8 Weeks PregnantCongratulations! You are at the end of the second month of pregnancy. You are now half way through the first trimester. If you are having morning sickness, the end is in sight. You still won’t be showing baby yet, but there will be a slight weight gain that may show. As the baby grows, so will you. All new mothers are told that the chances for miscarriage are reducing as the weeks go on.

The uterus is now the size of a grapefruit so the baby is growing at a great pace. As the baby grows, you may experience indigestion and heartburn. This is caused by the acid because of the water retention from the baby. Consult your doctor before taking any over the counter medication that you would normally use for indigestion. You have to be very careful what kind of medicines you are putting into your body.

As you come to the end of the second month, some women experience more severe cases of morning sickness. Consult your doctor if the morning sickness is getting worse. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, morning sickness usually only lasts up to the first trimester. Try to follow an exercise plan with a diet pattern that is easy to follow. You now have to try to cut out fried foods and most unhealthy foods.

Baby’s Development

By the end of the second month the baby’s features continue to develop. Their facial features, internal organs, bones and muscles all are formed. The baby’s fingers are toes are formed but they are webbed at this stage. The eyelids are developing more and more and even the baby’s tip of the nose can be seen.

By the eight week of pregnancy, the baby’s sex is confirmed but it won’t be noticeable in a sonogram until the 4th or 5th month. The baby’s body frame consists of cartilage and starting from day 47, the baby’s first bone cells will take over from the cartilage. The baby’s face and jaw line are forming and baby will start to develop teeth and facial muscles too. Though the baby is small, the weight should be about 3 grams.

As the weeks progress, you will see more changes in your baby’s development. Each time you have a sonogram, you can take a look back at the very first one and see all of the progress that your baby has made. These changes only get more amazing as time goes on.

Changes With Your Body

Now you may be able to see some outer physical changes as well as more inner changes. Your blood volume has increased quite significantly in the eighth week of pregnancy. It has increased about 40% to 50%. As for physical changes, the breast will still be tender and sore because the body is preparing for lactation. You may notice darker veins around the breasts area, this happens because of the increased blood flow. You may want to get a more supportive bra or a more comfortable bra. This will take the uneasiness from the breast and it will make you feel much better.

If you start to experience lower abdominal pain, there is nothing to worry about. This is the uterus growing; as the baby grows you will start to feel more pressure in that area. It is perfectly normal. You may experience some tightening or contractions in the uterus. You may also feel a pain in the legs this is called the sciatica nerve and it is very common in pregnancy. By reading the baby books, you will have a more in-depth idea of what each month is bringing you.

What To Expect

If you are one of the women who have lost weight in the pregnancy, now would be the time for the weight to come back. The baby has adjusted to their internal changes and the morning sickness may start to subside. You are getting ready for your next doctors appointment. You will have a physical to make sure that your blood pressure and weight is doing. The doctor will check your urine to make sure that your body’s levels are all on target.

You will have to go through some testing such as the HIV Test; this test is required by law. You will have to take an Rh factor test, a blood test to determine your blood type and other tests such as the glucose tests. Also at this time, the doctor will sit down with you to discuss any precautions they may want you to take.

They will talk about medications and sicknesses you may come down with while pregnant. They will cover any emergencies that may come up. Pretty much at this point you will have all of your questions answered.


By now, your body should be adjusting very nicely to the baby. You will start to see some symptoms subside and others increase. You should be on or formulating a plan to stay healthy. Perhaps make a schedule of the best times to exercise and if you have chosen to eat more meals during the day then you can create a schedule of the times where you want to eat.

Try to plan those meals at least an hour before you lie down. By lying down after a meal it may cause nausea as well as indigestion. Try to eat the heavier meals during the day and keep the lighter meals for nighttime. Staying healthy is the most important for you and the baby.

But staying healthy physically is just the start. If you are having any concerns or any thoughts about the pregnancy, it is always a good idea to discuss them with your significant other. You will feel better if you keep the lines of communication open. Sometimes, significant others may have mixed feelings and they really can’t understand what pregnancy is like because they can’t carry the baby. So share as much of your experience with them.


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  1. Jessica Holbrook Says:

    This is fun to read thru weekly … =)

  2. cherron Says:

    I’m 8weeks pregnant on my fourth child and never experienced all day sickness like this!! I’m sick all day, my body’s hot all the time , I can’t get comfrontable at night, water makes me sicker, I’m hungry all day, acid reflux, showing already, moody as hell, I hope this is over soon………

  3. Andrea Says:

    Thanks for your post. I'm feeling exactly the same at 7 1/2 and am so frustrated. Please tell me in the last two months your symptoms have reduced; I'm dying for a little hope on the horizon.

  4. may Says:

    I'm 7wks and all I want to do is sleep, I gain a few pounds already, I feel like I look alot bigger than I'm supposed to be. I been spotting some brownish discharge, this is driving me crazy.

  5. Erica Says:

    I'm 8 weeks with my first and haven't experienced any morning sickness…the doctor says the baby is healthy so I guess I am lucky…the job I have allows me to get good rest…I crave fruit and salad..before all I did was eat at fast food places…I can't stand the thought of a fast food place now…weird but I am happy!

  6. Lakeisha Says:

    I am right there with you…Morning sick! HA!..All day, all night.. My mood is crap..

  7. Connie Says:

    I am 7 weeks pregnant. In the beginning, before I even missed my period, I just new I was pregnant. I was so sleepy all the time, disgusted by everything I smelled, didn't like my favorite meals anymore, and started craving a lot of foods I never really cared to eat. After I found out I was pregnant for sure by taking a pregnancy test ( probably week 5) I feel like my pregnancy symptoms have all disappeared. I still have a strong sense of smell, and my breasts are a little tender, but overall I feel just like normal. I even had enough energy to mop whole house yesterday. I have been to the doctor and they told me it's normal, but since I have had a miscarriage before I feel like I am always concerned about every litle thing. Am I the only one going crazy like this?

  8. Kirsty Gerlach Says:

    i had morning sickness 24/7 for the whole 9 months with my first………..now im 8 weeks pregnate with my second child got morning sickness really bad cant keep anything down except bananas and apples even water comes back up again……also got a burning pain in my breasts but only one at a time x

  9. Crystal Says:

    8 weeks sick all day long. So sad:(

  10. Shelly Says:

    2nd pregnancy first lost due to miscarriage I have tender breasts and I’m tired with horrible back pain but no nausea first Dr appt not til Thursday which is also my birthday… This will either be an awesome birthday or the worst one ever they never found a heart beat last time I just need something concrete so I feel more assured ugh

  11. Lila Says:

    I'm 8 weeks and feeling so sick all day, I can't stand not even the water, not appetite, happy for being pregnant but crying for every little thing. I waited for this for so long and I feel so miserable for being queasy all day!!!

  12. shannon Says:

    I am * weeks Friday…I had alot of brownish discharge and a little blood and everything is fine…it will begin to dissappear at the end of your 7th week…lol and it does drive you crazy

  13. Carolina Says:

    No you are not the only one!! I am going thrugh the same i am 8 weeks now and like you i had a misscarege with my first baby. I dont even feel like i am pregnant now and i am just completely paranoid all the time. I would be extremely sad if this baby did not make it. Anyway good luck and hope you the best.

  14. kay Says:

    I am 7 weeks and experiencing slight all day sickness use to love fruits..can't eat it now because in a minute I'd be running to the restroom, miserable at times, had some hot flashes and couldn't get a good night sleep, but it's fading as the weeks go by..I am looking forward to the end of this first trimester so that I can enjoy the rest of my pregnancy…:-)

  15. Alexandra Huebner Says:

    Another interesting post

  16. jessica gaither Says:

    I’m 8 weeks pregnant with my first child.. I’m actiually so blessed becaouse I was told I wouldn’t be able to
    Get pregnant after have cervical cancer… but I’m all so like u first timer very paranoid with everything.
    I quiet smoking after I found out.. but every one is yelling at me for drinking soda..I’m like give me a break I stopped smoking give me something..

  17. siea Says:

    im almost 8 weeks actually ill be 8 wks saturday and my babck is killin me all the time especially at night i take like 30 baths every night trying to ease the pain but nothing is working. my doctor perscribed me paain pills she said they would also help me sleep but i dont wan to take those. what do i do?

  18. Jen Says:

    I’m 8 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. This is a tough pregnancy for me, feeling sick and depressed all day and I just can’t stand the smell of anything. Was hospitalised for the past 2 days due to bleeding but thanks God my baby is fine. Now I’m paranoid whenever I feel pain and worry when will my next bleeding come again. Not easy being a mother :(

  19. Jayne Says:

    I am 8 weeks today :) I have 2 daughters and then i have lost my last 2 pregnancies so am very paranoid too! Fingers crossed for us all! i have been extremely tired and nauseas at different times of the day. Take care mums to be

  20. WorkingonBaby#2 Says:

    I am 8 weeks pregnant with my second child and the morning sickness is already driving me crazy.. I feel like I am getting huge day by day… With my 1st child I never had morning sickness and I didnt even gain weight until probally about the 5th month… I am so excited tho and I love to read the weekly updates even tho I have been through it because this one is totally different then my 1st!!!

  21. kim Says:

    Ladies im almost 8 weeks too n prayer is all u need nd ill pray for u ladies and ur babies too be blessed

  22. bex Says:

    thank you kim :) x i am 8 and a half weeks and never miscarried, i have 3 and this will be my last as i have to have treatment on my cervix, i too have alot of times when i dont feel sick or preggers at all really, my breasts are tender but at times thats about all, is this normal?? this baby is very very wanted x

  23. angela Says:

    I am also 8 wks pregnant with my first baby and I am so excited i am 30 yrs old and i had a miscarriage about 12 yrs ago and this is my first time being pregnants since my fiance has all the sickness and i love it but he also eats and sleeps alot and thats all i wanna do is sleep and eat fruits but i am having a hard time eating meat when before i got pregnant i was eating whatever but now i can only eat like a bite or two of meat..but for the most part i am enjoying being pregnant!! and very grateful for my miracle and congrats to everyone else!!

  24. hopeful Says:

    I am 8 weeks pregnant today!! After 5 years of not being able to concieve my husband and I underwent IVF and successfully we are pregant!! We thank god each day for this blessing but still feel very worried. I have had a little nausea in the a.m. but it seems to have subsided a great deal. My breasts are just a little tender and i already have a pooch. Dr says its becuase i am small and that i am on progesterone 3 x daily which can coause bloating. One thing though i have noticed is i cant eat pork!!!! The smell totally turns my stomache. I wish all you ladies out these the best and i will pray for all healthy babies! Good luck

  25. Jeremy Lupkes Says:

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