Nausea during pregnancy is unavoidable for most women. A pregnant woman will produce hormones that are thought to be the main reason for having nausea during the time they are carrying a baby. The bad new is that there is no prescription medication that can keep you from getting nausea during pregnancy. The good news is that the morning sickness or nausea won’t last forever, in most cases. It normally stops almost completely by the end of the first trimester of pregnancy.

For those women who have sever nausea and vomiting, you will need to report it to your doctor right away. Hospitalization for a short period of time may be necessary if the vomiting is so severe that the pregnant woman gets dehydrated or loses weight over it. A pregnant woman should never lose weight or stay dehydrated for long periods of time as it can be harmful to her and the baby.

Many women who had bad nausea during their pregnancies have said that eating soda crackers or drinking a carbonated drink would be the best thing to relieve it. Many women keep soda crackers beside their bed table so they can eat one before they even get up out of bed in the mornings. Nausea during pregnancy is often worst in the mornings but it can happen anytime throughout the day.

Making changes to the way you eat can also cut down on nausea during pregnancy. If you can eat before you get hungry it can help keep the empty nausea feelings at bay you may be experiencing. Making yourself eat smaller meals that are closer together can help you to eat before getting hungry.

Sometimes it’s a change in the foods you eat that is necessary to combat nausea. If you are suffering from nausea during pregnancy it could be the foods you are eating. Try sticking to a diet of bouillon, pastas and rice to see if that helps curb the nausea you are having. If you eat lots of spicy foods, you are at risk for being sick over it later. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your diet so that you can stay as healthy as possible for the baby to nurture from.

Some women who have nausea during pregnancy that is in excess of what is considered normal are put into a high risk pregnancy category and monitored closely. The signs of this are having nausea much worse than the normal morning sickness. This type of nausea can cause starvation along with the dehydration we mentioned earlier. The woman who has excessive vomiting and is losing weight will be hospitalized and cared for closely so that she can avoid dehydration and starvation along with many other complications that a woman with this type of nausea during pregnancy can have.

If you think you have an excessive amount of nausea, talk with your doctor about ways you can control it that are safe for you, he may recommend monitoring to see just how bad is it and possibly check your blood to make sure your electrolyte levels are alright.

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