Snow, snow, snow! It has snowed every year since my son was born, but this was the first time he has really played in it and enjoyed it! He thought throwing snowballs was hilarious especially if they hit Mommy. He built a little snowman, and he LOVED sledding. He kept telling me he needed to go down the hill one more time. I really enjoyed experiencing snow with my little guy; however, I was not as thrilled about experiencing snow with my car on the slippery roads.

We are considering moving to a smaller town (25-30 minutes away from our current house) where my husband works for a variety of reasons. If we do that, I may need to change my work arrangements a bit. My husband is in a bigger hurry to make this move than I am; however, we looked at a house that I really liked today, which makes me a bit more motivated. Our house is not yet on the market, and we need to do a few things to it before it is really market-ready. Winter is not exactly an ideal time to sell a house, but I really hate the idea of being in the selling process right before or after the baby is born in April. We may try to get it on the market in January and see what happens. We have never sold a house before, but I imagine it to be very stressful. I’m hoping ours sells quickly to avoid that stress.

I went to a baby shower for my running buddy this weekend. She has an adorable little bump and is still running quite a bit at 34 weeks. Everyone brought a book instead of a card, which I think is a great idea since books are much more useful and not much more money. They also had 26 scrapbook pages with letters on them; the guests drew corresponding pictures to form a homemade alphabet book. I thought it was a really cute idea, and I may steal it when I host a baby shower in February.

As far as my pregnancy goes, it continues to be (thankfully) uneventful. I really don’t have anything to report. My face seems a bit better. My abdomen has begun to feel a bit heavy when I am working out; however, it is not actually uncomfortable or bothersome – just heavy. I haven’t had any other symptoms or discomforts. I do have my ultrasound and 20-week appointment coming up, so I should have a little bit more to report next week!

For exercise, I went to a class at the gym, did one 30-minute run, and one 30-minute session on the elliptical. I wanted to go for a run today as well, but I ran out of time. Ah well, there’s always next week!

Weight: 126 pounds; no change for the week; up 11 for the pregnancy

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