We had a busy but fun weekend. On Friday night, we went out for dinner and then drove around looking at Christmas lights. My son was very interested in finding Santa’s sleigh because he went to see Santa and sat in his sleigh on Thursday night. In his opinion, not nearly enough houses use Santa’s sleigh as decoration. On Saturday, my son painted wrapping paper and ornaments for his grandparents and we went swimming at an indoor pool. I have noticed that he naps much better when he is physically tired like after an hour of swimming or running at the park. It is a bit harder to get him that when it’s cold though. On Sunday, we did our first Christmas celebration with my parents and siblings. It was fun, but there were far too many gifts. I feel like it gets crazier every year. My two-year-old was not interested in opening presents. I think he might be a bit claustrophobic. We were in a small room that had a lot of people in it, and he kept saying, “You is not being in here anymore.” (He calls himself you frequently because other people refer to him as you, and he doesn’t understand pronouns yet.) He left and played by himself with his new drill while we opened the rest of his stuff. I don’t mind that he isn’t into presents, but I feel bad for the people that spent their time and money shopping for him. They want to see him excited about opening the things they purchased, and he just isn’t.

On the baby front, I had been feeling quite a bit of movement and then it seemed to decrease quite a bit. I barely noticed anything for two days and just when I was beginning to panic, baby went into kick mode again and settled my nerves. I noticed her moving a ton after our swimming outing and felt very reassured. Yep, I said “her.” If you couldn’t tell from the ultrasound posted last week, we are having a girl! I honestly would have been shocked if they had told me this baby was a boy because this pregnancy has been so different than my first. However, I am continually being corrected by my husband because I have been saying “he” when I talk about her. I think it’s because I have never referred to a child of mine as being a she, so it’s strange. I believe I mentioned in a previous week journal that if this baby turned out to be a girl, my husband would be ready to be done having babies since we would have one of each gender. I am not sure I am ready to be done, but I don’t see how we can compromise. In my experience with disagreements where there is no compromise, the “no” usually wins. With that in mind, I am trying to really enjoy this pregnancy. It will be over in a few short months, and I may not get to do it again.

I think about baby girl’s smaller than expected measurements from time to time, but I haven’t been stressing about it. I have considered calling my clinic to see if I should have scheduled an ultrasound for my next visit to check on her growth, but decided against it. They will get me in if my doctor thinks it’s necessary. My understanding is that I won’t have one at the next appointment unless my abdomen measures small but will have one at the appointment after that regardless. I definitely feel like I am getting bigger, but I guess we’ll see.

Exercise: 30 minute jog, 30 minute elliptical, and class at the gym (three short work-outs per week seems to be about all I get in these days, but I would really like to do at least four.) I have still been feeling well while working out, though I do notice increased pressure on my bladder.

Weight: 130 pounds (up two for the week, up 15 for the pregnancy). It’s always hard to watch the numbers on the scale go up, but I hope that my weight gain is indicative of the baby’s growth!

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