I had an appointment today, but because we don’t do any first trimester screening, it was quick and uneventful. My blood pressure was 104/64. My labs all came back fine. The baby’s heart rate was 166. I don’t really buy into the old wives’ tales, but if I did, I suppose that would be indicative of a girl baby. I scheduled my next appointment for four weeks and was on my way.

My husband is a high school choir director, and his students performed the musical, “Footloose” this past weekend. He does such a great job working with them, and the show turned out really well! We also went to dinner prior to the show, and I had my delicious and much-anticipated chicken enchilada. I thought that eating it would satisfy my craving, but it seems to have fueled it instead. I think I might be in a place now where I could actually touch raw chicken though, so maybe I will just make some (though to be honest, I really don’t enjoy cooking.)

My exercise was pretty sub-par again this week. I think I ran once, did a p90x video once, and went to the gym once. Oh well, I guess it’s better than nothing. I’ve been considering a morning work-out routine now that I am exiting the first trimester and not SO tired; however, I am not convinced I will be able to drag myself out of bed. This plan is therefore only in the consideration phase; maybe someday it will mature into the action phase.

My first trimester symptoms are pretty much resolved. No more nausea. The acne is improved. I’m not so tired. I’m still losing the same amount of hair though. I was looking forward to thick luxurious locks, but on the plus side, I shouldn’t lose it at such an alarming rate once the baby is born.

My stomach is definitely expanding. My pants are tight, but I haven’t quite switched to maternity clothes yet! I’m looking forward to it though, just so I will be more comfortable.

Weight: 121 pounds (up two pounds for the week and six for the pregnancy)

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