The Gloucester Pregnancy Pact was a real eye opener for parents everywhere. Just imagine all those young girls getting pregnant all because they got together and decided it was a good thing to do. Young girls at this age don’t have a fully developed mind and they just simply aren’t capable of thinking like an adult would about the whole situation. They may not realize what it’s like to take care of a baby for 18 years. All they know is that someone has taken care of them all their young lives and they have no worries that their baby’s won’t be taken care of as well.

Seventeen girls under the age of 16 were successful with the Gloucester pregnancy pact and did in fact get pregnant. It was an alarming site for the school administration because their entire school only has 1200 high school students in total. This number was quadruple of what the average pregnancy rates had been in the past.

It’s been reported that the girls involved in the Gloucester pregnancy pact all wanted to raise their babies together. Can you imagine, 17 girls in the same community all under the age of 16 with children? Wow, this world just gets stranger and stranger as times change.

Gloucester High School student’s who are asking about pregnancy testing seem to be increasing in number. The city’s public health director reported that, “some of them were disappointed because they’re not getting pregnant.”

The Gloucester pregnancy pact has raised a heated debate about whether or not contraception should be allowed in schools. It really wouldn’t have mattered to these girls because they all wanted to get pregnant and had taken no measure to prevent it from happening in the first place. However some think that by offering contraception in the school system that many of these girls would have chosen to use it instead of getting pregnant. But it wasn’t offered at that time.

The Mayor of Gloucester even asked about filing charging statutory rape charges against the fathers who are over the age of 18. Some of them are reported to be in their mid-20’s. What were these guys thinking, having unprotected sex and let alone with a girl that young! These people should grow up and find out what living means. It doesn’t mean getting a young girl pregnant so that you can have a better chance of keeping her. It just means that when she grows up and her mind develops, she will see what happened and possibly even have resentment for the father of the baby.

Communities everywhere need to spend the time and money that it takes to educate young girls about sex. The more girls know, the less likely they are to do something like the girls in the Gloucester pregnancy pact did. If this community had taken the resources necessary to provide young girls with a different path in life than that of being such a young mother, this might not have happened.

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