wait to be a mom for the first time,,,,,,

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