Drinking during pregnancy will cause a baby to be born with fetal alcohol syndrome, a health problem that causes brain disorders and spinal diseases. If you think you want to have a baby, you will need to stop drinking right away so that you won’t be tempted when you are trying to conceive. Even if you just drink on binges, you need to stop incase you do get pregnant. The birth defects that are caused by drinking during pregnancy cannot be reversed.

Some women who consume large amounts of alcohol are also at risk for a miscarriage along with having a baby that has fetal alcohol syndrome. The risks just aren’t worth it to continue to drink during pregnancy.

Even small amounts of alcohol haven’t been proven safe for a pregnant woman so it’s best to just stay away from drinking during pregnancy altogether. Prevention of birth defects from fetal alcohol syndrome is only accomplished by staying away from alcoholic drinks even before you test positive for being pregnant.

Newborn babies with fetal alcohol syndrome are often characterized by having a small head due to the brain’s retarded growth development while in the uterus. Poor brain growth is a direct result of the mother drinking alcohol during her pregnancy. Heart defects and joint abnormalities are also a direct result of drinking. Other common characteristics of babies born with alcohol fetal syndrome are small eyes, a flat spot on the face, the hands will have creases in unlikely spots, and other malformations of the face and body.

Women who are continuing to drink during pregnancy must not care about the outcome of their baby’s health. These birth defects are life threatening for the baby growing inside of them and they continue to drink anyway.

Some women have the mentality of their mother’s drank and it didn’t hurt them, but it’s not the same for every woman and every baby. If the baby is born with birth defects, it could be a life sentence of taking care of them because they won’t be able to.

The biggest way to prevent mental retardation is by not drinking during pregnancy or before you get pregnant. Many birth defects develop before a woman even knows she is pregnant. This is what makes it so important to stay away from alcoholic beverages during pregnancy. Abstinence is the best method to ensure your baby will develop properly while in your uterus.

Even if your baby is born looking completely normal, there is still a chance that if you were drinking during pregnancy, they may have a slight mental deficiency that won’t be detected for a few years.

Babies who are born with birth defects from fetal alcohol syndrome often have a hard time surviving and may even die because they aren’t thriving as a normal baby would.

Drinking during pregnancy is never a good idea, no matter how little you are planning to have. Alcoholic beverages need to be avoided at all cost until after you are done breastfeeding.

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