36 Weeks Pregnant

Congratulations! You are now entering the last month of your pregnancy. Able to function on the outside with limited assistance, many hospitals consider your 36th week to be an acceptable time to induce labor if necessary due to any medical complications for either mom or baby.  Certainly babies who are born closer to the 39th week will transition more smoothly than a 36 week delivery, but babies are born at this age regularly.

For the next few weeks, you may have mixed emotions about the birth. On one hand, your aching body parts are ready to face the big day, and on the other hand you may still have some fear of the unknown.

If you haven’t made a list of what to bring to the hospital yet, this is a good time to get all your loose ends tied up.  Keep all important numbers on speed dial, and have a bag packed for the hospital and enough gas in the car to get to the hospital. Your hospital bag should include a nightgown or two, a pair of slippers, a change of clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and snacks and supplies for your partner as well.

It’s been awhile since you saw your feet for any long period of time and even longer since you could tie your shoes easily—but those days are soon to come to an end.

Baby’s Development

At week thirty-six, the baby is completely developed and has come full term. By now, the baby will continue to move around and start their descent into the pelvic area if they haven’t already.

From head to toe your baby is about 20 inches or so, and weighs about 6 pounds. Certainly there are exceptions to this rule, and your baby could be much larger or smaller. Remember that these weighs and lengths are guidelines and do not reflect every pregnancy.

The baby’s brain is still developing at a fast rate, and your baby continues to practice blinking, sucking, and breathing, as well as gaining additional weight.

Changes to Your Body

Your friends fatigue, swelling, constipation and heart burn are still hanging around. You have been pregnant for the last 9 months, and for some women if feels like 9 years. While you want a healthy baby, you don’t want to be pregnant anymore and packing around your little passenger is starting to feel like a pretty big deal. It is perfectly normal to think that way. Most new moms to be have those thoughts more than once as they near the end of the pregnancy.

You may be experiencing restlessness, lack of sleep, mood swings and sensitivity thanks to your hormonal changes. Just make sure to let your doctor know if you have symptoms of depression—which do strike some women during pregnancy.

The uterus is now 6 inches or more above the belly button and the uterus is about 1000 times its normal size. As the baby continues to move, you may start to feel more and more pressure in the lower abdominal area. You are making more trips to the bathroom and just getting up can feel like a task.

Week 36 brings about the start of weekly doctor’s appointments as well.

What to Expect

You may have 3 or 4 more weeks of pregnancy left, or you may not. You are going to continue to go to the doctor every week and have the normal and routine check-ups until delivery. These are necessary to help determine the health of the baby in these last few weeks. If you are feeling anything that you have not felt before, it is always important to make sure that you discuss how you are feeling with your doctor.

Try to get as much rest as you can in these next few weeks. Try to stay close to home and always keep your phone close and your cell phone charged.  The uncertainty of delivery could be just ahead.  In some cases, your doctor may schedule an induction in coming weeks, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t go into labor on your own.


You are down to the final weeks; it is time to prepare a hospital bag and have baby’s room in order. If you are still working, remember to take it easy and put your feet up for a few minutes each day if possible. Do your best to eat right and try some light exercises if you are feeling up to the challenge.


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  1. Nimat Saliu Says:

    very helpful

  2. uritza Says:

    very good info..

  3. measha Says:

    very clear and precise info.thank you

  4. paula Says:

    dont forget large amounts of change for hospital parking!!!

  5. GUESS Says:

    Very good info.. But also dont forget your camera :)

  6. Sandra Says:

    don't forget to morgage your house to pay for parking at the hospital. If you can try to tell visitors to park where its free. They may have to walk a bit but in the end it won't cost them their houses lol!

  7. Violet Says:

    That is exactly the way I feel, so tired but happy

  8. Tonya Says:

    The info is very informative and fits me to a T! Thanks!

  9. puti-goldo Says:

    thanks i was really worried and thought that something would be wrong wit the baby if he was to be born early. i cant wait to have the baby…u where so helpful

  10. mama_126 Says:

    Close to 36 weeks now…so good to know that it won't be much longer! Ready for heartburn to be gone & be able to move again! Can't wait to meet my little guy……good luck to everyone & hang in there!;)

  11. Brittan Vierra Says:

    getting closer to 36 weeks ! 5th and final baby !

  12. maycee's mommy Says:

    great info! :D

  13. Dominique Dukes Says:

    im i have 4 weeks left and i ant wait untill this is over

  14. JACINTA Says:


  15. suman Says:

    This week has become pretty tiresome as I'm finding it difficult to move around easily…….and a sudden craving for ice-creams…….

  16. sara Says:

    This article fits me perfectly!! Especially the yeast infection part :( Thank you

  17. Insi Says:

    I just started my 36th week and can t wait for the baby to come out.I am terrified about the labor pains thought!! I wish the Dad could feel what we go through…

  18. yoshi Says:

    I just want the baby to hurry up and be born already. This entire pregnancy has been a nightmare!

  19. CHRISTINA Says:


  20. happy mommy to be Says:

    almost in my 36 week only 3 days away and i have been havung little pains this week.i am excited to meet our little man..this is my 3rd and last cant beleive that i just forgot how it is to be pregnant…we are all so lucky for the internet…this was a great article^_^<3

  21. sarah Says:

    or just get the nurses to validate your parking……….

  22. April Says:

    I feel even more miserable now but overall I'll just be glad to meet my new baby boy. Still trying to get use to the aches and pains and restlessness

  23. batoule Says:

    so ready to have this little man!!! i think i have been ready since the day i found out i was pregnant, lol. i'm tired and fatiged and i am 36 weeks, i have a planned c-section on 01/11/11, nice birthday. But at this point, i am ready to go now. my dr. said if i go into labor before that date he will deliver me, hopefully i do, i want to see what he looks like!

  24. demetria Says:

    i know how you feel girl i wish they could feel the pain also i'm due anyday myself and can't wait

  25. vee Says:

    wow dats amazing im 36 weeks too and they're taking my little man on 01/11/11 too. im having a scheduled c-section. im so ready to go in now too i hope i have my baby soon, im so ready for him to meet me and his sister.

  26. amber119 Says:

    i know the feeling im 36 weeks and its 12/21 and i been dialted and havin cotraction since thanksgivin im already 75%effaced and 2 cms dialted and constantly in pain…im ready for him to come!!!GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YALL<3

  27. Valerie Says:

    I am 3 days away from 36 weeks myself and the last month has been horrible! The aches and pains are worst the 4th time around. I will be so glad to have my lil girl. My last visit (2weeksago) my doc says baby is healthy and already 6 1/2 lbs. I was glad to hear that so IF I go into labor early ( i hope so) then I know she will be fine :) My husand is a xmas baby and i know he is hoping our lil girl comes around that time.<3 I cant wait to meet her! sooooo excited!!!! :)

  28. Colleen Newport Says:

    36 weeks pregnant today with our first baby, a boy:) Doctor said I wasn't dilated last week, hoping this week I will be! I'm definately tired of being pregnant. I itch all over and I'm really tired and achey. Been swelling up a lot lately too:( Can't wait to meet my baby!:)

  29. elisha cox Says:

    i am also 36 weeks and i went to the doctor last week and was not dialated at all.. lol.. it does suck this is my first as well and i am so ready to meet my baby boy.. when are you due??

  30. Yessi lop Says:

    I cant wait to go into labor hopefully I get some good news at the doc today. I m 36 weeks and there going to enduce my labor sometime next month. but I feel like im ready. Wish me good luck

  31. Tia Says:

    Same here. I'm 36 weeks today and for the past week ive wanted Ice cream(banana splits) and Pop Sickles!!

  32. mommy to be Says:

    im 36 wks and 4 days, i have an appt today and i can't wait to get some GOOD news!!, i feel him pushing down and its soooo uncomfortable to walk for me. I can't sleep much, and im still working :( hopefully he comes soon. I'm aiming for birth date of 1/11, too. Good luck to you all!!!!

  33. jennifer Says:

    i am 36 weeks and 1 day and i am soo ready to have this baby … i love being pregnant but im sick and tired of being so tired and run down and in pain from my back and side… ive been having braxton hicks contractions off and on…. i went to the doctor last week and she said i wasnt diluated any but i was softening up… i go back to the doctor on wendsday.. im hoping that the doctor will tell me im starting to dilulate some.. good luck o everyone this is a great article

  34. Hannah Says:

    I know EXACTLY how you are feeling..Im 36.4 wks pregnant &; like you- READY TO HAVE THIS BABY! lol But I just wanted to make sure youre aware that you can be dilated & still walk around for weeks = [ Hopefully that will not be the case, but as I said, I just wanted to inform you. Congrats on your baby! Hopefully soon!!! = ]

  35. cass Says:

    i hate being pregnant! is 36 weeks really full term though? this is the only site i have found saying before 37 weeks.

  36. Autymsmommy Says:

    36 weeks as of yesterday and surprisingly feeling GREAT! First baby, a girl to be named Autym Rose. Everyone has been commenting on how active I still am at this stage in my pregnancy. Definitely ready to meet my daughter but so independent!! Still driving, walking constantly since I just started dilating, taking care of my husband, all the works of a normal mommy and housewife. Definitely has it's perks!

  37. Nicole Says:

    I am 36 weeks and 3 days pregnant! Im always sooooo tired!!! i CANT wait to have this baby. i can not sleep at night due to leg cramps and being uncomfortable, and my feet get swollen at night. im constantly having mood swings. im not dialated yet.. but i have an appointment tomarrow, So i hope i hear some good news! i have pelvic pain when he moves, and he has dropped very low.

  38. lauren Says:

    36 weeks today and soooooooooo ready to give birth already! this is my 1st pregnancy and so far i've felt great. i have some swelling in my knees and some back pains in the morning, and i can barely sleep at night since she's mostly active between 1 – 4am :o hopefully that will change once she's born though! good luck to everyone

  39. nikki2010 Says:

    im36 weeks and have been having contractions since my 33 weeks im not dialted yet but i have been walking everyday now and so ready to have my lil man

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  41. Amanda Ritter Says:

    Im 36 weeks and my baby girl has dropped so much it looks like im smaller then when i was 5 months pregnant. lol ive been having back contractions and im 2 cm dialated. anytime now…. :)

  42. Shandi Says:

    Im due March 9th, what about you?

  43. Andrea Says:

    I'm 36 weeks today, I'm due March 11. I'm having a boy, can't wait until he's out. I've been having really painful braxton hicks contractions & some signs of 'soon to be labor'! I hope he doesn't come out too soon though, I have my baby shower planned NEXT WEEK! hahah! xD

  44. Rachel Says:

    I'm due the exact same day as you and having a boy! :) I've been dealing with lots of lightning cramps for the past few weeks as well as braxton hicks and some spotting. My midwife says it's all normal stuff for this stage in pregnancy. :)

  45. Cathz Says:

    ..i'm 36 weeks preggy and very much excited to see my baby boy!!! Can't wait to hug and kiss him.. :)

  46. Brooke Renee Cooper Kelley Says:

    i am 36 weeks and cant wait for my baby girl to come out and cant wait to see her and hold her

  47. nicole Says:

    I’m 36 weeks due march 13 and I’m sooo ready for this to be over being that I’m high risk makes it even harder I’m no longer sleeping at night its way to uncomfortable its a girl I’m just ready for her to enter the world so me and my oldest daughter who’s 3 by the way and very happy becomeing a big sister!

  48. myFirstbaby Says:

    iam 36 weeks pregnant and my due date is on March 10.. im so Excited.. every nite i imagine my baby when i wake up.. hehehe watching now my belly coz my baby girl kicking me..this site is very helpfull.. ..

  49. myFirstbaby Says:

    hello mommies.. i have a problem now coz im 36 weeks and 3 days prgnant i notice some streach marks now at my lower belly . they seems like dark lines so bad :( can u tell me if what kind of med i need to prevent this strach marks ? i hope u can help me ..thanks

  50. Veronica Says:

    You should try vitamin E oil or Bio oil.

  51. TINA Says:


  52. myFirstbaby Says:

    ahh :) Thanks Veronica.. i need to buy that..

  53. Leslie Says:

    im tired of being prego too.. my due date is march 25

  54. Natasha Says:

    My due date is March 25th too! and I keep thinking if she's healthy now to be delivered…I'd wish she make an appearance NOW!

  55. Tia Says:

    My due date is March 22nd… and I'm about to lose my mind if one more person asks me "You haven't had that baby yet!?"

  56. elizabeth Says:

    ohh man ..im 35 weeks pregnant and 4 days..my due date is on march 24..cant wait to meet my baby…hopefully this goes by fast cuz the biggo belly is soo uncomfortable!!…

  57. Dana Says:

    My due date is Mach 23rd – im very uncomfortable w/ horrific back pain – i started seeing a chiropractor last week and it has helped me so much. I will continue to see him until i deliver. Although h cant completely take my pan away, he is able to relieve much f it, but of course as soon as i exert myself the pain comes on hardcore. I am doing a natural water birth – i wish me and all f you ladies out there the best of luck with your labor and delivery!! ;)

  58. Dana Says:

    sorry for the typos :(

  59. march 26 momma Says:

    you cant prevent stretch marks, they are inevitable if you are prone to them. Most women get them, just be happy they are only on your lower belly :)

  60. Veronica Says:

    I'm 36 weeks now and due March 20th. This last month is brutal! my back and hips and lower belly are killing me, i can only sleep about 4 hours a night tops! I want to sleep soooo bad! I want this to end ASAP!

  61. myFirstbaby Says:

    ahh thanks march 26 …now im 37 weeks and 4 day it my first baby.. and i cant wait i want to feel something or like the water to break down hehehe coz im realy excited… im hopping next weeks shes going to arraive … coz i cant consentrait for all the things coz im always looking for my shaking belly.. hehehe Thank u….;-) gudluck to u… i ur baby is a boy or girl ???

  62. Nani Says:

    OMG! WHAT DO I DO?????Okay I am 36 weeks pregnant with a baby girl and my due date is March 22nd.My Dr. and I are having disagreements on when/how to have the baby.He is going out of town on March 20th and will not be returning until March 29th :/…Naturally I am disturbed by this since he will be gone my entire due date week!He feels I should get induced before he leaves.I am against it because I want her to come when she is good and ready.I have no problem being induced if there is a medical reason behind it,but there is no medical reason behind her being induced and I'm very upset because I feel like he is trying to rush the birth of my baby just to fit HIS schedule…WHAT TO DO????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  63. LyricsKennedy Says:

    I am pregnant with my second baby and due on March 26th. I got induced with my first baby. It went great. There was no medical reason, I was ready to have the baby!! I got induced a week before my due date. It was a completely great experience and I would TOTALLY do it again. I was only in labor for 10 hours from start to finish. I had an epidural so I was completely comfortable. I understand wanting to wait for the baby to come on her own though. I think you just have to decide if REALLY want your doctor to be there to deliver you. I know for me, it would be important to have my doctor there. If its not that important go ahead and wait for her to come on her own. Just know that I had a great experience with an induction and you could have the same. There is nothing to be afraid of and its is kinda exciting because you can plan with your family and friends since you will know that exact day you get to meet your beautiful little girl!!! Good Luck!!

  64. PrinceMommy Says:

    My due date is March 27th, 2011! This is my first baby, he’s a boy, and he already dropped! I am really ready and i have everything ready but i am sooooooo scared to be honest!

  65. MommyOfZoie Says:

    I'm due the 26th also =]

  66. MommyOfZoie Says:

    I'm due March 26th, and doing natural water birth also- good luck!!! =]

  67. Ashley Grafton Says:

    I'm Due March 25th I've had major cramping/contractions and I am dilated only to 1cm I am also doing natural birth GOOD LUCK

  68. Ashley Grafton Says:

    I feel your pain… I'm also due the 25th

  69. Ashley Grafton Says:

    I am 36 weeks today my due date is March 25th My heartburn as increased to the max and I am now waking up every hour to take a tums and drink some cold water. I have to sleep propped up and my feet elevated due to massive swelling. I am contracting and Dilated 1cm as of yesterday when I saw the doc. I want my baby to come already I'm done being prego. My boyfriend wont even look at me anymore and Im feeling very gross……. MEN!!!!! some men love prego girls my boyfriends not one of them hes not mean or anything just is way less interested in me for the last 4 months and I do not like the lack of attention from him.

  70. myFirstbaby Says:

    OOhh whats that kind of Dr Nani.. a baby is not like a things that u can get any time our baby have there own time.. and they only know when they come out of this world.. thats Dr bad.. u need to complain and figth for the rigth if ur Dr wants its own date then find another Dr… gud luck to ur baby… mine is on March 12 ..its baby Girl also..:-)

  71. Nicol Says:

    I would just use the on call doctor. Next pregnancy I would find another doctor. For him to suggest induction since he wants to go out of town is asinine. With induction, you open up a whole new set of risks and complications for both you AND baby. Good luck.

  72. Anxiousformybaby Says:

    I will be 36 weeks on tuesday, due date is march 29th. My little boy has been moving around so much lately I can’t take it anymore. I’m soo anxious to have him! I’m a tiny girl (89 pounds pre pregnant) so I think he will come before the due date. So hopefully in the next 2 weeks my little boy will be here!!!

  73. Lacie Says:

    screw that! don't get induced! i hate dr's! i have a midwife my due date is march 28th. induction can cause more problems then its worth! lower yours or babies heart rate, higher chance of c-section! no way!

  74. Cassie Fluman Says:

    im also due march 29th with a lil boy :) im soooo scared bout delivery cuz i only weighed 89 pounds prepregnancy and ive been feeling so uncomfortable 4 the past few ays with a bad backache…is there anything that helps???

  75. Heather Says:

    Please research the risks associated with induction before you decide on this, because there are many!

  76. Allie Says:

    you should have a snappy comeback, like "What do you mean? I DID have the baby. Do I still look pregnant?". Sometimes making people feel like idiots is the only way to keep them from saying stupid stuff in the future!

  77. Janette Says:

    Im so glad i saw this because im getting enduced at 36 weeks because i had a still born baby boy last time round im a bit scared incase anything happens but this has put my mind to rest only got 4 weeks left cant wait to meet him good luck everyone x

  78. Anxiousformybaby Says:

    So I have been having very bad pelvic pain lately
    Is that normal? What should I do to make it go away??

  79. Brittany Says:

    I was induced with my first child, because of medical reasons, my actual doctor was not there because he was just in a car wreck the week before. Everything went well me being induced the only thing was my daughter ended up being a blue baby because the on call dr. wasn't there when she decided to come. He arrived shortly after her head was out but she was stuck and if he had waited any longer there could have been some major complications, other then her just being a blue baby.

  80. brittany Says:

    Im tired of being prego too im due march 30 and praying that he comes now!! I can barely walk, i dont like my dr. I just cant wait to b holding my son in my arms.

  81. Zoë's Mom Says:

    Im due the 21st and im naming my daughter Zoë!!

  82. Tiffany Says:

    Im due March 30th too..I feel yeah on that i hurt and cant sleep at night..I say the same thing all the time"I just cant wait to hold my Son in my arms"

  83. mercedes Says:

    i am 36 1/2 weeks pregnant and my stomach and belly itches really bad and when i sleep at night i get shooting pains in my legs and side i go through 3 waterbottles anight because i feel soo dang thristy my doctors says ive dropped completly but i haven't started to dilate or anything and im a fisrt time mom and hoping next week i will have shown some new signs of labor coming soon im having a boy im always tired and my pelvis hurts real bad when i walk and i can't tell when im hungry or not untill my stomach starts hurting hes very active when he moves it feels like hes about to pop out im soo ready to meet my little guy and just hold him and kiss him,

  84. Amber Says:

    im due march 30th and If i were in ur position wouldnt get induced…let things go natural if thats what u want..its best for the baby and u. dont do something u are not comfortable with just because your doctor is being an ass lol sounds to me like hes just trying to get paid and hes known of your due date since the beginning so thats pretty crappy. plus being induced can complicate things.

  85. ethansmommy Says:

    I will be 36 weeks wednesday. My boyfriend seems like he gives video games more attention than me lately. Havent been romantic for awhile now. Ever since he felt the baby move while we were intimate. it was all over after that. i am ready for my baby boy. Wish he would hurry up. lol

  86. Shae Says:

    My first baby and can't wait to to get him out of me. Doctor told me that he is now turned the wrong way. Figures… he's been giving me trouble since day one :) ….little bugger.

  87. Nicole Says:

    i Know what you mean. I hate it when people say are your ready to POP… No we are not ready to pop duhhh

  88. bea Says:

    haha thats so funny, will do

  89. Coral Says:

    F&*@! Him, you have that baby when you and the baby are ready! Someone will deliver your child, and by the sounds of it anyone else is better than that a**hole. He probably just wants the money, he delivers, he gets paid. F! Him! PLEASE REMEMBER DOCTORS ARE NOT! ALWAYS RIGHT! This is why they are so vulnerable to lawsuits, look don't wait til' something goes wrong to then sure, you cannot force a pregnancy for no reason, ESPECIALLY before the delivery date, this is nature we're dealing with, NOT MEDICINE! We tend to forget that, don't let the medical industry get in the way of your body delivering your child.

  90. Coral Says:

    have the baby, because my pelvic hurts too! Ouch, 36 wks and counting….

  91. Lulu's Mom Says:

    Let her come when she is ready. You realize "induction" really means IV horse hormones, right? Horse sized contractions for you and your baby. Doesn't sound like fun to me!! Good luck!!

  92. cheryl Says:

    i was induced for both my kids for medical reason and didnot find it to be like horse hormones…what! Anyway, if your doctor finds somthing better to do than delivery your child he/she sucks and can take a leap off the nearest building, someone will surely deliver you child when the time is right, you do what you feel best and forget the doctors advice, if he makes it great if not so be it!

  93. isego Says:

    Nani, do what is best for you and not for the doctor!!!!, I'm pregnant with my second and my due date is april 10th. The first baby was induce a week after his due date and it was cos' a that point I wasn't eable to sleep good and I had a lot of back pains.But everything went great. Induction should be for medical reasons and if you decide to have one should be because you want it not cos' he/she wants it.

  94. Leah Says:

    My stomach has been SO SORE! mostly when im laying down. Is that normal? I feel like i wont make it up to my due date which is april 11th.

  95. Trista Says:

    Doctors always have other physicians that cover them when they are gone. If you want to wait till she is ready i'm sure one of the other docs could deliver you and follow all the other plans you had with the other doctor. To me, it's all about doing things the way you want when you deliver. As long as someone is there that is intelligent, knows how to deliver a baby, can step up in an emergency, and does what you want I wouldn't care who it is.

  96. Trista Says:

    I dont' know how you feel about taking any medication during pregnancy, but your OB can give you painkillers. Tylenol doesn't do anything for me and what i wouldn't give to take an ibuprofen at 36weeks! The painkillers they give you are almost totally safe and are dispensed all the time during pregnancy. A small amount of those, hot pad, maternity pillow with your feet up is the best remedy I have found!

  97. Tay Says:

    UGH I am 36 weeks pregnant and 5 days I can’t wait until she is here cause I can’t take this anymore……………I’m soo over done

  98. marcy Says:

    I am 35 weeks preg with number 5 and feeling major fatigue..i dont remember feeling this bad this soon..normally I felt like this the last 2 weeks or so..Dr says Im measuring a large baby..could that be why? But all 4 of my other kids were 9 pounds~ so shouldnt be that bad…i feel awful!! no energy

  99. Lindsey Says:

    This no sleep thing is only preparing you for once your baby is born. You won't get muh sleep for a while now so nap when and if you can. Sorry, but this is how it goes!! Enjoy it!

  100. Emily Says:

    I am going to be 36 weeks tomorrow and this is my second. This pregnancy cannot be over fast enough!! I have been on bedrest for 8 weeks now and I am absolutely miserable. I have had to take a stupid pill every 4 hours everyday!! I have packed everything I needed and I'm so happy
    i have made it this far but I need her out soon. Hopefully my dr will tell me i can get off of bedrest Monday! I love being pregnant but this bedrest ruined this 3rd trimester!

  101. OB RN Says:

    I'm a little concerned by the information given in this post….36 weeks is preterm–it is considered a late preterm infant, but still preterm and as nice as it is to get that baby out to love (and not be pregnant anymore!!) 36 wk babies are notorious for being poor feeders and having issues including temp instability, increased risk of jaundice and risk of hypoglycemia. Let that little peanut cook as long as they want! It's all so worth it.

  102. Ashley Says:

    I hear you! I hope your baby came healthy and happy! And your boy Friend will get back to normal! They always do! Some are just scared!

  103. Erin Says:

    this is my first baby, im 36 weeks and i feel as good as i did before i got pregnant. feet are swollen but i feel better when im moving around. sitting around just makes me feel lazy and its so boring lol. i still go on walks, i still go shopping, i go on dates with my fiancee, and i sleep like a baby lol.
    i think the only parts i dislike are not being able to fit into any pretty clothing, and the baby likes to kick me hard when im not up moving around lol.

  104. mandi Says:

    Dont listen to your doctor. Do what you want. Most doc will say that so they can garentee they get paid.. which is messed. tell you doc to suck it and your the mother and that you make the choices for you and the baby.

    –personaly i would tell him to suck it. ill have the baby when the baby is ready.

  105. holland Says:

    im 36 weeks with my second kid. its noraml to have pain in your lower area. It depends how far along you are though. if your baby is head down thats noramal. it just means the baby is getting ready to come home soon. :)

  106. kathy Says:

    I know this might sound dumb but it worked with both my preg- massaging the marks works and baby oil gel.

  107. meg Says:

    I am 36 weeks and 3 days preggo and i am so tired!!!!I have never felt such discomfort and fatigue in my life before this and cant wait for my little baby to pop out….I was never sure when last periods before conception were so everything was basically kind of guess work though they also worked with early scans to give me my EDD so am here trying to convince myself that perhaps they got the EDD off by two weeeks coz am really sure that am about to go into labour anytime now but now that ive read some of the comments here,i know that my baby is full term and that all ive beeen feeling is normal and doesnt necessarily mean that am going to give birth too soon.I had a bit of a scare with my blood pressure rising and have had to stay away from work since last week coz my job is high pressure and am also forced to be on my feet for long at times so am resting at home now thankfully,have an appointment tomorrow at my clinic so lets see how that goes.Thanks everyone this is a great forum…

  108. ana Says:

    Makes me a little nervous that I’ll be having my baby soon! But happy he’ll be in my arms soon too! I hope that I’m good enough. Hate that I have mood swings, and am impatient lol. I haven’t been as hungry lately either, don’t know if its ‘normal’.

  109. babeshayne Says:

    good info….tq

  110. briana Says:

    36 weeks and a day.. I’m high-risk so they just scheduled an induction a week early.. can’t say I’m not happy about that.. This is baby number one and I’m pretty sure this pregnancy was enough for me to never get pregnant again.. Pain everywhere there is nothing good to say about week 36 except that it is almost over.. Trying to stay positive is hard at this point I feel like I’m snapping from the lack of sleep.. boo… COME ON LITTLE GUY, READY FOR YOU TO MEET THE WORLD!!

  111. Briana(exprecting E'Lijah) Says:

    I will be expecting my first born son and I am 3 days away from being 36 weekz. You can pretty much say my pregnancy has been great until now. My back constantly continues to hurt and I have been experiencing more braxton hicks contractions than usual. The lil man is very active especially at bedtime. I’m ready for this to be over and for me and my baby daddy 2 start our family. Congratz to everyone!!!

  112. Engagement photos Miami Says:

    It is appropriate time to make some plans for the future and it’s time to be happy. I’ve read this post and if I could I desire to suggest you few interesting things or tips. Maybe you could write next articles referring to this article. I wish to read more things about it!

  113. Nicole Says:

    I am 35 weeks & 1 day today. I am def looking forward to seeing my little girl in a few weeks. I should be going to another ultrasound in the next few weeks. My doctor said shes going to give me the paperwork when I go in next Wednesday. And after next Wednesday’s appointment I will have weekly appointments from then on. I’m hoping my little girl wont be too big. When my son was born 3 years ago he was 8lbs 1oz. I’m hoping for her to be in the 7lb area :)
    I cant beleive how fast this pregnancy has gone by. It seems like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant. Much less problems with this pregnancy than with my son. Also I am not working this time around and I didnt gain nearly as much weight so it has helped greatly with all the problems. I am sleeping good, even though I always feel exhausted. I am having some pressure and some stabbing pains down below and my breasts are also leaking so some people in my family think I may go early. But I’m hoping not too early. I would be ok with a 38 week deleivery..I want to make sure the baby is as full term as she can be so we dont have any stays in the NICU. My son was born and 39 weeks, and he was prefectly healthy. I was enduced with him because the doctor was worried he was going to be too big. Like I said I gained alot of weight with him & also I was always mesauring 2 weeks more than I was when I went to my doctors appointments. This time around I am measuring right on point so I’m not thinking I’m going to get enduced this time around…unless I go past 41 weeks because I think my doctor said she doesnt let any of her patents go past 41 weeks because the placenta stops working as well after that point. Good luck everyone having a little bundle of joy <3

  114. Aidan's Mommy Says:

    I am 36 weeks today! I am so looking forward to having this baby. I’ve been having alot of stabbing pains down below also back pain and having a hard time sleeping. I go to the doctors in 2 days and I’m getting another ultrasound next week on Sept 7th. My due date is Sept 26th but I’m hoping my doctor will enduce me or I will just go a little early. This is my 2nd. I had my son at 39 weeks and he was perfectly healthy. I just cant beleive I am so close to the end of the pregnancy. My pregnancy has gone smoothly but I think I forgot all the pains and miserableness at the end of pregnancy. My bladder feels weaker than ever. I cant go anywhere without having to pee all the time. It feels like she is grabbing my bladder and twisting it…lol
    She moves all the time & I think that will be the main thing I miss but other than that I wont miss anything else about pregnancy. Its crazy to think at 37 weeks your considered full term. That means I could have my baby girl in 1 week and she would be fine :)

  115. Pamela Says:

    i’m at the end of my 36 weeks and i want to deliver so badly, this article was very helpful,ty.

  116. pozycjonowanie-stron-www Says:


  117. layla Says:

    im 36 weeks and a day today, my feet look like inflated balloons and im constantly in pain when walking, i have my appt next week for the strep b test, hope all goes well,,,,,dont know wat being dilated must feel like as its my first, my doc has yet to schedule an ultrasound, hopefully she does soon…..

  118. Ria Fronduti Says:

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  119. sini Says:

    thirty six weeks and so tired this is number five and my oldest is six. i hurt everywhere dont know how much longer i can keep our home clean without help from hubby. now i have a head cold. any suggestions on how to get rid of a cold sooner without meds?

  120. miranda Says:

    Omg this is so me I don’t know how many times I cry due to the pain..man am I ready for it to end and I have my little guy..

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