30 Weeks Pregnant

As your baby’s birth draws ever closer, these coming weeks may trigger a variety of mixed emotions.  Now fully into your third trimester, you may have only 6 to 8 weeks left before your baby’s arrival.  As your pregnancy hormone surge many women experience a variety of symptoms including anxiety, fear the unknown and mild mood swings.  While some ups and downs are normal, make sure to let your doctor know if you are suffering extreme symptoms which could be indicative of depression.

Many women begin to feel anxious about the birth itself and start to seek out answers from others.  One great resource is in childbirth classes that will probably be offered either through your OB/GYN’s office, or the hospital or birthing center where you will be delivering.  Many women worry about making it to the hospital on time, how to know they are in labor, and understanding what could happen during the delivery.  Remember that all of these fears and questions are normal, and they are people ready and willing to help you find the answers.

Baby’s Development

Right now, your baby weighs around 3 pounds and measures between 14 and 17 inches from head to heel.  He or she has a clearly defined sleep cycle and you should be able to notice periods of time when your baby is much more active.  Right now, your baby is actively practicing many of its bodily functions and movements that will be necessary for life outside the womb.  As baby grows larger, the amount of amniotic fluid surrounding your baby will decrease as will the strength of those little kick should have felt for the last several months.  With less room to move, you will feel pressure, rolling, and stretching that can sometimes be uncomfortable, but those big movements will soon be restricted by your baby’s size.

The baby’s brain is developing rapidly as it controls baby’s day-to-day activities.  Able to fully open his or her eyes, baby’s vision continues to develop and will be about 20/400 at birth—making it easy to see caregivers at a close distance, but little else.

Changes With Your Body

These last several weeks may leave you feeling fatigued, and wishing you could take a nap.  Priceless nights make it even more difficult to sleep deeply and all that tossing and turning generally be pretty worn out during the day.  If necessary, you may have to try sleeping with several pillows, were sitting up in the recliner.  If possible, try to squeeze in a short nap during the day.

A growing belly means a change in your center of gravity.  This shift could increase your chances of falls, so make sure to keep both feet planted firmly on the ground.  If you need assistance lifting, climbing or carrying things let someone else help user to do not enter yourself or your baby.  For some women, the shifting gravity changes the structure of the feet causing them to widen, which is why some women claim their feet grew during their pregnancy.

As pregnancy hormones begin to loosen the supporting structures of the pelvic bones, you will begin to develop a signature pregnancy waddle.  If you have not already started swaying from side to side and holding your lower back, those days may be close ahead.

What to Expect

As baby’s size and your uterus press against your lungs, you will notice that you seem to run out of breath more easily than ever before. While it may seem uncomfortable now, there will be a bit of relief when baby descends into the lower portion of the pelvis a few weeks before birth, which will allow your lungs to expand more fully.

Doctor’s appointments should still be twice monthly and your physician will continue to monitor your vital signs and urine output for any signs of complications.  Unless your physician suspects an issue, there probably will not be any more ultrasounds unless your baby is a breach or transverse presentation if this is the case, your physician may check regularly for signs that your baby is turning to a head down position for birth.

As usual, make sure to report any signs or symptoms of preterm labor or blood pressure complications to your doctor as soon as possible.  Leaking fluid, abdominal pain, bleeding, headaches, nosebleeds, and chest pain should all be reported.


Try to make a list of everything that has to be done.  While your instinct in S2 may not be fully engaged, and you are still waiting on a baby shower or two, do your best to plan what things you can.  If there are large items such as cribs, baby swings or other furniture that you intend to purchase for yourself this baby a good time to get those items out of the way.


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  1. sat Says:

    so i feel ok…besides the constant peeing or feeling i have to pee and my feet are killing me! but other than that its not that bad unless the baby lays on something making my back hurt ugh lil brat lol cant wait til its over want him outta me soooo bad

  2. Amanda Says:

    Im 30 and a half weeks with a little girl and I am exhausted! I'm very stressed out about the babies room and quite anxious. Sleep is rare

  3. Meg Says:

    Try to relax, especially don’t stress about a room! The baby won’t notice or care and it is much more important to stay relaxed. Our daughter slept in a bassinet in our room for her first 6 months, and we didn’t fix her a proper room until she turned one. She is nearly three now and, as we are in the middle of a move, she is back sharing a room with us. Even at 3 years, she couldn’t care less. The new baby will join the three of us in there in October. All a new baby need is a cosy basket, a boob, lots of TLC, and a mum who is not stressed out over the small stuff. Hope you are feeling better, and try to enjoy your last few weeks.


    hi ladies i need some advice here i am jamaican and have a baby girl on the way my first but me and my baby mama keeps fighting what should i do its not like im one of those guys who doesnt want a family i do she is 30 weeks can you ll email me at shaka921@HOTMAIL.COM TELL ME YOUR ANSWER

  5. mom4 Says:

    Don't worry so much about the room.. things like that aren't that important. What's important is that you get lots of rest, and take care of yourself. Babies don't care about square footage, or room dynamics. She just wants to be with you. I have 3 kids and am pregnant with my 4th….actually my 3rd daughter…….I worried so much about little things with the previous children, and I feel like I didnt' enjoy the baby stage…….it's such a short stage……….I'm not worrying about the room yet…….or anything else, I jsut want the baby to be healthy, and everything else will fall into place. Especially the first 2 months, the baby will sleep in a bassinette close to you, she won't even care if she has a room or not. Don't exhaust yourself, physically or mentally……just practice breathing and relaxation techniques……that what will help you during the childbirth. good luck with your baby, please take care.

  6. Tiara Murphy Says:

    Im 30 weeks and two days prego and I feel completely exhausted, my hips and lower back hurt, I work in an ER and although the walking around helps out in the long run I truly believe its wearing me down….. any suggestions for my pain besides give birth lol

  7. Tiara Murphy Says:

    Oh I failed to mention that its soooo much pressure in my female area I feel like he is gonna drop before November 13……

  8. Jenna Says:

    Hi Tiara,
    Im 30 weeks prego and am a visiting nurse. Sounds like you need to slow down a bit and get the rest your body is asking for. Sometimes healthcare workers are the last people to take care of themselves.

  9. Carlton Barer Says:

    Not long ago, I did not give a lot of consideration to giving responses on blog page posts and have left feedback even much less. Reading by means of your pleasant post, will support me to do so sometimes.

  10. pinkrose Says:

    i just keep prayer in mind thats what get me through the day im 31 weeks pregnant and dont know what 2 expect im a young soon 2 be teen mom i try not 2 worry because i dont wanna bring stress 2 the baby?

  11. pinkrose Says:

    i truly understand

  12. april Says:

    I am 30 wks n 3 days pregnant, i have alot of cramping, it get to a point at night it hurts to move n get comfortable, i try to roll around n it hurts even more is that normal or does anyone else have this issue? this is my 2nd child n my 1st one was never this bad..

  13. Lerato Says:

    I'm 30 wks & 4days preg, all I want is to deliver my son & thus it. I very tired, i feel like m done with pregnancy. He's my 1st child.

  14. annie Says:

    i dont think i understood your question??

  15. Nisha Says:

    I am 30 wks now with my second , the first one I experienced alot of cramps so I found out that I was lacking magnesium so I started taking extra calcium & magnesium complex which helped 100% – now for my second pregnancy I dont suffer at all. Try it.

  16. Latrinda Says:

    I am 30 weeks pregnant and the baby seems to be kicking every where wondering if he is in there with somebody else…..My due date is January 13 but I am expected to go in the end of December im so ready to get this over with

  17. jen Says:

    i have the same due date and feel exactly the same way!!

  18. carolina Says:

    me too im 30 weeks and i cant wait to have this baby out, im so tired and sleepy all the time, cant wait to have my babygirl with me

  19. Peanut's mommy Says:

    I am 30 weeks, 4 days along. I am having a pretty "easy" pregnancy thus far. I do have side effects, such as, carpel tunnel, weight gain (obviously), trouble sleeping, to name a few. The point of me writing this is I lost a baby girl last year, 1/2 way through the pregnancy, so I am just trying to enjoy every day of being pregnant, and bonding with this lil'' one kicking me all day!
    We are all VERY lucky and blessed. Even with the worse of symptoms, you should enjoy this special time in your life, because you never know when God will take his baby back with him.
    Although, I too, want more than anything to hold my child…I am LOVING every moment of being pregnant (good and bad).
    God Bless, and good luck, Mommy(s)!

  20. Nat Says:

    Hello! I'm Nat and I'm due January 17th. Can't wait! This is my second child as well and I noticed the same exact pains. I'm not sure how far apart your children are going to be but mine will be 16 months apart, I think lol cant do math my daughter now her birthday is in may so I think thats 16 months. But anyway I know with them being close to eachother that I am not completely back to normal. Even if you are completely back to normal your body is re-stretching old wounds so you will deff feel it more this time then the last. I toss and turn all night long and the best thing I ever did was take a body pillow with another pillow and put them together and put a pillow case over the two pillows. they will be two diff sizes. where the pillows are together you would straddle that at night and when you have to turn mak sure ou put it rightback and us the smaller end and curl it in between your breasts to keep the blood flowing. keeps me so relaxed! But I am deff in the same boat with you!

  21. Jhens Mommy Says:

    I’m 30weeks pregnant with my second child this time is a baby boy. I’m so tired and I’m also feeling nauseaus do you know why that is? I can’t sleep I toss and turn every night and I feel so much pressure as I walk almost if the babys head was between my legs please let me know how I can understand these symptoms it wasn’t this bad with my first pregnancy.

  22. Honey Says:

    Best of Luck to you! I too am doing my best to enjoy this time although you do get anxious around this time:-) It's all a blessing good and bad!

  23. jennie Says:

    im almost 31 weeks and so ready for this lil girl to cum out the no sleep and discomfort is way to much for me i cnt wait to have her in my arms

  24. sylvia Says:

    hey all mama's. iam 30wks & due on feb 14 2011, sooo ready to have this baby boy. I already have 3 girls. o.0 and yet im having so much pain when i walk, turn over, and everything else. my youngest always wants me to hold and put her to sleep, lol she dnt want her daddy anymore. all i got to say to u guys is BEST OF LUCK!!!! and for new mommy's whatever u do take the epidural.

  25. Diana Says:

    Congratulations Sylvia!! We have SO MUCH in common. I am also 30 weeks due February 14, 2011. I have 4 daughters and this is a BOY! THANK GOD!!! I am counting the minutes until my due date I am ready for my body back!! Congratulations and good luck! :)

  26. sylvia Says:

    hell yea i with you on tht! :D i cant wait until i get my body back. this is our last and final kid so i better get it back. i hope i last until Valentines day. i think that would be soooo cute, having a baby in a holiday. all my girls plus me r in August!

  27. amy Says:

    thats my birthday my baby due the 9th of feb. this is my first

  28. Suzanne Says:

    Thanks! My due date is Feb 17th and I'm also having a boy…my first child! Jitters come and go, but I'm thankful to God for this gift.

  29. funchess Says:

    my due date is feb. 9.. i been huting too.. everybody say i'm not gone make it to feb.. my baby been hyper since i was able to feel her, i dont think she sleep much cause i worked over night,

  30. funchess Says:

    me too!!!

  31. T-Lynn R Says:

    I am also 30w and due on Feb. 14, 2011:) And Sylvia, I too am in pain when walking etc…and on top of that I am still working…I am exhausted everyday…I dont know how much longer I can last. This is my 3rd child. But feels like my first due to I have 2 sons. One that is 18 and the other 14. This all like brand new to me. Good luck

  32. keyana Says:

    i am also due feb 14 2011 to

  33. amanda Says:

    im due feb 24th

  34. Hope Says:

    i'm due feb 27th 2011 with my son, who will be my first chld :)

  35. kelli Says:

    im 30 weeks pregnant due date march 6 i cant wait for my son to get here biggest problems ive been having is nausea an lack of appitie it seems like this whole pregnancy ive had to make myself eat i dont have cravings i actually dont feel like eating an wen i do i get sooo nautious after that i have to lay down its been like this the whole time an its starting to get worse im worried my baby wont be healthy b/c i dont eat that much how much should i weigh at 30 weeks? b4 i found out i was prego i weighted 130 an now i weigh 147 is this ok?

  36. Nicole Says:

    I am 29 weeks pregnant and am due March 14 2011 with a baby boy! I am definitely feeling more tired, and experiencing braxton hicks contractions with lots of lower back pain. I have only gained 8-10 pounds give or take, but my doctors don't seem to concerned about it. They just said not every one gains the 25lbs they should and that's okay because every woman is different and women who only gain 10-15 lbs during their pregnancy have 6-8lbs babies no problem and with the baby having no problems either.
    My daughter (who I gave up for adoption due to certain circumstances) was 6 weeks early and I only gained 15 lbs with her, and she was 7lbs already when she was born!!! Can you believe that? If I had gone to full term she would of been 9lbs they said! So even though she was early, its a good thing she came when she did! and my body knew she and I were ready anyway! (And don't worry it's an open adoption too, so I can see my daughter anytime I want to), which is great because it works out for all of us very well! :)

    So ready for my little man to come out!!! 10 more weeks to go!!! :)

  37. moswells Says:

    wow thought i was the only one not having cravings and forcing myself to eat!!! what a relief!

  38. sarah Says:

    Congratulations! I just wanted to say that even though you and your baby were healthy not gaining that much weight, MOST women gain between 25-35 pounds during pregnancy. I don't want other women to feel like, "man I'm gaining soo much weight" reading these posts. It is natural and normal to gain way over this! I am 30 weeks pregnant with #2 and I have gained 25 pounds so far.

  39. Jen Says:

    Hello all.

    Just found this blog. I am 30 weeks pregnant and due March 13th, 2011. At 24 weeks, I was admitted to the hospital for cervical shortening and pre-term labor. I had NO IDEA this was happening. I went in for my regualr ultrasound and the docs discovered the problem . I was immediatly admitted to the hospital for bed rest, meds and monitoring! I was released 4 weeks later when I hit 28 weeks..so now I am home on bed rest. I am looking forward to meeting my little boy….this is mine and my husbands first baby. I am sure I am in for a whirlwind of a life change.

  40. kay dee Says:

    I’m also 30wks and can’t wait to deliver my 5th child. This has been an exciting but tiresome journey. I’ve enjoyed being pampered by my hubby and my older children. However, I’m just trying to endure the pain until March 11th.

  41. janet Says:

    hi, i'm 30 weeks as well, and i have gain 23 pounds, don't feel bad… sometimes its because we are retaining liquid, so lower your salt intake and try not to eat heavy dinner, and if you get hungry try eating cereal, or a fruit… that is my doctor's advice… i just don't want my baby to be too big..:)

  42. Tiffany Says:

    HELLO Im 30 weeks due March 22nd pregnant with 2nd child and starting to get real tired….my feet are starting to irritate me and had a fun pregnancy but now reality of LABOR is kicking in. 1st pregnancy c_section but want to give natural birth ???

  43. Jasmine Says:

    Hi i am 28 weeks and my due date is April 7, 2011. I am pregnant wit my 3rd child and i have never experienced as much pain as I am with this little girl. I am having alot of cramping, constipation, migraines and discomfort in my female area. Does anyone have any advice?

  44. Elaine Says:

    One of the things you can do for the discomfort is to get down on all fours with your knees spread enough to give your baby room and gently arch your back up and down. Allow your belly to sort of sag toward the floor a little and then tuck in your bottom and round out your back toward the sky, sort of like a cat arching upward. This helps the soreness and allows the ligaments to stretch safely. I had massive pelvic pain and my pubic bone was hurting big time. These allowed me to relax and now my pain is still there, BUT not quite as bad.

    As for the migraines, when they happen drink a coke. Either a coke or a cup of coffee. Just one should give you enough caffeine to open up the blood vessels and allow more adequate blood flow. I had given up all things with caffeine in them when I found out I was pregnant, and then started getting massive headaches. I called my doctor and was surprised when she told me to drink a coke. I thought it was a joke, but my head hurt so bad I tried it. IT does work.

    For the constipation, I made myself drink tons of water all day…and night. When I woke up to pee in the middle of the night I'd drink a large glass of water then go back to bed. I also have a bowl of raisin bran before bed, and a bowl of cheerios in the morning for breakfast with some fruit. Increase your fruit intake, water intake and raisin bran intake….OH and…TUCKS MEDICATED PADS…are your best friend…
    Good luck!

  45. KEYDA Says:


  46. angie Says:

    Contractions are definitely painful, but typically they’re not unbearable. Some women don’t even experience painful contractions until they’re in active labor, and usually you can get an epidural around that time. As long as your epidural is done correctly, the pain from contractions goes away completely. You’ll just experience pressure. So don’t be worried :]

  47. Heather Says:

    I am 30 wks now and finally starting to get an appitite on some days but I still have to force my self to eat or remember to eat sometimes..I lost 28 lbs in this pregnancy n have now gained 4 lbs back as of yesterday. I still cant eat alot though because I feel nauses even when I am hungry:)

  48. Heather Says:

    understand completely..I have a 4 yr old boy that wants to be picked up still but than after I explain to him he usually understands. I am having the most uncomfortable time the last couple weeks and still going. I feel like I cant even dress my kid without feelig like taking a nap afterwards..lol

  49. Sarah Says:

    Hello all. I am 30 weeks pregnant with my thrid child and I'm due March 30,11. My daughter was my first and she was my hardest. I was in labor a day and a half with her. My second was my son and he was so easy. My water broke so I took a shower and when I got to the hospital he was already coming out. Now with this one we dont know what it is because the cord was in the way. Im exhausted all the time and my back is hurts too. I have gained about 25 lbs but my doc said that im right on track. I've been craving apples with peanut butter with this one… Good luck to everyone out there especially the new mommy's :)

  50. Jess Says:

    I lost 15 pounds when i first got pregnant…and i stay pukey and sick until 26 weeks! I had to take zofran up to that point to stomache food because i would puke all day! I weigh 10 pounds more than when i got pregnant! Im 30 weeks tomorrow and ive just now got a hungry spell!! Its just the heart burn im dealing with now!! lol Dont worry about the weight gain..9 times out of ten its going to go straight to the baby!

  51. Jennifer Says:

    Kelli, i will be 30 weeks come this wednesday and i have not gained ne wait while i have been pregnant in fact i have been losing a little weight, i have talked to my obgyn and she is not worried one bit says as long as the measurements for the baby are good then it is nothing to worry bout. I understand how you feel though i also have not had any cravings and have not felt the need to eat, even though i try to often, the urge to eat is not there. If your doctor is not seeing any issues with your weight or the baby's growth i would not worry bout the weight you may not gain.

  52. Mamaof2under2 Says:

    I was in labor with my son for 32 hours unmedicated (back labor too)and had to race to the hospital from the birthing center to get an epidural and forceps help. 39 hours after my water broke I had my baby in my arms and all the pain was a distant memory. during the labor it hurt like bad cramps but if you breathe deep it REALLY helps. the pushing didn't hurt at all bc it's a relief to get to do something productive with the contraction, so don't hesitate when it's time to push…it won't hurt!!

  53. mamaof2under2 Says:

    drink tons more water to flush out the toxins in your system

  54. Robyn Says:

    okay Iam freaking out I make 30wks jan the 26, and my due date is april fith! Whe n I was reding every ones comments and how there due dates are in the beging of march, do ya'll think my due date is wrong??? This is my first pregnancy, But its freaking me out, It would make my lil boy be here a month before I had planned for

  55. liz Says:

    hey! im 30 weeks 2,3rd baby and due the 7th of april 2011 :) were also having a girl.your not the only 1 with severe cramping,migraines etc! i spoke til my dr and she has put me on iron,helped with the migraines and tiredness! discomfort in your (DAISY) ;) well thats common,probably baby sitting a certain position..remember you are 30weeks so shes not got that much room to move! every pregnancy is different,and i think this 1 has gave me alot of UTI infections and now waitin on results to see if its kidney stones :(

    your cramping could well be braxton hicks,some ppl say they are not sore but i think thats non-sense!! tighting of the tummy,which you may only recognise when rest!! sharp shooting pains in your lady are and i know in my case back pain! except mine has been happening between my shoulder blades! i did have back labour wit my last.

    if your in dout do ring ur dr.theres pain you can handle if you just sit back and relax in a warm bath.oh and constipation..im sure every pregnant women has had it,eat plenty of fibre foods and drink pure orange,if you like prune juice it helps but its yuck :P !

    hope everything goes well for ya!! good luck :)

  56. bmw pic Says:

    Nice web log, would of made the web log bit longer, loved reading it though.

  57. Desiree Says:

    I am 29 weeks and 5 days. I lost twin girls at 22 weeks almost a year ago. Very devastating. Im so ready to have this baby! We decided not to find out the sex though I truly believe it is a boy. Im trying to enjoy this PG. And I do but I am ready to have it. Headaches non stress tests twice a week until I deliver can’t sleep. Very ready to be done and hold this baby. My due date is April 10. I delivered my twins still born April 15. I have freaked out this entire PG.

  58. Megan Says:

    No, because I am also 30 weeks and my due date is April 6!!

  59. Ashley Says:

    I'm also 30 weeks and my due date is April 4!

  60. Ashley Says:

    Im 30 weeks and VERY itchy! Suprisingly I itch the least on my stomach, its mostly on my legs. Lotion doesn't help. Anyone else with this same problem?

  61. Anna Says:

    I'm 30 weeks and my due date is April 13th. Guess she may be here early! Good, I"m ready!

  62. Rhonda Says:

    I am 30 weeks as of this past Sat. Jan. 29th and I am due April 9th.

  63. Rhonda Says:

    Have u tried Eucerin lotion..its the best and helps alot. It even cures eczema.

  64. sam Says:

    this is my due date to :) are you having a boy or girl? and is this your first child?

  65. Klclark Says:

    Hello i'm 30 weeks and due April 12th 2011. I'm scared that my due date isnt right. I still have alot to do before baby girl gets here. And on top of that i'm having alot of pain/ cramping can't really tell the difference between Braxton hicks or Contractions. But feeling alot of discomfort at night cant sleep and she moves alot. just happy that i only have 10 weeks left so ready to see my baby.

  66. Kayla Bowling Says:

    i am 30 weeks today and my due date is april 11th so what is up with these other due dates? My lower back and belly hurts, he moves alot at night so its hard to go to sleep!!

  67. joenelle Says:

    i have the same problem and 4/11 is my due date too. i sometimes feel like my stomach is tight but not cramping up. i really don't know what that is all about. are you pains the same?

  68. wifey2Ben2boys1girl Says:

    I am 30 wks tomorrow. My due date being April 12th 2011. I am very excited to be in the home stretch. I have two boys 2 & 3 and am having a girl this time. This is by far the hardest pregnancy thus far. It’s gone by a lot faster because I’m busy with life, but I was so sick at first I couldn’t get off the couch.2nd trimester I couldn’t sleep/having panic attacks. Now third trimester can sleep better, no panic attacks but my body is very very sore!! This little girl is coming in with a bang that’s for sure ;) I am so thankful to be finished having kids after our baby girl is here!! Can’t stop thinking about having her NOW that’s for sure!! She needs to cook longer, but also glad to have my body back. Then the real fun begins doesn’t it?? Good luck and God bless everyone who has posted!!

  69. Jan Says:

    I am also 30 weeks and have been very itchy too (since around Christmas).. I itch mainly on my legs and on my back. I even went to Urgent Care because I thought I was having an allergic reaction. I guess it's just dry skin and hormones. I did blood work for a liver problem that happens in pregnancy, but that came out negative, so I wouldn't worry about it. I soak in an Aveeno oatmeal bath when I have a flare up and have also found that an ice pack works.

  70. heather mELHUS Says:

    Wow all these diffrent due dates! My due date is 4/20/11 and I’m 30 weeks this week how crazy! This will be number 6 …….3boys and now 3 girls I couldn’t love having 3 of each its just such a blessing;) tho I have low laying placenta with her which has been hard but praying for a safe and healthy delivery.

  71. menika Says:

    yes…i even have bruising from scratching so much & so hard….I'm sooo ready!

  72. guest Says:

    wow thats awesome,due date is april 20th also, also 30 weeks today and this is my first, very exciting, having a girl, congrats!

  73. Libby Says:

    Hello, I am 30 weeks and a few days..my due date is the April 8th 2011.I am about to have a babygirl…she moves alot durin the day…especially when am tryin to sleep at night or rest durin the day.To help with that i read that u should try to keep busy durin the day…to be tired enough at night to go straight to sleep.

  74. SOON2BEmom Says:

    with the UTI problem…cranberry juice is the fastest n best solution for me.

  75. Anne Says:

    I had a miscarriage a few years ago so I can understand the stress you are going through. I am 30 weeks along today and everything is going great! My fiance and I are having a boy and I am finally getting ready for his grand entrance into the world. We're moving into a two bedroom apartment on the 1st and I can't wait to get the nursery ready. Just try to enjoy to little things and try not to stress out too much. Keep taking care of yourself and if your feeling anxious just try to distract yourself. We're in the home stretch now! Belly rubs!

  76. Wayne Says:

    Hi there, my wife had still born(girl) at 6 months in 2003. Ever since we’ve been struggling to fall pregnant. She went for several tests and finaly we ended up by fertility Dr. He also tried he’s best and eventually told us to try IVF. We went for the blood test etc. A few months after the tests, FINALLY we fell pregnant, and IT HAPPEND NATURALLY!!! last year. So after 7 years trying again, my wife is now 30 weeks pregnant! She carrying a girl again :-) We are SO happy and glad! Thanks to God!

  77. shanna_SA Says:

    so happy for you!!!!! maybe this time it will be rite…look after your wife and dont let her do too much ;) congratulations!

  78. shanna_SA Says:

    went for my dr visit (hadnt been for a scan since 24 weeks) I am now apparently 31 weeks instead of 30 weeks wooOOhoOOo jumped a whole week :) he is a porker chubby little boy :) and apparently he has huge balls so the sonographer told me :) lol hubby is happy bout that one lol…men

  79. miriam Says:

    WOW i am 30 weeks as well and my due date is may 19 i don't get i am getting confused

  80. Adriana Says:

    I'm 30 weeks and my baby girl is due may 18th 2011 (the day after my husband and i got married last year!)

  81. tis Says:

    aw im having a girl too, due a week and 4 days after you! :D im getting tired of pregnancy!

  82. ARIDAY Says:


  83. Sarah Says:

    wow im also due on may 18th with leah, my first girl =)

  84. Holly Says:

    I am 30 weeks, and my due date is May 21 :)

  85. jean Says:

    wow my due date is also may 19

  86. cheyenne Says:

    I went to the doctor yesterday and they told me I am 30 weeks and my due date is May 19th also. I think you should be ok =]

  87. amber Says:

    im due may 21st too :)

  88. Christina Says:

    im 30 weeks as well and my due date is May 20th.

  89. darla Says:

    God is wonderful, congrats and enjoy every minute, because they grow up so quick,it just seem like yesterday i had my first and she is going off to college in the fall

  90. Leslie Says:

    im 30 weeks and im due may 24th.. (my bday) :

  91. Leslie Says:

    Man am i feeling the depression of the body changes and major moodswings..! i feel so porky its not even funny

  92. Candice Says:

    To Robyn,… If you were 30 weeks Jan 26th….then april 5th is about rite. A pregnancy is 40 weeks, so your dates add up just as they should. No worries and good luck :)

  93. Maranda Says:

    Hi!! I am 30 weeks pregnant on Thursday march.24.2011 I am having a baby boy. He moves like crazy ESP. At night!! I have only gained 1 pound my whole pregnancy. My weight when i found out was 133 and I actually lost and weighed 121 I am now back up to 134. My doctor says that I shouldn’t worry that I am measuring just right but I am really worried… Should I be or has anyone else had this happen? This is my first and I’m doing all that I can to make sure he is good and healthy!! Please Help!!! Advice…..

  94. annmarie Says:

    i am the same. i weighed 165 prepregnancy and went down to 153 noy im b ack up to 169. so 4 pounds in 30 weeks. my doc said that baby is doing great and as of last week 29 he measured 2lbs13oz. baby will still grow and get what he needs! your boy will be fine!

  95. Maranda Says:

    Annmarie thank you!!! Feels a lot better to know I’m not the only one not really gaining weight! My baby boy was 2 lbs exact at 29 weeks.

  96. diann Says:

    hi! im two days away from being 30 weeks and i weighed 146 when i found out i was pg at 6 weeks. at 24 weeks i was weighed again and was 123. i am at 125 now and was really worried cuz i am not showing like others. this is my 1st pg too. but they say everything looks really good. i eat all day long too and still no bump…no weight gain…they say it depends on the position of the uterus, where the baby is sitting, whether ur thin or plump, and also tall or skinny. ive seen alot of post like these so we are not alone…as long as the dr says everything is ok, then u can blame the worry on hormones…:) we all kno they can make us a roller coaster lol

  97. Tori Says:

    im 30 weeks as of tomorrow due june 12th.im so exhausted. i was 112 pounds about 3 weeks pregnant and now i am around 140. dr says im completely healthy and should gain even more because i was so tiny to begin with. im not gaining it all in my stomach so i still look very small. first baby and its a boy.
    next appt is on wednesday im excited but too exhausted to look forward to anything.

  98. courtney Says:

    just wanted to say that we have the same due date and i am having a little girl. congrats and good luck!

  99. Amanda Says:

    I am due june 18th, and I feel the same as you do… but my weight gain is over the top! I started at 120 and now weigh 173….. Doc tells me not to worry, but I have never in my life been this heavy! :)

  100. Lindy Says:

    Hi mommies 30weeks preggo and due 18 june with my 1st child and its a boy!! :) my fiancè is over the moon..im so tired and impatient..been feeling alot of pelvic preassure so it hurts when i walk and im having a hard tym eating in the mornings, i cnt kyp anythng dwn!..bt ma bby is healthy and the heartbeat is strong so im happy.

  101. natasha Says:

    im 30 weeks as of today..lol due june 15th and mine is a boy…….so many june bugs lol

  102. Christina Says:

    Hi I am 30 weeks pregnant and I am having a little girl June 17. I have gained only 10 lbs with this pregnancy. I have already started Having Braxton Hicks. Which my doc said that that is normal. I am very excited about our little girl we have tried for 4 years after I lost our last one. I almost gave up. And then I got pregnant right out of the blue or should I say pink. I am thrilled to be a mom again. She is alreaady spoiled by her father and me. :) Love you Ava Gail.

  103. stephanhy Says:

    Hi i am 30 weeks pregnant and i started out at 119lbs and now weigh 159lbs weight does varey in everyone differently but i am ready to give birth im tired and its very hard to sleep constanly up through out the night.

  104. Chelie Says:

    Hi Maranda,

    This is my second pregnancy and I have the same weight loss/gain situation as you for both pregnancies. Morning sickness will do a number on you! As long as the baby is growing well, and the doctor says you two are OK, rest assured! Good luck!

  105. Lindy Says:

    Hi again, 30weeks and having upper abdominal pains but everyth!ng seemz to be fine with the baby..is it just me or does anyone else get em? It hurt whn i bend, change position or even sneeze!

  106. Adriana NY Says:

    hi. i was 165 lb when i found out i was pregnant. (october 19,2010. i was 4 weeks pregnant). i was very sick for the next 3 months and lost 20 lb i had morning sickness 24/7 :) )). now i am 30 weeks pregnant (9 april 2011) and i am 154 lb. a month ago i was 157 and somehow i lost 3 lb. i dont know what is going on but the baby is growing, i feel healthier then ever before and hope to gain few more lb. my advice is…. as long as your baby is growing healthy _dont worry to much about your weight.

  107. kristi Says:

    Congrats! i too am 30 wks pregnant and having a girl on June 17th…. Havent gained any weight either…Begining to really feel pregnant though, I am measuring 3 weeks ahead ( she is going to be a big girl) of course this is my fourth child…they just seem to get bigger. Good luck with everything!

  108. Bridget Says:

    I lost 6 lbs and gained back 10 so technically I've only gained 4 lbs of baby weight. My doctor tells me I'm healthy and everything is fine. I feel fine other than feeling tired a lot more these days but that's normal. Don't worry. Worrying is bad for the baby. Just relax and listen to the doctors. They'll let you know if your weight becomes an issue.

  109. siera Says:

    Hey ladies!! I’m also 30 weeks pregnant this week, so glad only 9 or ten left! as for pregnancy pain, I have all of it :/ sometimes its hard to walk or even turn in bed. This is my first & its a boy, he is so hyper at night while I’m trying to sleep.. It get aggravating lol he moves continuously all day, but at night its the worst. I’ve had nausea the whole pregnancy but I feel like it has gotten worse in the past couple weeks + the reflux is horrible :( I get hardly any sleep.. I think it makes the stress worse. I look so forward to having him!! I’m really not one of those women that love being pregnant, but I know it will all be worth it in the end. It is truly a blessing. I look forward to holding him in my arms instead of him kicking my stomach lol

  110. mschichi Says:

    I am exactly 30 weeks pregnant today and can’t express enough how I wish I were at week 39. I love my son so much already and its no offense to him but I definately want my body back! I’m willing toshare the boobs but my body is not happy about these arangements. I can’t wait to hold my sugar dumpling and be able to hold my husband without the foot of baby kicking between us. Sigh he’s my first and may be my last. I know I never want to do another summer huge pregnant.

  111. Tori Says:

    I’m at 30 weeks today, and I’m so ready for this to be over. I’ve been nauseated the entire pregnancy~so miserable! I love my little boy already, and he’s totally worth it, but some days I just don’t know how much more I can take. My doctor is sympathetic, but relatively unhelpful: “Some women are just sick the entire time.” I don’t actually vomit most of the time, just retching and dry heaving, so she has no reason to medicate me. I’m gaining enough weight and keeping most food down, though at this point all I can stomach most days is peanut butter toast and occasionally bananas. I’m 40, so this is definitely our last one (our first son is 14…this is our oops~my husband came home from a year in Afghanistan and we weren’t so careful baby). Oh, and doing the last trimester of pregnancy during the summer in Florida? Really bad idea.

  112. Shawna Says:

    I am 30 weeks preganet with my 3rd girl
    My due date is sep 12 2011 its soo frustrating,im
    Ready to have this baby

  113. Rachael Says:

    I am 30 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I feel pretty good other than the backaches and peeing all the time! My baby is at the point where there’s running out of Room for her to kick so She pushes and Rolls her foot, hand, elbows and knees against my belly. But I Love it .

  114. Nashay Mace Says:

    hello, my name is Nashay and im 16 and im 30weeks and 2days preggo with my first son and i cant sleep at all, i just cant get comfortable at all and i use alot of pillows i just dont know what to do. I have also been having some stomach pains is that normal?

  115. Nikki J Says:

    I am 30 weeks pregnant today! We are expecting our little prince on Jan. 29th, 2011. We are so excited. I am having alot of back pain, pelvic pressure and contractions with the little guy. Hoping for onyl 8 more weeks of this. I have two little girls at home now and they are really excited to see their new little brother. I sleep most nights but feel the need to sleep during the day. I like to spend my weekends relaxing at home and cuddling with my girls. I have little to no swelling in my legs or hands so I am lucky I guess. Best of luck to all the other mothers to be out there. I can’t wait to add this addition to our family to complete the circle.

  116. Nikki J Says:

    Try getting extra pillows for comfort. Also try sleeping on your left side they say that sleeping on that side helps with oxygen to the baby and you get some relief to. Talk to your doctor about ways to reduce your sleep patterns. How are you sleeping at night? I cant live without my body pillow and two head pillows each night. Stomach pain? Are you sure it is pain and not contractions? It is completely normal to be feeling these. Take some aceminophen and relax with a cup of tea and lay down when they become worse.
    Good Luck with your little one!

  117. Lucie Krishna Says:

    Simply put, it is my GOD given RIGHT.Its not only in MY Bible, but in the very Bible they swear on.

  118. alisha Says:

    Omg! I’m in horrible pain. Its hard doing just about everything. I have hurt since 16 weeks cause the babies been on my already hurt sciatic nerve. Well, I still got that pain but now its nothing conpared to everything else. Belly hurts all over, back, blah, this sucks

  119. kayla Says:

    I am almost 30 weeks with my second girl, first one was a breeze and now this one I can’t wait til its over. I am having horrible back pain, nauseas, headache and peeing every ten minutes. I hope its normal if not please let me know. I am sooooo uncomfortable its not funny :(

  120. source Says:

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