A pregnancy calendar will help anyone who is pregnant to know what to expect throughout the course of pregnancy. By knowing what is going on with the unborn baby will help you to know that everything is progressing as normal. Knowing what changes your body will go through during pregnancy will help you prepare for what is to come.

Many of the pregnancy calendars will help you to calculate your actual due date so that you can know exactly how far along you are and be able to follow along week by week from that point on. A pregnancy calendar will also give a nutritional guide to follow during the upcoming weeks so that you can eat right for yourself and for the baby. It may not tell you week by week what to eat but it should cover all the basics about nutrition during pregnancy.

Here is a snapshot of what you can expect to find on a pregnancy calendar:

The first four weeks is the time that conception takes place and the journey to the uterus begins with cell division taking place during this time.

Weeks 5-8 on a pregnancy calendar is the time that the baby’s heart starts to beat and blood circulation becomes established from the heart. The baby is now 4-6mm in size. Towards the end of these weeks the liver, lungs, stomach and pancreas start to develop and at the eighth week, the baby will be 7-9mm in size.

The next month on a pregnancy calendar is weeks 9 through 12. This is when the baby starts to move around. Feeling the movement may not happen until later in the pregnancy. The baby now has elbows and weighs about 1 gram. It starts this month at 13-17mm in size. The eyes have opened and at the end of this time it will be weighing 12 grams.

Week 13 through 16 on the pregnancy calendar is the month that a doctor will be able to determine the sex of the baby. The baby will weigh near 70 grams. The tiny heart will be working hard and can pump about 25 quarts of blood each day.

Week 17 through 20 the doctor can be certain about the sex of the baby without a doubt. The baby is growing fast during this period and will weigh close to 230 grams by the end of the month.

Week 20 through 24 on the pregnancy calendar is the month that fat deposits are formed on the baby’s body. You might be able to tell when your baby is sleeping or awake by their movements.

These are some of the things you will be able to learn on a pregnancy calendar. Granted a true pregnancy calendar will go all the way to week 40 and will be more detailed for you. This is just an idea of what you will find on a pregnancy calendar so you can know what kinds of things you can expect to find.

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