Pregnancy Exercise isn’t a terrible thing. Many women think that just because they are pregnant, they shouldn’t exert any extra energy to exercising. This simply isn’t the case. Of course, the level of exercising you do will depend on how much you exercised regularly before you became pregnant. Exercise must be discussed with your doctor no matter how much you used to exercise before you found out you were pregnant.

There are many benefits of pregnancy exercise. As long you don’t find out there are complications that will limit your ability to exercise, a normal routine is recommended for relieving many of the symptoms of pregnancy.

When pregnant, a woman’s joints become loose due to all the hormonal changes that is going on inside their body. Pregnancy exercise will help release lubricating fluid to the joints so that you can limit the wear and tear that tends to cause unnecessary aching while pregnant.

Exercising naturally releases endorphins that will automatically make you feel better. A pregnancy exercise routine will help you far more than you know. It will also be a help for the baby in the long run when you have the muscles to deliver easily. Preparation for birth can start with a normal exercise program for women who are pregnant. Having your heart in shape for the labor and delivery is an added bonus.

You will look and feel better than ever if you add a pregnancy exercise routine to your schedule. Exercising in general sends more blood to the skin which in turn gives you the healthy glow you should have as a pregnant woman.

Constipation is a big problem for pregnant women. Many women find that by moving the intestines around with an exercise routine will greatly reduce the constipation they suffer with.

Pregnancy exercise will also help to relieve the pain you might experience in your back. Being in shape will keep your muscles toned so there will be less chance of having a backache.

If you have been following a pregnancy exercise program right up until the time you deliver, or as long as it’s feasible for you to exercise, you will get back into your normal shape faster after having the baby.

Even if you didn’t exercise before your pregnancy, you can still start a pregnancy exercise routine as long as you start at a rate that doesn’t exhaust you and build up from there. You will become stronger over time and be able to endure longer periods of exercise as you continue with your exercise program.

Two and a half hours of light impact aerobic exercise is normally the recommended amount of time to spend each week exercising if you weren’t already on an exercise regimen before you became pregnant. You can always start walking a mile three times a week and then gradually increase the length and intensity as you go along. Just make sure you always get a good warm up and take the time to cool down as well.

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