Happy New Year! Ours was not terribly exciting, but we did go to dinner at a new restaurant (a steakhouse – my husband really likes steak!) Then we came home, put the kiddo to bed, and rented The Other Guys. We did make it to midnight and looked out the window at the fireworks before going to bed.

We have all had colds around here the past week. My husband has been having sinus issues, while I have been spending about half of every day coughing. Our son just has a little runny nose and an occasional cough. I’m sure we will all be feeling better shortly though 🙂

Despite the colds, we forged ahead with painting our bedroom and bathroom. We painted them both a neutral beige color, but we used “shiny” for the bathroom because the guy at Home Depot said that would work best for a bathroom (something about mildew resistance?) However, it seems to blend less well than the “satin” finish we used in the bedroom meaning there is a fairly distinct line between the edging we did with a paintbrush and the rest of the wall done with a roller. Not sure what we’re going to do about this because I really don’t want to re-paint the thing….

My co-worker, who has 20-month-old twins and was pregnant with a second set of twins due in June, just found out that one of them didn’t make it. I am so sad for her and trying to figure out what the right thing to say is. It also make me feel more worried about my own little babe, though I continue to get reassurance from her movements. I also have an appointment this week, so hopefully, I will get some reassurance that her growth is on target. Aside from the cold, I am feeling well. I have not been experiencing any unpleasant pregnancy symptoms yet.

Exercise: two 30-minute runs, which were both outside in beautiful weather (hard to believe for December/January). I didn’t get around to anything else, and my excuses are family, friends, work, cough, and house projects.

Weight: 132 pounds (up one for the week, up 17 for the pregnancy)

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