Below you will find a pregnancy timeline so that you can quickly see what is going on with your baby depending on how far along you are. You will have many questions throughout the various stages of your pregnancy and having a quick reference as to what is going on with your baby will help you to understand all the changes that are going on inside of you.

It’s amazing the steps that happens over the 40 to 42 weeks of the pregnancy timeline. It seems like such a short time to take an egg and a sperm and turn it into the miracle of life in the form of a new baby.

The First Trimester of Pregnancy

The first few weeks on a pregnancy timeline, you may not even actually be pregnant yet. Since the determining factor in your due date is the first day of your last period with 40 weeks added to it, you probably got pregnant 14 days after that when you ovulated.

However the first few weeks after the egg is fertilized there are many changes that the fertilized egg will go through. It turns into what is called a zygote that is like a hard ball of cells. From there, it turns into a ball of hollow cells called a blastocyst. This is where the embryo will form after the blastocyst imbeds itself into the uterine wall and the placenta forms to support the new life throughout the entire pregnancy timeline.

By week 6 the embryo turns into a fetus. Week 7 the baby’s heart is forming. Morning sickness may start. Week 8 you may be examined for an ectopic pregnancy if you have any bleeding. Also in this week, the baby is developing eyes, organs, and limbs and they will continue to grow over the next few weeks.

By week 10 an ultrasound will verify your due date is correct by looking at the size of the baby. In week 11, the baby actually looks like a human.

By week 12 you will probably be telling people about your pregnancy. At this stage in a pregnancy timeline, the odds of having a miscarriage is lowered and you may have to explain your tired, unusual self to your closest friends and co-workers.

Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Weeks 13-17 bring the growth of toes, fingernails, and hair that will cover the baby until the last couple of weeks of pregnancy. The baby will be moving it’s head around but you probably won’t feel it just yet. Your doctor will recommend the screening for Downs Syndrome around week 15.

In weeks 18-21 on the pregnancy timeline, milk buds for teeth will form and the baby will be really active from here on out. The sex is usually determined during this time as well and the spine and internal organs of the baby are developing properly.

More than half way through the pregnancy during weeks 22-25 the skeleton is becoming more defined and the skull of the baby starts to harden. After week 25 everything is formed in the baby’s body and the rest of the time is just for growing bigger and stronger.

In week 30 Braxton Hicks contractions may make the mother feel uncomfortable but it’s just preparation for the real labor contractions that will come after week 38. It’s normally right at 40 weeks that a baby is delivered on the pregnancy timeline. But it can be as long as 42 weeks before you will be considered overdue.

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