23 Weeks Pregnant

You are about to enter the last stage several weeks of your pregnancy. Despite your rapidly passing weeks, baby is making the best of them and by the end of this month your baby will begin to pack on enough body fat to begin filling out his or her saggy skin.  Right now, baby is almost transparent in appearance but coming weeks will bring on twice the weight gain.

As your baby grows, so will you.  At the start of the week, your baby weighs around a pound (soon to be two) and is around 11-12 inches long—almost the size of a child’s doll.

Baby’s Development

While the development of a baby is never commonplace, this week your baby is perfecting its everyday skills.  Moving, stretching, and reaching—your baby is preparing its body for life outside of mom at the same time that organs, bodily processes and hormones start to function and regulate.  This week is much about the same practices as baby’s main focus is on gaining weight and defining the practices that will keep your baby strong after birth.

The baby can hear just about anything outside the womb. It is truly an amazing time in your pregnancy as baby will be able to recognize familiar tones of voice or react to very loud noises.  . The baby’s pancreas is developing and it has started to provide their body insulin to help regulate blood sugar levels in response to mom’s sugar.

Changes With Your Body

At this week in your pregnancy, the uterus is now 1-1/2 inches above the belly button. The belly button may start to protrude because the stomach muscles are expanding. You will have gained somewhere in the ballpark of about 15 to 20 pounds, and you baby bump has become more noticeable.

While you have more energy than you did during those early weeks, a nap is beginning to feel like a pretty good idea at times.  15 to 20 minutes of rest should be enough to restore your energy levels and get you back on track for the rest of your day.

Thanks to shifting hormone levels, you may notice your linea nigra developing during this week. Your abdomen was once smooth, but  you may awake to find a dark brown line running from your belly button down to your pubic bone that wasn’t there before. Some women find their linea nigra running from the top of the uterus all the way down the length of the abdomen.  Caused by the hormones that darken patches on your face, as well as the nipples, this vertical line will disappear in the months following delivery.

What To Expect

Forgetfulness may bring about some frustrations this week—but do your best to keep the mood light as you wander the parking lot looking for your car. Related to pregnancy hormones, this “pregnancy brain” will lift after delivery.

You will soon start visiting your doctor every two weeks for checkups, and more testing that will help your doctor detect and intercept complications like hypertension and gestational diabetes.  Remember to keep all appointments, exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet in the coming weeks.


Enjoy the last three months and a few weeks of your pregnancy. Some women enjoy it from day one and others go through such a difficult time that being happy can be a challenge. Do your best to take in the good points of every day, remembering that this time is temporary and will be over before you know it.


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  1. Kenyetta Williams Says:

    Movin on up! 23 Wks 2mar…

  2. kmorris Says:

    hi there!
    baby #2 on the way! already 23 weeks. I can still remember the day we learned we were pregnant!

  3. Lerato Says:

    Hi there! We are 23 weeks & I went to the sonar last week Friday, so excitied me & husband because God has blessed us with a 1st born and is a Boy. Wow we are so greatful!

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  5. Mmathabo Says:

    This week I am feeling over the moon especially coz i just saw my baby a few days ago. The cramps of my body adjusting to her presence are all worth it. wow. this is more exciting than i thought it would be.

  6. Rachel Perez Says:

    1st child little boy due Jan 24 just reached my
    23rd week.. only 17 more weeks.
    So excited! !!

  7. Lanie Says:

    Me and My husband’s first born..IT’S A BOY!!! due january 30th…23 weeks CAN’T WAIT!!

  8. Tessa Says:

    My first baby is a boy, I'm due January 30th too and I am 23 weeks!! How neat it is to be on the exact same schedule as someone else! Best of luck to you!!

  9. Bells Says:

    I’m also 23wks, this is my 3rd baby now and i’m still very excited as if it were my 1st. I can’t wait!

  10. rhonda Says:

    Hi im Rhonda, me and fiance found out 2 wks ago tht we are hvn a lil BOY!!!! His nme will be; Evan Chance Brown!!!!! Due 2/13. G od is so good!

  11. GUEST Says:


  12. Guest2 Says:

    Hi I had that problem early on in my pregnancy. I went 8 days without having a BM and my God it was aweful! So I feel your pain. Here are some tips I use and I found REALLY helpful:
    1. Drink plenty of water ( yes this will make you pee more but it will also help with the constipation and the next thing I suggest that worked for me)
    2. Milk of Mag – Drink water first then make sure it is a time of day that you can spend a little bit of time going back and forth to the toilet. This is safe to use while pregnant. It doesn't cause the aweful gas that you can get from prune juice (though being a nurse I used to give warmed prune juice mixed with milk of mag to my patients and it was VERY affective – I don't recommend it during pregnancy though). I garantee this will help "break you up". I made the mistake of not looking carefully at how much I was taking and spent a good hour the first time on the toilet but it was worth it I felt sooo much better.
    3. Miralax is another good option and is safe to use during pregnancy. Though I never had to go this route because the M of M works great.

  13. Guest2 Says:

    4. Eat plenty of fiberous foods. Whole grains raw vegetables (carrots, cellery, etc)
    5. Exercise – Light exercise can help get the bowel moving.
    6. For pain try using a heat pack or hot water bottle on your belly that always helped me until the Mof M hit in.

    I hope this helps. For me now I just make sure I don't go more than 3 days with out having a BM. I resort almost every time to I have issues to just taking a small does of M of M.

  14. breanna Says:

    i had that problem at 3 mths drs sed maybe i wasnt eating enough green veggie well veggies altogether.. and that i wasnt drinking enough water!!! i had to use a suppository the one u put in ya but n wait 2 cum out.. ask the pharmasist whats the best 1 for you while pregnant!! it worked n i als ate masssive vegetables that helped 2 lol good luck!

  15. breanna seawright Says:

    iam 23 weeks and will be 6mths in 3 days… i aim so in love with my stomach! iam having a baby boy so now i can say .. ” little boy chill out in there!” lol when he’s kickin the crap outa me! i wasnt extatic the 1st 4 mths because i didnt just have morning sickness i had all day from everything sickness lol! but now i wana eat everything i crave.. i have badddddd headakes though more like mindgraines n i dnt like taking tylenol every single day so i just be having to deal with it some days.. other than that all the other expectations are up to par, but cramps, peeing every sip lol cravings n i sleep way later now!! i feel blessed and iam now enjoying my 1st pregnancy…. this way ill have a true story to tell my little 1 when he gets here.. ” u were a pain in my but( litterally) since u were in the wound) lmbo!! have a great pregnancy i prey!!

  16. trison martin Says:

    I am 23 weeks and I am due 2/16/11 So I was just wondering whose date is wrong yours or mine? LOL

  17. KIm Says:

    Congrats! I am due March 6th…My first too. Getting excited halfway there!

  18. CRYSTAL Says:


  19. fviteri Says:

    Awesome…Im now 23 weeks and my due date is March 7, 2010..Good luck

  20. lexi h. Says:

    im 23 wks 6 days and my due date is march 2, 2011! im so excited to see my lil baby:)

  21. Mommy2be1 Says:

    Hey everyone im 23 weeks prego with a baby girl and am very excited im due march 11 and cant wait im so very happy that this pregnancy is working out for me the last two pregnancys i had i lost the babys due to miscarriage so i am very thankful and happy that god has blessed me with my little girl me and my fiance cant wait to hold her in our arms this pregnancy has been a gift to me and i dont think i could ask for anything better then this :)

  22. JazzyClarke Says:

    we are due the same day :) with GIRLS!!!

  23. laura Says:

    2 dried prunes a day!!

  24. Chaeri Says:

    i am due march 12 with a girl lol

  25. BlessedVirtuousWoman Says:

    @Mommy2be1 Congratulations lady.. Yea that is such a blessing. My fiance and I are expecting a baby boy Due March 15th. Our first pregnancy we did not know we were pregnant until we miscarried so I deffinitely can relate to how you feel. We are both so thankful to have gotten this far. Feeling our little lovable move is nothing but through god grace. I pray that your pregnancy continues to go well and I pray you a safe and healthy delivery..

    @Rachel Perez ·congrats.. Had to speak becaue my birthday is January 24th..

    God bless to all of you. The mothers, mothers to be and women trying to conceive.Keep your faith and blessings will pour out in abundance. Happy holidays to all..

  26. 1sttimemomma Says:

    I'm also 23 weeks with a boy :D I also had a miscarriage in January. Praying and hoping all goes well with this one. Wishing all the first time moms all the best and Good luck ^_^

  27. meandmybaby4 Says:

    I’m 23 weeks and due march 27th and we are having a boy we are gonna name him Cameron Xavier :)

  28. Nikki brewer Says:

    First bb soo excited,sux my husbsnd deploys and wont be here for the bbies birth or for a whole year,but at least it wont be forever

  29. chaz Says:

    Hi, am 22 weeks pregnant and went we went for a sonar 2 weeks back, Gosh i could’nt stop smilling because we having a baby GIRL like we always thought. my little angel will be born 1st week of April 2011 and WE REALLY CANT WAIT *Wink*

  30. Ashley Says:

    Congrats to you! I will be 23 weeks tomorrow and we found out were having a little girl too! Were due 4/4/11! I'm so ecstatic! Congrats to you!

  31. stephanie Fry Says:

    that my due date!! =] and Im having a girl!

  32. vicky Says:

    me too!! April 3rd my little girl arrives!!

  33. alishia bothwell Says:

    hey congrats on ur baby girl!!!! i'm almost done with my 23rd week now i should be starting my 24th week in like two days!!! i'm also haveing a baby girl….i'm due march 31st 2011!!! and we too can hardly wait….its irronic because i know 4 people includind my older brother thats due around the same time and were all haven baby girls…looks like its baby season…congrats again on ur lil one!!

  34. TIEISHA2ND Says:


  35. Jewell Cote Says:

    Just turned 23 weeks yesterday and this is our 2nd BOY. Been a rough pregnancy though. Had hyperemesis the whole 1st trimester. Aiden arrives on April 8th, 2011

  36. Kelsea Says:

    Wow im due with a boy the sam day(: l

  37. Jolon Says:

    Hey guys i am going to be 23 weeks tommorrow and i am aving a girl. this is going to be my first baby and i am so excited. I am also having a little girla nd i am due in april of 2011.

  38. Mrs. Hill Says:

    I am 23 weeks, due on April 8, 2011, and I am having my THIRD GIRL :-) I guess you can say I am very blessed LOL!!! Praying for the best for everyone, especially during this Holiday season. Have a great one!!!

  39. Mommie2be23 Says:

    Hi everyone i am 23 weeks pregnant with my first i am having a little boy and my due date is april 13 i sooooo cant wait to meet him congrats everyone and good luck

  40. Jamie Says:

    Hey guys! I am 23 weeks TODAY! 12-17-10 and I am having a BOY!!! I just turned 32 a few weeks back and have 2 teenage GIRLS… I couldn't handle another girl! Ha! I am so tickled blue!!! PRAISE GOD for all of my blessings!

    Jamie – ARKANSAS

  41. nina bz Says:

    This is too cute i have a 4 year old daughter born march 10th and my due date for my next daughter is also March 16th

  42. Mrs. Hill Says:

    Hi, My name is also Mrs. Hill, Im 22 weeks due Apr 20, and am having my third girl:) So I see we have alot in common….lol….just wanted to say hi and enjoy ur holidays….

  43. chandacat Says:

    Hi everyone i am 33 years old i am 23 week pregnat and i have 3 boys already this is my 4th son. So I am truly the princess in my house. Congrats to everyone.

  44. marcy Says:

    no one look at weeks you both posted Rachel posted 12 weeks ago that makes her 35 weeks now and you wrote 8 weeks ago so you should be 31 weeks now congrats to the both of you!:)

  45. Sonia Says:

    Hi Everyone !! I am 33 years old 23 weeks Due April 26th Pregnant with my 4th I sort of even it out I have 2 Girls and a Boy and this one is a Boy as well. We are very excited. Been having some Braxton Hicks and still feel sick but hanging in there. I realy thought that since I have been through this before it would come natural but….It is soo different. Happy New Years to all

  46. MilSpouse1 Says:

    Same boat…but they should let him come home for birth as his R&R or late deploy if due near date they leave. it is rough to be pregnant and alone!!! I thought I was tough but this whole pregnancy got me. Congrats and keep your head up, there are many military wives out there just like us :) God Bless

  47. Becky Says:

    I went through that with my first one. I promise it will only make you the strongest, mightiest mom on the face of this earth. Take lots of pictures for him and shower that baby with love. Good luck to you fellow military wife. You're going to do fine.

  48. kaylaMarie Says:

    I’m 23 wks and 4 days today expecting a little baby girl on may 8th 2011! I can’t wait to see her! I love how much she moves! Its an amazing feeling!

  49. Flirt Says:

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  50. rosy Says:

    hi i m rossy. i m 23 weeks pregnent. due on 14 april its surprise 4 all of us is it a boy or its girl? thats a first time……. so i m excited……

  51. Kaylapockets Says:

    I am 23 weeks also tomarrow… Our due date is may 17th, we are having a little boy! This is our first pregnancy and first baby we are so blessed and excited for our lil’ man’s arrival.

  52. ness Says:

    I am due may 16th! im having a little girl! This is our first child as well, i can't wait til she comes!

  53. chanell Says:

    awww my due date is also may 17th but i have to wait until jan 26 to find out what im having my baby was stubborn at the last ultrasound he/she was sitting straight up and wouldn't move to let us see the sex


    I'm 19, I'm 23 weeks today!! i'm having MY 1ST BOY!! his name will be Rylan Maurice. He's sooo active at the most random hours. i'm so excited!!!! CONGRATS EVERYONE!!


    PS…IM DUE MAY 16TH!!!!!!!!

  56. Cynthia Says:

    Hi there! My name is Cynthia Im 23weeks and 3 days! This is our first we Couldn’t be happier! Having a boy due May 13! Good luck to everyone!

  57. rebecca Says:

    My due date is May 15th and its my first too. :)

  58. mercedes Says:

    awwwww i wanted a boy but i ended up with a girl but my is not due till may 11

  59. Ashlyn Montalvo Says:

    Hey everyone! My name is Ashlyn, I’m 27, and married to my second half, Mario. We are expecting our 6th baby and we are soooo excited! She’s a girl and we are naming her Rosalyn Marie. I am due May 18th but since I am having a c-section, my doctor will deliver her 1 week early. I have a feeling it’ll be Friday, May 13th..wouldn’t that be crazy lol. Well my email is ashlynamills@aol.com

    Take care everybody,


    Braden, Summer, Anthony, Dane, Josias (RIP precious), Rosalyn.

  60. Kellie Says:

    I'm 23 weeks…I'm due May 16th…this is my first. I'm having a baby girl. I feel her move all the time lately…it's so amazing feeling..I want to know when others will be able to feel her kick?

  61. TABATHA Says:

    hello everyone i am 23weeks today and i am having a baby girl… her name is molly marie little… i am due may18… this is my frist baby…. all she dose is move and kick all day long i never get any sleep!!!! i just wanna say good luck to all the new mothers out there and hope everything goes well!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!

  62. Karla Says:

    Me too! Well, I was 23 weeks yesterday, so my due date is May 17! IShe's a little girl as well! First baby! She loves to move around as well! So cool! Hope all continues to go well for u and baby!

  63. Tra Says:

    Hi tabatha! we are on the same boat!!! i am also having a baby girl..her name is tess thanh le… my first baby girl…. my due date is the same as yours… good luck to u missy and have a nice new changing life!!!!! GOOD LUCK

  64. Amissa Keller Says:

    Hi! Im 23 weeks and im due may 16th with my second daughter. My husband and i are going to name her Morgan Mckenzie! We are so excited and so is our first daughter. I feel baby Morgan move so much and im loving every bit of it, i can't wait until she's finally here! I just wanted to say good luck and blessing to all of you mothers to be!!!!

  65. marjealyn Says:

    hello im on my 23rd week, im very happy that finally im goin to be a mom after 3 miscarriages and 2 d and c

  66. Nthupang Says:

    I’m so excited, I’m 23 weeks pregnant with my first baby, my husband is also over the moon, this is truly a special time… nothing can compare to it…

  67. Laura Says:

    Actually, 23 weeks is not the end of the 2nd trimester. This is incorrect.

  68. Eden Jackson Says:

    Hi everyone my name is Eden Jackson and me and my husband are having a baby girl. Currently todayI am 23 weeks pregnant and she is expected to come June 14, 2011, this is our first baby. We are excited and nervous oh and her name is Lydia Mechelle Jackson. I named her after my mother and I. Lost my mom in June of 2009 so if I can say anything love your moms they are who made you who you are. Anyway goodluck to everyone having babies excited for you all God bless.

  69. Ignacia Colegrove Says:

    Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I find It truly useful & it helped me out much. I hope to give something back and aid others like you helped me.

  70. Francesco Hinchcliffe Says:

    I’m also writing to let you understand what a really good experience my friend’s child found checking the blog. She noticed numerous details, which include what it is like to possess an amazing coaching nature to have many more very easily master specified multifaceted matters. You really exceeded her expected results. Many thanks for rendering these important, trustworthy, edifying and as well as easy tips on your topic to Julie.

  71. cotilda Says:

    hey heyyy….im 23wks 2day we hvng a girl…we r so excited..everytn gng well except flng so down n sick
    i cnt even point to wats wrong wit me..

  72. Mommyof~soon to be~ 3 lil princesses Says:

    I just hit 23 weeks on Saturday! Yay! I’m due July 24th but being induced between July 1st and July 3rd depending on the results of an amnio. I’ve just developed horrible back and hip pain in the last week or so but besides that (oh and wonderful morning, afternoon, and night sickness) everythings been pretty peachy. Good luck to all you prego mommys out there!

  73. Autumn Says:

    Hey! I am 23weeks now.. with my first baby! I cannot wait to hold my lil man in my arms. He is a blessing to me.

  74. Lena Says:

    I am 23weeks today and my due date is Oct. 30, 2011. This is such a blessing because I never thought I would ever be pregnant. Glory be to GOD and much success to you others on your delivery.

  75. Mimi Says:

    Hey everyone Im finally 23 wks and so happy. Me and my bf cant stop talking to our lil boy only 17 more wks to go and I cant wait to finally see whose been kicking inside me :)

  76. shauna Says:

    Hi everyone, I’m 24 years old and 23 weeks pregnant with my second boy due Jan 17. My first son is 6 years old !!!

  77. Feleca Says:

    I’m 23 week’s! (: I’m having a little boy,He’s due on feb 2,2012. (((:

  78. mylilmiracl8 Says:

    I was told I couldn’t have children for 12 years. I went through the emotional agony of infertility, never worked. Now my fiance and I are 23 weeks and this little one is truly a miracle. Im due july 19 and on top of the world. From the all day sicknesss to the round ligament pain, I am taking every moment in because I know the feeling of a Doctor telling you that you will never have a baby naturally. Well God had something to say about that…Good Luck and God bless.

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  80. Kate Says:

    I am 23 weeks pregnant. I am counting down the weeks. lol. (17wks and 5 days till my EDD)I am very excited to be having a baby boy in September !! :) Any advice ?

  81. steffielynne Says:

    I’m now 23 wks..due Oct 12th w/my 4th child..already have 2 boys..ages will b 18 almost 15..by the time the NEW babys born. An a daughter who will turn 13 after she’s born. Its been 13 yrs since I had my last baby but Im just as excited 4 this baby as I was w/my very 1st!! Cannot wait til she gets here..kids r excited as well..an so is the Dad 2 b. Feeling so very blessed that everything is going as well as expected!! CONGRATS 2 all the expectant Mommy’s out there. Remember 2 enjoy this special time..its only 9 mths an its the greatest gift of all!!

  82. Breann Ruttley Says:

    I am now 23 weeks pregnant and the baby almost came at 22 weeks and I went through surgery so they are going to keep me hopefully the baby comes on my birthday July. 23 my due date is oct.13…

  83. Ashley lang Says:

    Im 23 weeks pregnant and 3 weeks ago me and my husband found out were having a baby boy! It’s my first and his second. Each week makes me so happy because it’s one week closer to meet my lil man and hold him in my arms. Were naming him Jason William Lang btw lol.

  84. Getrude Says:

    hi! every one. i am 23 weeks and 4 days with a baby girl. i am so excited. she’s a very active lady already, kicking and moving a lot. i cant get any sleep but i dont mind, infect i love it.

  85. suzie Says:

    i am 23 weeks and is due for the first week of December 2012. This is the first pregnancy and the first child for my husband and i. We are so thankful to God for giving this child to us, i hope and pray that he will teach us how to be good parents and to grow our child in the fear and admonition of God. Thank you Jesus.

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