26 Weeks Pregnant

As you near the end of your second trimester, your body will have made some pretty dramatic changes.  In the weeks to come, your belly will continue to grow, as your baby does.  The same old nagging troubles from your first trimester may return to some degree over the coming weeks as the second trimester energy burst leads to the third trimester drain.  But take heart—each day is necessary for your baby’s development and there are sure to be plenty of great days ahead.

Doctor’s visits are still monthly, but will soon change to every other week.  Do your best to keep each appointment to make sure you and your baby are growing and changing safely.  Most new moms at this stage are preparing their nurseries and narrowing down baby names, but remember that there are still many details that need to be considered surrounding your baby’s birth. If you haven’t given much thought to developing a birth plan this is a good time to think about your wishes for delivery and write those down.  Whether short, or very lengthy a birth plan can help you open up a method of communication for parents as well as with their physician.  Make sure to let your doctor know what you have in mind and discuss the likelihood of following the plan.

Baby’s Development

The baby’s growth and development are picking up again at week twenty-six. The baby is about 10 to 11 inches in length and the baby weighs close to 2 pounds—give or take. Your baby will soon start to open their eyes and blink, he or she can hear sounds more clearly at this point as well.  Eye color is a pre-determined blue-gray right now, and may take up to one year after birth  to change completely to a permanent color.

Your baby is beginning to take tiny breaths in preparation for their birth day.  These tiny lung movements will not move air as of yet, and baby takes in all of his oxygen needs via the umbilical cord and mom’s circulation. Speaking of which, the placenta is now the size of the baby and works very hard to provide nutrients, remove wastes and protect baby from any dangerous substances mom may be taking in.

Your tiny miracle is continuing to pack on body fat which will be essential for temperature and blood sugar regulation after birth.

Changes With Your Body

Ideally, your weight gain at this stage should be about 20 to 23 pounds. Of course there are certainly plenty of exceptions to this rule, but remember that packing on the pounds could mean a more difficult labor and delivery.  Too little weight gain and you could be raising the stakes for a preterm or low birth weight baby.   The top of your uterus (also called the fundus) should be easy to pick out—about 2 to 3 inches above the belly button.

Remember to keep all scheduled appointments with your doctor as blood pressure complications may begin around this time.  Most women have a drop in blood pressure during the first half of their pregnancy and then see a rise later.  While a mild elevation in pressure isn’t necessarily dangerous, it can lead to a very serious medical complication known as preeclampsia. Your doctor will be monitoring your pressures closely and will talk with you if the need arises. So for now, do your best to maintain a healthy weight, control your blood sugar if you have gestational diabetes, exercise and get plenty of rest.

What To Expect

Coming weeks may bring more fatigue than the previous few.  Your growing belly may also make it more difficult to sleep comfortably, so do whatever is necessary to get some rest.  While it may not be time for sleeping in the recliner yet, a few pillows positioned just-so may make all the difference.

If you are having trouble with lower back aches, leg cramps or swelling at the end of the day, you may consider trying a maternity belt.  Maternity belts can help support the lower portion of the back and your growing belly—taking off some of the strain and the ache that comes with it. They can be purchased at many chain or specialty stores across the country and are well worth the investment.


Each day of your pregnancy is essential to your baby’s growth and development.  Because too much stress or over-activity can sometimes trigger complications (like preterm labor) make sure to pace yourself and not get in over your head. As the uterus grows, you may also experience more Braxton-Hicks contractions from dehydration. Remember that the uterus is a muscle, and more water will be required to keep it hydrated.


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  1. Monica Says:

    i am 26 weeks pregnant !!!!! i am very excited and the time seems to be going by very fast….i have felt great all the way through. However, this week i have noticed that my back is starting to ache and i feel the need to try and stretch it out more…my stomach is really starting to get more round and sometime when i touch it..it is hard and then other times it is soft! <3 I can feel the baby moving quite often now, especially at night and when i am relaxing…

  2. Cristina Says:

    I just turn 26 weeks today…I really feel good about my pregnancy sometimes people ask me if am ready to pop out but really enjoying beening pregnant so no am not ready yet

  3. nina Says:

    i am 26 weeks pregnant… but i am 3cm dilated and 100% effaced and had contrations stopped twice in one week by the doctors. so now i am on bed rest at the hospital till the baby comes or till im 32 weeks. so right now i like being pregnant but i didnt ecspect this to happen

  4. fay Says:

    you are in the right place im at home only 26 weeks on bedrest and its hard but after being 6cm dilated at22weeks water buldging i under went surgery for an emergency cerclage all went well so keep praying like i am that u make it to 37 weeks full term but righy now your baby is 75 pwecwnt viable so good luck

  5. Lerato Says:

    I am 26 weeks & 2 days pregnant!! I am very excited coz I can see that time is running & I am looking forward bring this precious baby boy on earth. I have started to experience some back & head aches but I know that this will pass. I am greatful to God!!

  6. dena Says:

    26 weeks today:) with my 5th child and fourth boy:) very happy to be blessed. Good luck and god bless to all moms.

  7. tina Says:

    I am 26 weeks pregnant with my second daughter! For anyone who miscarried, I did too, at 10 weeks, inbetween my two daughters.
    My first pregnancy, my placenta was in front, which gave me less feeling of the baby's movements…I almost worried a few times that I should feel more…and I never had morning sickness. I worked fulltime up until my due date. I took lamaze classes and planned to have a vaginal birth, but ended up w/a c-section. My daughter was born 7 lbs 2oz and healthy as ever – she is now 28 months!!!
    This pregnancy was a bit different. I cramped alot early on,had alot of dizziness but never vomited. I gained weight pretty quickly, then it slowed down – I have gained 20 lbs already…and looked very pregnant in my first trimester! Now I am entering my third trimester and I feel large but love it. MY placenta is in the back, and I feel this baby move ALL OF THE TIME. SHe kicks, punches, does somersaults and so on – it is a lovely feeling. Her due date is 1/4/11… I cant wait :) ) it will be a planned elective c-section sice I already had one, and dont want to go thru a VBAC!

  8. tandi Says:

    I will be 26 weeks tomorrow!! i am extremely excited. My ankles are starting to swell and so are my legs. i havent had any stretch marks except a couple on the bottom of my boobs.

  9. Amiejoe Says:

    I am 26 weeks and 3 days. I am Due December 29th 2010. This is my first pregnancy. Its officially a little Boy :D Me and my husband are super excited. BUT I have to admit, Im not sure im liking being pregnant. I am constantly in pain. In my back and stomach. I am uncomfortable all the time. and even having him move is seriously hard to get use to. I have a feeling it is because im a very small person. I am 5'4'' and was 108lbs when I found out I was pregnant. I as of right now only weigh 115bls. and am just now starting to show alot. I never got morning sickness and really not any cravings. So thats been great. But the aches and pains are so bad I bet that makes up for all the easy stuff lol. But I am truely so excited to have a baby :) Its going to be a great experience. OH and for someone who never gets heart burn EVER!!! I get it all the time now UGH…… Anyhow congrats to you all and if you have any suggestions on how to help with the pain and heart burn, im all ears ;)

  10. V's Mommy Says:

    milk and tums works for my heartburn also avoiding chocolate :(

    For the pain I use a hot pack. My back kills me most days. Plus trying to keep my back straight and not slouch is my hardest part.

    good luck!!!

  11. Rebecca Says:

    I am 26 weeks too and also having a boy. I am so happy I am going to have my baby, but I hate being pregnant. I am always in pain (mostly in my ribs) and not sleeping. Being pregnant is much harder than I imagined. I haven't found any tricks to help the pain yet, but I ope you start feeling better.

  12. SunBittenRoxy Says:

    I am 25 weeks, also 5'4" and am an Operating Room Nurse, so i'm on my Feet constantly. I feel and are having the same experineces as you. No morning sickness, just crave sugar this month. I also had never had heartburn before and now it's often – Gaviscon (as it's called In Canada) is amazing just before you eat or if you forget – afterwards it's the greatest thing ever!!! Heat for aches and REST…..which I don't do alot of…..I'm not enjoying the pregnancy much at all but excitedfor the babe to come!!!
    Good Luck and rest up!!!

  13. kellie Says:

    i do not like being pregnant! i like the part where you get an awesome baby though. i wish the stork could just drop them off and i could just keep my figure! i feel super fat and unattractive. i am 26 weeks and time is flying so far, but i think it might start slowing down now cuz- i feel so huge like a mountain! i wish my husband could be fat and pregnant just for one day! i just barely had a baby in nov. 3. 2009 and now i am due for another girl on jan 11 2011. this is going to be fun!!! i really am excited for my shower and then a healthy baby girl!!!!! cross my fingers.

  14. Mrs.Young Says:

    We have the same due date, thats pretty cool, and I know how you feel about feeling like a mountain…. or that girl off willy wonka that turns into a blue berry… l0l

  15. Brandi Mcswain Says:

    what craziness, my due date is jan 11 2011 and my oldest son's birthday is nov. 2 2007. Just had to put that out there. Youre going to be busy busy. my boys were born 13 months apart. (my youngest son's birthday is dec 3 2008) Good luck!!!!

  16. kari Says:

    i feel the same way! im also due for a baby girl on january 11th :)

  17. TASHA Says:


  18. Lori Says:

    I am due with my fourth child on 1-5-11 and it's a boy.. All of they children have been c-sections so he will not be any different. A little nervous about the fourth section because I had a lot of scare tissue with my last two. I feel huge also..I have only gained 6 pounds but was a little over weigth to begain with so I didnt need to gain much. Good Luck with your section and enjoy your new daughter!!

  19. holly Says:

    Hi I’m 26 weeks pregnant and feeling so uncomfortable. I was 85lbs when I found out I was pregnant and I am just now weighing in at 100lbs. I get period_like cramps sometimes and it really worries me that I could go into pre term labor. This is my first child

  20. lily Says:

    hi everybody 26 weeks today

  21. ashhley Says:

    i am 26 weeks and 1 day with my 2nd son and am very excited and optimistic about everything! this has been a harder pregnancy then my 1st but its ok, it has flown by so far! i am so ready to meet my little mason!

  22. Nina Says:

    I will be 26 tomorrow this is my 2nd one I have a girl 7 years. I'm having a boy now I fill great my due is 01/19/2011.
    good luck to all of you……..

  23. Lisa Says:

    I am 26 weeks and 1 day! My due date is Jan. 17th 2011. This is my second baby (and second daughter) :) I am very excited! She moves around all the time, but i get bad bad pains in my lower back..but i had back labor with my daughter, its just very very uncomfortable! and she gets in my ribs, my first daughter never did that lol. but every pregnancy is different. I love being pregnant, but my fiance is in the Air Force and is away in Texas until the 8th of jan. so its been hard doing it without him, and it hurts him as much as it does me, he is just a great man and i really wish he was here with me!! we miss him so much. i send him videos of the baby kicking :) he crys, he is going to be the most amazing daddy ever!!

  24. MICHELLE Says:

    26 Weeks pregnant on bed rest getting treated for preterm labor, although I'm not contracting I went to the hospital to get a steroid shot for the baby's lungs to develop faster in case I do go into labor early. I'm scared to death :( I had a stillborn at 21 weeks 3 years ago and though I'm trying to be optimistic there is always a bad thought in the back of my mind. Due date January 20th and just crossing my fingers to make it to at least 36 weeks! If anyone has gone through this or currently going through something similar would love to hear from you: 81michelle86@gmail.com.


  25. michelle Says:

    oh my goodness I wish all the stories I heard about the stork when I was litter were true. I will be 26 weeks on Saturday, I can not wait until January 22!!!!! Best of luck to you and your baby girl.

  26. Lisa Says:

    I will be 26 weeks in 2 days. My due date is January 24th. This is my second pregnancy, I have a son who is 19 months old and this one is supposed to be a boy, too. The time has been moving pretty quickly. Many people at work have told me that I look 9 months or like I'm having multiples. Besides carrying much larger with this pregnancy and gaining a little more than I should things seem to be going well. I am very excited and keep my fingers crossed that all will be well. That L/D will be quick and as painless as possible, hopefully I will be able to have a vaginal birth and most importantly a healthy baby. I will need to work up until my due date so I need to be strong for that too. my fingers are crossed.

  27. Tia Jackson Says:

    I am 26 weeks pregnant and couldnt be happier!!! recently, my baby had been moving around like crazy but now i think he or she is lazy :) i still don't know what the gender is but, i find out this Wednesday and im so excited, IM PRAYING FOR A LITTLE PRINCESS!!!

  28. Emily Says:

    Im 26 weeks pregnant today! This is my first child and its a girl =) Im very excited Im just hoping everything goes fine. The only thing that is worrying me right now is that im not gaining enough weight I have only gained 2 pounds during my whole pregnancy .I only weighed 115 before I got pregnant and now I weigh 117 I feel like I have gotten huge but everyone still cant even tell im pregnant. Well I just saw my doctor and he just told me to eat healthy and that the baby should be ok but if I dont gain much more weight in the next month then I should start to worry. Im really nervious but I have been praying alot and just hoping for the best. Good luck to all of you!!!

  29. Beth Says:

    I'm 26 weeks pregnant also and i ve lost 2 stone but my doctor says my baby girl is perfectly healthy, but if u keep worrying c your doctor again. Good luck.:)

  30. Amanda Says:

    I am 26 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I've actually lost 15 pounds so far. My doctor says that as long as the baby is growing properly, that I am losing body weight due to eating better/taking better care of myself now that I am pregnant. How was she growing when you went to your last ultrasound? was she right on track? if so, then I wouldn't worry about it! If you are seriously concerned, talk to your doctor and they will talk you through it, or may even schedule you another ultrasound to check the growth of the baby. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry too much about it! Be thankful… I know I am! I gained 40lbs with my first, so this is awesome for me to be LOSING weight :)

  31. shelly Says:

    i make 26 weeks in 2 days. im having twins a boy and a girl. this is my first pregnancy and im not really enjoying all the changes i want this to be over. my stomach is huge! im due feb 1 1011. im excited but i just want this to be over with.

  32. mara Says:

    I am officially 26 weeks today and headed for # 27. I am 35 and this is our first. A little nervous about my age but women have been doing it for centuries. My placenta is also in the front so I really just started feeling him move about a week ago. I’m sure he’s gonna be a soccer player like his mommy. I can’t wait to hold our son outside of my body. Gustav Alexander is his name. Gustav: “the staff of God”. Alexander: “the protector of men”. A very strong choice of names for what I already know will be my strong hearted/willed son. Good luck to all of the other moms to be.

  33. carole Says:

    hello everyone i am 26 weeks today,,,,,i am having a boy this is my second i have a 24 year old so my husband and i are starting over we are so excited!!!! I have been sick for the first 5 months constant morning sickness and extremely tired but the time is moving rapidly……the baby is healthy so far and i only started showing a lil last month its a cute round belly! No special food cravings but constantly have vaginal discharge and spitting a lot. The baby moves a lot especially when i read or sing to him he's very active!!! my due date is 1/25/11 no marks on the belly but my breast are larger just look forward to the due date

  34. mary Says:

    I am 26 weeks today with my first baby. It’s a little boy :) I had morning sickness until the 4th month and my back hurts alot. I have had severe swelling on the right side of my body: my hands mostly. I thought being pregnant would be better but I have heard the first pregnancy is always the worst as far as symptoms go. I feel him kick (sometimes very hard) but he kicks me in my bladder because he is breach right now. Hopefully he will turn soon lol. Congratulations to all the moms out there and good luck with your bundle of joy :)

  35. NewMommy2011 Says:

    I'm 25 years old and today marks my 26 week!! I have been so excited from the day my husband and I found out I was pregnant on June 24th, and we are having a little girl, Sophie :) . I heard your first pregnancy can be the worst, but so far it's been amazing. I only had about maybe 5 episodes of morning sickness and feeling very icky, which all started the first week of june and ended before July. Ever since that all I really feel is drowsiness and the occassional aches and pain of everything stretching. I started showing around week 16 and so far I've put of 32 lbs and gained 8 inches in my belly, which mades me nervous because I'm 5 foot 2 and was exactly 100 lbs when I found out I was pregnant. But I'm walking 2 miles a day and eating very healthy so all I can hope for is that everything turns out great, which my doctor has assured me it is :) . At week 17 I started to feel Sophie kicking and I couldn't stop smiling! And now I can see her kicks and feel her movements. Our baby is due Feb. 15 and I am so anxious for her arrival!! <3

  36. kristene Says:

    wow same thing with me same due date same hight except i think i put on my weight and im having a boy :)

  37. Jessica Says:

    I am 26 years old and I was 26 weeks pregnant as of yesterday…it is actually going by pretty fast!! :) I was losing weight in the beginning, but I finally gained 3 lbs during the sixth month so far ( I know 3 lbs is not alot, trust me I am counting my blessings! lol) but the baby is healthy and growing as HE should….I had nausea the first 3 months, but no real sickness, so I have been pretty lucky. I guess my only complaint is that I have had a good bit of discomfort and cramping everytime my belly grows and stretches, but no comlications – Thank God! Night time is when he seems to move around alot, and I can actually see him move now sometimes also…it is great, and I cant wait until Feb. gets here! Congrats to all the other expecting moms also :)

  38. Lynn Says:

    You are I are going through the same things. I was very sick the first couple months. I also hurt when the belly grows. And the baby moves the most at night. I'm afraid she will be a "night owl" forever. :) I am due the same time too! Good Luck!

  39. Bere Says:

    I am 26 weeks. I am excited for my baby girl but at the same time nervous. The doctors said my baby is at risk of having down syndrome since in the ultra sound there was a little dot on the heart. I just hope everything comes out good. Is anyone going through the same as me right now? my due date is Feb 15 :)

  40. Kay Says:

    I am 26 weeks today with a baby girl and I’m counting down my months before my bundle of joy gets here. Although I’m experiencing pain all over my side and abdomen it will all be worth it in the end feb 19 Best wishes to you all.

  41. Alisha Says:

    I'm always 26 weks due feb. 19th and I am so anixious. I have my glucose test on Monday and I'm so nervous can't wait til my baby boy is here!!!!

  42. Sunshine Cook Says:

    prilosec helps, and is safe with for the baby. you don't even need a prescription you can buy it cheaper at price clubs like costco or sam's club.

  43. Nicole Says:

    hi, i am 26 weeks pregnant, and am soo surprized on all the women that say gets all this pain. As for me i get hardly no pain. My pregnancy is going good. I had No morning sickness, no nothing really. I get some pain in my stomach, but thats only once in awhile. For me im actually thinking is thier something wrong? because im soo surprized i have had barely any symptoms.

  44. Kayla Says:

    I am almost 26 weeks! This will be my fourth baby an all of them have been born premature.My last was born at 29 weeks she is doing great!!Looks and acts just like any other child!I am on bedrest right now for the same thing premature labor,the doctors dont know why but for some crazy reason my babies like to come early.Im not dialated but my son is all the way down and my cervix is less than 3 cm thick and my FFN test came back positive for premature labor.Thats not very good the safe zone is more than 3.5 cm. I am very scared I know he is too small to be born yet and boys already do not do as good as females do.All we can really do is pray pray and pray!! Just note that when your doctor tells you to take it easy and rest you should really do so.Well I hope the best to all of you and your babies congrats to all!!

  45. Amanda Says:

    They said the same thing about my 20 week ultrasound. What they saw on the heart isn't a really huge deal. I guess more babies with Down Syndrome have the spot on the heart but its still a pretty low percentage from what I understand. As long as your baby was measuring normal/proportionate and your AFP (blood test that checks for Downs) came back negative then I wouldn't worry too much about it. I'm also having a girl and I'm due March 2nd. Best of luck to you!

  46. Michelle Says:

    They saw the same spot on my ultrasound, but my first trimester screening was a risk of 1/10,000. They weren't worried but they sent me to a specialist for another ultrasound to just make sure. The specialist said, "it is more likely for you to win the lottery than to have a baby with down syndrome." He explained the spot on the heart CAN be a small indicator, but unless there are other indications as well then tehre is nothing to be worried about.

  47. Kim Says:

    26 weeKs this Friday but uterus is measuring 28!!!! Ultrasound ASAP to make sure its not fluid. My doctor thinks hes just a big baby! My first son was 3 weeks early and still 7.2 lbs. Could “barely” get him out so I hope my new little guy is not huge:(. This pregnancy is totally different from my last so it’s keeping me on my toes. Hopefully no bed rest this time around. Fingers crossed:)

    Good luck everyone!!!

  48. Jen Says:

    Hi everyone. I am 26 weeks with my second pregnancy. The first time around I was put on bedrest at 25 weeks at home (as my cervix was shortened to 2cm). I was to relax and not do any lifting. The majority of my day was on the couch or in bed. It sounds relaxing, but bedrest was very difficult. I hated not being able to get up and go shopping or out for a walk – it’s boring, but it was a huge Success for me – I delivered at 34 1/2 weeks. So it was well worth the boredome to have a healthy pregnancy.

    I have a check-up on Monday, the 29th for my 26 wk. apt. to check my cervix this time around… I’m just hoping it’s normal range. The last apt. at 21 wks. my cervix was already shortened to 3cm. The normal range is 3cm to 5cm (5cm being the best).

    Best of luck to all of you – it’s very exciting and I wish you all the best with your little bundles of joy. Stay healthy and enjoy the upcoming holidays!

  49. Flore Says:

    hello, i'm almost 26 weeks.. i'm 25 and 4 days! due in March so pregnancy has been annoying for dancing but not bad at all for me thank God! this is my first, and I am having a girl. I have already gained about 19-20 lbs. i can suggest, for people who have pain, i have not had any discomfort. I am still active, not as active but i still go to the gym for cardio, cycle, do some weight, yoga and massage at least once a most. mostly i stretch every night before i go to bed. i also drink plenty of water which along with rubbing my stomach which helps with stretch mark, so far none yet and I keep praying it stays that way. i'm going to have a natural birth with a midwife!
    so there you go guys, i'm so excited i wanted to share with everyone. i wish everyone good holiday and happy pregnancy :-)

  50. anjabel925 Says:

    I am 26 weeks pregnant with my first child and its a girl..very excited and yet very anxious..Im Due march 9th but anything could happen. i am scared because i don’t know what to expect.

  51. Mary1 Says:

    I am also 26 weeks pregnant with my first child and it's a girl….

  52. Elizabeth Says:

    I am also 26 weeks pregnant with my first child, and its a girl too!! ^_^

  53. Shanpal2003 Says:

    I am 26 weeks and 4 days today! My husband and I are so excited to meet Ella :-) . It still doesn't seem real to me…I had no morning sickness and no symptoms of pregnancy. I have put on 17 lbs so far which doesn't look like much at all on my 5'8 frame. It feels like I have a bowling ball strapped to my belly.
    I'm most excited to see the 3D ultrasound photos in 3 weeks…I'm sure she will look totally different by then.
    Good luck to everyone! I hope all pregnancies go very smoothly!

  54. meganh1 Says:

    my uterus measures at 32 and this is my first pregnancy and im having a boy….i am also 26 weeks no worrys.everything is going the way its supposed to.dr told me that im measuring right on track so dont get stressed out =] good luck.ur not alone =]

  55. meganh1 Says:

    i dont think that means the baby has down syndrome cause my friend is having a girl and they found a dot on her heart and they told her that she has a hole in her heart but other then that she is perfectly healthy she will have to have surgery on her heart when she is born.hope my advice help.good luck and congratz!

  56. meganh1 Says:

    i am 26 weeks pregnant and i have had alot of pain in my back when i start to relax for the night.what helps me is a body pillow that i have i lay in behind me when i lay on my side at night and heating pads work to.i love taking a hot bubble bath when my back is in alot of pain.hope my advice helps u =] good luck and congratz.im having a boy and im due march 6th 2010

  57. christenelaine Says:

    i’m 26 weeks preg. with my first baby and it’s a boy. let me just say, i HATE being pregnant. i started at 174 lbs, and got down to 162 from morning sickness. i was throwing up with everything i ate or drank. couldn’t even hold down water. now i have gained it alll back and im at 182. i just had uti so bad, my kidneys ended up getting infected and had to start taking antibiotics. now, the anti biotics have given me a yeast infection. YAY! my back is killing me, i feel like he’s stuck right below my lungs because i can hardly breathe. did i mention the heeartburn and indigestion? i had acid reflux before the baby, but now its unbearable and nothing helps. BUT only 14 weeks left till i get to meet the lil man and it will all be worth it in the end

  58. alex Says:

    I agree with you Nicole. I am very surprised to see all of you with pain. This is my fourth pregnancy. The first two I lost, the third was born at 24wk3day due to IC. I had a cerclage put in place at 16 weeks this time around as my cervix at 16 wks was already at 2.25cm. I had no morning sickness, no problems, no cravings. and now at 26 weeks, I feel great. Baby Kicks Constantly, I am active, work all day, and my body knows I'm pregnant because I feel it, constantly but I guess all the little idosyncricies(sp) don't bother me at all. I worry sometimes with the little stretches and aches and wonder if this little girl is coming early too, but I am enjoying it. I am 40 almost 41 so I think my mind set is a bit different too maybe. Hang in there, having a baby in the NICU for over 130 days, breathing tubes, constant xrays and ultrasounds, eye exams and surgery, feeding tubes not to mention the occassional Heart Stops, really makes one appreciate every bump, pull, stretch and ache! My back aches too, Heating pads work wonders. But Enjoy it Girls!!!!! We are supposed to go through this, all of us! :o ) Best of luck to all of you and your pregnancies!

  59. Nana Says:

    Im 26 weeks and I feel him move all the time. I am so ready to be done with being pregnant but could use the time to prepare myself and two year old daughter. Feel super guilty because I still have no idea what his name will be. it seems like everyone has a name by now, I know I had my daughters already.

  60. Tasha Says:

    Hey everyone!!! I am 26 weeks pregnant today with my first child. I found out at 12 weeks that we were having a Boy!!! My due date is March 14 and I can not wait to meet my son. Besides the back pain and BH Contractions, my pregnancy has been Great!!! God Bless u all!!!

  61. Tobi Says:

    I'm also due on the 14th of March with my 2nd baby.The first is 2 years old and is a girl.My pregnancy has been great as well.

  62. SHANEKQUA Says:


  63. destiney Says:

    Hello im new to the mommy world and my due date is march 15 and i haft to say im also feeling great besides the bh contractions im really great and having a lil girl ….congrats to all the mommy's

  64. paris Says:

    vbac is that safe

  65. Nyi Says:

    I wish you all the best and I pray that you have a healthy normal baby. I really do want you to know even if it is…please be strong and love that beautiful baby, she is coming in the world for a reason and needs all your love. It is not a curse. I had a bit of a scare and had to do a amnio and everything was fine. However, I am still asking God to bless me with a healthy ,normal ,beautiful baby girl ….
    Wishing you many blessing . Do not fall out of love with your baby. she needs you mommy! All the best

  66. tammy Says:

    I'm 26 weeks today and soooo ready for this pregnancy to be over. I was on bedrest and medical leave from work for 2 months due to hyperemesis. I'm having a girl and due mid-March…I can't wait to meet her. She's quite the mover. I still puke everyday but I deal with it. I have a 16 year old daughter. So there is quite an age difference and I'm a little worried that being 37 and a new mom I won't have the energy to keep up but will do what i need to do. I'm in pain all the time and can't sleep due to being uncomfortable.

  67. Kim Says:

    im 26 weeks pregnant and im enjoying it i dont even feel pregnant…no morning sickness and not to much pain. im due March 19th and im having a girl. This is my 1st baby i cant wait to see her….

  68. Tiffany Says:

    HELLO everyone Im 26 wks and excited its a girl, my 2nd pregnancy my son is 4yr old Wishing all the best …

  69. Krishelle Says:

    I'm 26 Weeks Today. This is my 2nd pregnancy, We're having another Boy!! Our 1st Son is 9yrs old. Kinda nervous with the big gap. All 3 of us are soo excited to have another family member added to our family. The last 3 weeks I've had very bad pelvic and back pain, so bad it wakes me up in the middle of the night and when I get up after sleeping all night or sitting in the a chair for 10mins I walk around bold legged for a bit from the pain. My doctor says that 26weeks is the most uncomfortable part of pregnancy. I'm so excited and into being pregnant this time. I'm def. counting down the days & weeks. Congrads to everyone expecting.

  70. Agathe Says:

    I am 26 weeks pregnant today and I feel great! I can feel the baby moving more and more and I enjoy it. This is my first baby and I am really excited. I have absolutely no malaise and I hope it stays that way. Little things here and there happen, such as, round ligaments pain. They freak me out at first but when I read more about different stages of the pregnancy I find out that they are totally normal. I also confirm with my doctor before I can be completely at ease. I know she is probably tired of me calling her all the time but as a first time mom I have no clue of what’s normal or not. I can’t wait to actually hold my little baby boy.

  71. Charlotte Says:

    You just described me exactly in your statement, its awful and I sympathise with you completely! I just can't wait to meet my little boy! :) All the best! x

  72. ;anaya Says:

    Iam 26 weeks pregnant my due date is April 3,2011.This has been the most difficult pregnancy ever:( I already have 2 daughter n their pregnancies were Great! This time around its a Boy…. I have been sick since the beginning I’ve lost 15 pounds putting me @ 96 pounds! I have to wear a Zofran pump to help with the nausea which only help sometimes. I spit constantly for some reason my mouth is always watery and its really annoying and embarrassing. My back and stomach hurt so back I’m so tired and barely wanna do anything which is hard since I have a 6 year old & a 4 year old. I’m really excited about meeting my Prince but I really hate being pregnant right now!

  73. Heather Says:

    Hi! I'm due with my little guy the same time you are! I already have 2 girls and one boy. Ages 9,3,and2. I'm always tired! I'm bigger than ever too! It seems like I get bigger each time. I now weigh what I weighed at the end of my last pregnancy. 155 lbs. and I still have a few months to go. This will be my 4th c-section and I think I'm going to call it quits now, no more babies. I started having braxton hicks contractions yesterday, but I guess this is normal. I don't remember having them with my other 3 pregnancies. I wish you luck with the rest of the pregnancy! With my first pregnancy I was a lot like you. I lost a lot of weight and had to make a few visits a week to a dietician and nutritionalist. I was like 110 lbs. My daughter was born 4 lbs. 10 oz. Good luck with the boy. They are so much fun, not to mention easier than my time demanding girls. My 2 year old little guy likes to snuggle and always gives kisses and hugs. He's so cute! Don't worry, you will get through this and your little prince will be worth all of it!

  74. Frubaah jr Says:

    I dont know what do with my girl friend with whom I separated and a month later discovered pregnant.I have accepted all responsibility only if she stops visiting her lesbian girl friend.But she cannot.I really want to stop helping her out 'cos she keep hurting me.She is 20,no work, divorced parents and living with her granny.I;34,computer programmer.I don't know what to do.

  75. Donna Says:

    Wow, I am so surpised about so many people having hypermesis. Zofran didnt even work for me at all. Not even Reglan, or Suppositories either. My due date is one day after yours april 4th. So you had two daughters and your pregnancies with them were normal? Because I am also having a boy and this is my first pregnancy and it has been very hard…

  76. Tina Says:

    I am also due on April 3rd, congratulations! I am sorry you are having such difficulties, but we are almost there :) . I wanted to let you know that I have known someone with the same watery mouth during pregnancy. With everyone of her pregnancies she had to carry around kleenex so she could constantly spit, her body produced an excess amount. You are not crazy, this can happen during pregnancy, but the good news is that it is only temporary. The best of luck to you and may you be blessed with a healthy baby!

  77. LittleMama Says:

    Im 26 weeks. Glad you feel fabulous! Tell me your secrets! This is my first, a boy. I feel as though he is ripping my rib cage apart and as for the heartburn….constant! BH contractions are starting to happen. I havent slept in days unless I am sitting on the couch trying to watch a movie or at work typing on my computer. A body pillow doesnt help, neither does my ultra hot blooded boyfriend. My little man is constantly dancing on my bladder or trying to excape from my belly button. He is a mover for sure! I just cant wait to hold him in my arms instead of harbor him like an alien in my tummy. :) Anyone have suggestions for relief or one whole night of sleep!?

  78. Martha Says:

    Hi ladies, I am 26 weeks today and a first time mom. I am sorry to hear that pregnancy isn't what we all expected. But I am glad to hear your experiences because for a second I thought I was going crazy and felt like the only women in the world who hated being pregnant..for that I thank you. It's difficult being honest especially when discussing something that is seen as a miracle. I am excited and happy to have an opportunity to carry a baby boy, but I hate being pregnant. And yes I have felt and continue to feel guilty for saying it, but I know that its normal and many other women feel the same way.

  79. LittleMama Says:

    Martha, Congrats! We are due the same day. I must know, do you have any remedies on how to get a full night of sleep without drugging yourself? I am dying! I cannot wait to meet my son, but I HATE being pregnant! If you couldnt tell from my post the other day….it has been a walking nightmare for me.

  80. Ashley Says:

    I can feel my baby moving around all the time and I love it! I can't wait for her to be born! The only bad thing is the HORRIBLE leg cramps I get. I get them every night and it takes me about an hour just to actually get asleep… Putting my legs up doesn't help, and not drinking caffine, etc. doesn't help either!

  81. pixie Says:

    I just found out I am pregnant. Crazy I know since I am 26 weeks. Due to health problems and being slightly over weight I didnt realize I was pregnant. I realized I was pregnant when I started to feel the baby move. I know your reading this thinking what the heck! I thought the same thing and I am completly embarrased by it. I see my ob next week but I am terrified. I have had no pre natal care and have had alcohol on several occasions! The thought of fetal alcohol syndrome scares me. I have stopped drinking but Im wondering if its to late? Any advise. Please refrain from negative comments. I would never do anything to harm my unborn child if I had known I was pregnant.

  82. wifey2Ben2boys1girl Says:

    Hi Ladies! I am 26 wks on Wednesday. I am 25 with 2 boys who are 2 and 3. We are pregnant with our third a baby GIRL!! We couldn’t feel more excited and blessed!! I will admit though like other posts I’ve seen, I am not a fan of being pregnant either!! I have so many aches and pains, NO sex drive, I am all over the map emotionally, I only sleep a few hrs of sleep per night etc!!! Then all the guilt for feeling that way!!! Ahhhhhhh….I want to thank all of you for your honest posts!! Makes me 2 feel better that we seem to all feel a bit of the same!! THANK YOU!!! ;)

  83. Mary Says:

    Me too! Since I was about 5 months, I have been suffering from leg cramps at night. I was told to eat a banana everyday, but so far, it hasn't helped. I have to get up during the night to relieve the leg pain, and then try to lie down again. Has anything helped in your case?

  84. Carissa Says:

    Hey Ladies! I had the same issue with my son and now am experiencing it with my daughter.. My doctor recommended a hot shower and allowing the water to beat down on the legs, and have your husbands/boyfriends/partner massage your legs after getting out of the shower, and don't sit down for a long period of time before going to bed. Hopefully that helps! congrats and good luck on the babies!!!

  85. Trista Says:

    Hey pixie, I just want to say your not alone. I found out I was pregnant when I was 14 weeks and had no idea. Just keep your head up, doctors know how to help, your job is to provide the best care for your baby now. Everyone is not perfect, and things happen. When you dont know, you dont know! When u see the physican be completely honest and tell him/her everything so they can help monitor your babys development accurately and effectively. Eat right and no more alcohol or anything, not even smoking. Exercise carefully, and make the best of the pregnancy as best as you can. Follow all of the doctors advice. Get on prenatals and if it is affordable get Prenexa, that stuff really works! Most of all for you keep a positive attitude and dont let negativity weigh you down. Im not saying its easy, but you can do it. Im a strong beliver in what God had destined for us, it shall come to past in good measure however he sees fit. If you believe, then know that Gods hand is protecting you and your baby. May God bless you and may you have a healthy positive pregnancy and delivery!

  86. Trista Says:

    Hey ladies, im 26 weeks and Im oh sooooo tired! I found out pretty late around 14 weeks that I was pregnant and this is my second pregnancy, first born and Its a girl! My husband and I are very excited. Throughout my pregnacy, I have felt really good, and I have only expirienced leg cramps, vomiting, and heartburn once. Heartburn I found raising the head of the bed,completely off the ground six inches, chewing food super slow, and drinking fluids helps relieve that. The issue I have ,is my emotional state and crying all the time. Im so tired and without hesitation, im out¡! I have problems sleeping, and often cry. On top of that I have the worst tooth ache ever!!!!. I see a dentist in two weeks. I have 13 cavities and pain is excruciating, and hard to eat. I know, your probably thinking, wow! I asked my doctor to please help, she recommended Benedrly for sleep, and tylonol for relief of toothache. At first I was skeptical, then I tried it! Ahhhhhhhh………. Hope this help anyone. If you have any suggestion please write back.

  87. Brenna Says:

    I am also 26 weeks pregnant, and my first child is a boy. He is also 9 years old and am worried about the gap. I do have to say he is excited since he is going to have a little sister. I keep him involved as much as possible, even letting him pick a middle name for his sister. Which I must say I was little nervous about but it was good one! For the pains try taking a nice bath, thats what I do and it seems to help and drink a nice warm cup of tea before bed for relaxation. I hope your aches and pains subside soon!

  88. Ashley M Says:

    I will say the first sentence of this article caught me a little off guard but I guess we are approaching out last trimester ladies! I'll be 26 weeks in 3 days according to the doctor but I'm measuring 26. This is my second pregnancy, my daughter is 13 and I'm expecting a boy in April 27. When is everyone's due date? I have to give hugs and special thoughts to Michelle – keep your head up!! God will provide! being pregnant in the beginning was very emotional, stressful and at times hard to be happy but I'm glad that I'm in a much better place now to where I can enjoy my pregnancy. Feeling the baby move is exciting and my daughter always wants to feel him move. I'm enjoying this last part of my pregnancy to the fullest and being grateful because this is my last pregnancy! Good luck to everyone

  89. Angela Says:

    i am 26 week and i feel so lazy, there is so much i want to do but i have no energy to do it , This isn't my first but it sure feels like it. I'm hungry all the time and i never know what i want to eat . I'm happy the time is winding down for me hope i can hang in there cause i feel EXHAUSTED!!

  90. nina:) Says:

    Hello, I’m 26weeks and I’m having my babygirl on april 24,2011.. I’m so excited she’s our first.. my boyfriend is really excited, I’ve been having pain in my pelvic bone idk if is normal and I feel my baby move like 24/7 I don’t think she sleeps :) I just feel blessed and hope she comes healthy and right when she needs to be here…

  91. Tatiana Says:

    Oh my goodness, I too am due April 24th 2011 with a little girl. My husband and I can't be happier, and our little one is also very active (she wakes me up throughout the night). It's truly amazing. Congrats! You'll feel a lot of weird aches and pains in your bones and joints due to the relaxin (it's job is to loosen the joints to assist in delivery as well as the added weight due to the baby)…some people also find that they are to wear bigger shoes, not just because of swelling but because the joints are more loose increasing their size. Good luck and enjoy. :)

  92. kim Says:

    Im 26 weeks this is also my first and im having a girl too.tonight i just experienced some pain in my pelvic area she has really been moving sooo much lately she keeps kicking me it feels like my private area.

  93. vanessa g Says:

    the only thing diff from me to u is im having a boy my due date is also april 24 2011

  94. pixie Says:

    Thanks Trista. I do believe God has a plan. I have discussed all concerns with my doctor and he seems confident that my baby will be healthy. I had a ultra sound and everything looked good so far!

  95. @restless_lilly Says:

    Very cool I'm due April 24th with a girl too, our second little girl. Our first little girl is turning a year old January 22nd! They will only be 15 months apart! So far this pregnancy has been much easier on me than my first, except I'm much more tired. I feel bad cause I keep dozing off during the day. Often waking up to my daughter jumping on me saying "mumum!" haha….enjoy your pregnancies ladies! All this discomfort is very much worth it. This past year of being a mommy has been the fastest, hardest, and best of my life.

  96. Aisling Says:

    Hi Girls. I am 26 weeks pregnant tomorrow :) Having a little baby boy who i've prenamed Bruiser lol :) His kicks sometimes startle me.. I can also feel alot of his movements when i put my hands to my tummy..Its such an amazing feeling. I love it.. He also is my first & am hoping to have another when Bruiser turns 1 :) I too am feeling more tired the past week & also having night sweats every night due to the high level of hormones/estrogen levels .. Has anyone else been experiencing this?
    Good luck to all yee/us lucky gals out there who are so lucky & blessed to be able to concieve a baba ;) x

  97. QIANA Says:


  98. QIANA Says:


  99. Talisa j Says:

    Hi, I just turned 26 weeks on sat. Had a very easy pregnancy so far. No morning sickness, mild cramps n headaches but other than that it has been great. I feel my baby girl all the tine! Love it! She wakes me up every morning:) my only concern is ive gained almost 50 pounds! I was at 130 and I am fairly tall 5″8 and at my last doc apt I was at 175! But honestly I dobt look like ive put on all that wieght and my doc has had no concerns? Its crazy…

  100. elaina Says:

    Hi! This is my 2nd pregnancy and am 26 weeks along tomorrow! My due date is april 28th, but am having a c section a week early (april 21). My first born was a boy and will be turning 3 on april 22! With my first son I ended up having him 2 1/2 months early he was 2lb 3oz and was really small for his gestational age and really underdeveloped due to a blood clot in my placenta. After spending months in the hospital he came home on oxygen and is doing amazing now he’s 3! I’m really worried with this pregnancy right now bc of the fact that I am almost at the same point as when I had my first son, but it is all worth it! I have had a rougher time w this pregnancy then I did my first but am loving every minute of it! :) wouldn’t have it anyother way I love every back pain and every kick and all the streched muscles bc it means my baby is growing into a big and healthy baby :) can’t wait to meet him!

  101. Isaiahs_Mommy Says:

    Hi im 26 weeks today and i am so excited to meet my baby boy in April !!! =) My pregnancy has been great so far, save for some heartburn and morning sickness in the beginning and leg cramps every so often, i have been fine !! I am a bit emotional but it comes with the territory right ?? Lol !! He is a little mover and i must say i dont believe he ever sleeps !!! Best Wishes and Good Luck to all the new mommys i wish you all the very best and nothing less =) !!

  102. Heidi Says:

    Angela I feel exactly the same! This is my 3rd and I just don't have it in me to do things I want to do! I have so many projects I want to start and finish but once I get a break i just can't do anything but lay down…frustrating!! I hope I get energy back after the baby, but I have a feeling that won't happen for a while! You are not alone here =)

  103. Heidi Says:

    Hi Tammy =)

    My first two are also years apart, my son was 12 when I had my second son. It's great in a way b/c he helps a bit and also he is in love with his little brother. I think it's been the hardest on me…just getting used to not being able to sit in the morning and enjoy a cup of coffee before it gets cold, no time for myself…I think I got selfish again after my oldest got older. It's been an emotional challenge in that way but it's so great to see them be "siblings" it melts my heart and I would change a thing! Expecting my 3rd in 12 weeks (it was a big surprise)..and nervous again, but atleast i remember what I am in for this time, and my youngest will now have a playmate since my oldest will be off to college! Good luck to you!

  104. Angie Says:

    Hey ladies!! Congrats to everyone! I am 26 weeks today and I am in between loving and hating pregnancy! Cant sleep an entire night anymore but I do love feeling the baby move and she REALLY moves. I’m due May 9 and I can hardly wait to meet my lil body snatcher lol.

  105. TiAnA ~hiSbLaCkqUeeN Says:


  106. shanna_SA Says:

    my mom was 37 when she had my little sister there is a 13 year age gap between us and I look at the relationship she has with my sister (now 21) is far more relaxed then what it was when she had me….so I am sure everything will be fine and I'm sure your older daughter will lend a hand ;) be strong its almost over!!! take care

  107. ntombi Says:

    hello ladies!Congrats to everybody.I am 26 weeks 5days and it’s my first am due May 7.I love feeling my baby kicking and moving about which is always at night which translates to no sleep for me,I also wish that I wouldn’t be so hungry all the time.

  108. Mummy 2 be Says:

    Hey everyone! Congratz to you all! Im 26 weeks due May 27th with my first child a baby boy! very excited!:) I didnt get any morning sickness at all just super tired in the first trimester. Now at 26 weeks im starting to get a little bit tired again beacuse of the heat i think and heart burn is a pain too had it for a few weeks but has seemed to have gone now.. yay! baby kicks alot now i feel him all the time especially when i am realaxing. Tumy is big now too i defently look pregnant now and its growing every day! I dont have any stretch marks at all ive been using cocoa butter since 3 months and i think its doing its job! Cany wait to meet my little man im so excited for him to come into this world! good luck to all <3

  109. Nokuthula Says:

    Good luck everyone i’m 26 week today due 16/5/11 i’m so happy abt my preg its da 2nd time another girl, i feel the movement especial between 8 and 9. I’m just praying 4 all the ladies 2 have a safe journey (due date) and thanks God 4 all our blessing.

  110. alibaby Says:

    Dont worry about being 37 and having a chid 16yrs in age dif. my mother had my brother at 15 the next at 21 and then me at 35, much dif. but she has loved every minute of it. she said having me at 35 was the best thing ever it has helped keep her young and she raised me comp. dif. then my brothers. shes my mom and best friend. she had so much more knowledge for me from raising them so long ago. she said its a comp. dif. feeling theres more of a bond and closeness. so relax and enjoy your blessing. your going to love the dif. experience.

  111. Laurin Says:

    I'm 26 weeks and everything is going great! Little boy is rumbling and tumbling around and i'm having cramps regularly. Stomache is really starting to stretch now, and to be honest i can't wait to be done and have him in my arms. The only real complaints I have besides cramps are moodiness, nightmares, nose bleeds, and swollen feet. Over all I'd say I'm pretty lucky, but we'll see what the 3rd trimester brings!

  112. Sam Says:

    I am 26 weeks pregnant and I am very excited because I am ready to see and hold my baby boy.

  113. kayla Says:

    Ill be 26 weeks thursday, with a baby girl due May 19th!!!! I have a 3 year old son and gained a total of 90lbs with my pregnancy with him, so far ive gained 14 with this one, weight has been a major concern because it took alot of hard work to get it off with the first one. Does anyone know if the weight packs on in the final weeks? I just pray for a healthy baby girl!!

  114. caitlin Says:

    we have the same due date and we are having a girl!:)

  115. Sarah Says:

    I am due May 18th with a girl and have gained 20 lbs so far. This is my 3rd. The first I gained 50 lbs. and the second I gained 30lbs. I am hoping and praying this weight comes off with my efforts. It is never easy for me. .. but totally worth it!!

  116. kayla Says:

    congrats to you as well! Im thinking its girl season lol, well i joined Curves when my son was almost 3 months old, I was able to take him along (which was nice) I went at least 4 times a week and ate right, I kept a food journal for the first 50lbs and was very stict, I dropped it within about 8 months but it was hard, I guess thats why im paranoid about it now. Ive heard so many ppl say its harder to lose after the second baby, im only 5'3 and after my son is when i weighed 260, my blood pressure was high and everything, when i got pregnant with Olivia I was 166 now im about 179ish, i just dont want to get over 190 but i want a healthy baby.

  117. Koren Says:

    We are due the exact same day. I have only gained 15 lbs. I have heard that the third tri is when a lot of weight packs on because the baby gains more fat in the last stage. GOOD LUCK!!

  118. Diana Says:

    yey my baby girl is May 19th too wishh you good luck

  119. katelyn Says:

    I'm due may 28th! And im having a boy too! This will also be my first. Congrats to you :D

  120. vicky Says:

    awwwww i made 26 weeks today n im due may 28th with a baby boy n this is my first too

  121. Bekah Says:

    Eating more calcium REALLY helps the leg cramps. You should try some stretching before you go to bed too. I started doing that and the cramps went away

  122. francesca Says:

    lol iam pregnate with a baby girl and i am 26 weeks and 1 day and let me tell you i have nightmares to lol and it sux big time so i feel you all the way on that i hope they go away for u thow

  123. francesca Says:

    congrats iam due may 29th with a baby girl!

  124. Yvaine Says:


    This news is attractive ! I add your web site in my favorites :-p

    Thank you

  125. nina21mommy Says:

    I’m 26weeks almost. 27 n I’m having stomach n back pain. What do i do?

  126. prettyeyes720 Says:

    I am 26 wks prego wit my third child, expecting my second girl. Now I have an uneven number lol no but I’m very thankful and blessed. Lords will ill see my daughter ARIANA june 16 2011. The one thing I could say about being pregnant is that my husband just don’t understand, him and the kids keeps me going. GOD BLESS TO EVERYONE AND GUDLUCK :)

  127. katie Says:

    I gained 42 lbs with my son im now 26 weeks prego with a girl and Ive already gained over 40. I was doing good at only gaining the 4 lbs a week but last dr visit i gained 20 lbs. i work over 60hrs a week and i eat less now than before I was prego. I think its different for everyone and every pregnancy. Good Luck!

  128. valenicia solomon Says:

    God, will take care of ur unborn baby. U be bless . Im 24weeks with my third child, He was a surprise as well. I have a 14yr old daughter and a 12yr old son, so just imagine my reactions to this new bundle. But, God is GOoooood and he dont make mistakes,,,,,,,,,

  129. Crystal Says:

    It is so cool, You are having your third baby, second girl and so am I. My due date is june 22!! Men don't understand…. Maybe we can be pregnancy buddies.

  130. Magen's Mom Says:

    Congratulations All!
    I am Magen's Mom. She is now 26 weeks pregnant with our first granddaughter. Little Sha'uri is due on June 20. Magen is having a wonderful pregnancy, and it is so fun to watch her eat! She was always a tiny little thing, starting off at only 111 pounds. She now weighs 136! Except for some plumping in her cheeks, it's all baby girl, though. She is getting tired more often, but really loves watching Sha'uri kick! We can't wait for the blessed day. I know all of you are felling the same. Best of luck to all!

  131. laurenvg Says:

    hey pretty eyes! i am due june 15th, the day before you. im naming her ADRIANA. one letter and one day off from you! how cool! best of luck to you and your new baby!

  132. Chioma Says:

    Hello is a great to feel this kicking all the time, how can someone said that she hate being pregnant? don’t you know that your making your God to be angry? don’t you know that some people married over 30 to 40 years there is no son, no pregnant, you can be pregnant have miscarriage but no pregnant till 30 to 40 years some all they life no pregnant and you just have it once and your here saying you don’t like it, please don’t say that again for the sake of your baby. i really know how you feel but you have to bear it think that all the pain will go one day, am 26 weeks and i pray let God protect me to reach and end and other woman Amen.

  133. Joh Says:

    You should go see a chiropractor!! Mine is Awesome. My healthy spine is making this pregnancy very easy for me and my baby. I’m 26 weeks also.

  134. anna Says:

    I am 26 weeks pregnant and this helped me alot.

  135. preciouslove91 Says:

    I am in soooo much pain all in my lower back I can barely walk it hurts so bad I just want to cry and I’m 26 weeks has anyone dealt with this type of pain?

  136. import z chin Says:

    nicely? put!

  137. Emily Says:

    hello!! i am 26 weeks pregnant and i love being pregnant besides the back pain!! that and heartburn !! im sooo excited this is my first baby and im having a lil boy on jan 7th !! i cant wait to meet my little man !!

  138. JAiME lEiGH HUNT Says:

    welp, i am 26 weeks and 2 days preggo :) im due februaury 17th. I work full time on my feet 9 hours a day and in college full time and a full time housewife so the time is passing quickly. Im enjoying my pregnancy. I have had zero morning sickness, minimum pain, and no cravings. im just getting fat! before getting pregnant i was 5 foot 3 and about 120 pounds, (tmi with large breast for my size) and id say the most agravating thing is the bigger boobs !! i already wanted to give some of mine to the needy lol, now i just feel like pam anderson, ugh. also my butt has doubled in size and my legs are fatter and of course the belly. I dont feel sexy AT ALL! even though my man still treats me like im beautiful and still wants the sex just as much as before, the mirror is what im worried about, ehh. i just feel so huge and hoping i will lose it ive gained 20 pounds and thats the only thing that sucks, besides not being able to sleep on my tummy as i have always been a tummy sleeper. im having a baby girl, and she is a wiggle worm, the ultrasound tech, took an hour trying to measure her because she couldnt get her to be still, :) it was quite amusing. but latley her movment have been in my ribs on sharp jabs to my sides. i can already tell shes gonna be a handful like her mommy :) im so excited and i know im going to miss this.

  139. Victoria Says:

    Hi I am 26 weeks as of Turkey day. This is technically my 5 child I had twins girls premature at 26 weeks when I was 16. Gave them up for adoption. But now I am pregnant with a girl named Leigha and I also have a 4 1/2 and 2 1/2 yr old boys. Didn’t know I was pregnant with this one until I was 17 weeks and 6 days. So BIG shock. But definitely excited! My feet have started to swell and I have HORRIBLE back pain. My Due Date is expected somewhere from February 28 to March 8th. They aren’t to sure which date they want to chose.

  140. Danielle Says:

    This is a pretty cool sight lol Im 26 weeks and 5 days today I’ve had a pretty easy pregnancy and havent got much symtoms till now i get nausous now and swelling in my feet and back pain but other than that im doin pretty good. Up until 2 days ago i looked like i had a basket ball in my stomach but now it looks as if its deflated idk how that happend my mom says she moved back but she seems to kick like normal. This is my first pregnancy with a girl im due on march. 2 2011!

  141. Jessica Says:

    Hi everyone. I am twenty six weeks pregnant with my second child, a girl. I have a three year old son. We are very excited about this pregnancy.

  142. Amber Schoppe Says:

    Hi ladies, Im 26 weeks today with my 4th son and man does he kick my butt…maybe im having so much pain and tiredness and such cause he may turn out to be a she :) if the sonogram was wrong. My husband and i really want a girl but im happy either way as long as baby is healthy. as far as the back pains i dont understand why im getting them i stay really hydrated with water yet this past week ive been having my butt kicked with back pain…hope that isnt a sign that im going to have this little one early. I really like this site i can read and see how others are doing at the point in thier pregnancy as in mine.

  143. Similac coupons Says:

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