There are many benefits of having a massage while pregnant. As with any massage, pregnancy massage can relax a woman’s muscles and relieve stress. What many people don’t know about a massage is that it can also improve your overall health.

A pregnancy massage should always be given by a certified massage therapist who has been trained in prenatal massage. These therapists will have had training that surpass the national standards and know what to do for a pregnant woman. They will know what areas to concentrate on with a massage for the most benefits to a woman who is pregnant.

Someone who is not trained in this area of pregnancy massage may not know that there are places on the body that when massaged, will cause the muscles in the pelvic area to become stimulated. Certified therapists will know what areas these are and stay away from them just to be on the safe side.

The kind of table and the position the pregnant woman lays in plays an important part of keeping the pregnancy massage safe for both the mother and the baby. Pregnant women should lie on their side while getting a massage instead of laying on a table that has a whole big enough for the stomach to fit through. If you let your belly stick through a table like this, it will allow the uterine ligaments to stretch when the weight pulls on it. Check before making your pregnancy massage appointment to see what way each particular certified pregnancy massage therapist uses. Make it known that you only planning on laying on your side for the massage session and if they don’t agree, find another one.

The benefits of having a pregnancy massage are well worth the cost associated with each session. Women who have a massage twice a week while they are pregnant have shown to have regulated hormone activity. This will help control a woman’s mood through being relaxed and having reduced stress levels. The stress hormones that a body produces are greatly reduced with biweekly massages.

There are many physical benefits to a pregnancy massage as well. Circulating the blood through massage will help to reduce swelling in a pregnant woman. Soft tissues are less likely to hold the fluids that cause swelling when massaged properly. This will also help with the swelling associated with the joints.

Later in the pregnancy, the sciatic nerve pain can be relieved with a pregnancy massage. Swelling in the upper legs from the weight of the uterus pushing on the muscles will be helped through a massage of the area. Releasing the tension in those muscles that are swollen and pushing on the sciatic nerve will help them to relax and take away the swelling that causes the pain so many women experience with a pregnancy.

A pregnancy massage will also help a woman to get a better night’s sleep and have an overall feeling of wellness the next day. Plan on having regular massages throughout your pregnancy so that you can enjoy all the benefits that goes along with it.

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