19 Weeks Pregnant

From here to the end of your pregnancy at around 40 weeks, your baby will make rapid changes.  You are almost to the halfway point, and your baby will increase in size by nearly 15 times at birth when compared to his or her size now.

Baby’s Development

This week your baby’s changes are very specific. Your baby is about 7 ½ inches long and weighs about 7 ounces. Your baby is similar in size to a coconut.  Right now, your baby is making significant changes, including:

  • Baby’s brain is forming pockets that will be responsible for detecting touch, taste, and smell
  • Your baby’s finger pads are developing ridges that will be fingerprints
  • Vernix, or the thick cheesy skin protectant will be secreted by baby to keep their skin smooth in their watery home
  • Females have 6 million eggs already in her ovaries

The skeleton of the baby will continue to harden and the muscles will become stronger. If you are lucky enough to have started to feel the baby kick you will notice that the kicks can be fast at times. The baby will start to figure out where the womb starts and ends. By now the baby will start sleeping about 20 hours a day.

Changes With Your Body

As your growing belly expands, many women have trouble with balance. As your center of gravity changes, falls can be more common. Mothers should use caution when climbing or descending stairs or when trying to reach for objects to prevent injury.

Shifting structures of the uterus can also increase round ligament pain as the supporting structures of the body are stretched.  Move slowly, and take your time to reduce discomfort.

Other symptoms mom may experience can include

  • Nighttime leg cramping
  • Nasal stuffiness
  • Backaches
  • Growing breast tissue
  • Darkening of the areola around the nipple or a dark line from the belly button to the pubic bone

What To Expect

You will continue to feel well overall, but still experience days when you don’t feel as well as you did the day before.  Exercise will still be essential to keeping your energy up. Eating several small meals a day can help balance blood sugar and avoid energy drops as well.

Remember to ask for help if you need it and pace yourself for the coming days challenges.


Try sleeping on your side with several pillows to ease back pain. You may also consider investing in a maternity belt to support your lower back and ease pain.


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  1. melissa S. Says:

    this site gave me the most information and satisfied my need for information about my baby . any other site just kept me wondering but this site didn’t !!!

  2. Jocelyn M. Says:

    this is amazing!i’m satisfied with this site too.it gaves me a lot of information week by week of what’s going on to my body as a mum to be and our little bub’s development inside of me.thanks a lot!God bless u all!

  3. Nicole Says:

    Awesome!! I have been wondering about alot of things and found this extremely helpful and somewhat comforting~~

  4. miss c Says:


    best site ever also explained my dizzy spells and must say very informative all that is happening to me is exactly as explained above tks .

  5. Mrs Pizarro Says:

    This site is so informative! It’s given the the most information out of all other sites I’ve looked into. Its totally appreciated!

  6. Mrs Anand Says:

    Agreed. the website is very informative.. i have a question. I am 19 weeks 5 days pregnant but i have not felt any foetal movement yet. Is it something to be worried about? I am a first time mom to be. so just nervous..

  7. charmaine bates Says:

    i really enjoy reading this site becaues it gave me alot of courage to move on through out my pregnancy

  8. clarice Says:

    i am 19 weeks and i haven't felt much of anything either! i am also a first time mom! i have noticed if you leave your hand laying on your lower stomach while you are lying on your back you can sometimes feel some movement, that has been the only time i have felt anything! hope that helps

  9. kerry Says:

    I love this site i'm 18 weeks first time pregnancy and I've felt baby move already and I wasn't sure if it was baby or not at first but i'm sure now and it's lovely!! And how nice to know our baby can hear us now!!! :D

  10. Geraldine Says:

    this site really ease my worries and i've learned a lot about my pregnancy..

  11. private Says:

    Sometimes, you can place a piece of paper on your belly and see it move slightly.

  12. felicia Says:

    i am also 19 wks and i started feeling fetal movement 4 days ago. it gets stronger everyday… my boyfriend put his head on my stomach and the baby kicked him, that was the 1st time he felt the baby kick. this is so exciting. i been waiting for this a long time. i love the MOST informative site. fgc

  13. danielle G Says:

    This is my 1st pregnancy and I felt my baby move at 16weeks and it still does everyday all day and I love

  14. Karla Says:

    I’m 18wks pregnant today and I’m feeling pretty good felt the baby move @16wks this is my third baby!! Website is very informative. Can’t wait to find out what I’m having ultrasound appointment is the 26th.

  15. maria Says:

    im 19 weeks and a first time mom and feeling the baby move is just amazing…i love this website…it helps soo much

  16. jessica Says:

    im 19 weeks pregnant and i feel my baby move now and again,its a lovely feeling between mum and baby,i have bought a doppler to hear babys heart beat and movements inside me its amazing pieace of mine.

  17. CRISTAL Says:


  18. wendy-ann Says:

    I'm 18 weeks and 4 days. Our first baby anc can't want to know what we are having. our appointment is the 30th. Wish you guys all the best!!!!

  19. sharil Says:

    I am 19 weeks and have experienced some movement. I haven't really gotten that big yet but I'm not pushing it! I have an amazing body now and are really loving my full boobs and butt. I found out last week that I was having another boy and think that is will really complete my family. My boyfriend is more excited then me! Everyone he meets he tells he has a baby on the way and that makes me feel even more special to have his support.

  20. demz Says:

    i am 19 weeks pregnant today and i have felt movement for the past week and itS GREAT! it is nothing to b worried about if your are not feeling movement at this stage as all women experience things differently in their pregnancies, your baby may be moving but you may not notice it yet.

  21. lori johnson Says:

    I am 18 weeks and 4 days with my 4th child and I have not felt a lot of movement either. But I'm sure for those of us who havnt yet, we will have plenty of that to come! Good Luck everyone!!

  22. Chazadey Says:

    Maybe im just weird but i put my ipod down by my adomen area and it kept kicking it…i dont think he or she wanted to be bothered! lol Now that im 19weeks and 2 days it moves more when im trying to sleep.

  23. amreeta Says:

    yes i feel the same.even i am into my 18 weeks and havent felt a lot of movement yet

  24. Mariah Says:

    This is a very help ful web site. I am 19 wks pregnant with my first baby. Last week I found out im having a little girl. so excited. she's been kicking alot latetly espically when Im in a good mood. So stay happy and positive little mommies and good luck to everyone !!!

  25. Jennifer Says:

    I’m 19 weeks pregnant – just found out last week that I’m having a girl :) I’m so excited but it doesn’t seem real because I don’t feel pregnant at all. I haven’t felt her move yet – and I haven’t really had any other symptoms. Sometimes I wonder if that is really anything in there

  26. Blessed Says:

    Wow ! Half way through, but still a long way to go. Excitement is fading

  27. tonya Says:

    I often wonder the same thing….I dont even know what I haveing yet. I find out on 10/6. It sure would be nice to feel he/or she move sometimes to calm my nervs

  28. belle Says:

    I am 19 weeks tomorrow and I also haven't yet felt any movements but my doctor says that you usually dont feel anything till 22-24 weeks. I got a cold and it just won't go away. I have had the cold for 2 weeks now.I have not took any medication. I am just concerned that my cold will have an affect on the baby since i am not recovering. should i be worried?

  29. lauren biliski Says:

    aww man do I know what you mean. I feel the same way. I cant wait until my next appt. next week just to make sure she is still there. Im having a girl too!!:)

  30. sarah Says:

    i couldnt' agree with you more!!!

  31. marion Says:

    I am 19 weeks pregnant<but I haven't feel the baby movement yet……..Nov.6 will be my ultrasound and I will find out the gender of my baby.>>>>>>>>VERY EXCITED>>>>>>>>>THANKS GOD!!!!!!!

  32. shawna Says:

    im 19 weeks and i really havent felt anything but i hear soon enuf we will . i go to find iout the gender on the 2nd we are so excited too. congrats

  33. Gabby Says:

    Im relieved to see im not the only one…Im 19 weeks pregnant and havnt felt a movement yet it scares me sometimes but I try to think positive…I also have a doctors appointment on the nov 9th so hopefully itll relax me….good luck to all of yall!!!

  34. edwinna Says:

    ah we have the exact date to see Dr. Mine is to determine the gender how about yours?

  35. Tmomma Says:

    Your DR Apts are great, bc they will listen for heartbeats, which comfort.

  36. shanna Says:

    im 18 and this is my first pregnancy! in 19 weeks this tuesday, and i already know the sex! its a girl! :)

  37. melissa Says:

    Its so weird.I have been sad and angry so much lately.I don’t know why I am 19 weeks and on number 5

  38. meL Says:

    i am exactly 19 weeks tomorrow and i feel my baby's first movement yesterday, it was wonderful feeling, i won't forget how it feels it was real happiness. Next week i will go to my OB for ultrasound and excited to know the gender!!! Thanks God a lot. :)

  39. nini Says:

    i m 19 weeks and 5 days'not yet felt my baby move….so bit worried.hope evrythg is goin fine.

  40. meenah Says:

    im 19 weeks and a day i go in four days to find out what my bbys gender is well try i dont wanna jinx myself and them tell me well ur bbys legs are closed. but im realy not sure i like my doctor she comes off as a snob and i think its bc im only 19 and my bf is puerto rican and im white. she and the nurses make him and i uncomfortable but shes a good doctor am i being overly paranoid or should i switch

  41. tsakane Says:

    I found this very helpful, i cant wait to see my doctor in three days to come, i m soo happy to have come this far. its truly a blessing

  42. PIlar Says:


  43. Lynds Says:

    I'm 18 weeks and 2 days! I just found out yesterday that I'm having a boy. I have a 3 year old girl who is very excited about becoming a big sister. The baby has been very active and I've been able to feel him kick for the last couple of weeks. I believe though because this is my 2nd pregnacy that I'm more sensitive to it.

  44. Jasmine Says:

    Im 19 weeks and i still dont know what im having ughh i cant wait until i find out im ready to start buying things asap

  45. fcguhg Says:

    coolbeans my baby can hear me :)

  46. mystery Says:

    the same thing happened to me cause i work at a daycare my doctor gave me med. i had to take for a week made me better but i was sick for 2 weeks before i finally went in and got meds babys still healthy

  47. Tessa Says:

    This is my first pregnancy and i am loving every moment,it just made me realise how great is my God.
    I am already feeling the baby movements it feels so unreal,I found out lastweek that its a boy.

  48. Carmelina Monsanto Says:

    This is best blog.

  49. Tara P Says:

    I am 19 weeks and 2 days. I have an 18 yo son and an11 yo daughter and I am almost 39. This pregnancy is a very hard one for me. I had an extreme tummy tuck last year and have NO belly to stretch, so the pain is not fun. No, this was not planned! I had my amnio and U/S last week and we are having a boy!! Woohoo!

  50. inlove327 Says:

    im 18 weeks and 6 days im so happy that im having a baby ive always wanted one and now that dream has come true i get to find out the gender in 12 days cant wait!!!!!!!!!! :D

  51. Gayle Says:

    Hang in there Gabby and keep thinking positive.

  52. Ayisha Says:

    That doesn't mean anything bad. Everybody's pregnany is different by week 20 you should be expecting an ultrasound and you will get to see the baby move.


  53. Chelby Says:

    Oh AMEN sister. I find out in like 1 week and 5 days and i'm probably going to die if i have to wait any longer.

  54. Mmw Says:

    I am 19 weeks pregnant as well and have not felt the baby move yet. When i went in for my scheduled ultrasound, they found that my placenta is in the front of my uterus, so all of the movement the baby is making is blocked by the placenta, and i am unable to feel it. This is probably what you are experiencing as well. It is nothing to worry about :)

  55. nessa266 Says:

    well it's good to see i'm not the only one that hasnt felt there baby kick, the doctor told me my placenta is in the front thats why, and its my first pregnancy, i cant wait to feel it, we find out what we are having march 11 and i cant wait.. shopping forf the baby is hard now but it will be on when we find out lol. i play music for tghe baby now and sing to him or her lol, i'm sure that he or she hears me lol

  56. Tia Garrett Says:

    I'm 19 weeks today and i found out at 18weeks its a boy I'm sooo happy…. This is baby number 3 and my 2 girls are so excited.. I cant wait until August 1st!!!!! God bless all the moms ;)

  57. christa fee Says:

    hello, this is my second baby and im due august 1, too, im having a little boy thats so awesome

  58. Jojo Says:

    I don't think it's to safe to put that info out there for anyone to see.

  59. elly Says:

    Hey everyone!!! i am 19 weeks today:) This is my first child and i stil havent felt any movement. But to all of you not feeling movement yet its ok i just heard the heart beat yesterday at the hospital! Be patient everything is okay :) i find out March 24 weather its a boy or a girl im so excited. Good luck everyone in week 19

  60. elly Says:

    Hey everyone!!! i am 19 weeks today:) This is my first child and i stil havent felt any movement. But to all of you not feeling movement yet its ok i just heard the heart beat yesterday at the hospital! Be patient everything is okay :) i find out March 24 weather its a boy or a girl im so excited. Good luck everyone in week 19

  61. Amber Says:

    Congrats..I am 19 weeks today and find out on March 23rd if it is a boy or a girl. I am not sure if I have felt the baby or if it is just gas..Im not too worried, the baby has a strong heart beat everytime i go in to the doctor. :) Good luck to you too…

  62. Tina Says:

    I am 19 weeks 3 days! This is my 3rd child. It is a Boy! I have felt movement for awhile. Good Luck to everyone.

  63. Cristal F. Says:

    Hi to all that are expecting! I'm 19 weeks with my second child! It's just as exciting as the first time! Felt the baby move a lot sooner with this pregnancy & just found out that this baby is a boy!! I am so excited to meet this wonderful precious gift from god!! I cherish every kick, push, twist and turn. Being a parent is the toughest job that has ever been presented to me but it is also the most rewarding as well!! Good Luck to all of you first time moms and remember to breathe and just take it day by day…it does get better.

  64. Ashema Says:

    im having my first child…my due date is August 23 and im soooo excited…i find out whether its a girl or boy on April 13. Im 18 and a half weeks pregnant and i feel the baby move all the time..its a great feeling to know i have a little one growing inside of me…i cant wait!! Praying its a boy but whatever GOD gives me im happy with! I HOPE U ALL HAVE A GREAT PREGNANCY..GOD BLESS YOU!!

  65. Tammi Says:

    you need to switch. you want to be comfortable with you doc. my daughter is 15 and is 19 weeks and her and boyfriend love there doc. she does not look a them any different . So as a mommy myself i would switch. Hope things go well.. congrats!!!!

  66. slimski Says:

    I'm 19 weeks pregnant today! I've felt kicking for a couple of weeks now. At first I thought that was weird because it's my first pregnancy,but I'm really skinny so that's probably why. The kicking gets stronger everyday, and I can even feel the baby shift. I found out the gender tomorrow! I'm so excited xD

  67. vangie Says:

    love this post! :) i'm 19 weeks pregnant to my second child.. i am so much excited to know the gender of my baby because i'm wishing for a baby girl.

  68. Meg Says:

    I would say switch. My hubby is hispanic and i am white and if you or him are uncomfortable you should look into switching. when you go in to have the baby you want to be comfortable not anxious what ppl think. you want to focus on you r baby and your bf for support. I suggest this so that he is happy too!

  69. KENYATTA752005 Says:


  70. Randi Says:

    I'll be 19 weeks on Thursday. I'm having a girl(:

  71. charlie Says:

    im due the same day. find out what im havin 6th april x

  72. christy Says:

    What i dont get is everyone is just now finding out what their having…I found out at 16 weeks! and this is my 1st pregnancy…but everyone on here says there not finding out til 20 weeks or so… Im going for my 20 week ultrasound on april 5th to see the organs and stuff for my baby. me and my husband are having a Boy! :) we couldnt be happier we really didnt care what it was as long as he is healthy that's all that matters!

  73. Haley Says:

    Try not to have a preference for the gender of the baby. I'll be nineteen weeks tomorrow, and we found out we were having a girl. I had been dead set that it was a bouncing baby boy, and the stress of anticipation was affecting my daily routine, and probably worrying the baby. I'm very happy our baby is healthy, so gender, in the end, was really no concern.

    Stay Safe!

  74. Anonymous Says:

    If you're not comfortable, you're not comfortable. I'm sure it's all in your head. My baby's legs were crossed the first ultrasound, too!

  75. Shae Says:

    I am 19 weeks and 1 day today. I found out on the 28th of March that I was having a girl!!! This is my first child and I am so excited. Just be prepared for you due date to change. I got moved up a whole week.

  76. proudmom Says:

    why is a blessing at the wrong time considered a mistake?…i mean it is a blessing!

    i am 18 weeks..due date is set for sep 1 2011….me and my bf are happy…his mom is too i believe…but my parents are…my mother and i usually argues…soo its not surprise..but my daddy recently blew up in my face..it hurtd. soo now we are not talkn…. its bringin me soo much stress… i take my prenatal vitamins to make sure my "bumpkin" is growing well… i think i g 4 my ultasound next week.. im diein to find out the sex but now im more concern in finding out my babys development… but oh my..i wonder how long will the non talkin last…

  77. Meagan Says:

    I will be 19 weeks in two days and I find out what I’m having a weeks from tomorrow.. I have been feeling movement since week sixteen and it is the most amazing feeling ever..

  78. Kelly Says:

    Hi Im 19 weeks pregnant and I have felt movement already, however its only a small amount so I worry like everyone else but deep down I know its all ok really. Scan on the 15 august and baby due xmas day so kinda hoping it comes little earlier as want to be home with my boys . Good luck everyone x

  79. Dorcas Says:

    Am 16wk pregnant, and this just my 1st pregnancy. Just waitin for my scanning time 2 knw my baby sex. Lv u al

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