By week forty, you are now tired of being pregnant. The baby will be making an appearance very soon. This is a very happy and exciting time for you and your family. It can also be a very scary time as well. You may start to worry about the delivery and what is going to happen after the baby comes home form the hospital. You aren’t going to be expected to be Super Mom. In time, everything will come to you. The idea is not to panic or worry about it. You have a great support system in place and there will be family and friends on hand to help you.

You are going to find that your emotions are all over the place. You will experience happiness, sadness, frustration and sensitivity. Don’t worry, no one will hold anything you say or do against you at this week in pregnancy. Some women wait until the last minute to have a baby shower and others wait until the baby is born. Don’t plan anything for week forty. What would happen if at your shower you went into labor? You want to stick close to home and avoid riding in a car at this stage of pregnancy.

You will soon start to feel some contractions. Don’t panic about them. Time them and write them down. By this week you should have sat down with the doctor and talked about what happens at this week in pregnancy. You should know what happens during these contractions and when you need to go to the hospital.

Baby’s Development

You may be surprised to hear this but the baby can weigh anywhere from 6-1/2 to 10 pounds. The thought of giving birth to a 10-pound baby may scare you but the end result is well worth it. The baby should be about 19 to 21 inches long. Baby boys are a bit larger in frame than baby girls. All of the bones in the baby are now hardened. The skull remains soft until the baby is born.

The baby’s head is shaped like a cone at birth. This is because of the way the birth canal was shaped. After about the first few days, the baby’s head will become proportionate with their body. Parts of front of the skull called the fontanellas are soft and will remain soft until about the eighth month and the fifteenth month. The back of the head becomes harder during the third and fourth month. As the baby makes more movements in the womb, the more uncomfortable you are going to feel. The fetus is complete and the baby is ready to come out of the womb.

Changes With Your Body

You will continue to feel changes to your body at week forty of pregnancy. The baby will start to make more movements as they prepare to be born. Though as the baby prepares for birth, you are becoming more and more uncomfortable. You may start to feel more severe pain in the pelvic and groin area. You will still experience frequent urination and that causes more problems that just having to go to the bathroom every ten seconds. The more you move, the more uncomfortable you will be.

You may also find it hard to sleep at this stage of pregnancy; it may help to sit up when you sleep. If you experience some pressure on the bladder groin or lower part of the abdomen these are signs of false labor. The pain is real but the labor is not. They are actually preparing the baby for birth. At this week of pregnancy you may experience some white discharge from the nipples, this is lactation and it is the body’s way of preparing for birth as well.

You will feel tired and fatigued again. You may experience more leg cramps and some difficulty breathing. These are all normal parts of the pregnancy. Ask your doctor what you can do in order to stay as comfortable as possible throughout the labor and delivery. You may have the urge to start pushing at this week but don’t. That is the last thing you want to do until the doctor tells you to. If you have taken childbirth classes then you will know how to do the breathing exercises and they make put you at ease. Don’t try to fight the contractions, let them take their course naturally.

What To Expect

You can expect to start preparing yourself both physically and mentally for the birth of your baby. Labor and delivery would be a lot easier if you did your exercises everyday and practiced your breathing everyday. Some new moms to be take the birthing class and when labor comes, they forget everything they have learned. It is more important than ever to increase your water consumption every day. Increase from 8 to 10 to 14 glasses a day. Try to eliminate the stress and just lay back and relax the rest of the pregnancy.

A body pillow may help you get comfortable. Wear loose fitting clothes and go with slip on shoes. You could try a belly belt at this week in pregnancy; this helps take the pressure off your body from carrying the full weight of the pregnancy. If you have the means to have a personal massage done. Try to have someone come to your house; a car ride may not be a good idea at this rate. So talk to your doctor and see what he recommends. The doctor may also recommend extra visits at the week forty of pregnancy. They may also recommend some testing to be done to make sure the baby is in the right position for birth.


You may want to panic, but everything is going to be okay. Some new moms think that by week forty there may be something wrong and that is why the baby is late. Babies can take up to two weeks after the due date to be born. Remember, the due date is an estimation of the day the baby is going to be born. So there is nothing to worry about, just sit back and relax.