20 Weeks Pregnant

By now you have made it to your half way point.   The best part about the second trimester is that it is the easiest and most enjoyable part of the pregnancy. Gone is the morning sickness and fatigue commonly seen in the first trimester.

Even though the sex organs of your baby have already developed, it really isn’t until week 20 or so when it becomes easy to decipher gender. You have a much better chance of catching the baby in the right position than ever before.  This is the week that most physicians will do a thorough ultrasound to check your baby for gender (if you want to know) and physical abnormalities that may require further testing. Don’t forget to take your partner along to the 20 week ultrasound so you can see your baby—perhaps for the first time.

Baby’s Development

Right now, you feel great and baby is changing rapidly.   Compared to its start, baby has quadrupled his or her weight by the 20th week.

Being able to feel the baby that you and your partner created is one of the best joys of pregnancy. By the 20th week, you will also be able to tell when the baby is sleeping and when the baby is awake. You and the baby are on opposite schedules, you will feel the baby more around more as you are trying to sleep or lie down.

The baby should weigh about 11 ounces and be 6-1/2” in length. The baby will start to practice breathing although the lungs will one of the last organs to fully develop. The baby is covered with light fine hair called the lanugo and vernix and is enjoying his happy home.

Changes With Your Body

While the baby is growing, new moms to be may find themselves short of breath.  As the uterus begins its climb upward, it will press against the lungs and diaphragm making it difficult to take a deep breath.  Any significant shortness of breath—especially at rest—or when accompanied by a wet cough should be reported to your doctor.

Weight gain can be tricky at this point.  At this stage of pregnancy, you should expect to gain about 8 to 10 pounds—but most women are usually over that mark by now. The doctor should be monitoring your weight gain, and if they have any concerns they will let you know.

You may start to notice stretch marks around this time as well.  Unfortunately, stretch marks are considered to be a part of your genetic makeup—and cannot truly be prevented.  Keeping them moist with fancy creams and oils may prevent discomfort from them but they will remain no matter what you do to stop them.

You may notice as the baby grows that you are experiencing constipation, indigestion and some skin itchiness. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of fluids every day. Stay away from caffeinated drinks, these drinks only make you more thirsty, and contain empty calories.

What To Expect

At this stage of your pregnancy, you should be relaxing and enjoying every minute. Try to stay on target with your exercise and eating plan, and continue to take your prenatal vitamins.

Many moms are also scribbling baby names by now.  If you haven’t started down the list, this is a good time to start.


As the baby continues to grow at a fast rate, your body will change rapidly as well.  These changes are normal and if you have any concerns at all, now is the time to speak to your doctor. If you think something isn’t right, don’t hesitate to call your doctor or go to the local emergency room.


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  1. Kenyetta Williams Says:

    This has been a horrible week!! Dis, Dat, and Da Damn 3rd…

  2. Lizelle Buckle Says:

    Good day,
    I'm 21 weeks pregnant, everything is well inline with your comments, i'm 38 years old now and i have been smoking since young, i need to stop smoking as from tomorrow, i have red on the internet that smoking can have lasting influence on the childs iq and bain development, how big will the effect be if i stop smoking now? Are the brain fully developed by now and what is the changes of zero defects if i stop smoking right now? I really want to give my baby the best opportunity in life.
    I'm currently taking omega 3 and omega 6, will that help for brain development, if not, are there any other supplements that i can take to neutrolize the smoking effect on the baby's brain and to develop the brain further?

  3. suzzy Says:

    im 19 weeks everything so far is ok but sometimes when i wake up in the morning i dont feel pregnant im smoking and i feel really guilty bout it but im trying to cut down by looking looking at my babys scan at 10 weeks, any tips plz

  4. Kelecia Says:

    is that really necessary? suzzy just wants help she doesn't need to hear your negative opinions, if you don't have anything nice to say dont say anything at all. When someone asks for help they expect the help the inconsiderate bitch remark just made you look like a hypocrite. It's her prerogative, and clearly she wants to do some good by quiting so keep your damn nasty comments to yourself. If you're willing to help… then help. Other than that leave her the hell alone!

  5. Kelecia Says:

    I am in the same boat as you i have smoked for 8 yrs and i am 20 weeks along found out 2weeks ago im having a boy and everything is great and healthy:D but the guilt of smoking while pregnant can keep your mind unclear, I asked my doctor what i could do, i have cut down pretty good but when ppl like amber just causes stress and anger then help i just want to smoke. But anyways my doctor told me chantex is great and the patches are great. I lost my job 2 months ago and recently just got one but haven't recieved a check yet The chantex is first on my list. Simply cutting down does wonders keep that in mind and good luck with you and your precious baby!

  6. Kelecia Says:

    Also when you do have the urge to smoke light it up and put it out at half way each time you smoke, smoke the other half later and at the end of the day you have cut your smoking in half all in one day!

  7. Colleen Says:

    I am in my twentieth week. (obviously:)) This is my first baby and he's a boy.:) My husband and I are thrilled! I am also a smoker. I have cut down to less than half of what I usually smoke but the guilt is still there. I am doing the best I can though. It really is a terrible addiction. I know it's wrong and I care about my baby more than anything, but my brain is so dependant on getting my nicotine that I am not in the right state of mind when I have my cravings. Also, I've been experiencing some pains in my belly button area. Do any of you know what that might be caused from? Thanks in advance.

  8. Anushia Says:

    i am going for my 19 weeks scan tomorrow…OMG I am so thrilled about it…boy or gal? lets see..i thought my morning sickness had vanished but unfortunately i had threw up las night..n felt soo sick when i went to bed..hope things will be fine..

  9. Tess Says:

    I couldn't agree more with Kelecia, I too am a smoker – but have cut down. I'm 17 weeks pregnant, and my OBGYN said that it is fine the way I'm going, and not to just stop as I would be putting my body in more stress.

  10. Elizabeth Says:

    Wow!!! I cannot imagine having to worry about the guilt of smoking while pregnant!! You gals should step into my shoes and take a look around the NICU to convince yourselves that its NOT WORTH IT!!!!!! STOP NOW!!!! PLEASE do it for your baby!!! I've seen too many babies born prematurely because of shit like smoking and its not fair to the baby!!! I am 20 weeks along and ladies, Im being extremely cautious because I know what can happen!!!
    Best of Luck!!

  11. Cookie Says:

    I am 20 weeks pregnant and though everything is great, I can't stop eating. I've already gained more than 30 pounds and I don't know how to stop. I know I should eat more vegetables but my brain tells me to eat more sweets. I quit smoking and drinking the day I found out I was pregnant but the sugars just keep on coming. Other than that, great pregnancy and I'm having a boy!

  12. anonimo Says:

    well…i dnt think you shud be smoking but if your dat addicted to it..than maybe you shud try to maintain your mind and yourself occupied with someething else so dat you wont be thinking that you NEED to smoke..that way you distract yourself and wont think about cigarrets!..GOOOD LUCK!!:D.HOPE YOUR BABY COMES OUT FINE…do it for your baby boy…dnt do it for you

  13. Natalia Says:

    Do you know that you should only gain 30 lbs during the whole pregnancy?.. I gained 6 lbs so far.. Imagine how much you will gain in another 20 weeks?! Imagine how hard it would be to lose all this weight?! Imagine your partner's reaction?!

    You have to cut down on sweets and fats. Try to eat more fruit that have natural sugars in them: sweet and healthy! Every morning I make a fruit baggie to work: I cut apples, pears, peaches, etc., put them in a plastic ziplock and munch on them all day. You can try the same thing.

  14. Mommy of One Says:

    Lizelle, any doctor will tell you that any change is a good change. Don't loose hope because you haven't done it sooner then now. Years ago, when I was a kid, our parents smoked. I'd hate to break it to everyone, but all 6 of my siblings and I are fine. I am a non smoker, never smoked in my life, and I understand the dangers of smoking vs. not smoking during pregnancy. All i'm saying is that it's never too late, and don't dwell on what you could have, or should have done earlier in the pregnancy. Enjoy the changes you are willing to make now to give your unborn child the best health he can get.

  15. TMK Says:

    My belly button is sore too. Pretty soon your innie will become an outie! The pressure of your expanding uterus compressing your belly button may be causing you the tenderness. I feel and share your pain but it's all for a good cause! Your smoking habits, however, are not!

  16. TMK Says:

    I still get sick and unfortunately, chalk it up to being one of the unlucky ones who have nausea follow them through their entire pregnancy! I found out at 19 weeks that I am having a baby boy and he is perfectly healthy and growing as he should. Do not get discouraged if you are still getting sick. My doctor prescribed me Zofran (Generic Name: Odansetron, 8mg) and it is amazing!! Talk to your OB about the possibility of taking an anti-nausea medication such as this that is both harmless to us and our babies. Best of luck!

  17. Ali Says:

    Please STOP smoking… you will regret it!! Im sure thats its easier said than done since im not a smoker, but you guys have to think about your baby.

  18. Elley Says:

    i think giving up smoking is one of the first things you can do, and should do as a mother to give your child the best chance in life, i used the visual of the smoke in the amniotic fluid with the baby to help.. i gave up within four days of finding out i was pregnant.. although it was extremely difficult.. i made the descision that i would rather suffer than my child…i wish you all the best at giving up any how..

  19. Denise Says:

    my daughter is 20 weeks tg she dont smoke

  20. Lori Says:

    Sometimes it is hard to cut down, because your body is craving something that is why you eat it. And yes most women only gain 30 pounds Thur out the pregnancy but not all women. It depends on your body. But if you are craving sweets try strawberries or any fruit.

  21. Ellie Says:

    wow. I can't imagine smoking at the moment whilst pregnant or indeed after the baby is born. I care too much about my child to do that. I was on a 20 / day habit for 10 years and stopped cold turkey – my child is more important than me missing smoking – its one of those times in life where I really am NOT the most important person here – a child who I already love is more important and I have no right to impose all the likely health risks upon the poor wee thing – there are no "ifs" or "buts". stop before you cause more damage.

  22. dorothy Says:

    hello im 20 weeks P.G today and i find out what im having on thursday the 30 the day i found out i was pg i STOPED SMOKEING and i have been smoking for about 17 years i stoped cold turkey and i dont think i will ever go back to it and im very happy with that and i dont have to hear my kids tell me mom you stink from smokeing i have 3 boys at home 11 9 and 5 so we are hoping for a girl

  23. estelle Says:

    i am in week 20 now and so stressed out because i have been on acutane for 3 months of mt pregnancy and it causes birth defects and no dr can tell me if he will be ok i have to wait till his born to find out…..any comments

  24. Amber Says:

    do not smoke while pregnant, i do not care how many womens children have no problems while they smoked during there pregnancies..i am 20 weeks pregnant with my second child (another girl) and i cannot stand to even smell smoke in the air…i cannot even imagine what is going on with the baby inside of you!! THINK OF YOU CHILD..STOP SMOKING NOW, cutting back is not going to cut it! you say you care about your baby, but to me it seems like you care more about your "nicotine craving" then the health of your unborn child….i was totally addicted to caffeine before i got pregnant with my first child about 18 months ago, and i stopped right away, i had a headache everyday for about a month…IT SUCKED! but i believe i helped my baby girl out a lot because i stopped. just some friendly advice from one mother to another.

  25. Amber Says:

    i would not worry to much about how much you gain during your pregnancy..atleast from what i was told. it's better to gain weight then to lose it while pregnant. with my first child i gained a total of 30 pounds, i am 20 weeks pregnant as well and have gained about 9 pounds so far. i eat so many sweets also…but i also snack on healthier things throughout the day. i do not gorge on to much food at once which i think helps. it's soooo hard to say no when you have cravings for certain things while pregnant. that's the greatest thing about being pregnant, you can basically eat what you want…you will lose the weight later….also i believe boys tend to weigh a bit more then girls…i have an 18 month old girl and am pregnant with another girl now…..GOOD LUCK

  26. meoww Says:

    I have been smoking for the past 13 years of my life. I have tried quitting 2 times and it didnt last. I tried distractions such as PSP everytime I needed a cigarette but living with a smoker doesnt help. I ditched the stick as soon as I saw the positive pregnancy test. It wasn't easy. It affected my mood. I could turn into incredible hulk easily over silly, tiny matters. I would steal a few puffs from my husband when it was just unbearable but I quit for good 2 weeks later when I was 6 weeks pregnant. Morning sickeness did me a big favour in quitting. I still feel guilty for my smoking during those 6 tender weeks of my pregnancy. I am reaching the 20 week mark in 3 days time and I have never felt healthier all my life since I ditched the stick and stuck by my 'lil one'.
    My pregnancy has become my motivation and fear of not being able to live with the guilt has helped me stay away from cigarettes…but I still dream of 'smoking'… hah ha ha. I hope to never ever smoke again and I fear the temptation once I have given birth.

  27. Angela Says:

    I am 19 weeks and 3 days. I am so happy so far everything is great. I do have one concern … I lost 7 pounds my first trimester due to morning sickness and just recently gained one pound. Is that normal? Also for the smokers PLEASE stop.. I loved to drink and believe me I can drink and the moment I found out I was pregnantand.saw my angel I quit plus I work around nothing but liquor. . Think of your baby and try to be around people that want to help you stop.

  28. Jewel Hunter Says:

    For those that are not smokers… shut it! you preach "holy'r that tho" crap is rediculous! The only thing they know for sure about smoking mothers…. is that it can cause miscarrige! anything from stress to god knows what else ie. enviromental can cause multiple problems… I am not a smoker nor do i promote smoking… if a mother can quit, GREAT! if not… cut back to less than 5 a day… moderation is the key.

    These mothers, i'm sure realize that smoking is not healthy…. but it is not for us to judge them… i'm sure they are trying their best (thus they are asking for help on here!)… gl to the mothers who are trying to quit, i wish you and your babies the best…

  29. Lil baby boy to be Says:

    thank you,
    I agree 100% I myself am a smoker, not a heavy smoker to begin with and now I smoke 0-5 smokes a day I know and agree that it is not healthy, however I am trying to quit. We maybe smokers but we are not idiots, we know its not healthy, but like you said we don't need to be drilled on the subject every day.
    Those who dont smoke or quite great and all the power to yous, great work….
    but for us who do smoke and who are pregnant 100% our choice and has nothing to do with anyone else or their pregnancy.

  30. yaz Says:

    thats true.. im almost 21 weeks and im a smoker before i found out im pregnant i was a heavy smoker however i have cut down dramatically and some days i dont smoke at all. hopefully all in good time us smoking mothers to be can find the strength to quit.
    i also agree with lil baby boy to be that it is strongly no one elses business about other ppls pregnancy's. stick and worry about your own.

  31. yaz Says:

    way to go Kelecia, couldnt have said it better myself. suzzy i no its hard as im a smoker but i have cut down.. try keeping yourself busy if ur home to try and get your mind of it and leave ur pack at home wen u leave.. thats what i have been doing and from smokin a pack a day in down to nothing to 6 a day.

  32. Sharon Says:

    When I found out I was pregnant at 6 weeks, I cut down on my cigs and thankfully because of the morning sickness I quit altogether. I know its hard, I've quit 3x in my life. The worst is being around people that smoke causing the craving more. Try to avoid those areas and people. Every time you get a bad craving try to do something else like drink a whole glass of water or take a walk. If you do something repeatedly you can turn that into your new habit. People who are addicted to smoking have at least a small degree of an addictive personality so you have to adhere to that part of the addiction by creating a new habit.

  33. Sharon Says:

    Cigarettes have a new ingredient in them, carpet glue, to keep them from burning too fast. Also remember you are breathing formaldehyde each time you smoke. Just a little remember that each time you smoke, the guilt from that alone drove me to quit! I don't want my baby ingesting that crap.

  34. Sharon Says:

    The brain will continue to develop even after your child is born.

  35. shanna_SA Says:

    I was exactly the same…..the morning sickness has really helped me quit! and in turn with me not smoking and my partner now having to smoke outside and brush his teeth after every ciggi (the slightest smell would set me off) so he quit aswell :) we are a smoke free zone…altho lately Ive been tempted tp have one but I think its due to the christmas parties and everyone drinking and smoking around me….but I will never go back to that disgusting habbit :)

  36. charlie Says:

    Im 20weeks Today.. I found out i was pregnant really early about 2-3 weeks!! i was a heavy smoker 20+ a day.. I stopped within a week.. didnt smoke for about a month but now i have 1 puff of my partners ciggarette now and then. just when i fancied a bit.. the addiction has gone i think its just habit?? it is very hard i know!! 2 weeks till i find out if im having a boy or girl :) <3<3<3 Love my Bump <3<3<3

  37. Asian Egg Donor Says:

    ::* i am always fond of reading topics and issues about this one .,:

  38. Siren Says:

    I am 20 weeks also and same as you, I was a smoker (at least 1pack a day). The moment I found out I was pregnant. I was only able smoke one or two before I completely stopped. It was incredible. I tried quitting numerous times before and always thought I can stop when needed. I also didn't realize how hard it was quitting. I was an ogre for a while and my husband eventually bought me a useful (but expensive) e-cigarette. Believe it or not, it helped so much! I ended up hating the mist and then the actual cigarette smoke whenever I smell it. I am so thankful that I was able to stop and I can feel what the other mother smokers are feeling. However, the mind is still stronger than the body. The moment you say you're gonna stop smoking (truthfully) , you can. It also helps if your husband is supportive. If mine wasn't there to help me by hiding my cigarettes or just by understanding my outbursts, i'm not quite sure if I could've quit.
    So, to all mommies! You can do it! Just WANT SO BAD TO QUIT and you will. We believe in you. :)

  39. Lynette Sherer Says:

    J’ai l’habitude de ne pas poster dans des blogs, mais votre blog me forcé, amazing work .. belle …

  40. Alexia Borbone Says:

    smoking is pure selfishness on your part and putting your baby at risk…… If you cared about your baby, you would quit!

  41. soon to be mom Says:

    i know alot of parent who smoked during pregnancy and there babies are more healthy then the babies of parent who didnt smoke one of my family member smoked with 2 and didnt with 2 the two she didnt smoke with actually have more problems with asthema and the other two dont have any problems

  42. Nadine Says:

    Hello, My Name is Nadine .. I myself am a smoker as well, i am now into my 20week of pregnancy .. my doctor told me to cut down, but not stop immediatly for it will cause more problems in the long run . i do care for my unborn baby, and i know that smoking is harmful . Props to all the mothers out there .. First time mom myself .. <3

  43. Elizabeth Says:

    What a horrible statement to make to someone and very unlikely to help anyone to quit.

  44. Tiffany Says:

    I agree. When I found out I was pregnant, I quit after smoking for 6 years. Don't plan on starting back up neither. Its bad for the baby weather the baby comes out "fine" or not.

  45. AGDH Says:

    Go read up on addiction, jackwad. I agree it's selfish and very unhealthy, but to tell someone they don't care about their baby because they haven't quit is just ignorant on YOUR part.

  46. Jada Says:

    Wow, I cant believe all of the name calling and fowl language being thrown back
    and forth on here. This is supposed to be a time of happiness, it is such a blessing
    to be pregnant, some women arent as fortunate. Everyone has a right to their opinion
    whether I agree with it or not. In my opinion, smoking is an unhealthy habit when your
    not pregnant, but at least at that point your only affecting yourself.
    I think there is a bigger picture that needs to be examined here, when you become pregnant
    the child should come first, point blank period. My kryptonite isnt smoking but I can stand to
    eat a little better and excersise more. And every now and then I would love to have a nice cold glass
    of wine and if I wasnt pregnant there is no doubt that I would, but because I am,
    I have to fight that strong desire, and every time I do, I feel stronger and stronger and it becomes
    easier each time. That temptation may never quit, but you can beat it! Best wishes Mommies!!!

  47. Gheen Says:

    I am 20 weeks today. Never smoked a day in my life. BUT I do know that if you are a smoker and you stop cold turkey while pregnant it can have as bad or worse affects then if you continue to smoking a pack or more a day through out. They say you should SLOWLY stop or at least mostly stop. Just the same with drinking or any other drugs. DO NOT STOP COLD TURKEY, easy your way off of what ever it is you are doing. You could kill your baby otherwise.

  48. April Says:

    Im 19weeks and everything is going fine,but i am worried about one thing.i found out i was pregnent when i was a month in half.from nov until the day before i found out,i was smoking weed and drinking heavly.and smoked ciggies here and there.i stopped doin all three as soon as i found out,but im just worried that my baby will have probelms.8/

  49. Corrinn Says:

    I did the same thing for my last pregnancy and my daughter was perfect when she was born. Just try to stay on the straight and narrow now that you know. Your baby will be fine :)

  50. Guest Says:

    Studies show smoking cigarettes during pregnancy may cause problems with the baby. That said, just because a woman is pregnant doesn't mean she is perfect. All we can do is educate ourselves and try everyday to make the best decisions. Everyday is another chance to move in the right direction by quitting, cutting back or seeking the help you need to quit. I wish luck and courage to all those women trying to do the best for their little one.

  51. Alison Says:

    this is terrible advice… ive never heard of any Drs telling someone to slowly stop smoking/drinking or ease their way off of drugs!

  52. Mandy14 Says:

    WOW Alexia; you sound like an idiot! Obviously you are not, and I am sure never have been, a smoker….so it’s easy to talk when you don’t know what something is like. I was a smoker for the last 17 years and did manage to quit soon after I found out I was pregnant….but it is not easy and certainly can be harder for some people! For me; morning sickness helped a lot on my quitting….so to say these women don’t care or they would quit just sounds completely uneducated and ridiculous! I’d love to know what you do wrong in your pregnancy while you judge others!! Nobody is perfect, but these ladies all know it’s not healthy and want to quit, but it’s NOT that easy sometimes! Are you MISS PERFECT….HA! I highly doubt it so keep your judemental comments to yourself! Good luck to all you mommies! Happy, healthy wishes to all! :)

  53. Michelle Says:

    Y’all that are still smoking are so ridiculously selfish…. Just as selfish as the women that kill their babies because they aren’t “ready for a child”….. I’m 20 years old and was unexpectadely pregnant with my ex boyfriend’s child and I quit everything the day I got a positive pregnancy test…. Smoking drinking caffeine EVERYTHING…. The lack of self control coming from ADULTS makes me sick. Don’t even reply in response to me because I’m not going to check up o this post… Just know maybe you should think about someone else (the child inside your womb) instead of jay your “poor self”. Some women are so much healthier than you and CAN’T even get pregnant. And here you are polluting your God-given miracle before he/she is even born yet…. Feel sorry for the children when they actually are born!!!!!!

  54. Nikki Lynne Says:

    So all your nasty nancy’s who are putting down smoking mothers I have a reality check for you. I am now 20 weeks pregnant and have had 12 miscarries. I am only 23 (turned 23 on june 5th) Every time I got pregnant I quit smoking which 4 to 7 days later ended in the death of my child. My OB told me to keep smoking when I got pregnant this time and by God I’m still pregnant! My OB won’t let me quit. I want to quit to give my child the best chance in life however if I quit while pregnant it would cause me to loose another baby. Mind your own business and quit being nasty to other people. Quitting can cause SERIOUS stress to your baby and can kill it. you should NEVER quit cold turkey. If you are going to quit talk to your OB 1st and see how they think you should handle it. Shame on your nasty mommies who are scolding others for their choices. It’s hard enough to smoke while pregnant because of the guilt. We don’t need you being jerks on top of it.

  55. Allie Says:

    The problem with smoking, for all women who are, isn’t just that it can lower the baby’s IQ, which it can, but it is also linked to low birth weight and premature birth. Smoking around an infant is also extremely bad for it. Children who are raised in homes with smoking parents are 65% more likely to develop the habit themselves later too. There are so many benefits to quitting and not one benefit to keeping the nasty habit. You should try very hard to quit, no matter how late it is in your pregnancy. And watch out for nicotine patches, which are not good for the baby either.

  56. Cleo Says:

    My husband and I have 1 son who is 11 years old now. I am now 20 weeks prego with another son. I smoked with my first and he was completely healthy and this prego is going good as well. You can do everything right and have an unhealthy child. If it is meant to be healthy then it will. I wouldn’t stress the smoking issue ladies.

  57. Refugio Jeck Says:

    Simply desire to say your article is as amazing. The clarity to your submit is just great and i can think you’re an expert on this subject. Fine together with your permission allow me to seize your feed to keep updated with impending post. Thanks 1,000,000 and please carry on the gratifying work.

  58. mommy of 3 Says:

    I am now 20 weekd preg with my 3rd child which is a boy after 2 girls. I agree quitting smoking while preg is what u should do! But it is easier said than done! I smoked with my other 2 and they are very healthy and 2 smart for their own good! With my 1st I cut back quit abit but my 2nd my mother was sick then passed away and needless to say I didn’t cut back. They both are wonderful! With this preg my dr is more worried about me cutting back and coming off my antidepressants than whether I quit smoking. Just take it 1 day at a time u no u love that baby inside of u and doing the best u can!

  59. Emily Says:


  60. Lauren Says:

    Even though im only almost 12 weeks I was checking out the posts. It is very hard to stop smoking. Fortunatly for me at about 6 weeks I threw up after smoking and the smell now makes me sick. I did a lot of research and it basically said DO NOT QUIT COLD TURKEY! Quitting cold turkey can put you at stress and put the baby at stress. They now have these vapor cigs that use only water and some menthol. You have to look is it the addiction to the nicotin or is it the act itself. The water vapor cig would prob be best along with rationing yr cigs. Like if you smoke a pack a day take out half and have your SO take the rest and space out the amount your smoke and know you only have 10 for the day. Yes it is dangerous for the baby but all the major organs and such have been developed since the end of 10 weeks and just are fine tuning the rest of the time. I am positive you can do cut down and have a healthy baby! =)

  61. Kelsey Says:

    Congratulations everyone! I am 20 weeks with my 1st child and I am thrilled. I smoked before I got pregnant and when I found out I was expecting I thought “Oh shit how am I going to quit”, especially since my partner smokes a pack a day. My first aversion happened to be the smell of cigarette smoke. It made my stomach turn. I was very lucky. Now I love the smell of smoke again so I am nostalgic about them but the urge is minimal. I’m happy for that. I hope each of you can successfully put them down. Just try your best..it is all we can do. Good luck!!

  62. Danielle Says:

    I’m not going to tell yall how bad smoking is while being pregnant or not, I’m sure almost everyone here knows it already, otherwise they wouldn’t be trying to cut back at all. I’ll just tell you how my mother was motivated through her last couple pregnancies and I hope that it can help some of you who are trying to quit or cut back. She printed out pictures of babies who were premature of under developed and ever time she craved a cigarette she would look at those pictures. She also quit cold turkey because she had tried to quit before and realized that ever time it was “her last” or even her sixth she would always cave to another. I”m not claiming to understand because I was never addicted to smoking but cold turkey is how my mother, father, and husband quit. I have heard though that cold turkey probably isn’t best for pregnant women do to the shock that your system can go into but I’m not familiar with that either. I hope that this helps those who are looking for some ideas.

  63. RGamble Says:

    I was a smoker before becoming pregnant. I quit cold turkey. However, those electronic cigarettes are quite amazing. I have one that contains no nicotine-essentially a dummy cigarette. On those days I just have to have one I whip that bad boy out. Does the trick every time. It has.absolutely no nicotine or chemicals.

  64. RGamble Says:

    Oh I had a friend try cold turkey. When she caved she would smoke part of a cigar. She hated cigars. So only a couple of weeks doing that she never wanted to smoke a cigarette or a cigar again.

  65. Anli Says:

    Hi there, I’m about to enter my 20th week and thankfully havent become the michelin woman!

    Regarding gaining pounds, I found a great way is to TRY to be good as many times as you can but not beat yourself up too much about it. When I just have to have icecream & waffles, I head to hagen daz or somewhere else and have a proper ‘meal’ of everything naughty! That way, when i feel like a bar of choc or everyday pastries, i remind myself of how great my last icecream ‘meal’ was, and look forward to it. Oddly enough, when i started the treat thing, i thought i’d do it every week, but it turns out my smugness at sticking to my plan helps me stay sane for longer in between treats.

    I know not everyone can stick to it, but if you stop beating yourself up about weight gain, it takes the pressure off and unconciously u start eating better.

    Good luck all!

  66. Liz Says:

    The biggest problem with smoking while pregnant is the affects on the baby’s lungs and there development. Many babies born to mother’s that smoke have a much higher risk for asthma and severe allergies and unfortunately a high risk for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) This does not mean that your baby will get any of these, however these are proven side affects on a baby born to a mother that smokes. If you haven’t quit yet please do for your child and don’t think it is ever to late. Many babies born to households that smoke can cause major second hand smoking problems with infants all the things I have listed above and more. Also if you do smoke outside away from your baby you always need to go in wash your hands and face and change your clothes-the smoke follows you in. Good luck mommies!

  67. Kate Says:

    I have no comments one way or the other on smoking or weight gain. We future mums have enough to worry about without judging one another on our behaviours. Our harshest critics are ourselves. I will say this, however. I am shocked by the language, grammar, and spelling used in most of the posts here. If we cannot construct one correct phrase, how are we expected to teach our children to communicate effectively.
    My greatest fear for the next generation is not smoking or sweets, but lack of ability to write or speak properly.

  68. jewlz Says:

    You ppl are flipping disgusting!! u dont desrve to have chlidren…and to the idiot who says “oh smoking only causes miscarrige” your an idiot! everyday ppl die from smoke related problems and instead of stopping ur dirty habbit u bring an unwilling participent into it! u all are disgusting and dont deserve kids u selfish freaks of nature why dont u sick f#*%ks guzzle down gasoline go drink formaldihide oh and follow it by some rat posion and dont forget to eat a bag of tar f u all sickoos!!

  69. elise Says:

    I think smoking is bad for the pregnancy and i think its selfish for the mother to do it,but that doesnt mean im going to start name calling because at least the mothers on here realize its bad for the baby and are trying to quit.I have never smoked in my whole life,but i know people that do,and know that its not easy to quit just like that.I agree with what Liz said up there.Smoking is horribly bad for a unborn baby and even children for that matter.My husband’s mom smoked for years and years,and she smoked with every single one of her pregnancies.There are 5 kids.Im sure if she didnt smoke while she was pregnant,then my husband and his 4 sisters wouldnt have bad allergies and asthma problems.Just because babies are born healthy when mothers smoke doesnt mean they are not going to have health problems later in life.Good for you mothers for trying to quit :) :)

  70. Dominique Says:

    Hello ladies, I am just entering my 20th week, and I am very excited to be finding out the sex of my little one soon. For the smokers, I know it is a hard habit, but your baby is much more important than nicotine. Those of you getting defensive of are doing so to justify your guilt. I have been a smoker since the age of 17. This is my second pregnancy and I quit with my first five years ago, just as I did when I found out I was preggo 20 weeks ago. This time I am not going to pick that old nasty habit back up. Not only is not good for your baby, but it is also killing you..I breath better, my teeth are a stunning white and my skin is so much prettier…oh and those ugly smoke bags that build under your eyes have finally went away..since I have quit I am healthier and look 10 years younger. Like I said I know it’s hard, but the risk are so much more difficult to deal with. My mother smoked with us and although we were deemed as healthy at birth 3 out of 5 have asthma and breathing problems…4 out 5 smoke and as well were born at low birth rates

  71. supplements to aid fertility Says:

    Wow, this article is pleasant, my younger sister is analyzing such things, so I
    am going to convey her.

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