38 Weeks PregnantAs you enter into the 38th week of pregnancy, you may start to feel some changes. The baby is getting ready to be born. Their head is now in the down position. Labor is a real possibility now so it is best to stick close to home and avoid driving too far from the hospital. You should be getting plenty of rest and relaxation. You should have all of your phone numbers handy and your bags packed for the hospital.

At this stage of pregnancy, you should avoid stress at all times. If your partner works, you may have someone stay with you during the day in the event that you go into labor. Make sure that friends and family members are able to access all of your phone numbers too. During this stage of pregnancy, dad might come down with a case of the jitters. They worry about becoming first time dads and they may need to discuss their fears with their friends and family rather than with the new mom to be. Most dads do this because they don’t want to put any additional stress on the new moms to be.

Some new dads to be often hide small gifts in the new moms hospital bag. When the new mom goes into the bag she finds a surprise gift on the day the baby was born. It really is a romantic and sentimental thing to do.

Baby’s Development

The baby is going to continue to grow in weigh and in length. The baby will be anywhere from 17 to 20 inches long and 6-1/2 to 7 pounds. Until the baby is ready to be born, she will continue to grow. All of the baby’s organs are now mature and functioning at 100%. It is interesting to know that although the baby’s lungs are mature, the lungs and the brain do not fully function until they are out of the womb. Both will continue to grow and developing even after they are born.

The baby will be born with blue eyes. Eye color can change weeks after the baby is born. If in the course of the pregnancy you have developed hypertension, the amount of oxygen and food to the baby will have decreased . If the baby shows signs of losing weight or not gaining weight it could be due to the hypertension. The doctor would have addressed this concern with you by now if you did develop hypertension.

The baby blinks and clenches their fists at this week of pregnancy. The baby will react to light and to the sounds of the moms voice and familiar sounds. The baby fat is now developing to keep in the baby’s body temperature both inside the womb and outside as well.

Changes With Your Body

In week thirty-eight you are going to experience some changes both inside and outside. When you enter the last few weeks of the pregnancy, you may start to see some swelling of the feet. Don’t panic, swelling is normal at the end of the pregnancy. If you start to see some swelling in the hands and face, then contact your doctor, it could be the start of induced hypertension or pre-clampsia. This is when the placenta is not getting enough blood or oxygen it requires. If not treated right away, it could be a dangerous condition.

You may be experiencing some heartburn still and frequent urination. Don’t try to lessen the amount of water that you are taking in. You may be tempted to because it could help with your frequent urges to urinate. This problem will soon be a thing of the past. You may be finding it harder to become comfortable either sitting, standing and especially lying down. As the pregnancy progresses, you may have found a way to get comfortable. Practice your kegel exercises. These will help with the delivery of the baby.

If you are still experiencing heartburn, continue to adjust your meal schedule. Try eating lighter meals and stay away from the heavy meals until the baby is born. After you eat, try taking a short walk but always go with a friend or partner. You never know at this point in pregnancy if you are going to go into labor.

What to expect

You can expect to talk to your doctor about childbirth. If something goes wrong, have a plan ready. Some doctors won’t discuss that but it does ease the new mom to be. You should expect to continue going to the doctor at this point in time. Don’t miss any appointments that they set. It is important that you attend these appointments. If you are considered to be a high risk, the doctor is monitoring you closely especially if you also have gestational diabetes or high blood pressure.

There is very little room for the baby to move around. It is getting tight and the baby is on their way to being born. Continue to eat healthy and take your supplements and prenatal vitamins. The doctor may think it is a good idea to go through a stress test, this is normal but sometimes it is necessary. You should be enjoying the mother child bond now and the baby can kick when you speak. They recognize the sound of your voice.


Continue to listen to your body. Only you can know when there is something wrong. Continue to attend doctors’ appointment, you can still hear the heartbeat at every appointment and the doctor will still monitor you until the day you go into labor. So don’t worry about anything at this stage. Let the doctor worry about things, all you have to do is rest and relax in these next few weeks. The end of the pregnancy is in sight. Your doctor will let you know if there is something to worry about. Until it is time to go to the hospital, take it easy and relax.


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  1. Paula Cheal Says:

    Regarding the line ‘The baby will be born with blue eyes’ – this excludes an extremely large part of the population – white babies, yes – please could you be more inclusive and include other eye colours, or be more specific? Many thanks.

  2. admin Says:


    For all babies, no matter the race are born with blue eyes. Not every baby is but the majority of all are.

    Here is some good info I found.

    Actually, at birth, our irises don’t have much color at all. In nature, things that don’t actually have color, like water or the sky, often look blue. That’s because blue is the most easily “scattered,” or reflected, color of light in the spectrum, like nature’s “default” color. Before our irises produce melanin, they don’t reflect any color, so, like the sky, they look blue, too.

  3. Me Says:

    Paula…chill out pls.

  4. kymmy Says:

    my breasts feel like they are burning,why??

  5. Kendra Says:

    Actually that is not correct. I was born with dark brown eyes from the day I was born not blue.

  6. admin Says:

    Yes you were born with brown eyes. But the point behind the fact is most eyes are blue inside the belly before they get fully developed.

  7. Shay Says:

    Seriously, you are coming here for tips and advice. You should probably not critisize the advice because whoever is running this site is doing it to help you and others find answers to their questions… if you don’t like the answer given, ignore it and move on.

  8. Rachel Says:

    My baby boy (white) was born with brown eyes from day one, as was I and my sister and my brother. I dont think you can say “most.”

  9. Margarita Says:

    i been having some strong pains on the top of my uterus lately what could that mean? and ive also had a little sweling on my hands could there be something wrong? im 38 weeks.

  10. Kelsey Says:

    I'm also 38 weeks pregnant;
    I wouldn't worry too much but next time you see your OB, i'd mention it to him/her.
    I have pain in my pelvic area EVERY time I wake up in the middle of the night to switch positions or go to the bathroom which as you know, is often lol.
    I'd take any rings you have on, off. It's normal for swelling in your hands but if it gets too bad, it may be a problem.
    I have swelling in my hands and had to take off my ring.
    Congrats on the baby!

  11. joy Says:

    my first pregnancy my daughter was actually born with blue eyes, and after a few weeks it changed to brown.

  12. Megan Says:

    hi im 38 weeks too and im very exited about my baby boy but my feet always swell and my belly hurts more

  13. Megan A Says:

    <3I cant wait for my baby<3

  14. glenda Says:

    hi every one… i looked at every ones post and to be honest doest it really matter if a baby be born with blueeyes??????????? well im 38 weeks today,,and i aint never seen noone in my situation…i had 4 pretem labours including 3 out of were premature..this 1 is the only one that went the furthest..and im totally scared..why? bacause the biggest baby i ever had was 4lbs and 6ozand this one looks like he is 7.5lbs or more..i need expert advice..

  15. maria Says:

    I had a 9 pound 9 ounce boy! I’ve heard small babies hurt just as much…You can do it!!!

  16. Katie Says:

    7.5lb sounds a lovely weight. My first was just over 11lbs and my 2nd baby is estimated to be just over 9lbs! C sections are encouraged when babies reach 11 lbs + due to potential problems with the shoulders so anything smaller you should be fine

  17. carla Says:

    im 38 weeks pregnant and my first….i'v had these pains since 36 weeks i wouldnt worry too much only if they get really painfull as i got sent to the hospital and they told me that it was where the baby was in a different postion and bruised to to of my stomach! and swelling on your hands i would let your midwife know or doctor.

  18. Nadene Says:

    this is my third child and I am 39 weeks I am getting a lot of pre-labor and lot of heavy discharge I never experience that before is that normal ..

  19. Cheryl Says:

    Wow, why are there so many on here that are all worked up over the eye color. I believe they said "most" are born with blue. Who cares what color they are if your baby can see out of them.

  20. guest Says:

    if eye color is the only thing you have time to talk about consider your gifts and move on!

  21. Sarah Says:

    My feet are so swollen and my legs and back are cramped and I am just hating life right now. I can't wait for my baby boy to be here!!

  22. cindy Says:

    i am 38 weeks with my second,my first is almost ten,got her when i was 15 and i vaguely remember how it was like. i really dont know what to expect as i am nt experiencing any labour signs. i know the baby is ok coz she moves a 1000 times a day and responds to sounds. i want to hold her in my arms now. what can i do?

  23. karen Says:

    Im 38 weeks pregnant , my baby was 7 pounds 4 ounces at 35 +6 weeks im worried i wont b able 2 give birth to him if he gets too big , do you think my midwife should allow me to go over my due date ?

  24. k johnson Says:

    yea im with u on that paula

  25. Bethanie Jobin Says:

    Everyone's life is different and it is sad very very sad when people look down on others for things they dont understand. She got a beautiful gift and obviously it was meant to be. Even if she was young.

  26. laura Says:

    well said there!!

  27. Nica Says:

    we are all expecting mothers and i don't understand how some of us can come on here and look down/bash another mother. she as well as others are on here for comforting advice and mutual conversations about nerves and excitement of getting to the finish line of our miracles. were having children ladies no need to act like one. ;) bout the eye color im sure we all wish to have ht perfectly beautiful baby with big pretty colored eyes but even though this is also my first child im more than sure nothing will matter when we hold our child for the first time! blue,green.purple,brown they will be the best eyes we ever saw lol im excited bout seeing my son because this has been the longest wait of my life. although im extremely scared about the delivery pains. good luck to ll of you! :)
    38 weeks 1 day pregnant

  28. Chyna Says:

    I to am a first time and just reading over some of the comments I must give my input I dnt care what color my son’s eyes are as long as he can see out of them they can change a million colors I pray for a healthy baby and a safe and very quick delivery. I believe we are here to support one another why turn a positive experience negative its nice to vent and get another mom to be opinion i don t know about you but although my finace tries and I Love him for that there are things going on that only a mother to be can understand…goodluck to all the lucky moms we are truely blessed there are women out there that would give their life to hear the words you are pregnant and no matter how much they pray and try and under go medical procedures the reality is they will never be able to experience what we ve been blessed to just some food 4 thought!!!!

  29. 1BadLilMama Says:

    I totally agree with you Chyna!!!! Well put!!! ;)

  30. Christina Says:

    lol..I'm sorry, but to see everyone argue over eye color is just ridiculous. I was born with blue eyes but they changed to hazel and that's what they are now. My kids came out with brown eyes and they're still brown. See how it varies?…….Wow.

  31. wilma Says:

    hi im 38 weeks pregnant….im too stress right now because of my boyfriend…hes having an affair with someone…and he always leave me at home….dont know what to do…

  32. heather Says:

    Confide in your family!!! Look to them for the support you need. It is ALL about YOU and your BABY. If you don't have family then talk to your doctor, they should know of someone to help you.

  33. Mia Says:

    i have been experiencing a similar situation and u know what im not letting it get to me because its only afffecting the baby and me..pegnancy is not forever and u should remind him of that.. do not let this man worry u, please..

  34. renee Says:

    thats ignorant. and just because you have a baby at 15 does not make you a bad mom. im 18 and have a savings of 50,000 dollars.. am i in the wrong??? i also have a diamond ring on my finger and we have a place, been together for a year and a half….. think before you bash somebody else!!!!

  35. jaime Says:

    what you should do is not concentrate on anything but yourself and your baby. everything is for a time. take one day at a time and you will surely make it through.

  36. jaime Says:

    dont judge for you too will be judged. everyone goes through life differently and everyone learns from their experiences differently. we never know what tomorrow brings. we can only see for today.

  37. Michelle Says:

    same here! dont worry.. just try to focus on u and your baby..you dont want to add any extra stress to you nor baby b/c of him .. do you! and im 38 weeks pregnant too! you will be able to deal with all that after the baby is born ..somtimes when the baby comes it only gets harder to make decsions on what to do with you personal life !

  38. garcia Says:

    38 weeks pregnant too w a bf who is w somebody else

  39. Nikki Says:

    Holly can everyone calm down about the whole eye color! Maybe we can all help one another with other concerns then eye color. Let's remember this site is for helping eachother with questions not to be argueing with one another.

  40. Adriana Says:

    I have pain in my pelvic area EVERY time I wake up in the middle of the night to switch positions too is that normal??

  41. guest Says:

    My girlfriend and I have been going through a divorce during our pregnancy. Keep your head up and move away from the stress if possible. It is easier to to be alone then to worry about boyfriends. Also reach out for girlfriend support. This is what you will need the most.

  42. Jacque Says:

    I also am 38 weeks pregnant i have pelvic pains too whenever I turn to change position during the night is that normal or I need to see a doctor.

  43. Sandra Says:

    I find it funny how others are sooo focused on the eye color of the baby. You'd think just as long as your baby could see and was healthy thats all that would matter. If you go on other sites they give advice on various things, for one example one parenting/baby site said because I am now 37 wks pregnant, I should advoid swimming, while another said it was ok. These sites are mostly just a guideline of what "could be", and it is usually best to ask your doctor about any conserns you may have. Take my advice as long as your healthy and the baby is healthy who the hell cares what the eye color is?? There is soo much else to focus on, making sure your eating well and staying stress free. Don't let something like eye color stress you out lol.

  44. Natae Says:

    I think that was cery rude and people come for comfort not judgement…. Only one person can judge her and it's not you by far… Now that was very very very SAD!!! I think you owe Cindy an apology!! You have made mistakes so dont try to down her because of hers!!! Wow are we grown People or kids having kids and monsters with no heart!!!

  45. Good Father Says:

    My god! A forum that was supposed to lend support has turned into a stupid catty debate! Screw the woman who was so mean to the lady who had a child at 15! The other lady was just jelous because she cannot yet find a guy low enough to get her pregnent. Eveyone else, shut up about the damn eye color. If you dont like what the article says, dont read it! It is easy, If you were such an expert, you would have your own website. This is sad, I am a first time dad who was looking to find some info for my wife and found a bunch of children instead.

  46. nicole Says:

    ok guys i think the hormones may be running a little high which is understandable at this stage… however there is no need to attack each other.. we all have something more important to look forward to. the birth of our miracles..like was said before this is simply a guideline not the rules it does not apply to everyone. Each person is an individual and in such each person is different.. the results are just knowledge that was probably taken from a basic study.. we are fortunate to have any information available to us and the fact that we do we should not try to slam it.. just take the information that you believe may apply to you… we all just need to calm down…relax and try to focus on the little ones growing inside us:) its not our right to judge anyone nor to judge those who judge and so on and so forth.. i dont know about everyone else but i come for comfort and knowledge… every little bit helps. i dont come here to hurt people or to be hurt just to feel involved in my son’s life.

  47. meka Says:

    well im 38 weeks prego with my 1st very happy:*<3

  48. Lupe Says:

    I think it's time to move on and just focus on yourself and the baby. Everything will work itself out. Good luck!

  49. Esther Hearne Johnson Says:

    Hi I’m 21 and I’m 38 weeks pregnant today and I’m due on Oct 31 but I’m always one week and a couple f days early.My First kid was supposed to be born on June 22 but he was born on June 12 and my second kid was suppose to be born on Nov 22 but he was born on Nov 5.When do y’all think i might end up having this third baby?

  50. Esther Hearne Johnson Says:

    I'm 38 weeks pregnant and every time i go for a walk i gets lots of pressure that sometimes i have to stop for a min because they hurt so bad.

  51. dottie Says:

    hi~ i am 38 weeks and this is my 2ND baby didnt have much problems with my 1st but this one has taking me for a ride. i sometimes cant breath and pass out. i been having really bad pains in my sides.but, my doctor doesnt seem to know what the problem is well, i am just ready for this one to come anyone have any tricks to sleeping!

  52. sherri Says:

    Lol, im laughing so hard I might go into labor. I had my first child at 15 wasnt a good choice I made but all together I love my children I am on number 4, I flew pass what statistics say got my degree and I am a LPN 25 years old. My children wants for nothing.

  53. Esther Hearne Johnson Says:

    Oh ok I’m due in 9 days bu i want to go into labor already.if i have sex will it bring me into labor?

  54. Lin Says:

    Hi I am a mom of 2 boy and girl and am 38 weeks pregnant now with my 3rd.. this is only your second. did you find out what you are having? my pregnancies have all been different, same in some ways but my first was a boy and second was a girl, my girl gave me passing out issues, fainting, had to stop working because of it at 3 months preg. every pregnancy is different maybe different sex of baby has something to do with it?? Good luck wish you all the best.

  55. Lin Says:

    i am going through the same thing as well almost feels like my baby is going to fall out of there:) doctor told me that its just the pressure of the babies head moving up and down, and all the weight in that certain area:) i can barely make it up a hill now and start to get braxton hicks every time i walk lol. guess we just have to suck it up for the next 2 weeks and just be thankful its almost time to meet our precious bundles of joy. Good luck best wishes:)

  56. Lin Says:

    :) agreed, my daughter was born with beautiful deep, ocean blue eyes and she is now 5 and her eyes have changed to a beautiful hazel/honey color, all babies have a blue covering over there eyes at birth some change quicker than others, but blue does not mean they are going to stay blue:) my sons turned almost black:) healthy baby is all that matters:P

  57. harry Says:

    hiiiiiiii i am pregnant of 39 weeks, and everytime is my back pain,and every time is itching to much pls tellme any person why plsssssssssssssssss

  58. Shannon Burns Says:

    im the same, and im 38 weeks pregant too

  59. bnae Says:

    im 38 weeks..i have so much stress.. my boyfriend doesnt seem to care about anything! i would think he would be getting excited but hes not..at least hes not showing it! its so depressing, he dont kiss my belly and rub it or talk to the baby either..it kinda scares me becuz i hope he dont act like this when our baby is born.. that would really suck!! someone please help! i have nobody to talk to or anything, i mean my parents are here for me but it just sucks bc i want someone to talk to that knows what im going through! =/ and him acting like this makes me so depressed that i cant even get excited about my due date being soo close!

  60. zoe Says:

    im exactly the same they say my babys big and there head fixing pains but they hurt really bad and find it hard to walk far

  61. rachael Says:

    hi im 38 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby i have one girl and one boy and this baby is suppost to be a girl but latley everyone says im carrying a boy i dont care what i have as long as the babys healthy but i got all girl clothes ill just have to wait and see i cant wait im so anxious!!!!!!

  62. fasta Says:

    I know that it makes it twice as hard to enjoy the ending of your pregnancy when you are unsure of your partners reaction. I know that with my first, his father was like that. When I was in labor he even made a comment about how I was always in taking a bath. For some men they get very very scared because they have no idea what to do! How do they hold the baby? Are they going to be a good father? What if they cannot support a child? Men do not tend to express concerns they have they just tend to internalize it. As scary as it is and as hard as it is the best thing you can do is to focus on you and the baby. Your right he might be the same way after the baby is born but you will be able to handle that if and when it comes around. I would think that he might be just getting scared because just like you he realizes it could be any day now!

  63. Christine Says:

    I will be 38 weeks pregnant this week. This is my husband's and my first baby. My husband has only touched my belly maybe twice during my entire pregnancy and he didn't do it on his own. Men don't experience the pregnancy like the moms do. They only see whats going on, they don't feel it physically or emotionally like the moms. My husband never takes to any kind of changes very well as it is. Even though our pregnancy was planned, it still took him about 8 months to finally be comfortable with having this baby. Him and I used to fight all the time about how I thought he was distant and never interacted with the baby. I finally found out that he was just really scared of being a dad. I am also the first pregnant person he has really been around. He had never held a baby or even been around babies until just very recently. He still doesn't interact with him like I would like him too, but I can't make him. He shows his interest by asking how our son is doing throughout the day, or asking me how I'm doing. He also openly talks to friends and family and even strangers about our baby now. I can tell he is excited in his own way, but he will not truly know how he feels until he is holding his son for the first time. I know how depressing it can be to think the father doesn't care or love the baby. I thought my husband felt that way for a long time. With some men, all it takes is the reality of their child in their arms.

  64. rebecca Says:

    hi im 38weeks today and had enough now this is my second child and its a lot harder than my first,, does anyone no how to bring on early labour as i no its safe at this point ??? ..

  65. Tracy Says:

    Ask to be induced, my im 38 weeks today also and my doctor agreed to induce me next Thursday!!!

  66. rc lovechild Says:

    dont u stress yourself i went through so much worse mine actually left me now as it is coming to my end he came back . when he left it was so hard for me i did not even want to have my baby and to tell u the truth only prayes helped me and the surpport of my friends. what i can tell u is that you must tell him how you feel and that it hurts so that he knows how you feel dont keep it in let it out!

  67. dottie Says:

    thanks, but i had a girl this time too! she is two weeks old! was 7lbs.11oz so glad she was okay! loving my babies!:)))

  68. Stef Says:

    Ha, I had to take all of my rings off at the beginning of my seventh month !!

  69. Stephanie Says:

    The whole point, is that 2 weeks from now we will have our babies in our arms at last, and whether my multiracial daughters eyes are blue, brown, green or purple I will finally have her here with me.

  70. shamona Says:

    that sounds like preeclampsia, i hope everything was fine.!!

  71. Taashu Says:

    ur true ..evn m on ma 38th week nw my hubby touches ma belly n feels the kicks n movements bt he is all time scared And feels guilty for making me pregnant seein me wid big tummy n facting braxton Hicks..its our first baby i expect him to b all more in excitement Mode it was post six months he actually strtd askin bout the foetus..oly if its on arms i guess he would really hv the feelin of being a dad..may all FTF are Kinda tensed n clueless

  72. marylou Says:

    He is probably just scared if this is his first or doesnt know how to show affection. My husband was like that up until last month I finally said hey MISTER what's the deal he said he didnt want our 5yr old daughter to get more jealous since she is already jealous when he sits next to me. But when your pregnant your feeling get hurt so much easier. I'm sure he loves you and the baby so dont stress it's not worth it. He will come around and if he doesnt it's his loss :)

  73. katie waghorn Says:

    aww huni it sound asif your run down n getting no support from you parnter i know its easy for me to say this but sod him its his problem u cant be stressing ur self out, im 38 weeks n looking forward to metting my baby girl, dont let it get ya down he may change his attuidude once yr baby is here

  74. sue Says:

    I have come across this post looking to see what to expect from my daughter who is carrying our grandaughter she is due a week after you ladies ..she is 18 only just gone on maternity leave and doing this alone ..she decided she never wanted to be with the babies dad although she went through the loss of a baby last year we are quite shocked but supporting her fully ..she has worked all the way through her pregnacy and bought all the baby stuff her self ..although the babies dad is also supporting the baby and going to be at the birth ad take an active part in the baby girls life ..Just thought i woukd post this to say not everything is a bed of roses in pregnancy and although this is my daughters choice to end the relationship in the end what counts is the best for the baby

  75. annie Says:

    I am 38 weeks pregnant too. this is my third, can’t wait to meet my baby soon.

  76. dadtobe Says:

    My girl fren is 38 weeks this weekend. Unlike other moms to be my girlfren became emotionally and intimatly disattached from me wen she got pregnant. I am very supportive of my first child and up until a few weeks ago we had ontinuous fight about why she does nt want me there and why she wants to do it alone. At times i feel robbed that i cant see when the child kicks, or the mom feels contractions of able to kiss the belly or jus lay beside my two princesses. We are on the final stretch now and to be honest i have realized that pregnancy is not for the males. We are jus there for support. Our main role is jus to make the child and mother as comfortable as possible. We cant feel wat they feel or understand what is happening so if your partner is distant is partly fair but most cause he does nt knw wat to knw and is afraid he might do something wrong cause preggo are very fragile and unpredictable. So talk to him keep him in the loop and let him knw its ok to jus be there and support and listen . thats all we can contribute.

  77. mommyof1 Says:

    I know how she feel I am having my 1st child also and I am doing it alone but I can say this is the best time of my life. I am also having a girl :) and I cant wait for her to come in to the world.

  78. mommyof1 Says:

    Hi i am also 38 weeks and I am so ready to have my baby I am a 1st time mom and a lil worried about labor

  79. zil Says:

    I know how you feel… I'm 38 weeks pregnant too and my boyfriend is gone almost all the time. either he's at work or gone at a friends house. I'm alone with my 8 year old… most of the time. if I say anything I just end up looking like the asshole… and I hate it. I'm hoping that after the baby comes things will change… I have raised my first on my own so if things don't improve I will be raising this one by myself as well…a good chat with him is what's needed… communication is the key…

  80. Wendy Wochner Says:

    your not the only one..i have no clue wat to expect..wat are u having??

  81. liana$mommie Says:

    I’m 38 weeks… And like mommyof1.,I’m also doing it alone. I think it’s for the best. I don’t need the extra stress. Sometimes it’s a lil lonely but I get excited thinking that WOW in two weeks I will be someones mother! I wish you all lots of luck. I’m just praying for a healthy baby!

  82. Luna Says:

    I can’t believe that so many here are wrapped up in eye color. I am 38 weeks pregnant weith my 2nd baby. My first was a stillborn. I am jusut happy I have made it this far and don’t care what color his eyes are.

  83. Arlene Says:

    I’m 38 weeks and on my 5th kid. I know pretty much what to expect but because every pregnancy is different I like to read these websites or learn anything new. I myself, like other moms am wondering why is the eye color of your baby at birth such a big deal. Most babies are born with blue or greenish eyes until they get their actual eye color. No big deal. Age at pregnancy, who cares. My 1st born when I was 16. Post something positive and helpful to others. Anyway, the pelvic pain is normal as the baby is head down now and getting ready for birth. Sex will induce labor most of the time but I would let the baby come when he or she is ready. I’m beyond ready myself. I’m having a boy and my concern is swelling of my feet, mostly when I’m @work. Again every preg is different. Just anxiously awaiting my baby boy :)

  84. tiffeny benge Says:

    I'm 38 week and this is my first child and I'm nervous and scared as heck! but I'm excited to see my baby boy but I been having pain past couple of days and it really tone on me I feel drain and sick at time but only night time when I try to go to bed I'm guessing I'm so close having him that why but I'm happy for everyone having their kid.

  85. konny Says:

    Hi, well im 38. Weeks prego.and im tired of everything and ever one i just wish my baby girl is born.i cant wait..

  86. Dave83 Says:

    Hey peeps my partner is 38 weeks pregnant, the last hurdle. I know that most women feel that their partner is not interested, it is just a phase and doesn’t know what to expect, it’s alot to take in for both partner’s and the key point is communication. As the women go through alot of changes, the men feel that the attention is not on them anymore, also the fact that men are used to having a-lot of sex, understandibly the women are either too uncomfortable or not in the mood, what women want is for you to offer support. i.e back massage especially lower back, cuddles and for men to tell them that you love them. I have been there every part of the process, my partner always asks me for advice what she’s going through, cause i read alot about it, So MEN get reading. Attend Antenatal Classes!! i say it again Attend Antenatal Classes!. the reason is this is the most important thing of how to prepare before/after going into labour, it will also tell you when you need to go to hospital and how to offer support.

  87. Jess Says:

    Defensive Moms are soooo annoying! Especially the ones that don’t know their facts.

  88. Kim Says:

    Im now a couple of days over 38wks and im so miserable..this is my 5th child and this pregnancy is so different from the others..this will make 3 girls and 2 boys..this is the 1st time i will have a newborn plus a toddler at home with me, if anyone has any advise im all ears..my husband will be home for the 1st few days, but after that, im on my own..

  89. Doctor T Says:

    I'ma doctor (and 38 weeks pregnant myself) and it's completely normal. Enjoy the last few days/weeks…

  90. maria Says:

    me too i am 38 weeks pregnant with my third child i waited six years to have this baby cant wait o meet him or her and just to see who is he going to look like

  91. Quay Says:

    Hey i turn 38 weeks tomorrow…im having that same pain as well…as a matter of fact its 6 somthing in the morning now and i been up since 4…i cant wait for this part to be over…im ready to see my baby boy!!

  92. sarah Says:

    hi kim i am 38 weeks tomorrow and this is my seventh pregnancy i have had a new born and a 11 month old. trust me it isnt all that hard just remember not to leave baby and toddler alone together as toddler will try picking up baby. really thats all you need to know my daughter thought the newborn was a doll for her to play with bless her. when you try to have a nap in the day put baby in cot and put toddler in bed with you toddler will love the cuddle with you and should nap as well.good luck

  93. sarah Says:

    oh im so sorry to hear about your first . im wishing you all the luck in the world with your second hope every thing goes well for you .

  94. Phil Says:

    Sounds like he needs a good a** Kicking

  95. mommy2be Says:

    Hey this is my second pregnancy and I’m so over it. I’m havin a girl and they said she is gonna be big I’m measure 3 over what I’m supposed to. My first was a boy and he weighed 6 lbs 2oz I hope my little girl aint too big. I,ve been in pain since about 25 weeks because she sits in my pelvic bone. I hope all of yall have a better pregnancy and enjoy it more than me. Good luck and God bless!!

  96. Arianne Says:

    hello Everyone!
    i'm almost 38 weeks (in 2 days) and I am having a girl!, my first baby :-)
    my pregnancy has been amazing. my stomach is very high and shaped like a football so everyone, even now when people see me, keep saying/thinking it's a boy! i had to get four sonogram with the baby's labia so i could feel better knowing IT IS a GIRL! so, the stomach shape really depends on the person and how they carry!
    my pregnancy is very special too because I thank God for allowing me to be pregnant again, I had an abortion in 2009 and got pregnant the same time in 2010 i got preggo in 2009, so it's like God giving me a second chance! and a girl, something I wished for everytime!
    like some women here, my husband is not very emotional either! i don't know he's problem. now he shows some emotion like talking to the baby but he would do it very fast and not take his time. we have our good times but majority of time he is distant with me and being pregnant we all want someone to cherish us jejejeje. so my confession really is the fact that i was having problem when I was with my fiance in 2009 and slept with a good friend of mine…got pregnant and aborted, got married in 2010 with the same problem of no intimacy so i was emotionally attached to my guy friend who became my lover! shouldn't gotten married but did in order to please family. my husband and I have no intimacy relation, I had to force him to have sex with me in June after having slept with my lover the same week! so i got pregnant again! and i'm anxious and excited and scared because the baby I strongly believe is not his but i haven't told him. since June, we haven't had sex again, the same thing as before. so he is happy i'm going to have a baby but he is still not showing emotional attachment to me, i'm more like a roommate he cares for!. the 'lover' knows i'm pregnant and is very supportive, he has kept be emotionally sane throughout this pregnancy. but i made a mistake and now I feel it's too late to confess and just let fate decides. now after I talk to my husband of how I feel, he won't really communicate or pretend I never told him anything…he would kiss me (pecks) now and then and that's all…
    anyway, I want my baby girl to be born healthy and be his or not, if he doesn't change, I will have to think for myself and leave him instead of trying to please family members and do what is morally wrong. I just thought I would confess here to let it out! what do you guys think I should do?

    but my pregnancy has been a blessing. God gives us what we NEED and not necessarly what we want because I had no physical problem and my baby has been amazing, I can't wait to see her and hopefully she will change my life which ever way it goes because i'm ready to face my consequences of the actions I chose!
    thanks guys and I wish you all a safe pregancy and labor/delivery. may we all have healthy babies!

  97. mel Says:

    Napping in the day with an awake toddler?! Are you mental?

    Don't let your child into bed with you, if you do then they will associate this with having love and will start acting up and wanting to get in your bed at night. Don't start bad habits!

    Never mind your toddler trying to pick the baby up.. you shouldn't be leaving either of the unattended! The toddlers like to investigate.. poke fontanelles or even behave maliciously towards the new attention grabber.

  98. Shanna Says:

    Why would you marry a man to please family members? Your happiness is what is important. It sounds to me that neither of you are happy together my suggestion is to come clean and be honest. If you truley love your husband and he loves you then it can be worked out, otherwise just get a divorce. Why stay married when there is just nothing there even if the baby is his. I am married also, but I married my husband because I only want to be with him and him only for the rest of my life. Our sex life has dwindled in the last few months but that has a lot to do with me. I am 37 wks and 5 days preggo and I really have no sex drive. Your situation is a bit different. I wish you all the luck and a safe and happy delivery with your baby. Please don't continue with this marriage if it is not what you really want.

  99. Jackie Liquet Says:

    Ladies aren’t cars that break-down and need to be repaired. Females are definitely more like flowers which need to get showered with understanding as well as love.

  100. lona Says:

    that is very unfortunate but i would really recommand focussing on yourself and soon to come baby, being pregnant is hard enough without the added stress…. ur baby needs you in good heath and frame of mind and as for your boyfriend he's a fool and really not the priority.

  101. lona Says:

    same thing here, i have an apointment today should be able to ask that.

  102. lona Says:

    just go with the flaw of things, maybe its a good thing you dont remember the first one coz i imagine child birth can be raumatizing to a 15 year old and this is your chance to to have an enjoyable experience, enjoy, you will be fine!

  103. Bella Says:

    Ohh that is too bad :o ( I'm sorry hun… BUT……….. You can do this without him… You need him more than ever right now and he is just slapping you in the face.. So.. Please be strong and just think of what is going to be BEST for you and your baby.. If you have a close friend that can stay with you then invite them over! I am telling you from experience that you need to just take some deep breaths and just concentrate on you and your baby.. I know it is easier said and done but I know it can be done.. Good luck!!!! I see you posted this quite awhile ago so I hope you are doing well!!!

  104. Jes Says:

    Hi all !! Im 38 weeks today and lookin forward to the birth of my 5th child – my 5th son. i have been sufferin from anemia the whole pregnancy, and been gettin alot of discharge in the past week. im assumin this was my show. my first child was induced, and the rest were early by 2-3 weeks, so im expectin to go into labour anytime soon. so excited :D maybe a little too excited, ive tried every natural induction method from eating fresh pineapple (which only resulted in heartburn!) to walking up and down flights of stairs… i think i have a stubborn one on my hands here!

  105. teri odea Says:

    i am almost 39 weeks pregnant and I am having a c- section. I am so over this. Everything hurts.so sick of eating . i just wish this baby would come out already. Thank God my man is so supportive. I couldn't have done it with out him.

  106. maxwell Says:

    i feel the same im 38wks today and everyone and everything getting to me crying all time and so sore tired and fed up really sensitive these days i just feel like a pure moan want it over with now

  107. asia Says:

    i am almost 39 weeks & its starting to set in that im goin to be a mom anyday now . im kinda nervous for the whole birthing process but i know God has been with me every step of this pregnancy & he wont leave me now . im having terrible heartburn , some back pains , & insomnia . its so hard sleeping at nite & im a zombie in the mornings . someone told me Tylenol PMs helped her sleep but im sceptical about taking alot of different meds while im preg . anyone have any other alternatives ? thanx :)

  108. meme Says:

    dont let him stress you . thats the last thing you need . if he cant get it together then say forget him . but u shud worry about you & your child health . your in your last trimester so stay far away from stress . pray about it .

  109. meme Says:

    dont let him stress you . thats the last thing you need . if he cant get it together then say forget him . but u shud worry about you & your child health . your in your last trimester so stay far away from stress . im 38 weeks too & i was having problems with my babys father . i was stressing as well . i knew i had a life inside of me that i had to be concerned about & i couldnt let him worry me . he eventually got it together tho . just pray about it hun . good luck !!

  110. weena Says:

    i'm sorry about this, but now is the time for you to be strong for the baby. try to focus on your baby rather than your boyfriend whom i think is not somebody you can count on right now. don't feel sad about the situation because you have a wonderful baby that will come along, someone who will love and take care of you soon. congrats! youre a mom!

  111. Stephanie Says:

    im 38 weeks pregnant. and i would have had my first one by now. she came right on 38 weeks. so now with my boy im going on 39 weeks and he isnt here. its driving me insane. i would like to know when he is going to come. i know every pregnancy is different, but i also hear that pregnancies cant kinda mimic each other. so which is it?

  112. Nancy Says:

    reading your story am thinking …how old are you? …I think it very unrealistic expect your husband to show emotions or to be able to bond with you on that level, you after you have cheated on him and done all this and even say that you think that the BABY may not be his…you need some serious help!

  113. Lisa Says:

    Reading your post hit really close to my situation. the only difference is that my husband and I were having problems and we both had affairs… am pregnant and there cld be a chance that the baby is for the guy I had the affair . and am having a lil girl… its a dream come true and I have have an abortion as well so I feel so blessed to be given a second chance… sometimes we do things that seem crazy or plain stupid to others but noone knws what we go through and sometimes we get caught up in decisions and choices that we may regret. so u do what makes u happy and dont let others judgement affect you. Am 9mths and soon going to have my bb and to be honest my hubby and I are better than ever, our marriage is working out and we have left the past behind… good luck!!

  114. melissa Says:

    im 38 weeks pregnant and my child has a severe form of congenital heart disease and i have 3 other children perfectly healthy and sometimes when we dont have those types of things to worry about like having a stillborn we focus on superficial things than just takr a healthy baby with any color eyes but its not selfish for those to say those things they just dont have the same issues as we might have had to face "smile"

  115. LAURIANNE Says:

    Kim, I gave birth to my 1st child and when she was 1 month we got pregnant AGAIN but this time w/ TWINS sooo… I know all too well what your up against, same as you my husband had to return to work and I was left on my own w/ 3 babies… You just manage, no other way to put it, it's as if you know no other way, you find your own groove and get through the day, it was hectic at points but I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT and am soooo happy now my 3 girls are this close in age, GOOD LUCK

  116. nikki Says:

    I’m 38 weeks 3 days and my bf and I have been fighting. He doesn’t wanna help with anything, I have to do everything myself. If I ask for the smallest of favors like a sandwich he says he’s too lazy. He’s only 23 and I feel like he isn’t trying at all. He won’t massage me or help carry heavy laundry…i feel like its all me, im scared when she is born he won’t step up and im gonna be so overwhelmed. I don’t wanna feel like a nag and keep asking for his help, why can’t he just take some responsibility and do what needs to be done? What can I do?

  117. Kristina Says:

    Hi Nikki, I know how you feel, my bf is the same way and it is very stressful. I actually left him for a week and when I came back he changed the first few days and went back to his old self. I don't know what to do either. I hope everything works out for you! In my situation, after my son is born and he still acts this way, i'm just going to leave for good. Not worth the stress, and I dont want a part time dad. Good luck to you!

  118. Ashley Says:

    Why am I going through the same thing too… I don't understand these men… I think it's because we change and they can't deal with the change in us. Or maybe it's that when we're pregnant, we jump into mama mode and the man remain the same like it doesn't hit them until the baby get's here. This is my first so Im feeling the same way you two are feeling. I don't want no part time dad and I'm scared he's going to be this way once I have her. I'm 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant…

  119. Angie Says:

    OMG! I feel so bad for u ladies wit these lame a$$ men!!!! I feel really blessed cuz my bf has my back! Look deep deep deep deep before u leap!!! If they that bad yall would prolly be better off just leavin them alone. I mean u gonna end up wit 2 kids to take care of when baby comes. Some men are really butt! Sorry yall gotta live like that :(

  120. Angie Says:

    O n i gotta say somethin bout the eye color thing: Im black and 7years ago I had a black baby and his eyes were blue the first time I looked at them moments after he was born. Not sky blue but like navy blue. My niece’s eyes were like blue/gray before they turned brown. Maybe most was too liberal a word to use but thats what happened to us :)

  121. scared1 Says:

    38 weeks pregnant today with my 3rd. Had a problem trying to quit smoking with no matter what I did to try to help me to stop, I even asked the doctor to help me stop. It pisses me off because it is a selfish addiction to have. I didn't smoke with my other two because it made me sick, I wish that was the case with this one. Every appointment I've had with the doctor they keep telling me I'm measuring fine and that the babies heart beat is awesome, and it still doesn't make me feel any better. I will undergo a c-section as well because I had one for my son. I just pray that everything will be okay and that someone can help me eventually quit. I wish I never started in my early years. Wish me luck due in 7 days….and I'm scared.

  122. Monique1 Says:

    Hi. I’m 38 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I seriously need time to go by… I’m alone at home all day, and really can’t wait for my little girl to be born. To all those lucky enough to have a supportive husband, like me, I want to say be thankful. After reading this blog I realised that it could’ve been so much different. For those who are in difficult positions regarding relationship, marriage or family issues. I want to say good luck and all the best to you, remember that nothing can last for ever and the sun will shine again! Just remember not to degrade yourself for any man, because every girl deserves someone whio treats her like a princess, and if he’s not, time to wake up! any way, good luck with the last stretch! all the best! :)

  123. Brittany Says:

    If I had sex with a boy in Begining of August and we use a condom and then Had sex with this other boy in the middle of August and he knock my period on early and it didn't come no more after that did I get pregnant by him?

  124. daisy Says:

    Hi im 38 weeks an 4 days pregnant with mine an my partners first. Me an my partner feel we are extremely lucky. We have been together for 1 year and 9 months and thought that we would be one of those couples that could never have children due to him having had cancer and the treatment possibly making him sterile. We are going to be young parents as he is 21 and I am 18 and we feel that some young people are unfairly treated by other people, isnt there a little saying ‘dont judge a book by its cover’. Just because of our age doesnt mean we wont make great parents, you could be 16 or 40 an be equally good parents.
    As for the eye colour argument we cant all agree on anything and we all have our own opinions doesnt mean were right or wrong. My nephew was born with brown eyes that turned sky blue an I was born with near enough white eyes and now they are blue. The rest of my family were born with blue eyes an changed later.
    As for the problem with the men not showing interest in the pregnancy it could be that we expect too much for them, I mean were changing an getting more emotional an feeling the baby an they just know its there an that were more moody an were getting bigger. I felt like my partner wasnt doing anything with the baby like kissing, rubbing or talking to my belly until I sat down with him an had a talk, I use the word talk losely it was more like a flood of tears but it wasnt until he told me that he felt left out an wasnt experiencing it like I was an that he wasnt sure how to react to me an the baby that I realised how hard it must be to feel totally left out while we change, grow an bond with our babys while the men worry about money, work, looking after us, not upsetting us and loads more. So after we had a long talk we went out later an brought some books and he started to read, sing, stroke, rub and kiss my tummy when he wants and now we both feel like were going throw the pregnancy together as a couple should.
    As for the single mums out there my sister is a single mum to 3 children aged 6, 4 and 2. She left her husband as he did nothing with the children and didnt care about anyone but him self. She manages to look after 3 children has time to play with them all, helps the oldest do her homework an manages to do all her house work and cook. So its not impossible and it can be done and she still goes out once a week to have some me time an this is when her kids have a sleep over at nannys house.
    I hope this information helps at least one person as reading peoples comments above have helped me.

  125. tre Says:

    About the eye color, just read that on a couple other sites plus through experience I know that babies eyes are either steel grey or brown. They change or stay brown withen 9 weeks. I am African American but my oldest had grey eyes the first few weeks.
    I am having problems with my deadbeat as well. He wont participate and I know he is cheating on me. I know I can do this alone so I don’t care, we don’t live together and he is having terrible bad luck. This is my first son and I know he needs a father but u can’t make a man do anything. Love yourself and be patient in knowing we are only giving what we can handle. I wont break my neck to put this fool in my son’s life
    It is what it is, I’m still happy even though this has been the lonelyest time of my life we heal. I get joy at the end. God bless u all

  126. jessica Says:

    There are some very interesting stories/opinions in the comments here… I read them all! The main thing I want to mention is, while I feel bad for you ladies having trouble with your men/baby daddies/husbands/boyfriends/etc., remember you are lucky that they’re THERE. A lot of men dip out and leave a woman to go through not only her pregnancy but the whole adventure of partenhood by themselves. I am blessed to have a husband who loves and adores me, the best man I could ever ask for to father our son who is growing like a weed in my womb (I’ll be 38 weeks on Friday)… but he is deployed, he left when I was 13 weeks along. We are both active duty military and so I have literally had to do everything alone, including moving to a new house. It has been tough but after making it through this, I know I can do anything. Being pregnant with an unsupportive partner must be rough–I can’t say I know what it’s like, my husband is over the moon about us having a baby–but doing it alone is hard, too. So just remember, when your boyfriend or husband doesn’t seem jazzed about rubbing your back again, that at least he’s there. I realize it must be irritating but it’s not that serious. He’ll forgive your moodiness just like you’ll forgive his distance; he’s probably just as terrified as you are, but doesn’t have the surging hormones that make it seem okay for him to vent it all, like us pregnant women do so often.
    Anyway, I’m getting off the soapbox. Congrats to all you beautiful mamas–I hope you all have healthy, strong, screamin’ babes. And who cares what color their eyes are at birth? The bottom line is, your baby’s appearance will change a thousand times over as it grows. They might have blue eyes at birth, but they’re also all squished and wrinkled and their heads might be cone-shaped! All that stuff goes away… and the eyes will most assuredly follow their genes and settle on a color later on. My own didn’t reach their “final” color until I was almost three (and my hair darkened until I was 10)! Best of luck to all of you.

  127. import z chin Says:

    Absolutely fantastic!…How?

  128. import towarów z chin Says:

    Really funny. Loved the writing.

  129. Dionisia Says:

    Hi there. I am 38 weeks pregnant with my first baby. And today I have just been feeling so off. Not like myself at all. I am so tired I feel like I could sleep all day and night. And I thought after I took a shower and had something to eat I would feel better. But I don’t. Now I feel sick to my stomach and keep getting hot one min then cold the next and just feel kind of weak. It doesn’t feel like when I get the flu. So I am a bit worried. Anyone ever experience this at around 38 weeks?

  130. Dionisia Says:

    Another symptom I had was low blood preasure 89/60. I think I was dehydrated. Because after I drank a boatload of water I started to feel better and today (the day after) I feel like myself again. Just regular tired not as severe, no headache, body temp reg, and blood pressure back to normal . So note to self. If you catch yourself feeling like I described drink water. Even if your worried you will have to pee more. I didn’t have to pee more often after. Just more at a time. So ladies don’t forget your water. It makes a huge difference on your body. And will effect you more when you are pregnant or breast feeding huge difference in my energy today than from yesterday. . Cheers :)

  131. Harborotter Says:

    Look about the eye color, the women who are having issues with the comment are not and I repeat, are not putting down brown eyes. They are simply stating that the writer was wrong and maybe the information should be checked and rewritten to be correct.

    “The baby will be born with blue eyes.”

    This is the exact statement that is made on this website and it is simply wrong. My only brown eyed child did not have one bit of blue or green or even a hue at birth. They were straight up brown. I am not putting his eyes down one bit. He took after his father who is almost half Native American and I looked it up and Natives are almost always born with brown eyes at birth even though most babies of Native African descent do have dark blue eyes at birth. So yes, different races do have different characteristics even at birth.

    So all of you that keep bashing on the women who simply pointed out that this article is wrong, you need to reread what the author posted. What if a first time mom read this article then gave birth and thought something was wrong with her babys eyes because they were really brown at birth? If the editor of this page wants all these hormonal and very pregnant women to quit arguing about this, then just go back and re-edit what has been written, otherwise I will just assume that they are enjoyng all this bickering.

    Signed, another very cranky and hormonal mommmy….

  132. Anita Says:

    I am 100% ASIAN & my daughter came out w|blue grayish eyes and as she was growing it turn dark brown. You may not be able to tell right away. If she’s born with brown eyes, they’ll likely stay brown. If she’s born with steel gray or dark blue eyes, they may stay gray or blue or turn green, hazel, or brown by the time she’s 9 months old. That’s because a child’s irises (the colored part of the eye) may gain more pigment in the months after she’s born, but they usually won’t get “lighter” or more blue. (Green, hazel, and brown eyes have more pigment than gray or blue eyes.)

  133. Mum to be Says:

    Hiya, i turn 38 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I think if all the nervous anxiety thats mums to be have to handle, lets just give the ladies having a rant about eye colour some space. Not every vent during pregnancy is rational. I yelled at my poor dog yesterday cos he wouldn’t eat his dinner n for some reason his food was making me nauseous! Felt like a brat when he came for a cuddle! So lets all be supportive of each others venting, no matter how illogical it may seem to us :) on another note, i was craving a home made choco muffin so much last night, i got up at 3am n baked 2 muffins !!! Thought i was done with cravings :) good luck to all of u. May u have a smooth pregnancy n even smoother delivery with a happy baby at the other end

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