I do not believe there is any scientific evidence for the existence of pregnancy brain; however, I had an extremely forgetful day and would like to blame it on the fact that I am pregnant. On Sunday, we were invited to a neighbor’s second birthday party, so I went to the store to buy a gift and a few other things (mostly cleaning supplies because my house is in dire need of a scrub-down.) I had gathered all of these items in the cart, stood in line, allowed the cashier to ring everything up, and then realized that my credit card was in a jacket pocket at home. I rarely carry a checkbook, and did not have cash either. I would have said, “forget it,” and tried again another day, but I needed that gift. So I drove home, found the card, drove back to the store, stood in line again (thankfully the cashier had kept my cart, so I didn’t have to shop again), and paid. What an ordeal! The birthday party was a costume party, and my son is the cutest tiger! After the party, I was supposed to take him to my parents house because my mom wanted to take pictures of him and his cousin, who is almost one, in their costumes. She is making a photo book for my grandpa’s birthday and wanted the little lion and tiger to be included! Despite the fact that the whole point of going to her house was for my son to have his picture taken as a tiger, I forgot the tiger costume. I drove 20-25 minutes home, picked up the costume, and then drove 20-25 minutes back. It was worth it though; the pictures turned out really cute! I’m just glad that my pregnancy brain didn’t occur on a day that I was working, since the consequences could have been more problematic.

In other exciting news, I feel like everyone around me is becoming pregnant as well. I guess it’s our life stage. My sister-in-law (the one with the little lion) informed us that she is pregnant. Apparently it was a surprise, but our new baby will only be about two months ahead of their new baby, so I think that will be really fun! I wrote a prescription for a co-worker with an ear infection today, so she informed me that she is pregnant (to make sure I wrote for something that is safe for baby.) I think her due date is sometime in the middle of June.

Aside from the pregnancy brain, I have been feeling pretty well. The fatigue is waning, and I haven’t had much nausea. However, I’ve been really really hungry. All The Time. And I want to eat junk, like chips. I ate a whole can of pringles in one setting and then naturally felt kind of crummy the rest of the day. I definitely cannot continue to do that. Since then, I have decided to eat a yogurt when I feel like I’m SO hungry I can barely stand it; that buys me enough time to figure out what I am going to make or eat instead of just eating a whole can of pringles. I would like to also avoid having chips in the house for the time-being, but my husband really likes them too (and appears to be capable of eating a handful instead of a can.)

I had a busier work week, and therefore, a sub-par work-out week. I believe I went to a class at the gym, did the legs and back p90x video, and went for a single run. I am starting to feel awkward at the gym because I don’t look clearly pregnant yet, but I definitely have a bit of a gut. I haven’t told anyone at the gym because, to be honest, I don’t talk to anyone at the gym. I’m not really anti-social, but the music’s so loud that I would have to yell and everyone is concentrating on working out, so I don’t feel the need. I do prefer people to think I’m pregnant as opposed to gaining a beer belly or something though.

My next appointment is coming up in a week, though I expect it to be pretty uneventful.

Weight: 119 pounds (up one for the week, up four for the pregnancy). My weight gain in the first trimester has actually been much more reasonable that with my first pregnancy, but I am gaining a belly earlier. Oh well.

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