29 Weeks Pregnant

By this stage of your pregnancy, you should be on target with your weight as your total gain is about 19 to 25 pounds.   And just when you thought those old symptoms were gone, the pregnancy hormone progesterone causes a relaxation of the digestive tract and in combination with your growing uterus, you can expect to be revisited by your heartburn and indigestion during your third trimester.

Other digestive issues will continue to persist, including constipation and hemorrhoids.  You may be able to combat constipation naturally drinking a lot of water and eating more fiber in your diet.  If you feel the need for medication to ease your constipation, make sure you discuss them with your doctor, and never assume that it is safe.

Baby’s Development

By now the baby is growing at a fast pace as the pregnancy comes to an end. The baby will be about 14-1/2 inches long and 2-2/3 pounds. Your baby’s development will require the need for a healthy diet as babies bones begin to harden.  It takes about 250 mg of calcium, and to help your babies bones form properly, and it is essential for you to take in calcium rich foods, as well as those high in vitamin C to provide your baby with everything that he or she needs.

During this week, your baby is continuing to add additional fat, under his thin skin.  His brain is growing and progressing rapidly, he can hear well, and may even be able to shield his face from bright lights of held up to mom’s abdomen.

Changes With Your Body

Your growing belly in your third trimester can present a series of new symptoms.  For some women, there may be a feeling of maintenance or dizziness online on the back.  As the uterus begins to place more weight on the vessels around behind it, many women make spearing its a temporary reduction in blood flow when lying on their back.  It is always best to lay on your left side turbines this problem and to provide the baby with the optimum amount of oxygen.  If you find that you are having periods of lightheadedness or dizziness when changing positions, make sure to move slowly, and to rise to a seated position carefully until you are steady on your feet.

Dizziness may not be your only problem from your belly’s weight.  Some women experience extreme pain that runs through the gluteal muscles on either side of the body down the back of the leg and into the heel.  This pain is typically triggered by the sciatic nerve.  Some women find sciatic trained to be nearly impossible to cope with.  In some cases, you may try stretching exercises, heating pads, or in extreme cases, physical therapy may be necessary to help alleviate the pressure on the nerve.  Sleeping with a pillow between the knees at night may also help to alleviate symptoms.

What To Expect

This is an exciting stage in your pregnancy. So many changes are happening and you are coming into the last months of  your pregnancy. In week twenty-nine, you should be getting plenty of rest and eating well to provide your baby with the optimum nutrition.  Remember to keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water, a continuing your prenatal vitamins as prescribed.

Because pregnancy weakens mother’s immune system, take special caution to prevent illness make sure to use good hand hygiene and protect yourself from those who are ill.


If you have not already written out your birth plan, this would be a great time to sit down with your partner and discuss your hopes and wishes for your baby’s delivery.  Make sure to discuss every option and possible complication.  Communicate to your partner what your wishes are and make sure to listen  to your partner’s needs as well.


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  1. constance Says:

    i sleep on my left side, but i feel that the baby is lying on my left and i feel that i am lying on my baby.

    can i also start taking calcium tablets of powder at this twenty-ninth week?

  2. dookhran Says:

    i sleep on either side the baby kicks so i have to move from side to side!!……what about iron tablets and magnesia(did i spell that right) can i start to take this?

  3. nateysha Says:

    i am in soo much pain in the mornings and constantly moving side to side threw out the night because my son kicks me wher ever i am laying. i feel like im squishing him.. sleeping with a pillow between my legs an also leaning back off my stomach while on my side helps sleep longer

  4. tamboo Says:

    i have a hard time sleeping no matter what i do.

  5. kenyetta Says:

    I cant sleep at night i go from left to right then on my back but my back hurts so bad to sometimes i have to sit up in the bed

  6. I SLZR Says:


  7. kimberly Says:

    i will fall asleep on my side then i will wake up in the middle of the night and find myself on my back

  8. Chantell Says:

    I sleep on my left then usually get awake thru the nite to have to pee..so when I come back I lay on my right side and do this all night long. Sometimes I'll wake up with cramps in my thigh that Im laying on also..and I do use the pillow between my legs which helps. But Im also no stranger to sitting up on 5 pillows to sleep in an upright position. I think the best theory is to sleep however u can find comfort..but try to avoid the back as much as you can. We all have one wonderful thing in common when all this is over we will have a beautiful baby!! So hang in there mommies!!

  9. bibi Says:

    i hav abdominal pains and at night if i sleep immidiately after diner i feel like a swollen balloon and not comfortable at all. but i sleep side to side cus at night i feel d baby on the left more often and on the right durin d day. wat do i do to stop dis heart burn and abdominal pain

  10. jerrica Says:

    lol,yea you spell it right.but,yes its good to take them.it helps the baby with weight and brain developing.

  11. janet Says:

    lol i cant sleep without laying all over the bed..i have to sprawl everywhere and i have back pains leg pains lol front pains you name it

  12. Abba Says:

    I like to sleep on my left side just because I don't like to smell my boyfriends morning breath while I sleep. I find that he moves so much now and taking a hot shower before bed always calms the pains and everything else bugging me at the time. I have always slept with a pillow between my legs and the only thing bugging me at night now is my ankles so I am trying to find a longer pillow. Besides that, everything is going great. We haven't gotten the baby room set up or anything yet though…Still is full of my boyfriends "artistic" side.

  13. Anna Says:

    Im 29 weeks pregnant, and havent been expieriencing much movement… sometimes at night but my sister is pregnant too and is 31 weeks and her baby moves alot!!! is that normal?

  14. Stacey Says:

    Everyone is different, I wouldn't spend too much time worrying about it. When I was pregnant with my first child he hardly EVER moved, but with this child since the first movement has moved a lot more than our son ever did, but now that I am almost 29 weeks there has been a decrease in movement.

  15. rebeca Says:

    I’m bout to be 29 weeks in an hour..

    I’m havin a boy an I’m just 18.

    He moves alot but always sleeps when I go to sleep

    and is awake when I am awake.

    even though I’m 29 weeks, I haven’t gotten cravings or throwing up. I don’t look that big either I look the same way I did a month ago.

    but my son is a mover and a kicker. And always wakes me up in the morning to eat lol..

  16. Tara Says:

    I always taking tums for the heart burn and within minutes I feel better

  17. Tara Says:

    I find myself doing this alot….then I have to roll back over to my side…lol

  18. Tara Says:

    I wouldn't take anything without checking with your doc first

  19. Stephanie Says:

    You should feel 10 kicks in an hour. Sometimes drinking a cold glass of water can help wake the baby up and get him or her to start moving. If you have less than 10 kicks in an hour then you should consult your physician.

  20. Keli Says:

    Despritly needing a good nights sleep!!!

    I’m up EVERY HOUR at night to pee!!! I stop drinking water, or anthing at 7pm. UGH!

    Oh Well, it is SO worth every potty break during the night.

  21. BRE-ANNA S Says:


  22. second time around Says:

    Thats is not necessarily true, I'm 29 weeks and some days I'll only feel her 10 times all day long, my doctor said every woman is deifferent and there are alot of different factors to consider like weight for one, skinny woman are going to feel their baby alot more often than woman who have a little extra padding. As long as when you go to your check up's the heart beat is good and your blood pressure is good there is nothing to worry about.

  23. mommytobe Says:

    Im 29 weeks preganant and this weeks email made me feel alot at ease because everything it said applies to me in the sense of my babys movement. and the mood swings. i was so off my lid yesterday becuase of my mood swings, im pretty sure i scared the crap out of my husband because i literally had such a bitch fit. haha. im having trouble with sleeping though, i cant seem to stay on my left side no matter what i do.

  24. Flore Says:

    i'm 29 weeks in a few hours!
    my baby girl is an amazing kicker, especially when i'm hungry she'll let me know!
    so far i have gained 10 kilos, about 22 lbs. i am trying to stay under 30 when I give birth so hopefully God helps me. another thing is my stomach is itchier than ever! i am trying not to itch but i do succomb to it sometimes. i'm so afraid of having stretchmark on my stomach so i'm quite vigilant in that area too!
    apart from that, i've been having a nice pregnancy, first child, no problem that i am going out of the country on Friday for the holidays! pray for me to remain physically safe so i'm sure to come back and not get stuck abroad!

    good luck everyone and happyholidays!

  25. rosie Says:

    hey guys i been feeling my daughter moved alot but ever since i got to my 25 weeks weeks i barely feel her is there something to worry about

  26. CARSmom Says:

    I'm 29w and 2days and I have a 2 year old. I am so exhausted at night, I fall into bed at 8 or 8:30 and sleep most of the night. This baby is less constantly active than my first baby was, but when he does get going he is a little fire cracker! I have horrible heartburn and my back aches. I get a lot of Braxton-Hicks contractions and I feel like I can feel the baby's head pushing down when I go potty. Good luck to all you mamas-to-be out there. We're in the final leg of this baby journey. (((HUGS)))

  27. Tchalla Says:

    Im 29 weeks pregnant as well and this is my first child….. so gud luck to u as well..Im also having a girl …and i have had little cramps here and there but for the most part i have been great…. Ive gained 18 pounds so far and im also trying to stay under 30 but its hard …..so try exercising and eating the right foods u shud be ok …..gud luck huni….

  28. TChalla Says:

    O god girl me too Its very irratating at times cause i be in a gud sleep and up i go …..Im also 29 weeks but its almost over …so gud luck

  29. elizabeth Says:

    well im 29 weeks and im huge… i dont no why and i feel like i cant strech any further my baby girl kicks all the time !!! i cant get her to calm down she keeps me up … my back it killing me and im getting alot of charly horeses is that normal … i also wake up four to five times a night to usee the bathroom it seem like it will never end but im realizing im sleeping alot more during the day its like im exsauseted even if i had a full sleep at night its realy weird…and iv been havein realy bad cramping on a off for the paast cupple days im not sure what that isss but it hurrrttssss! and its like im constantly hungry i dont no how much ican expand! i started off at being 117 and now im 155 alredy this is weird iv never been this heavy in my life is this normal gaining that much wait but its all belly im not gaining it anyware elss.. its just weird… to gain it that fast… im kinda of worried

  30. thato Says:

    hey ladies,im 29weeks today. im having a beautiful pregnancy with no complications,just that i have terrible heart-burns and have had my feet swollen only once but im fine now.i do use a pillow in between my legs and it works wonders but i wake up twice to vizit the loo. im told im carrying low,it hurts at tymes wen i feel the pressure below especialy in the morning,any advice on how to ease it?

  31. shanna_SA Says:

    Im 29 weeks *yay* my baby is enjoying putting his feet under my ribcage….sitting at a desk is super uncomfy, but i love knowing he is there ;)

  32. Se-Anne Says:

    My second trimester was a breeze! I have tons more energy and now I feel like there are sand bags on my eyelids all the time. I cannot wait to have my body back and to be active. I've noticed that a glass of milk each night before bed helps a lot with heartburn.

  33. Se-Anne Says:

    I tried the pillow thing and kept waking up coz the pillow kept falling off the bed when I moved.:)

  34. Se-Anne Says:

    Try sitting with your feet up as often as you can. I am 29 weeks along and my daughter has a habit of reminding me that she's here! I work in a busy newsroom and I am always running around. But I managed to get a chair back (broken chair) and lay it against the wall. I keep my feet up whenever I can.

  35. monique Says:

    I am 29 weeks and 1 day! my boyfriend and I can’t be more excited! As fast as time is flying I still fill like its a long ways away till my lil princess gets here! She moves all day especially wen dad comes home from work. But she stops moving as soon as he puts his hand on my belly… its actually quite funnny… I don’t have any strange cravings but I am finding it harder and harder to do thinhs that were so simple till about last week. She already is head down and it hurts a lot of the time but doc says its norm so well see. CONGRATZ TO ALL THE MOMS TO BE! I KNOW ITS NOT AN EZ JOB BY FAR TO CARRY A CHILD SO I ADMIRE AND RESPECT ALL OF YOU THAT ARE!

  36. jocova simmons Says:

    im 29 weeks have had 2 ultrasounds and still cant see the baby face hes facing towards my back why is that?????

  37. eliyusi Says:

    hi, Im 29 weeks pregnant and for the past week i been having really heavy nose bleeds and bleed 3-4 times a day. is this normal and what can i do to stop this.

  38. Dina Says:

    Does anyone have a problem with snoring? I did a little bit before pregnancy. Now it’s become bad. I’m 29 weeks and a weight gain of 22lbs.

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