37 Weeks PregnantAt week 37, your pregnancy is considered to be full term. However, you may still have two or three weeks to go. Both the new mom and the baby are continuing to gain some weight. You may start to have thoughts about childbirth and whether or not you are going to be a good mother. These thoughts are normal. You may be able to ease your fears by talking to your doctor or your partner. Every pregnant woman at one time has thought the exact same things.

Your big belly may have gotten in the way of many of your daily chores such as doing dishes, cooking dinner, picking up around the house and even doing laundry. Due to the weight gain, you may find yourself sitting and resting a lot. You should be now on maternity leave if you work. Take some time to enjoy the last few weeks of the pregnancy.

Don’t be discouraged because your body will go back to the way it was before the pregnancy after childbirth. What is funny is that after 9 months of being pregnant, you aren’t going to remember most of it within a year. You may remember the morning sickness but there are things that you are not going to remember. Make the most of the last few weeks of pregnancy.

You should have a bag packed and all necessary phone calls made. You should have made a decision on whether or not to bottle-feed or breastfeed. If you are going to be using help from friends or relatives, make sure that you keep in contact with them. The baby could come at any time and you want to make sure that you have everything in place.

Baby’s Development

The baby is still gaining weight at this week in pregnancy. The baby fat is still developing and being distributed under the cheeks, knees and elbows. The baby puts on about ½ an ounce per day. The baby becomes rounder and rounder everyday. The baby’s skin is losing the wrinkled look and the skin is now pink rather than red. The baby is breathing on their own and can be born without any health problems.

The baby should weigh an estimated 6-1/2 to 7 pounds and measure in length at 20 to 21 inches. Remember, this is a guideline not an absolute fact. If your baby weighs less or more don’t panic. Your doctor is aware of how much the baby weighs and if they have not brought it to your attention by now, then it is safe to say that there is isn’t a problem.

The most important development at this stage of pregnancy is the position of the baby. The mom will be experiencing some pressure in the lower abdominal region. This is called lightening. The baby will now move and shift with their head down and will rest against the pelvic bone. This is very common in about 95% of pregnancies.

Changes With Your Body

You are now in the advanced stages of pregnancy. The baby could be born anytime now. The baby is mature at this point and is a full term baby. The stage is set for the baby to be born. You will continue to feel heavy at this point. This may make you unhappy and sad even though your baby will be here at any time now. Don’t worry, it perfectly normal to have these feelings. The weight gain has prevented you from doing many things you are used to be doing.

By this week in pregnancy, the baby will continue to prepare for birth by dilation of the cervix. The mucus plug is as a protectant sealant of the uterus. As the plug begins to leak the closer you are to birth. Ask your doctor about the mucus plugs and how that works. You may notice the increase in breast size; they have become heavier and a bit fuller as they prepare for lactation. They may feel tender a bit sore until birth. You may feel some itchiness still but some cocoa butter and moisturizer can help with that.

Your doctor will be checking for blood pressure, increased sugar levels and urine levels as well. If the doctor has any concerns they will let you know. Otherwise don’t panic, try not to stress about anything in these last few weeks.

What To Expect

You are now ending the last part of the pregnancy. You are having the feeling that you don’t want to be pregnant anymore. You want a healthy baby but you are tired of being pregnant. The extra weight gain may be starting to make you more uncomfortable. But once the baby comes it will be well worth the aches, pains and fatigues. It is a challenge to stay happy and positive but it is all worth it for the baby.

It is still important to eat healthy and get as much rest as possible. Try not to change anything you have been doing in the past 9 months. It has been working so far and the old saying goes if it is not broke don’t fix it. Try to keep up the personal hygiene this will stave off yeast and urinary tract infections.

By now you are wanting to make sure that everything is ready for when the baby is born. The nursery should be ready and the name should be all picked out. Phone numbers should be kept close by and the hospital bag should be packed.


If you are having any concerns, now is the time to talk to the doctor, friends, family and especially the father of the baby. It is an exciting time and your baby is now closer than ever before to being born. You should have everything ready and the count down is on!


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  1. Barnette Family Says:

    I am currently 37 weeks and sooooo ready to have my babygirl. It is a blessing to have her and to see her arrival soon to be coming, but I am ready to deliver and go to the next stage of taking care of her and seeing her grow.The whole family is anxious to see her, guess thats why Im so ready myself.lol

  2. Lorinda Says:

    I can well believe, I’m 37 weeks pregnant myself. Cant wait to see my little boy and hold him… but mostly I cant wait for my husband to see/hold him… it is still unreal for him, even though he felt our boy kicking and moving he still struggles to realize its real. it will hit him at birth.

  3. admin Says:


    I was the exact same way. It didn’t even hit me that I was having a baby until he was born.

  4. stephanie Says:

    im 37 wekkd and 5 days and so anxious to have my baby boy, i wake up every morning hoping that today will be the day, im doing everything they say to do to speed up the process having lots of sex, walking, eating spicy food everything and nothing is working, cant wait for him to get here really anxious to see what he looks like and to hold him, cant wait for my fiancee to see his baby boy, i know he is gonna be a spitting image of his daddy….

  5. Emily Says:

    Im 37 weeks with our first girl, we have two boys and we are so excited. We have had a few problems with my body and a few scary points from her but shes healthy and still growing and we are starting to try to do anything to get her to come out!! Everyone is ready to see her.

  6. kirsty hadden Says:

    hello im 38weeks preganant ive already got a little girl but shes 3 yrs old now so ive forgotten what its like at the end,, ive been getting loads of pains there like period pains ive been told there head fitting pains but just asking to be sure cos they seem to be getting more painfull x thanks

  7. cheryl vine Says:

    im 37 weeks pregnant today, and im having a baby boy, our first baby, we are both very excited. I have been fully engaged for nearly a week, and my pelvis hurting more and more each day. I have period pain in the vagina at night that last a few min's , twice in a night for about 20 min's and then nothing.He kicks and moves alot still and is becomming more and more unpleasent. Do you think i will give birth soon rather than later? We are both very anxious to see our baby, i just want it to happen now lol. Any advice will be gratefully recieved. cheryl x

  8. lexus Says:

    I am now 37 weeks. I am happy to finally get closer to my due date (092910) it has been a experience

    carrying my son and a wonderful, but I am glad that he’s going to be coming home soon. He is really healthy

    and he’s still growing. He has two wonderful parents ready to meet him.

  9. Wendy Says:

    I am 37 weeks tomorrow, and am so ready to have this baby. I'm cramping all the time. I am just ready to meet my baby girl! i can't wait!

  10. Angela Says:

    Im 37 weeks with my first baby. Im getting really anxious to meet her. I cant wait to meet my daughter and im especially excited to see how her father will react. I know she will be his little princess.

  11. connie Says:

    i'm 37 weeks today(sep 23rd) and due oct 14th with my 2nd daughter,my 1st who is 11 and will be 12 oct 17th! so they will be 12yrs apart but have very close birthdays! ummm i don't remember much about being preggo with my 1st but all i know is that i am soooo ready to have her lol im so sore and crampy….i ache from head to toe,cant sleep,sit or stand for long! shes already 8lbs so i'm in for another chubba lol my 1st was 9lbs 22in! i'm still working but its killing me to be on my feet so i think this may be my last week. hubby is excited as this is his 1st child…cant wait to see how he will react to his new born princess! congrats and good luck to my fellow preggers!

  12. candis Says:

    I am 37 weeks with my 3rd baby first boy!, 2 older daughters 9 and 10. Im with you i do not remember much about being pregnant at all nor do i remember much about taking care of a baby. Im feeling pressure in my back and butt so bad. My 2 daughters i had c-sections and never went into labor and im scared to death about it. I hurt from head to toe, feeling so HUGE. Im so over being pregnant I want him here now!

  13. kystal Says:

    my name is krystal ball..im 37 weeks and almost ready 2 explode..waTERS bout 2 damn near burst..but completly ready for my baby

  14. Jesse Says:

    I am at 37 weeks and ready to be done, this will be my second son. My baby is beating the crap out of the walls of my belly. I am so soar. The last stretch of this pregnancy seems to be taking longer than the first 8 months combined. Hurry and come out

  15. Esther Hearne Johnson Says:

    I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and 3 days I feel soar down my Cervix and I feel lots of pressure and I’m having lots of Yellow Stuff coming out and my stomach gets hard everyday its that Natural?

  16. Amanda Says:

    Hi Esther. I am 37 weeks pregnant as well and have been have the same soreness in my bottom areas. I asked the doctor about it and she told me that it was because he is head down and has nestled into my pelvis area and it is causing a lot of pressure down there, causing me to be sore. The stomach getting hard everyday are the contractions. This is your body preparing for the delivery of you baby and the yellow stuff could be your mucus plug coming out. :) good luck

  17. Esther Hearne Johnson Says:

    Oh ok! I’ve been having lots of pressure down my cervix that it hurts lots and it won’t go away its that a sign that i might go into labor tonight?

  18. T.D.L Says:

    I'll be 37 wks tomorrow (11/28) and this is my 3rd child. My husband, 7 yr old son, and 3 yr old daughter are ready to meet our new addition. I'm had a perfect pregnany and now just awaiting delivery. I'm actually scared he'll just fall right out bc my first two deliveries were fast and smooth. My son was 9.1 lbs born at 38 wks and my daughter 7.8 lbs at 36 wks…we can't wait to see how big this baby will be. Good Luck everyone!!!

  19. MARIA Says:


  20. Jeanelle Says:

    I am 37 weeks and my due date is Dec. 30th. I am having a boy my first child and I amso ready for him to come. At first I was nervous but now I am just anxious and excited to meet him and see what he looks like. I hope he looks just like his daddy and I can’t wait for him to get here. The only thing is I feel no pain and he hasn’t dropped yet. He moves alot and kicks but as far as the lightening as they call it haven’t experienced that yet. I hope it happens soon cuz I would love for him to be here before Christmas

  21. Symone Says:

    Hey. Just been buzzing around some sites and just wanted to give a random response. We're pretty close in time. I'm also 37 weeks. I'm due Jan 1. This is my first and i'm hoping he comes early because I would like to have him come this year so we can have all of next year together.(and I hate the number 11.lol)But from all this reading and stuff i'm getting discouraged because I have people tell me I look 4 months pregnant and that I havent dropped and I dont really have too much pain. Just my back has been killing me and I'm exhausted and I have some pressure in my pelvis but nothing too serious. =( I really hope he comes before I reach 40 weeks.

  22. Ariana's Mom Says:

    hello!! im just turning 36wks this week..jus want to say good luckk!! And i would ove for my Princess to b here by christmas also..even tho we should be getting plenty of rest, walking helps alot also!!

  23. vic Says:

    I am 37 weeks pregnant and my baby boy has already dropped! This is an amazing feeling to have a child. Plus us pregnant women have an excuse to eat anything we want. Congratulations all of you!!!!!

  24. e ramos Says:

    i am 37 weeks pregnant and i have been feeling crapms on my right side, i am having a boy, this is my second child, my first is a girl and she is now 7 yrs old, i am to hopin to deliver before xmas but im ready whenever he is.. good luck to all… my advice drink lots of water and walking will help u go into labor…

  25. Tasha Says:

    hi I’m 36 weeks 2nd child and my first child is 17 years old. im so scared. not really a happy pregnancy but never the less i can’t wait till she gets hear. she’s my angel. I’ve been feeling alot of pressure do you think my baby will be hear soon.

  26. KI BROWN Says:


  27. sylvia Says:

    Hey everybody. I'm 37 this Monday and i'm so0o0o tired. i just had my baby shower today. Iam on my 4 child, but this time its a BOY! finally after 3 girls. due date Feb. 14 :)

  28. Nena's Mom Says:

    Hey!!! Im 37 weeks today, I am so excited to see baby girl, especially her dad. This will be my second child, my first is a boy, Now its a girl. My son will be 5 on February 19th and my daughter will be born on the 3rd of February! I cant wait…good luck to all the wonderful and beautiful mothers out there.. You are special!

  29. jayne Says:

    i am petrifyed its my first baby and im a nervous wreck i keep having strange dreams about labour my head is all over the place. im having a baby boy im 37 and 5 days pregnant im in so much pain i just want him to pop out soon i cant wait much longer.

  30. Rascal Says:

    I'm 37 weeks and totally relate to feeling like I don't want to be pregnant anymore. I wish I could at least talk to the dad about everything I'm feeling but we are separated and in the middle of a custody battle over our unborn child. I assume anything I say will end up in court documents. I often wonder if it makes me a bad mom to just be so exhausted and tired of the aches and pains. I have a physical disability and heart issues to boot. I've been on bedrest for months and I just want my little boy out of my body and into my arms.

  31. myFirstbaby Says:

    hello Mommies,

    its my 37 weeks now for my first baby girl… :) its so nice to feel every time shes moving inside of me
    the way she kick me the way she jump i think… i dont have much complain about all pain that shes done coz its make me every time excited… and she is a nice little girl she not give me much pain..
    i heard most of mom here getting tiered of the pain that they feel now thats so sad…dont worry all of u soon all year it will make u smile :) i only feel little pain when i go to bed and when im laying long time specialy at nite my back is hurt but in few mins its going fine and i have question for now its almost 1 month im no go to my OB to check up its fine only.? or i need to go.? untill we are waiting for our baby .? pls hope one can answer me thanks … im sooooo EXCITED !!!!!! i know all here is excited to to have there own baby .. and my husband and my Little girl makes me COMPLITE….;) gudluck

  32. Oferty pracy Says:

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  33. Rosie Kile Says:

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  35. Beulah Alsup Says:

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  36. Katie Says:

    I am also 37 weeks with my firs child. Do not experience any pain, sleep well at night. No complains at all. I am trying to enjoy my last weeks of "freedom".

  37. Harlyms*mom Says:

    Hi I will be 37 weeks on wed. 3/16/2011. And I have had hypertension with my last two pregnancies and also with this baby. I had to be induced each time because of how high my bp got. The first baby at 35 and the. Second a little over 36 weeks. I’ve moved and switched my ob since then. This doctor tells me everytime that I’m ok to go home with a damn bp reading of 150/100….is that ok.? And I was told that he should be inducing me since the only way to cure pregnancy hypertension is to deliver and this jerk is trying to make me go the whole 40 weeks!!!! He’s pissing me off!

  38. connie Says:

    hi, i’m 37 weeks pregnant and i am so looking fward 2 holdng ma baby boy. Last night i packed my bags getting prepared only to find out nothing will happen and bcoz i use the bag 2 carry my books 2 da campus, in da morning i had 2 unpack them. i am just thinking about the name. Every1 is luking at like i’m some sort of an allian, i am counting the dayz.

  39. nondumiso Says:

    I'm 37 week n due on th 19th of April the enthusiasm is killig me, i cant wait 4ma sec babe gal to arrive. i' cant stop to think who will she look like me or her daddy, how much weight she ll b weighing. her sister is so excited…..i just appreciate my hubby who is always by ma side n doing all the house chores while i cnt due to pelvic pain,worse morning sickness n tiredness……

  40. Bicha Says:

    Slt je suis a 36 semaines et jai hate d’ en finir avec cette grosses je veux tenir ma fille ds mes bras c ma 1ere grosses j’espere que ca va bien se passer bonne chance a tous

  41. monique Says:

    I am 37 weeks today and like most of u I can not wait till she cums out!!! Lol although feeln her kick and have the hiccups is a wonderful feeling… I’m sooo glad I had da experiance of being pregnant and feeln her, I feel really connected to her… I’m hopen shell be her between now and 38 weeks but that’s hopeful wishing cuz my due date isn’t till june 8… I have EXTREM pelvic pain especially at night when I turn it feels like its going to snap in 2, I only gag wen I brush my teeth in the morning but other then that all is well I have a great support system being my boyfriend and my mommy I love them both sooo much! This wuda been a LONG and hard pregnancy witout them.. can wait till she’s here

  42. carolyn Says:

    Hi, I`m 37 weeks & 3 days. My belly is so big and so heavy. This is my very first baby and its gonna be a lovely boy. I can`t wait to meet him and hold him in my arm. We are ready to welcome him :) I want to give natural birth and hope it all work out well. He`s kicking and moving alot. He`s very healthy and makes me smile & laugh all the time when he moves and kick :) I love him so much.

  43. Nicole Says:

    I am 37 weeks and 1 day today. Last week I went to the doctors and found out shes going to induce me at 39 weeks which means I only have 2 weeks left before I see my baby girl! Shes going to enduce me at 39 weeks because I live far from the hospital and also my blood type is RH Negative so if I were to go til 40 weeks the shot of RoGam I got at 28 weeks would expire and I would have to get another shot. I was induced with my son at 39 weeks and he was perfectly fine…so fine he was 8lbs 1oz..lol
    I’m going for an ultrasound tomorrow morning, I’m hoping they can give me a good estimate of this baby’s weight and maybe another picture but this far along I doubt it.
    I’m basically ready for the baby to come, I’m going to reuse alot from my son but since this one is a girl it would be nice to have some pink stuff :)
    This baby moves so much she causes me pain & pressure that I didnt have with my son so maybe also I’ll get lucky and have her anytime now. They say 37 weeks is considered full term and her lungs should be mature now so if I went into labor on my own the wouldnt stop it at this point. Good luck everyone! Hope everyone has healthy happy babies!

  44. Mary Says:

    Hi everyone,

    I will be 37 weeks on Sunday and I feel like I am going to pop! This is my 3rd child. I have 2 boys, ages 11 and 5 and am finally getting my baby girl!
    At my checkup this week, I was only dialated to 1cm which is what I was the week before that. My dr. said being that this is my 3rd baby, that doesnt really mean much that I could have her tonight or in 3 weeks.
    I haven’t really been having many BH contractions (that I can clearly tell anyway) but I have been having an awful lot of pressure in my pelvic area and I feel like I have to pee ALL THE TIME.
    Good luck to all of you!

  45. Amy Says:

    Please, anyone who Is “doing everything they can” To go into labor at 37 weeks, be patient. No matter what the doctor says, a 37 seeker acts more like late preterm in most cases. They are sleepier, can have trouble with temperature regulation, and are quite often MUCH harder to breastfeed. Relax and let your baby keep growing to real full term. The medical organizations for obstetrics and pediatrics wont even allow induction until 39 weeks due to poor outcomes earlier. Relax!

  46. Tonya B. Says:

    This is our first child and we’re so excited! I’m 37 weeks and 4 days and everyday I’m geting more and more excited to meet our angel. Even though this seem like a long pregnancy, I wouldn’t change anything about it. I loved every bit of it and I can’t wait to meet our precious little girl!

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