Ahhh…I love the fall: the crisp air, the changing colors, the leaves crunching underfoot. I managed just two runs despite the beautiful weather, but they were wonderful! I also did a class at the gym. I’m really trying to appreciate not being uncomfortable when I work out because I know it won’t be long….

I also finally went to a Dairy Queen to try the nutter butter blizzard that I have been thinking about for weeks, and it turns out that it is a seasonal item and not being sold in my area anymore. I was so disappointed that I didn’t get anything, which surprised even me because really when it comes to ice cream, I’m not that picky. I’m still craving chicken enchiladas from a local restaurant as well, but I will have to wait two weeks. (We always go before my husband’s musical). I’m certain that they are not a seasonal entree, so I think I can safely wait. I believe the anticipation will make them that much better!

I haven’t had any major changes in my symptoms. I thought maybe I wasn’t feeling quite as tired one day, but then the next day I ended up taking a nap. So maybe not quite yet… The second trimester is on the horizon though, so that’s exciting!

I don’t have much else to report on the baby front. I had a busy week at work and a low-key weekend hanging out with my boys. The only place we went was the park! I typically set up a shelf for my son with some Montessori-inspired activities. I change the activities on the shelf about once a month, so I hope to get that done this week along with a few work-outs.

Weight: 118 pounds (no change for the week, up three for the pregnancy)

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