35 Weeks Pregnant

By time the 35th week of pregnancy comes, you may be thinking more about your due date—and how quickly it is approaching. What seemed so far way is now closer than ever before and what felt like years away is at your doorstep.

If you haven’t yet started a journal about your baby , pregnancy or thoughts you would like to share, this is a great time to start.  Every thought and emotion is important and while you may think you will remember, it doesn’t always work that way. So record every special moment for later, and encourage your partner to do the same.

Your body is changing rapidly and you may feel like you are losing control of it—but hold on and do your best to remember that the end result will be you meeting your baby for the first time.

Baby’s Development

At thirty-five weeks, your baby will weigh about 5-1/2 to 6 pounds and measures in at 18 to 20 inches long. By this week, the baby’s organs are complete. The liver and the kidneys are starting to produce waste. The most quickly developing organ is still your baby’s brain though.  Right now those tiny nerve connections are linking up to send signals to and from the brain. Your baby can now process all five senses, detect light, practice breathing, and make purposeful movements like shielding its eyes and sucking the thumb.

Because your baby is quickly running out of room in the uterus to move, so you will start to notice a slight decline in fetal movement, but only slightly.  What may have felt like an obvious kick in the beginning may only feel like a nudge or push these days.

Now is a great time to talk to your baby. This will help start the bonding process before they are born, and help your baby respond to the sound of your voice.

If the baby is born at week thirty-five, they have a pretty solid chance of surviving well. The nervous system and circulatory systems are fully functional and the baby’s lungs are mostly developed, and your baby is steadily gaining weight in preparation for the big day.

Changes With Your Body

You should be near your ideal weight gain of 25 to 35 pounds by now.  The uterus is now about 6 inches above your navel and is probably making you feel like you could roll easier than you walk.  If you have been struggling with shortness of breath, the next week or so should bring relief as baby descends into the pelvis in preparation for birth. Known as lightening, some women feel or see an obvious drop in their bodies when the baby moves down. Others may never notice anything—but where you get a little, you will have to give. As you gain an easier breath, you will begin making even more frequent trips to the bathroom to urinate as baby puts some serious restrictions on the size of your bladder.

If all that bladder pressure causes you to leak a little when you laugh, cough or sneeze, start your pelvic floor exercises for added strength.  Known as a Kegel, these exercises can help strengthen the muscles that support the vagina, urethra and reproductive organs. To perform a Kegel, pretend you are stopping and starting your urine stream several times by contracting those muscles. Hold for 10 to 15 seconds and repeat several times each day.

What To Expect

Starting at week 36, you will make weekly visits to your obstetrician, so this is the end of the bi-weekly visits. Because the last several weeks can bring about dramatic changes in a short period of time, it is going to be very important that you keep each and every doctor’s appointment.   Your doctor will monitor your blood pressure, urine, baby’s position, and heartbeat with each visit.

Symptoms of labor may begin any time—so be on the watch for any early signs. Some women claim to lose a large plug of mucus from the vagina as labor approaches, yet other women never do.  In reality, this plug of mucus that prevents bacteria from moving up through the cervix into the uterus is probably lost during labor for some women.  Any bleeding, sudden gush of clear or green-tinged fluid, or contractions that are regular and increasing in intensity over time should be reported to your doctor or labor hall.


Pack that bag and make your plans.  Have a list of phone numbers and contact information for friends, family and especially your partner or birth coach. Do your best to limit travel now until delivery to prevent the struggle of going into labor or having a complication away from your doctor and hospital.


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  1. jody Says:

    I am so glad to have this information, sometimes i feel like i am the only pregnant woman on the planet and that is obviously not the case. I am also glad to find out where my baby is at in this stage of development.

  2. rosana Says:

    It is ok Jody. I think it is amazing that we can now find this information online and not go by the wivestales that everybody else wants you to go by. This way we know exactly how to take care of ourselves and what questions to asks when se see the doctor.

  3. Toya Says:

    I’m glad I got this info as well.These r the exact symptoms that Ive been experiencing and I was worried ..b/4 reading this.Now I feel a bit more comfortable knowing these symptoms are normal

  4. chelsea Says:

    this info is really helpful im going to be a teen mom so im sure its going to be alot harder,,,im having a girl and the more i read from this info the more i want her out,,,lol

  5. sarah Says:

    yes im so happy this is here i have probably the worlds worst doctor and they don’t know how to answer any questions, if it weren’t for the internet id be a nervous wreck!

  6. Barbie Says:

    Is anyone experiencing a decrease in fetal movements? I’m 35 weeks and I’m worried because I haven’t felt movement for quite a few hours, maybe 6. Some sites say that the babies movement will decrease from this point in the pregnancy but then they also say to get checked out if movements have decreased!!! Help, I’m so confused!!!

  7. jazz Says:

    i feel the same- my son don't move as much and i got worried and went to the doctor and my doctor said everything is fine its just the baby is a little snugged and don't have much room to move.

  8. wiley123 Says:

    I was told if that happens to try a small snack and juice and then lay down if u still don't get anything in the next hour u should make this aware to ur dr by calling them theyll understand…..

  9. aisha Says:

    Try drinking some cold water or eating on a popsicle

  10. amy Says:

    i get tight stomach all time but not much pain this is my forth baby but not had this before am 35weeks now x soooooo uncomfortable too

  11. Emily Says:

    I experience this all the time too and I am also 35 weeks!

  12. Esther Hearne Johnson Says:

    I'm 35 weeks pregnant It's getting closer 4 more weeks I still can't believe my third Baby boy its on the way. I can't wait to stop Itching but than OMG MY period I'm gonna hate that,

  13. Kelly Says:

    35wks now!!!! I am glad this is almost over and can't wait to see my baby girl. Yes ladies, it is uncomfortable…I sometimes feel like grabbing a needle and popping my stomach to relieve myself from discomfort and the trouble breathing I am having. lol! My baby is about 6lbs according to my ultrasound. It is amazing how they were able to give me an approx weight of my baby already…I wasn't sure to ask but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask…She is moving and kicking…she is doing really good and I found out she has a gut…lol..Oh my little chubber….I can't wait to kiss my little angel face.

  14. hannah benjamin Says:

    i am 35 weeks pregnant now and im very anxious i cant wait to see my lovely baby and i thank god that i am healthy and have no problems.

  15. Celina Eno Says:

    Hi all,
    I am also 35 weeks pregnant and I am experiencing a lot of changes. I go to the toilet almost every 30 minutes, feel hungry quite often and I have pains around my heaps. Other than that, I think all is fine. I pray to continue feeling fine till my due date. Goodluck to you all.

  16. kellie Says:

    oh yeAh i forgot about my period! man!!!!

  17. TripleMMommy Says:

    I'll be 35 weeks tomorrow, with my 3rd little girl. I'm so ready to be done! I'm uncomfortable and cranky! We've had our share of scares this time around, which makes it seems like I've been pregnant longer than 8 months.
    Is anyone else dealing with nausea?? I've never had to deal with feeling this ill in my 3rd trimester. I've read that it is a possible sign of labor, but I'm not having any other symptoms except the occasional Braxton Hicks contraction.

  18. Valerie Says:

    Im 35 weeks myself and been to the hospial 0nce so far ( just last week).I understand being uncomfortable and cranky cause so am i. I am so huge i get asked daily when im due then get asked if its twins, as far as i know its only one. My major complaints are bruise feeling on my pelvic bone, leg pains, low back pains, and slight cramping above my pelvis….I have not experienced nausea at all with any of my pregnancies.This is my 4th child (2nd girl) and im really nervous. Why? not to sure my youngest is 3 yrs a boy and i have a 8 yr old boy and a 12 yr old girl. I think its because its been 12 yrs since i had a girl and this is my husbands first girl. So its all gonna be new to us. Good luck to you and congratulations on your 3rd daughter :)

  19. christina Says:

    im 35weeks now and i get nauseated alot. thats thing only symptoms i have.

  20. Ki Brown Says:

    35 weeks sunday & feeling sleepy tired & my legs r cramping like crazy! How can something that makes u so miserable make u so happy at the same time?

  21. Breanna Joslin Says:

    Hi, Im also 35 weeks pregnant and my face and stomach is really red warm. What could that be? please and thanks

  22. lizzy onwordi Says:

    I will be 35 weeks tomorrow and I just can’t seem to get enough sleep. I’m getting tired and I am so anxious to see my little angel. Its been wonderful so far and I am glad this is amost over. Goodluck to you all.

  23. Jennifer Says:

    I am 34 months pregnant .I am high risk for asthma,i am 39,and have lost several pregnancies in the past four years prior to this one.I was already about 30 pounds over weight.I have already gained 48 pounds on top of that. I have suffered morning sickness for first four or so months and it lightened up for a bit.I have numbness and pain in both arms and hands when I lay down to sleep.I also have fibromaligia.So my back,neck,shoulders,feet … have frequent muscle spasms and ache all the time,and I also have joint and nerve pain.I am having a boy this time…and am carrying him very high.I had a girl 16 years ago and carrying her very low,Only had 3 months of morning sickness.No real pain.The labor went without complications and lasted 10 1/2 hour .I delivered vaginally all natural with no pain medication.It was a wonderful experience. This time I am older and everything is completely different.I was under weight with my daughters pregnancy.So I gained fifty pounds ,putting me at 150 when I had her.15 to 20 pounds for me 25 to 30 pounds for her. I started this one at 160…over weight.I am now 208 already with 6 to 7 weeks to go.I wake up every 1/2 hour with pain in my hips and numb arms/ hands and shooting pains in my hands.Then I have to change positions.When I do I have to urinate first ,then it take a good 5 minutes of trying to find a position and rearrange 5 1/2 pillows and all this weight. With my daughter I was high risk because of asthma..but never had a problem.This time my asthma is out of control.I use a breathing machine.So when the baby moves up or stretches,or kicks towards my ribs,my lungs get squished and I get short of breath ,can;t get enough air and get a panic attack…and chest pain.If I have just eaten when this happens..it forces my food back up to make room for my lings to expand. The last two weeks it has become difficult to walk very far because of lower back pain and pressure..and cramping in lower stomach.They thought I was hypoglisemic because If I am out doing anything and my sugar drops..I get very dizzy, and feel like crying and faint,and panic..It comes on quickly out of no where.I guess because I am out of the house and forget to drink enough water and eat enough.If I don't get enough water I start getting painful braxton hicks contractions…then have to have 24 hours of fluid and bed rest.I feel miserable!!!Also my sinuses are completely congested all the time.I have heart burn as well.The latest thing is I woke up at 4 am.With my hand and face really swollen ,a head ache,and nausea.I took a hot shower ,two tylonal,Then threw them up.So I looked up these symptoms…now I feel worried, about pre-eclampsia.Anyone else going through this? If I make it full term and he is born healthy..I know all this will have been a distant memory and totally worth every bit of it.I thank God….that I could even conceive ,and that I have carried this one this long…it is a miracle.Yet I can not wait to have it be over with already!!!! My question is at what point to I call the doctor about latest symptoms? IT is the middle of the night.Do I need to go to the E.R. or can it weight? If so how long can it weight?

  24. noemi Says:

    im soooo happy i cant wait to see my baby …sometimes i feel nervous because i think if his going to come out fine ..how hes gonna look like .if is going to be normal lol if anyone think like that? i ask god everynite to take thoses feelings away ……………………………noemi

  25. cindy Says:

    im 35 weeks Tuesday and im still working trying to work as long as i can but ithink when i hit nine months its not gonna be to safe to work especially being a cna cause that is hard work even if you not pregnant i take so long to even finish my work and ge tout of breath fast then not to say the bending down im sticking it out thought the walking at work is good exercise im just praying for a god labor and for my baby and I to both continue to be healthy im so excited my first boy i hope he looks jsut like his daddy

  26. LeAnne Says:

    i'm 35wks today and have had pelvic pain for 3 weeks now. my baby girl is head down and already weighed in around 6 lbs two weeks ago. i think i am ready to have this little bundle of joy even though they say my due date is still march 10th, i doubt i make it. i'm walking like she's about to come right out. i am not sleeping well and i get up every morning at 3am to pee like clockwork. this is my 2nd baby my first is 10yrs old and i dont remember this the first time. i was on bed rest with her at this point so this is definately and experience. i am still working and expect to until they tell me to stop.

  27. Xia Says:

    OMG!! I am 35 weeks also and I thought I was the only one with all this pain! This is my first tho and everyone expects him to be a BIG boy! I look like im about to pop any second and ppls eyes pop when I tell them I still have 5 more weeks til my due date! I have the worst pelvic pressure pain in the history of my life. I can't even turn from side to side in bed cus it hurts so much and I wake up at least once or twice every night to pee. I barely get enought sleep and when I finally get to sleep its time to get up already! The doctor recently just prescribed me pills to help me sleep, maybe you should talk to yours! I waddle around like a duck and I am STILL working and going to SCHOOL!!! Its a nightmare but I hope its as worth it as they all say! lol I'm so ready for this child to be out already! My due date is March 6th! =] Good luck with your bundle of joy!

  28. Ashlyn's Mommy Says:

    I am 35 weeks and can’t wait to have my sweet little girl! This is mine and my husbands first! I am so nervous! I have gained 37 pounds and boy can I feel it! My back aches all the time and my ribs feel like they are going to break! No one belives I still have 5 weeks either, to tell you the truth I don’t believe it! I’m due March 8th but I think she may come early. She was already 4.6 pounds at 33 weeks and I will be 36 weeks Tuesday! So we are expecting a big healthy baby! Good luck to all!

  29. sasi Says:

    Hi ashlyn's mom
    i am having the same feeling me too 35 weeks.My due is on 17th march but i too feel my baby will come out soon.there are some strong moments of the baby…which make s me feel so

  30. 4 weeks and counting Says:

    I fill your pain im 35 weeks. I've been on bed rest since Nov, im not due until March 15 schedule C-Section for 9th I have been in pain so much so I have to use a walker to get around. My legs go numb and give out. Not mention I have to take 2 shots of heparin everyday. My cervix was thinning so I have to insert some pill in the vag every night. The bright side of this is I get to stop the meds at 36 weeks. I've learned to trust GOD and let the rest go. My legs feel so much better. I'm just waiting on the birth of a heathy baby boy. Just call on lord and praise him he will answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Bianca Says:

    im due on the same day and i feel exactly the same!

  32. kahler Says:

    Im 44 years old and 35 weeks. Pregnancy is an uncomfortable physical journey, but par for the course. The Lord didn't say it would be easy. Somedays I'd like to "saw off the belly and leave it on the kitchen counter" so I can be myself for a day. When I get home "ill put it back on". Pregnancy and parenthood is the most UNSELFISH job on this planet. It's all a BLESSING…at my age, after grieving years of infertility I'll take whatever is next.

  33. alyssa Says:

    I'm 35 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and it's become uncomfortable for me but not to the point where it's un-barable. I don't go to the bathroom like crazy, but when I do it seems like it's a whole gallon of urine coming out of me! I'm ready to get this over with but I have a question and hopefully one of you ladies can answer it, how do I get my dr to give me another ultrasound? They say he won't give me one unless it's a medical emergency.I don't see how they will be able to tell how much the baby weighs or if he's head down without an ultrasound…can someone please answer this

  34. 5weeks Says:

    I just cant believe that you are both giving out about this and moaning…… You wanted this to happen and you got what you wanted, no one said that it would be easy and you should be thinking of the baby you will be meeting in a matter of weeks…. if you are worried about something a blog is not going to medically advise you, call your ER or Doctor/Midwife and ask them, they are the professionals.

  35. CHERI_PIE Says:


  36. Tetia Says:

    Yay, I’m 35 weeks TODAY!! I must say that I am very excited as each day goes by!! I LOVE websites and blogs like this because I don’t feel alone when I having certain pain or symptoms. Some of you ladies are going threw the same thing. I am still having severe back pain and lower pelvic pains which doctors keep telling me its stretching!! I also have a HARD time getting sleep, I’m sleepy and tired but my mind won’t rest easy!! I have my 35 week check up tomorrow (Friday) I pray all is well!! I really don’t want to go in labor early, I want my babygirl to stay as long as possible!! Well thanks LADIES for your stories and support!! God Bless and many BELLY RUBS to you all :)

  37. Heather Says:

    The doppler they use to listen to the heart beat lets them know what position the baby is in by location of heartbeat. If its low, hes most likely head down already. If its still mid-belly (high) they havent turned yet. As far as knowing babies weight, its not a necessity and alot of drs or clinics wont do ultrasounds towards the end unless they feel it is medicaly necessary. More often than not it has to do with your insurance. I personally have only gotten 2 done and am 35 wks this Sunday. I would love another but everything is “normal” therfor its not gonna happen. Hope this answered your question Alyssa.

  38. brendizzle Says:


  39. nicki Says:

    Actually, I have to disagree with you as far as the heartbeat and the babys location. The doctor is still finding my babys heartbeat near my mid belly and I just had a sonogram that showed she was head down. Good luck to everyone! 35 weeks ans counting! :-)

  40. Jennifer Says:

    First of all you are only 5 weeks? And this has to be your first because I guarantee you will not be saying all the crap you did when you are miserable! You sound like an idiot and very immature. How old are you? 15, 16? People blog to other people because it is a way to let out anger or frustration while pregnant to help with the emotions. When you are 35 weeks every little thing can make you wonder if something is about to happen and you dont run to the er or call everytime because that would be ridicoulous that is why you ask women who have been there first! Thing before you post and make sure you know what the hell you are talking about

  41. PROUDmom2BE Says:

    I am 35 weeks + 2days eeeeeekkkkk!!! I'm overly excited :D I had an amazing surprise baby shower last weekend, I received EVERYTHING my little baby boy will need I even received two cribs and dozens of pampers! soooo I'm very relieved with the shopping part,all I have to do is pick out cute outfits for now :) My little peanut has not dropped yet, I have stress test done every week, he passes them with flying colors the doctor says! I'm still working full-time…besides the morning sickness coming back, the backaches and short temper…. I feel GREAT….I wonder how long this will last? lol. I really hope he gets here soon or on time, I do not want to be overdue then I will be miserable lol.

  42. Daniela Says:

    hey by the way some people feel good about talking about whats going on with there pregnancys you dont have to be so rude to people your still early an you might actually learn something from these blogs grow up>>>>>>>

  43. Katie Marie Says:

    I measured my size today out of curiosity, I feel like I'm measuring way too big. From pelvic bone to uterus is 43.8 inches, that's way too huge considering I am 34 weeks, due May 28. I see my doctor in just 2 days, so of course I will ask him if there's anything to worry about with my size. But is anyone else measuring this huge? I was real skinny and slightly above average height before my pregnancy, and I have gained like 40 pounds already! But I don't have gestational diabetes, I just got tested. Also, within the past few weeks I've had to pee all the time. My belly is sticking out so far just above my pubic bone. My lower back hurts, get knotting pain on my left and right sides that even make me bend over sometimes, and sometimes it feels like he has just kicked me IN the bladder. My biggest complaint, is that my heartburn is SO bad! Sometimes I even wake up choking on acid that came up my throat, and I've never had acid refleux before now. But I'm eating a big box of Tums every 2 and a half weeks, and I mean the biggest box. Do all of these symptoms sound fromilliar?

  44. Katie Marie Says:

    Not inches, I meant CENTIMETERS! And also, feeling menstural cramps like ALL the time!

  45. Katie Marie Says:

    I measured my size today out of curiosity, I feel like I'm measuring way too big. From pelvic bone to uterus is 43.8 centimeters, that's way too huge considering I am 34 weeks, due May 28. I see my doctor in just 2 days, so of course I will ask him if there's anything to worry about with my size. But is anyone else measuring this huge? I was real skinny and slightly above average height before my pregnancy, and I have gained like 40 pounds already! But I don't have gestational diabetes. Also, within the past few weeks I've had to pee all the time. My lower back hurts, get knotting pain on my left and right sides that even make me bend over sometimes, and sometimes it feels like he has just kicked me IN the bladder. My biggest complaint, is that my heartburn is SO bad! Sometimes I even wake up choking on acid that came up my throat, and I've never had acid refleux before now. But I'm eating a big box of Tums every 2 and a half weeks, and I mean the biggest box. I've also been feeling menstural cramps on and off almost constantly for the past two weeks! Do all of these symptoms sound fromilliar?

  46. Jeffs_wifey24 Says:

    I’m goin to be 35 weeks tomorrow , this is my 1st baby :) I’m having a Girl , I’m really excited to be getting close to meeting her . I’m scared of Labor I’ve been having a lot of bad dreams about it :( I only gained 8points my whole pregnancy oww oww ! My doc said she’s growning perfectly , they gave me a lot of ultrasounds this pregnancy it was kinda cool ! Hopefully ill have her early ! Good luck ladies

  47. Naiima Says:

    i am 35 weeks and its my 5th baby :D i can’t wait until i am done even though i know what i am going to go through , hopefully good luck to all moms

  48. Kimberly Says:

    I’m going to be 35 weeks on Wed. I’m sooooo big in the belly that it hurts my pelvic and lower stomach muscles to sit up. If I need to lay on my back to relieve some pressure I can’t lay down for more than a sec. or else I get these awful stretching cramps in my stomach. When I get up from laying down I get all kinds of forced blood pressure to my head. This has been a rough pregnancy. I had a softball sized blood clot in the beginning of the pregnancy so I bled for a month or two while it was disintegrating and reabsorbing, so I had to wear pads like for your period. I thought that was one thing I could live without for 8 or 9 mths. lol. Oh well, but atleast its gone and it had nothing to do with the baby. I also had a UTI and GBS, morning sickness, heartburn, yeast infection, and got bronchitis with this pregnancy…so yeah its been real thrilling. I can’t wait to see this baby, yet I’m also a little sad and scared, because I have epilepsy and I take a lot of medicine. This baby was unplanned so I’m scared it will have problems. My first, Sarah, was planned and I had to take prenatals and 4 mg. of folic acid for six months before conceiving. This time I didn’t get to do that and that loss of control, makes me uneasy. I, no matter what miss 5weeks said, have all the right to be upset, because of all of these problems not to mention I had become pregnant again when my first baby was only six months. It’ll be nice having them close together, they’ll probably get along better, but the fun silly thing is they’ll only be 15 mths. apart. I go to the doctor again soon, so maybe my nurse can make me feel better about all of this mid section heaviness and cramping. Just please if not for me, for the baby someone out there pray that we’ll both make it through the labor beautifully, because I had a c-section last time around and didn’t get to wait the recommended year before conceiving again. And to pray that my baby doesn’t have any mental or physical incapabilities due to my medication;( It makes me depressed thinking about it and I want to cry and have several times out of worry. Lord please be with me and all the wonderful moms out there. Reading some of these made me smile, and I was glad that there were others out there like me. :) Peace and Love.

  49. Kimberly Says:

    Idk if you’ll ever read this site again, but I’m sure you’ve had your baby by now and I tell you what it sounds like you went on quite a journey. I’m so proud of you for sticking it out especially with fibromyalgia. My mother has it and it is a sad sad sight. Congratulations to you on your maternal age as well. I’m only 24 and my babies are really close together, my pregnancy will be over soon. Seems like we’ve both had it pretty rough. My first pregnancy was smooth sailing, no problems except for nausea that seemed to last months, but this time a whole slew of things. Well, it was mostly smooth until I realized I had pre-eclampsia and had to be induced and have a c-section. But God willing and God bless to all of us mothers. I hope you’re doing well with your new baby assuming the birthing process all went well. :)

  50. Samantha Says:

    I am 35 weeks and 3 days and MANNNNN id I drink a glass of water I pee about every 5-10 minutes until my bladder is empty!!

  51. Veronica Says:

    Hi ladies. Iam happy for everyone of you. Being pregnant is amazing I mean God is amazing. I really feel blessed & lucky. I am currently 33weeks & 2days pregos to be exact with my first child & its a girl so the Doctors say,but i dont know Iam not Thoroughly convinced. I have had a great experienced & I was 1of the lucky one with no morning sickeness & or any ohter complication. The only thing that is seriosly putting me off is the peeing it is so annoying. Ladies I am really scared D-day. HELP!!!!!!!!!

  52. Rose Says:

    oh boy! I’m 35 weeks 3 days and counting!!! reading these posts made me giggle… it’s like taking a page out of my preggo-journal and reading it in someone else’s voice!! ladies, most of you have probably had your babies by now… i’m dying to hear how it all went!! at the moment i’m obsessed with reading everything i can on pregnancy, what to expect and the labour process. I’m planning on having a natural delivery (baby willing) and am due on august 24th. It feels as though I might not make it to my due date, but I think that might just be wishiful thinking. i really don’t want for the little guy to be born before 38 weeks, so it’s a double edged sword. while i’m sooooo excited and keen to meet him, i also don’t want him to come too soon. This bump is getting heavier by the minute and i’m battling with sinus congestion (it’s funny cause i keep thinking “i hope this goes away, how will i breathe through the contractions if i can’t breathe through my nose?”) but otherwise, i’m feeling good and soooooooo ready to become a momma… if i had it my way though, i’d go to sleep now and wake up to push…. i’m sooooooo tired!!! I’m on great vitamins and i know i’m getting all the nutrients my baby and i need, but i’m just sleepy most of the time… i’m really nervous for the delivery… i am hoping that i won’t cave in and demand an epidural… but i’m seriously a sissy when it comes to pain… so i have little confidence in myself regarding that… though i’d share a little of what i’m feeling with you… hope everyone’s deliveries went well and you’re all snuggling close with your little angels. i know i will be every chance i get once i meet him… the magic behind falling in love with an entity i haven’t yet met is truely awesome!!! take gentle care, all you mommies!!!!

  53. Ayanna Says:

    I’m 35 weeks 5 days. I’m so excited to see by little bundle of joy. My pregnancy has been fine so far. I can’t believe how much I love my baby and i haven’t seen him yet.I pray to God everyday for a safe delivery and a healthy child. I also pray that we reach full term.

  54. Stephanie Says:

    I am very glad to be at my 35th week my doctor actually thought that i wouldn’t make it to now because i started having contractions at my 29th week. So i’ve been on strict bed rest taking pills to stop the contractions and going to the doc every week. I could not be happier to know that my baby will be fine if i do deliver now and to tell you the truth i wouldn’t mind either i’m ready for him and excited to see him. This website has definitely helped me from week to week just giving me a idea of what to expect.

  55. Ashley Says:

    I’m 35 weeks pregnant and reported to my doctor that I noticed a decrease in fetal movement. I had an ultrasound yesterday, a biophysical profile- and the doctor said everything looked good. I have to go for non stress tests 2x a week at the hospital, and while the doctor for the BPP said everything was “good”.. I am not convinced everything is “good”. I was told that since it is likely he has his head down, it’s possible that due to the angle he is at, he kicks placenta more than my uterine walls- because she was able to detect a movement that I did not actually feel. It just scares me because I waited so long for this, and I didn’t even think me getting pregnant was possible- I hate to sound cliched, but he really is a blessing to me. I only have a few weeks left- he’s due October 28th, but I can’t help but be restless that maybe there’s more to the story in there.. Its probably just me being paranoid, but I really, really want this baby to be born with little to no complication.. I just want him here already.

  56. Jojo Says:

    I know I may not get a response or maybe even find my way back to this site but I’m 35 Weeks and feeling a little weird … I have been going weekly for ultrasound s Dr visits and nst ..the ultrasound because of my AFI and because my son is breech .. The NST because of previous stillbirth and Dr visit just to monitor the findings if the tests… I’m a little scared and wrong to hang in there this will be my third pregnancy and I hitt 36 Weeks next Monday but I may end up having a c section this time… I need a little reassuance is all

  57. Jojo Says:

    *trying to hang in there is what I meant to say

  58. star Says:

    im 35weeks and im readyyyyyy

  59. brittany Says:

    i’m 35 weeks and ready as well, i have constant back pain and i have to urinate every 5 minutes it seems like and also am loosing a lot of sleep.

  60. Christine Says:

    I 35 weeks and have been feeling great until the last week or so. I have been having braxton hicks contractions on and off, nauseous, lots of pain/pressure, and a little lightheaded. This is my 3rd child (girl) and I never had anything like this with my other two pregnancies. I am measuring bigger than I should but my doctor wont schedule me for an ultrasound for at least another week. I’m worried that I am further along than we think or that the baby is too big and I wont be able to deliver naturally. Glad to know I am not alone but I wish my doc would give me more answers. Any advice ladies???

  61. ibrahim ayobola Says:

    Hi,i am thirty four weeks of pregnant and am haven leg pains seriously am trying to walk up and down but still no inprovement when it comes it may last for like two to three hours before it goes.

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  63. Amos Konecni Says:

    Sorry to barge in,

  64. AR Says:

    Hey am 35 weeks tommorrow and am having an appoinment tommorrow with my doc…I am having little contraction i wish my baby girl to come early at 36 weeks and 4 days…but it depends on her….am very very Happy and am waiting 4 her to have her on my arms….so good luck to youu alll future moms:)….

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