Not too much to report on the baby front, but I think I prefer it that way 🙂 I thought I might have felt a tiny movement, but it was gone as soon as I noticed it. I haven’t felt anything since, so I may have been imagining it. It IS still quite early after all. I have been feeling well and don’t really have any complaints about symptoms. However, I have been a bit more emotional than usual. For example, I recently cried while watching an episode of The Office, which is a bit ridiculous considering it’s a comedy.

We took our little tiger trick-or-treating today. We only went to four houses, all of which were people we knew. This seemed about right for a two-year-old. When we asked him to say trick-or-treat, he replied, “not right now.” He did say “thank you” though, so that’s a start! He looked so stinkin’ cute all dressed up in his furry outfit. He even roared at his babysitter this morning 🙂

My husband directs a high school choir, so I tried to take my son to the concert last week. He only made it through one song though. He wasn’t being particularly loud, but I couldn’t get him to stop talking, “Where Daddy? Want see Daddy. Let’s go look. More kids coming. This good song. Burp. Excuse me. That funny.” I took him out and we sat on a bench and practiced being quiet while listening to the music through the auditorium door. He did pretty well, but it became increasingly difficult as more and more kids came out and were allowed to run wild through the pit (think kindergarten reading pit – not sure why they have them in the high school commons?). We left without having any ‘run through the pit’ time, but he didn’t earn it. I feel like if I allow him to leave the concert and run the pit, he learns that if he talks or misbehaves in the concert, he will get to leave and do what he wants. That’s not the lesson I want to teach him, especially since he will attend many concerts in the coming years. He talked about the pit all the way home:)

Exercise this week was pretty typical. I did three short 30 minute jogs (Two were outside and one was on a treadmill.) I also spent a little time at the gym: 20 minutes on a stair-master and some free weights. Still no progress on the getting up early to work-out front…..

Weight: 121 pounds (up one for the week, six for the pregnancy)

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