Bleeding during pregnancy is a common occurrence for many women at different times of their pregnancy. The reasons for bleeding can vary and be nothing to worry about or something that can be life threatening to the woman who is pregnant. It’s important to be able to determine what has caused the bleeding in order to tell if it’s something that is normal or something that needs immediate attention from qualified medical personnel.

Just before the time you would be having your normal monthly period, if an egg has been fertilized, you will have some slight spotting that is caused from the implantation of the egg into your uterine wall. This is a normal occurrence because as the egg buries itself into the wall of the uterus blood is released. The lining of the uterus is made up of blood so it’s natural to shed a little during implantation. You won’t even know you are pregnant at this time, but it could be the first indicator that you may be. Many women look back after they have missed a full period to realize that the spotting was really implantation bleeding.

Other reasons for bleeding during pregnancy could be caused by something that isn’t even related to the pregnancy. If you have a urinary tract infection you may see some blood in your urine. This should be checked by a doctor so that they can get the infection cleared up before it causes any further damage.

If you have tested positive and know for sure you are pregnant, bleeding during pregnancy in the first trimester could be something more extreme. If you experience bleeding that is accompanied by cramping you could have an ectopic pregnancy or a pregnancy that is outside of the uterus. It could be that your fertilized egg planted itself in the fallopian tube and now that it is growing, it is tearing the walls of the tube and causing you to bleed and cramp. The pregnancy could also be located in other places inside a woman’s body, but the fallopian tubes is the most common spot because this is where the fertilization of the egg takes place. It’s unknown why this happens to so many women and it seems to be increasing in recent years. An infection may cause the opening to the uterus to be blocked or it could be a variety of other reasons.

Bleeding during pregnancy is common after an exam or after sex. Any kind of disturbance in that area can cause you to bleed while you are pregnant and is normal. Just remember that it happens so that you won’t be alarmed the first time it happens to you.

Whatever the reason is for you to be bleeding during pregnancy, it should be monitored closely and if it continues or increases in volume, a doctor needs to be notified so that you can get an exam to find out just exactly what is going on inside you. It’s normally nothing to worry about but it’s better safe than sorry.

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