4 Weeks PregnantIn week 4, you can know beyond a doubt whether or not you are pregnant. If you have waited until the fourth week to find out if you are pregnant you will have around only 38 weeks left. Today there are pregnancy tests that can tell you almost from the start. The best way to 100% confirm a pregnancy is to take a home test and then go to the doctor’s office and take their test.

Now that you have 100% confirmed your pregnancy, it is time to realize what this means. Not only are you going to become parents but also you have to start taking care of yourself and the baby. If you are used to a fast paced lifestyle then you have to slow down. You will need better nutrition and more sleep. As you know the first trimester is the most important in the pregnancy.

If you are over 36 years old they may consider you a high-risk pregnancy and there may be special things that you need to do especially if you are a first time mother.

Baby’s Development

If you are just finding out that you are pregnant, congratulations! But now is the time to start taking care of yourself and the baby. The baby will start developing and growing at a quick speed for the first 5 months or so. You can help that development continue at a good pace by taking your vitamins and eating properly.

This is the beginning of the pregnancy and how you take care of yourself will determine how the rest of the pregnancy will go.

At this time, if you are confirming pregnancy, you will have a doctor confirm this at his office. At this time you will have a pelvic exam as well as a sonogram to determine how far a long you are. This will be the first of many sonograms and you will see month to month how the baby grows.

Week by week and month by month you will see your baby develop on the outside but the organs and features of the baby will start developing as well. The intestines, lungs and bladder as well as the kidneys and nervous system will all start developing at a quick rate.

Changes in your Body

As for your mental state, you will be ecstatic. You will be both excited as well as nervous. It is perfectly normal to experience anxiety at this stage. You can help reduce the anxiety and nervousness by taking some short naps and simply relaxing. As the pregnancy progresses, the body will create a hormone called HCG. At the beginning of pregnancy, you may experience some morning sickness as well as some dizziness, fainting and light-headedness.

Sometimes women will experience abdominal cramps and some pains. If these persist, contact your doctor right away. At this stage, you will start to become extra sensitive to smells and odors that you may not have been aware of before. In the first trimester, it is not unusual for women to become fatigued and tired for no reason.

But every woman is different and they may experience morning sickness up to the second trimester and some may only experience it for a few weeks. If you are experiencing something that doesn’t seem right, contact your doctor right away. It could be nothing but you don’t want to take any chances.

What to Expect

You should expect in the fourth week of pregnancy to be excited, elated and nervous all rolled into one. As a new mom to be, it is important for you to start preparing yourself both mentally and physically. The most important thing during this time is that to you relax and avoid as much stress as you can. You have to remember what affects you mentally and physically will affect the baby as well.

Now would be a good time to sit down with your significant other and discuss what your roles are going to be. You have to communicate the things that you are going to need for the next 9 months. It is important to start eating better and take the prenatal vitamins every day.

You will also want to try to take it easy; even though pregnancy is an exciting time it can take its toll on you both mentally and physically. If you feel run down, take a break, if you are working crazy hours, take off a few hours. Running around and not taking care of yourself it will affect the baby. So now you have to act and think for two.


At the end of the day, to relax, a warm bath would help take away all the stress. A warm cup of cocoa with whipped cream will relax you. Read a book with your feet up or simply watch your favorite TV show. Try taking a walk or joining a YMCA. Swimming is the best exercise for pregnant women and it is relaxing as well.

Sometimes significant others tend to start gaining weight in sympathy for their pregnant partners. If you both try eating healthy together you and your significant other won’t gain too much weight during the pregnancy. It is common for women to gain anywhere from 25 to 35 pounds during the pregnancy. It is crucial to get a log of your weight. If you are gaining too much weight it won’t be good for the baby and if you don’t gain enough weight then you will experience problems as well.

Staying healthy is the most important thing you can do. By eating right, you are helping the baby to grow and by reducing any and all stress will do a world of good for the baby. Ask your doctor if there is anything special that you can do a certain exercise. Ask for a list of foods and over the counter drugs that you cannot have. Having a healthy and happy baby all depends on you.


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  1. LaLa Says:

    Well I just found out Im 4 weeks pregnant and Im so nearvous I recently had a miscarriage 3 months ago and I wanted to know how other 4 week pregnant ladies are feeling. Im craving foods that I normally hate , I sleep a lot , and starting today I have to poop a lot . I have bare-able pains in my stomach from time to time mostly at night and when I stand up I get light headed. So excited to go and get my next ultra sound to hear the heart beat !

  2. Unknown Says:

    42 weeks is overdue, normally people have 40 week pregnancies. Why would you post something that’s out of the norm, unless that’s what it’s speciffically for? And nice to know that you people delete comments that your readers leave.

  3. Beth Says:

    Yes comments that contain foul language are removed. Just like I had to edit yours again due to all the bad language.

    We cover 42 weeks of pregnancy because that is usually the max. A normal pregnancy is actually only 39 weeks now due to recent studies. So you cant really say its 40 anymore. But we don’t claim your baby will come at 42 weeks because knowing that is impossible.

  4. Reanne Says:

    im 4 weeks and 5 days im not excited , but im
    excited that im going to be a month soon in 2 days .

  5. yolanda Says:

    well i am have 2 girls my youngest will be a year old in two weeks and i am cramping a little . gonna go and lay down and hope for the best.

  6. Miko Says:

    I’m super excited we are expecting our forth child! Just found out that I am 4 weeks pregnant and can’t wait till I start showing!i

  7. Opeia Says:

    I just found out 5 days ago that I am pregnant. I'm not halfway into my 4th week. We are very excited for the baby! I have a 6 year old daughter from a previous relationship, and she is estatic that she will be a big sister! This will be my boyfriends first, and he is so excited too! I feeling crampy and constipated, and always so tired. I'm a fitness instructor, full time executive assistant, and part time student so i need to slow down a bit. I teach bodyflow (yoga, tai chi, and pilates) and I am planning on continuing with this as long as I can! I wish you all luck as we embark on this new exciting adventure!

  8. BM91 Says:

    I thing i may b 4w2d preggo as of today.. Im not sure yet because i havent tested but my symptoms are lower back pain, bloatedness, intense appetite, moodiness, hot and cold flashes… I only get lower back mostly at night and sometimes they can be unbearable. Im 2 days late of my af… When af come, i started having lower back pains, bloatedness, mood swings, feeling heavy in my stomach, and feels like pressure "down there"… So i dont knw if im preggo r not… Will test sometime ncxt if af dont show up.. HOPE NOT!!

  9. Lisa Says:

    i am 18 years old and am pregnant once again. i was pregnant less than a year ago and made the decision to get an abortion….one of the hardest decisions. i am keeping this one, and i am very excited, my boyfriend is very supportive. 4 weeks, i have been CRAZY filled with emotions, i cry randomly about stuff that doesnt even really matter, i also have been a bit ANGRY. i have also been urinating alot atleast 3 times an hour! i cannot stand the smell of fast food and all i want to do is chew on big pieces of meat. lots of changes..

  10. leeann Says:

    I was wondering if I could be pregnant. I had unprotected sex all last Month except for when I had my period.and I was suppose to get my period yesterday which was the 5th
    What are my chances of being pregnant

  11. Angie Says:

    I think I might be pregnant. Last month my period was supposed to come the 8th and it didn’t but it came the 15th and ended the 17th. The bleeding was a tan color there was a bit of blood but it was pink I think that was my period for the month of January. Now this month I was expecting my period the 8th nothing okay so now I thought it would come the 15th like it did in January and today’s the 16 th and nothing. I don’t want to get hopeful so I was wondering what y’all ladies think any feedback is welcomed. Thank you:)

  12. Haley Says:

    I took 2 pregnancy test last night! Both positive :) Ive been trying for months.
    Im a little afriad, Due to a past miscarriage. But Im looking forward!
    Ive had some cramping, very tired, and sick feeling. But Im excited(:

    Congrats to all.

  13. Dana Says:

    I’m 42 years old and just took a pregnacy test, which was positive. I’m so excited and happy. I had a miscarriage about a year ago, so I’m very scared about this one. I am now 5 weeks pregnant and still have not notified my doctor. I wanted to wait another week and take another pregnancy test to re-confirm. I may just be parinoid, but I’ve been wanting this for so long. I have few questions if anyone can answer please.

    1. I exercise a lot, can I continue with my same routine, or should I wait?
    2. I’m cramping occationally, should I be worried?

    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thank you!

  14. Mary Ann Says:

    I just found out I am pregnant. I am 45 years old and have a 19 year old son. This second time around will be a challenge for me as I have fibromyalgia.

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