33 Weeks Pregnant

Now that you have entered into the last trimester of pregnancy, you will have gained about 25 to 30 pounds. Some women will gain about a pound a week until the end of the pregnancy. But half of that pound will go to the baby in the final weeks, as the rest is distributed to the growing placenta, blood, and breast tissue (and maybe a bit for the hips too). Over the last 6 to 7 weeks, your baby will gain about half of their birth weight, as he or she prepares for life outside of the womb.

As your amniotic fluid levels begin to slow down, your baby’s movements may begin to feel more sharp this week as the fluid padding you had before, is reduced.

Baby’s Development

At this week of pregnancy, your baby should weigh about 5 pounds and measure in at 15 to 17 inches in length. Calcification has allowed baby’s to harden, and key minerals and nutrients are helping your baby grow and develop quickly. Continue to take your prenatal vitamins to help baby get everything he or she needs in the coming weeks.

Your baby is also taking in your maternal antibodies—which will protect him or her from germs after delivery.  Your baby will develop their own immune system in the coming months.

The baby’s lungs are almost mature now. If the baby is born now, they could survive in an incubator. If you are expecting more than one baby, they may be born this week—though a longer stay in your belly is certainly better. Your baby should be in a head-down position (where they may have been for many weeks) but if not, don’t panic. There’s still time for a flip in the future.

Changes With Your Body

By now the uterus is more than 5 inches from the belly button—and it may feel like it can’t get any bigger. The average weight gain at this week in pregnancy is between 22 and 28 pounds (though some people gain much more, or less).

Sleep may be elusive this month and pregnancy insomnia may be in your future.  With all of the nighttime bathroom breaks, your racing mind and crazy dreams, getting comfortable and sleeping for any significant length of time can be a challenge. One bright spot in your sleepless future—it will prepare you for your sleepless nights after baby comes.

What To Expect

In week thirty-three you can expect a bit more trouble sleeping, walking and even sitting. As your uterus expands upward and presses on your diaphragm, even breathing can be a challenge.  As the weeks progress though, your baby will drop lower into your pelvis and take some of that pressure away—allowing you to take a better breath.

If the bathroom doesn’t feel like your second home yet, just hang on.  Urinary frequency should have been back for several weeks by now, but if not, baby’s weight will soon keep your bladder from expanding fully—meaning more trips to the ladies room.

Forgetfulness, lightheadedness with movement may also start this week. If so, you can pin it all on hormones and try to take it with a grain of salt.  These weeks will pass quickly and you will be back to your normal self after delivery.

Overall you can expect more of the same—just on a bigger scale as baby grows and your body does its best to cope.


By now, you should know your body better than anyone. If something doesn’t seem right, call your doctor. Any symptoms of pre-term labor should be reported to your physician or labor and delivery unit.  This is also a typical time to enroll in breast feeding, or child birth classes if you and your partner are interested. There’s so much to learn and get ready for—so pace yourself and take it all in one day at a time.


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  1. zahra Says:

    im 32 weeks and im a bit scared because my baby kiks are very less , i even don’t feel baby insite

  2. stacy bush Says:

    im 33wks and i was having the same problem… but my midwife said to drink some apple or orange juice and lay on my left side and count fetal movements.. the sugar in the juice definitely got her moving.. you should try it… and pay more attention to the time of day she moves alot (her sleepn patterns). the baby doesnt have that much room inside, however she/he will move around to get comfortable inside… so just remember or chart her movements down..then you'll be at ease

  3. frances Says:

    drink a glass of cold water that will get your baby moving :o ) x

  4. Abi Says:

    im 33 weeks aswell My baby loves to kick and mostly at night and on the left side of my belly !! I have counted more than 10 movements evrynight .The daytime must be sleeping dont feel much then .Had some problems this week Had very bad food poisoning with cramps that left me wondering whether I was in labour it was sooooo painful.But am on the mend now.Watch what you eat !! I think it must have been the Thai coconut curry that did not agree with us at all .. Keep well all the bumps out there.

  5. veronica Says:

    Im 33 weeks today and my baby is breech and cant feel his movements as much. is that normal?

  6. Britney Says:

    I am 33 weeks and my little boy kicks all the time day and night. A couple weeks ago i didnt feel him for a couple days so my doc said drink coke and lay on my left side, and that did the trick he started kicking and everything was back to normal. If you are active and on the go alot through out the day you wont feel the baby as much cause your movement can actually rock the baby to sleep.

  7. gee Says:

    Im in 32 weeks n 2 days , last night i had terrible braxton the whole night and keep on tripping to the toilet, it was uncomfortable at all. my baby moves only on the right side it was very hard and my left tummy was empty. i know it is normal but it was painful ..

  8. didi Says:

    Whenever i have breakfast,i feel light-headed and weak,does anyone know why.32 1/2 weeks

  9. valerie Says:

    Hi Zaina,

    I took hypnobirthing classes in preparation for my first child. The method tries to help you release the myth of pain in labor and to let go of the fear of pain…it really works for some people. During the classes your teacher will show you videos of successful hypnobirthing labors. As for me, it started that way but labor became incredibly painful for me because my cervix actually started closing and I had a lot of scar tissue from a surgery…in the end, I had an epidural — the one thing I absolutely did not want! However, I am glad epidurals exist. I will be giving birth again soon and plan to listen to the hynobirthing cd and take a refresher course in Lamaze. Depending on the day, I am scared of what labor will be like, but, heard subsequent labors are generally easier and quicker. I too have nightmares! I think the best approach to take is to have an idea of how you'd like the labor to go, i.e. natural, but be open to plans changing based on how your labor is for you. Best wishes!

  10. Christina Says:

    Yes i feel weak when I have breakfast as well. It is something to do with bloodsugar after fasting all night. My dr recommended eating nuts just before going to bed. It helps some.

  11. jessie Says:

    i turned 33 weeks on friday and on saturday night i had bright red bleeding after leaving work …………… the doctor told me to drink plenty of water and to lay down and it should stop, which it did, but has anyone experienced this?

  12. Gemma Drummond Says:

    Im 32 weeks and five days pregnant my baby boy is very active now at this stage I find it hard getting comfortable at night my bathroom visits are becoming every hour !

  13. hassy Says:

    33 weeks and oh my God!!!!!!!!!! kicks and turns are sometimes painful but loving every bit of it.

  14. Leila Says:

    Iam 32 weeks and 2 days, my boy moves alot night time, but my problem is hard burn. did anyone know to release that.

  15. lauren Says:

    drink lots of milk and i took a spoonful of gaviscon too… better to drink plenty of water through the day :)

  16. Shay Says:

    I just turned 33 weeks and boy are these last couple of weeks going by slow. But I realize that it will be worth the wait. I am so excited and I just hope that all goes well when its time for labor. My unborn moves all the time letting me know she is ok. and i swear ive had so many pregnancy symptoms its rediculous. its great to see them start to subside. i wish everyone luck on their journey to motherhood!!!

  17. nicole Says:

    I know what you mean!!Im finally 33 weeks and so ready!I had horrible morning sickness in the beginning and just problem after problem and am just so happy that FINALLY I am able to enjoy my baby bump and the last stages of this belly!!Good luck!!

  18. sinead Says:

    i am 33 week and 1 day i get really bad heart burn i makes me physically sick alot of the time. i drink plenty of milk and gavascon. only helps a little tho.

  19. Valerie Says:

    I too am 33 weeks and I am experiencing lots of heartburn and discomfort. Mostly bruising feeling on and above my pelvic bone. I have a hard time walking alot of the times and has resorted to having to wear a maternity support belt. It does help but my lil girl has a mind of her own and sometimes settles in a position that the belt wont help. I am so looking forward to meet her and get this pregnancy over with. This is #4 for me and (1 girl, 2boys) and its the worst pregnacy so far. 7 weeks to go! hang in there ladies its almost over!

  20. Spree Says:

    I am 32 weeks and 3 days pregnant, I am having such bad pains in my stomach, it doesn’t feel like ligaments stretching at all. I don’t know what to do. It hurts to move any little bit right now. Anybody have any ideas about what it might be??

  21. Nicole Says:

    Try taking Zantac.

  22. Christina Says:

    It took me almost the whole pregancy last time to get the right treatment for heartburn. It was awful. This time I know what works so it has been bearable. You should get a prescription from your doctor.
    They will probably start you on Renitadine (not sure if I spelled that right) but you can find that over the counter as well. The only thing that finally worked for me was Nexium. (Omeprizole) Which you can get a presciption for, or get the offbrand over the counter. It's much better than eating lots of antacids and milk. And actually milk helps for a minute, but it can increase the problem.

  23. Sarah Says:

    Eat a pickle. It will get rid of heartburn immediately.

  24. mommyof4 Says:

    ice water help sometimes when i have heart burn or maybe just plain ice. hope this helps.

  25. mommyof4 Says:

    GAS! GAS is very painful!

  26. Neika Says:

    I’m 33 weeks today and SUPER excited right now! I can’t for my little girl to be here!! She’s moving more and more each day and I love the feeling! It reassures me that she’s ok in there moving around and getting ready for departure! :-) she still hasn’t turned around yet though, she’s laying sideways, the doctors said that she still has a lot of time to move to the head down position. She’s probably taking her time doing her own thing just like her mommy!

  27. Stephanie Roberts Says:

    I also am having bad pains in my lower stomach.. This is my 2nd Pregnancy and i had none of these pains my 1st, but my dr keeps reassuring me that it is just the muscles stretching. Especially since i didn't loose all my baby weight from the 1st pregnancy that my muscles would hurt more.

  28. gem Says:

    prob a water infection go get it checked

  29. Giovanne Says:

    I’m 33 weeks with my 7th child, this time I’m experiencing a lot of pressure early. Feels like I can deliver any day .

  30. Anne Says:

    32 weeks and getting carsick now whenever I ride with anyone else ! Also, they say Braxton Hicks contractions shouldn;t be painful, but mine are !

  31. NewMommy2011 Says:

    33 weeks today!! So happy each week that passes by, especially now since on the morning of week 32 I started gushing blood and went into preterm labor. I was dilated at 2 cm with contractions every 1.5-2.5 minutes (Lucky for me I couldn't feel the contractions). But thankfully the nurses were able to get my contractions to stop within a couple days. They did some ultrasounds and said my baby is completely healthy though, wieghs around 5 lbs 1 ounce and has a nice head of hair :) . Now I'm on limited mobility and we're both doing well.

  32. Jen Says:

    Milk can actually increase heartburn so I would suggest staying away from that

  33. Ashley A Says:

    This is my first child and I am 33 weeks and 1 day. so far this has been the easiest and most fun pregnancy.. didnt have much morning sickness in the beginning, and ZERO heartburn.. My little boy moves around ALOT.. Sometimes I will be at work and customers will notice him moving through my clothes! haha.. Ive only gained 30 lbs so far.. Everyone hates me because I have no complaints of heartburn, or swelling feet/ankles etc. I do have nightmares of the big day and Im sure with a pregnancy this easy labor will be the WORST… but no matter what, in the end its going to be worth it when I see my little boy looking up at me.. :) good luck to all you ladies!

  34. Blair B. Says:

    I Turned 33 Weeks Today & I Am So Excited. In The Beginning Of My Pregnancy I Went Through Hell With, Not Morning Sickness, But All Day Sickness. Any Little Thing Had Me Running To The Bathroom. But I Know In About 7 Weeks I Will Look Into My Little Boys Eyes & Know It Was All Worth It. He Kicks Me All Day, Especially When I Drink Cold Water Or Orange Juice… That’s Also My Little Trick To Waking Him Up. Haven’t Really Suffered With Heartburb Badd At All, Thank God. I Just Can’t Wait To Meet My Bundle Of Joy. Good Luc To All Expecting Motheres Out There :)

  35. Taylor Says:

    Mine are too! I totally understand how you feel… they arent too painful but they are REALLLYYY uncomfortable and they feel like period cramps! ughh only a month and a half left.. YAY!! =]] Goodluck with yours!!

  36. Tanya Lo Says:

    m 33 weeks pregnant and suffering terribly with pins and needles in my hands, doctor gave me a splint to wear at nite but if i miss a nite wearing it i wake up with hrrible pains shooting down my arms and esp in my elbow its so sore, any one suffering from this?? and if so anythin to ease it, ive tried the hand excercises and splints but its constant all day every day

  37. Laura Says:

    go natural ladies— just drink a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and you will have almost instant relief. Not only that it is good for you and the baby where as all the rest of the hartburn medicines are not.

  38. laura Says:

    I am expecting my fifth and I know what you mean!!!!!!!! Do you have support hose? I couldn't live without mine. you can ask you dr for a prescription for a pair. I feel the same way-like I could deliver any time.

  39. maria Says:

    im 33 weeks pregnant what i should i eat to gain my baby weight which is a littke low as it should be

  40. Meg S. Says:

    i have that problem! its gotten a little worse during my sleep i got a splint for night time that can be used on both sides and i wear it throughout the night and switch them around if i need to and that helps a lot the only other thing i can say thats helped is cutting back on my salt/ sodium intake which has helped A LOT lol

  41. tanya lo Says:

    thanks meg, one thing ive been doing is actually putting more salt on my dinner, i didnt no cutting back on that wud help, i will defo cut it out now, even now my hands are tingling and sore

  42. Hang Says:

    Leila, have you try Zantac? You should try it, and it's way better than Tum/X-Gas..ect….

  43. stacey Says:

    Hello, I am 33 weeks pregnant and I am having my second child.. this one is a boy. Anyway I was reading some of your posts about heartburn and I had such bad heartburn that It kept hurting the top of my stomach too and I kept feeling like I needed to be sick till I looked up old remidies and chewing gum was one way for relief and it actually worked!.. try it?

  44. candice Says:

    I had this same problem i am 33 weeks now my children will be 17 weeks apart, i gained alot of weight with my first child and this second one had been vry hard on my body they told me the same thing that it was ligaments stretching. i got a support band for my belly it helps alot when standing or walking but uncomfortable to sit in.

  45. stacey Says:

    If anybody can help I wuld appreciate it.. I am having leaking and they tested me twice and said it wasn’t amniotic fluids and they checked for any vaginal infection that culd cause it and that was negative 2.. but I’m still leaking its clear fluid that has a sort of sweet smell 2 it?

  46. Janeece Says:

    i had the same problem at my 31 week appointment, my doctor said the same thing, he said it culd be urine leaking but i dont see how urine smell as sweet as cocoa butter. i let him know that i dont use cocoa butter so he could narrow it down, but even tho he checked he said that everything was good. i would just say stay in contact with your doctor, the last thing you want is to completely drain your bag of waters and you and ur doctor doesnt know it.

  47. CRISSY Says:


  48. Bailey Says:

    Alright, I am 33 weeks and 2 days, and I really need some advice. During my pregnancy, I actually lost about 15-20 pounds and so far, I have only gained 4 pounds. Also, the last time I was at the doctor, he told me he was a little worried because my uterus had not grown any. I've had 4 ultrasounds and they have all said my little girl is fine, but the fact that I am REALLY having trouble gaining weight worries me. Does anyone have any advice for me to do to help gain weight, or know what might be going on? My doctor says I need to gain more weight but he doesnt really say WHY I am having so many problems gaining it.

  49. Chelsea Says:

    Hi, I am currently 33 weeks pregnant and only gained about 10 lbs.. Dr told me to eat more empty calories and I have but it doesnt work. I am very small anyways and have always had trouble gaining weight. I have two other children and im 22 and I weigh 100 lbs if that when not pregnant.. Some people just have trouble gaining the weight. But if they are saying that your baby is fine then I wouldn't worry so much about it!

  50. stacey Says:

    So as for the leaking is going I guess everything is good.. I just figure well I have till march 5th and he moves non stop so that a good sign.. what day are the rest of u due?

  51. michelle Says:

    hey i just lost my baby at 33 weeks i started bleeding really bad and went to doctor and they said everything was fine too i went 3 times in a week and a half cause i was having contractions too and they stoped them well that same night i was back in there and they had to do emergency c section so please have them check to make sure ur plencta isnt pealing away thats what happened to me and it cutt his air off and he was born and lived like 2 minutes

  52. BritBrat Says:

    So I’m nearing the end of week 33 and all was well up until 3 days ago! I’ve had hyperemesis Gravidarum(really bad morning sickness) since week 7 of my pregnancy…once week 33 hit I was so excited because i no longer was getting sick! Then one morning I decided to eat jambalaya and smoked sausage for breakfast; totally regret it! Because I’ve been sick ever since (smh). However I am beginning to feel better so maybe it’ll subside again…in other news my baby is very active but she loves to feel the vibration of my back massager lol..it makes us both very comfortable! So excited though not too much longer and i will get to meet her! Baby number 2

  53. Alex Says:

    I am 33 weeks and have only gained 4 lbs. I was overweight at the start of my pregnancy and had horrible morning sickness for the first trimester. I was turned off by any and all food. In my first pregnancy with my son I gained about 20-25 lbs overall and started showing very early. This time it has taken me forever to show (my child's teacher thought I must be adopting). I had an ultrasound this week because of my poor weight gain. I was expecting my baby girl to be smaller than average, but instead she's measuring more like a 36 week old, so everything is clearly going to her! I would trust my doctor. If he/she says everything looks good, they have no reason to lie to you. Eat when you're hungry and try to eat some even when you're not. I've been trying to eat more frequent, smaller meals b/c I feel stuffed all the time anyway.

  54. Hayhays Says:

    Hi I’m 33 weeks prey and experiencing vaginal pains sometimes there extremely sharp and can stop me in my tracks. Is it normal an what’s causing them?

  55. Chandad22 Says:

    Very excited for this baby to get here! I am 33 wks today and getting more and more excited/nervous! We don't know the sex of our baby and for this I am very anxious for. I think it is a girl, but we shall see! I have had the same pelvic pain and some days are worse than others but in the end I am sure all this pain will be worth it! Good luck to all you ladies, we are almost there now!

  56. rye Says:

    the pelvic/vagina/hip pain is likely pelvic girdle pain (pgp).

  57. ayisha Says:

    yes, it's normal the sharp pains you are experiencing is called round ligament pains. they are perfectly normal

  58. firstym mom 82 Says:

    hi. I am 33 weeks & a day .im having difficulty eating and keeping my strength up. My pregnancys been quite smooth save fo terrible headaches in my first trimester bt then normally am prone to migraine attacks so i wasnt surprised. Wat kind of foods shud i eat so i dnt feel weak n mk the baby starve?

  59. kim Says:

    the same thing happened to me, you need to eat more what is your diet so i can help.

  60. Gail Says:

    Ice Cream works every time!!!

  61. Gail Says:

    Zantac is not safe during pregnancy. Try Zyrtec.

  62. Michaela Says:

    hiya Im 33 weeks and 2 days and also on my fourth I have 3 girls so a boy would be lovely, have to agree with you that this is the hardest pregnancy out of the four, my platelets are down, my blood pressure up, placenta low lying and the amniotic fluid was low on last scan, so frustrating as i feel so well in myself lol, hope everyone's last weeks fly by and we all have healthy happy babies at the end xxx

  63. amy Says:

    Place a bottle of cold water on your chest..It stops the heartburn right then and there for me…make sure its touching your skin….

  64. eve Says:

    zyrtec is not an antiacid but an antiallergic

  65. alysha Says:

    milk is the best and safest thing for heartburn . its the calcium that helps it go away . and girls who are worried about weight STOP . unless your doctor says somethin is wrong lack of weight gain is not bad . my baby is growin just fine and i gained only 10 lbs . i got more active after getting pregnant which caused me to lose fat . so i would have gained more weight if i would have sat around doing nothing .

  66. michelle Says:

    i agree

  67. NeeNee Says:

    Take tums i called my dr at 3am today to ask her what to do, or maalox.

  68. Ale Says:

    Great advice. Am 33 weeks, from Africa kenya and have been reading ur posts all through. Very educative!

  69. Leslie Says:

    I’m 32 weeks pregnant and I dont feel like I have much circulation going through the right side of my body… Weird I know! It just os happens the baby has been only on my right side. I have varicose veins only on my right side. I get numbness in hands and feet only in my right side. Only my right hand and foot are swollen. Right side of pubic area is swollen bruised and full if varicose veins. Oh ya and it’s very painful to put pressure on my right leg!!! Has anybody else had this problem??? Can anybody tell me why this could be? I’m hoping it’s not a blood clot??!! HELP!! thanks :) )

  70. Callie Says:

    i'm 33 weeks and i was told that i will be having my baby in 2-3 weeks. i'm going to really try to make it to 37 weeks, by being on strict bed rest and drinking lots of water. my fingers are crossed and i hope he can just stay in there for a little longer!

  71. bwashington Says:

    Hi. When I was pregnant with my son who is now 9 years old I realized that he stayed on my right side as well. Through all the doctor visits and ultrasounds nothing was detected. I had to have an emergency ceserean with him and found out that I had a cyst on my left ovary which is why my son was only on my right side. I did not experience the swellingor pain just him constantly staying on the right side. I would let my doctor know to make sure all is well. Good luck.

  72. ana Says:

    The end is near! Woohoo! (Lol) well it says I should have everything ready for the baby, but I do not! My lease is up in a couple weeks and I have yet to find a place to move into! Yes I am totally freaked out about that and worried! I’m ready to start getting everything ready so I can just relax before my baby gets here. My weight gain has really put a toll on me, and has caused so much leg pain! And I’m starting to experience nausea again! Only worst than the first trimester.

  73. AC Says:

    I’ve gained over 30lbs! I am originally 111lbs. Its all belly! I just can’t wait to meet my little man :) I pray that he is healthy and my pregnancy continues to be healthy. God bless all of us. Congrats to all the ladies, we’re almost done!

  74. Betty Says:

    I am 33 weeks tomomorrow and saw my doctor who said my cervix measured at 1.9 dropping from 2.1 two weeks ago so i remain on bedrest. If it keeps decreasing, my baby will be born early. I am now in my 6th week of bedrest and hoping baby doesn’t come any time soon to allow him to grow. The doctor is confident everything is fine, but I have this anxiety left over from being on bedrest since 26 weeks. I read everyone’s comments and am happy for everyone who is doing well in their pregnancy and sad for those who lost their baby or are suffering. I pray I am one of you that rejoices with a baby very soon.

  75. la chula Says:

    i am 33 weeks and 4days n i feel so much pressure, i don't know if that normal or not since its my 1st bby. Every morning i still throw up and my sisters say that i like the drama. believe me i wish it was that and not actual food coming out n the heart burn does not stop. On top of that the prenatal pills constipate me n my dr. just said to drink more liquids, yeah since his ass doesn't hurt. i get back pains… n maybe i get mad when i go to the mall n see pregnant women walking so happy, Y? did i miss something, do i need to do something special. I lUV my bby n i would do it all again for her, i guess i just needed to release my stress…

  76. la chula Says:

    i have the same problem, n when i asked my doctor he said, well sleep on the other side. wtf i wish my dr could be nicer or at least more professional :S

  77. Junior Moonde Says:

    I have a problem after eating in the morning a experience diarrhoea and when i told my DR she, gave tables called LP2999V to take it 30 minutes before meal. sometimes they work sometimes they dont. I am at weak 33 and i find it difficult to change positions when sleeping.

  78. queen Says:

    Betty, it could be worse… I have been on bedrest since I found out I was pregnant from dealing with severe nausea and vomiting, I was in the hospital for 3 months and then when I felt better I begin having contraction type of pain and they found 5 fibroids in my uterus which my doctor told me to be on bedrest until the baby comes I am 32 weeks and I'll be turning 33 the end of next week. So while on bedrest I begin painting,reading alot,playing music for my baby boy, caught up on movies! So I feel you and even more bedrest isnt fun but its for the best =) oh yeah try to get prenatal massages =)

  79. Eboni Says:

    I am 33 weeks and Im so ready to have this baby. Time is going by so slowwwwwww. I have to have a cesection which I am so scared of. Well I had one with my first but I was put to sleep because it was an emergency c section. But now I know the date I will have him it scares me. Can I just be put to sleep again?

  80. cassie Says:

    i’m 33 weeks and 4 days, with my first child. I have no swollen feet, No heartburn and didnt have morning sickness at all through out the whole pregnancy. But now im experiencing Dizzyness, So tired, Feeling weak at times, and shakey and cold. It’s a horrible feeling, Is this normal? does anyone know what to do to make this go away.

  81. Chelsie Says:

    Hey im 33 weeks pregnant with my first one, and Ive been told that im 50% effaced and not dialated as of a week ago, and I was told that she is super low, since then I feel constant pressure on my pelvic region and my stomach is so tight and i feel like im constantly trying to push her out. Last night I had menstrual cramping constantly and my hip bones hurt so bad. I cant tell if Im having BH or not cause my stomach feel like its constantly tightened. Ive had a watery clear discharge all day but nothing gushing as if my water broke. My doctors not in today, but does this sound like preterm labor or just normal aches and pains of pregnancy?

  82. Rachelle Says:

    I’m 32 weeks pregnant and this is my first child. I’m only 16, which is hard for me to have this situation but luckily I get help from my family and my babysdaddy’s. so I keep having this pain on my lower stomach, my back & the top of my stomach. I’ve been laying in bed all day, haven’t ate anything today and when I get up my pubic bone area hurts. And i feel sick. Is this normal?

  83. Kristy Says:

    Prilosec OTC is an over the counter medication that will eliminate your heartburn symptoms & it’s safe in 3rd trimester. It works miracles! :)

  84. pallavi Says:

    Having some radish with the meals help ease the heartburn plus having small sips of water often helps :)

  85. eray Says:

    Papaya chewables for heartburn ladies! All that other stuff is not good for baby.

  86. Thobby Says:

    Hey mommy’s, m 33weeks and my boy is kicking and active,my breast re itching alot nd im up at 03h00 everymorning, no pains but baby moving nd the ladies and i cant fall asleep after that. Some 1 made me very angry nd i cried alot last night,had short breadth,hope it doesnt hurt my son. Goodluck with the delivery mummy,s.

  87. kristen Says:

    I am 32 weeks pregnant and sometimes my stomach hurts (discomfort feeling) and a lot of pressure down there this is my first baby so i dont know what to expect. Any help?

  88. tanya Says:

    I am 32weeks and 6days and my lil man is super active sometimes I wonder if he ever sleeps coz he’ll be quite for about 20min to 45min and he’ll be back to his active self again so don’t worry if your baby is not moving too a lot i’m sure he/she needs the sleep more. good luck mummies and all the best with the up coming delivery. I”m becoming impatient and can’t wait ot meet my son.

  89. Rodney Grisanti Says:

    Sue, great blog! I have a son who is quite dysgraphic. His mental math is very quick but he is suffering in most math classes because writing requires SO much effort that he has little patience for the procedural stuff. I am trying to set him up with a voice recognition package and equation writing tool that will support his math learning. Have you conducted your tests of Math Type yet? Any recommendations? Thanks. John

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