27 Weeks Pregnant

At the end of this week, you will be saying goodbye to your second trimester. No doubt the weeks have gone quickly and some of it may feel like a bit of a blur, but the coming days will be filled with the anticipation of your baby’s arrival, preparations for baby, and maybe even a shower or two.

If you are planning to enroll in any prenatal classes, now is the time to do so. These classes will teach you breathing techniques, physiology of child birth, coping techniques and what to expect during your hospital stay. If you haven’t already done so, you may consider drawing up a birth plan and discuss those ideas with your doctor.

If you have not been eating healthy throughout the pregnancy, it’s better late than never. Continue to take your vitamins and stay hydrated—the bigger your uterus grows, the more water will be necessary to prevent dehydration and Braxton Hicks contractions.

Baby’s Development

At the twenty-seventh week of your pregnancy, the baby will be about 14-1/2 inches and weigh about 2 pounds. In the last weeks of pregnancy, the baby will gain ½ a pound per week.

The baby’s retinas are developing more every day, and they will soon be able to help the baby adjust to light images.  You may be able to notice a very clear sleep and wake cycle for your baby.  As baby’s brain development continues, here, she will be able to suck their thumb, and move with more purpose.

Even though baby’s lungs are extremely immature at this point, he or she would be able to survive outside of your body with a significant amount of medical intervention.

Have you been feeling any rhythmic jumps?  Babies often begin to have hiccups around this point, and they may continue throughout the rest of your pregnancy.  What may feel like tiny little spasms are actually the baby’s diaphragm reacting—don’t worry it’s no more dangerous for your baby than it is for you. But it does seem that some babies have them much more frequently than others.

Changes With Your Body

Even though your body is preparing for its final months of pregnancy, there are still many plans and many symptoms to go through.  Your back ache, leg cramps, and fatigue will continue to increase over the coming weeks.  The weight of your uterus pressing down on your lower extremities, prevents blood flow from pumping back up through the legs and into the body’s circulation.  This increases your chances of having leg cramps, especially at night.  If you notice you are having frequent cramps.  Try to stretch your leg bending and flexing your foot until you gain relief.  For some women attempting to walk on that leg until the cramp eases off is helpful.

As you enter into the third trimester, it is important to recognize the symptoms of preterm labor.

The most common symptoms of premature labor include:

•           Pain, or menstrual-type aching in the abdomen, back or lower pelvic area

•           A gush of clear or colored fluid from the vagina

•           Any vaginal bleeding.

You should also report other potential complications just to make sure that your baby is safe.  These can include:

•           Any changes in your baby’s movement

•           Any incidents of abdominal trauma such as a car accident or a fall

What To Expect

Coming weeks will result in more frequent trips to your physician’s office for monitoring.  The last month or two of any pregnancy and can trigger complications that were not present in previous days.  You may expect to have your blood pressure, weight, and urine checked with every visit and help identify any signs of blood pressure complications.  Make sure to let your doctor know if you notice a significant amount of new swelling, especially around your nose and eyes.  Any headaches, chest pain, or nosebleeds should be reported to your physician as soon as possible.


Even though there is much excitement surrounding the coming weeks and the arrival of your baby, do not forget to sit down and make some very important decisions.  For example, if you are having a baby boy, do you want your baby circumcised?  Have you considered your future birth control needs?  Have you enrolled for childbirth, breast-feeding, or parenting classes?  They are still so much to decide.  If you are unsure about these decisions talk with a trusted friend or family member or your physician.


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  1. Irene Kaburu Says:

    i am 27 wks en thus wen ma baby started kickin en thus ws ma happiest moment.it realy feels nce to feel da gud kicks. thx so much 4 u advice. this is ma first baby en am very exicited 2 be a mom.

  2. dookhran Says:

    thanks for all your advise it was very helpful!!! this is y first baby and my husband and i are very excited. I have felt my baby kicking for quite sum timme and it the greatest feeling in the world!!

  3. prachi Says:

    Thank you for the advice. My baby is been moving from long time and its my first time. It is surely the most pleasurable and greatest feeling in the world.

  4. Laurajo Says:

    im 27 weeks i started feeling my baby at 15 weeks , its most amazing feeling when they respond to your voice or favouite song

  5. patty0809 Says:

    I am 27 weeks and I am feeling him kick but VERY VERY low, I have never felt him high in my belly! Or anywhere near my belly for that matter! This is my first child and I dont know if that is normal or not, I will be goin to the drs in 2 days! Anyone have any advice???

  6. Tasheema Cephas Says:

    I am 27 weeks with my first child. Im experiencing movements and kicking from my baby alot. I also tend to get tightness in upper part of my abdomen. Is this normal?

  7. Tasheema Cephas Says:

    Everything is fine! The baby may move positions after a while. It all depends on the position. As long as you feel kicks and movements your baby is fine. if you began to feel unusual call your doctor. This includes: backache and cramping in stomach for more than 6 times and hour, pinkish vaginal discharge. Go to hospital right away if gushy fluid water comes out your vagina or bleeding of any.

  8. Tasheema Cephas Says:

    Its amazing lol

  9. Samantha Says:

    I am 27 weeks pregnant and i feel my baby move and kick all the time i just went to get a ultrasound the other day for the 2nd time and we seen him yarn it was so funny

  10. tanishia Says:

    im also 27 weeks and im now feeling strong kicks in my pubic area,not very comfertable.This is my 4th pregnancy new baby space!lol

  11. aly Says:

    its called braxton hicks its a form of contractions but nothing serious.

  12. jovanna Says:

    i am 27 weeks and 5 days and i too seen my little princess yawn…it was too cute! im also expierencing some low kicks as well as high ones…i guess she's pretty active!

  13. sarah lou Says:

    I am 27 weeks and 1 day. My baby has been moving alot but all the movements have been really low down not in my stomach. The doctor said it is because my baby is mostly in my pelvis.
    I love the feeling of my baby moving it lets me know that he or she is ok.

  14. nicole Says:

    im 27 weeks and lately in the middle of the night i get up atleast three times to go pee, but i never have to go when i get to the bathroom. I feel the baby moving alot right after i eat otherwise she isnt really active.

  15. Jessica-Rabbit FatMan Harris Says:

    hi im also 27 weeks with my 1st and dont feel my little man kick any higher than my pelvis, my midwife says its totally normal and to enjoy it b4 he starts kicking my ribs lol..GL



  17. May Says:

    Hi I am also 27 weeks preganant nearly 28 weeks now and my little tiger is moving alot!! Like he is playing rugby in my tummy!! I always gave him listen to my favorite music and play with him with the totch, also sang him a song trying to sang every morning so he can enjoy my beautiful voice!! lol and ofcouse how much I love him

  18. acie Says:

    hi my baby boy seemed very active now compared my early weeks.Maybe because i have an anterior placenta. But anyways, i love feeling him. especially when we had our first 3d4d ultrasound experience on his 24th week. Although its a bit early yet, we were able to see him smiling and so. (most amazing feeling ever!) However, my only concern that time was that he was still in a breech position. Im on my 26th week.

  19. Mel Says:

    I am 27 weeks along with my third boy and I wouldn't worry about him still in the breech position there is still lots of time for him to turn around. and my last one didn't turn until a week before he was born.

  20. Wandaliscome Says:

    I am 27 weeks an having lower cramp an lower back pains i been having them for 2 days what do it mean

  21. Natalie Says:

    Hi I am 27 weeks I feel baby move but I also have sudden watery discharge happening lately maybe I should see a doctor cuz I have not seen my doctor for a very long time ohh e-mail me if you think it might be pre mature labor at lasley05@writeme.com

  22. Natalie Says:

    I have cramps too I think its normal since you are getting towards end of your pregnancy

  23. Miss Elle Says:

    he's not just kicking. he's punching or bumping his head opposite of where he's kicking. thats why you feel it in both places. he's 14 ish inches right now

  24. Miss Elle Says:

    if you are concerned, then see you're doctor. i can almost garuntee its not your amniotic fluid bc then it wouldn't stop comming out. you could be "piddling" yourself and not realizing it. i think if you haven't seen you're doctor since ur 20 week appt then you should very soon. plus if it was premature labor you would be having some sort of contractions.

  25. stephanie Says:

    Five years ago in my eighth month I was complaining to my doctor about leaking fluid. He said that I was peeing on myself. I listened to the doctor and left it at that. For the next month and a half the same problem kept repeating itself. On my due date at 3:00 am I woke up in pain and blood all around me. My husband at the time took me straight to the hospitol, where they told me nothing was wrong. We argued for awhile and they did an ultrasound only to discover I had no amniotic fluid. This doesn't happen to everyone but just because its not gushing out doesn't mean there could not be a problem. Good Luck!!! (I am now pregnant again.)

  26. Nikki Says:

    Hi ,i am 26 going on to my 27 weeks pregnancy.The first trimester had been difficult i had been bleeding and thought i lost my baby but thanks to god i didn't.I lost some weight and now i have a difficult gainig weights,i have gestational diabetes and have to watch my diet closely.I am stress however because i can't eat the food that make you gain weight.I am also confuse because a couple weeks ago i was told by my Ob that i have lupus and i need to take lovenox (which is a shot) everyday,however my last visit a few days ago,i ask my ob if i need to do more test to check if the lups is healing and was told that i really don't have it but the Lovenox will help me.This is puzzling because i find my blood is very thin and i do skip takin it everyday just out of concern.I am very confuse as to what to do.Can anyone please tell me if i am doing the right thing…

  27. Ashley 123 Says:

    I am 27 weeks today and I feel my little boy kick low…I guess it's normal but I am not showing at all?? Should I be worried?

  28. Ella Says:

    Hi, i am 27 almost 28 weeks and I feel my little man all the time. this is my third child and i must say they were all different. Now that i am 30 its harder than when i was 21 and 22. Good Luck ladies:)

  29. shanta Says:

    i too am 30 and this is my third cild so i feel your pain lol

  30. BARBARA Says:

    I am having my fourth baby and she is really low,i feel alot of pressure below so i asked my doctor and my doctor that its because i hahve had previous babies thats why she's low.I am 27 weeks weeks and a day.

  31. shawnta' Says:

    Well Im 27weeks and 3days today. This is my first baby, and Im super excited. but i have been having major migrains, by doctor says I can take extra strength tyenol, or benadryl. but I dont feel comfy taking meds with the baby. any suggestions? also anything i can do to stop baby from kicking my belly button, it seems to be the only spot thats super sensitive, and it knocks me outta breathe everytime my baby girl does it.

  32. kimberly Says:

    well my sister has had lupus for a few years she to had to be put on lovenox while she was pregnant it had to be monitored very closely so i would try and get a second opinion on it

  33. Lindsey Says:

    Its perfectly ok to take extra strength tyenol.. I had to take it when i got bad headaches also. Jus as long as theres NO asprin in it…. Im right along with ya girl :)

  34. cgrl Says:

    I'm 27 weeks too and get the same migraines. My doctor suggested a cup of coffee… it really helps!

  35. marlena Says:

    im 27 weeks now .and im felling fine.I cant wait till i meet her .i have not gotten any morning sickness .i got so lucky.Well my baby has a 10% Chance of having a club foot so i have been praying eto god.Well she is very active and she is kicking all the time.Well i love my baby girl .Jayden alissa …..

  36. Jennifer Says:

    i am also 27 wks an usto have terriable migrains.. try drinking soda.. it works for me… best of luck

  37. sam Says:

    Drinking soda especially this far along is not smart due to the fact it can cause pre term labor. Try and stick to water 4 your babysitter sake.

  38. baby ellese... Says:

    im on my 27th weeks and I feel more comfortable right now than before…I can feel my baby's movement specially early in the morning…she is always kicking me at 3:00 am…im really excited to see our little princess…

  39. Leisa Says:

    I am going through the same thing.. it scared me cause I thought that my son was suppose to raise by now.. I feel movment higher sometimes..

  40. michelle Says:

    im 27weeks as well and i refuse to take medication if possible. and i get really bad migrains so instead of taking anything i use something called "head on" you can find it at any pharmacy and all you do is rub it across your forhead and it starts to relieve the pain almost instantly. i also put a wet wash cloth in the freezer and after it gets cold i put that on my head and lay in the dark.

  41. april Says:

    def. need second opinion docs are payed by the pharm. companies we tend to forget this!!! my mom has lupus and the meds made it worse but a healthy diet high in raw veg. and fruits does wonders.

  42. viktoria Says:

    Hi im 27 wks pregnant and basically on bedrest from severe back pain. I had had a previous small herniated disc that probably just grew but its so uncomfortable and im unable to do much. I hate feeling soo "lazy" and i know my baby is first but how do you really deal with this!! Has anybody else experienced this?

  43. jamie Says:

    Get it checked out! I had the exact same thing, went to ER and found out I had a UTI, urinary tract infection! This can be dangerous if not caught soon!!! Best of luck!

  44. Conchettaca Says:

    Hi, I am sorry to hear a lot of you are having problems and I wish you the best and always remember if you don't like what you hear from your doctor always get a second opinion! I am 27 weeks going on 28 weeks and I am doing fine. I am 25 and will be 26 in a few days, this is my first child and I am excited. I have been having some upper back pains, trouble rolling over, tightening in the stomach area, and light cramps. I did not know I was supposed to have Braxton Hicks Contractions this early but they are here. I am having a boy and he is very very active, he stays up all night most times. I do not have any health problems and very little weight gain, but my baby bump is getting larger by the day and its all baby. I try to stay calm but I am worried that I may not be able to do this alone, I know the baby is healthy, but I worry that he knows I am worrying.

  45. karina Says:

    Im taking Lovenox twice a day, and it really sucks! but its very important!!!!!! I wouldnt recommend skipping a dose!

  46. Andrea Says:

    I am almost 27 weeks and i am not getting much sleep because of the back pains, nausia, and cramps. I am going to loose my mind if something does not change soon. On the up side i feel my baby girl move all the time so i guess cant get to mad at her for making mommy feel so bad…

  47. kasie Says:

    no u could be havin a back baby its where its closer to the back my friend had the same problem

  48. Andrea Says:

    I am 27 weeks pregnant, on Christmas i will be exactly 7 months….I am very excited. This is my first child and i feel my daughter move all the time when i lay down at night…but it doesn't bother me at all because I'm so excited to have something for life that i created. I love to eat healthy foods, corn is the favorite and i love my orange juice… i do have some cravings but it's not all that bad. Sometimes i do have back pain from her sitting on my ribs, but if i lie down it's all alright. I love her and i can't wait for her to take her first breath.

  49. midji Says:

    I just started to show and funny enough the baby supposedly weighs more than the normal weight and ive only gained 4 lbs …..i don't know how that is possible….i lost alot of weight during the first trimester due to nausea. Its a blessing…i dont want to be fat! And then again the weight gain could be drastic from now on…

  50. midji Says:

    I am at the end of 27 weeks no pains just some kicking here and there. I went for my drs appt weds and they still cant tell me the baby's sex due to breeching….it kinda sux cos i thought id know by now!! My cervix is also short so i am on bedrest.. I am aneimic so i am taking iron and since its constipating my doctor recomended i drink alot of prune juice. I am feeling good, just anxious to know the sex of my baby!!

  51. Monica Says:

    I had the same thing happen. Only I didn't make it to my due date. For most of my 3rd pregnancy the ultrasound techs said "oh my you have so much amniotic fluid." Later in the pregnancy I could tell that my belly was smaller and my doc said everything was normal. At 37 weeks I woke up to a significant amount of blood. I rushed to the hospital and when the doctor did a stress test my baby's heart was stopping when i had contractions. They decided to induce labor. The doc ruptured the amniotic sac and there was absolutely no fluid. My little girl was born at 37 weeks and only weighed 3 lbs. and 14.9 ounces. She suffered from IUGR caused by the lack of amniotic fluid. If you are concerned about an amniotic fluid leak then talk to your doctor, ask for an ultrasound. Don't take no for an answer. Your baby comes first.

  52. Melissa Says:

    I am 26 weeks pregnant, due in April. This is my first, and we're pretty sure it's a boy. (He's not been overly cooperative during ultra sounds!) I felt him move for the first time around 22 weeks, ever since his kicks are getting stronger. I love the feeling, it makes me giggle, and I know he's happy and healthy bouncing around in there. However, I have developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome related to pregnancy. If anyone else has experienced this… then you know how painful it can get! I pray that everyone has safe and healthy pregnancies. Just remember in a few short months, all these pregnancy ailments will be well worth it!

  53. Mommy2B Says:

    I am 26 weeks pregnant (first timmer) and with twin boys. All my friends say all my weight is in the belly where my babies are…but i feel kinda chunky…lol…I find that simple things are no longer simple..like cleaning the house, putting on clothes, or walking to the mail box!!! I get so winded that i feel like i've just completed a hardcore work out! My doc. said that both of my angels were doing well! So at the end of the day I know that I am wiling to endure any/all discomforts, inconveniences, pains, aches, ETC. and whatever else that comes along to make sure my lil men are okay…I'm praying for my pregnancy and I will do the same for you ladies!!!!!

  54. ali Says:

    Are you kidding! That's not too much. I was about 105~110 lbs when I found out I'm pregnant, and at 5'4, my doctor said it would be better for me to gain a bit more than the typical 25-30 lbs because I was close to being underweight. It's been hard to accept the number on the scale getting higher and higher… but it's just part of it. :)

  55. wifey2Ben2boys1girl Says:

    Just want to say that my oldest sons eyes were NOT blue when he was born. Every child is different. His were clearly brown from day one!! Just saying.

  56. Pretty Says:

    Hi it is really a wonderfull feeling,i am also 27weeks pregnant and my teddy bear inside is so active specially when i am tryng to sleep @night and when im hungry. And lately ive been expiriencing pelvic and groin pains, but my midwife said its because im carring low n so there is pressure on ma pelvic. I love every moment of this pregnancy its ma sec teddy bear….

  57. Melissa Says:

    I don't think that is alot of weight. Talk to your doctor, but sounds average to me. Your body is going to gain what it needs to unless your overeating and not being concious about what your putting in your body. I heard heavier people may put on less weight and thinner may put on a little more because your body needs it more. I am no cdoctor and this weight thing was a little worriesome for me too. I am 5'11 with an athletic build i guess i could say and have put on about 22 pounds and i'm at my 27th week too. Hope this helps. ;-)

  58. Jessica Says:

    I am 27 weeks and was 112 and now i'm 128. The doctor says you may gain up to 25-35lbs and maybe even more if you were under weight to begin with. It sounds like you're doing just fine. :)

  59. esurella Says:

    This is my second pregnancy and when my son was born at 29 weeks at 2lb 3 oz his eyes looked so dark almost black even. To this day now 3 yrs later they are still so dark brown they still look black from time to time :) his eyes are so captivating with hos red hair! :) but I just turned 27 weeks and am getting really nervous bc I am getting closer to the time when I had my first born. I pray everyday that I will at least hit the 30 wk mark! :)

  60. danielle Says:

    This is my 3rd baby. i’m 27 weeks and 2 days and my little girl is very active… she moves more when my husband comes home from work and right when he leaves…she wants him to notice her and i know he does cause my stomach goes crazy in movement so he comes and talks to her and she will settle down after a while. looks like i have another daddy’s girl.


    I am at the end of my 27 week mark and i cant wait tell next week when he starts to tern his head to respond to light and noise.!!!! life is so beutiful and cool!!! so HAPPY!!!!!!!

  62. Imany's Mommy Says:

    I am currently 27 weeks and feeling fabulous!! i'm gonna have a little daddy's girl and this i know! she responds so much to him when he's around and is quiet when he's away! weight has been a little concerning for me. 27 weeks in to this pregnancy and as of this morning a total of one pound has been gained :( Everything looks great tho and baby is growing as she should!

  63. Janelle Says:

    soda does not cause pre term labor. Excessive amounts of caffeine (more then 400mg a day) has been linked to pre term labor but I believe a soda has about 40 mg of caffeine. Not the most healthy thing to drink during pregnancy but will not cause pre term labor from one soda.

  64. Janelle Says:

    That's not too much weight especially if you were a small person or under weight. You should probably gain close to 35 pounds.

  65. Janelle Says:

    hmm.. seems interesting. I am 26 weeks this is is my first pregnancy and I felt the first movements at 17 weeks (little flutters very low) Little by little they have become more strong and are definitely felt above the belly button at this point because the uterus is now 2 inches above the navel. I still feel them low.. baby is about 13 to 14 inches at this point so you should feel them all over. Ask your doctor or invest in a doppler to use at home. I bought one early and it is very reassuring to listen to the movements and the heartbeat. :) Sometimes the baby is moving but you can't feel it. Hope all goes well.

  66. Janelle Says:

    You should gain at least 20 pounds and it's not fat you are pregnant. 20-35 pounds is normal. I have heard of people gaining less but usually it means that there is a health problem and you don't want that. Hope all is well and good luck with your pregnancy! I'm 26 weeks now and have gained close to 20 pounds! Your baby needs the extra calories my friend.

  67. Janelle Says:

    It is unusual to not be "showing" by 6 months. But as long as the baby is healthy that is all that matters! Good luck.

  68. juanita flores Says:

    im 27 weeks pregnant. and i am a pettite person 21 years of age. and im on mai second pregnancy, my first i was a size 3 and weigh'd 110 pounds on my 9th month of pregnancy i was 190 pounds with my son. just one baby…. now on mai second started at 115 now 145.. i usually gain my weight at this time… wounder how much im going to weigh at the end of this pregnancy…

  69. Pilar Says:

    what the hell is up with your grammer woman?

  70. Kendra Says:

    I'm 5'1" and started out at 97 lbs. I am 27 weeks and now weigh 118. Doctor says I am right on track. Underweight women are supposed to gain a little more than average sized women. Don't worry, you are right on track with weight gain and as long as the doctor says everything is good, you have nothing to worry about. Hope this helps. Good luck!

  71. Lisa Says:

    OMG- I cant understand a word of your post woman!

  72. 2nd Time Mom Says:

    Don't worry with my first daughter I weighed 115 before I got pregnant and by the exd was 200+. The bright side was I lost mostly all of it within 6 weeks. Now I am on my second pregnancy and am 27 week and already gained 35 lbs and my doctor says its perfectly healthy. You don't seem like youve gained that much at all. Hope this helped :-)

  73. Tchat sans inscription Says:

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  74. Carolyn Says:

    As a wife of a surgeon I can assure you honestly that doctors are NOT paid by pharmaceutical companies- at least in the United States. Pharma companies can't even take us to us dinner. It's illegal. They can pay for educational programs and sponsor the food served- for example at a medical conference- but no "perks" allowed. Check your facts. Unless a doctor only accepts cash payment (very few), they are actually paid by insurance companies. The doctor submits a medical billing code for the services rendered and the insurance company has sole discretion to decide how much of that they want to pay the doctor. So if a procedure is billed at $1000, an insurance company gets the bill and decides if they want to pay the doctor the full amount, a percentage, or nothing. My husband (a surgeon) takes trauma call all the time and it usually costs us since so few people in our area have insurance. They get free surgery, we pay for the gas and time he is away from home sewing the person up. Many times all night. Doctors take an oath to never deny a patient care. Would you go to work regularly in the middle of the night for no pay (in addition to your regular daytime working hours which are paid) because someone needs a service, but you know they can't pay you? How about if you knew they had insurance but statistically the insurance company is only going to pay you 50% of what doctors charge for that service/time? I didn't think so. Most of us would expect overtime at our jobs! It amazes me how little people know about how health care works in this country. Husband spent last night sewing on a guy's detached fingers. We get zero. We paid for the gas to get to the hospital in the middle of the night and I had no one to cuddle up next to last night! If you want to talk about corruption take a look at the power insurance companies have these days! Just saying……

    and congrats everyone! I am also 28 weeks along! :-)

  75. Candy Satterfield Says:

    I am 26w5d and am a big girl too. I really did not feel my baby moving until about 20 weeks at all, and now she moves a LOT. I can feel her using hands, feet, and that lovely little head ON my cervix at all times. My placenta is in the front, so I thought I was never going to feel her moving. Also– I have not started showing, but the last time I was pregnant, I didn't show until I was about 32 weeks along because I am already a bigger girl. Good luck with your pregnancy!

  76. Milissa Says:

    She said " I am 27 weeks and this is when my baby stated kicking and this was my happiest moment. It really feels nice to feel the good kicks. Thanks so much for your advice. This is my first baby and i am very excited to be a mom." Lol..She may be from another country and she is writing her accent.

  77. Brooke Says:

    totally agree. I was like what language are you speaking in

  78. nomsa Says:


  79. Indira Says:

    Carolyn, I am in the medical industry also and I wanted to thank you for explaining to people how it goes! Lots of people have no respect for what the medical industry is about and have no idea how it's ran… I see all these people at my appointments who complain all the time, they are just to ignorant to understand. I am 27 weeks prego with a boy! I have ITP also…

  80. cathy laureano Says:

    im 27 wks and still dont kno what im having ugh!

  81. nolan Says:

    Obviously this new Mother is from a DIFFRENT background than YOU ALL!! Please be repectful when posting…. Rude posts just make you sound unintelllegent… We as mothers should be supportive to each other. If you cant be nice…. Don't post. Other readers don't enjoy the wasted space.

  82. unknown Says:

    im 27 weeks pregnant and just relizing im going to have a baby (first timmer) and a teen mom

  83. touch screen laptop Says:

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  84. shanelle evans Says:

    if im 27weeks how long do i have

  85. shanelle evans Says:

    i wont to kn how manye months do i have to go and an have my son im olny 27weeks

  86. Renner Says:

    Pregnancy is 40 weeks. If you havent seen a doctor yet, you should as soon as possible,

  87. Melissa Says:

    I am 27 weeks pregnant with my first child,IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited and very anxious I can't wait to finally see him,it seems like I have been pregnant forever.

  88. Renee Says:


  89. Chioma Says:

    am 27 weeks and am having legs cramps a man told me you legs are big i said yes, he told me that am not eating to much salt i said yes nether do i eat anything that contain to much sugar, i want to ask if is no salt make it or to much salt?

  90. Bea Says:

    I’m at 26 weeks and 6 days. I also have lupus. I am an avid green juicer and found that it helps with constipation, swelling, mental well-being. My husband is a doctor and is on the lupus foundation board. He’s been a really good support system. If you have lupus and are pregnant and want to be and you need some support or just someone to compare notes with, please feel free to email me.

  91. aagiven Says:

    best thing ever is ur baby kicking cant wait till i have my lil boy in 13weeks xxxx

  92. jazmin Says:

    Im 27 weeks now entering my 28 th week and i feel great ((: i feel my lil man all day .!

  93. Amber Says:

    Hi im about 27 weeks pregnant now & my baby boy hasn’t really been moving as much as he was before , the past week i only feel him move in the mornings or night , not as much as i would think he should . & sometimes when i walk i feel pain in my stomach , could something be wrong ? should i see a doctor ??

  94. Bethany Says:

    Im actually finishng my 26th week, and have been thinking about if I want my son circumcised or not. Working as a nurse’s aide in both a nursing home, hospital and a geri psych short term treatment facility, I’ve seen both the positives of having it done and some negatives. Am I the only one who thinks about the life my son will have when he’s 90 yrs old in a nursing home and Im long gone? I’ve seen infections so bad at that age when men first come in because they haven’t been taking care of themselves or had a caregiver who didn’t do peri care properly under the forskin, and men who didn’t understand what was wrong or why nurses had to clean them there because they were suffering a mental illness brought on by age. Often at that point the circumcision was done at the request of both the doctor and family, and its fairly uncomfortable if not downright painful at that age, and worse when the man had little to no understanding of why he was hurting. But at the hospital I’ve also seen infections happen to infants who have had the procedure done. For me it dosn’t fall into a religious aspect, but a medical one, and I know how hard it is for the elderly to beat infections. Just some things that maybe other expectant moms hadn’t considered. I still haven’t decided yet, because as much as I want my son to be all natural, I’ve seen the downside of that late in life.

  95. Esther Says:

    I am 27 weeks and 4 days pregnant with my first, a little girl! it is so encouraging to read about other women’s experiences. My little one got really, REALLY excited this past week when I took a flight from my hometown across the country to visit family. It felt like she was literally jumping back and forth in my belly! have any of you had this experience while flying? My doctor cleared me as being safe to fly so I haven’t worried too much about it, just thought it was out of the ordinary. Good luck to all of you and blessings to your babes!

  96. Zaida Says:

    Hi im 27 weeks and 4days and im over weight im not feeling any movement as before what must i do because is stressing me alot i need a help and its my first pregnancy………………………

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