34 Weeks Pregnant

With only a few weeks left in your pregnancy, the uncertainty of your delivery may be looming ahead.  Many women fill the coming weeks with questions and attempts to be as prepared as possible. Now may not be a bad time to consider packing your hospital bag if you haven’t already done so, and putting a few meals in the freezer for those busy first weeks at home.

If born this week your baby may do well, or may struggle. Lung maturity can vary widely between babies and some who are born at 34 weeks only struggle to keep their temperature stable while others need full assistance to breathe and regulate a majority of their body’s functions.

As the pregnancy progresses, some women grow weary with their discomforts and try to give labor a kick start by having sex or riding the lawnmower.  Even though you may be tired of being tired, this is not the time to pull out the Cub Cadet and mow every lawn in your neighborhood. Baby still needs each and every day to grow and develop for life outside the womb.

Baby’s Development

At week thirty-four of pregnancy, the baby is about 5-1/2 pounds and measures in at 15-1/2 to 17-1/2 inches long from head to heel. Some will be larger, some smaller and your doctor should be well aware of any growth issues for your baby by now.

Body fat is continuing to make your baby look more like the picture-perfect sweetheart you have imagined. While this fat certainly helps them look nice, it has several other important roles, including body temperature regulation and blood sugar control during those first days when food can be at a premium (especially if you are breast feeding).   Designed to live on only a teaspoon of colostrum (or first milk) at each feeding, baby’s body is ready to take on a few less calories temporarily.  Most organs are matured at this week in pregnancy except for the lungs, which continue to produce surfactant  and practice breathing movements for the big day.

For little boys, the testes will begin their journey from their previous home in the abdomen into the scrotum.  If your baby is born with undescended testicles, don’t worry—about ¼ of all baby boys have at least one that didn’t make the trip down, but it probably will over the coming months without any problems.

Getting ready for birth, your baby should be head down (toward your feet) by now.  If not, there’s still time for a flip or your doctor may begin talking about a Cesarean-section, just in case.

Changes With Your Body

By now the uterus is about 5-1/2 inches from the belly button and it feels like you are packing around a watermelon. But as we have been saying, every woman is different and every pregnancy is different—so some will carry and show in their own unique way.

The amount of amniotic fluid that surrounds and pads the baby will begin to decrease, and every movement may feel more pronounced as their water padding diminishes.

You may notice your hands, feet and even your face start to swell a bit. With time and a half your normal blood volume in circulation, it can be a hard task for your body to manage all the extra fluid on board.  Lots of walking or standing may cause swelling in the lower legs, but if you should suddenly gain a large amount of weight or your face swells, talk with your doctor as soon as possible.  Blood pressure can make dramatic shifts during the last weeks of pregnancy even in women who have had no problems in previous weeks.

What To Expect

Sometimes the last weeks are about the truly unexpected events.  As your body prepares for birth, you will notice new feelings and sensations from one day to the next. What happens for one woman may not happen for another. Some of the most typical symptoms to come can include:

  • An increase in vaginal secretions (which are usually mistaken for broken water)
  • Backaches
  • A reduction in your breathing difficulties as baby drops into the pelvis
  • Your baby may turn from a breech position to head-down
  • Fatigue may increase
  • Your nesting instinct (desire to prepare for the baby) may increase


As the due date draws near, make sure that you are at ease with the way the birth is going to happen. Many women tend to panic and when they get into the delivery room, they forget everything they have learned. Share your concerns with your doctor and your partner and begin thinking about a labor coach if you feel you need one. Doulas are certified labor coaches and offer a variety of skills to help you cope—one contraction at a time.


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  1. susan Says:

    i am 34 weeks and i cant wait to have this baby in my arms, to hold her and take care of her.

  2. Laila Says:

    I am 33 weeks and 3 days and I feel the same way Susan =) This is my second child, my first is 10 years old! I spaced it lol shes kicking now im nerves thou first time going thou labor without my mom around she passed away about a year and 1/2 ago but i know this baby came for a reason her name will live on thou my moms… God Bless anyone around these weeks man it's tough I can barly see below me with this belly lol!

  3. zuzana Says:

    hi im 34 weeks aswell,, stil 4 shifts at work to do. cant wait to finish it of an just relax. and wait for my little princess to come and hold her and feed her from my breast…….. good luck to all of you xxx

  4. laura Says:

    34 weeks and suffering, so uncomfortable its unreal. cant wait to have my baby boy in my arms!!

  5. Sammy Says:

    34weeks.Can’t wait to be holding my baby boy!!

  6. amanda Says:

    Also 34 weeks, I wake up at least 3 times a night. Have really bad back pain. Its been 8 years since my last child. 6 more weeks. Also scared of the labor!

  7. Mariam Says:

    hey. im from England UK. iam 34 weeks pregnant and im sooo tired of being pregnant. i feel soo heavy and i find walking really difficult even though i never ever had problems with walking i think im the most person that never gets tired of walking. i also feel really dipressed for no reason i will just cry from any little thing that my husband says or my friends say. i dont knw what to do for the nxt 7 or 6 weeks that are comming i just find it soo long. soo plz someone advice me thanks ladies.

  8. brenda Says:

    im 34 weeks and im so tired everything hurts but anyways i feel that im not ready yet for the baby i have 2 boys 9,5 and there fun but im not ready for this new boy..my babygirl shes 10 mths and she expect alot from me so

  9. Betsy Says:

    Amanda, I had really bad back pain until I started sleeping with a body pillow. Ever since I have made sure to always have a pillow between my thighs when I sleep or just lie down on the couch, I haven't had any back pain. Hope that helps!

  10. ashley Says:

    I am 34 weeks this week and I feel about like you do! I am tired all of the time, I have to pee 10 times a day, and have been depressed for no reason. I have a 2 and a 4 yr old already, and I think I am just ready for this one to get here. I hope after she is born I go back to feeling normal. Between work, lack of sleep, and maintaining a household and two other children… I think I am about to fall out.

  11. pnle Says:

    cruel and unusual punishment. think i am having the longest pregnancy in the world. more days i cross off more days i see to go. can't wait for this to be over. don't remember my first pregnancy being this long and stressful.

  12. shanel Says:

    I can relate I am also 34 weeks pregnant and it seems like the day will never come. This is my first child and I can't stop thinking about the epidural part of the labor and sucessfully being able to breast feed. I am a nervous wreck , can't sleep in the bed if I do its like tossing and turning so I sleep on the couch. Help relieve me..

  13. Queens Says:

    You will probably have the baby in week 38 – so look at it like just 4 more to go.

  14. Chris Says:

    I feel the same way – 2 kids, a job, a household, back to school activities and almost 34 weeks (you are closer now!). Hang in there – it won't be forever although it sure does feel like it.

  15. Chris Says:

    It's been 8 years for me, too! I hope all goes well foryou. :) Hang in there.

  16. kim Says:

    im 34 weeks aswell. and im so tired of this i cant wait for it to be over. i have a 2yr old she is a hand full, and 2 step children in my home 12&14. grrr im always fustrated always crying about the stupid things. and i cant sleep at nite im up 10 time to go to the bathroom, my lower back is killing me. and im not sure if i lost my plug yet cuz every time i go to the bathroom i see like a clear mucus in the toliet. but when i had my first child it was in my underwear so im not sure. well i wish u all the best of luck and i hope my time is soon. i cant wait to have my baby boy in my hands but i dont wat to be prego anymore.

  17. Reddy Says:

    34 weeks and stiff, crampy, carpal tunel, back spasms, nausea, and wake every 2 hrs at night. This is the 5th baby here. I am still scared, don't think you ever shake those jitters :)

  18. anna Says:

    im also 33 wks and 4 days prego and hoping i will go into labor early at least the 37th week im so tired and also planning my sons bday party which will be when im 36 wks after that im ready for baby to come , this has been a long pregnany and i just want to have my third baby boy already and start working on loosing the weight and feel normal again. my oldest son is 6, and yes its very tiring with two boys and being very pregnant so im ready

  19. Brittni Says:

    im 34 weeks pregnant and i feel and look like i'm 42 weeks pregnant. i'm so tired all the time even not doing anything. My feet swell really bad, back pain, headaches, i cry all the time for nothing, and stress because its getting so close! i just really don't think i can wait 6 to 7 more weeks or how much ever longer. but other then that my baby is in good condition weighs about 6 pounds and is about 16 inches long.(gestation) come on labor! im not really getting nervous or anything either..so maybe it will be a quick and easy birth! =) that would be great!!!

  20. sj Says:

    Thank You ladies I thought I was the only one that was feel this way OMG this not my first one but I’m so tired and have a 4yrs

  21. MAggie Says:

    HI…I'm 34 weeks today actually and i feel great! Almost worried that i'm not getting all of these simptoms…the only thing that i agree with is that when the baby moves thats when i loose alot of energy and i have to nap. my blood sugar is alittle high and i do have to watch it everyday!! imagine being pregnant and watching what you eat lol…We dont wanna find out the sex of the baby so guess this will be a long wait. Super excited doing it all natural with no drugs wish me luck people!

  22. toyin Says:

    i am also 34 weeks,anyway this is my first pregnancy.infact can't really wait to get there bcause i am so tired of not sleeping ,high temperature,tiredness and my face is full of pimples

  23. Francesca Says:

    hello, im Francesca im actually going to be 34weeks tomorrow and reading the fact that you aint gona take any drugs, i think thats brave i want to do that but im a bit scared because i never use to take my periods pain, therefore wish the best of luck! x

  24. marie Says:

    ill be 34 weeks on sat and this is my 3rd baby another girl lol.cant wait to meet her and hoping its as quick as my last baby

  25. Cristina Says:


  26. crystal Says:

    I understand.. I bet you have had the baby by now!! well congrats on that!!! I am now 24 weeks, and feel so tired all the time.. I feel like I have lead in my feet… I have gained about 30 lbs.. I feel so big, and just stay hungry a lot of the time.. I am scheduled to have my baby December 9th, so I only have a little over 5 weeks left.. so tell me do you feel normal again after having baby??

  27. suman Says:

    I'm in my 34th week and do feel a little tired at times…but otherwise feeling good….just a few weeks left and i'm becoming impatient….

  28. angie Says:

    ya I wake up every 2 hrs too and lots of pressure down there and extremly anxious to get this baby here I just want to feal normal again lol good luck

  29. Sandra Says:

    I'am 34 weeks too and Im feeling tired and want this baby girl to come. It wont be long I will soooo glad to finally be able to get to normal again. Good luck to everyone who is having a baby soon. This is my third one and they are blessings from God no matter how much pain we may endure.

  30. Tanya Says:

    I am 33 weeks and and 3 days and I am so tired and my body hurts. Of course it could be that I am having a large kid. Come one DUE DATE

  31. Imani Says:

    I am 34 weeks and 2 days…Ths is my 1st baby….a boy! Getting more anxious as the days pass..Im still working full time, i hope to continue working until i deliver, but im starting to waddle..and my feet are huge, not to mention the back pain…we'll see how long i can go! LoL Hopefully he decides to surprise mommy and come EARLY! :)

  32. Ebony Says:

    Hi my name is Ebony and iam 34weeks and 2 day. this is my 3rd child my first two are 2 boys and the last one iam carrying is now a girl. My back and legs always hurting im just ready to have the baby so the pain can stop.

  33. Rachel Says:

    Hi Ebony – I am 34 weeks too. I have 2 boys and is now having a girl. My leg cramps are awful!

  34. Valerie Says:

    I am 34 weeks, and really huge! I am constantly being told how huge I am and asked if Im carrying twins. I asked my doctor and he says he checked at 18 weeks but I also wonder. The most problems i have is soreness in my lower region and having a hard time walking. I too am hoping for and early arrival. This baby already feels like it is 7lbs. I have gained 34lbs so far and only about 10 of it isnt in my belly. This is the biggest I have ever gotten and its my 4th kid. ( i mostly get fat, not pregnant lol) Im just so ready!!

  35. April Says:

    I'm 34wks and a day and I feel so tired most days. I'm having a boy and so excited. It's my first but I've been a mommy to many children. I'm more than ready for my son's arrival. I'm more tired these days and have so aweful dizzy spells whether I'm sitting or standing and it use to scare me until my doctor told me it's normal. Seems the farther along I go the dizzier I become. I get headaches too but their not so bad. I went to the doctor Nov.15 and he said he's gonna induce me around the 2nd or 3rd week of December because my baby is fairly low. I can't wait because I have been so patient lol.

  36. kellie Says:

    being pregnant sucks at week 34!!!! what happened? i think it would be nice if a stork just delivered my baby, Willow, to me! :) good luck everyone! i am super huge, depressed, pee-machine, constant heartburn, barely mobile and ready to have this baby! it is my second, another girl, and i do not want to get pregnant again, for at least 3 years min!

  37. daisy Says:

    i am 34 weeks 3 days and i cant wait to have my baby girl gained about 30 some pounds already and i have shortness of breath and the walking part is so tiriing and whenever it gets hot my nose starts to bleed so i cant wait to push my baby out and have her near me so i can actually lay in bed i miss my bed….

  38. kellie Says:

    i cant breAthe either. it really makes me frustrated! i am almost 35 weeks too. good luck!

  39. Leslie Says:

    i'm hoping for the same!! baby is low so hoping i will get a suprise as well!! good luk

  40. Sabrina Says:

    Hi, I'm 34 weeks and 4 days today, this is my second child another Girl! My cousin had a baby this September and ahe also went all natural, no drugs ( I took epidural with my first). The baby was way too big (over 9.5 LB) and ripped her all, she popped her veins in her eyes and was in the worst pain for 2 weeks after the delivery in her life. I belive that you have to be very brave to do it without any pain medication, but she told me, that if she knew how much in pain she is gonna be she would have taken the epidural. Anyway Good luck!!!

  41. celice Says:

    34 weeks . sec baby cant wait to see him n have him in my arms an see his fat little face.

  42. jacklyn Says:

    I am 34 weeks pregnant and starting to get impatient. I have type 1 diabetes, and have had it since I was 10yrs old. Its hard watching everything you eat and being pregnant. My blood sugars have been better than ever but now its my blood pressure that’s acting up. My doctor gave me steroid shot a few weeks ago to grow my baby girl’s lungs in case of early delivery. This is my first and I am super nervous on how delivery will go!!

  43. punzyg Says:

    I am 34 weeks and 3 days today with my first baby. We are having a girl! I'm just getting so anxious. My sister in law just had her baby a week ago and my friend just had her baby today. It feels like forever!

  44. aity Says:

    I’m 34 wks 1day.feel super ‘cept I wake up @ night n keep awake 4 1 or 2 hrs b4 sleeping again.It’s my first n I Trust God will give me a good testimony about delivery like my pregnancy which has been uneventful.(Praise God)stay +ive ladies,fear ain’t gud wit labor.wish u all d best.

  45. bjb Says:

    I am 34 weeks pregnant and can't wait for it to be over, I've gained 24 pounds, but my belly is measuring 36 weeks. I'm asked if I'm caring twins or if I'm due like now. Some of the comments made from strangers are hurtful, they make me feel like I'm huge. I wish people would just keep their comments to themselves

  46. Melissa Says:

    im am almost 34 weeks and ive gained 70 pounds. i was 135 when i got pregnant and i am now 207. im so over the being pregnant thing. cant wait to see our lil munchkin :)

  47. lissette Says:

    I’m also 34 weeks w my second boy n it’s not fun, always crying, sleepless nights, plus cooking n cleaning stressful ..can’t wait to go back to my weight I’m 153lbs. Started at 112lbs feel huge! Well good luck to all of you!! N MERRY CHRISTMAS N HAPPY NEW YEAR

  48. Brittney Says:

    i am 34 weeks pregnant tomorrow and this is my second child! i have only gained 8 pounds off and on! and i over weight! lmao im so happpy i aint gained much. anyone wanna chat? im due jan 29th! you can email me brittney.andrew@ymail.com

  49. Heather Says:

    Thats kinda funny to me. I'm due January 28th and this is my 2nd child as well. My doctor thinks that my baby will probably be coming early tho. She says she thinks I'll make it to 37 weeks and then have him….Thank God!! LOL!

  50. Crystal Says:

    Im 34 weeks and 4 days pregnant I have been having horrible abdominal pains during and after sex. The pain is usually on one side of my stomach but for at least 10 minutes the pain is so bad that I actually start to cry and than it slowly subsides after the 10 minutes. As the pain subsides I can still feel the pain for about two hours.I have not talked to my doctor about this yet and at my next appointment im going to ask him but till then should I stop having sex?

  51. Bkfinst69 Says:

    I can’t wait to hold my 1st son in my arms,it seems far away I’m 33 weeks and want time to go by faster,so excited

  52. Myra Says:

    Im 34 weeks, lots of pelvic pressure and I noticed my belly has dropped lower. Feels like the head is stickin out, my lower back hurts more, I cant walk much because pressure increases, my tummy started to get hard about a week ago, mini contractions. Im due Jan 31 bu dr thinks sooner. I noticed an increase in discharge as well, is that the mucus plug. This is my second baby but its nothin like the first, any thoughts or comments mayra.alejandra.aama-cma@hotmail.com , anythin is helpful :) ps im only 5’3 dad is 6’3 lol does this mean bby will be very tall and possibly why I have si much pressure and pain ?

  53. Kiana Says:

    Im 35weeks pregnant. Ive been going threw alot of hard times been stressing alot. My son (first son) has been giving me alot of problems. Ive noticed i been getting contractions and they seem to be getting stronger. Im having alot of pain in my vigina. sharp stabbing pains as if im getting stabbed by a knife, my pelvis has been hurting and lower back kills. alot of period like cramps. sharp pains on my sides as if i was running for along time and get that side ache feeling.

  54. Kiana Says:

    A headache that has been going on for about 3weeks straight every single day. Heart burn, he puts alot of pressure on my tailbone and rectum. Feet get swollan, Lite headed..see what i mean alot of problems!. I dont if anyone has experienced hearing and feeling their baby "POP" its in the uterus sound as if you pop your knuckles I hear this !POP! When he moves…or sometimes jus outta no where. I dont know whats going on…im very curious…..worried..(of course) this is my first kid and My doctor has no idea ive asked other women..they have no clue. my doctor and a couple of nurses…say its a weird thing to be happening and they never heard of it before. . . . . i dont know what it could be….
    if any one has any idea…or this has happen to them….please feel free to write me
    morris_kiana027@yahoo.com thanks….and GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR PREGNANCY :) i wish you the best girls. GOD BLESS

  55. jessica Says:

    Well at least all of you ladies have ease and somewhat of whats going on with your births…mydoc doesnt check me when i have complaints and i have GD and i told her before i had tests done i felt really swollen and feverish and let i remind you that i only saw my orig. doc twice and her other staff everytime so everytime i had to refresh my pregnANCY and symptoms 10x"s and i went in for my 25 week checkup and they had me down for my 12 week checkup…so im super upset and not confident in my med. staff and this is my first preg. :(

  56. Breeze Says:

    Honestly I don’t think I have enough time or energy to finish what I need. Me and my husband moved in a new home when I was three months or so. We had to fix up his room, and the home in general, not to mention balancing work and as for me dealing with my emotional stress. This pregnancy haven’t hurt or disturbed me that much but I guess if you don’t get one thing you get the other. Once our little guy has finally come we will be short on bills cause of my delay of income and he’s going out of work from his slave mastering job. I just hope our baby brings so much to us that it won’t even matter. I’m looking forward to him cause at least now ill have an excuse to keep grabbing someone and rock us both to sleep. :-(

  57. new mom Says:

    I am 33 weeks and 1 day and it's my first baby! I am SO excited but at the same time, i am not feeling as great as I was up to the 8th month! It's hard to stand for a long time cuz there is SO much pressure down there and it feels like the dull crampy feeling won't go away. I can't get comfortable, im hungry all of the time, i pee 100 times per day but I have only gained 20 lbs so it's all in my belly which is awesome! all the exercise pays off!! Looking forward to meeting our new little man!!!

  58. Stephanie Roberts Says:

    I have the same thing happen to me, i asked my dr and he wasnt really sure what the pain was besides they say you can have cramping during an orgasm but mine arent during that time.. he said as long as i can handle the pain it was still ok to have sex, but it is very hard to handle so .. ……not much of that going on.

  59. Simplyme Says:

    Im 34 weeks and 2 days, It seems like its been FOREVER!!! Im very anxious to have this baby NOW, this is my second boy, we are all very excited. One thing I will NOT miss of being prego is all these aches and PAINS.. uuggh! Im really hoping to give birth sooner, I've spotted twice in the last month but no mucus plug yet. Im very Nervous about labor too, my last was with C-section, but they are trying to make this one come out vaginally. Im sooo scared, its feeling liek my first time all over again!

  60. Precious Says:

    i'll be 34 weeks pg tomorrow and can't wait.. having a schduled c-section so i only have 5 weeks left!!!. I even count down the days!!! LOL.. congrats to all the moms!!!

  61. Katrice Says:

    I'm having a sharp pain too but its not when/after I'm having sex. I haven't had sex during my pregnancy :( It sort of feels like a food cramp, that pain you get after you eat alot and then run right after you ate. Once the pain was really bad when I had tried to get up to go to the bathroom I was bent over felt like a tension of muscles. And even after the pain "subsides" like you said whenever the baby moves and/or pushes in that area it hurts bad.

    So if you think we having the same issue then I don't think its due to sex.

  62. An Says:

    I’m 34 weeks and 3 days, can’t wait and hope this little one will make an appearance two weeks eearly ( so my other half can be there…). Major pelvic pain, lower back spasms, sore ribs, indigestion, heartburn and permanent tiredness, so def ready for this to be over- little one seems to be having fun splashing about though, was 2/5 engaged one week ago. I can sympathise with the concern about care, we’ve had a few scares in this pregnancy, and the mw in the delivery ward have been absolutely lovely, but the consultants I have been referred to have been arrogant and less than helpful- and messed up the 32wk scan booking to check whether the placenta has moved away from the cervix- would be reassuring to either know that it has, or that I stand a good chance of being in serious trouble if it hasn’t and I go into labour… Been feeling my belly tighten really strongly through the last week or so, occasionally painful and lasting for a couple of minutes, happening several times per hour- is this normal? Good luck to everybody x

  63. annette Says:

    I have been having the stabbing pains in the vagina too. I asked my Dr about it, and she said it's due to the stretching of the muscles & ligaments as your body is getting ready for the big event. I had this with my 2nd pregnancy also (33 wks & 5 days today into my 3rd pregnancy).

  64. Sammie Says:

    Hi everyone my name is Samantha and I am 34 weeks and 3 days I have two daughters this is my third child and I am having a boy! Finally. But with this pregnancy I have bad pressure pain well liagment pAin and hot flashes my baby boy weighs about 6 pounds now and. Have to have a c-section at 39 weeks I just wonder how big he is going to be? These hot flashes have me taking about five showers a day I just can’t wait to see my little boy and have him in my arms.

  65. BLB Says:

    Ive been having braxton hix for weeks now and they have continued to get stronger. I am also 34 weeks and they are very uncomfortable. Sounds like what you are having. My doctor told me not to be concerned unless I have 10 in an hour. Hope this helps.

  66. redbone333 Says:

    Have the same concern. I was wondering if it was normal to feel so hot during pregancy. I live in NYC where it is very cold now. This past weekend I had all my windows open and I was sweating. Is that normal?

  67. MeaganD23 Says:

    Hi everyone! I’m 34 wks 3 days this is my first child.
    I am feeling exactly how everyone else is feeling and have to say hallelujah there are people who understand!!! I’m hot, can’t breath, swollen, tired, uncomfortable!
    Luckily for me my doctor is inducing me January 24th! So not much further to go!
    I wish all you ladies healthy babies! Good luck!

  68. Aimee Says:

    I’m 36 weeks pregnant today and I feel rubbish :( it’s my second baby (a boy this time) yay. I’ve got horrific heartburn that makes me feel sick everytime I eat (which is all the time) and I feel dizzy and tired. I’m really not enjoying it this time round but I can’t wait to meet him. Hopefully it will happen soon I’m so sore. Good luck everyone XX

  69. Anastasiya Says:

    I’m 34 weeks I feel like a huge pumpkin! I’m sooo sore all the time my back hurts and I’m always swollen!:( I hope my baby girl is out soon she is my first and I’m super excited! I’m just very tired and can’t ever sleep:( I have a feeling she will come feb 11 and I pray she does<3 wish everyone luck and congrats to the mothers that have recieved there blessings!<3

  70. mary Says:

    I am 34 weeks pregnant too with a baby girl. This is my fourth and was a big surprise im looking forward to it now. I havent slept in weeks but hope to have a valentines baby

  71. april Says:

    My name is April and I’m 34 weeks & 3 days :) . I have and 8 year old son who had the same due date as my daughter that’s coming soon. We hope her bday is on the 12th of feb like her bro. Can’t wait to see my Sophia already!! I’m so anxious and can’t sleep. When I do sleep I have weird dreams about my baby. Gd luck everyone! :)

  72. Kara Says:

    Im 34 weeks along and its my first! I am really excited to meet her, but I am also so scared for labor. But i just keep telling myself its all worth it, once I hold her im gonna be so happy! She has been moving like crazy, I swear she is trying to get out already. Due date is the 27th of Feb but I strongly believe she will be here way sooner then that. Beginning of Feb. A valentines baby would be wonderful :)

  73. Beth Says:

    I think the full moon is Feb 18th–so maybe then:) Good luck!

  74. Kristin Says:

    I'm due the 27th as well, but hoping he/she comes sooner! I''m a nurse and working 12 hour shifts until the end – its getting tough, but I hope the activity and being on my feet ALL day is in my favor:) It's my first too and I'm nervous for the delivery, but figure everyone gets through it and I will too. Good luck to you!

  75. kayleigh poistoveich Says:

    Im 33 weeks pregnant and living in CT. Im taking cold showers and opening the windows as well, even in the car i dont want the heater on.

  76. Lana Says:

    i gained 82lbs my first pregnancy. Started at 115lbs and 1 week before I delivered my daughter I weighed 197. After she was born I weighed 179. lol I know what you are going through! The weight comes off pretty easy, so don't sweat it ;)

    Good luck and Congrats :)
    I am 33 weeks and 5 days pregnant with my second child now :)

  77. conocer a dios Says:

    Breathtaking post. Thanks for publishing this site. Will definetly come back for more interesting information.

  78. Shelbi Says:

    I am 33 weeks & 5 days pregnant. I've gained 38 lbs. so far. My baby is breech so I'm hoping he turns soon! I'm so over being pregnant as well. My nipples have recently started to leak. That's normal at this point right? could that mean he's coming soon? gosh im so anxious!

  79. Ericka B Says:

    I am 34 weeks with my third child two girls 9 and 4 along with my first BOY!!! This pegnancy has actually been pretty good. I have thrush and some back pain but besides that it has been a blessing. I plan on trying to work until the week before I am due. My job has planned a baby shower February 18th and I hope I make it till then because the braxton-hicks contracts started about a week ago.

  80. Katy913 Says:

    You are all making me feel better. I am a WHALE, I am 34wks 4days, my second child, I cry everyday from fatigue and frustration, 3 more weeks of work left (what the hell was I thinking?!) and I feel like I could pop anyday although I don’t want her to come before she’s ready! I am hoping for a half term baby – 19th Feb onwards. Hang in there mummies, we’re all amazing, I don’t know any blokes who could do this lol! x

  81. Katy913 Says:

    I also gained 70lbs with my first…almost half that this time around (40lbs), I did lose it all within 6 months of my first arriving, you will too, top tip: breastfeed! The ultimate fat dissolver :-) As long as you are healthy and happy, that's what matters! Congrats!

  82. Liz Says:

    It is my last day of being 34 weeks and I have gainged about 45 thus far. I'm miserable and so uncomfortable. I cannot wait to have my baby girl, but I feel like it's years away!

  83. presh Says:

    Hi all, I am 34 weeks this week and all of sudden
    I have become super emotional. I have some thrush, joint pain
    My feet swell a lot, and unequally. They also hurt a lot
    And also itch. I am hoping to work till the end of Feb
    This is my second baby first is my two year old daughter.
    I am excited about my son!good luck everyone :)

  84. Stephlova NY Says:

    OMG I feel the same way, I'm just about 34 weeks pregnant and it's 20 something degrees out, why am I so hot all the time?! I guess it's body heat lol

    Good Luck To All =)

  85. Desiree Says:

    I am 33 weeks and 4 days and have had the worst groin pain you could imagine. In the middle of the night I can barely move from side to side or even get out of bed to use the bathroom. it isn’t this bad all the time but a good amount. Does anybody else have this sort of pain and what can I do to relieve it?

  86. Rae Says:

    I am 34 weeks and i cant wait to have my princess… I am still working but cant wait to stop already all i want to do is sleep lol lol… Resting for me at night makes it difficult i have to find the comfort to be able to sleep. Good luck everyone on your delivery :-)

  87. Kinyatta Says:

    Sound like you need to switch up real soon

  88. Brandy Says:

    I'm 34 weeks pregnant and MISERABLE! Carpal tunnel has almost disabled my right hand! I stay in tears and can't wait until this is OVER! I've gained 65lbs and I feel every pound of it! Due to high blood pressure I only have 4 weeks left!!!:)

  89. sarah Says:

    34 weeks and 2 days with second boy! I have gained 14 pounds which is less than with my first. I am definately uncomfortable now and ready for it to be over, I dont think I have had any braxton hicks I am feeling alot of pressure down low in my stomach off and on but I know his head is down there so i am sure thats why. I havent had heartburn real bad this pregnancy but am starting to get it alot now,not sure why that is? My first was 7pds 3 ounces at 37 1/2 weeks thats a big baby I am not sure what this one is weighing now but probably big so I am wishing this one to come around 37 weeks also. I need to go walk alot they say sometimes that helps you deliver faster. I am also getting very nervous about delivery I had a horrible delivery with the first epideral wore off and I felt everything! I have been feeling like I am on my period the last couple of days with how easy I can cry and for really no reason. Well good luck to all out there I hope everything goes well with everyone.

  90. Carolin Dipalma Says:

    I happen to be seeking looking close to for this sort of information. Will you post some far more in long run?

  91. Lamanda Says:

    IM also 34 weeks and i’m really tired and just so stressed out! This is my fourth baby and heartburn has been killing me everyday. And i feel like my water goin to break sometimes with all the pressure thats down there. I get more nervious everday.I cant even get rid of back pain!!! i sleep with body pillow and it dont even work and try everything. I just cant wait im so MISSERABLE!!!!! but cant wait to hold her.

  92. kelly Says:

    i am on my 4th too and know exactly how u r feeling i cant wait either i just want him out i get the same back pain and heartburn and everything u r going through…. thank god at 38 weeks they r stripping my membrains

  93. Laura C Says:

    You could have SPD… I was just diagnosed with this a few days ago. It is where your body releases too much of the hormone "relaxen" and too soon. It causes your pelvic bone to open too much and is extremely painful. I find it most difficult to get out of bed in the morning, my DH has to help me everyday. It makes everyday tasks such as getting dressed or walking next to impossible. There isn't much they can do. You pretty much have to wait it out and deal. I got a script for a maternity belt, and Dr. note to stop working (haven't yet) and a handicap referral which is more trouble at the DMV then its worth so I wont be getting that. Hang in there. It gets better after the baby comes…. so I hear. :)

  94. Jenny Says:

    I do! It only happens at night when i get home. It is so bad i cant hardly stand up or move. Not sure why but it normally is gone in the morning.

  95. Kenya Says:

    Hello Desiree I have the same pain and my doctor told me to lay on one side that is more comfortable and to not lay on my back. She also recommend me to take tyenol.

  96. Brittany Says:

    im also 34 weeks and 2 days i had a little nausea in the beggining of pregnancy but recently (2 days ago) ive been going through morning sickness spells "the worst" i can t keep anything down in the morning but ginger ale…which is also my bestfrnd lol. but goodluck to all the mommys 2 be!!!!! very interesting experiance "first child".

  97. Kim Says:

    This is so refreshing!! This is my first pregnancy and I have gained 38lbs and was sort of freaking out about it! I have family that is constantly warning me not to gain too much weight, but I just try and ignore them. My dr isn't concerned so I try not to be; however, when I look in the mirror and see all of my stretch marks and weight in places that I didn't have before, I sometimes want to cry. I can't wait to meet my little man, he mean the world to me. I lost my first baby 2 months before getting pregnant with this miracle man!! So I have basically been pregnant for 10 months!!! I am ready for a baby already!!!! I am constantly being told by everyone in our community how huge I am, and I want to punch them in the nose!! I am 8.5 months pregnant am I suppose to look like a supermodel or something!!! BACK OFF!!! :) This site is great, I will definitely be back!!!

  98. miranda Says:

    im 34 weeks pregnant and i have gone into pre-term labor twice this month, the doctors had stopped it with some medication then to find out it made me have an irritable uterus so now i have painful contractions all the time. i have only gained 24lbs and it is my first child =] cant wait to see my little man!

  99. Kaithy Says:

    I'm 34 weeks pregnant and I hate running out of breath, especially since I have asthma i feel terrible, sometimes i even worry about being unable to catch my breath. I haven't gained much weight, about 9 lbs only :( it makes me feel bad but the doctor says its fine, I had really bad morning sickness and it seems to be coming back now. I just want my baby boy already! i really can't wait.!<3

  100. Bernadette Says:

    I am 34 weeks pregnant and miserable as hell can't wait until this is finally over. I seem to can't get any sleep, can't keep food down, and have heartburn alot man I wish I would go into labor right now

  101. kelly Says:

    i know exactly how you feel. this is my third pregnancy, and by far the worse! i have suffered painful acid reflux since 22 weeks, and nothing worked.after crying in my gps surgery, i was prescribed rantedine (i may have spelled it wrong) and my gosh, what a miracle drug.im devastated i didnt go to him sooner…….
    im having a planned c/section at 38 weeks. so only 4 more to go…….

  102. daimon Says:

    I am confused for my girl went to the hospital on the first of December and was told she was 22 weeks pregnant and on the 3rd of February they told her she is 34 weeks pregnant.I had calculated that her due day was the 6th of April but she is told that if everything goes well her due day will be the 29th of March.I wonder whats up.is it Africa or that I am a man and can't understand women stuff?

  103. Lissette Says:

    I am 34 weeks today and have also not gained much weight (9 lbs) mostly because i lost weight with morning sickness during the first 6 months pf my pregnancy. My doctor says that this is fine because the baby weighs what she is supposed to. The only problem that I have found bothers me is the fact that y little girl seems to feel comfortable sitting on one of my nerves causing numbness to my right leg when I climb steps or walk for a long stretch. I am enjoying my pregnancy and although I can not wait to see my little girl, I do not mind being pregnant (1st pregnancy). Good luck to you all!!!

  104. Diane Says:

    Hello, Im 33 weeks and 4 days and this is my 4th pregnancy. I have 3 boys ages 12, 10, and 8. This baby is my girl..But this has been the worst experience of my life..i don’t think Ive enjoyed one bit of it…she moves non stop and Im not exaggerating…Ive been 5 cm for 3 weeks and on bedrest but I feel like she is gonna rip open my stomach and start kung fu fighting…so many complaints I feel like another person..everyone is excited though..she is the first granddaughter so its exciting.. Doc expects her to come around 35 weeks but that seems soooo far away… Just cannot wait till the discomfort is a distant memory and Im holding my baby girl in my arms…

  105. dpadilla Says:

    wow! For a second there….I thought I was writing that. LOL. I am also 33 weeks and 4 days. I also have 3 boys ages 12,9 and almost 6 and this is my baby girl. This has been the toughest pregnancy for me yet! All my kids were vaginal deliveries and this one is going to be a csection. I have a placenta previa. My lil girl is also a non-stop mover. She scares me because it's non-stop day and night. I also feel like she's trying to come out the side of my stomach and she hurts me often. I had my last 2 at 35 weeks and I"m crossing my fingers that this one is the same. If I have to wait until I'm 38 weeks, I will probably lose it. I'm not as dialated as you but I feel your pain. GOOD LUCK!!!! It will be worth it for our little princesses. :-)

  106. Mego Says:

    I will be 34 weeks on Saturday and I’m feelin great! I’m loving the “three-ring” circus she has going on in my belly. I am finding though that I’m STARVING suddenly and feel like I might be sick if I don’t eat ASAP. I eat and am back to feeling wonderful again. This starving feeling… is this normal at this point? I’m sure it is but I want to make sure.

  107. Angie Says:

    I will be 34 weeks Sunday;) I had a cercloge at 13 weeks & I’m considered extremely high-risk! I feel sooo blessed to have made it this far! Every kick or hiccup, I cherish!!! I have already packed my hospital bag…just to give me a little more peace of mind. The longer I can keep my baby boy in “tha oven”,the better! Its been a long road…but it’s been worth the jurney, & I’m gonna miss feeling all of those punches…he’s on a secdule all his own;~) GOOD LUCK TO ALL YOU NEW MOMMIES!!!

  108. kelly Says:

    ive got 5 boys and finaly got pregent with my 6th child and found out it was a girl my pregnacy was the worst i was so sick and tired and than i went 6 days over due and when she finaly came she was in such a hurry we didnt make it to the hospital she was born at home on my bed with all my family around and not doctors or medical people at all she is worth it but i finaly have my little girl she just turned 1 on sunday

  109. Seattle Reader Says:

    You may want to proofread this article a little better. It's spelled "breech", not "breach". And, although babies are sensitive to light at this point, there are no "lights" in ultrasound. It's sound waves.

  110. weena Says:

    i’m 30 weeks pregnant…to my excitement i’m reading all the materials related to my pregnancy.. i’m happy for all the expecting moms out there like me!!!! i know how it feels.. i want to see my baby boy!!! can’t wait anymore, counting the days everyday!!!

  111. tasha 1st tym mummy Says:

    I am 34 weeks and 2days I am having a little girl and really can’t wait to have her I feel so exausted its a chore just to get out of bed in the morning and I am only a young mum also don’t no if its normal not to even be bothered about going in to labour so excited wish it wud hurry

  112. LISELLE--34-35 WEEKS Says:


  113. Pretty Says:

    Im also 34 weeks i’m so excited, lookng forward to give birth to my second daughter, 1st one is 8 yrs. i like the space between them.

  114. Nate'sGrl Says:

    Hello…I understand how u feel..I have been very sick with this pregnancy! I love my baby too, and dnt regret him at all, but Im done having children! Congrats on ur new commer!

  115. Nate'sGrl Says:

    I know how u feel with the heartburn! I fight it tooth & nail EVERYDAY and night! I am up and down all night goin to the restroom, and fighting the burn! My husband thinks the waddle is very cute, but as we know..it doesnt feel cute lol!

  116. MONAE' Says:


  117. DanniRed Says:

    I am 33 weeks and 5 days today. I have gained 38lbs so far, and boy has my doctor been on me about it! I have felt just fine, and I don’t have HBP or GD. I wasn’t eating like crazy either. I have done my best to exercise throughout the pregnancy and stay active, so I don’t know why I gained so much more than her recommended 25lbs. So, hoping the weight does come off after I deliver. Most peole say I look small and that it’s all belly. It’s not, but nice of them to say. I can see my busts and butt have grown like crazy! I can certainly identify with everyone who is ready to deliver already.
    Best wishes to all who are still on the journey and congrats to all who now have their beautiful little ones to hold.

  118. sabrina perry Says:

    hi liselle, I'm sabrina im also pregnant with my third child im 34 weeks and know exactly what you are talking about my youngest is 13 so it is a big gap and im also 34 years old this time and i have been an emotional wreck i think my boyfriend is going
    to go crazy i realy do feel sorry for him right now. this is his first and he has never been around a pregnant women before so he didnt know what to expect and this one has been a doosy i think sometimes i have just gone crazy,

  119. Katie Says:

    I’m 33 weeks today but reading ahead :) I have a 13yr old son and 11yr old daughter and Have no idea if this baby is a boy or girl but we were trying for a boy..fingers crossed;) I feel amazing all day but have sporadic sciatic nerve pain and heartburn most nights. I am very happy to be pregnant tho after losing momo twin boys at 15 weeks in dec. of 2009. Can’t wait for baby to arrive so we can finally see if it’s a boy or girl!! I feel bad that a lot of u ladies are having a rough time these last weeks of pregnancy. But just think- you will soon forget about all of the bad when you have that little sweet baby in your arms. :)

  120. leah Says:

    I am 34 weeks pragent and i cant wait till my due date comes along it still seems so far along but i really cant complain i had a good pragancey i enjoy being pragnet it is a blessing to me this is my 5th baby i have 3 girls and one boy girls are7,5,1 andmy son is 3 and i am supose to have another girl even though this is my 5th child iam still alittle nervers about labor i hope everthing goes well and cant wait to see my baby girl and to see what she looks like

  121. Jennifer Says:

    Hi Katie, we seem to have alot in common. I was 33 weeks last week too. I have a daughter 14 and a son 13. I also lost a son in 2009 at 17 weeks. I am sorry for your loss. And i am happy for the blessing of this child in your life.
    I hope all goes well for you in the weeks to come and that you have a healthy happy baby ( boy, wink!)/

  122. Jennifer Says:

    I'm 34 weeks and 2 days. I feel like I can't catch my breath often, but other than that the physical strain is minimum.
    I am struggling more with the father of my child. We are seperated but I have contact with him. it is a very negative relationship and often times I end up in heaving tears talking to him. It is so hard to let the relationship go, even though I recognize it is so destructive. It saddens me that the dream of family as i had it in my heart is not going to be. He shows no mercy for me and continues to hound me. I am sad that my baby hears me sob. I feel like a bad mother already. I don't want to be sad anymore. Any one who is of the praying sort…please pray for my peace of mind and for teh strength to let the man go. Thank you and good luck to all you mothers.

  123. ONeil Says:

    Father God, you are a awesome God, full of Mercy and Grace and Love. Please forgive us of our sins. Thank you for Pregnancies on this website and the Babies that are about to be born. We know that whatever we ask of you believing and never doubting you will grant it at this time. Please comfort all the Pregnant ladies here that are going through stress, distress, depression, loneliness, etc.

    In your Son Jesus' name Amen!!

  124. mommy2011 Says:

    Im 34 weeks wit my 1st bby. I was very active at the beginnin of my pregnancy but now im startin to slow dwn. It hurts in my vaginal area when I walk and sometimes my ribs hurt. I jus cnt wait til she gets here

  125. mnd jommy2011 Says:

    And jennifer me and the father of my child r goin thru the same situation. We barely tlk at all. He doesnt call to check on me and hasnt been to any appointments. Im done stressin tho cuz I did enough of that thru out my whole pregnancy.

  126. Alissa Says:

    I am 34 weeks and this pregnancy has been a roller coaster for me. The father of my child gets murdered and I am suffering from depression. There were days when I have thought about falling down or up some stairs just to get my baby out. This is my fourth and final child. After this pregnancy I am throwing a memorial service for my tubes and then a huge party. I can't wait to have this baby.

  127. Julie Says:

    im 34 weeks and im soo ready for baby to come right now, i feel huge and uncomfortable, its hard to get good sleep at night and id rather not gair anymore weight i was trying to only gain 25 pounds and ive gained 26 who knows how much more ill gain in the coming weeks. other than all that this has been a wonderful pregnancy and its my first one, we dont know if itsa boy or girl so we really havnt gotten any baby things which is very very hard i just want to buy everything when we go to stores. I hope everyone else is doin well! we only have a few more weeks to go!!

  128. Courtney Says:

    I am 34 weeks pregnant with my first baby a boy and am being told he is measuring 36 weeks. I wish I could understand. I am 5 ft 3 in and was 7 7 when I was born. Evryone keep saying I’m measuring like tht bc I’m soo little I am praying he is less than 7 7 but am questioning it now. I know ppl that have gained a lot more than me and stuff and had 6 lb babies. Is there any hope he will b less than what I weighed. My email is misercourtney@gmail.com

  129. tanzina Says:

    hi, I was 16 when I had my daughter, I think I am a little bit smother and in size wase I was really small,
    when I had her I was told she is quite big for, but when I went to my delivery trust me am not lying it wasnt hard to push her out because she was quite big, she weighed 8pounds( a big baby lol). My entire labor took 30min with out any pan re leaf.
    The reason it wasn't as hard the key to it is walk until you feel you cant go on no more, that helps your baby come down and doesn't take that long in labor. I am also pregnant with my second baby at 34weeks, and i ready stared my walking and the doctor said that his already head down just has to continue to go down.
    So good luck hope that helped. (tanzina@live.co.uk)

  130. Helen Says:

    This article is great, but what really makes me angry is the notion that during labor the doctor will perform an episiotomy. This is absolutely not necessary. In fact, they suggest that you use any measure possible to not have an episiotomy, such as using a warm compress or lotion. I don't think you should tell women this proceedure will be performed during labor, as it is completely unnecessary in typical circumstances.

  131. abigail Says:

    hello i have ahd my dreams of family crushed a time or two also so i understand ur emotions….just remember that if u can recognize that this relationship is not healthy for your baby and your self then u are already a great mother… dont doubt ur self…. lol i am the praying sort so ill send some ur way… however u can pray just like u talk to a friend and talk to jesus..tell him ur worries and your fears your hopes and dreams i can pray but it means more when u ask … good luck i am a mommy of soon to be five you will be ok stay strong u are not alone….

  132. Maureen Says:

    Hang in there Jennifer. I am just as far along as you and can't wait to meet my little boy. Even though you and the father are not together, that does not mean you won't be the best mom to your child. It will probably be better for everyone in the long run that you split now… Once your precious bundle of joy enters the world you will instinctively know how to love it and care for it. I wish you the best and will pray for you! Good luck on the rest of your pregnancy and a safe and healthy delivery!

  133. maureen Says:

    I am measuring large too. My doc is inducing me because she thinks my baby will be 10 pound if I go full term! You should ask to have an ultrasound to see what the baby is measuring internally. The tummy measurements are not very accurate. By ultrasound they can determine how much the baby weighs right now and see if it's going to be a big one. Also, if you are not positive about your conception date, you could be farther along than you think. Check with your doc about getting another ultrasound though… Good luck and best wishes for a 7 pounder!!

  134. Melissa Says:

    I was were you are 13 years ago. I was determined my sone would have his father in his life as I was not fortunat to have mine around. The father left us when I was 4 months along. My mother always tried to drill in to my head that I was strong enugh to do this on my owne. And she was correct. However, I had a very good friend who was around and we fell in love when my son was about 6 months old. He loves my son as his own and has from the first time he saw him. The "BIO" father is in the picture and gets my son every other weekend beacuse I was pushy in the begaining. He is not the easiest person to get along with. We have had problems with him for 13 years. I am glad my son knows his father so he can see the diffrence between a "DAD" and a " FATHER". I sometimes wish I had not pushed for him to see our child but it is what it is.
    Since than I have had another son who is 12 and I am now 32 weeks along with my 3rd boy.. Oh my friend and I got merried and have been one HAPPY FAMILY for 13 years!!

  135. Melissa Says:

    I just want you to know you can do this! You are creating life as we speak and if thats not proof enugh that women are stronger than I don't know what is.
    And the FAMILY you need to focus on is you and your little blessing! Beleave me once your baby is borne you will forget anyone else exists in the world..
    Don't CRY anymore!! It will all work out for you as it has for me.
    I will keep you in my prayers daily..
    I hope this helps you in some way.


  136. mom113 Says:

    i am 34 week pregnant and this is my first pregnancy so much weakness every time i have some problem doctors also dont understand me and medicions is not suiting me:( but now in this week there is new problem and that is i feel like some one is holding my head whatever i am seeing is all dream like i am half faint i can’t tolerate this :( please anyone can tell me that after pregnancy i will b ok?? i can walk?? :(

  137. Devin Says:

    It is such a relief to know I’m not the only one who is miserable! I am 34 weeks with my third.i have two boys 3 & 1 1/2…I’m finally having my baby girl.I’m always tired have no energy and can’t wait to have this baby.i don’t remember my other pregnancies being sooo long.i guess I won’t be pregnant forever but it sure feels like it.

  138. Anela Says:

    Hey ladies, I am 34 weeks with my 5th child. My older children are 11,9,5, and 3. I am very anxious to have the baby. At 37 weeks I plan on starting primrose oil. I took it with my last and gave birth on his due date in 1 hour from my water breaking and 30 min from contractions, he was born in 2 pushes. But I did tear a little. But i have to say the primrose oil did wonders for me. I also drank a lot of raspberry tea.

  139. Sasha Says:

    i am 34 weeks today and glad i found this page ! :)
    i am soo ready for little man to get here <3 im definitely feeling the nesting lol . for some reason for the past couple days i've been in that mood to find his first day home outfit . like everyday i feel like i have to have his outfit but i have YET to get the / his baby bag so i end up changing my mind . i also recently over the past couple nights and evenings have been dealing with swelling in the feet and backache , that along with feeling soooo tired . i'm 5 ft 1 and feel everyy movement (and sometimes they even hurt due to how sensitive my stomach area has become) i've gained a healthy amount of weight (well baby and i) . two weeks ago went into labor/delivery and was treateed with the shot to stop the contractions (i forgot what it was called) but because he was measuring small . i have a doctors appointment on friday so we'll see how far i've gotten . hoping to at leaste have the baby in another 4-5 weeks or so but only if he's ready and at a healthy weight and size <3 can't wait to meet him and see what he looks like (so far just like daddy<3)

  140. Sasha Says:


  141. Nicole Says:

    I am 33 weeks and 2 days pregnant with my 2nd child. My first was a boy he is now 3 years old. He was born 8lbs 1oz on August 10th 2008. This one is a little girl and I am hoping that she is smaller than he was. I had a GD scare, I failed my 1 hour test and passed the 3 hour test but my doctor said I still have some insulin resistance so I should avoid sugar to prevent the baby from getting too big. I was enduced at 39 weeks with my son, I’m kinda hoping for the same thing around this time. I always want to get the pregnancy over and done with, even though this pregnancy hasnt been too bad for me. With my son I worked until I was 8 months pregnant, this time I’m a stay at home mom..so that has made it alot easier for me to deal with this pregnancy. I just really want to go for another ultrasound just to check the weight of the baby since my son was 8lbs and I have this insulin resistance thing going on with this one. I want to make sure she isnt going to be 9 or 10lbs…lol. I tore with my son and I really dont want to go through that again!
    I’ve gained 24lbs with this pregnancy so far which I think is great because with my son I gained a total of 70lbs and that just makes it so much harder for delievery, So I am hoping delivery is smooth this time and she just kinda pops out! LOL Congratulations to everyone else having a baby around this time..beleive me, in no time you’ll have your little bundle of joy in your arms and all the pain and misery will be a soon forgotten memory.

  142. Wendy Says:

    I know being pregnant is a challenge ladies, but we need to enjoy it while it lasts! I am 34 weeks pregnant having lower back pain, work full time, full time student and a mother of a five year old. So I know exactly how you are all feeling, but we need enjoy it we aren’t going to be pregnant forever!!! Some things that you might want to do to ease back pain is prenatal yoga, do don’t need to attend an actual class just but the video or rent one from the library. Believe me this stuff really works. And again enjoy your pregnancy this is what makes women super ;) .

  143. Angel Says:

    I am 33 weeks and 4 days pregnant.first time pregnant mum. I wish i have born my baby so dt i can start carying and loving the baby. Bt i dont knw d sex of my baby. My husband wants a boy and he wount be as happy as he would if i hv a baby girl

  144. Nicole Says:

    I am posting again, lol. I am 34 weeks pregnant today. I only have 6 weeks left to go and it’s like I cant wait for my little girl Alyssa to be here but then I also think about all the crying and sleepless nights and that makes me think I want to enjoy the time I have right now. As of yesterday I have swollen ankels, I had swollen ankels through out the whole end of the pregnancy with my son Aidan and I was hoping I wouldnt have that problem this time around…lol..guess I was hoping to get lucky. I am also having a problem with hip pain when I lay down and pelvic & back pain when I stand up, so I’m just basically trying not to sit or lay in any one position for too long.
    It’s crazy to think in only 6 weeks I will be the mother of 2 children not just one. My life will be changed forever in the blink of an eye. I feel so blessed that I have my son, and now I’m going to have a daughter. This pregnancy has went pretty smoothly so I’m hoping it continues to go that way and I also have a smooth labor & delivery. I’ve only been for 3 ultrasounds one at 9 weeks and then one at 18 then one at 20 weeks because they couldnt get all the veiws they wanted of the baby at 18 weeks. I would really like to go for another ultrasound before I have this baby just to check and make sure everything is ok, and for them to check her weight since my son was pretty big but I’m not sure if I’m going to get that. I go to the doctors tomorrow night so I’m going to bring it up and see what she says about it. Who knows. Congrats to all the soon to be mommmys out there! Take care and I hope everything works out for all of you <3

  145. madi Says:

    I am 33 weeks and 5 days. I was so good at walking everyday for an hour this whole pregnancy since last month when dizzines kicked in. I can barely walk for 20 minutes before it feels like the baby is going to fall out. I have been feeling really happy about the baby and then really anxious about my life after the baby. I have a 5 year old girl who just started school this year and that has also contributed to me feeling down. My second girl is 2 and now this one is a boy. I know I should be feeling really happy because I will have the newborn and the 2 year old to take care of, but I feel so sad that my 5 year old has to go to school. I know I sound crazy, but I miss her so much. I am kind of glad that she started school in September and the baby will be here at the end of October so that gives me some time to adjust. I guess I am just sad because of all these changes in life. It’s so scary to have to send your baby to deal with the world. Does anyone else feel this way?

  146. Heather Says:

    Hi. My name is heather I see all ya’ll at 33 &34 weeks sayin yall wont the baby out. well here’s my point of vew. My Daughter was just born Sep 20-11 she was only 5#s barley 17in. She os in the NICU untill furter notic.. If I could have held off my water breaking and spendong 14hrs in labor worried about if my daughter was going to be ok out here I would hve in a blink of an eye. I cant hold her cant tuch her:( its the worst folling in the world so plz no matter how mizrable u are plz just hold off till 37- 38wks

  147. Tiffany Says:

    I’m 38 1/2 weeks but my baby boy is breech. I’m scheduled to have the doctor try to flip him on Monday and if that’s not successful I’m going for a c-section on Tuesday. Today I’ve started to loose my mucas plug, not all of it just bits and pieces. What I’m wondering is if the doc will still be able to try to flip him? Anybody with any insight would be greatly appreciated.

  148. Jennifer Says:

    Wow Heather…that is moving. I am sitting here at work thinking about how uncomfortable I am. I am 34 weeks and am a very hefty person. All I can think about is getting comfortable, but you have opened my mind to a different type of thinking. I want my baby to be okay. I am a scheduled section in 5 weeks, so I know I can make it. Anyhow, best of luck to you and your baby. My prayers are with you both.

  149. Kristin Says:

    This is baby 4 for me and I am 33wks 4 days. I have had all my kids via c section so this one will be no different. However, the baby already has his head crammed down into my pelvis. I am in so much pain from it. My back hurts, it hurts to walk, sit, lay down, and I have contractions all the time but nothing regular. I am so tired and just want to cry. My surgery is scheduled for week 39, but I don’t think I can do this any longer. I just want to have this baby and be done! I don’t mean to complain, but just want you all to know you are not alone. Oh and my youngest is 15 months so guess what that means… I don’t get a second to myself.

  150. tammy Says:

    hi my name is tammy i’m 34 weeks i feel like i have a bowling ball in between my legs i feel hot one minute then nausea the next does anyne else have this

  151. name Says:

    34 weeks and ladies, I am a total bit%h! I have not been sad at all throughout the pregnancy. I am either paranoid or furious most of the time now. I REALLY hope this doesn’t last forever. I have gestational diabetes, anemia, a drunk neurotic husband, a very stressful executive level job full of responsibilities and time committments, and I’m entangled in several lawsuits. I just inherited 4 beautiful children ages 3-17 b/c their mother committed suicide three weeks ago (my husband’s children from a prior marriage). I certainly control my emotions around the chidren but I really let my husband have it, regularly. He is so inconsistent and unreliable that even our COUPLES THERAPIST just broke up with us because he missed so many appointments. He has maxed out my credit cards and has no ability at the present time to pay them off. He is a genius, literally — so he has a lot of potential and a decent track record of success. This is my first child and I want to give the nuclear family a chance. In additoin, I feel an obligation to his other children now that their mother is gone and he is so inconsistent. Ug.

    Anyone else grumpy beyond belief? I can’t tell if it’s life, hormones, both, or something else. I’m considering an anti anxiety medication — this is how bad it is! He keeps telling me I’m nuts.

  152. Jessica Says:

    OMG i jus turned 34wks today and i feel like crap my back kills me i cant remember the last time i jus had some good sleep , the baby kicks are gettin stronger and stronger and sometimes it hurts, wen i walk i feel like im about to pass out i cant stand up no longer than 3 minutes. But i stay cryin all the time i cry about every little thing i easily get depressed and knowing that the baby is gone be here in a few weeks its starting to scare me, this is my first child and im so scared im like OMG wat am i gone do , but im so ready to push this baby on out lol…

  153. family health services Says:

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  154. joann Says:

    I am 34 weeks and 1 day. I have had many complications and have been experiencing lots of indigestion even with medication this week. It has been so bad it makes me vomit. Breathing has been difficult at times too. I have only gained 8 pounds so far but feel so heavy. I’m looking forward to having my son in my arms and can’t wait to meet him. I feel i’ve known him forever!

  155. alissa Says:

    i`m 34 weeks pregnant and i`m so ready well i think i am this is my fourth child and i`ve had enough so i`m tying my tubes some people say i`ll regret it but i don`t thinkso cause the way things are these days i just can`t do it again,well someone please let me know how u feel because i really don`t want to be making the wrong desesion

  156. Cheryl Says:

    Hi! I’m 34wks today and pregnant with 2wins :) This pregnancy was rough but pleasurable…except up until now !! Sleep is but my imagination, pelvic pressure is a beast and my “nesting” instincts keep trying to kick into overdrive. I’ve been told by Doc and friends to chill out…but I’m a mom of 4 others and putting a halt on my normal household routine seems so impossible. Thankfully I have friends to lighten the load. Can’t wait to hold these boys in a more comfortable way ;) Good luck to the rest of you ladies.

  157. nadia Says:

    im very sick and hardly cant sleep i dont know what to do. im a wake all night i just cant get sleep and i also have back pain. I fill tired and very weak every each day. my bones are hurting me every night and day and I dont know what to do with that epecially my two arms and my legs and i alao have hardburn
    Can you please advise me what I’m gonna do to stop all this sickness that I’m having every minutes

  158. shauntell hatfield Says:

    I am always sleepy , nipples hurt , and so does my back. I cant take it no more I just want to push mj out. I’m 33 weeks and so ready.

  159. shauntell hatfield Says:

    What should I do plz help

  160. Courtney Swartz Says:

    I will be 35 weeks this upcoming saturday – and overall, i feel like i should have several months left yet. this pregnancy, my first, has been great to me lol.

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  162. Predicaciones Says:

    It’s a memorable experienced having birth a child on 34 weeks the moment feels closer than ever

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