We were super busy at work Monday and Tuesday, had a light day on Wednesday (because the lab was closed) and then I was off for four glorious days over Thanksgiving weekend. My dad, sister, and I have run a two-mile turkey trot fun race every year since I was a junior in high school, but this was the first year that my husband and son participated. My dad pushed my son in the stroller because he decided to just do the 1-mile walk. They took the race very seriously; Grandpa even let the little guy climb on some construction equipment that we apparently passed on route. It was a gorgeous day, and the run felt great, though I definitely was nowhere close to winning my age group. Maybe if there was a pregnant person division…..My husband was a bit out of shape and proclaimed that once was enough for the turkey trot; I am hoping he changes his mind by next year though. The rest of our Thanksgiving was spent hiking in the woods by my aunt’s farm, eating, and relaxing with family. The baby seemed especially active after my big Thanksgiving dinner, perhaps he/she likes turkey?!?

My mom, sister, and I traditionally participate in Black Friday every year, and this year was no exception. We headed out about 8 AM and seemed to have missed most of the crowds (since stores were opening as early as 10 PM). We never stood in a line that was longer than two deep, didn’t have any trouble with parking, and got quite a bit done. It was quite enjoyable, though I still have a few gifts (mostly for my husband’s family) yet to buy. We don’t typically get much for our son because he has so many toys already and his grandparents tend to spoil him a bit, but we did decide to go ahead and let him believe in Santa. (We had discussed not having him believe because it seems to promote the accumulation of too many gifts, but ultimately decided he would miss out on a beautiful and fanciful story.) Anyway, Santa is bringing a sled, a ukulele, and a wooden truck/car carrier. Mom and Dad are giving him Candyland (which was $3 on Black Friday), snow pants, and boots (though he might get those early if it snows prior to Christmas.)

Aside from my face continuing to break out, I do not have any pregnancy complaints. I am feeling quite well and have had normal energy levels. My next appointment is December 7th, and it will be an exciting one because we will be seeing the baby on ultrasound and if he/she cooperates, finding out the gender. I still hold by my prediction that it’s a girl, but I know that I could be wrong. Leaving the baby’s gender as a surprise for the special delivery date seems to be the current trend, but that was never really an option for us. I understand that there’s not much of a difference between a newborn girl and a newborn boy, but there IS a difference in how you think of that newborn baby as a two-year-old, ten-year-old, ect. I also feel like the delivery day is going to be special and memorable regardless of whether you hear, “It’s a boy!” for the first time or if you already knew, so why not make ultrasound day a special and memorable one as well? Plus, I am just a planner and don’t particularly like surprises. So there you have it; those are my reasons for finding out. However, I completely respect that other people LIKE surprises.

I ran three times counting the turkey trot, and that was it for exercise.
Weight: 126 pounds: up one for the week and eleven for the pregnancy

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