22 Weeks Pregnant

Recent weeks have brought on many screenings and tests to make sure your baby is healthy and growing properly–and thankfully the next few weeks will be pretty quiet. Sometimes women feel as though the second trimester is just the calm before the storm as they wait for new rounds of testing and screenings that will be ahead in the weeks to come.  This time may also bring about new found attention from both loved ones and strangers who begin to notice your belly—this can be difficult to field, but don’t be afraid to say “hands off” when necessary.

There are many healthy practices that you should never overlook—no matter how many weeks pregnant you may be.  If you smoke, there’s never a better time to stop. Many women feel that smoking during pregnancy is acceptable and helps ensure the delivery of a smaller baby, but no matter if you smoke one cigarette, or fifteen in a day, the danger still remains so don’t be afraid to ask for help kicking your habit if you need it.

Baby’s Development

The baby is continuing to gain weight as the days go by. As the weeks pass, your baby will grow stronger and as the tiny nudges turn into full-fledged kicks, and your partner may enjoy feeling the baby move now.  Do your best to share as many experiences as possible with your partner.  With a weight of one pound and a length that stands at just over 11 inches, your baby is continuing to form and develop at an alarmingly fast rate. Even though your baby still has many pounds pack on, he or she is continuing to fine-tune their bodily functions and appearance.

The previous weeks have allowed your baby to form and develop and coming weeks will bring on the addition of weight and fat stores that will be necessary for the baby to live outside the uterus.

Mom’s circulation is continuing to deliver nutrients to the baby and remove wastes.  As baby begins to practice some functions in preparation for birth, the majority of his or her needs are being met by the mother.

Baby’s pancreas is developed, and fine tuning its function. While baby’s iris’ still do not have a specific color yet, many of the baby’s other facial features—like the eyes and lips– are becoming more defined, and tiny tooth buds are forming under baby’s gums.

The baby’s sensory system is developing very quickly, and the brain is sending signals as nerves grow and develop helping baby refine their senses.  He or she may be exploring their face or moving their legs and arms to see how they feel. If the baby is a girl, she will have ovaries and early egg cells are present by the thousands, and her uterus is completely formed at this point.

Changes To Your Body

There are many hormonal changes that bring on new physical changes during pregnancy.  While you may have expected belly and breast growth, you  may be seeing other differences you hadn’t expected. Some of the most common include:

  • Longer, thicker hair
  • Stretch marks (for up to 50% of all women by the time they deliver)
  • Faster growing fingernails
  • Acne
  • Increasing body hair (face, stomach, chin and upper lip)
  • Darkening, larger nipples and areola

What To Expect

As you begin to show more, you will find that others will begin to offer their opinion about your size, claiming that you are too large or too small for your gestational age. Remember that every woman carries differently, and their children grow differently, so try to take comments with a grain of salt and do what’s best and most healthy for you and your baby during this time.


It can be easy to over-do your activity levels during your second trimester.  The high energy level and the loss of early fatigue and nausea may cause you to feel that you can continue to follow your regular routine and pace.  For some, this is acceptable and for others it can be difficult to keep up the same actions so make sure to slow down if you need to and follow your body’s signals.


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  1. Teresia Says:

    Is this the exact position of the baby at 22 weeks of preganancy

  2. Lindsay T Says:

    Not necessarily. Mine likes to change position. At the 20 week ultrasound the baby was lying across, not up and down.

  3. Dawn Says:

    Loving every minute of being pregnant? Who is writing this?!

    Yea, I totally love the heartburn, the leg cramps, waking up at night to pee, the carpal tunnel, swollen ankles when it’s really hot and the back aches, and yes, the morning sickness.

  4. Dana Says:

    OMG. That's totally me. I was just telling someone that they always forget tomention how generally crappy you'll feel.

  5. Vanessa Says:

    lol and it's funny they always say how wonderful it is to feel pregnant. I feel tired and dont even feel like excerciseing. lol

  6. sj Says:

    OMG! It’s a bitter sweet moments . One your angel moving letting u kno everything ok then the next u feel like crap (LOL)

  7. Lerato Says:

    My concern is that I vomitted this morning & this made me to feel not quite good. But now I am exciited because they advised me by saying pregnancy differs. Anyway is the most exciting thing to feel tteh movements though sometimes you will feel some little cramps. On Friday I am going for my 4D Ultrasound. Happpppppyyyyy….!

  8. samantha Says:

    I got sick yesterday have been taking prenatal vitamins and iron docs orders but I think cooking in the iron skillet may have been too much doc says won’t get my ultra sound till twenty eight weeks this is bull! I want to know the sex hubby says no baby stuff till we know the sex. Hormonal ready for winter and all I grave is ci cigarettes and veggies hoping to get a reply am I the only one going through this. Ttyl bout to make object the baby is moving like crazy

  9. Alura Says:

    I am 21 weeks & I just found out we are having a baby girl. I was very anxious to find out the sex as well, one thing that was reccomended to me was finding a place that does the 4d ultra sounds most will do them as early as 16 weeks to find out the sex of the baby, Most of them even include a dvd and multiple pictures. It is something to consider, although it may be a small cost usually around 150.00-200.00 But its worth it. Just to calm your thaughts I as well crave ciggs & green vegtables CONSTANTLY lol .. I know it sounds awful but I have threatend to smoke 3 packs at one time after im done breast feeding. [ I dont acctualy plan on this it just makes me feel better to say so at times =)] Good Luck !!!

  10. Jessica Says:

    Actually, your local hospital may have the 4D ultrasound machines…. My local hospital here in NYC has one, and it is free of charge (well, insurance pays for it), and I will probably be going in soon to get checked out because I have been having really bad headaches lately with this little girl inside of me… I am now 22 weeks along

  11. Jessica Says:

    With my youngest son, I vomitted throughout. With my pregnancy before this one as well, I also vomited everything I ate. for example, I would eat a bowl of cereal, and I would throw up the ENTIRE bowl of cereal right back into the bowl soon as I finished…

  12. mariah Says:

    i hate to say it but i have had 1 to 2 ciggs a day for the past week and half… and im 21 weeks. its so hard when daddy smokes too… with my son i could not stand the smell of ciggs but this one is a girl. i have been craving sweets like crazy! cupcakes, brownies and candy. cant wait for thanksgiving! im gonna tear it up at the dinner table!

  13. Kbear Says:

    Stop smoking when you’re pregnant!!!

  14. lucy Says:

    it is not easy to stop smoking during pregnancy. i still smoke at 22weeks and dont know how to stop. some people smoke till the end and their babies are just fine

  15. Crystal Says:

    I was a smoker for about 8 years and the day I found out that I was pregnant, I new I had to quit and I haven't had a drag or a full smoke since the day the test came out positive. You just need to remember that you can't smoke while pregnant. I know there are some people that will smoke while pregnant but why would you want to take the chance of your child have a disability or worse…. loosing a child? It's very irresponsible to smoke while pregnant

  16. MADag Says:

    Are these babies really "just fine"? My mother did infant foster care for a number of babies who came from smoking homes/mothers and had asthma as a result. Everytime they came back from a home visit, the babies were clearly suffering! It was miserable for us to see the babies in this condition and to know that the ultimate goal was to reunite them with parents who clearly couldn't put the child's health before their own addictions.

  17. Irritated Says:

    People who smoke during pregnancy are the worst kind of people. That's pure selfishness!!! Yes, many babies (luckily) are "just fine" but many more aren't. They suffer from low-birth weight, small heads (which means small brains) and more respiratory illnesses. My nephew had to use a nebulizer every day of his infant life. Have any of you had to experience the heartache of witnessing a small, frail newborn gasping for breath because his lungs weren't fully developed due to his mother's selfishness? I have smoked myself for 20 years, and have been pregnant four times. Each pregancy was smoke free. Yes, it's hard. But it's not about just you. You are harboring a fragile new life and putting that life at risk every time you light up.

  18. grumpy Says:

    I smoked during my first pregnancy and my son came out small…However, he is 6 ft 170lbs and will be 13 next month. My son does not have any respitory illnesses and he is as healthy as an ox. Those people that judge others who smoke during pregnancy are wrong. It may not be healthy, but my mother smoked with all three of us girls..and I DO NOT have a small brain. Leave the smokers alone.

  19. Alli Says:

    I’m 21 weeks and I personally quit smoking. my grandmother has 9 children and smoked all the way through every single one and yes they are actually all FINE no asthma, no small babys and no small brains lol as a matter of fact 4 of her children graduated high school from 15-17yrs. One being my mother who graduated at 15, also having me the same year. None of them smoke either. So it actually depends on a person the effects it will have on your child. Everyone is different , and it no ones place to judge another parent.

  20. Lee Says:

    If your happy to play russion rolette with your childs life its up to you! How fortunate for her children. Some are not that fortunate. Normally those who end up with healthy children who have disregarded their health & developement needs should rarely have been awarded the fortune of bringing a life into this world!

  21. get*a*clue Says:

    Oh my god…those of you who are so worried about us who smoke while pregnant. STOP. our lives and our babies are our responsible. I was TOLD by my ob/gyn to not quite smoking because the stress would disrupt my child's development more so then smokeing will. I'm 22 weeks and i smoke. my mother smoked, i smoke, my best friend smoked, most of my famliy has. We are all fine. plus do some research before you start giving us a hard time. most birth problems are caused by other factors.

  22. get*a*clue Says:

    and neither do you. your most likely the kind of "mother" that has the kids that beat up others on the playground because you think your better and smarter then everyone else. it is judgemental. "Judge no least ye be juged." your kids are going to have many more issues then alli's. and thats just from you being so closed minded and insane

  23. Who is Clueless? Says:

    Seriously? I think your posts just prove why women shouldn't smoke when they are pregnant. I can tell just by reading them that your mother smoked when she was 22 weeks pregnant with you.

  24. Mommy0424 Says:

    When women smoked while pregnant years ago it was different. They didnt put nearly the amount of toxins in cigarettes that they do now. Do you realize now they put cyanide in the smoke that you are inhaling and putting in your babies body? Years ago when your mother and grandmother smoked it was just tobacco.. Now its tobacco and poison. Trust me, I smoked for years. I am not 22 weeks pregnant and I quit the day that I found out I was pregnant. Quit being selfish.. I'm sure you can go 9 months without smoking.. you will survive. And any doctor that tells me that smoking is better than quitting needs to lose their job. Thats awful advice.

  25. anabelle Says:

    this week for me is gng up and down with my crazy mood swings im 22 weeks with a beatifull little girl !!
    im so happy to be a mum at the age of 19 :)

  26. Jenn Says:

    TO ALL OF YOU WHO ARE PREGNANT AND SMOKE: You don’t deserve a baby if you are that selfish that you cannot break a bad habit for the sake of your babys health. That is not a good start at parenting. No doctor would tell you that its okay. Thats just a lame excuse because you cannot break your addictin. Ive heard every excuse in the book and its all bs. You are selfish and should be fixed

  27. Amber Says:

    I Think doctors actually tell women who are expecting and smoking to slowly cut back not just keep smoking..I think there is a difference.

  28. morgan Says:

    Wow, ive never heard of anyone who was soooo selfish. grow up. people have the right to do whatever the hell or not whether you like it or not. I am ashamed that someone like you is even allowed to speak. You make every woman look bad..

  29. MOMMY2B Says:

    its funny how everybody is acting like smoking while pregnant is the worst thing. well its not there are way worse drugs out there take meth for example that has way more chemicals in it then a pack of smokes do. plus being on meth and not eating or sleeping for days at a time causes more problems and mal nutrition then cigarettes do.

  30. happy mommy Says:

    hey everyone, im preganant at 22 weeks now, and at my last ultrasound i was around 20 weeks but they couldnt tell me the gender?the sonogramer said that she couldnt see anything in between the legs..but wouldnt she be able to see SOMETHING if it was a boy. i thought sex organs were one of the first to develop. i really want to know the gender of our baby, but my doctor said they cannot order another ultrasound just to find out gender. help pls? and thanks:)

  31. moody?! Says:

    This is my second baby and I am feeling so moody. Does everyone feel like this at 22 weeks? I don't remember feeling so down with the first one. I was so happy the entire pregnancy, and all of sudden this week I have been crying a lot and I don't understand why? I have a beautiful supportive family, we are moving into a big new house in 20 days, and I have a great job…what is my problem? I don't know the sex of the baby because we decided to wait, like we did with the first one….am I depressed?

  32. Momnjun07 Says:

    When I was prego with my 3yr old I was a smoker! I had a miscarriage 3 months prior to getting prego with her…. I was 12 weeks when I lost the fetus. I didn’t know I was prego the first time till I was 6 weeks cause I have pcos and very irregular periods. My dr told me NOT to quit smoking cold turkey cause it could cause another miscarriage due to stress on the baby thru me. I did quit but slowly as my dr orders! I know smoking is bad and I am trying to quit now using the ecig! I think I maybe prego now but have taken a bunch of tests and all neg! I have every symptom u can name and I think I feel movement! I could be as far as 21 weeks on Friday! But like I said very irregular periods so idk if I am really prego or just want one so bad it’s a phantom preg. I wish u all luck and love but women come her for info and support so please try to be understanding to each individuals situation! :)

  33. kayla Says:

    Moody?! – ahh I am an emotional rollercoaster! One minute I’m happy, the next I’m crying, the next I am about to rip my boyfriends head off! You are not alone!!! I do have a question for everyone. I am so nervous to tell my employer I’m pregnant. I’m 22 weeks and starting to show. I am a nanny and started working for this family in sept before I found out I was pregnant. Does anyone have advice?

  34. Amanda Says:

    Ladies, I am a labor and delivery/Postpartum nurse. I can assure you that while lots of times smoking will not have any negative effects on your baby, it DOES increase the possibility. There are mothers that drink, smoke, and do every imaginable drug you can think of and have perfectly healthy babies. The thing is, each time you take a harmful substance into your body, you run the RISK of harming your unborn child. I am not here to judge, just to educate a little bit on why it is preached to quit. And yes, it is adviced, especially if a longtime or heavy smoker that you quit gradually as not to cause undue stress. Just like a mother is many times adviced to stay on methadone rather than quit it abruptly because the withdrawal itself could kill mom and/or baby. Everyone has a right to decide what is best for them, I just wish people could see what I see sometimes in these newborns :(

  35. Amanda Says:

    Also, I am 22 weeks pregnant myself with a baby boy :)

  36. Tanya Sparks Says:

    I have. My daughter was born 1 pound 6 ounces at 23 weeks and was on a feeding tube, oxygen, and in an incubator for the first five months of her life. She had to have open heart surgery and She was born with chronic lung disease, cataracts, legally blind, cerebral palsy and epilepsy (from the brain damage at birth). She is now 6 years old and it still affects her more than ever to this day. She was born early due to an incompetent cervix though. It is so hard to watch her go through all of the things that she goes through and it's even harder to know that she will never be able to drive. I don't know much about smoking and pregnancy other than I quit when I found out I was pregnant and I am currently 21 weeks.

  37. Everything PINK!!!! Says:

    So it makes it right???? So im guessing you are one of the smokers, because there is no way in this world that you can tell me that its not that bad. PEOPLE DIE FROM LUNG CANCER DUE TO SECOND HAND SMOKE!!!!!! And your unborn child is directly getting all of these chemicals straight from you .And there are people that say "oh its not that bad " and when something is wrong with there baby they want to cry and ask god why this happened. Its horrible to see that people are ignorant enough to say there is not thing wrong with it. Lets face reality there is alot wrong with it , and it's wrong to try and make yourself feel better by saying "it's ok". I am sure that if you are pregnant and smoking you wont do it in public, because you are ashamed to smoke in public with a big belly. I am shocked at what i have read and never really knew that women who are suppose to be so nurturing and do anything for there children can actually say smoking is not that bad. Nothing will ever make it right nor will you be able to live with a clean conscience.

  38. cosmicblue Says:

    Smokings a choice and yes wouldn’t the world be a better place if nobody did it and aren’t smokers all selfish etc etc.

    Its all a matter of opinion. If you don’t like that people make their own life choices instead of bitching moaning and ranting why not grow up and start acting responsible if you’re such respectable parents.
    All I can say is smoking’s a terrible habbit, highly addictive and dependable.
    I made the mistake of choosing to smoke and now I’m hooked.
    From everything I’ve read here everybody’s talking about theories and not fact.
    Smoking ‘increases the risk’ that’s not ‘smoking makes your child this’ …
    If you honestly worried about the smallest possibilities in the world you’d never leave your house during the day due to the ‘risk’ of being hit by a bus.

  39. Medifast Coupons for 2011 Says:

    Precisely what I was searching for, appreciate it for posting .

  40. Everything PINK!!!! Says:

    I get worried because i keep reading that at 22 weeks you have more energy and i keep wondering where in the world is the energy suppose tocome from because I am so tired all day long.

  41. cait Says:

    I had a friend who miscarried a few different times and the DOCTOR told her he thought it was due to her not smoking and the stress and withdrawls from not having nicotine. He told her to smoke ultra lights the last time she was pregnant and she carried to full term and delivered a healthy baby.

  42. Jenny Says:

    You are not "fine" if you think that smoking is a healthy thing to introduce to a growing child. Do the research?? How about practicing what you preach.

  43. Chelsea Says:

    That's dumb. I was a smoker for 16 years and found out I was pregnant and quit that night never to light up again. So yes, I in fact HAVE been addicted to something, just loved my child enough to not put that on them as well.

  44. erica Says:

    sounds to me like you are judging miss "get a clue"….the closed minded and insane comment sounds quite judgemental. Maybe you are the one who needs to get a clue.

  45. Mama ME Says:

    I did not know this until recently but when a mother smokes the baby (during that cigarette) is deprived of oxygen. The baby is being suffocated, not until death but not getting what it needs. It's little heart rate goes up too. I think if mother's understood what was really happening it would help. The baby's heart rate even increases and is stressed when mama reaches for the cigarettes (something must be released in her body indicating she is going to smoke. It is so sad. The baby is then born small and our nephew (who we are raising) will suffer his whole life with severe Asthma because of his mama's choice, so sad!!! I know it must be very hard and I have not suffered with addiction. It must be very very tough. I pray that all mothers can make a good choice for their new baby!!

  46. Carly Says:

    i think smoking while pregnant is pretty terrible, but how you put it was pretty terrible too, it was horribly judgemental, stating they shouldnt be mothers! i was able to quit by 6 weeks, but not everyone is strong willed enough to quit, just because there pregnant! i had a hard time just getting used to the thought of being pregnant at first, let alone forcing deep habits out of my life! but, i did do it for my baby, and every mother should.

    and im not sure where your doctor is, but ive never heard of a doctor condoning ciggerettes while pregnant, i can see him giving the same advice he would any other patient, cut back at first until you can quit, but not quit at all? i dont beleive that :( in fact, i belive studies show babies are more stressed from withdrawl after birth from smoking, and is that how you want your child to expiriance its first few hours after birth?

  47. momtobe Says:

    Wow…i hope you are not teaching your child to be so judgmental and so full of anger. I hope you realize that projecting that kind of anger will inevitably result in your child following suit. These are learned behaviors.

  48. Leah Says:

    Wow I hope people are actually taking in what you have just written.
    I was a smoker for 7 years before I had my son & I immediately gave up smoking as soon as I found out that I was pregnant.
    I personally didnt find it that hard to quit because the I knew that my babys health was more important to me than my addiction & can totally understand why people think that smokers are selfish because it is if you think of it that way, that you are putting smoking on a higher priority than your baby or their health when your child should always been number 1!

  49. Jamie barton Says:

    It sounds like your niece was smoking more then just cigerates if you are raising him!

  50. jamie Says:

    You should have quit before you got pregnant!

  51. ivegotaclue Says:

    If i were told my my ob to NOT quit smoking while pregnant than i would run, not walk, RUN as fast as i could from that office. Its common knowlede, not to mention common sense, that smoking will KILL. I watched a video while in nursing school that showed an actual study of a mother smoking while pregnant. As the mother inhaled the cigg, the babys body looked like it was caughing but in all actuality the baby was having seizure like movements from the toxins tranfering thru the placenta. I dont know where youre getting your research but I'd check your facts if i were you.

  52. trisha Says:

    I think everyone is intitled to an opinion but in some of these statements it sounds that people are tryin to be judgemental on these moms!! I didnt think this sight was for bashing moms and i dont think bashing anyone for what they do is going to help them stop smoking! And i do know that doctors will tell u do not stop smoking all at once in can cause u to have a miscarriage! I am 22 weeks pregnant and i stopped smoking by cutting back i stopped by 8 weeks so ladies hang in there it is possible!! Dont let anyone bash u on your parenting skills no one is perfect!

  53. WakeUp Says:

    People commenting are doing so because of their fear and worry over the baby you're carrying who cannot speak for him/herself. Yes, your lives and your babies' lives are your responsibility…so start taking charge and making responsible decisions. You're fine? YOU and NOW YOUR BABY are surrounded by smoke. At least you have the benefit of the filter. Your baby is in such a fragile place right now with trying to develop and gain strength. After he or she is born, they will be surrounded by second-hand smoke which can do just as much or worse damage than directly inhaling. No one is saying quittig smoking is easy, but it's what's best for the baby. And now is the time to start putting that defenseless child's needs in front of your own. I'd be interested to speak to an actual, qualified, credible doctor who would say that smoking during pregnancy is better than quitting. I think it's an excuse people use to not expend the energy it takes to quit. It's very sad that getting that fix is more important to a mother than the health of her baby.

  54. kate Says:

    It honestly is disgusting for a woman to continue smoking knowing that she is pregnant. It is very selfish to not quite for 9 short months for ensure you baby does not have any of the harmful effects of smoking. From the moment you find out you are pregnant it is your responsibility to care for that baby and ensure it is not harmed in any way, let alone be the cause and deprive the baby of oxygen. That baby has no choice but to depend on you to take care of them. I have quite smoking for all 3 of my pregnancies because more than ever i realized when I'm pregnant it's not all about me. It's not like there's no information out there on the harmful effects of smoking while pregnant. It's just sad that anyone would even try to excuse lighting up a cigarette during pregnancy.

  55. goldenmommy Says:

    I’m not a smoker but as a second time mommy I can say I stress over adding sweetener to my iced tea and whether the tea has caffeine! I may be overly precautious but for the smokers out there, don’t you worry with each puff? I agree with the nurse who stated that not every mom who smokes will have a child with problems but everything you do put in your body poses a RISK.

  56. Tia Says:

    It's interesting that you are trying to defend smoking. Yes it is your choice but please do take consideration that ppl are responding out of concern. Smoking is bad for your health…we all know that and you are a 'complete' human being. So it is definitely bad for someone who is developing all their organs/respiratory system/brain…etc. Smoking decreases the amount of oxygen in your body and your baby is dependent (leaches) off your oxygen intake. They do not actively breath oxygen in utero…it's all up to your lifestyle. Think about it. Your baby needs you to make good choices and needs a healthy mommy.

  57. shan Says:

    I was SUPER nervous to tell mine as well (also a nanny) ends up that no matter when you tell them they will do with the info what they want. Dont stress over it, its not worth it. I was told would still have my job and after could bring my child to work with me… then 2 days after she ws born they called me to say that they had changed their minds…
    NICE! way to let me think the whole time I would have a job to come back to …
    just be up front, honest and let them know what your plan it and ask them to be honest with you as well. :) good luck!

  58. babyboy Says:

    i quit smokin as soon as i found out i was pregnant hard part was i was already 3 months wen i found out my doctor told me some woman during there first pregnancy can still get a period, why i didnt know. Im worried this might have affected the baby, also i live with two roomates who smoke, one doesnt smoke in the house the other does i tried to advoid him but its hard when he smokes in the living room i dont want to be rude but how bad is it if i stay on the other side of the room?

  59. girly Says:

    I can’t believe you all are being so mean to each other!!! It’s not your pregnancy, women OBVIOUSLY know the risks. It’s not effecting you so stop! Is it really necessary to tell people they are worthless just because they are doing something you don’t agree with? If you don’t like it don’t be around them or talk to them. And no, I don’t smoke.

  60. Dimitra Says:

    Wow. Ok. I’m 20 weeks pregnant and still smoke. God knows I’ve tried to quit and it’s been quite a battle for me. I’ve wanted to quit from the moment I found out I was pregnant. I’ve cut down a ton but I wish I could cut down all the way. My first Pregnancy wa easy to quit cause I had just started smoking that year. But three years later it’s taken a toll on me. I’ve watched my friend smoke while she was pregnant and thought how disgusting.. How could she do that to her baby? Shortly after she had her HEALTHY son I had gotten pregnant and thought about how I use to think so ugly about her and now here I am in the same position. I plan on quitting before my baby comes. But not every woman is the same. Not every woman has enough will power to let go of something so addictive as cigarettes. I applaud those of you who could quit right when you found out. But don’t judge us who can’t. At least were trying.

  61. mrs sandry Says:

    just found out im haven another boy so happy now i have 2 of each this pregnancy is so different to my son dontae he was always kicken n i was always sick ive got 17 weeks left n the whole time ive not felt pregnant no sickness bubs is healthy blade sandry will be born in july we think lol so glad not all pregnancys r the same cause my other kids dam lets just say u wished u werent pregnant

  62. Teka Says:

    Well,All I Can say To You Is The More You Smoke,The More You're Putting You&Your Baby's Health At Risk.Im Not Trying To Scare You But You Just Really Need To Put Your Child's Health First Because When Its Born&Its Older,Its Gonna Look You In The Eyes&Ask You Why Am I Like This.You Have To Tell Them What Happened&Im Not Judging You But Just Be More Aware Of Your Child's Health

  63. Love Says:

    smoking is not a need in life, nobody needs to smoke to live, not even the most stressed out person, it is a want, you need food, you need water, you need sleep,, yes ciggaretts are very addicting and not a easy thing to stop ,as any addiction, these are the facts.. now we each get to decide what we are going to do with these facts. i stoped smoking, this is my 4th pregnacy, 1,2,3, were easy number 4 came 14 years later and smoking was so much harder and i was in a very difficult stressful relationship as well… for the first 5 mos of my pregnacy, and i know several ppl who smoked heavily through there pregnacy's too, but for me, thats them, and cant say there kids wouldnt of been better off if they havent, it's not like they gave birth to the most healthist children when it came down to it… but really for me .. why take the chance, to do all that i can do for my baby while he or she is trying to develope inside of me, for a SHORT time ii my life, well for me that is not asking to much, so i stopped smoking, and other things too!

  64. amanda Says:

    No it's not their pregnancy but it's affecting an unborn innocent child that doesn't even have the decision to come into this world and has to depend on someone who obviously doesn't have enough self control to think about the health of their child. You may not see the effects of smoking immediately but just wait, throughout the years they'll be more prone to bronchitis, pneumonia and probably asthma. People are so ignorant, DO NOT SMOKE WHILE YOU ARE PREGNANT. If you are responsible enough to have sex be responsible and at least give the child a chance at a healthy life!

  65. mamatutu Says:

    Blade? Really??

  66. TBT Says:

    Dimi- Take this advice but also check with your physician okay? When I found out I was pregnant, I was smoking almost a pack a day. I smoked Marlboro 100s and have for close to 20 years ( yes i was one of those annoying teens) My husband and I found out and decided together to quit but neither had the willpower. We had both tried Chantix but it didnt work for us because it wasnt a quick result. What worked- I was standing at walgreens and saw they had a house brand of nicotine patches. As you can guess, the house brand is the same as buying a generic and when you smoke premium, generics make you want to gag right? Well putting this patch on- every time I lit a cigarette, it tasted horid. It was awful and I am not exagerating, I quit solid in under two weeks. I still crave from time to time so i just get a lollipop- ( keep a stash of them because like a cigarette they also keep your hand busy) I hope this might can be of some help, I wish you luck and congrats on the baby!!!!

  67. momma of a baby girl Says:

    This upsets me so much people need to think of the lil baby growning and developing ugh…

  68. Soon2be8 Says:

    22 wks today just put on bedrest thursday because of a short cervix 2.1 any input would be wonderful.

  69. shut up Says:

    Omg get a life!!! Smokers aren’t horrible mothers. Think about drug addicts or alcoholics who are pregnant!! What about perfectly normal mothers who don’t smoke and have babies with disabilities or abnormalities??? It can happen to anyone anywhere. Yes I smoked with my 2 and had 10 lb bbbies. Im not pleased with smoking but there are other bigger problems in the world then that so get real rude ass people!!

  70. kelly Says:

    Can they do a cerlage? 2.1 vaginally or transabdominally? I had a short cervix vaginally of 2.4 and they did a cerlage so I wouldnt have to go on bed rest….just no excercise or lifting anything heavier than my purse. Good luck!

  71. Heather Jade Says:

    You're dumb. All smoking durng pregnancy does is increase the risk of having a premature baby and maybe some ADHD. What people do are their own buisness so quit being a bitch.

  72. Heather Jade Says:

    I was smkoing for 6 years and then found out I was pregnant. I still smoked for around a month after I found out but I was lucky enough that I felt like throwing up every drag I took. You shouldn't listen to all these people that are just trying to make you feel like crap, they're all judgmental and probably don't even realize half of the things you shouldn't do while pregnant because they're too close minded to think about anything but what other people are doing. It is bad to keep smoking but I think that as long as you cut back and don't smoke a pack a day then you should be just fine. I know alot of people that were the child of a smoker who didn't quit when they were pregnant and they are, just fine. I do suggest trying the electric cigarettes though, they aren't as bad and they only have the niccotine in them. No tar or anything like that :)

  73. Heather Jade Says:

    I don't have any energy either, ha. But I've read enough stuff from other mommy's to know that it's pretty normal. The only kind of exercise that probably won't suck it swimming, I can't wait for the lakes to be open, I won't feel so lazy and won't have to worry about swollen ankles or anything like that :)

  74. Heather Jade Says:

    I'm right there with you about the caffeine thing. I used to smoke and drink about 8 cups of coffee or more a day. Now quitting both of those was a hard task. It took me a month to quit smoking after I found out I was pregnant and I guess it's just harder for some people than others. I don't care whats going on I wouldn't be able to quit just like that like some of these mommy to be's did, but I was still able to quit and I'm happy I did. The coffee took me a little while too, I was always laying around and couldn't even think straight because of the lack of caffeine. But now I refuse to even drink one cup :)

  75. Heather Jade Says:

    I suggest either trying electric cigarettes because at least they're healthier for you. I was lucky enough that when I found out that I'm pregnant I was about a month and a half along and every drag made me feeling like crap and like throwing up. It still took me a month to quit though… What helped my boyfriend to quit smoking was everytime he wanted a cigarette he ate a pickle. His addiction was the harshness of the cigarette and he said that the taste of a dill pickle was strong enough to satisfy him. So that's just another thing you could try if you like pickles…lol. Or maybe brushing your teeth or mouthwash will also help. Good Luck! :)

  76. Heather Jade Says:

    So, everyone has their own opinion on this matter [as we can all see], but if you're on here and the only thing you're doing is trying to make other mommies feel like crap, then you should be ashamed. I'm sad for how your children will turn out. Being nothing but a bunch of judgemental brats that no one will ever like or be friends will because most of us don't like to hear people like you just bitch. I'm 22 weeks pregnant and I was able to quit, but it took me a month after I found out I was pregnant. Some of you quit as soon as you found out, but not everyone can, and that doesn't make anyone less of a good person because of something like that. Everyone is different and that doesn't give anyone any right to sit there and accuse them of being a bad person or especially saying they're going to be a bad mother. Honestly I just think that all of you saying that are probably just trying to make up for all the mistakes you've made by making others feel like shit. Get a life and let other people live theirs.

  77. Heather Jade Says:


    I know most of you really are trying to quit smoking and I hope that you will be able to. I know that it's hard and everyone has their own method. My mother still smokes and probably won't quit anytime soon but smoking electric cigarettes really helped her cut back. For those of you that are addicted to the harsh feeling in the back of your throat, my boyfriend figured out that eating a dill pickle everytime he had a craving helped him because of the strong taste. If you don't like pickles brushing your teeth and using mouthwash helped me every now and then. Not all the time but it still helped. I hope that some of you may find this usefull, and good luck to all :)

    And for those of you that actually read all of this, I appreciate it and I'm sorry for the long rant.

  78. Jordan Says:

    That’s weird, I’m 22 weeks and I’ve felt great ever since week 11. My only complaint is when she gets up into my ribs.

  79. Meredith Says:

    Obviously, Heather Jade, your an uneducated fool! "All smoking does during pregnancy is increase the risk of having a premature baby and maybe some ADHD" Is probably the worst advice I have ever heard! When you smoke during pregnancy, your baby is exposed to dangerous chemicals like nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar. These chemicals can lessen the amount of oxygen that your baby gets. Oxygen is very important for helping your baby grow healthy. Smoking can also damage your baby's lungs.

    Women who smoke during pregnancy are more likely to have:
    An ectopic pregnancy
    Vaginal bleeding
    Placental abruption
    Placenta previa
    A stillbirth
    Not to mention the after effects it can have on the baby when he/she is born.Not every single child will have issues but a big majority will suffer the consequences. So dont come on here cursing and yelling thinking your smart when your advice is without merit.

  80. mmkess Says:

    Reading all these comments makes me sad. Why can't everyone just mind their own business?

    There are so many rude, discriminatory, narrow minded, and negative comments here. While I do think that pregnant mothers shouldn't smoke, verbally attacking them is not going to solve the problem. In 2011 everyone, including those who are pregnant know the potential risks of smoking. Quitting can be more difficult for some than others and people should not forget this.

    Making pregnant smokers feel worse with your horrible comments is proabably only increasing their desire to have a smoke. Everyone knows that the amount a person smokes is often closely related to the level of their stress. Most anti-smoking adds are designed to frighten and bully smokers into quitting. Obviously it isn't working and everyone seems to be overlooking this.

    Maybe you criticiers should try being supportive, understanding, and try to empower these women to quit smoking instead of bashing them. Maybe a boost in attitude and confidence could help them finally overcome their addiction. Mind over matter. What everyone is doing to "help" them now obviously isn't working. Its not even help at all.

  81. SaNiayahsMom Says:

    im only 22weeks pregnant but im around smoking, not on purpose but i am. I have a couple friends that smoked marijuana while they were pregnant but stopped a couple months before the baby was born and came out perfectly fine. Does anyone know the REAL truth about smoking while pregnant??
    AS far as the bad comments…i dont think its right to judge anyone because no one knows if that mother has a problem or what.

  82. April lee Says:

    just imagine this….. If you werr to blow in the smoke of a cigarrette to a balloon…. The balloon would get all ugly that would b ur womb would u really like to have your child be inside of such a horrible place? Youre not caring for him not even before hes born, all of the smokers who get upset from the comments of not smoking have an excuse i guess theyre addicted and like any other addict hates to hear the truth and is in denial, thats sad hopefully u alls bbs are as healthy as they can and god bless them!! Every woman is different it could take one cig a pack or more for a bby to suffer from ur smoking really want to take a chance? Hopefully none of u regret it after having ur angels…. 22 wks and bby perfectly fine thank god <3

  83. momma22weeks Says:

    personally i dont see why anyone would think its ok but i do understand how hard it is to stop. but yes it does cause problems my auntie smoked and yes ONLY ciggerates and for about two years after my cousin was born he had terrible seizures. And smoking alone was th cause no other factors. im not preaching my believes on anyone im just saying it is bad and your baby could be one of the unlucky ones

  84. presiouss 23mom Says:

    I am 22wks and I am not enjoying my pregnancy to the fullest. I am very tired at times and at times always hungry. At first I was having a lot of heartburn as well as a nasty taste n my mouth, it was like an acid build up. The doctor recommended a pill for it and it is better but I work at night, I already have children ages 11, 10, and 8 and I’m going through a divorce that’s dragging along, I’m in college for my master’s degree and I’m just worn out. I feel horrible because I’m not giving this baby the attention she needs because of the busyness in my life and I cry sometimes but majority of the time I keep it in. At times I go through mood swings but I try to stay positive and up beat because of my children. The baby’s father is good but he really doesn’t understand to the degree because he’s n college and going through a divorce himself but he’s there for me 100 percent. The baby is very very active but I need an oultlet and some sound advice because I feel lke just breaking down sometimes from everything that’s going on

  85. madison Says:

    im 22 weeks,ive smoked about three ciggs a day the whole time
    the bastard that got me pregnant moved to another state and also failed to mention the little girl he had already until i got pregnant…
    sorry if i smoke,i do it bc if i didnt id probably run him over with a car.. all you bitches who judge other people for trying to quit and cut back how dare you i gave up a lot for my daughter and its hard when your alone and young ok. so leave these women alone

  86. Stacey Says:

    Okay first off, I do not think that smoking is okay for anyone ever, I have rad the last 70 comments about smoking and I can say that being judgmental is never going to make anyone listen to you, because they have probably already heard what your saying from more than one person, but this is how I look at life, even if your not pregnant, if something you do, eat, or take is under the things NOT TO DO WHILE PREGNANT, never do them, because if they tell you its not good for a baby its not good for an adult their, diet drinks, caffeine, none of it, smoking included, but at the same time in my experience, mothers in general love their child, okay so believe me if they could just stop they probably would, I have never smoked and never while and am 22 weeks pregnant, but I have been with my husband for 4 and a half years and the whole time I have known him he has tried to stop smoking, maybe not consistantly but now that we are married and having a child especially he is really trying and I feel sorry for him, I love him and I know its hard, because if it wasnt he wouldnt do it, I have cried to him many of times about how I will be a widow at the age 30, believe me it hurts a lot to see him do it.. so with all that said I think that people in the world should be more objective, because I love Coke, I drink Coke often and everyone tells me how you shouldnt drink Coke while your pregnant, at least not to often, I know that its not good for you but I love it, I enjoy it, caffeine is a drug, and even though I know its wrong I still do it, I could drink water all day everyday but I dont and I struggle with that becasue I do feel bad, no it wont kill my baby but its not helping her… so everyone has their weaknesses and things in life that are hard for them, like I said I do not think smoking while pregnant is right or healthy for you or your baby, but I think most of these comments are rediculous, on both sides, dont defend you smoking while pregnant because someone else did it and their child doesnt have problems.. and dont condem someone for their shortcommings.. practice what you preach, look at your life and see things that you do that you struggle with and really look objectively, if people were objective in their own lives they wouldnt be so judgemental to other peoples lives…that is all lol

  87. erica124 Says:

    SMOKING: Blood travels through your heart by traveling through the right side as deoxygenated, entering the pulmonary system (your lungs) and then traveling back through to the left side of your heart as oxygenated blood before being released to the rest of the body. When blood is released to the rest of your body, is supplies your cells with that very important oxygen needed to survive (among other things). When your deoxygenated blood enters your pulmonary system an exchange occurs between the alveoli of your lungs and that deoxygenated blood. To continue to make things simple, the alveoli give those blood cells oxygen and the deoxygenated blood gives the alveoli CO2 waste(– what you exhale). When you smoke, you damage those alveoli and make it harder for them to exchange that much needed oxygen (think about all those smoking related diseases like COPD).MY POINT: When you smoke, your damaging your alveoli and depriving your cells of oxygen. When you smoke with a baby, you're making it harder to oxygenate not only yourself, but you're making it harder to oxygenate that baby. This is not a rant about addiction, this is not a rant about "how horrible" smokers that are pregnant are, this is just science.

  88. stressedoutmamma Says:

    I kind of know what you're going through. I'm pregnant with my second and I feel that I am not enjoying the pregnancy nearly as much, my husband took a huge pay cut and we can barely afford our mortgage anymore we are so stressed about money I'm 6 months and havent bough anything that we need for the baby, I've actually been selling things to pay for gas and groceries. I am working full time with as much Overtime as I can get, and in school at night, we have a very active and demanding 3 year old, who takes every last ounce of patience and energy that I have left at the end of the day. I'm so stressed I'm not enjoying the pregnancy at all I've lost so much weight, I feel guilty for not being as attentive to this baby and I worry about her health. And I know that hospital bills and unpaid maternity leave are only going to make matters worse. I just have to keep reminding myself that we are blessed, I have loving healthy family, I have a roof over my head (for now) my husband is an awesome support and I believe God will provide for all our needs.

  89. Bri Says:

    I agree! No one is perfect, so for everyone who is throwing stones maybe they should look at their glass houses! And its not like smoking crack or drinking alcohol or freakin cliff diving.

  90. jeoffrey Says:

    I'm so sad, I won't judge the smokers anymore. Baw :(

  91. jeoffrey Says:

    Boo Boo Bee Boo. I'm sure little Timmy will understand when he's old enough.

  92. Dani Says:

    You should shut the hell up! Who are you to say what someone should do to themselves. Doing it to an innocent child is something entirely different. If she chooses to smoke while NOT pregnant, that's her choice. At least she cares enough about her children not to smoke while carrying them. You sound stupid!

  93. tymarak Says:


  94. MrsChuchie Says:

    Hi. Im 22 weeks pregnant and I have to say that it has been pretty hard for me. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 2 months and I gotta say I was devastated. Having to change my diet, exercise, moniter my sugar levels was difficult. But now I can gladly say that I am truely happy for the diabetes. It forced me to make better decisions and eat healthier. My daughter is doing great and the doctors are happy with my effort and progress. I can say that I am now finally starting to show and I am happy being a mommy <3

  95. MrsChuchie Says:

    remember that not all pregnancies are the same. while you may be experiences the not so enjoyable effects of pregnancy, some women are lucky enough not to. I for one had terrible morning sickness like you but hey, it might go away and you can say that your finally enjoying the pregnancy. :)

  96. MrsChuchie Says:

    This is a place for support not judgement. i have never smoked but im not about to judge a pregnant women who is addicted to smoking. yes its bad for the baby, they clearly know that… but being addicted means that its extremely hard for them to stop. So people stop judging please…. =/

  97. do do do Says:

    honestally im 22 weeks and the DOCTOR said if you SMOKE and you try to quit while pregant it'll put stress on your baby and a possibilitly of losing it so fuck off nothing happens to a baby if u smoke my mom smoke with all her kids and we are all fine

  98. Guest Says:

    Listen ladies, I used to be a smoker…until the morning i felt strange…the feeling when I knew i needed to get a pregnancy test because something was off. Sure enough – pregnant. I smoked for 4 years straight and I quit cold turkey. I know its hard….the habit of getting into a car, smoking a cigarette…finishing a meal, smoking a cigarette….getting up in the morning, drinking a coffee and smoking a cigarette…bored or with others who smoke, smoke a cigarette….stressed out, smoke a cigarette. But when I found out I was blessed with carrying my son…he was my inspiration and motivation to give him everything. Because when you're pregnant…it's not about you anymore. It's about your child. Your defenseless little child that is depending on YOU so that they can develop the essentials they need to have a good, long life..meaning being financially stable, as well as emotionally stable and healthy!!! I'm not trying to be rude because I know it's hard to quit…but the reason we can't eat fish unless it's a certain kind and only once a month is because of the mercury level…and we want to protect out baby. If that's in fish…..think of what you're giving your baby when you smoke a cigarette. I have asthma. My doctor told me that if i need to use my inhaler, do it – because if i cant breathe..neither can my son. When you inhale smoke, your sweet little one does too….against his or her will! Just think, even when you've only had a few drags of your cigarette… the filter is yellow or brown before you're ever a third of the way done. That's what your lungs look like, and what you are giving to your baby :( After you smoke a cigarette… your fingers smell for days, no matter how much you wash them. Just think about your child. There ARE alternatives. If you've ever wanted to stop smoking, NOW IS THE TIME. Get help. If you don't feel you are strong enough to do it, look at these statistics.

    **** Every cigarette is 5 minutes OFF YOUR LIFE****
    …you're taking that baby's life away 5 minutes at a time before it has even had time to start….
    …you're taking their MOTHER's (your) life away…when if you love your little one as much as you all say, I don't understand how you can smoke knowing that every cigarette you smoke is 5 mintues you will be without your son or daughter. They need you… please…. just try!!

    I'll pray for all of you… you're a mother!!! you're the strongest person in the world!!! you are giving the miracle of life!! and having a baby out of your vagina!! or a c-section!!! It is no easy task, but a blessing and SO worth it. It is an incredible honor, as well as adventure and a HUGE accomplishment. You are all strong, beautiful women and you CAN do it!!!! God Bless all of you and your darling children. Good luck!!!

  99. Alisha Says:

    Well said!! We all have issues….

    Let's all try to remember when woman were pregnant about 50 years ago or so?!?!
    Did they worry about smoking, drinking too much coke, not gaining too much weight, gaining too little weight?

    Stop reading so many damn magizines and let's just all love our unborn children just as much as we are going to love them when they are born and let's just do the best we can as "PARENTS"!!!

  100. Alisha Says:

    Agreed :)

  101. Alisha Says:

    wow Calm down! That's your beliefs, but honestly babies could be healthy or not be healthy and it may or may not have ANYTHING to do with smoking.
    I smoke 2 cigarettes a day, I am 22 weeks pregnant with a completly healthy and normal baby girl :) I also have a 10 year old son and a 2 year old son! Both aas healthy as can be!!
    Please try not to stress the moms to be out too much!!

  102. Alisha Says:

    Hmmmm…I read that too in a magizine :p
    If you have nothing nice to say dont say nothing at all!
    Take a look at some of your bad habits and then get back to us!
    Quitting smoking is possible but it's very hard to do. Just because we smoke doesn't make us bad mother's!! i am one of the best mothers and this is pregnancy number 3 for me!!:)

  103. 1st-time-mom Says:

    Make ALL the excused you want…
    (Coming from an ex-smoker-for-15 years…)

    If *I* can quit when I found out I was pregnant,… ANYone can. I made every excuse in the book to keep smoking.

    Life can be hard. You have stress. You were born a NON-smoker. You can learn coping skills to deal with it.
    Thinking you NEED to smoke is the biggest lie… and if you believe it… at least admit your weakness–
    –that and that you're all paying $6 a day to a company to slowly kill you.
    When you get whatever disease/cancer from smoking, come back here in the amount of pain/discomfort you feel and tell me then that you stand by your decision to keep smoking–pregnant or not. (This includes myself and my DUMB decision to smoke for 15+ years!!!)

    Make ANY excuse you want about lighting up– you're selfish when you inhale those chemicals that also puts them into your unborn baby.
    Make the healthy, RIGHT decision and get MAD that cigarettes are controlling your life with addiction!!!

  104. babieyblue Says:

    I am 22 weeks today with my second child. I am active duty military and I have to say compared to my first one this one is way different. I dont have the crazy mood swing but energy is something I have to sit and think about before i get up and decide to do anything and any kind of food makes me happy. My first pregnancy was relatively easy, no pain, plenty of energy and all together felt good…it was a boy. This one is complete opposite, im always in some kinda of pain from my belly down to my ankles, I have no energy and the baby is kicking me like crazy. I feel worn down and just blah alot. I dont know what this one is yet though Im desperate to find out. My first ultrasound was last this week and bless my baby’s heart “she” wasnt willing to reveal her secret…so much so that she refused to uncross her legs or roll over and proceeded to kick AT the monitor the entire time. Attitude! I have another ultrasound in two weeks and I am hoping that she cooperates with this one. I havent bought anything for the baby and Im getting anxious.

  105. BabyMamma Says:

    “You have to remember that if you feel tired the baby isn’t going to get everything they need.” What?!?! That freaked me out! What did they mean by that? Who doesn’t feel tired during a pregnancy?

    “You will feel hormone levels increasing as well as some tenderness and some tingling in the breasts. You may experience some spotting, abdominal cramps, irritability and mood swings. If this happens, you should immediately call your doctor or go to the nearest emergency room.” What?!?! Which of these signs do they mean? Spotting I can see but the others?

    I am confused. This article just freaked me out.

  106. Keesha Says:

    this is why i hate reading things like these, it all went from good thing to smoking…..COMMON SENSE point blank, no one should judge oro have to tell others what to do when they know its not healthy and no one needs to hear how some TRY to Justify thier actions. If you are not aking acre of they babies and they want they kids to have asthma and other problems, so be it, let them and leave it alone, these sites are not even good to go to anymoe so depressing and argumentative for COMMON SENSE. I have adopted 2 children through the the state and they were products of smokers, yes lung issues, but ow thwy mine and as a mother you cant even come in my house to smoke PERIOD!

  107. Ashlii Says:

    It is so very irritating that every post here is about smoking! I mean really who cares? If you chose to smoke you do, if you don’t you don’t! Clearly everyone is here because they read, so I’m sure they know what the consequences of smoking can be! How about just some normal pregnancy posts! This has been depressing!

  108. Krista Says:

    Just wait until the baby is born and they get to see that little placenta thingy the baby had to live in. Generally when people smoke it’s all yellow and disgusting. I really feel bad for the baby. But hey if it’s an addiction then who cares about the baby right? Might as well drink while you’re at it too, since the health of the baby isn’t an issue.

  109. kalisha Says:

    For the people who say it’s hard to quit smoking when they’re pregnant you are full of crap I’m 22 weeks pregnant and I quit smoking at 4 weeks because it was easy thing I’ve ever done in my entire life my child’s life in my hands and I would never put that child in danger I want a cigarette everyday then I feel her kick andthe craving goes away and all I want is her to be healthy and then I realized I don’t need one at all

  110. MAUI BITCH Says:

    Well…. For you Judgemental women out there… Karma is a Bitch (Just like me). You are probably the the fat, lazy pregnant women who eat all sugar and nasty empty carbs and drink and drink caffeine. I am 21 yrs old, i smoke 2 cigarettes a day, eat all organic drink 3 liters of WATER a day and have been on vegan prenatals since 2 weeks preggo. I excercise regularly, get sufficient amount of sleep & rest, and eat snacks & meals on a regular basis. Maybe thats why I have had a complication free pregnancy? No morning sickness, rare pains, no swelling or edema? My son is textbook growth and proportion wise, hes as active (if not more) than hes supposed and MY DOCTOR has been praising me for how great I take care of myself and how, even though I smoke 2 cigarettes a day (used to be at least a pack before i found out i was preggo) We BOTH couldnt be any healthier. So dont judge me or any other woman who smokes. Its their own business! Its between them, their doctor and child. It HAS NOTHING to do with you, I know quitting is hard, i tried everything! You rude women really think that talking down to us smokers will make us change quit, let alone not stress us out? Your completely in the wrong. These somoking mothers are just trying to reach out for advice etc, pregnancy is a rough bt wonderful time in any womens life! The LAST thing we need is some random rude bitch stranger telling us we shouldnt be parents, were killing our child, were horrible mothers etc. YOU DONT KNOW US! So get off your fat ass and off the computer and go walk, do some yoga, whatever, you need to relieve he stress & anger your harboring! ITS BAD for YOUR child! And remember, when you point the finger, theres always 3 more ponting back at you!

    Please try to at least cut down to 5 or less… It is bad for our health as well as our childs. I understand its hard, i smoke too. But i have noticed when i barely smoke, i can breathe better and have more energy and feel healthier. So good luck lovely mommies to be!

  111. MAUI BITCH Says:

    by the way i am 30 weeks pregnant!

  112. Heath Says:

    Krista, did you think that possibly soon to be mohters who are smokers are actually cutting back instead of quitting cold turkey to save their baby?
    I found out i was pregnant and quite that day. I was so excited that i was going to be a mommy since we had been trying for 2 years. My plan was always that i was going to quite as soon as i found out, as i did. When i went in for my second check up, they told me i had miscarried. I was devistated, just as any woman expecting would be. They did testing on the fetus to see what went wrong and i was actually told it was most likely stress. My dr. said i should have just slowly quite instead of going the cold turkey route.

    I hope all you soon to be mommys out there dont take the comments from these uneducated women too personally. Do what you think is best for your child and you. Afterall, its not about how other people think you should raise your child, its all how you choose.

  113. jay Says:

    U smokers are. Sick. Rumbaed selfish bitches who clearly r Dickens retated if you think smoking is okay while pregnant did obviously your brains are small you might as well go drink gasoline!

  114. Kyle Maze Says:

    Magnificent goods from you, man. I’ve take into account your stuff previous to and you’re simply too magnificent. I really like what you’ve bought right here, certainly like what you are saying and the way through which you assert it. You are making it entertaining and you continue to care for to keep it sensible. I can not wait to read far more from you. This is actually a wonderful website.

  115. Megan Says:

    I feel absolutely wonderful; have since the very beginning and I’ve got 22 weeks down, 18 to go!

  116. Wow. Says:

    Wow. First if all, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all.” Which is what I hope you teach your little ones. Because you don’t smoke during pregnancy does that hold you high and mighty over someone else? There children are there’s and they have every right to have such a blessing. Im sure that there excited and how cruel of you to judge when you have no right to. Are you without sin? Then why throw the first stone.

  117. Wow Says:

    WOW to all you angry chicks that are being rude and out and out mean I bet you kids are assholes EVERYONE knows smoking is BAD. But so is the SUN and the air we take in every day how about the crap they put in our food and your attitude sucks too…. And you make me want to punch you…. Smokers quit I you can if you can’t cut back do your best to try….

  118. third trimester Says:

    You actually make it appear really easy along with your presentation but I in finding this matter to be actually something that I think I would never understand. It kind of feels too complicated and extremely broad for me. I am looking ahead in your subsequent publish, I will attempt to get the grasp of it!

  119. Lou Pietrok Says:

    Hello. I believe there’s an issue with your on page links. I hope you are able to repair it!

  120. Wendy Says:

    Feeling really good at this point except for the Braxton Hicks and losing feeling in my fingers and the nerves in my fingers, hands, and wrists are hurting like hell! Other than that, I have felt the flutters of my baby girl moving.

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