We had a pretty low-key, relaxing weekend. It was nice to hang out at home and spend time with my boys. We built a lot of towers out of blocks. We made turkeys and caterpillars out of play-dough. And we read A LOT of books. My child can not get enough books. One of his current favorites is a little golden book about firemen; I told him that I was not going to read it to him again (sometimes a mama has to have a limit). He then “read” (recited) it to me twice in a row. I was actually a bit impressed!

While I really enjoyed my weekend at home, I felt a little sad about missing the Living History Farms Race. It is my favorite race of all time! It takes place on a farm; there are seven creek crossings (yup, most people run right through the water); there are hills that get so muddy and slippery that ropes are supplied; people wear costumes; it is approximately seven miles; unless you start near the front of the pack, it is impossible to actually race due to the volume of people; it is cold and wet; the food at the finish line is delicious: beef stew, biscuits, hot apple cider, pumpkin bars, and sugar cookies. The last few years I have run with the same group of people. We do themed costumes and try to stick together throughout the run. One year we dressed as the Wizard of Oz (we had a Dorothy, a tin man, a scarecrow, a lion, a good witch, and a bad witch). Another year we were the Alice in Wonderland crew. It’s a blast and something I look forward to every year. I am 18 weeks pregnant, but my center of gravity has not changed too much yet, so I would’ve run if my group was running. However, they kept dropping out, so I decided it wasn’t to be this year. I’ll have to rally the troops for next year!

Pregnancy-wise I really don’t have much to report, which I suppose is a good thing. I am currently feeling really well. My only symptom is a bit of gas, but it is manageable. I am getting bigger and gaining weight, which is also a good thing. With my first pregnancy, I found it difficult to watch the numbers on the scale creep upward, but I have found it to be much easier this time around. I have several theories for why this might be: 1.) I did not gain so much weight all at once in the first trimester this time 2.) Past experience says that the weight is not difficult to lose. I am actually really looking forward to becoming a bit more pregnant-looking.

I managed to work-out four times this week. I went for two runs, one of which was five miles at a reasonably quick pace with a friend. The other was three miles slowly by myself. I also went to a class at the gym and for a 30 minute swim. I think a few of the people in the class may think that I recently acquired a beer-belly or something, but I am still able to do everything (with the exception of sit-ups) without any modification. I had also forgotten how tired and hungry swimming makes a person. I swam on a team for a few summers when I was a kid and then again for a couple of seasons in high school, so I know how to swim and am reasonably efficient. However, I would not necessarily consider myself a good or fast swimmer. When I was done with this slow, low-key swim work-out, I somehow felt exhausted, famished, a little shaky, and a little sore. I don’t feel like that after a run unless I have run really fast, really long, or in really hot/humid weather. My conclusion is that my body was made for running. It was not made for jumping or dancing, or kickboxing, or volleyball, or swimming. It was made for running. Even in my pregnant state, my body craves a run. However, I am hoping to add some swimming into my schedule because it’s supposed to be the best exercise for pregnant people, and variety is nice.

Weight: 125 pounds (up one for the week, ten for the pregnancy)!

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