29 Weeks Pregnant

By this stage of your pregnancy, you should be on target with your weight as your total gain is about 19 to 25 pounds.   And just when you thought those old symptoms were gone, the pregnancy hormone progesterone causes a relaxation of the digestive tract and in combination with your growing uterus, you can expect to be revisited by your heartburn and indigestion during your third trimester.

Other digestive issues will continue to persist, including constipation and hemorrhoids.  You may be able to combat constipation naturally drinking a lot of water and eating more fiber in your diet.  If you feel the need for medication to ease your constipation, make sure you discuss them with your doctor, and never assume that it is safe.

Baby’s Development

By now the baby is growing at a fast pace as the pregnancy comes to an end. The baby will be about 14-1/2 inches long and 2-2/3 pounds. Your baby’s development will require the need for a healthy diet as babies bones begin to harden.  It takes about 250 mg of calcium, and to help your babies bones form properly, and it is essential for you to take in calcium rich foods, as well as those high in vitamin C to provide your baby with everything that he or she needs.

During this week, your baby is continuing to add additional fat, under his thin skin.  His brain is growing and progressing rapidly, he can hear well, and may even be able to shield his face from bright lights of held up to mom’s abdomen.

Changes With Your Body

Your growing belly in your third trimester can present a series of new symptoms.  For some women, there may be a feeling of maintenance or dizziness online on the back.  As the uterus begins to place more weight on the vessels around behind it, many women make spearing its a temporary reduction in blood flow when lying on their back.  It is always best to lay on your left side turbines this problem and to provide the baby with the optimum amount of oxygen.  If you find that you are having periods of lightheadedness or dizziness when changing positions, make sure to move slowly, and to rise to a seated position carefully until you are steady on your feet.

Dizziness may not be your only problem from your belly’s weight.  Some women experience extreme pain that runs through the gluteal muscles on either side of the body down the back of the leg and into the heel.  This pain is typically triggered by the sciatic nerve.  Some women find sciatic trained to be nearly impossible to cope with.  In some cases, you may try stretching exercises, heating pads, or in extreme cases, physical therapy may be necessary to help alleviate the pressure on the nerve.  Sleeping with a pillow between the knees at night may also help to alleviate symptoms.

What To Expect

This is an exciting stage in your pregnancy. So many changes are happening and you are coming into the last months of  your pregnancy. In week twenty-nine, you should be getting plenty of rest and eating well to provide your baby with the optimum nutrition.  Remember to keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water, a continuing your prenatal vitamins as prescribed.

Because pregnancy weakens mother’s immune system, take special caution to prevent illness make sure to use good hand hygiene and protect yourself from those who are ill.


If you have not already written out your birth plan, this would be a great time to sit down with your partner and discuss your hopes and wishes for your baby’s delivery.  Make sure to discuss every option and possible complication.  Communicate to your partner what your wishes are and make sure to listen  to your partner’s needs as well.