Back pain in pregnancy can be from a variety of things with the biggest reason being the weight that you will be carrying around and the extra workout the back muscles will go through while you are pregnant.

In the beginning of your pregnancy, if you are not already on an exercising schedule, you should start one right away. This will be one of the best things you can do to prevent having back pain during pregnancy. Keeping those muscles moving is the best defense a pregnant woman has for keeping her back healthy and in optimal condition for carrying around the weight of a baby.

No matter how much you exercise, back pain will be inevitable to some degree. There will still be reasons why you will have pains in your back during a pregnancy that any amount of exercise won’t relieve. These could be caused by the lack of space you will have due to a growing uterus. The uterus may be resting on the sciatic nerve that will cause you to have back pain along with leg pain while you are pregnant. That is just something that will happen with some women while they are going through the later months of their pregnancy.

Once you start gaining weight in your abdomen area, your center of gravity will shift and could cause your posture to change. Keeping an eye on your posture will help you to avoid falling forward and then having unnecessary back pain that could have been prevented just by practicing proper posture techniques. Always keep your shoulders back and stand as straight as you can to help relieve your back pain during pregnancy.

Finding ways to relieve your stress levels will also help alleviate back pain in pregnancy. Stress has a way of making it to the weakest part of your body. This means that stress can invade your muscles due to the changes that are going on in your body while your baby is growing.

All of your joints and muscles may ache during pregnancy because of the hormones that are released during this time. These special pregnancy hormones work to prepare the body for having a baby. They will soften joints and even loosen up ligaments in some areas which may be the cause of many women’s back pain in pregnancy.

While the pain from a woman’s back during pregnancy may not be completely eliminated, there are a few things in combination with a regular exercise routine that will help to prevent as much back pain as possible.

Sleeping on your left side with a pillow between your knees will give your hips and back the proper alignment and support needed for a good night’s sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep will help with stress levels as well.

If you have short spells of back pain in pregnancy, you can try to relieve it with a heating pad or ice. You might even want to alternate the two for best results.

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