A high risk pregnancy is defined as a pregnancy where the chances of death or illness is a risk either before or after the baby is delivered. High risk pregnancies are a result of the current condition and characteristics of the mother to be.

Every pregnant woman is screened for being high risk and also asked if there is anything that would be a potential threat for making them fall into the high risk category. The doctors only ask so they can make sure if you fall into the high risk pregnancy category that you can get the medical care you are going to need to get you through to the delivery. Keeping both you and the baby healthy are going to be the top priority of your doctor.

A woman’s characteristics are taken into consideration when a doctor considers her to be in a high risk pregnancy or not. Short women is a good example of this. Because women under 5 foot will have a smaller pelvic area it is often good reason to place them in this category. The risk of going into labor early is present in these women because of all how small the area for the baby to grow is. Also, shorter women are known to have small babies because of the limited space. In addition, girls who are under the age of 15 and women over the age of 35 are most likely to have a high risk pregnancy.

Conditions that may place you in a high risk pregnancy category are spread across a wide range of health issues that you had before you became pregnant. It may be one condition that places you in the high risk category or it could be a combination of conditions. Your doctor will use a scoring method that will tell them whether or not you need to be placed into a high risk pregnancy category or not. This will be calculated up on an ongoing basis to determine if further into your pregnancy you need to have a high risk status depending on the conditions you have throughout the time you are pregnant.

High risk pregnancies usually are referred to the perinatal care centers in their area before the delivery takes place so that they can lower their odds of having a baby that may die during delivery or in the weeks prior to delivery. Many times a high risk pregnancy is one that will be at risk for going into labor early. Having the contact with a perinatal care center already in place will reduce the chances for you going into what is called preterm labor before the baby is full term.

If you are placed in the high risk pregnancy category, you will need to make sure to follow all of your doctor’s advice so that you can carry your baby to full term and deliver normally. Make sure you don’t miss any of your prenatal visits either so that you can be constantly monitored for troubles that may arise.

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