I feel like I am already showing. How did that happen? I am only 10 weeks and have only gained three pounds, but I am starting to show. I suppose it’s a second-pregnancy thing. It’s definitely more pronounced in the evening than in the morning, so some of it is probably just bloating. However, I continue to be amazed at how different this pregnancy is compared to my first. I have been feeling okay: still tired with mild evening sickness. The acne has not gone away, I am still losing hair, my breasts are still tender. None of these things have really affected my day to day life though, so I really can’t complain..

I have been craving chicken enchiladas, but raw chicken is especially gross to me right now, and I really can’t look at it or touch it, plus I really want my chicken enchiladas from a favorite local restaurant. I think it will likely be a couple of weeks before we have the opportunity to go there though.

We took our two-year-old son to a Touch a Truck event, and he loved it! He was most excited about the firetrucks, dump trucks, and buses that he was allowed to sit in and touch; he has been talking about them ever since! We also visited a local UPick apple orchard and have consequently been eating a lot of apples!

I exercised a bit more this week. I completed three runs, a class at the gym, and the arms and shoulders p90x dvd. I also went for a long walk on a beautiful day when I just didn’t feel up to a run.

Weight: 118 pounds (no change for the week, up three for the pregnancy)

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