32 Weeks Pregnant

You have now entered into your eighth month of pregnancy. The count-down to childbirth has begun and both you and your baby will are getting ready for the big day. While you are busy preparing baby’s room, and gathering the necessary items for after the birth, your baby is busy too—packing on the pounds and building muscles.

For some women (especially those who have had more than one baby) Braxton-Hicks contractions may be more pronounced in coming weeks. If you aren’t sure if your labor is the real deal, or just a trial run, try moving around. False labor will not continue with movement as true labor intensifies over time.  Braxton-Hicks contractions usually start at the top of the uterus and flow down toward the lower portion of the abdomen.  True contractions feel like a menstrual cramp and typically begin in the back and work their way around to the front. If you are unsure about your contractions, contact your doctor and follow his or her recommendations.

Baby’s Development

Right now your baby is filling their days with lots of preparation for birth.  At about 16 inches in length and weighing in at around 4-1/2 pounds, your baby is looking more and more like a newborn. As fat stores continue to deposit, baby is taking on a more solid appearance and losing the almost transparent skin they had before. Since about the 20th week, your baby has been secreting a waxy, white substance known as Vernix to protect their skin.  Vernix is comprised of oil and skin cells and helps form a barrier between your baby’s watery home and their tender new skin.  Some Vernix may still be present at birth, but it will be washed away with the first bath.

Your baby is on target to gain at least 2 more pounds before the end of this month, and the brain is still developing so it is important to continue to eat well and try to get as much rest as possible. You may not feel the baby moving as much as before, but close quarters have your little one pushing, stretching and flexing now—as opposed to those kicks you felt earlier on.

Changes With Your Body

Your uterus is now 5 inches above your belly button, and the intestines are pushed upward, and off to each side—located under the ribs now, as opposed to the abdominal cavity where they were before.

Changes in location, combined with hormonal relaxation of the muscle wall may leave you with some digestive troubles.  Just like in the months before, heartburn, constipation, and indigestion may be a normal part of your daily routine. Try eating small, frequent meals and sitting upright for at least thirty minutes after eating to help your stomach contents stay down.

Increasing pressure from the weight of the uterus (and hormones, of course) are also keeping your lower half from circulating blood as it normally would.  As a result, you can expect your varicose veins, hemorrhoids and leg cramps to continue.  If any of these are causing discomfort, talk with your doctor.

What To Expect

The coming weeks will bring more of the same physical symptoms, but you may begin to feel a tiny bit more nervous as well.  As the big day approaches, make sure to talk with those close to you about any concerns or uncertainties that you may have. Sit down with your doctor and your partner and discuss your child birth options and birth plan if you haven’t already done so.


Take it easy, cut back on all strenuous activities if you feel overly tired. Walking is still a great way to get exercise without straining yourself, as is swimming. Some classes are also designed with the mom-to-be in mind—so keep your eye out for prenatal yoga or aerobics classes.


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  1. brianna Says:

    page was very helpful..

  2. tigist Says:

    harde this week insomnia and is not digest uncomfertable

  3. Janell Says:


  4. earlyollie Says:

    "If the baby was born at this week of pregnancy, they would have a 50-50 chance of surviving."

    Ummm…not at all true. This statistic is more relevant to a 26 week page. Babies born in the 30-weeks have a much higher chance of survival than 50%.

  5. kell Says:

    this information has helped me heaps thankyou

  6. Chemecia Says:

    This week has been a little difficult. I thought it would continue to be a breeze but Im gettting early pregnancy symptoms all over again…the nausea, vomiting, all of that is back! Im always tired but cant sleep…my lil girl’s movement is more intense and aggressive. Im just ready for her to get here….lol

  7. Marlena Says:

    Im felling good.I can the how big she is ..Its getting harder to Breathe Now …

  8. Kellie Says:

    This is completely innaccurate. Babies born at 32 weeks gestation have a 98% rate of survival per The March of Dimes.

    "What about babies born at 32 to 33 weeks gestation?
    About 98 percent of babies born at this time survive (13). Most weigh between 3 and 5 pounds and appear thinner than full-term babies. Many need supplemental oxygen to help them breathe, although some can breathe on their own. Some can breast- or bottle-feed, but those who have breathing difficulties probably need tube-feeding. Babies born at this time are less likely than babies born earlier to develop serious disabilities caused by premature birth, though they remain at increased risk for learning and behavioral problems.

    I have a 32 weeker myself who was simply a "feeder/grower" as most babies born around this time are.

    Also, at 32 weeks babies are an average of 3.75 lbs and 16.75 inches. Not 4.5 lbs.

    This article could really use some revision.

  9. Salli Says:

    yes you are correct. my friend got a boy at 28 weeks and he is now 12 years old. He is very cleaver & inteligent. People are wonder about his inteligent.

  10. NewMommy2011 Says:

    I'm currently at 32 weeks and 6 days with our daughter, Sophie. I was placed on limited mobility last thursday because on the morning of my 32 week mark I woke up with uncomfortable back pain and when I went to the bathroom I was bleeding. My husband rushed me to our OB and found out I was already dilating and contracting, I was then rushed to the hospital and later life lined to a bigger hospital an hour away with a NICU. Luckily they were able to stop my contractions and they discharged me two days later. The only nice things about this experience was that I had more ultrasounds done and saw that our baby has a nice head of hair and they measured her and estimated her around 5 lbs and completly healthy :) . Now I'm on bedrest and looking forward to hitting the 33 week mark tonight. Goodluck to you all!!

  11. Jacqueline Anna Says:

    Well, not being able to sleep properly at night has been going on for quite some time now. Sitting down definitely seems easier than getting up from the sofa. It seems like i can't stop thinking about all the things i have to buy for the baby. Getting the basics is still hard work. We have worked out our delivery options and i hope everything goes according to plan. I have already packed most of the delivery suitcase things. I can can't get over how small all the baby's clothes are. Me and my husband can't stop looking at them over and over again. I absolutely enjoy every minute of it and i wish the same for all ladies. I realized i feel the need of pampering myself a bit so i have arranged appointments with some beauty saloons for a recovery. I wouldn' t want to let go of myself. I have to look nice regardless of my huge pump, for me, my husband and my baby. I want them to be proud of me! ;)

  12. Dikeldi Says:

    As my first pregnancy I found this tips very helpful

  13. Emma Says:

    I would just like to say, some info not correct! Im pregnant with 4th baby :0) all going well but unfortunatly in my 2nd pregnancy we lost our little girl at 36weeks due to a knot in the cord, so please note although rare that this can happen.
    Was not seen by hospital till day after as they said it was normal for baby to slow down with movements, you know your body & baby. Good luck with all your pregnancy :o )

  14. dianaj Says:

    this page was helpful but it says the same thing on another web site. Pregnancy Hut. Same thing word for word. Lol

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    I wrote a comparable article about this subject but you did an improved task :)

  16. Ashley Says:

    insomnia every night really sucks!

  17. Erica Says:

    Really a 50/50 chance of survival? It's more like 92% chance of survival at this point!

  18. sirap Says:

    Yeah what is up with 50/50? thanks for commenting on that

  19. Nicole Says:

    The doctor said my baby was extremely low! I'm not longer feeling out of breath but it's hard to get a wink of sleep at night and it doesn't matter if i'm standing, sitting or lying down it all is very uncomfortable.

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  22. Angie Says:

    Yes this was more than a lil wierd. Im no expert but 50/50 @ 32 weeks!?!? Seriously! Thanks to those who clarified!! =)

  23. chemmy Says:

    i’v find the page very helpful and it also make me relax. thanks a lot

  24. Rae Arruda Says:

    I hope Futch is the starting MLB next season. We need his size in that position.

  25. siviwe Says:

    Wow i cant believe am almost 8months now…Its been a gr8 experience and I cant wait until the 9months. Holding my baby boy its gona be da the best feeling ever i know :-) ..I hope all new mom feel the same way..

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