As you go through your pregnancy you will find there are many new things that will happen with you physically and emotionally. Learning how to keep a pregnancy journal will help you to document all of that so that years from now you can read it and remember just how you felt at that time of your life. You may think that during the time you are going through your pregnancy you could never forget many of the moments that will happen in your life. As time passes, memories of those special events fade and if they aren’t captured in a pregnancy journal, they may be forgotten forever.

If you have know idea about how to keep a pregnancy journal, you can buy a journal that is specially designed for expectant mothers. They are similar to what a baby book would be but it’s all about what happens from the time you find out you were pregnant to the labor and delivery. Then the baby book takes over from there.

Some specialty stores and many different websites will offer expectant mothers several different choices when it comes to keeping a pregnancy journal. You can find them in plain paper journals with a baby motif on it or you can opt for the more crafty version of the pregnancy journal that is more like a scrapbook where you can add pictures and other items of interest that you accumulate while you are pregnant.

You will be glad you decided to learn how to keep a pregnancy journal when your child gets older and wants to learn about the time when you were pregnant with them. Sharing moments like those make it well worth keeping the pregnancy journal for the both of you. Your child will know that you enjoyed the time you spent carrying them as a pregnant mother.

Keeping a pregnancy journal will also help the father of the baby to understand more of what the mother is going through. If they can add to the pregnancy journal it will be even better. Father’s are all too often left out of the picture when it comes to feelings and thoughts during the time their partner is pregnant. Giving them a special place to record their feelings will help them to vent a little about what they are going through. It’s a hard time for fathers because they feel so helpless and left out of everything. Giving them a chance to put it in a journal will help open the lines of communication between the two partners. You can even show them how to keep a pregnancy journal of their own that is separate from yours.

No matter how far along you are with your pregnancy, you can always start a pregnancy journal and just fill in everything you can remember up to that point. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to do and it will be well worth it in the long run.

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