28 Weeks Pregnant

Welcome to the first week of your third trimester!  Weeks 28 through 40 signal your last several doctor’s visits and plenty of plans for baby’s arrival.  While this week is not ideal for your baby’s delivery, keep in mind that anything can happen.  He or she would be very small if born right now, but your baby’s chances of survival could still be positive with intensive care.  Certainly it would be best for baby to remain in your body for the next several weeks.

Doctor visits should be every two weeks now, as they continue to monitor both yours and your baby’s progress.

If you haven’t done so already, there are plenty of prenatal classes that you can enroll in. In these classes, you will help you learn what to expect for the rest of your pregnancy, your birth and during your postpartum period.  While these classes are optional, they may be beneficial– especially if you have very little experience with babies.

You may have already started getting the nursery ready for the baby and your list of names has probably grown.  Do not hesitate to use this time to begin bonding with your baby and have not already done so.

Baby’s Development

By now, the baby is about 16 inches long and will weigh approximately 2-1/3 pounds.  Now packing around 2 to 3 pounds of body fat, your baby is beginning to plump up.  Covered in a fine, downy hair known as lanugo, your baby is warm and happy in their watery home.  This week, baby’s eyes will Be open and the eyebrows and eyelids are very well formed.  The eyelids can open in the eye is fully developed.

Though still extremely premature, babies born during this week have the potential to survive with intensive care that could last weeks or even months.  Your baby is continuing to practice his or her breathing movements, strengthening their muscles by kicking rolling and stretching and getting ready for their life outside.

Changes With Your Body

The last trimester may bring on a variety of troublesome symptoms.  Hemorrhoids, varicose veins, leg cramps, backaches, and oh yes—the arrival of your baby!  Don’t worry, not everything is bad during these last few weeks.

Your weight gain should be between 17 and 24 pounds during this week.  While certainly there are many women who are far below are far above this average, research has proven that women who gain too little weight are more likely to deliver a low birth weight and preterm baby.  And women who gain too much weight may struggle with the prolonged or difficult labor.  It will be to your best interest to keep your weight in check.

Your belly is now very easy to distinguish.  Rising about 3 inches above your belly button, it may seem like every stranger in town wants to pat your stomach.  Do not be afraid to say “hands off” when necessary.  Thanks to the increasing weight of your uterus on the blood vessels of your lower extremities, you may be struggling with hemorrhoids, varicose veins and leg cramps. If any of these are interrupting your day (or your  night) talk with your doctor about options to relieve your discomfort.

What To Expect

If your doctor has not already completed a glucose tolerance test to check for gestational diabetes.  You may expect to have that completed during your 28th week.  This test may be conducted in a variety of ways, which include either a finger stick or a complete blood draw from your arm after you drink a highly concentrated, sugary liquid.  If your test is abnormal for any reason, your physician may order an additional screening of the same type for diagnosing you with gestational diabetes.  Remember not to eat or drink anything on the morning of your test.

Your expanding uterus is now pressing up against the diaphragm or the muscle that helps you breathe.  Many women experience shortness of breath because of this.  If you have any shortness of breath, that last for long periods of time or keeps you from being able to get any breath all make sure to report this to your physician.  The typical shortness of breath will simply leave you feeling like you have just run a race and you are trying to recover.


This may be a good week to begin considering a pediatrician for your baby.  If you have not already found one and might be a good idea to talk with those around you can get an idea of what doctors may be available.  If you anticipate that your baby may have any special needs such as a genetic or birth defect.  It would be especially important for you to schedule an appointment with a pediatrician before your baby’s delivery to talk about any special needs or care that may be required.


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  1. Zoey Simmonds Says:

    i think that this is great its things that i needed to now.x

  2. Sarah Says:

    i know rite! im almost 28 weeks and im sooo scared at whats gonna happen!!!
    but im so excited for my baby to be here so hopefully these last couple months fly!!!!

  3. Caroline Says:

    hi am 28 weks today am just sooo tierd is any one else feeling this x:S

  4. Rissa Says:

    hey, im 28 wks and 4 days and exhausted during the day but at night i cant sleep at all!!!

  5. candis Says:

    i am starting to swell so bad now, and my hips are UNEVEN, and i havent gained weight until now and now im really packing it on… AND yes Im exhausted and can not sleep at all at night.

  6. Rhonda Says:

    I am also 28 weeks. I am tired throughout the day but as soon as night is here I can't sleep at all…

  7. Jennifer Says:

    I am 28 weeks and it feels like am having contractions. The last 2 days my stomach has been getting hard and soft within a few minutes of eachother. This is my second pregnancy and dont remember feeling this for the first.My mom thinks I should go to the hospital and have it checked out better to be safe than sorry but dont want to be embaressed if its nothing lol. My ribs hurt ny right rub hurts more than anything. I cant get comfortable whether its laying down trying to sleep or sitting up. I cant sleep at all at night. Tossing and turning every night cant get comfortable

  8. tammy Says:

    I am pregnant with my 6th baby and I am sure you are probably having braxton hicks contractions. I have them constantly from about 5 months until the baby is born. If the contractions get painful then go in to the ER. They are annoying, but they get your body ready for the big day. Good luck

  9. juliet Says:

    :) hey am 28wks also i feel anxious and want the two months to fly fly fly jus the same but try and dont be scared, this is a time to pray and transfer happy emotions to yr baby… good luck and God bless:D:D

  10. Sarah K Says:

    Im 28 weeks pregnant and keep getting mentral like cramps sometimes they last all day and other days i dont get them at all. Im also very exhausted and sometimes cannot sleep at night. Ive been having alot of Braxton hicks contractions.

  11. Linda Says:

    Hi my name is Linda, I am 28 weeks pregnant as well.
    Feeling quite normal just a little exhausted if I try to vacuum and mop the house find myself breathing really hard.

    I don't know if you guys feel this though I when I attempt to walk really fast I get a surprise cramp in my lower abdomen that makes me stop walking and hold my breathe, as it kills to walk further.
    Just wanted to know does anyone else get this feeling?

    Also been reading up, in these last couple of weeks the bottom half of my tummy suddenly gets really hard I always thought that was the baby Contractions?

  12. linda Says:

    Yes I am 28 weeks pregnant now as well, I am also getting quite nervous about going into lab-our.
    It's funny as I wasn't ever scared b4.
    Now that I think the time is coming closer I am getting scared.
    I haven't even done my Glucose Test and booked into Antenatal Clinic yet OMG geeez

  13. jody Says:

    My name is jody I am 28 weeks pregnant with my second daughter and have had period type pains for a few week now and also a lot of sharp pains if i walk to fast, my midwife told me that the period type pains are due to the muscles softening ready for labour and the sharp pains are a result of strainig myself too much so take it easy ladies :D good luck :D xxxx

  14. Denise Says:

    Ive been having contractions "Braxton Hicks" for months now and I get at least 15-20 a day while being on the medication called Terbutaline. Last night I had about 8 within an hour with taking the meds, so its time to call the nurse once again hopefully I don't have to go to L&D again :/
    trying to stay positive, but frustrated because I have no real answers? I read on my doc notes that it was uterine irribility? But doc appt this friday. Should I try to make an appt sooner?

  15. abby morley Says:

    I almost 28 weeks and I'm feeling really tired I work 40hr a week on my feet should i cut my hours at work? or is this what I should be feeling?

  16. Joanna Says:

    I am 28 weeks pregnant and I feel absolutely shattered, I fall asleep about 9 and I'm in bed by 10 every night… I don't want to leave work yet because I want as much time with my baby as I can but I can definitely say I'm feeling the strain… However when I try to sleep at night I can't, then I finally do get to sleep and I'll need to go to the loo.
    I don't think I've had any braxton hicks contractions as of yet, how do you know what they feel like?? I have had the sharp pains when I'm walking, you have to stop in your tracks, very painful, but only lasts 10 seconds or so then I'm good to go again…

  17. Melina Says:

    Hello Sarah, sounds like ur having contractions. I wouldn't ignore this cuz ur cervix could be dilating and u not even know it. I am 28wks. prego. and high-risk… so i too have experienced these types of pains and informed doc he said next time it happens i need to go to ER immediately especially if they are less than 10minutes apart. Hope this helps… Good luck!

  18. ash Says:

    I am 28 weeks and I too am exhausted during the day and then come 11pm Im like a prego freak orgainzing EVERYTHING in the house!!! haha I guess this is what they call nesting !!

  19. Nicole C Says:

    Braxton hicks feel like a bunch of pressure in your lower abdomen. They can be uncomfortable but not painful. They last for about 15 seconds. I get them allll the time lol.

  20. Nicole C Says:

    Oooo you need to get that glucose test done girl! if you did have gestational diabetes It could be harmful to your baby if you didnt catch it fast enough.

  21. Kenzie Says:

    I'm 28 weeks and 3 days. I'm starting to feel way more tired like I did in the beginning of the pregnancy, and sometimes I do get nauseous but never throw up. Ugh. I do eat a lot but i've gained about 23 pounds. haha. I can never sleep at night, but when morning rolls around, I'm still in bed and MORE tired than ever and I can finally fall asleep. SHe kicks me more at night anyway. Now I'm starting to realize how hard it is to shave my legs… or ANYTHING lol :) 11 more weeks to go until my princess is hereee

  22. Christle Says:

    I feel the same way, I am 27 weeks pregnant and I can't shave me legs and u know… and I cant even put my socks on without having my husband help me :( very depressing but we are almost there and it will be over soon. Good Luck!!!

  23. Jabriel King Says:

    hi am also 28 weeks and it is so hard for me to fall asleep at night, my feet have start to swell an i have gained 20 pounds thow out my pregnancy but this week i will start to walk!!!

  24. guest Says:

    I'm 28 weeks pregnant, excited and scared at the same time! This will be our first baby and it's a girl. I don't know what to expect for when it comes time to deliver. Regular daily tasks are getting harder to do. I was trying to vaccum today and my back started hurting really bad. My feet and hands swell a lot and I get horrible leg cramps at night. Good luck to all you ladies!

  25. megan Says:

    im 28 weeks and 4 day and for like a week now i have been have very sharp pains that hurt so bad it really feels like im bout to have my baby i have a 3 year old but i never felt any thing like this when i was preg with him

  26. sonya Says:

    I am also 28 weeks and i get frequent pains….the doctors has told me that it is just my ligaments making room and gettign bigger…..He also makes my kidney swell which gives me pains as well. I would ask your doctor and dont settle for simple awnsers. Ask away thats what they get paid for

  27. maggie Says:

    am 28 weeks and 4 days and feeling so exhausted, worst of all i hate it when i think about sleepless nights and my hips pain even though i keep changing from left to right

  28. wendy Says:

    hi am 28 weeks pregnant and last week i happened to sleep on my back and when i was turning i felt a very sharp pain, was so scared that i might have hurt my baby , thanks i felt the kicks and knew she was ok.

  29. Jacqui Says:

    I Sonya,
    I have been experiencing the same cramps and the doc said its also the ligaments… The doc just gave me some Synap forte pain tablets and premature labour lablets.. now I am all good. I am 28 weeks exactly and loving it again. It is my second one and I must say that these cramps were something very new to me, I also got quite scared. Hope you okay now: Jacqui

  30. Kala Says:

    I am 28 weeks as well…. I am so excited… this is our first baby, we are expecting a boy (Braxton) ! I have noticed in the last week or two how much more tired I am, but it is usually at the same time each day, so I try and plan on getting everything done I need to for the day and take that time to rest, and finish up after a nap. Rest is so important for you and the baby, and I am like most of you I can not sleep at all at night, but feel so tired the rest of the day, so if you can get a nap in do it!! Will be the last few naps you get for awhile. I am stressing out because I am staring into a very intense program for school starting in Jan and baby due beginning of Feb… so I just crossing fingers I get as much rest as needed and can do it all!! good luck ladies.. they are all miracles, can not wait for mine to be here with mommy and daddy! :)

  31. JoDi Says:

    I am 28 weeks aswell and I also experience braxaton hicks contractions all the time and they are usually not painful. However in the beginning of my pregnancy when I was about 2 months I experienced very painful cramping that lasted for about 4 to 5 days. I went to the ER but they told me everything was fine with the pregnancy. Then when I was in my 5th month the cramping returned
    and i would only feel it when i was having a bh contraction, that lasted a couple of days. Finally again i experienced the same thing last week. I know I have a couple of small uterine fibroids, so maybe for me thats whats causing me to sometimes have cramping or maybe it just my ligaments getting bigger aswell.

  32. Frantzie Says:

    I am also 28 weeks and I have trouble sleeping as well. I also have more itching and heartburn.

    My name is Frantzie

  33. stanelle otani Says:

    Hi , i'm also 28 weeks and i have been having trouble sleeping , and now i have started to retain water in my leg's my back is starting to ache and now im getting heartburn , i gained about 24 pounds through my pregnancy .

  34. Andrea Says:

    All this sounds so familiar-I’m jst over 28wks, the fatigue has returned in all its fury-I wake up feeling like I’v had a stay awake,and its not just my eyes or head its my whole body that doesn’t feel like functioning. I’v had the hip cramps from early on-from about 4or5months which makes sleeping a mission on its own,but when I can I hit the hay at 7h30pm sometimes-to make up for waking up so many times in-between. Baby’s movements doesn’t wake me at night but I feel it jst before I get up every morning (^.^,)
    This is our first baby-a girl-and the experience has been amazing, I’m not even scared bout labour-though my boss keeps on telling me I’m nuts to go natural-she went c-section both times. I just think every bit of pain and discomfort is worth every bit for what I’m getting in the end-A Precious Blessing From God.

  35. AMORIAH'S MOM Says:

    hello i'm 28weeks & 3days pregnant wit my first bby… my bby girl kicks & punches r gettin more stronger, i've gained about 36pounds not just n my belly all ova my body, my legs & hips tend to go numb while i'm sleepin or sittin for a long time, i've recently started gettin braxton hicks it felt as if my legs were going to lock i could barely walk so i went to the er where they just put hot compresses on my legs n sent me home…
    wen i wakeup from out my sleep to use to bathroom i could barely walk cuz my pelvic bone hurt so bad…i'm so ready for this to b over i dont know what to do wit myself…

  36. candy cantu Says:

    Wow me too Im only 26 weeks pregnant and started at 100pnds and already put 23 pnds and still have 13weeks more to go…….

  37. Heather Says:

    If you have trouble sleeping at night, take 2 Benydrl about an hour before bed. It is completely harmless and can be used as a sleep aid. Of course run it by your doctor if you're concerned. I'm pregnant with my second daughter and can tell you that we all go through so much physical and emotional stress through pregnancy. Getting a good night sleep is the best thing you can do for yourself.

  38. Vin Says:

    Natural birth is worth it on many levels, but it doesn't have to be painful! Check out a book called "Hypnobirthing!" It talks about the fear-tension-pain cycle and proves that the less afraid you are, the less tension your body will hold, and the less pain you will have! :) Like you said, there is no reason to be afraid!

  39. Trista Says:

    Hello, Im 28 weeks pregnant and feel restless sometimes. The benedrly really helps me get bk to sleep, unless Im awakened.I also get really mean on two occasions;one, that my husband wakes me up for silly things asking questions, and when im hungry. So far up to this point my pregnancy has been good. I have been to the urgent care for false contractions,but they were painful and I wasnt feeling well. When I went in they said I was really dehydrated and I had a bad infection. Im glad I listened to my body, because if I hadnt my baby could have been under major stress. So I said that to say, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY and never feel that you are silly for going to the er so much. Its better to know then to be left in the dark. Im also having shortness of breath and walking makes me have to pee. I have had very painful sharpness in my back ,legs and vaginal area. Taking it easy and warm pcks and baths help, but for me remaining patient with deep breaths helps.

  40. Tetia Says:

    Hi I just turned 28wks today and I am extremely tired during the day but at night I can’t sleep!! I get cramp like pains in my lower abdomen area but my doctor tells me its just stretching. I haven’t gained that much weight but I am very NERVOUS and scared this is my first child and I’m not really sure what to expect.
    Well I hope all you ladies have a wonderful, safe and blessed delivery!! :)

  41. jessica Says:

    good thinking i like ur level of strength god will take us threw every step of the way congrats and be safe

  42. Rachel Says:

    Im 28 weeks pregnant with a LITTLE GIRL:)
    she kicks my right rib ALOT its annoying. I love sleeping & i dont have a problem going to sleep my problem is when i wake up its hard to get back to sleep & i HATE peeing every 5 seconds!Iv noticed im starting to feel more tired than i did last Trimister and sometimes i want to fall asleep at work. But other than all that mess im REALLY EXCITED for the day i see her cute little face.

  43. michelle&baby Says:

    this site is so helpful reading what other girls have been feeling its comforting to know im not alone! I am 28 weeks & a a few days & am sooo over being pregnant. 40 weeks is waaay to long when were getting this big.
    when i wake up & im on my back I get worried cause that causes circulation problems to the baby apparently..and it hurts to turn over sometimes.
    good luck to all you proud mommas!

  44. Ale Says:

    Glad to read what other mothers are going through. Am also 28wks, i sleep alot. I dont like food but try to eat esp green leafy and ripe bananas at regular intervals. It wasnt the same with my gal now 5 and boy 2. Have not added much but my doc says baby is fine. Enjoy the moment

  45. Katrina&baby Says:

    I’m 28 wks and a few days. I have been having a lot of pain in my hips, butt, back and legs. I stand up and walk the majority of the day. I’m starting to have trouble sleeping at night. I’m glad I found this blog, I’m going to try some of the tips tonight.

  46. shanna_SA Says:

    28 weeks and 1 day woooooooooohoooooo!!! I just want my maternity leave to hurry up!!! Im so tired all the time and speaking to my manager about the "heavy lifting" she said "pregnancy is not a disease" urgh so battling up stairs with huge amnts of paperwork is so draining, I get home and my legs have swelled to dble their size….but I am happy I have made it this far ;)

  47. Ashley Says:

    I have been having the same problems! I have 1 large fibroid and 1 small one they found last week. It worries me but the doctor doesn't seem to be concerned at this point. Lots of BH and some cramping. I am starting to feel pretty miserable. Hope things went well for you!

  48. ivyy Says:

    Hi , I'm 28 weeks and 6 days . I'm very tired , Can't fall asleep at night or wake up in the morning . I have alot of Braxton Hicks contractions . & my son is constantly moving & my whole tummy shifts as he does, making it look lop sided .
    Im ready for him to be born , i don't wanna wait another 11 weeks .

  49. ... Says:

    Pregnancy is a disability and you should be treated in accordance to the same treatment that anyone receives for any disability. You may also tell your that heavy lifting causes undue stress on your body which puts you at risk for preterm labour. I seriously suggest you contact your Human resources and explain the situation, what your manager said is extremely inappropriate and should be liable for how he or she conducts themself.

  50. tnmm Says:

    I’m 28 weeks pregnant having a baby boy first child due date is jun 13th, I suspect he will be here earlier then that and I have been having uterine contractions, which was at 25 weeks then, menstrual like cramping that lasted for six days straight. Went to er doc said I was dehydrated and that’s it sent me home with a prescription for vicodin. I didn’t take the vicodin I just used regular extra strength tylenol. Also experienced severe lower back pain at 28 weeks lasted for one day. Tried a heating pad, warm bath and tylenol nothing helped lasted for 12 hours straight. Noticed my boobs have quadroupled in size went from a size 44ddd to a 46f, my neck and chest area has gotten dark. Sleep does not bother me because I work midnights anyway. I’ve only gained 11lbs so far but I also weighed 243 when I first got pregnant I’m a very muscular athletic build. Never really craved anyhing.

  51. kellie Says:

    hi thre. i would just like to say i am also having a baby boy-due on the 13 th june as well lol. and i would just like you to know that you're not the only one going through it. i have been experiencing the same things and i have been toldto keep my eye on the braxton hicks just encase little bubba comes early.

  52. firsttimemom Says:

    Hi I am 28 weeks first time mom due on June 16th and I find it VERY hard to fall asleep, as for those Braxaton hicks I have no idea what those are. I have no pains, just light cramps in my legs and heaviness in my lower abdomen. If i word hard i get very dizzy/light headed and nauseated. My lil girl is moving a lot these days and I am becoming more and more fatigued.. can someone please explain what those braxaton hicks are and what books can i read to prepare me for child birth. Good luck to all you wonderful mothers.

  53. tnmm Says:

    From my understanding the are supposed to be painless contractions, like a tightening feeling, and these are all the signs in preparing your body for the big day. But make sure to read about it and also read up on pre term labor it will help eliminate some of the anxiety you might have as time take its course

  54. Bridget Says:

    I’m 28 weeks as of tomorrow. I’ve only gained about 10 pounds. I lost 6 in my first trimester. I just didn’t have an appetite and everything I ate, I threw up for about 3 weeks. My doctor tells me I’m healthy and everything looks great though. All the weight has went straight to my stomach. I have felt really good and energetic up until now. I’m starting to feel tired a lot and I let my doc know. My doc tells me that she’s doing the glucose test and checking for anemia again this week. She told me not to have iron and calcium together because they will cancel each other out and not work at all should I happen to be anemic and that will make me feel very tired.

  55. Alannah Says:

    hi im 28weeks 2mz.. with my 1st its a little boy and i aint got a clue what 2 expect every little pain im panikin lol..i get back pains nd period like pains wich seem to happen more at night..when i walk im in pain its annoyin…its my 1st and last baby lol soo excited x

  56. rts Says:

    I'm reading Ina May's Guide to Childbirth and I like it very much.

  57. Heather Says:

    Yes, check with your HR. By federal LAW, pregnancy has to be treated as a disability. You cannot be discriminated against nor forced to preform tasks harmful to you or your unborn child. The law requires that you be given time off for leave (unpaid) and that it cannot effect your employment status.

  58. Hannah Says:

    I'm 28 weeks today and have only gained 5 pounds. I too lost weight in my first trimester, but I wasn't sick, and I eat good. I'm very tired all the time and i did test postive for anemia last week. Eat lots of nuts for snacks, it's made me feel surprisingly better.

  59. amber Says:

    Hi I am 27 weeks and one day, and I was wondering if any of u are up at night due to nausea. I have tried eating earlier, walking after my last meal, eating lighter and sleeping with a lot of pillows but nothing seems to be helping. Other than that things are going well just can’t wait for my lil boy to get here! Good luck to all u moms out there!!!

  60. tiff Says:

    hello i am 28 weeks..and i have not been feeling any pain at all. i havent had any sickness yet!!! my boyfriends been having the cravings and gets sick sometime. but i do feel my baby boy moving around alot! good luck to all you mothers!

  61. Rashauna Says:

    Hello lovely ladies!
    I too love this site for giving me the comfort of hearing all of your stories. It makes me not so darn worried. I’m super tired again too. I try and workout every morning but my arms feel like noodles and my blanche sucks. Sleep is rapidly becoming a thing of fairytales to me too. I am 28 weeks 2 days today and I’m definitely getting Big and Fast now. I’ve gained 19lbs so far… Ugh. I wonder if anyone here is having hormonal craziness at this point. It seems to have appeared again with a vengeance. I can’t help some of my sad or angry outbursts. They may be short lasting, but daily. Idk what to do. My poor bf must be suffering by now. What to do?

  62. Rashauna Says:

    Hello lovely ladies!
    I too love this site for giving me the comfort of hearing all of your stories. It makes me not so darn worried. I’m super tired again too. I try and workout every morning but my arms feel like noodles and my balance sucks. Sleep is rapidly becoming a thing of fairytales to me too. I am 28 weeks 2 days today and I’m definitely getting Big and Fast now. I’ve gained 19lbs so far… Ugh. I wonder if anyone here is having hormonal craziness at this point. It seems to have appeared again with a vengeance. I can’t help some of my sad or angry outbursts. They may be short lasting, but daily. Idk what to do. My poor bf must be suffering by now. What to do?

  63. Mum1166 Says:

    I’m 28.1 day pregnant. The fatigue’s terrible. Sometimes, i don’t want to go anywhere at all. Can’t sleep at night either. Though, i love the braxton hicks. Lol…weird right :-D ?

  64. Rhonda Says:

    benadryl! It doesnt harm the baby at all and after about two or three days of taking it, you should feel 100% relief.

  65. Jessie Says:

    I don’t know what’s up with half the comments here – people saying “wit” and “aint” and “cuz” – we are going to have some babies that really need help in the English and grammar departments, aren’t we?
    I’m 28 weeks, gained 60 lbs (weighed 101 lbs pre-pregnancy!) – and am feeling great! Baby hiccups all the time and I love watching my belly move around when Baby kicks.
    Hubby and I are keeping the gender a surprise until the end – we are having a natural birth (no sissy epidural for me!) and using cloth diapers. Do some research and think about using cloth – disposable diapers contain harmful chemicals!!

  66. keesha Says:

    great cooments, except folksk trying to be so critical about SPELLING you cares, sometimes its faster to shorten words and simply get the point across, it doesn’t make one stupid, the nerve of some people. Cant even enjoy a good site without grammer polie, you worried about words, teach your own then and stop trying to tell others what to do, im highly educated but on our own time and in our own enjoyment we can do as we please, people need to simply mind their own business, goodness, if its not hurtin u dont worry bout it, now does that botha u! haha..SMH….

    anyways, good luck mamas!

  67. jann Says:

    Iam,28,weeks pregnant and I worry about everything. I went to last ob visit and everything is fine just sometimes i feel the little guy move and for like two days I don’t the doc said its fine i just can’t wait to have him this is my first I’ve watied ten years for him. Thank you god

  68. Ashlee Says:

    Alot of u are saying your tired im 28 weeks n i have a 4 year old boy and a 1 year old girl i never get to sit n the bad thing is is im put on bed rest. How am i not supposed to do anything when im a mom work full ime n take care of 2 kids a house and dog. Good luck to those who dont have any idea whats in store i wish u all the best of luck.

  69. nicole88 Says:

    Hello everyone I am 28 weeks also and I am having a hard time to breath when I am laying on my side. I am also having this spitting thing and the only thing to keep it from getting worse if I keep some food in my mouth.

  70. nicole88 Says:

    Jessie you need to really calm down people are using wit and cuz to shorting the word. This is my tird child and I have not had any problems with diapers hurtung the baby in the past but it is your opinion on what is best for your baby.

  71. keekee Says:


  72. Stephanie Says:

    I’ll be 28 weeks on September 22 and will going for my first ultrasound to see what the gender of my baby is :) I’m worrying about all sorts of things now. My periods have always been irregular and the doctor told me the ultra sound could be off by two weeks! I feel as though I might be a little bit further than 28 weeks. A little unsettling but I’m enjoying being a soon to be mommy :) very tired this past week and very, very sensitive. Ive gained 19 lbs but my biggest concern is having the ultrasound technician be wrong when it comes down to finding out the gender. I’ve heard horror stories but as long as the baby is healthy is all I’m praying for :) ) anyone have the technician tell you the gender and it coming out to be the other?

  73. cali Says:

    Im 28 weeks pregnant today & i had a ultrasound done a few months ago , the babys head was faced down and still to this day it is 2 ultra sounds later its always in the same spot =/ i wonder if thats normal ??…

  74. xin zhao guide Says:

    Thank you for any other informative website. Where else may just I am getting that type of info written in such an ideal method? I’ve a mission that I’m simply now working on, and I have been at the glance out for such info.

  75. Lisa Marie Says:

    Im 28 weeks and all i feel is her press against the right side of my body . now i do feel her kick or elbow me, I am always drained, But I sometimes have enough energy to ger threw the day .. I havent been taking my prenatals as much but you know what they make me VERY sick and it makes me not want to take them, Not because I dont wanna provide my baby with everything It needs i do it in a different way.. I drink lots of milk eat lots of fruit and vegetables.. You dont got to take them they just like you too.. Either way I know ima have a healthy baby.. And i cant wait for her to get here!

  76. shama Says:

    hey, I am currently 28 weeks and this is my first baby, I am suffering from severe lower back pains and my ribs hurt sooo much, But mostly I am worried because my tummy is soo low,Is it anything I should be concerned about? I cant sit properly, not even to lean forward to eat.

  77. www.amazon.com Says:

    It is possible to absolutely call at your enthusiasm while in the do the job you’re posting. The particular industry desires more passionate internet writers such as you who seem to are certainly not worried post that they feel. Constantly abide by the cardiovascular system.

  78. Zaida Says:

    Hi, im 28 weeks pregnant and im a fat lady i dont feel my baby kicking as usual, i just want to know if its normal……………….

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