9 Weeks PregnantBy the ninth week of pregnancy, the baby, which has previously been called an embryo, is now a fetus. The baby is now about 13 and 17mm and weighs about one gram. In this stage of pregnancy, the baby starts to look like a baby. When you see a sonogram picture, you can make out a baby. New moms to be may start to experience more indigestion and heartburn due to their bodies making the adjustments to the growing baby.

By the ninth week of pregnancy, you should be gaining some weight. It is best to gain weight gradually rather than all at once. The morning sickness will start to decrease. You also may see an increase of mood changes and you will feel more bloated. The best way to alleviate these symptoms is to sleep on your side. Sleeping on your sides will also promote better circulation and better digestion.

As you progress into the pregnancy, it will become harder and harder to sleep on your back. Doctors recommend sleeping on your side and if you experience some discomfort, try placing a pillow in between your knees. Most baby stores sell a pillow designed for this situation but a regular pillow will do the trick.

Baby’s Development

The baby is still continuing to develop at a quick pace. The baby has all of the features of a human being but is still small in size. As the weeks progress, the baby will continue to grow bigger and bigger. The baby’s eyelids are now 100% fully formed and are tightly shut, once you enter into the 28th week of pregnancy, you will see the baby’s eyes open. By now, the baby’s sex can be determined but you will have a hard time seeing it on the sonogram until about the 20th week or so.

The baby is now floating around the amniotic sac with full range of motion with the ankles, wrists, elbows and knees all fully formed. By now, if you haven’t heard it already, the baby’s heartbeat is nice and strong and will be able to be detected at your next doctor’s appointment. The baby’s head will be bigger than the body but don’t panic this is perfectly normal.

Changes To Your Body

In the ninth week of pregnancy you will begin to gain more weight and you will start to be hungry more often. There may be some spotting but this is normal. If the blood is darker in color, there may be nothing to worry about. But if the blood is bright red and you are also feeling pain with cramps, get to the emergency room right away.

Since being pregnant means an increase in hormones, as the estrogen and the progesterone levels rise, they may cause the mucus membranes to bigger and this will cause nosebleeds and possibly some congestion. It is safe to use a vaporizer if you start to feel congested. Do not take any over the counter medication without speaking to your doctor first.

Much to your partners chagrin, you will have a decrease in sexual desire in the first trimester. Don’t worry, you will get it back in the second trimester. If you are not aware, your dental health can take a turn for the worse while pregnant. It is important to take your prenatal vitamins as well drink calcium to keep up with your Vitamin D. Visit your dentist regularly while pregnant to keep an eye on things. It is important to floss daily.

What To Expect

Women who are 35 years old and older are considered to be high-risk pregnancies. This just means that doctors monitor you more closely. If you have any genetic disorders that run in either one of your families, now is the time to let the doctor know. Even if your fourth cousin had a health condition, it may be important to mention it.

The doctor will perform some genetic testing that will include counting of the chromosomes. This will happen anywhere from the ninth week to the twelfth week. Some things the baby may be predisposed to but you have to do your part when it comes to taking prenatal vitamins, getting enough rest and eating right.

Ask your doctor to help you set up an exercise program. Walking and swimming are perfect exercises. The best thing for you if you don’t know where to start is to ask the doctor a list of questions. Don’t feel like you are asking too many questions, it is perfectly normal for new moms and dads to have plenty of questions.


The best advice to offer new moms to be at this week of pregnancy is to take one day at a time. Don’t start thinking ahead because you are only at the ninth week and you have 32 weeks left. It will be a long and trying pregnancy if you start too far in advance.

Everyone says that you should enjoy your pregnancy. It can be hard to do that while you are exercising morning sickness, heartburn and fatigue.  But there is light at the end of the tunnel.  You are just four weeks away from completing your first trimester.

Doctors visits will include sonograms and listening to fetal heartbeats. These are truly the best parts of pregnancy. Seeing the baby grow from the start to the day they are born is truly a miracle.  Once you hear the baby’s heartbeat,  any doubt you have will wash away.  But you still have to do your part by staying healthy, getting plenty of rest and easting better. You don’t have to totally change your eating habits but make a few adjustments, eat more fruits and vegetables.  You will feel better and have more energy.


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  1. Leann Says:

    I feel nausea everyday Im always sick. They told me that they see two sacs but one fetus what does this actually mean?

  2. Bianca Says:

    Iam so happy and anxious with this pregnancy. :) Cant wait to show my pansita

  3. bosslady Says:

    still feeling sick and vomiting every morning.

  4. jade Says:

    i'm still trying to get used the lack of sleep caused by all the trips to the bathroom that starts at 2am and then almost every hour to 2. i think lacking sleep is here to stay though. Normally i won't exercise if i lack sleep, but i think now i'm going to exercise anyway. i've gained two lbs w/c means i'm only allowed up to a couple more till the end of the trimester. at least my baby isn't craving for sweets. baby, pls stick to making mommy want healthy things :) so far so good though. haven't thrown up and i'm feeling very blessed and grateful. :)

  5. Diane Says:

    Hi Leann,
    You might want to try flat Coca Cola it must be proper Coke not diet or anything. Advised by my midwife when i was pregnant, worked like magic for me. Hope it helps.

  6. Mia Says:

    JIp! those trips to the bathroom!!!! Iv got them day and night – none stop!!! feels like every 5 min!!!


  7. amy Says:

    yes i agree coca cola god send lol x

  8. charlotte Says:

    i keep getting nosebleeds and uncomfterble pains in my back im starting to eat loads now and getting all the help and support from my mum and sister :)

  9. pain on lower right side Says:

    Hi and many thanks for the comment you still left on my blog, i’ve also bookmarked your internet site and can return as i uncovered the data within your internet page just like a very good source to my very own pup regards Eddie

  10. goose Says:

    This article is the best that I have read, you must be regret if don’t read it. Wonderful! I will support you all the time.

  11. stacy Says:

    great blog and honest one too

  12. Vivian Says:

    I don’t usually have morning sickness,but feel sick in the evening:),high body temperature and sometimes headache.I also experience heartburn,so I make sure I have dinner on time like three hours before bedtime. Regular visits to bathroom,disturbs my night sleep..that sulks! I exercise every morning,Yoga precisely and a walk in the evening..it helps me feel fit. I had loss of appetite few months before I was pregnant but now I eat like crazy but healthy and I take pregncare everyday to boost my vitamins needs though I still stick to 5 a day friut guide. I don’t vomit, no crave..am getting used to sleeping on my sides,that’s my story so far:),mummy loves you baby!.

  13. Makie Says:

    Im always sick,wen Im at work I wud feel like going home,lie to my boss cos I cant take this anymore.I hate my man and he is so happy about the baby,I dont even want him next to me or have sex with him,what if he leaves me,I love him and I dont want to loose him.Please help me I need to know what to do,this is his first child so whats going to happen to him.I want him to understand but how do I tell him cos I dont want to see him next to me.

  14. Mandy Grove Says:

    OMG I can’t sleep at night since I am up all the time going to the bathroom. I also can’t seem to get comfortable. I lay on my side now since when I lay on my tummy I feel like I am so bloated I am smashing something. However, when I sleep on my side my arms go asleep and then I wake up with pains in my arms. Is there any ideas anyone has that could possible help this. I have a body pillow but again I can’t get comfortable AT ALL!!!

  15. wendy Says:

    I’m 9 wks and this is my fourth I have 3 boys with term all I had terrible morning afternoon and night sickness with this pregnancy I haven’t been sick just a very mild nauseated feeling .my feet get super cold I sleep so much.I don’t crave anything well maybe coke or cream soda :) .I’m excited my body and heart tell me its a girl but well see.also I lost 17 pounds is that normal well I did lose weight with my boys but regained.anyway does anyone think intelligender realy works?

  16. H2Mommy Says:

    I’m 9 weeks 4 days. Feeling so good. No morning sickness or fatigue. I’m eating very healthy, so I’m hoping that is why I feel good. I never have to get up in the night to go to the bathroom. Counting my blessings after reading some other’s experiences.

  17. beinda Says:

    i’m 9 weeks 3 days, have been nauseous all day every day for the last 3 weeks, but, have never thrown up. i find it usually hits the worst when my stomach is empty. i have been craving meat and cottage cheese like crazy and vegetables (which i usually love) are a turn off for me…i hope that i will feel like eating a salad soon. i find that cooked vegetables are more palatable for me.
    we saw our little baby on the first ultrasound 4 days ago! baby was flailing arms and legs around, unbelievable!!!
    heartburn started last night….

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