21 Weeks Pregnant

At just past halfway through your pregnancy, the days are passing quickly as you begin to think more about your baby’s arrival.  By now you should have had your most thorough ultrasound and if you wanted to know the sex of your baby, you probably have your answer by now.  If you haven’t been watching your weight, now is the time to get on board with a diet and exercise plan that you can stick to both now and after delivery.  Light exercise is best if you weren’t exercising before you became pregnant—think walking or prenatal yoga. If you were very active before you became pregnant talk with your doctor about what exercises you may continue. The majority are fine until your center of gravity is altered—then you may need to make some adjustments.

By exercising, you are improving blood flow and strengthening muscles that will support you during your last weeks as well as during labor. Women who gain a healthy amount of weight (around the 30 pound mark) and stay active, tend to have easier labors overall.

Baby’s Development

At ¾ of a pound in weight and 10 ½ inches long, your baby is about the length of a regular size carrot. You may also notice changes in your baby’s activity as he or she gains strength and what once felt like tiny flutters or nudges have turned into some very noticeable kicks.  All these belly acrobatics have a reason—your baby is developing and building muscles while learning to stretch and move in their happy home.

In week 21, the baby’s digestive system will continue to develop and grow. The baby’s intestines can now relax and contract. Baby’s eyebrows and eyelids are 100% developed, and the vagina is forming in girls

Changes With Your Body

At this week in pregnancy, you should be on target for 10 to 15 pounds of weight gain. You may be a bit over or maybe a bit under right now, but thanks to your new found appetite and loss of nausea, you are ready to eat.  Just remember that you aren’t really eating for two, and your body only needs about 500 extra calories per day—that’s a half a peanut butter sandwich extra. So don’t overdo it, or your weight will too.

One of the best parts of your second trimester is your belly.  Big enough to show but not so big that you are uncomfortable.  You should be able to feel your uterus—firm and round, just above your belly button now.

Thanks to changing hormone levels you may be experiencing more leg cramps and varicose veins. As hormones cause blood vessels in the legs to relax, blood pools in the lower portions of the legs resulting in varicose veins which may be painful.  Don’t panic, this is normal in many women and there is a higher chance of developing varicosities if they run in your family.

To take some pressure off your legs, try to not stand in one place for a long period of time. If you wear high heels, this is a good time to find something more comfortable for the coming months.  Sneakers or shoes with low heels are best to help with any swelling or discomfort. If you notice swelling in your feet and legs, especially at the end of a long day, there are a few steps that you can take to help ease your symptoms.  For some women, standing in one place for long periods of time can increase pain and swelling in the feet and legs. If possible, try to find a chair and elevate your feet for ten or fifteen minutes a few times a day, or try wearing support stockings or hose to increase blood flow.

What To Expect

If you haven’t noticed by now, your appetite has increased and it may feel great to indulge in every food that sounds good.  Remember though that you should aim for 500 extra calories every day and do your best to steer clear of high-calorie foods.  Instead, fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats and low-fat dairy are going to supply you and your growing baby with the nutrients necessary to keep everyone healthy.  The occasional craving may come, and you can feel free to have something you love, but just keep the portions small.


Take these weeks of high energy and positive attitude to prepare for your baby’s delivery through a healthy diet and exercise. Pregnancy can weaken your immune system, so remember to practice good hand hygiene and get a flu shot if recommended by your doctor, and stay away from others who have fever, or coughs that could spread germs.


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  1. iris Says:

    i had a misscarige

  2. Tiffany Says:


  3. jodie Says:

    omg so sorry to hear ..what happened were u exactly 21 weeks

  4. Lerato Says:

    I am realy enojy my pregnancy but the main challenge is that I wake up every morning arround 4 or 5am to eat. But what I like is that I don't have cravings oh I am excited!

  5. Andra Says:

    I am so sorry. God works or a reason..Please remember that

  6. Marlena Says:

    Im felling fine im havin a girl.its so exciting….. :) ))

  7. Blessed Says:

    Iris, this is strange. May God give U grace to bear this.

  8. jenn Says:

    am i suppose to be tired during my 21 weeks.. i feel like i am not getting enough sleep. when i first wake up i am fine however i feel tired throughout the day

  9. shona Says:

    hi ladys well am so tierd all the time . apart from tierdness feel gr8t. i cant w8t to c my twins all exiting .hope u mums 2 be r keeping well xx

  10. Louisa Says:

    yes im hungry all the time..gosh anyway i get heaps of cramps on my feet and find it uncomfortable wen slleping..plis help me im only 19 and need soon-to-be moms to help me out.

    what shou;d i do??

  11. chelsea Says:

    i am streesed out and i know thats not a good thing but its hard not to be with everything im dealing with in my life i cant relax or get enough sleep or even have time to take a min and breathe,i need a vacation but my life is always run run run its hard to get a brake away from stress and life……..

  12. Karla Says:

    Iris, I am so sorry for you. I will keep you in my prayers as I know this is a difficult time for you. Don't give up, you will be blessed again. Only God knows why certain things happen,. Some things are way beyond our understanding….just have faith, and trust GOD. I love you.

  13. aisha Says:

    my baby stayed in one spot all day yesterday. should i be worried?

  14. lucy Says:

    my doctor tells me you need to worry when you dont feel your baby, its better to go check with your doctor

  15. Raquel Says:

    I actually called my OB about this today. They said that at 21 weeks, you don't start feeling consistent movement. I was for about a week and the last few days she's slowed down. They said that's perfectly fine. You only need to be concerned if you have other symptoms like bleeding.

  16. Shanae Says:

    I’m 21 weeks n only had leg cramps one time hopefully the dnt cum bak

  17. becka Says:

    its hard to go through mama. i am sorry for your loss. know you are not alone in this hard time. you are in our prayers, stay strong.

  18. march madness 2011 Says:

    I found your blog while searching on yahoo I really like the coloring you are using in the design.

  19. Skye Ritchie Says:

    I’m 21weeks pregnant getting alot of cramping pain all in my stomach believing it’s normal and my little boy doesn’t stop kicking me..

  20. Addah Says:

    Am so happy for you to advice us on weekly developments. I just crave for soil.

  21. Autumn Says:

    My Pregnancy has been super easy so far. I never had any morning sickness. My doctor tells me I’m right on track and doing great. I found out that we’re having a girl. :) If I ever have any concerns about what’s normal and what’s not, I always look it up. I just developed a rash on my lower back. Does anyone else have that?

  22. cynthia Says:

    My appetite hasnt increased. But i sure can sleep throught the whole day!

  23. flava1 Says:

    So sorry about your loss. I’m 21 weeks old, feel fine and at times hear the baby kick, however worried as im still drinking and smoking.

  24. jen Says:

    im 21 weeks and my baby boy moves constantly all the time! alot of back pain too

  25. erken rezervasyon Says:

    This is very good and nice. i think this.

  26. Mothertobe Says:

    I am 21 weeks today, and everything has been going so good.
    I haven't had any morning sickness and Doc. says I am on track with everything, this is my second pregnancy with the first ending in a miscarriage at 10 weeks. I was nervous at the begenning on this pregnancy but everything has been going so well. I feel so blessed and I can't wait until I get to meet this little one growing inside of me. I am just now starting to feel slight movements at night and its the most amazing feeling ever.

  27. J Co Says:

    Flava1…are you an IDIOT??? Drinking and smoking??? You don't deserve to be a parent.

  28. JESS Says:

    I am too 21 wesks and hungery all the time nothing seems to stop the hunger…. Although trying very hard to eat healthly its hard when all i want is cakes and sweets…. My tummy is just begining to show i might be pregnant…. IRIS i am sorry to hear that but God has reasons for these things in life just trust in him….

    As for the mom that is smoking and drinking you should try get help its is not fair on your baby…..

  29. Sher Says:

    So there is a poor woman on here pouring her heart out about a miscarriage at 21 weeks. There are woman out there (like me) that have struggled for 3 1\2 years to conceive… Someone has the nerve to smoke and drink while pregnant! Its just selfish!

  30. Sher Says:

    I am 19 weeks and just finally starting to settle in after a rough start… Congrats to all the real mommies here and my heart goes out to you losing a baby at 21 weeks.. Its a horrible feeling. :( but keep ur chin up.

  31. MEGAN Says:


  32. Chelsea F Says:

    im 19 and having my firt child, obviously wasn't planned but we are making the best of it. im 21 weeks right now and i seriously cannot stop eating… i've already gained about 30 pounds so far i have no idea what to do! i need help with my dieting and im scared to excersize.

  33. Aileen Batista Says:

    Sometimes being addicted to somethings can be hard to break. It is important that u seek help before it's to late. It can affect the baby. It's really dangerous!. Every mom wants the best for the baby, I know u do too. I am not hear to judge you but to give u adviced. I know u will do the right thing. Talk to your Dr. He can help. Aileen

  34. Aileen Says:

    Our destiny is already planned. If we can conceive, it's Gods will! If we can't then it wasn't meant for us to do so. I agree people don't realize, how wonderful it is to be a mother and to do things right. They may not be selfish it can be many things…depends on the situation. Who knows?? All I know is that my heart goes out to those babies out there suffering in their moms wound.

  35. Aileen Batista Says:

    I am a mother of 2 boys this will be my first baby girl I am so happy. This pregnancy has been different from my other 2. At first I wasn't able to smell anything. Everything will make me sick even when taking a shower. When I turned 3 months 1/2 it wasn't as bad I do get sick from time to time but not much. I am concern about this pregnancy. Earlier today I felt so dizzy making a line, my vision got blurr, I began to sweat, I got really thristy and passed out. Is that normal? What can make this happened?

  36. Aileen Says:

    I gained 40 pounds with my first child I gained 45 pounds with my second I am currently pregnant gained 20 already I am only 21 weeks. Lol I worry about my weight as well but why should we. When I gave birth with my first 2 kids I lost it all in 90 days without trying to loose it. Keep in mind that the baby may weight 7-8 pounds the placenta weights 3-5 pounds all the other stuff things will fall into place after birth. I eat a lot too trust me I stay hungry LOL . It's normal!! Just eat healthy and walk 30-40 minutes a day, rest, and eat as much as u want.. (feed that baby)LOL I think we will be okay…

  37. ekcadams88@gmail.com Says:

    hey chelsea, try going to books a million or half price books, or even net flix and check out their prenatal work outs. trust me, it will help all around. you will need good abdominals for a shorter delivery. also, try putting yourself on an eating schedual. six small meals a day will keep your matabolism up and as long as what youare eating is healthy, it's recommended for pregnancy. with my first baby, i was 19 when I has her, i gained 27 lbs. by my 7th month and then my last 2 months, I gained another 30 because I wasn't watching what i ate or how much and I had just quit my job so I wasn't moving around as much. Now, I am on my second pregnancy and I still haven't gotten the weight off from the first. Be careful. That's my warning to you! and congrats! It's a wonderful journey your about to be on. Hard, painful at times, but wonderful, and oh soooo worth it. My daughter is worth ever pound, even years after the fact. :) best of luck!

  38. LeanneBerry Says:

    hey do you have any help from family or friends. because you can quit now and it shouldnt hurt the baby.

  39. kelly Says:

    im only 15 and i am 21 weeks pregnant. ive been feeling my baby move for about a month now. its a little girl. i am constantly eating but i have only gained 7 pounds so far. my doctor says that my baby weighs 10 ounces right now.

  40. SammyB Says:

    for crying out loud, the research on the effects of smoking are inconclusive, and she obviously knows that there is a chance it can negatively impact the baby so do u really think ur comments are necessary? having people call her an idiot isnt gonna help her quit, and its better thats shes admitting it unlike some pregnant women i know who insist that they have cut back and then go on to smoke a whole pack in one night and get high. flava1, because of the potential risks to the baby u know u should quit, good luck on it and dont post about it anymore on these kinds of public forums, chances are u arent gonna get a whole lot of support.

  41. shaggy523 Says:

    Hey guys..thanks for posting this blog. I am 40yrs, 21wks, 1st preg after 3yrs of trying. it’s a gurl :) . I feel her moving around all the time, which really lights me up especially when I need reassurance. I sometimes say this has got to be the the worlds most expensive baby to conceive after the efforts I put in financially and emotionally, so I am not even trying to screw with this little mami. This leads to the comment about the drinking and smoking part. I love a good drink or a nice shot of tequila every now and then, but trust me, after that test came back positive on that little strip..that was it, baby’s needs came first. I have had 20yrs or drinking and I know I will have 20 more and then some. Compromising my child’s health is not even a matter of discussion as I know I can sacrifice 9months of sobriety..whats the big deal? Then, I know better, I know right from wrong, most impotantly, I would hate for that child to come with defects, retardation, or deformities over something I could have easily avoided. Boy, I would have a lifetime of regrets. Choice is yours my dear, remember..you can do it :) STRENGTH AND WILLPOWER will get you through.

  42. Fallon Sewell Says:

    I am 19 years old, 21 weeks pregnant this is my second pregnancy I was pregnant with twins a miscarriage is the worst thing I think anyone can go through and to risk a Childs life by smoking and drinking while they are in you is pathetic for all this people out there that can have kids and ur doin a innocent baby like that u should be ashamed and get help! I am having a little girl now and I am super excited and I am a very cautious mommy to be because I know what it feels like to have a life inside of u one day then wake up and it be gone the next! So to all those people out there that miscarry u are not alone but just no there was a reason and u shall be blessed again another day because babies are a blessing in life can’t wait to have mine!!

  43. amybeth Says:

    craving for soil,paper etc. is called "pica" you might have dangerously low iron. talk to your doctor asap!

  44. Vcosha Says:

    I am 19 years old and 21 weeks pregnant. This is my second I had my 1st in October of last year. I have learned however that how much weight you put on or lose doesn’t matter if you are eating and going to the doctor and they say your baby is growing fine then dont worry I’ve been pregnant for 14 months in a row now I started out weighing 135lbs when I went into labor I weighed 125lbs then when I weighed 120lbs at my dr. Apt after having him the day I found out I was pregnant and now at 21 weeks I weigh 114lbs my son came out perfectly healthy its just a matter of how your body adjusts to the hormonal changes. Good Luck to everyone.

  45. Corinne Says:

    Exercising while pregnant is safe & healthy.

  46. Ema Says:

    This is the most exciting time. Just love filling up my tummy

  47. Alisha Says:

    Hi everyone! I am 21 weeks preggo today and very excited! I am finally having my girl :) I have 2 boys now andhave been waiting along time for a girl!!
    I was wondering if there is anyone else out there from Indiana around 21 weeks pregnant who might want to be pen pals? Someone to talk to and go through experiences with?!
    Good luck to all you future mommies and God Bless :)

  48. Linda Says:

    Hey…am 21 weeks but I seem to be having little space…just a small bite and my stomach will fill up the whole day…what can I do, I know am not eating enough for both me and baby…I need advice

  49. Chioma Says:

    please my fellow woman am a new mummy and am 22 weeks pregnant but i don't know what to buy for my baby please can anyone tell what can of thinks i should buy plssssssssss thank you all.
    please if you don't mined you can send it in my e-mail is chiomachioma93@yahoo.co.uk
    am Chioma.

  50. Redhead Says:

    I am currently 21 weeks pregnant and we just found out we’re having a girl. We can’t be more excited. Everyting is going well, aside from severe back pain caused by sciatica. I had a bad car accident when I was 18 and now I am more susceptible to the back pain. It’s only going to get worse. The doc has already scheduled me to begin physical therapy. Not looking forward to that. I live in Indiana, so if anyone would like to keep in contact, please do! Always happy to discuss this new little one and share experiences!

  51. Mama2Be Says:

    Hello! I live in Indiana as well and I am also 21 weeks and am also having a baby girl :) This is my first. Everything is going very well, all my tests have been good. Only thing is…I am not quite sure if I am feeling her or if I am feeling my stomach rumbling??! I think its her tho. Very cool to find several woman on here from Indy. I think theres something in the water. lol. Here is my email for ANYONE who wants to be pregnancy pen pals :)

  52. Mam2Be Says:

    Hello! I live in Indiana as well and I am also 21 weeks and am also having a baby girl :) This is my first. Everything is going very well, all my tests have been good. Only thing is…I am not quite sure if I am feeling her or if I am feeling my stomach rumbling??! I think its her tho. Very cool to find several woman on here from Indy. I think theres something in the water. lol.

  53. Cynthia Says:

    I am 15 years youngg & im 21 weeks pregnant. Im having a baby boy & i started feeling him kick about 3 weeks ago. Im very excited & i cant wait until he’s here!

  54. Sammy Says:

    hi there. I’m 21 weeks and it is my first pregnancy. The father of by baby recently passed away and it’s been putting a lot of stress on me. I don’t want anything to go wrong with the pregnancy, it is so important to me. I’m having a hard time getting enough sleep and i’m also trying to finish up this year of college. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me. Also i was wondering what foods i should be avoiding.

  55. Lauren Says:

    Hi everyone im 2 weeks pregnant…my pregnancy has been going great just been a lil stressed out cuz I been havung baby mama.drama with my boyfriends ex…i was wondering tho why I havent gained any weight or really showing…could it be cuz I was 10 pounds over weigh to start with…im 5″7 and weighed 160

  56. Lauren Says:

    I meant 21 weeks preggo

  57. a102011 Says:

    This is my first pregnancy, I’m twenty-one weeks, and I have lost twenty pounds throughout this pregnancy. It’s the best diet I’ve ever been on. lol. I found out last week that my little girl is perfectly healthy and 11 oz. I wasnt super skinny to begin with, but I wasnt obese or anything. I guess it really doesnt matter how much weight you gain or lose, as long as the baby is healthy!:)

  58. Sarah Says:

    I am 21 weeks preggers 2day! This is my 2nd child! I dnt kno wat Im havin yet, find out next mnth on the 22nd! Life 4 me is crazy n Im really tryn 2 remain stress free but things keep fallin apart… I had complactions wit this pregnancy like passing out n having dizzy spells, the doc cant tell me nothing.

  59. becki Says:

    hi im 21 weeks, how often am i suppose to feel my baby move?? i only feel a slight kick? maybe once a day?????? i dont have any pain or bleeding….and also how big is my tummy suppose to be?? should it be hard yet :) :)

  60. kysha Says:

    I’m 21 weeks with my 3rd child(having a boy) and have been having a lot of contractions all day every day with back pain and nausea. My tummy is about the size of 7 month pregnant tummy and its hard as a rock. Should i be worried cause my son was a month early with my last pregnancy?

  61. Nana Says:

    I am 21 weeks today and today this morning my baby kicks were much harder i had to rub my stomach and tell her to stop kicking mummy so hard it was like she listened to me it made me smile……….i love my child already cant wait to meet her……and this is going to be my first baby girl god thank you i couldn’t ask for anything better than a healthy baby girl

  62. mimi Says:

    Hi I am 22 weeks today and have only gained three pounds. My first pregnancy I gained more than I should have so am watching my weight this time around. IRS a girl and doctor says I am right on track with everything. Only qualm is still have morning sickness and very painful round ligament pain. Those of you worried about weight just snack healthy and walk, walk, walk. For the girl drinking and smoking I know it’s hard and your doctor can help sweetie. Best of luck to you all.

  63. monkey Says:

    heyy, I will be 21 weeks wednesday! So excited! Im having a baby girl! She aleady means the world to me! I am 19 years old! Im married to a wonderful man! my parents are so excited! My baby girl is gonna be so spoiled! she will never want for nothing! I try to do everything right for the sake of my little baby girl! I use to be wild! but, I have settled down and anxious to have my baby girl in my arms. I hope I will make a wonderful mother.

  64. Alex Says:

    I am 20 years old and exactly 21 weeks today. I am actually having two Baby Girls. ive been feeling their kicks for the past 3 weeks . The kicks are getting stronger everyday. I gained 12 pounds soo far. My appetite increase. And for the Girl that smokes and drinks, – Ive been smoking a lot before i got pregnant . it was very hard for me to quit. I smoked about a pack a day. When i found out i was pregnant I knew i had to quit. For the first month I still smoked but only like 4 cigarettes per week. My doctor said not to quick in one day but slowly . so it took me a month to quick. You need to remember that theres a little person in You and you need to give him/her whats best. Congratulations to all of You ! and Good Luck :)

  65. ana Says:

    This is my first pregnancy, I am 21 wEks pregnant. I didn’t know my baby could feel what I feel emotionally. I’ve been going through a lot of stress lately. Does anyone know how I could reduce my stress? My husbands and I fight alot and my best friend is very emotional. So his emotions vs my emotions + my feelings that men shouldn’t constantly cry=stress lol helppppp

  66. ana Says:

    By the way I can feel my baby kicking now! I have for a while but it felt like I had to pass gas because it was such a quick little poke. Now it feels like its slowly pushing against my tummy from the inside n pulls his/her foot or hand back. Every time I get a little nudge the baby does it twice and then nothing for an hour or so. Kinda like he’s checking in. I am so excited everytime the baby moves but I have nobody to talk to about it because I have no chick friends. Someone message me. Sorry my emails kinda voger lol babiibxtch2010@yahoo.com

  67. anonymous Says:

    why would someone just come on here and just post they had a miscarriage. I am sorry this has happened to you but not only is that not relevant to this specific article but causes anxiety in those pregnant that are already experiencing anxiety about their pregnancies.

  68. anonymous Says:

    Also, a half of a peanut butter sandwich is NOT 500 calories. a slice of bread is 90 calories, a tablespoon of peanut butter is about the same, so implying all you need extra is a 1/2 a peanut butter is misleading and disturbing that it’d be posted on a pregnancy website.

  69. naomi Says:

    Iam 21 weeks now and iam still not feeling our baby gurl move. On the ultrasound she moves constantly. I also have been cramping alott the last few days. It happens when I bend down, sneeze, cough or lay down. It gets very aggravating. I’ve read several articles on round ligament pain and that has to be what it is.

  70. Sharma Says:

    Sammy B, do some research. There are “conclusive” results on how smoking affects a fetus. Don’t be ignorant. I watched a video of a woman having an ultrasound and smoking and the baby squeezed the umbilical cord to block it out. Also, it damages cell production, can cause miscarriage, and a bunch of other horrible things. I am amazed at someone like you who would defend something like smoking and drinking while pregnant. You must be doing the same thing…

  71. Hodan Says:

    Hey moms,

    Im pregnant with my first baby and im 21 weeks im afraid to know the gender cuz i want a boy so bad what should i do ?

  72. girlagain! Says:

    Hodan, u might as well find out and get urself ready. I have 3 girls and am 21 wks preg. Just found out it’s another girl! Wanted a bot so bad! I’m finally excepting the sex and now on to praying she’s healthy… It is what it is, just hope for the best! :)

  73. rachel Says:

    Hi my name is rachel I’m 21 years of age and I’m excactly 21 weeks and 6days pregnant with two twin girls and I’m freaking out I have been feeling a lot of kicks but from the past 2 days I havnt felt them kick but have had morning sickness will I have a still birth? Xx

  74. Sherry Says:

    My baby is fine at 21 weeks but i am losing weight people say yu have lost weight all the tym some say you dont look pregnant at all is it ok?i had a lot of morning sickness but now its easing i eat ok even as ealy as 5 o clock in e morning n i feel those kicks is losing weght ok at all??

  75. lovelypeemy Says:

    I’m also 21 weeks and I’m havin twins,baby A kicks a lot more than baby B…can’t wait to see them

  76. frances Says:

    YIPEEE! An unexpected BEST turn of my Life 21 weeks and already looking forward to that big day on
    Feb.6 to see my little Girl. Quiting my bartending job at 19 yrs old now Proud to have hung up my
    High heels to flatts working on my Butt all day lol My boyfriend and I have gone from care free to
    to prepareing to bring are baby into this world with EVERYTHING it needs living on are own Ughhh
    The real working world isnt Fun and Games but are #1 motivation every morning makes everything
    Worth Doing… :) -My lil kicker Francielys from 132 at 7 weeks when i first found out ive bin also
    working hard Gain the pounds im now 140 and still eating im a Big Fan of chocolate chip right now lol

  77. Kennith Bickford Says:

    You realize thus considerably relating to this topic, produced me individually imagine it from so many various angles. Its like women and men are not interested until it’s something to accomplish with Lady gaga! Your own stuffs great. All the time care for it up!

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