This is the time you have been waiting for. The baby can be born anytime now. It is more important than ever to try to stay close home and get as much rest as possible. At this stage of pregnancy, you should understand exactly what to look for with regards to contractions. The baby is taking up more and more space inside the womb. Baby will be wanting to make an appearance very soon. At this week of pregnancy, the baby has reached their growth potential in the womb. All of the baby’s organs are functioning and their lungs are fully matured now.

You should be preparing a checklist of everything that you want to have done by the time the baby is born. You want to have the nursery done. Organize help for after the baby is born. Have all phones charged with important numbers loaded kept close. The only thing you can do now is to relax and wait for your baby. Don’t panic about the birth, you should have discussed all of the procedures and concerns with your doctor. If you go into labor and there is no one around to take you to the hospital, don’t try to drive yourself. If you feel like you cannot wait to go to the hospital, then call an ambulance.

Baby’s Development

The baby at this week of pregnancy should weigh about 7 pounds. This is just an average, some babies will weigh less and others will weigh more. The lungs as we mentioned are mature and the surfactant is increasing at week thirty-nine. If the baby was not born this week, the baby will still continue to grow and you may start to feel more uncomfortable than you already do. You will still want to continue to document the baby’s movements until the time comes to go into labor.

Your baby at birth may look a bit different than you imagined but all babies do. The baby’s head may be misshapen and the skin may look more red than normal. After a day or two the baby will start to look more like a baby. The baby’s features will change and become more prominent after a few days. Your baby is also still trying to regulate their body temperature outside the womb.

Changes With Your Body

You will continue to notice the changes within your body. As we mentioned earlier, you will become more uncomfortable as the baby has little room in the womb left. You will start to feel awkward and clumsy. Your entire center of gravity is off. You will find even the simplest tasks hard to do, such as standing up, sitting down, lying down, sleeping and even eating. It can seem very dismal at this point because you feel miserable and you don’t want to be pregnant anymore. But stay positive and remember the long part of the pregnancy is over and it is literally a matter of time before the baby is born.

You find it easier to wear very loose fitting clothes, slip on shoes and sleeping in a reclining position. You may have noticed that your hands and feet have swollen too. This is a sign of water retention but if the swelling comes with nausea and headaches, contact your doctor right away.

You may be experiencing false contractions at this stage of pregnancy. This happens to most new moms to be and you shouldn’t worry. A sign of real labor is if you have severe pain with difficulty in changing the position you are in. This may be real labor. Remember, don’t wait for the water to break because there are plenty of women out there that it doesn’t happen to. If you do start to feel a bit of water dripping or gushing then you should call your doctor, because even though your water breaks it could be hours before you start feeling any contractions.

What To Expect

You can expect to try to image what the baby is going to look like. You are now envisioning the birth and delivery. Giving birth is one of the most joyous miracles of life and you should embrace it and not be afraid of it. Continue to monitor the baby’s movements and keep track of them. If you notice a change in the pattern then you should call your doctor and see what they recommend. They may recommend that you come in for a special appointment and it would be a good idea. It is better to be safe than sorry. At this stage of pregnancy, about 15% of women encounter a rupture in the membranes. This may require a C-Section birth.

You may have a last sonogram before the baby is born, asks your doctor about the 3D sonogram. You can see what your baby will look like before he or she is born. You should have a plan for the delivery as to who is going to go into the delivery with you and if you have other kids, who is going to watch them. You should have a list of people who you want to call and a changed cell phone. Make sure your hospital bag is packed and ready to go.


At this stage of pregnancy, you want to rest and relax. Do not do anything that you are going to exert yourself. If you live in a home with a staircase, set yourself up on the first floor. Climbing the stairs at this rate may not be the best idea for you. You should have everything ready to go and your doctors’ name and phone should be on your speed dial. Some women in labor often forget to call the doctor so make sure that everyone around you knows that the doctor has to be called. The reason why this is is that the doctor can meet you at the hospital so you won’t have to wait for him to arrive. It is a part of the coordinating effort for a safe delivery.


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  1. Mohammed Hasan Says:


  2. Esther Hearne Johnson Says:

    I’m gonna be 39 weeks pregnant tomorrow.I’m so excited i want to have this baby already.I’m trying to go into labor early I’ve been eating Spicy foods but it’s not working.I’m scared to have sex.

  3. Esther Hearne Johnson Says:

    Yeh! I’m 39 weeks pregnant already………

  4. kelly Says:

    i tried the sex thing its a bit awkward but was good no baby though i am 39 weeks this friday..ive tried almost everything but the castor oil.and no baby,guess they tell us when they are coming…best of luck

  5. Esther Hearne Johnson Says:

    I’m 4 days from my Due date and I’ve been having lots of discharge is that normal?

  6. Tamalane Says:

    It sounds like increased discharge could either be leaking amniotic fluid or your mucous plug. You probably know by now and have had the baby. So how'd it go? I'm due in under a week myself.

  7. Amy Neiter Says:

    10 days and counting. The doctor today said nothing has changed, still 1cm. I can hardly move, can't eat, can only drink water or milk. Everything else makes me sick as a dog. He says he believes she is at least 9 lbs now. She is in position with head down but still way up in there. How am I going to deliver her through these tiny hips?

  8. becc Says:

    i wouldnt listen to what the doctor says of the weight of your baby,with my 1st baby they told me shed be a 8pounder but when she was born she was a tiny 5pound 15ounces,and i can fully understand when you say you cant eat im the same and i have 4 days to go,good luck

  9. jhoanne REYES Says:

    im 39 weeks right now with my 2nd baby.. and i am experiencing heavy discharge.. i am having difficulty in sleeping as well as changing in positions while at sleep, when i turn around i can feel pain in the inner part of my upper this normal????..and the baby's movement is getting more stronger and painful for me… can u please help me….im eating lotsa pineapples and its not working, im due this 10th and im soo excited yet tiring for the long wait…please help and give me some infos bout this:$

  10. Tanya Says:


  11. Jen Says:

    39 Weeks today and also struggling so much! Baby is fully engaged according to the midwife. Loads of aching between the legs and also around the hips. Standing up, sitting down, breathing and sleeping is a nightmare not to mention having to go for a wee almost every hour. Tried sex and spicy food to "speed things up" but no luck. I guess like everyone else has said, it's just a matter of waiting :(
    Not long to go now though =D

  12. vicki21 Says:

    hi, i am 39 weeks today.. yesterday had alot of strong pain and tight feeling had a poor night sleep and today have woke up with not even a twinge.. just when i think im ready my baby moves alot an the pain goes :( realy just want to meet him…..

  13. Fliss Says:

    I'm 39 weeks now, due on saturday, my bump has dropped really low and i felt a weird popping sensation down below a couple of days ago and losing more fluid than normal, i'm really clumsy at the moment also getting pains in my legs, i didn't experience this with my first daughter, mind you that was 16 years ago so maybe ive forgotton, i'm going to sleep as much as possible the next couple of days, the house couldn't get any cleaner, sleeping may also keep me out of the fridge, i am constantly hungry…woooo so excited!!!

  14. Shannah Says:

    I am almost 39 weeks and I’m so happy my doc is going to induce me. The pains are so uncomfrontable but all I can think about is my lil boy that’s about to be in my arms very soon. I have back pains, loss of appetite n laying down or getting up seems like the hardest thing in the world. I can’t even think of the last time I had a good nite sleep but I know seeing my son will be worth all the pain in the world. I am concerned about breastfeeding. I haven’t been leaking anything so I may do formula.

  15. ANGELA Says:


  16. marie sell Says:

    39 wks +1 day today my third baby tried everythin yesterday but i guess she will come when shes ready.its gone fast for me so will be glad to meet her :)

  17. STEPHANIE1980 Says:

    Same here i know how you feel.I'm due on the 10th and nothing yet.

  18. suman Says:

    Just waiting………for the day to arrive…..

  19. Elvy Says:

    I am due on 10th this month meaning I have less than 3days to go! Feel abit scared. Have gone through very many challenges which I thought could make my baby come out before its full term. Lost my mother two weeks ago! Hoping to give birth to a daughter whom I shall name after my mum. Mum rest in peace

  20. charlotte Says:

    awww elvy how old are you if you dont mind me asking? im due in a weeks time on my brothers birthday! shame we dont talk anymore.. i know what your going through and it is hard time for me is the best healer … as iv lost both parents and a sister im only 21 i know how difficult it is to go through pregnancy without your mum by your side! this is why im so close to my nan . im expecting a girl and she is having my mums name as her middle name. if you do have a girl im sure your mum will be very proud and is by your side. i bloody hope mine will be she probs be stood there having a vodka and coke lol bless her anyway take care x

  21. charlotte Says:

    hiya angela im expecting a girl too and when you say you get pains in your legs, do you mean your inner thighs? im due on the 14th of december and when im walking its a real struggle now and the pain in my thighs is like a strong cramp / tightening pain that comes and goes im starting to feel the period like pains i find it comes on when i get out of the bath!

  22. charlotte Says:

    hi im 39 weeks today and i cant wait to meet my daughter madeleine iv tried everything i can! iv been nesting for a while now last night i moved the whole bedroom around i struggled but i just cant stop once iv started a task haha! iv eaten pineapple, raspberries, curries, anything that is spicy , flavoured tea, walking, hot bath, sex lol it just looks like im immune to it all! to me it sounds everything is a myth and that she'll come when she wants too! but does anyone know of anything that does work!?!

  23. liz Says:

    dont give up on nursing lots of moms dont leak and will have plenty after baby comes. You can suppliment to and do both it is a wonderful experince. dont miss out:)

  24. Brittany Says:

    I am having a baby boy due on the 17th of this month. 10 days to go!! Can’t wait. This will be my second child, I have a 14 month old daughter. I feel for all you moms who have lost your moms, I lost my mother-in-law when i was pregnant with my daughter and it was incredibly difficult to cope with. My daughter has her name as her middle name :) good luck everyone!!!

  25. babygirl10 Says:

    hi,I 've tried everything from primrose gel,raspberry tea,castor oil,and nothing 39 weeks only 1cm dialated but my docsay it could be any day name is babygirl.

  26. Taashu Says:

    m on ma 39th week nw nine more days to go m super excited wid due date clueless regarding the contractions and water breaking…..wen would dat b and i gt to hold ma lil ones soon on ma arms…

    EDD – 28th Dec 2010

  27. Rakel Says:

    I’m 39 weeks and 3 days. Have been having contractions for two days, dilated to 2, but no baby yet. My husband and I can’t wait to meet our little boy – but sure hope he isn’t born today, on Christmas. We want him to have his “own” day and not be overshadowed by the holiday. He will be here no later than the 30th anyway (scheduled c-section) – guess waiting 5 more days isn’t too bad. We’re just impatient – lol!!

  28. lisa Says:

    that sounds like my daughter, we are waiting for her baby to be born too, she has been having contractions for three days too, and she is shcelule for a c-section on the 31st, a girl.

  29. Gemma Says:

    more sex the sperm softens the mucus plug it does work !!!!

  30. meagen Says:

    im 39 weeks & 5 days . stll no baby :(

  31. meagen Says:

    u have ur bby?

  32. gillymommy Says:

    I’m 39 weeks and I have a lot of pain in my leg,stomach,and back I can’t even go 2 sleep at night!!!! Some times it hurt so bad I just lay down and cry I Don’t Know what 2 do….

  33. e ramos Says:

    I will be 39 weeks pregnant on wednesday, i have been feelin some contractions on and off all day, i havent been sleepin much and also losin my appetite, i am due on 1-11-11 and i have been tryin everything to go in early, walking, climbing stairs and some yoga and no baby, this is my second child, my first is 7 yrs old and it very different from my first, i am just hopin he is not late like my daughter, good luck to everyone….

  34. mandy c Says:

    I will be 39 weeks tomorrow. Last night, my legs hurt soooo badly! My babys movement has def slowed down , I had a TON of yellowy mucus throughout the last week.I am a ‘loose’ 3 cm, 80 percent effaced and at a -1 station (could b more by now). My dr. Said if I don’t deliver on my own over the weekend, I can come in 8 am mon to get things going! Btw, I’m on antibiotics for a uti and have a cold comin on w headaches…… this pregnancy is kicin my butt!!! Good luck to all and happy new year!

  35. ms.whit Says:

    Well im 39 weeks an 5 days with my 4th i lost my muscus plug 2 days ago an every since then ive been having a lil cramping bout a week ago i was checked by my doctor an i was told i was only dialated 1 an 40 percent effaced … this is all so new to me because i always end up getting induced but this time they are letting me start labor natural

  36. JaneGreen Says:

    Hi i'm 39 weeks pregnant tommorrow 14th Jan 2011, and although this is my 2nd baby I am really quite scared. I have been that busy with work and a 4 year old that this time round I have only bought one magazine. If I need to know anything i consult google. The time has come rtound very quick and as I was induced with first birth I don't know what to expect?? Do I sound totally off my head or is anyone else in samepositiin and scared?????
    older mother to be at 42

  37. Mommy #3 Says:

    I'm 39 weeks and 4 days, 3 cm dilated and 50% effaced, I say my doc yesterday ad she says we wont worry about inducing until 41 weeks. I was hoping to have the baby over winter break because I need to return to school so I've tried lots of natural inducing methods beginning at 36 weeks. I've tried pineapples, nothing, walking, house work, spicy foods, nothing, acupressure, acupuncture, bouncing on a medicine ball, nothing. the only thing that seemed to work was nipple stimulation, I got some contractions after about 10 minutes but they stop when I stop the stimulation. I say my doc a few days later and she encouraged me to continue because I had dilated about 1/2 cm. She then performed a strip, which involves rotating the finger around the cervix between the amniotic sack and the uterus. This helped ripen the cervix to encourage dilation. That was 2 weeks ago, still pregnant. I also read about castrol oil and primrose oil, but the potential side affect scared me away from it. I may get my membrane stripped next week. Good luck!

  38. Julie Says:

    Im 39 weeks today. I am 3 cm dilated and 70% effaced. I have tried walking, eating spicy foods and sex, but the baby seems content where she is. Hopefully she will come by her due date!!

  39. Jamie Says:

    Patience is truly a virtue! Let the process take its course – it won't be long either way.

  40. madelyns mami Says:

    39 Weeks pregnant 2cm 60% effaced shes almost fully engaged hurts like hell to walk.. was told i shouldnt make it to my next appt which is next friday.. if still pregnant ill be induced is there anything i can do to bring labor on tried everything but sex my baby daddy refuses. i guess hes scared helpppp this is my 3rd baby!

  41. michele Says:

    im 39 weeks today. this morning i woke up about 7:45 and ate an apple around 9. then i threw it up around 9:30… i have had loose bm sometimes, but mostly today and yesterday. ive had contractions starting in my abdomen and moving to my back then to my thighs. sometimes just in my pelvic area. but my contractions arent consistent. are these signs of labor??

    and i too have been trying everything i could to induce my labor! nothing seems to be working! ive tried walking, squats, sex, spicy foods, hot baths, nipple stimulation, everythinggg! i am currently 2 cm and 75% effaced. as of jan 20th 2011. ( last thurs ) my due date is jan 30th 3011. :)

  42. mommy2be Says:

    im 39 weeks as of friday. jan.28,2011
    2 cm dilated and 70% effaced….doctor says if no baby by tuesday then inducing will probably have to happen. i've done just about everything to get labor going…. when my doctor checked today i think she might have accidently broken my water. i was leaking for a while then it just went away on its own after a few hours….then i went to the bathroom later and there was brownish blood. but my family said dont go to the hospital until my contractions are regular. i'm worried for the baby cause i don't want to risk anything wrong. suggestions ?

  43. wanaboo328 Says:

    I am 39weeks pregnant today and i feel exhausted. I can barely find the strength n energy needed to get dressed. I find myself being more anxious now than ever about the birth of my new baby. Im only dilated at 1-2 it seems like the days arent going by fast enough. What is wrong with me? One minute im happy next minute im an emotional wreck!! I cant wait to get back to my old self again.

  44. babyboo1 Says:

    I’m so so tired,waiting for the baby to be born,my daughter was born at 37 weeks and I’m 39 weeks already and baby weighing 3kg.the baby hasn’t dropped at all.what cab I do to make the baby drop?I’m soooo scared cuz he(my baby) is getting bigger in my stomach and it seems like he doesn’t wana come out or be born.he is jusy sitting there on top.

  45. latoya Says:

    hi im 39 weeks and 2 days, 3 cm dilated and heavy light yellowish discharge, my water havent broke yet but im having back pains also in my upper thighs and pressure when i use the restroom is these signs of labor..

  46. Fulu Phaps Says:

    I cant wait am already 39 weekz so just cant wait to see my gal

  47. sandy Says:

    im 39 weeks today and im having these pains in my thigh and my back some in my lower stomach it driving me nutts i just want her to come out lol she is stubrun already i have tryed so many things nothing works do anyone have any other suggestens

  48. Ana Says:

    I’m so ready to meet my baby and not be pregnant anymore! Lol. I’ve tried having sex but its pretty uncomfortable!!! I guess we just gotta wait..

  49. nancy betancourt Says:

    I’m 39wks! I’m kind of paranoid of experiencing my water braking! I have a 5yr old son witch I dint even get to my 28wks with him so its kind of scary to me this time I’m actually all the way there having some contractions but my doctor says there false contractions!my doctor keeps telling me that I’m only 1cm dilated so I’m paranoid abouth that what if I don’t dilated and I go over my due date!!! I’m so scared to try any anything to rush my labor! I just been walking and still no baby only feet I try eathing spicy foods and still no baby!!! I quest ill just wait untill he desides to come out!!!!!!!

  50. Zola Says:

    I actually have 2 possible due dates from different doctors which are 3 days apart so Im not sure how many days left but either way I on my 39th week. I truly cant wait to have my baby boy. I have had a whitish discharge with water for past few days, i dont want to have to go to the hospital only for them to tell me to go back home. I have no contraction pain, my baby dropped at about 34 weeks, but nothing yet. I lost my love for pregnancy, the doctor told me to just relax and its driving me crazy. My baby’s movement are decreasing, but i hope its only because of space. Please help me before i get admitted to a mental hospital :(

  51. new mommy2011 Says:

    i am 39 weeks pregnante with my first child and i have been having lower back pain, been very sleepy, nausiated, freaquant unrianation, and yellowish discharge . i lost my mucus plug about 2 weeks ago. 3 days after that i went to the doctor for contractions and they were 8 mins apart they had me walk around for 2 hours with the hopes of the contractions growing closer. unfortunally the walking made them stopped all together. i now havent had any contractions so i tried natural ways to induce labor nothing seemed to work for me. Im starting to get worried that im going to go past my due date and need a c-section. what could all of this mean?

  52. Laura Says:

    I’m 39 weeks today and this whole time I have never felt pregnant. I only look pregnant but I feel great just like I did when I wasn’t pregnant. I can do everything. my feet get a little swollen but that’s all.I took care of myself and my baby girl. i only gained 16 lbs. I hear a lot of bad pregnancy stories but I think it’s all in the brain. I don’t let things get to me. I have a final exam next Wednesday, which is a day before my due date and I’m not worried. I can do it. Good luck to all the mommys to be.

  53. Sandra Says:

    im about 3 days away from reaching my 39th week im so excited this will be my first child my bby girl which ive decided to name Aleena<3 i am 19 years old and im verry terrified of what to expect in the delivery room, i constintly have dreams already of pushing and giving birth very nervouse but excited as well…….

  54. Elaine Says:

    I am 39 weeks with my third child. I have one week to go. I’m anxious but yet nervous because I ordered the baby’s furniture two weeks ago and haven’t received it. The baby’s dresser is on back order and i should receive the crib this coming week. I have so many clothes and blankets that r in my husband and my room but no place to put them. I am still writing thank you cards from my baby shower two weeks ago. I will be working until the 7th of sept. Baby is due on the 9th. Too much to do so little time. I can’t wait to meet our little guy. We named him Brandon James. Still have heartburn and sometimes I throw up. :-( . I can’t wait until our little guy is born so that I can get back to wearing my regular clothes. I’m already 1 cm dilated from last week and week before last. Today is another dr’s appt let’s see if Brandon James has dropped some more.

  55. shari Says:

    hello all, for those of you trying to make yourself go into labor try clary sage oil. Its 10 bucks for a 1oz bottle. Im 38 and a half weeks and it made me start having contractions.

  56. Nicole Says:

    Hi everyone! I am 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant! So glad this is almost done and over with! I have everything ready for my little girl to be born, I’m just waiting on her…lol
    I go to my next doctors appt on wednesday next week she said if I am dialted then she will induce me the next day! :) Hopefully everything will go good with the labor & delivery.
    Good Luck everyone! Hope everyone has healthy happy babies!

  57. becci Says:

    Hi. I’m 40 weeks tomoro :D lost my mucus plug yesterday I think.. Not to sound too graphic, but it was like ‘snot’ on the tissue when u wiped (so I assumed it was my plug!) My belly tightens every so often and has been for the last few days, but I have no pains atall?! Just want to get labour over with now and finally meet my baby girl :) anyone else experienceing or has experienced the same? I need advice.. Thanks x

  58. Stephanie Says:

    I’m due in 11 days and i cannot wait to meet my little guy :)

  59. zura Says:

    3 more days to edd…can’t wait to see my lil’boy…

  60. Melina Says:

    Hi every mama I also lost my plug .my thighs hurt,teeth I cant sleep and heartburns from hell im 39 weeks in 4 days.and this is baby5 and im scared of labor lol all over again. I feel so nervous

  61. Samantha Says:

    I am 40 +3. I am beyond exhausted! Im being induced in 3 days and i can’t wait to meet my little man!

  62. Janet David Says:

    Am 3 days away 4rm my edd. Cant wait 2 meet my baby. Feels so tired of carryin dis weight n anxious at d same tym. Wants his birth date 2 b exactly d due date.

  63. ambers*momx2more Says:

    omg im 39+1 go c my dr tomarow n he sed tuesday he was guna induce i cant wait this pregnancy has not ben nice to me at all i tried walking nipple stimulation chinese food cumin tea lots of fresh pinapplen sex n she wont budge i cant wait till tuesday n its sunday already got 2 older kids 10 n 11 n i bet they cant wait either if only these contractioms wud stay but they come n go n im just pooped already i wana get up n move n do things but cant no energy.

  64. sierra robinson Says:

    Im 39+4 im 2cm dialated and a little over 50% effaced im due on the 13th and im gettin really impatiant my mucus plug has been coming little by little ny doctor said at ny last appointment that if my so doesnt make his appearence by my due date she is scheduling me to be induced ive been haven alot of weird pressure lately that almost feels like im about to have a bm but it moves up to to my vagina ive also been haven alott of cramping in my back and tighting in my stomach and feeling neausous alot also its becoming increasingly painful to move certain ways n even sometimes its painful while im sitting still im just so ready for him to come but because this is my first i really just dont kno if these are signs of him coming or just me being over eagar for him to come any advice please!?

  65. nic Says:

    Would just like to say to laura, you are very lucky to have flown through your pregnancy with no complications. I find it pretty offensive when you say you think it’s all in the head, try vomiting 5 times a day for 9 months, that definitely isn’t in my head, there are alot of women who look after themslves and would love nothing more than to feel good in there pregnancy.You should think before you write silly things. On the plus side im 39 weeks pregnant, any day now cant wait for the vomiting to be over!!! and meet my second little girl!!!

  66. Ellen Says:

    Well i’m 39weeks already, been ready 4 this baby my whole life nw… Benn having cramps here ands there, i cant even sleep at all is like this baby doesnt wana come out… My feet and hands are swallen, been having lots of discharge… What must i do at this stage?

  67. amandaa Says:

    iam 39 weeks im due in 6 days. this is my first baby n iam soo excited to meet him. iam so miserable i just want him out!

  68. shannon Says:

    I’m 39 weeks + 1 day and so fed up :( .. I’ve got heartburn that bad I throw up .. I have very bad back pain this is my first baby! My bump has dropped a lot!
    But the heartburn still makes my eyes water when it comes up, ouch!!
    I just want my little boy out! But I’d rather I went to 40 weeks so I can make sure I have everything sorted, I’m very forgetful lol

  69. christina Says:

    I am 39 weeks. Not too much pain because I constantly sleep. I do have pelvic problems when I get out of bed. Hard to stand up. Haven’t lost a lot of mucous and doctor says I haven’t dialated yet. Just finally started having contractions this week. They must be false labor. Want to meet my son.

  70. Isabelle Says:

    Im 27 weeks nd if feels hwavyy on my private area
    My legs dont wanna close they feel that ineed to have dem open.
    sometimes i cramp nasty pains… is that normal.

  71. laquincya Says:

    i walk and run for my last two weeks iam 39 weeks 3 days i have three days left until my due data i have pain in my leg and it feel like my bones is spread when i move side to side when laying down i see that woman was trying diffrent things like pineapple,hotfood and oil that make not want to try that some i will just walk,run and walk up and down the stairs

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